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Mario Chalmers

Almario Vernard Mario Chalmers (born May 19, 1986) is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the NBA.

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Sasha could beat Mario chalmers in anything with ease, including basketball
Lenny Carlos' TOP 50 PLAYS of last season!. 25: Mario Chalmers Nails the Game Winner! . Lenny Carlos
Why the Olympics named after Mario Chalmers this year?
are Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers lecturing in it this yr?
Nahhh then we wouldn't have seen Mario Chalmers in the NBA Finals
All I need to know about that program is they kicked the GOD Mario Chalmers out
So is Goodell that great? No, he's Mario Chalmers. He just happens to be connected to a juggernaut that can't fail.
But take a person away from LeBron and what happen to his stats? They plummet. Just ask JJ Hickson, Mario Chalmers, etc.
Glad people are starting to realize that Mario Chalmers was the player in the Heat.
"Russell coming back in was a real big deal. He helps relieve the pressure a lot on me and Mario (Chalmers, 21 points of 6-of-9 sho…
Top 3 Point Guards in the league:. 1. Mario Chalmers. 2. The PG for the heat during their Big 3. 3. Cameron Payne
Lebron, Jr Smith, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole & Lance Stephenson are still free agents
In light of Mario Chalmers leaving the heat, I put together this small collection to tribute his legacy
4) Mario Chalmers has a "Mister Clutch" tattoo, showing that he is one of the most clutch players of all time
8) Mario Chalmers is the greatest player in NBA history from Alaska
Mario Chalmers and Haslem must be a better guard-forward combo than Stockton & Malone since they have 2 rings, cmon!
sign Mario Chalmers and Tyler Zeller. What do u think
NBA Rumors: Warriors looking to add more veterans, eye Mario Chalmers, Kendrick Perkins
Free agents the Warriors will target:. Mario Chalmers . Kendrick Perkins. Ray Allen. (via
yeah bruh the Warriors tryna get Ray Allen, Kendrick Perkins, n Mario Chalmers
Warriors interested in signing; Kendrick Perkins, Ray Allen, and Mario Chalmers.
And now, Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers and Perkins? Wow, Warriors must be so hungry to win a ring,
The Golden State Warriors are interested in free agents Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, and Kendrick Perkins, per
Tracy likes Mario chalmers she's their for no reason
how you like Mario Chalmers as the backup PG? I think he can be solid and was a champion in college and in the NBA.
Chris Bosh ain't no where close to Draymond and D-Wade ain't Klay . Mario Chalmers is no where near Curry. That's a 2k team
Although, I think Tyler Johnson will end being too expensive for the Consolation: Mario Chalmers and Cole Aldrich
Some names I'm looking at for the . . Mario Chalmers. Jarret Jack. Seth Curry. Ramon Sessions. Anyone else?
they signed ARivers after they learned KD wouldn't be coming. obviously. They need to sign Norris Cole. Mario Chalmers?
family would u guys take Mario chalmers?
lol this guy is acting like the Bulls aren't about to sign NCAA and NBA champion Mario Chalmers
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Nick Minnerath is nice but I don't think you should overpay him. Grab him and then let's go after Mario Chalmers.
an underrated player with defense that is still avaliable. Mario Chalmers... look into him
any shot Knicks get any of these guys to fill out bench? Seth Curry, Steve Blake, Mario Chalmers, Kevin Martin, David Lee
resign Derrick Williams, Sign Gerald Green, Mario Chalmers or Jarrett Jack and maybe David Lee then get Willy HG
I want Mario Chalmers as a back up PG.
Can the Knicks convince Mario Chalmers to take $3+ mill? Best backup PG fit for NYK.
One guy I love for backup pg that could be had for relatively cheap is Mario Chalmers.
Mario Chalmers. Out with injury for a little. Would have to sign on min.
Conley should be getting mario chalmers money
Hornets should go after Seth Curry or Mario Chalmers to back up Kemba. For the big man, should either go after Greg Monroe or Vucevic.
Will the Knicks go after a backup pg like Mario Chalmers or Norris Cole
Really wish the Lakers push for a Mario Chalmers. We need a back up PG that play on or off the ball and can guard multiple positions.
