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Mario Chalmers

Almario Vernard Mario Chalmers (born May 19, 1986) is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the NBA.

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I feel sorry for Lebron he is the only one who tries to carry this team apart from wade at times, Mario Chalmers waste of time. San Antonio Spurs play as a team that's the difference :(
Mario Chalmers oh lord go lay on the bed and throw up a ball umm wade jus sit out the rest of the series ummm bosh no comments lmbo that sums it up LOL sorry tail. Ummm lebron lord have mercy u ain't super man dnt try to win a game when u got 14pts in the whole first quarter 2 in the second and 2 in the third it ain't happening u ain't kobe or Jordan so shoot and get in a rhythm for the second and third and fourth u might can do something. LOL spurs baby let's Go 2-1
Mario Chalmers 1st 3 games in these playoffs absolutely horrid.
TRADE MARIO CHALMERS!!! Good win for the spurs...smh on to game 4!
It's official, Mario Chalmers has been reported missing! Good win Spurs.
Miami Heat fans are already blaming Mario Chalmers and the refs. Typical...
Mario Chalmers no help, Cole no help, James not big enough game, Lennard balled his *** off!!
This is one of the first games where I thoroughly believe the NBA is in fact fixed. This and the Pacers game 5. Jesus that was some terrible officiating. Still, Spurs shot lights out. Amazing shooting. Oh and Mario Chalmers: you are a liability to this team.
My hatred for Mario Chalmers just keeps growing.
Mario Chalmers needs to be cut! He hasn't shown up the last 2 series!!! And Leonard just out played LeBron this Game
Mario Chalmers is the worst starter in the many terrible games in a row does it take to bench him..c'mon Spo
Ok!!?? I held on for so long trying to defend Mario Chalmers!! But it's time to Bench him and possibly look for trades next year.
I really don't know what is the purpose of Mario Chalmers. I really don't think he is a good player. we lost this already, but I'd trade Chalmers for anyone for next season. TRADE MARIO CHALMERS!
If Im Spoelstra.I would start Norris Cole over Mario pass up an open shot and turn the ball over.FIRED!
I put this loss on Mario Chalmers and Erik Spoelstra. However, excellent coaching by Pop to make changes and get Spurs ready.
If Mario Chalmers is a starting PG in the league next year, I'll have a hard time watching the NBA!
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Mario Chalmers arms and legs should be detached and thrown in a box that says "Send us back to China ASAP"(Stephen A Smith Voice)
I m so glad Mario Chalmers is sitting on the bench with 5 fouls ... dude is such a flopper that's what u get !!!
Norris Cole should honestly start over Mario Chalmers
The current point gaurd at Evander is better than Mario Chalmers...
"I'd like to make a substitution. I'd like to put Mario Chalmers back in the game." -Gregg Poppovich
These refs are having a Mario Chalmers moment-this ain't a good game for them either. I know you saw Danny Green's "Up & Down" just then.
Mario Chalmers could be the biggest waste of money I've ever seen. A high school player could play better at 1/10th of his salary.
Trade speculations already starting. Rumors surfaced Heat looking to trade Mario Chalmers for one Velcro shoe and a Gatorade gum Wrapper.
Mario Chalmers has been as useful as the missionary position in the Jason Collins household.
If the Heat give Mario Chalmers anything more than the veteran minimum this off season I will throw up all over the house.
The refs have zero respect for Mario Chalmers.
Can't wait for Mario Chalmers to foul out...
Is Chris Bosh even on the court??? Here's what's funny about the "Big 3" argument, Dwayne Wade is not better than Scottie Pippen, Chris Bosh is not better than Horace Grant, Mario Chalmers is no BJ Armstrong nor is Birdman better than Bill Cartwright, Luc Longley , nor Dennis Rodman. Or Brad Sellers for that matter. Lol Now who had the Best supporting cast???
Mario chalmers has more turnovers than points this series! 10 Turnovers 8Points
I don't know who is a bigger impediment to their teams' success: Mario Chalmers or Kendrick Perkins.
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That's the best play Mario Chalmers ever made!!
I just can't believe there isn't a better point guard somewhere then Mario Chalmers.
Can someone please go Game of Thrones on Mario Chalmers please. I've never wanted to hurt someone as much as I do Mario Chalmers.
Best flop of the game: Mario Chalmers 👌
Mario Chalmers learned to flop from the master himself...LeFlop James. He'll be $5K lighter in the wallet.
Mario Chalmers needs to be put on the bench. He is playing like hot crap.
Please get Mario Chalmers off the floor
Mario chalmers flopping like the rest of his team mates...smh
Flopping fine on the way for Mario Chalmers
I dont understand what mario chalmers does exactly...
Why the *** Mario Chalmers got a commercial on TV right now... Like he a star or have been contributing in these playoffs. He 0-75 with no points in 3 games.. He got more fouls then points this series... The PG position is being exploited by lil *** Tony Parker... I like Cole Better right now.. At least he can knock down the open shot.
*** Was Mario Chalmers a boxer in his former life? That nose don't play!!
Mario Chalmers is deadass from Alaska tho... I don't know a *** that know a *** that met a *** that's even been to Alaska...