I bet Mario Chalmers who's better was wishing he was a free agent right now
Mario Chalmers wasn't at the meeting.
Hope they try and go after either Seth Curry or Mario Chalmers for backup PG, and maybe go after Zaza as backup center.
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Mario Chalmers would be a great fit with the cavs
I would welcome Mario Chalmers as the backup PG next year.
Mario Chalmers shot 38.7% from three during the LeBron years. 32.6% in the non-LeBron years.
5. Mario Chalmers game winner against the Pistons.
Sources: Miami Heat planning jersey retirement ceremony for Mario Chalmers in November. They will retire he wore from…
I can't wait for Team USA to trot out a starting backcourt of Mario Chalmers & Aaron Affalo in Rio this summer.
LeBron's punching bag was Mario Chalmers; KD's punching bag is Waiters
There has been a Jayhawk in the last 6 NBA Finals:. 2010: Paul Pierce. 2012: Nick Collison. 2011-2014: Mario Chalmers. 2015:…
Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers and Ray Ray the real MVP's for Bron let's be real
Baby Jay was close. I went with Brett Hull, Mike Piazza, Marshall Marshall Marshall and Mario Chalmers.
Derek Fisher was not a Superstar 😂😂😂 Derek Fisher was like Patrick Beverly or Mario Chalmers
Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Birdman,Mike Miller,James Jones are no longer with Miami.Miss old Championship Team
I feel like everybody on this team is Mario Chalmers as far as Lebron is concerned
"Great defender" Russell Westbrook has gotten 25+ from Mario Chalmers, Marcus Smart & Austin Rivers this season
Wes Matthews' Achilles injury going into free agency was an interesting angle to watch and I wonder if Mario Chalmers will get some looks
Hamilton Collection
If I was the Mavericks, I would claim Mario Chalmers and waive Jeremy Evans..They would contribute about the same for the rest of the season
I rostered Mario Chalmers and Shelvin Mack, but I dig Kemba
At some point, every Heat fan will admit how much they miss the Mario Chalmers experience. All of it.
KD and Russ should be surrounded by nothing but shooters. Guys like Ryan Anderson, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers.
Lakers announcers shout out Alaska born Mario Chalmers (Bartlett High School). Shoutout to my Alaska hoopers
It also makes me think people undervalue the usefulness of players lake Patrick Beverly, Avery Bradley and even Mario Chalmers
The real Lineup of Death is Mario Chalmers, Lance Stephenson, Matt Barnes, Zach Randolph, and Chris Andersen.
Ted Ginn turned from Mario Chalmers to Norris Cole in a blink of an eye
Cavs paying Tristan Thompson 82 mil to let LeBron yell at him aka to be the Mario Chalmers of the Cavs.
"You know what I like about Mario Chalmers? He's confident!". -- Hubie Brown, 432 times that quarter
The Pistons bench let Matt Barnes and Mario Chalmers take over the game. Brandon Jennings and Jodie Meeks can't come back soon enough.
Thunder should just sign Mario Chalmers, Gerald Green and Jodie Meeks you know what I mean?
Okay, I kinda like the Mario Chalmers trade so far. I just hope it doesn't turn out like the Jeff Green trade.
Jeff Green and Mario Chalmers have combined for 86 points in the last 48 hours. . This is not a drill. This is real life.
Former Miami Heat guard, Mario Chalmers, heats up in Memphis via
Mario Chalmers has literally been a game-changer for the Grizz since his arrival in Memphis.
Memphis Grizz combo of Matt Barnes and Mario Chalmers easily the most punchable duo in the NBA
Mario Chalmers so slept on. He beat D. Rose for the National Championship. & has 2 rings… a starter.
Mario Chalmers owes everyone in this video a fade .
D-Wade shows his respect for Mario Chalmers as they part ways.
Mario chalmers to Memphis? Thank god, finally won't have to hear about him anymore.
There's a petition to ask NBA broadcasters not to talk about the Chalmers NCAA shot vs UofM? 😂
Status note: Mario Chalmers not available on Wednesday.