*** nal. Mario chalmers mama look like BJ Armstrong too. 😭😂😂
Prince Saul you see your twin Mario chalmers on tv lol
Coach Spo: Lebron can Mario Chalmers be apart of our framily plan? Lebron: Coach Spo you dreaming can't you see he *** *** He better not be on the floor in the second half.
Mario Chalmers at the half of game 3.
He's an Alaska boy..I love the kid... But Mario Chalmers has been stinking the joint up for awhile now. Heat fans are awfully quiet right now so I'll add a little commentary. Game not over yet though.
Anybody seen that milk carton Mario Chalmers is on ?
LeRon Beck which outstanding Chicago State person stated that Mario Chalmers is a top 5 point guard in the league? I'll wait for u to say it before I do ! Lmao
Mario chalmers come elbow Tony Parker in the chest lol
Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole have been complete no shows in the finals smh.
Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers have played together for 6 seasons, and look like they just met tonight.wth
D Wade is done as a star player.his age and injuries have caught up.he is garbage.he is not hitting any shots.not guarding anybody.Mario Chalmers is the worst point guard in the NBA.
As my old high school basketball coach Irv Baulkman would say "Mario Chalmers couldn't hit a bull in the *** with a sake of flour". Come on guys, I need a Mike Miller night.
I don't care what nobody else has to say, bit I don't believe that Mario Chalmers can go and start anywhere else in the league and start!!!
Lebron is playing by himself *** D Wade.Bosh.Mario Chalmers.Are playing like garbage *** zero support
Please take Mario Chalmers out of the game.
Mario Chalmers game must have been stolen by the Space Jam monsters.
lock mario CHALMERS in the locker room until he finds his game
I'll say it again...Mario a BUM!!!
Keep Mario chalmers in the game please
Never been a Mario Chalmers guy. He needs to be benched
Mario Chalmers is giving the Heat nothing
Mario Chalmers is the Roy Hibbert of the Miami Heat
Mario Chalmers?? You either trying to hard or he needs the bench.. i like Leonard tho.. unbias post
How in the *** is Mario Chalmers still a starter. Horrible.
Waiting to see Mario Chalmers bionic elbow in action! Let's go Heat!
Who has a better game tonite tiaggo splitter danny green or mario chalmers
post... Game 3 edition.. My has a higher free throw shootin percentage than D. Wade.. better foot work than Tim Duncan, she dont play at ALL, like Michael Beasley.. Laughs and points at Ginobli's bald spot.. loves Kobe... can french kiss... AND curse me out in French, like Tony Parker... She is a lil bit bi-sexual like Chris Bosh, twerks during time outs, and can play dirty when she needs to, like Mario Chalmers.
Alright you have 1 hour to get your answers in for the PT's Prop Contest for tonight's basketball playoff game. Get all questions correct and win a $50 gift card. Lets do this! 1) Will Mario Chalmers have more than 4 assists? 2) Will Chris "Birdman" Andersen have more than 6 rebounds? 3) Will Danny Green make more than 2 three pointers? 4) Will Tim Duncan have more than 1 block? 5) Will both teams combine for more than 16 three point shots made? Get answers in by 6pm, good luck!
GAME 3! can the SPURS contain LEBRON? will the AC run out? will MARIO CHALMERS die? only the ghost of MICHAEL JORDAN knows...
Mario Chalmers 8pts. 8 fouls... in this series.. You betta step up tonight!
Lebron James fans ruined the league...I'm arguing with a guy about mario chalmers flagrant foul, and he brings up LeBron.. *** ?
Perhaps one day Heat fans will realize that people don't hate Miami because of the team, we hate them because of you. Worst fans ever. Five years ago I couldn't name one Heat fan. Now 90% of FB got Mario Chalmers screen savers. I therefore recommend the advent of a fan hood probation period. You can cheer for who you want, but you can't talk smack for a period of no less than four years. That way, you have to endure losing seasons and you can no longer embarrass yourself as the fair weather Johnson that you are. I'll be glad when the Heat suck again so all of you can cheer for another team that is gooder than every one else.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings that i receive, God Bless us always. Mario Chalmers Mary Desiree Awa Seraga Janin Flores Pogoy II
Karl Malone thought Mario Chalmers elbow on Tony Parker was cute:
“If you're missing the game, here is a photo of the elbow that Mario Chalmers gave to Tony Parker... ht…
Mario Chalmers has struggled throughout the NBA Finals, but his game hit a low when he was issued a flagrant foul for elbowing Spurs guard Tony Parker in the ribs during a critical moment of Game 2. Chalmers drove the baseline with Parker guarding closely when he decided to get a shot in right in…
Miami Heat fans are accusing Tony Parker of flopping ("Parkering") on this play, but the clip below clearly shows the flagrant-1 foul on Mario Chalmers. CBS SPORTS: With 6:43 left in the fourth quarter, the Miami Heat point guard drove the lane down the left with Parker on his hip. As Chalmers looked like he was turning the corner under the basket, he swung his left elbow into the stomach of Parker and was whistled for the flagrant-1 foul. Parker dropped immediately to the floor and the referees reviewed the flagrant call. It was upheld as a flagrant-1 but Parker missed the free throws. [Tim] Duncan was fouled on that offensive possession but he missed the free throws as well, leaving the San Antonio Spurs empty on the exchange. | MIAvsSAS | NBA Finals | Game 2 | AT&T Center | June 8, 2014 | Final: MIA 98 SAS 96 | Series tied 1-1 |.
Mario Chalmers's floater was almost high enough to get over the flag pole at Bowser's castle
NBA fines Pacers' Roy Hibbert for flop on Heat's Mario Chalmers -
Mario Chalmers is having a Roy Hibbert game.. Zero everything and 4 fouls..
Chicago Bulls rosters for their first 3 Championships all included Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen , Horace Grant , Bill Cartwright , Paxson , BJ Armstrong , an Will Perdue all of which were Great Players that 90-91 , 91-92 , and 92-93 Miami Heat first three soon to be championship rosters 11-12 , 12-13 , 13-14 are very comparable with Lebron James , Dwayne Wade , Chris Bosh , Haslem , Mario Chalmers , Shane Battier , Being on all three and Chris Anderson and RayRay Allen on last year and this year. Along with help from Lewis and Cole now look at both of those and tell me they are not similar in talent? COME ON LETS DEBATE!!! Not arguing , debating. *
Mario Chalmers is a modern day Derek Fisher/John Paxson/Steve Kerr/BJ Armstrong.
Tony Parker's ankle looks fine...but is Mario Chalmers'? Ouch.
If the heat win this championship Mario Chalmers will have more rings than John Stockton, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash COMBINED. Let that sink in.
Let's Go HEAT! Heat wins series 4-2 Three Peat Champions! Breaking News! Lebron James, D-Wade, Chris Bosh heads to LA after winning a third consecutive championship. Doc Rivers becomes the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers for future draft picks and $4M in cash. Lakers trade Pau Gasol to Miami for Mario Chalmers and 3rd round draft pick and cash. Deandre Jordan traded to Lakers from Clippers. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin traded to New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony. Please, please, please this is just me having fun, don't be alarmed.
Credits to Ray Allen he sank that clutch 3 on Game 6 to extend the series into seven. The spurs may have clinched that series and won the championship last year! Spurs maybe too old but experience is the best factor. We hope redemption of the old warriors of San Antonio this year. TP might have a sore ankle in last night's game but he'll be back schooling Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers just like lil' kiddos...
Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Chris Anderson. These guys push the intensity on defense for Miami.
Lance Stephenson is a wild card for the Indiana Pacers and late in Game 5, he tried to go undercover to gain an edge. Stephenson joined Erik Spoelstra, Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers in the Miami Heat huddle...
As I watched the Scott Van Pelt show today, they were talking about the Miami Heat. SVP said that it is a luxury when your third option (Bosh) can give you 25 points. He also said that they run the first three plays to see if Bosh is on. If not, they pretty much forget about running plays through him for the rest of the game. If I'm not mistaken, Chris Bosh was the 4th pick in the same draft as LeBron(1st), and D-wade (5th), and is an All-Star. He was an all-star before he joined the Heat and has been since he joined them. So, why do these analysts act as if he is the same caliber player as a Mario Chalmers? He has altered his game to play with two other superstars. My point is, these analysts and some "fans" act like what they are doing is unbelievable and unexpected. This is arguably one of the best teams ever assembled. Definitely the best of this era. They are doing what is expected. In my opinion, Anything less than a championship, every season, is a failure. Let me know if I'm wrong.
I want the Indiana Pacers to win the Eastern Conference Finals but the reality is that they just don't have enough scoring power. LeBron can be off and DWade, Ray Allen or even Mario Chalmers will pick up the slack. Lance Stephenson is too erratic and Paul George doesn't have the killer instinct. Spurs will beat the Heat but Heat will beat the Thunder.
The Miami Heat take a 41-37 halftime lead over The Indiana Pacers into the locker room. Dwyane Wade: 13 Points, 2 Rebounds and 1 Assist. Lebron James: 6 Points, 4 Rebounds and 2 Assists. Norris Cole: 5 Points, 2 Assists and 1 Steal. Chris Andersen: 3 Points, 4 Rebounds and 1 Block. Mario Chalmers: 3 Points 2 Assists and 1 Rebound. Great defense by the Heat in the Second Quarter, but I was really disappointed with Miami's defense breaking down when Lance Stephenson got the tip in with 0.01 left in the Second Quarter. Miami has to withstand the Third Quarter and win it. The Third Quarter is Indiana's best quarter, so our defense has to top notch. LET'S GO HEAT! SG6
We forget that Pat Riley cleared the entire Miami roster save for Mario Chalmers before signing Wade/James/Bosh. Was a HUGE gamble.
Total frustration flagrant from Mario Chalmers on CJ Watson, he was upset from missing several easy looks in the last fe…
Mario Chalmers go out with Tiffany from College Hill. I didn't know that
Amazing game today, good job and Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, Chris Anderson , Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade & Miami
Both Lebron James and Mario Chalmers took part in a preparation for the Playoffs video one week before the Playoffs kicked off. Take a look at what LeBron and Rio did to prepare themselves for the 2013-2014 NBA Playoffs! SG6
To all the real Spurs fans, I've said it before, but the front office really screwed us in the 2008 draft. We picked up George Hill and skipped Deandre Jordan and Omer Asik, skipped Mario Chalmers and picked up Goran Dragic but traded him for Malik Hairston...skipped Darrel Arthur who was a draft night trade for Nicolas Batum.