Been told it is very unlikely that Mario Chalmers will be available for tonight vs Warriors. Sounds like will be time…
Mario Chalmers traded to Memphis, a place where he “always got booed”
where's a link for that Mario Chalmers bit? Twas pure gold
Here's a video montage of Mario Chalmers getting yelled at over the years
.and the crew say goodbye to Mario Chalmers
Miami Heat trade Mario Chalmers to Memphis Grizzlies in four-player NBA deal (News)
The Heat will reportedly trade guard Mario Chalmers to the Grizzlies
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Mario ChalmersHis absence expands the opportunity for Tyler Johnson and Mario Chalmers and ...
Nov 10 (The Sports Xchange) - The Miami Heat traded guard Mario Chalmers and forward James Ennis to the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday in
Mario Chalmers has been traded to the Memphis Grizzlies 😒
Miami Heat will reportedly trade Mario Chalmers to Memphis Grizzlies
officially traded PG-SG Mario Chalmers and SF-SG James Ennis to for PG Beno Udrih and PF-C Jarnell Stokes.
Heat have agreed in principle to trade Mario Chalmers to Memphis Grizzlies. (via & multiple reports) https…
Talking with Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace about the Mario Chalmers trade - tune in or on the app...
Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace on with Wolo and Peter now talking Mario Chalmers trade and more. Sports 56/87.7FM
The Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies have agreed upon a trade of Mario Chalmers and James Ennis for Beno Udrih...
.president Pat Riley talks about the suspension of Gerald Green and the trade of Mario Chalmers.
The Miami Heat agreed to trade G Mario Chalmers and 2nd round pick J Ennis to the Memphis Grizzlies for backup G Beno Udrih and pf J Stokes
The Miami Heat have traded Mario Chalmers & James Ennis to the Memphis Grizzlies for Beno Udrih & Jarnell Stokes.
First trade of the season: Mario Chalmers and James Ennis of the Heat to the Grizzlies for Beno Udrih, Jarnell Stokes & a 2nd round pick.
OFFICIAL: HEAT acquire Beno Udrih and Jarnell Stokes in exchange for Mario Chalmers and James Ennis. Full release:
Can't believe the Heat traded Mario Chalmers. First it was Norris Cole now this, smh
Hear from Head Coach Erik Spoelstra on the Mario Chalmers trade coming up on
Waiting on coach Erik Spoelstra to discuss anything but Gerald Green and this Mario Chalmers trade. Stay tuned
I was wondering when they was gone release Mario Chalmers. Norris Cole was better and they traded him.
Im happy Mario Chalmers is gone bruh. should've kept Norris Cole but no...Pat Riley done effed up on this one like Joel n Miller!
A look at how Mario Chalmers trade went down & who won.
Look at - Mario Chalmers trade + moving Chris Andersen would drop MIA under apron.
After acquiring Mario Chalmers and James Ennis from Miami, the Grizzlies are expected to further shop them in other tra…
Mario Chalmers is coming to rip out the soul of Memphis.
Coach Spo must really believe in Tyler Johnson for Pat Riley to have traded Norris Cole one yr then Mario Chalmers the next.
First miami trade Norris Cole and now they trade Mario Chalmers, why do they do this to me...
Memphis Grizzlies are interested in trading for Mario Chalmers.
You do realize no one in Memphis will ever forgive Mario Chalmers right? You just gave us Matt Barnes ... We are on…
Link to latest on Memphis Grizzlies exploring possibility of trading for Miami's Mario Chalmers:
I'll be as broken up about Mario Chalmers being traded as I was when the Dolphins fired Jeff Ireland
Vernon & Parrish SERIOUSLY! Mario Chalmers! Time for Chris Wallace to leave Memphis!
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Andrew Wiggins, Mario Chalmers, Nick Collison, and many others. Best part was the last player.
NBA trade rumors: Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers out of Miami ...
Report: Miami still open to trading Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers ...
Just to make things clear... Hornets are not going to get Mario Chalmers. No need to get excited for nothing
NBA rumors: Will the Heat part ways with Mario Chalmers?
Utah Jazz NBA 2015 trade rumor: Mario Chalmers to be traded from ...