Miami has James and wade attacking the paint... James Jones , Ray Allen , Mario Chalmers , Cole raining three's
VIP TV At Dream Big Charity event with Jason Taylor and Mario Chalmers with Kavita Channe Would you like to have a spot on VIP TV and get your name...
Watching Chris Anderson, Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers warming up. Pretty awesome to be here with my Dad.
I liked a video Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah trolling Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers
Mario Chalmers has a game-high 9 points and the Heat lead the Bobcats 17-13 late in the 1st quarter.
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Tonight's Starters for our Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem! The Head Coach of our Is Erik Spoelstra! -Chandler Murphy (manager)
Lebron James and the Heat Beat the Pacers 98-86 and take the Top Spot in the East !! Lebron James: 36 points and 6 rebounds Mario Chalmers: 13 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists Udonis Haslem: 11 points and 9 rebounds Chris Bosh: 10 points and 5 rebounds Ray Allen: 10 points and 4 rebounds Basketball More Than A Game (S)
I promise Mario Chalmers looked like Richard Sherman out there!!! They defense look like the Seahawks!
Greg Oden , Mario Chalmers & Ray Allen need to their game for the playoffs
Lebron James, Michael Beasley, Chris Andersen, Bosh, Ray Allen, Norris Cole, and Mario Chalmers putting in Work tonight. That's how you get the Job done.
I played and beat Miami and OKC sadly I get Mario Chalmers & Jeremy Lamb! beats the Clippers and gets Chris Paul
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony is Wednesday: Mario Chalmers and Jeannie Herbert-Truax will be i...
Norris Cole is better then Mario Chalmers who agree ??” Cole got better handles, Mario a better shooter
- Taj Gibson plunges on Mario Chalmers and gets the foul late in the 4th quarter. What an upset!!! Did YOU see all the Miani Heat vs. Chicago Bulls action on Sunday? - (KyBella).
CHALMERS… Mario Chalmers shouldn't have arms to shoot a basketball - Jay Pharoah lol
Ray Allen has surpassed Mario Chalmers as the worse alley-oop thrower in the team. What was that?.
On the grind for one of my guys...and Mario Chalmers may be the hold up in getting thing completed? Where is Chris Carter when you need him? "C'mon man!"
Top 3 players in the NBA right now. 1. Mario Chalmers. 2. Chris Andersen. 3. Brian Scalabrine
Mario Chalmers don't look like Paul Williams from The Temptations to y'all??
Mario Chalmers' adds to the Miami flops with this one against Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs!
'Bout time! Glaring omission from the list of warned players is LeBron...
I swear, Carl is like Mario Chalmers. He angers us, but redeems himself at the end of the day with nice drives to the lane, or zombie kills.
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I may be in a relationship but Mario Chalmers is and will always be my fiance/ my own mind.
So jealous that and seen Birdman and Mario Chalmers 😩
trade ideas Gordon for Meta Peace and Felton . Brandon knight for Mario Chalmers.
Mario Chalmers curved that girl lmaoo.
Today Shane and I seen Birdman and Mario Chalmers at fashion square!
Did this guy really just say kyrie Irving the best pg in the nba! I think we have a baser! He's garbage. He's a Mario chalmers
Sugarman, who also had a legal dispute with Mario Chalmers' father, is represented by Richard Wolfe & Darren Heitner at Wolfe Law in Miami.
The Heat's Mario Chalmers has been fined $5,000 for his second violation of the league's anti-flopping rules this season…
When I first saw him I thought ooo hes fine! I asked my mom who is he? Shes like umm... I think his name is chalmers. Then after that I started watching all of his games. I found his fb like page. We got engaged in my mind. I googled him and read his Wikipedia. I know everything about him. I am currently writing a story about me in him in which we are married and have two kids together. I google him every night. I watch the games to see his sexy self looking all sweaty and glistening. His gf tifanny is pretty. But anyway our wedding is coming soon in miami and your all invited. I can't wait to see him in the next game.
I wanted to ask Mario Chalmers for a picture but he seems really irritated. So I just gave him the "move out of way look"
Video: NBA fines Heat's Mario Chalmers for flopping on Clippers' Blake Griffin
Mario chalmers and lil durk look like twins lmfao
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I see Norris Cole starting over Mario Chalmers real soon
and yes he Lebron has Mario Chalmers, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen
Lmao Friday Gerardo said That Mario Chalmers is better then that PG that's always hurting his knee. I forgot his name he plays for Chicago
lol Mario Chalmers need to play great De and don't try to still the ball to much
Lmao *** said kshine look like mario chalmers
EVERY "great" done had an on-court confrontation with an opponent. LeBron has had one. With Mario Chalmers. His own teammate.
Give me one night w| Mario Chalmers or Russel Westbrook, only JESUS will know what would go down !
loool, Chalmers plays double the minutes and averages 4 more points...They both shoot about 38% from 3PT, Mario = dead PG
The only consistent thing about Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole is that they are inconsistent...Please find another example
so basically he's mario Chalmers if he could play basketball..
Durant is just Mario chalmers with handles, shooting ability, finishing ability, length, height and bbiq.