LeBron can't win a ring without Mario Chalmers
Would a Mario Chalmers trade make sense for the Jazz?
Utah Jazz News: Mario Chalmers Rumors, Staff Promotions: As the summer rages on, ta...
Utah Jazz NBA rumors 2015: Could make use of Mario Chalmers - ChristianToday
I swear i seen mario chalmers at this bar
Mario chalmers has more rings than all those players how is he not too 5?!?!?!
lol so Mario chalmers better than AI cause he got more rings?
As much as Mario Chalmers annoys tf outta me at times, I would lowkey be kinda sad if Miami traded him lol
Mario Chalmers is that player that thinks he is better than he really is
Reports: Mario Chalmers and Chris 'Birdman' Andersen traded for Trey Burke and a future 2nd round pick
Report: Should Jazz trade for Mario Chalmers? - ESPN (blog)
Jabari Brown, Ryan Kelly and Sacre for Chris Anderson and Mario Chalmers would make me a very happy Lakers fan
don't disrespect Andre Miller like that. More like Mario Chalmers
RUMOR: Lakers looking to trade for Mario Chalmers, Jose Calderon, or Brandon Jennings.
Mario Chalmers, Chris Anderson . Jose Calderon, Cle Anthony . Then bring up Thanis and this Clears up Cap
Mario Chalmers, Chris Anderson . Jose Calderon, Cle Anthony Early . This trade is good for NYK because they clear Cap 4 2016
this matchup is kinda like Tony Parker vs. Mario Chalmers. Over confident & cocky vs. accomplished & poised
Sources: Heat offering Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen to Denver for Danilo Gallinari.
Pro Basketball Talk - - Report Heat willing to give away Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen
Miami is looking to trade Mario Chalmers and Chris "Birdman" Anderson, the two are scheduled to make nearly $10 million…
take in the fact ur the Mario Chalmers of this 2012 Miami Heat squad lmao
Mario Chalmers full court pressing Jeremy Lin into obscurity is one my fav Miami Heat memories.
"Rings define a player" I agree, that's why I'd take Mario Chalmers over John Stockton or Chris Paul any day of the week
shooters by the name of Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, James Jones and Ray Allen btw
Last pgs that have won NBA titles...Tony Parker, Mario Chalmers, J Kidd, Derek Fisher, Rajon Rondo, Avery Johnson. Guys that run their team.
Andre Dawkins with that Mario Chalmers game goin'.
Mario Chalmers no where to be found on that list because I have blessed him with my voodoo. 💖🔮
I think Mario Chalmers is mad that I start over him in 2K14
The last few seconds at Legends of the Phog - Paul Pierce, Mario Chalmers, Kansas Jayhawks
This chick said mario chalmers is better than steph curry. I'm logging off
Lorenzo said Mario Chalmers is the best pg in the NBA 😂😂😂
Hey Mario Chalmers isn't the answer to backup a aging Wade. Please trade him.
Chalmers Finds Ennis the Menace for the Jam: . Chalmers Finds Ennis the Menace for the Jam. Mario Chalmers thr...
Mario Chalmers rebounds the ball and heaves it ahead to James Ennis for the high-flying finish!
Mario Chalmers is my least favorite basketball player ever. Man has no personality, no game, all he does is hit a 3 every 5 games
he wasn't playing good ball a few seasons back? Lml "Mario Chalmers.should be in the D league"
Our whole squad nothing but walking injuries smh. Only *** that stay healthy is Mario Chalmers.
Good night they did their best !! Spo blew this game with that slow lineup coming out and Mario Chalmers is hot garbage !
On this day in 2008, Mario Chalmers hit an unforgettable 3 to tie with 2.1 seconds left. Kansas won the title in OT. http:…
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Mario Chalmers.should be in the D league
I'll never forgive Pat Riley for insisting on keeping Mario Chalmers a part of my life.
Why is Mario Chalmers still in the NBA? I wouldn't pick him up in the d-league
Mario chalmers a top 10 worst player ever
"I want a Mario Chalmers jersey" - Said No One In The History of Mankind
Did anyone else notice what Aaron Brooks just did to Mario Chalmers on that step back? Oh my goodness. Missed it though.
Mario Chalmers look like jamie foxx in breaking all the rules when his girl broke up with him .
Mario Chalmers' is one of those guys who is a great role player when playing with stars, but just another guy w/o 'em.
The Heat were up by 19 and then they remembered they have Mario Chalmers on their team and now they're only up by 6
Mario chalmers is a joke of a nba player
Is it funny that I'd take Austin Rivers over a point guard with 2 rings and started on a championship team - Mario Chalmers?
Vince Young and Mario Chalmers know. Reggie Bush and Derrick Rose realize now it wasn't meant to be cause it wasn't supposed to be.
Luol Deng kept asking Mario Chalmers if Kansas is still in the tourney. "That's the kind of stuff that (bleeps) up a fr…
No love for Keith Smart? Even though it wasn't a game-winner, I would throw in the Mario Chalmers shot in '08.
to Lebron's defense, his point guards were Larry Hughes, Daniel Gibson and Mario Chalmers...he'll figure it out lol
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The Nintendo/collabo we’ve been waiting for! MT Mario Chalmers in red vs. Luigi Datome in green http…
Take Wade out of this lineup. . Birdman. Henry Walker. Tyler Johnson. Mario Chalmers.
“Aye you have a all star point guard ! Not a Mario Chalmers or mo Williams”
Chris Bosh still in the hospital as LeBron James, Mario Chalmers send best wishes
A better lineup would've been:. Air Bud, Bow Wow, Josh Smith, Mario Chalmers (Without arms to shoot a basketball), and Drake
Wade's back-ups this year have been Mario Chalmers and Tyler Johnson. Those are the back ups to a guy who is always injured
Tyler Johnson, Norris Cole, Shabazz Napier, and Mario Chalmers. Something’s got to give. Get rid of two of them please
Injuries have really killed the Heat, when you have to rely on Tyler Johnson and Mario Chalmers as your No. 2 scorer, you're in trouble
Miami Heat: Guard Mario Chalmers returns after one-game suspension for flagrant foul - (via )
ESPN Video: Hassan Whiteside caught a pass from Mario Chalmers and finished with an alley-oop dunk.
Starting PGs with rings in the NBA: . Tony Parker: 4. Mario Chalmers: 2. Rajon Rondo: 1. Everyone else: 0
im guessing Mario Chalmers better than Derrick Fisher
Lineup note: Mario Chalmers, Shawne Williams, Chris Andersen will remain in starting lineup Sunday.
Did Stephen A. Smith just say Mario Chalmers & DWAYNE WADE spread the floor more for LeBron than Cleveland... Stans man
Daily reminder that Joey Dorsey was traded for Nic Batum, and drafted before Mario Chalmers, DeAndre Jordan, and Omer Asik
Danny Green is to Pop as Mario Chalmers was to LeBron
On October 17th, five lucky ladies received a "Think Pink Experience" of a lifetime compliments of Mario Chalmers and the Miami Heatt! The evening started at Lawrence Memorial Hospital where the women, who are all breast cancer survivors, were chauffeured in a private car to the Sprint Center. There, the ladies were treated to dinner at the Founders Club and then watched the Golden State Warriors take on the Miami Heat. After the game, Mario and his family hosted a Meet & Greet for the ladies. Mario also hung out with fans and signed autographs.
Mario Chalmers, Shabazz Napier & James Ennis shoot 11-of-13 in 1st half vs. Bucks, making up for Wade's absence. Heat up 46-38 at half.
“Bobby Wood is the Mario Chalmers of U.S. Soccer”. This is bad lol
Pat Riley needs to get rid of:. • Mario Chalmers. • Danny Granger. • Josh McRoberts. • Shannon Brown. * Players not needed in the first place
Gregory Hines to play Mario Chalmers in the upcoming biopic: "They Call Me Chalms"
Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, and Shabazz Napier are like JR Smith, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Iman Shumpert.