“Only all-star melo is better than is Curry. Steph is so overrated. He's a Mario chalmers with handles”
Just like that day I got in an argument with a fan that said Mario Chalmers never wore
The fact that Mario Chalmers played somewhat better than LeBron last night if you consider the amount of minutes each played, baffles me.
From the Miami Heat i really like MARIO CHALMERS AND DWADE
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I'm just try a be good til the good lord come call us cuz everybody ain't Jesus sometimes you mario Chalmers But if u embrace your spot and give it everything that u got! You might get a pass from The King to hit the game winning shot! g
In NCAACB news: Wichita State become the first team since Memphis Tigers of 2007-2008 led by Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose to start the season 25-0. When Rose team did that, they went to the National Championship game, only to lose in overtime to the Kansas Jayhawks on a game-winning shot by Miami Heat PG Mario Chalmers.
Chris Bosh was active as a scorer (15 points), rebounder (eight) and even a playmaker (four assists). Ray Allen (15 points), Shane Battier (14), Chris Andersen (12) and Mario Chalmers (10) all finished in double figures. Norris Cole had three thefts and a pair of assists in 17 minutes. Greg Oden grabbed three rebounds and swatted two shots in less than six minutes. Michael Beasley, who's averaging 8.5 points on 50.4 percent shooting, never made it off the bench. Neither did Udonis Haslem (a pivotal piece of Miami's last two championship runs) or Rashard Lewis (a 15.0-points-per-game scorer for his career). Miami is both top-heavy and deep. That's a lethal combination, and perhaps the perfect recipe to pull off the league's first successful three-peat in more than a decade. There's still a long run left in front of them, but the Heat have found their racing shoes—and their championship stride. Unless otherwise noted, statistics used courtesy of and
Think like a proton (or about Mario Chalmers as one of the 'Sexiest Man Alive') and stay positive.
Someone told me today that Mario chalmers is the best PG in the NBA. This is why we can't have nice things.
Getting dressed after the game, Mario Chalmers kinda spazzed, accidentally knocked some hangers on the floor. LeBron: "You OK over there?"
Ball hard, cross em up, Mario Chalmers
I could've been talking about Mario chalmers..
Even Apple know Heat garbage..every time I type Mario Chalmers my Ipad crashes lol
Tonight's starters vs the Clippers - Mario Chalmers, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Udonis Haslem, Chris Bosh. Watch all of the live action right now on TNT!
Mario Chalmers was tagged by the league a second time for flopping, earning himself a $5,000 fine.
After beating his teammates in a shooting competition at practice today, Lebron James forced Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers to get down and give him 20.
Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers was fined $5,000 by the NBA on Thursday for violating the league's anti-flopping rules for the second time this season.
Majorly bummed I can't see the basketball game Miami Heat is playing tonight. That means I can't see Mario Chalmers sexy *** looking all good. I swear that man melts me like butter.
Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem for Kyle Lowry? Who says no? -Drew
Serge Ibaka Monta Ellis Jose Calderon for Nick Batum Robin Lopez Mario Chalmers Would you veto this trade?? Well Yahoo the dictatorship did... I made this trade in a league and yahoo league office steps in to veto it. I'm in 2nd place and the team I traded with is in 1st place. I"m preparing for the playoffs with that 2nd week where the blazers get 5 games. I get Lopez and Batum for that week. Chalmers is still a very legit defender and with high FG% for a guard and good threes. (and he has 4 games that 2nd playoff week) Both Batum and Ibaka were drafted in the 2nd round... Should yahoo step in and veto trades like this that are fair and both sides agreed?? Clearly the trade is not that awful. What do y'all think about this???
Isn't ironic that Mario Chalmers got fined $5000 for flopping against Blake Griffin. And when I watched the play he barely flops. =|
News from around the NBA. Stat Line of the Night: Steph Curry ; 34 points, 9 assists 3 rebounds Durant still No.1 in MVP ladder; Dragic joins conversation Dragic & Lowry receive Player of the Week awards Woodson calls Knicks season 'a disaster' Commissioner Silver wants to increase Age limit to 20 Rumour: Bobcats inquire about Evan Turner and Taj Gibso n Mario Chalmers fined 5K for second flop. Report: CP3 plans to play in All-Star game. NBATV set for exclusive interview with LeBron. Nick Young out for at least 2 weeks. Kendrick Lamar & Pharrell Williams to play in the Celebrity game during the Allstar weekend Cavs fire GM Chris Grant Damian Lillard first player to ever compete in all 5 All-Star Weekend Events Bulls F Carlos Boozer injures calf during warm up David Lee to miss 2 games with shoulder injury Javale Mcgee could miss rest of season CP3 expected to return vs 76ers Sunday
2014 Alaska Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Mario Chalmers doing good work in the community!
Ray Allen : Retire. Shane Battier : Rettire. Norris Cole : will leave. Mario Chalmers : Wouldn't doubt if he left either.
Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Norris Cole, and Mario Chalmers combined 4/15 (1-8 from 3), 10 turnovers, and 12 points in 98 min…
I'm lost, why is everybody on the pic with Mario Chalmers and these 2 chicks? I don't understand
Take that *** wig off lookin like Mario Chalmers.
the Mario Chalmers Invincibility Pendant protects you from getting yelled at
looks like on 2k and Mario Chalmers looks like 😂😂😂
Mario Chalmers, Stephen Curry, Deron Williams, Chandler Parsons, and now Terrence Ross have all come close recently.
C.J. Watson has become the Pacers' version of Mario Chalmers. In the sense that he's the one that always gets yelled at.
👸💕💋- I remember you from Norland I think.. you always be dressed & you pretty. Mario Chalmers is yo man💞👏
been told I look like frank ocean big Sean Mario chalmers Kendrick Lamar fabolous an some *** from How High & more 😂😂 im done
I meant someone like Norris Cole or Mario Chalmers.
Pretty sure I saw Mario chalmers today in downtown Miami.
Mario Chalmers a top 10 PG? why do I log in to this site everyday?
I gotta order a Mario Chalmers jersey before playoff time
I don't get how you can call yourself a basketball fan yet believe Mario Chalmers isn't a top-10 point guard
Mario Chalmers current at jungle inland 😡 did he forget he needed to go MONDAY that's when I'm going to be there 😭
Mario Chalmers throws a wonderful pass to Lebron James.
Mario Chalmers sends the beautiful pass to Lebron James for the bucket.
Tight elimination game 88-86 1:46 left Phillip leads. After a HUGE three from Mario Chalmers!
I should have went to Mario chalmers trainer today 😒 I ain't think I was go have free time
My player is starting over Mario Chalmers the first season game and I just got signed 😭😭😭🙈
Mario Chalmers is real for that..he's still a *** tho
WFOR coverage of Mario Chalmers engaging with local boys and girls of Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade. Chalmers used this time to educate kids on healthy ...
Lebron James is frustrated and screams at Mario Chalmers (almost fight) - 12.18.2013 via
The Heat were about to lose to the Hawks on Monday when Lebron James tried to make the final seconds interesting with a three, which missed. What the league noticed on that play was Mario Chalmers, who comes down the left side and tries to get into rebounding position, gets legitimately bumped from…
not sure if he better than Chalmers.He is a westbrook clone tho and getting better each game.but mario plays D
I didn't realize Mario Chalmers was your cousin. Let's go heat !
but lets not forget Deron Williams. (they been flat in bklyn) Georger Hill, Nate Robinson and Mario Chalmers.
why pass to Jordan when u can pass it to Mario chalmers
I just heard a blaspheme stupid fantasy comment by one of those CBS fantasy folks... "Jeremy Lin is better than Mario Chalmers."... UM NO. Statistically Chalmers is a fantasy freak. One of only 5 players to avg over 5ast and over 1.5 steals and over 1 three and 9pts per game and FG% over .450! ONE OF ONLY 5 PLAYERS in all of the NBA. Chalmers is massively underrated for fantasy and a great buy low. What a complete ape to say Lin is better and I"m a fan of lin, but that is just WACK. Right?? JEEZ!
Since about 3 days ago, Mario Chalmers is not in the Miami Heat line up when I play a quick match.
*** Chalmers. Let em live? “Mario Chalmers might be my new fav NBA player lmao 😂😂 keeps it 💯
Mario Chalmers looks like my cuz lol... Weird
free agents that I feel will help these 4 teams or that they should keep that r already on their rosters (IF)- means either IF- they can get em, IF- then can afford em or in the case of Greg Monoe for N.O. also add in IF- he can he well. !- means he should be a priority. OR- obviously means pick 1 *- they r on that roster & should only be kept if they have preformed & fit well there N.O.-Marcin Gortat!, Luol Deng! or Danny Granger!, Greivis Vasquez!, Xavier Henry, Greg Monroe(IF), Eric Bledsoe(IF),Thabo Sefolosha, Lance Stephenson, Jerryd Bayless, keep Jason Smith, Brian Roberts HOU-Greg Monroe, Dirk Nowitzki(IF), Matt Bonner keep Chandler Parsons, Aaron Brooks MIA -Spencer Hawes! or Andray Blatche!, Jordan Hill! or Kenyon Martin!, Mike Miller!, Matt Bonner, BJ Mullens, Francisco Garcia, Thabo Sefolosha keep Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Shane Battier, Michael Beasley*,Chris Bosh!!, Mario Chalmers!, Udonis Haslem!, Lebron James!!!, James Jones, Rashard Lewis, Roger Mason Jr.*, Greg Oden* Dwyane Wade!! LAL-Le ...
Mario Chalmers is the whipping boy in Miami, constantly getting showered with verbal abuse on the court by his Heat teammates. Chalmers wants LeBron and company to “tone it down” this year, and James is willing … if Chalmers can prove that he’s all grown up now. Per the Palm Beach Post: “If he’s gro...
Mario Chalmers is a Role Player. Steve Novak Matt Bonner even Ray Allen. They only have to shoot 3s thats their ROLE to the team
One day one of my lil bros told me I play like jokim Noah and I took offense to that but he only meant that on the post but tbh on a guard position I'm probably like Norris Cole or Mario Chalmers when I come down the court
Bosh Scores 31 Points Without Going To The Line 1/24/2014 From Elias: Chris Bosh scored 31 points for the Heat in its 109-102 win against the Lakers, and he did so by making 68 percent of his field-goal attempts (15 of 22) while not making a single trip to the free-throw line. Over the last three seasons there have been only three other instances of an NBA player scoring more than 30 points in a game while making more than two-thirds of his field-goal attempts and not sinking a single free-throw. Two of them were also by Miami players, Mario Chalmers (Jan. 12, 2013 at Sacramento) and Dwyane Wade (Feb. 26, 2013 vs. Sacramento), while the most recent such performance before Bosh's was by the Mavericks' Shawn Marion earlier this season (Dec. 30 at Minnesota).