I'm still upset that I accidentally drafted Mario Chalmers for my fantasy team... smh
Bruh they dont respect Mario chalmers at all lmao
ADAM'S BOLD PREDICTIONS: Mario Chalmers will average more points this season than Kobe
Lin was smokin hot in NY until he ran into Mario Chalmers
keep on seeing pics of him closing on Mario chalmers IG comments
Idk who I hate in the NBA more Boozer or Mario Chalmers
Mario Chalmers is really the Meg Griffin of Miami.
Mario Chalmers, Blake Griffin, Adam Fromal, Kyrie Irving, do I need to keep going?
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NBA certainties: Mario Chalmers will be just as bad as he was last year.
Chris Bosh said today he's going to try a new approach with Mario Chalmers. "More Hugs. More Warmth"
do it I'll get mario Chalmers first pick
My top 5 NBA players I hate with a passion, Mario Chalmers, Joakim Noah, Chris Bosh, Kendrick Perkins,& last but not least Carlos boozer
EVERYBODY hates boozer and mario chalmers
“Mario Chalmers is a top 10 PG. Idc what anyone says.”
Mario Chalmers is a top 40 PG. Idc what anyone says.
Kobe is my favorite team. The heat hot garbage. Mario Chalmers your best player
How badass would it be if the old KU basketball players like Mario chalmers came back to play alumni game
I wanna fight Patrick Beverly and Mario Chalmers so bad
Ever since Mario Chalmers shut Jeremy Lin down that game, he hasn't been the same since 😂😂
Jeremy Lin aint been the same since Norris Cole an Mario Chalmers exposed him lol
Remember when Lin was Mario Chalmers's food two seasons ago that one game? This might be the sequel.
Lin is terrible... He might just be worst than Mario Chalmers
Dexter Pittman"Boozer is the Mario Chalmers of the team."
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I thought that was Lin “Boozer is the Mario Chalmers of the team.”
Anyways if YALL start Mario Chalmers tomorrow consider me no longer a fan
Boozer is the Mario Chalmers of the team.
Lmao Mario Chalmers was picked in my league 😂😂😂😂
chill man he right. Mario chalmers the goat
I don't have a favorite team , if you wanna get all specific 👌 I'm A MARIO CHALMERS FAN always have,
Just got NBA league pass for this season. I now get to watch Mario Chalmers frustrate me live all season long. What a sound investment.
if we include teammates, Mario Chalmers.
Miami Heat point guard Norris Cole set to start over Mario Chalmers
You comparing an all star point guard to Mario Chalmers? Russ is top 7 player off top.
Jamier Nelson the biggest scrub that's about I look like a G cause of the team he's on, he's equivalent to Mario chalmers to me
Kyrie Irving ain't no Mario Chalmers bron not finna youngbul em n make em give the ball up like he was doin Rio remember that.
Raymond Felton, Mario Chalmers, and Jameer Nelson are all the same person
You'd think with the finals experience, Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers would be better than what they are
Mario Chalmers is about to ball out this year
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mario Chalmers shot in the 2008 National Championship game
Also Pre-Party this Thursday with Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers @ Club Privilege hosted by Marks My Barber sounds by Dj Q
This Thursday I'll be hosting the NBA party w/ Brandon Rush & Mario Chalmers!!! Don't miss…
It would really make my day if LeBron scolded Mario Chalmers throughout the game today, just for old time's sake.
Mario Chalmers on LeBron: . "We're a better team without LeBron. He's been holding me back ever since I got here."
"LeBron James has 42 points through three quarters, but lets run some plays for Mario Chalmers." - Ned Yost as the Heat coach
227's YouTube Chili' LeBron James is frustrated and screams at Mario Chalmers almost fight... Jamaal Al-Din - NBA
Mario Chalmers offers words of wisdom for LeBron James‘ new supporting cast
"Took a back seat in the Finals." Who knew Lebron was retarding the development of Mario Chalmers?
Mario Chalmers offers words of wisdom for LeBron James' new supporting cast
"Lmao this could have been Mario Chalmers last day on earth.😅.