After a disappointing road trip, Lebron James and the Miami Heat got back on track behind a stifling defensive performance. Defending their end of the court has made a world of difference for the back-to-back NBA champions. The Heat try to continue their recent domination of the struggling Los Angeles Lakers as these teams meet Thursday night in Miami. The Heat (30-12) had surrendered 103.8 points per game during a 2-4 trek before clamping down in Tuesday's 93-86 win over Boston. Miami held the Celtics to 39.3 percent shooting and finished the game on a 9-0 run after trailing 86-84 with 3:08 left. The Lakers made a game of it but the Miami Heat held off a Lakers' run, completing a two-game season sweep, 109-102. Chris Bosh had his jumper working all night, scoring 31 points on 15-of-22 shooting. Lebron James scored 27 points with 13 rebounds and six assists as Miami improved to 31-12 on the season. The Lakers got 22 apiece from Pau Gasol and Jodie Meeks, along with 19 off the bench from Nick Young Gasol a ...
This Mario Chalmers Throwback Black jersey is killer! Check it out!!
All B.S. aside is Mario Chalmers the most underated cat in the NBA.
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As if we needed another reason to hate the Heat, they're continuing to wear those stupid nickname jerseys. Like yeah maybe if you had/earned a nickname like "The Answer" or "The Truth", but no one is going to call Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers anything but "those other guys who played with LeBron". Maybe they should put that on the back of their jerseys.
Chris Bosh with the weirdest high-fives to Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen. Drink responsibly tonight!!!
Nobody will say this, but Mario Chalmers won this game for the Heat.
mario chalmers' block was greater than anything I saw in this match
LOL. Big Al got swatted. And it was done by Mario Chalmers of all people xD
Haa who woulda guessed that? Mario Chalmers with a big time block on Al Jefferson at the basket
Mario Chalmers with the big block on Al Jefferson.
What a block by Mario Chalmers on Al Jefferson! Come on Miami!
Mario Chalmers with a huge block on Al Jefferson from behind. Heat takes a TO up 98-95 with 1:35 left in overtime. Miami with possession.
Just took it in, plays like Mario chalmers lol
Mario Chalmers is the biggest complainer in the NBA by far.
Udonis Haslem blocked at the rim by Gerald Henderson! Mario Chalmers misses a three. The Bobcats are in this!
Mario Chalmers passing has been amazing to say the least this season.
The 3 people I hate the most in life. 1. Jim Carey . 2. Mario Chalmers . 3. Brandon Jacobs
I cannot stand the way mario chalmers plays
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i forgot Derrick Rose and Mario Chalmers played in the same championship game in college.
Mario Chalmers just threw that like a fastball at Henderson.
Mario Chalmers is a Panther fan. That's wassup!
when you bringing back Mario Chalmers ?
Tonight's starters vs the Bobcats presented by - Chalmers, Allen, James, Battier & Bosh.
Officiating crew today in this game.Danny Manning.Nick Collision and Mario Chalmers.great crew
Mario Chalmers, Greg Oden & Shane Battier warming up here in Charlotte
That reminded me of Mario Chalmers flopping against Bill Walker
Nadiir Tharpe is like Sherron Collins and Mario Chalmers all rolled into one right now
Miami Heat baller Mario Chalmers feeling the heat from Instagram pics of another girl
Kansas has a nice squad. For it to be the most desolate, no night life, backwoods, behind the times place in the country. They do a helluva job of recruiting or their history which is WAY overrated to me gets them kids their. They won a championship with the Mario Chalmers shot against a loaded Memphis squad that had Derrick Rose on it. But before that go back to Danny Manning. Interesting enough that was Big 8 to Big 12's only titles as of late. Kansas obviously has had no parody in their conference. In street terms "they don't play nobody" Big 12 has been much improved this year and Kansas has produced some quality pros so I won't turn all the way up on em. Edmond's own Bill Self has done a great job in Lawrence. Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid will be lottery picks come draft time.
Oklahoma State is a whole team of Mario Chalmers.
Remember when we drafted Chandler Parsons and Mario Chalmers and just gave them away?!!?
This latest Heat stretch reaffirms Mario Chalmers' belief that he is the best player on this team
*(Via iDateDaily) – It looks like Dwyane Wade isn’t the only NBA player on his team who’s feeling the “heat” (pun intended). His teammate Mario Chalmers is suspected of cheating on his former reality TV star girlfriend… [ 128 more words. ]
What does LeBron, Shane Battier, and Mario Chalmers have in common ? They've all taken 7 shots tonight. Yeah. I know.
Miami C Greg Oden (knee) and G Mario Chalmers (Achilles) are probable Friday. F Chris Andresen (back) is questionable
Miami Heat's Chris Bosh, right, yells while talking with Mario Chalmers (15) during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012, in Miami. The Heat defeated the Cavaliers 92-85. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
Miami F Shane Battier (quad) is probable. F Chris Anderson (back) & G Mario Chalmers (achilles) are out tonight versus Washington.