LeBron's upcoming new Big 3 may be his best yet LeBron James has never played with a point guard like young Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving. James' point guards of the past have instead included the likes of Mo Williams, Mario Chalmers and Eric Snow. Nice players. But not Irving — the reigning All-Star Game MVP. Nor has James played with a power forward like Kevin Love. Nothing against Chris Bosh of the Heat, who's uniquely talented in his own right, but Love truly is a one-of-a-kind type of guy. By now, you've heard the news. While nothing is official, the Cavs are set to land Love from the Timberwolves. In exchange, the Cavs will surrender No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins, second-year forward Anthony Bennett and a 2015 first-rounder (per Yahoo Sports columnist and FOX Sports 1 insider Adrian Wojnarowski). The trade is expected to go down at the end of the month, once Wiggins is eligible to be dealt. That means the Cavs' roster would feature James, Irving and Love — all on the same team. That's a ...
REPORT: Mario Chalmers, Kris Humphries, and Roy Hibbert discussing joining forces to form a new Big 3 at either McDona…
"I never thought anybody would want to leave Miami for Cleveland but you move on" - Mario Chalmers . He left Chalmers f…
If winning rings means everything then Robert Horry is better than Michael Jordan and Mario Chalmers is better than Russell Westbrooke
Mario Chalmers, Daniel Gibson, Norris Cole, the list goes on. You just said name one, which I did.
Mario Chalmers is going to try to redeem himself on the court next season like... (via vine/Mark Wright Jr) -
*** dnt get me started on Mario Chalmers, Andre Miller or Mo Williams” MARVIN WILLIAMS
I want to see how Derrick Rose reacts if Evan Turner and Mario Chalmers join the Bulls
REPORT: Wendy's has ended its pursuit of free agent cashier Mario Chalmers, is now focusing on acquiring Mark Sanchez …
I still fw the Heat tho. Just cuz I like Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers
Best part about lebron going home is exactly what he said in the letter: Cleveland needs him more. Businesses around that arena really were left hurting when lebron and all the revenue/interest he brings went away. Also, his presence really can bolster the Akron area and assist his hometown and do wonders for a depressed area. Miami didn't need him as much Second best part: Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers being eliminated from championship contention Third best part: The salt of ESPN Fourth best: Lebron's evident maturing that occurred in his time with Miami Worst part: Dan Gilbert's success and happiness
If Miami can send Mario Chalmers sign-and-trade package to/through Charlotte for Josh McRoberts, Heat would still have their MLE to spend.
As I reported last night, Miami has talked to a few teams about a Mario Chalmers sign-and-trade. Heat trying to get cre…
Well, it's the offseason now. Best time for lists. Here's my list of the best STARTING point guards from every team, and why they're placed where they are. 30. Raymond Felton- Knicks. Felton's career hit an all-time low, and I don't know what can turn it around. He can't score, he's not a great passer, and he plays no defense. And he's not getting any younger, either. 29. Brian Roberts- Pelicans. Holiday was injured most of the season, so Roberts started the majority of the games. 9 points and 3 assists on 41%? Quality backup, bad starter. 28. Mario Chalmers- Heat. Given the role he has on the Heat, Chalmers was pretty good. But once LeBron was neutralized in the Finals, he really showed how ineffective he is when relied on. Great spot up shooter, but there's more to being a point guard than just that. 27. Kendall Marshall- Lakers. Plain and simple, the Lakers were playing with D-League talent last year. Marshall made the most of his opportunities with LA, averaging 8 points and 8 assists. While he wouldn ...
All of these free agents and trade rumors and I'm thinking about what might happen with Jason Kidd and Mario Chalmers.
I've also seen that Victor Oladipo (Orlando Magic), Joe Haden (Cleveland Browns), & Mario Chalmers (Miami Heat) are supposed to be there.
Nah, but if Napier develops quickly enough Mario Chalmers might become trade deadline fodder next season.
“Mario Chalmers watching the Heat draft Shabazz like
At least he's developed great NBA players like Mario Chalmers, Thomas Robinson, etc.
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well how about Ray Allen,Chris Anderson,Greg Oden, James Jones,Norris Cole, and Mario Chalmers are they staying.