Heat have announced that Mario Chalmers (Achilles) will not play tonight vs Wizards.
How much do Mario Chalmers' Heat teammates yell at him? So much even Barack Obama made a joke about it Tuesday. President Obama had all sorts of Miami zingers ready for the Heat's trip to the White House:
Don't worry, Mario Chalmers. The President of the United States has your back.
Who better Norris Cole or mario Chalmers
If you honestly think Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers two of the top 3 PGs in the league, I can't respect your opinion ever again.
Norris Cole nd Mario Chalmers top 3 PGs in the league.
I hate the Miami Heat but respectively, I think Norris Cole should always start over weakass Mario Chalmers.
After yesterdays game, Deron Williams and Mario Chalmers aren't gonna be starters for their teams anymore. Norris Cole and Shaun Livingston.
Mario Chalmers can wish he was at KU vs KSU game but can't win his own that lost last night just hit me lol
Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole are trash and Heat fans think these dudes are elite PGs.I take Cory Joseph and Patty Mills And even Nando De Colo over them any day.
With Norris Cole, I'm not sure why Mario Chalmers hasn't gotten the boot yet.
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If Mario Chalmers was playing tonight I wonder if he would've had Super Nintendo on the back of his jersey?
D.wade, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier and the whole Heat defense are inactive tonight.
No Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers, or Shane Battier for the Heat tonight. Or Greg Oden, but that's a given until after the ASB.
NBA: Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier will all miss Heat's game against Nets tonight.
-Dwyane Wade (Miami), Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier are all out for Miami -John Henson (Milwaukee) will not play today -James Anderson (Philadelpha) will start -Chandler Parsons (Houston) is highly likely to be out. Greg Smith is available -We haven't had word about Luol Deng playing or starting for Cleveland yet, but we expect him to start.
Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier are out for tonight's game.
Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier missed the game Thursday when the Heat played the Knicks in New York. Battier has now been out for four games due to
Mario Chalmers sick alley oop to Lebron James that didnt count!!
Backbreakers (1/9/2014) Andrea Bargnani and Kenyon Martin will be suiting up for New York but not Tyson Chandler and Beno Udrih. Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers will not play for the Heat but Wade and Andersen are good to go. In Oklahoma City, Thabo Sefolosha and Serge Ibaka are expected to play while Wilson Chandler will sit down this one down for Denver with Randy Foye still a game-time decision. Nate Robinson will play but Andre Miller could sit this one out as well (coach decision, probably regarding a trade.) In not a day in this season that there are only four teams playing and this many players being a game-time decision or day-to-day.
Norris Cole started for injured point guard Mario Chalmers on Tuesday night in what could be a glimpse of the Miami Heat's future.
Mario Chalmers (Achilles tendinitis) did not participate in this morning's team shootaround and has been ruled out tonight (via the Miami Heat)
Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier out tonight against the knicks. can the knicks capitalize to keep this good play up and actually win this game.
Dwayne Wade is a game time decision for tonight's game against the Knicks. Tyson Chandler (illness) doubtful for tonight's matchup against the Heat. Mario Chalmers will jot play tonight against the Knicks. Luol Deng open to discuss contract extension with the Cavaliers. Mo Williams will opt of his contract and hopes to resign with the Trail Blazers this summer. -Melo7
Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers will not play against the Knicks tonight.
Shane Battier out and Mario Chalmers out and Dwyane Wade game time decision for MIAMI. New York Chandler could be out again with the FLU.
Who's the best NBA player Self has coached? Mario Chalmers?
Bill Self loves me I'm gonna be the next Mario Chalmers just better
Chalmers I ll Never have My Chick Seating Courtside Can til People Dnt like me No more
Totally unimpressed with Ricky Rubio. Reminds me of a crappy version of Mario Chalmers.
they both guna make Mario Chalmers career take off if Indiaba gets them, he guna torch them
I assume you'd make an exception for Heat point guard (and former Kansas Jayhawk!) Mario Chalmers...
This "best team w/ all players in their prime" argument is pointless; the Heat would have prime Mario Chalmers.
When JUMP OFFS Attack! star got PROBLEMS after side piece puts him on BLAST on
I would use it always when I play against Mario Chalmers and LeBron xD
Mario Chalmers: "Like the way my Jayhawks are playing right now."
Mario Chalmers will wear this nickname jersey on Friday:
Check out the January issue of Think Magazine for Dwayne Wade, Mario Chalmers and Lebron James at the Red Hot...
If guys don't know Mario Chalmers is GOD at the PG position
you check out that new text with mario.Chalmers by Shea ?
So Mario Chalmers is following in D. Wade's steps, by cheating on his main lady. What the *** is dudes thinking?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Really who is more useless, Mario Chalmers or Krillin from Dragon Ball Z?
I'm still trying to figure out why Mario Chalmers starts over Norris Cole?
PG Norris Cole Started at PG in place of PG-SG Mario Chalmers (Achilles) Yesterday.
Utah Jazz really looking to improve their depth with the acquisition of Emeka Okafor and Mario Chalmers.
I feel about B.O.B the same as I feel about Mario Chalmers
How can you beat a team with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers and the rest
Mario Chalmers works on his trey prior to Pacers/Heat on Chalmers got that WAC WAC 🔥🏀
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