Judging by Pat Riley's comments. I HOPE the HEAT will release Mario Chalmers and DRAFT Russ Smith. The former Louisville guard. 🙏
Only Heat players with positive +/- are Rashard Lewis, Michael Beasley & Mario Chalmers
MUST WATCH! Postseasons facts and rumors! Now that the season is over: -Wade and Bosh very likely to stay, LeBron is 50-50 to stay (all 3 with player options). -Toney Douglas, Michael Beasley, Rashard Lewis, Mario Chalmers, Greg Oden, James Jones will become free agents. Beasley and Lewis are likely to resign, Chalmers and Oden will test free agency. No news for the others. -Shane Battier retired, Ray Allen might too (If not he will be a free agent). -Udonis Haslem has a player option that he will probably accept (Pure loyalty). -Chris Andersen has opted out and will officially become a free agent. -Justin Hamilton has another year on his contract but could be amnestied. -James Ennis who was a draft-night trade in 2013 is very likely to sign a multiple years contract. -If Haslem decides to opt out and sign a new veteran minimum contract, the HEAT could afford a quality point guard as Lowry (whom the HEAT is interrested) -The HEAT also has 2 draft picks (26th and 55th) in which the HEAT count on to "rejuve ...
Today, I proudly wore one of my Miami Heat jerseys. Four NBA FINALS in a row and WINNING two of them is amazing. THANKS LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Chris Anderson, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Toney Douglas, Justin Hamilton, Udonis Haslem, James Jones, Rashard Lewis and Greg Oden for giving us a GREAT year of Basketball and taking us to FOUR NBA FINALS in a row. You did something that Dan Marino never could do and that is WIN the biggest and final game of the sesson.
What is your prediction for the offseason? Here is mine...a few things I believe will happen. - The Big 3 will stay and all three of them will take paycuts *, - Mario Chalmers will not be signed to another contract, - Along with Shane Battier, James Jones will retire, - Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis will play for one more year, - Greg Oden and Michael Beasley will get new contracts, - We will sign a big man and improve our bench. true :D
Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers and Birdman spotted before the game...
Changes are good. : Miami Heat big man Chris Andersen will decline his of his $1.45 million player option for next season and become a free agent, according to Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears. Miami's supporting cast could look quite different in a few months. Guard Ray Allen said he still loves playing, but is considering retirement after 18 seasons. Forward Shane Battier is retiring after 13 seasons. Free-agent point guard Mario Chalmers told Yahoo Sports he would like to re-sign with the Heat, but he struggled in the postseason and lost his starting job in Game 5. Forward-center Chris Andersen will opt-out of his contract to become a free agent, a source said. Longtime Heat forward Udonis Haslem has a contract option for next season. Sharp-shooting forward Rashard Lewis is a free agent also, and the Heat will have competition for his services, a source said.
Daniel Gibson, Delonte West, Damon Jones, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole...Lebron has never played with a good PG.
I do think it is dumb to measure individual greatness by the number of championships someone has. With that logic, the vs argument can go on for days. But BILL RUSSELL is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME! Derrick Fisher is just as good as Tim Duncan. And Mario Chalmers is better than Rajon Rondo.
Tim Tebow will win a championship before Mario Chalmers plays
Mario Chalmers has been benched for tonight's Game 5. Ray Allen gets the start for the Heat instead, along with LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh & Rashard Lewis.
Kawhi Leonard and Mario Chalmers are on a tight race for Finals MVP for the Spurs :D - Scroleheim
I swear Steven A Smith be on point with his facts."don't get me started with Mario Chalmers"
Steven a smith just went on Mario Chalmers head. LMAO
Mario Chalmers is playing like Mario Batali right now.
"Mario Chalmers is going off for 20 & 10 tonight, you heard it here first" I'll might proclaim you as a God if this happens
I know I want Heat to win but look at that fool Mario Chalmers. Even my *** Fred Sanford play better than him.
Top SI Stories The Heat need help from the struggling Mario Chalmers
Mario Chalmers needs to wake up mehn.Without our PG playing well, we cant win the Championship
You do not want to be Mario Chalmers in the film session tomorrow
Mario Chalmers' struggles deepen in Game 3 loss (via
Stephen A Smith goes in on Mario Chalmers after game 3 - YouTube (via
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