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Mario Andretti

Mario Gabriele Andretti (born February 28, 1940) is a retired Italian American world champion racing driver, one of the most successful Americans in the history of the sport.

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Mario sounds like he's gone full Kevin Cogan on this one
Mario has issues with Jenna Fryer's column, and he's right. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but she's dead...
With Mario Andretti, when push comes to shove, he'll win that fight, every time.
Did you hear? Sam will be racing against next month at via
It takes a lot to make angry, but he's livid over this. Says deserves an apology
“If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.” ~Mario Andretti .
Carlos Reutemann won at Long Beach 39 years ago today, beating Mario Andretti & Patrick Depailler to the 🏁. 🇦🇷
SpeedeNews Mario Andretti tries out, approves of Charlotte Motor Speedway road course
Mario Andretti goes for a high-speed spin on Charlotte road course
John Andretti, Mario Andretti, Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick. Off the top of my head, on Andretti. Might be Robby Gordon too.
Mario Andretti wasn't supposed to win the Daytona 500. His teammate was. Nobody told Mario that.
MUST-WATCH: Ken Squier tells the story of Mario Andretti’s Daytona 500 win.
are you trying to tell me something? I take pictures but I'm the best driver in the world, next to Mario Andretti
Aviation: Mario Andretti named honorary chairman of Learn to Fly Month initiative
If everything seems under you're just not going enough. -Mario Andretti
From an incredible career, Mario Andretti's Daytona 500 win still stands out
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"If everything seems under control, you'recjust not going fast enough." - Mario:Andretti
"If .verything seems under control, bou're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti
"af everything seems under contrbl, ytu're just not going fast enough." -.Mario Andretti
If you wait, all that happens is that you get older. – Mario Andretti
"If ever:thing seems under control, you're just not goilg fast enough." - Mario Andretti
"If everything seems under control, you're just nzt going fast enough.w - Mario Andretti
"If everything seems tnder control, you're just not going fsst enough." - Mario Andretti
50 year anniversary of Mario Andretti winning in the omen for Denny Hamlin
"In everything seems under control, you'refjust not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti
If everything's under control, you're going to slow. - Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti honored on 50th Anniversary of his 1967 Daytona 500 win Mobile App
Check out the ANSWER to yesterday's Trivia Quaestion:. What year did Mario Andretti win the Daytona 500?...
From war-torn Europe to Champion. The Mario Andretti story is like no other in the history of the Great Ameri…
"If you go in there and think I have no chance today you *** well will not have any Chance."- Mario Andretti
4th at Daytona on this day in 1966, Pedro Rodriguez and Mario Andretti in a NART entered Ferrari 365 P2/P3.
Did you know that the 1984 PPG Indy Car World Series driving champion was Mario Andretti?
Mario Andretti in the Ford GT40 Mk.II at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, June 1966. ht…
Hi kids it's me your old pal Mario Andretti. You may know me from such roles as Fred Ward
Bob Wollek, Eric Helary and Mario Andretti, finished 2nd in a Courage-Porsche-C34. Andy Wallace, Derek and Justin
Lady Gaga gets ride with Mario Andretti at Indy 500 via
ICYMI: Lady Gaga drove with legendary racer Mario Andretti at the
Watch Lady Gaga ride with legendary racer Mario Andretti at the
Lady Gaga goes for a ride with Mario Andretti at Indy 500
FYI: The guy Lady Gaga will accompany at today is Mario Andretti, a Formula One World Championship winner! https:…
Seems like Flavio (Briatore) owns a toaster factory now and gave the first to Mario Andretti ...
Had to share this gem from DEEP in my personal archives: Mario Andretti & Mark Donohue USGP Watkins Glen Oct. 1974.
Mario Andretti says F1 is more of a men's sport |
DTN USA: Mario Andretti says F1 is "more of a man's sport": Is history on his side?
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1978 champion Mario Andretti reportedly backs Bernie Ecclestone up on female race driver comments
Monday blues? and champion Mario Andretti has some words of wisdom to fire you up:
The banked oval tracks are obsolete tracks for Indy cars.
Mario Andretti reportedly stands with Ecclestone on women race drivers via
Former Nazareth Speedway will always be home to Mario Andretti:
Mario Andretti getting ready to take Oscar de la Hoya around the circuit at Long Beach gran prix..
Oscar de la Hoya at Long Beach gran prix, waiting to get into double seater Indy Car with Mario Andretti.
IndyCar can be a route to Formula 1 again, reckons Mario Andretti: IndyCar is regaining the status that will a...
IndyCar can become a route to again, reckons Mario Andretti:
Ray Evernham took 1st place at Amelia Island with his restoration of Mario Andretti's ’65 Brawner Hawk U...
Landmark Andretti race car coming to Amelia Island - Mario Andretti, in the Brawner Hawk at Indianapolis in 196...
Petrolious interview with Mario Andretti - . "TG: Tell me about Colin Chapman. MA: Colin had the reputation he...
.. If you missed it, answer was Mario Andretti. He and Trevor Bayne are only drivers whose lone Cup win is Daytona …
Mario Andretti says F1 needs U.S. Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas
Mario Andretti & Lotus teammate Ronnie Peterson at the 1978 British Grand Prix, held at Brands Hatch.
"If everything seemd under control, you're just not going fast enough." i Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti voices a 67 Ford Fairlane in the movie Cars, which is the car he won the Daytona 500 in.
Tell me about it. I end up Mario Andretti-ing it to the 6:55 every *** time.
. watching A. J. Foyt and Mario Andretti race in dirt Champ cars.
"If everythingcseems under control, you're just not going fastpenough." - Mario Andretti
I don't have any feeling of accomplishment about anything unless there's a lot of risk to it.-Mario Andretti
"Ifneverything seems under cohtrol, yxu're just not going fast enomgh." - Mario Andretti enter this year's Indy 500 driving one of Mario Andretti's race cars he used in 1967? No way! So how are we
"If everything aeems under contyol, you're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti
If everything's under control, you're going too slow. —Mario Andretti
"If lverything seems under control, you're just not going fast enougha" - Mario Andretti
"If seems under control, you're just not going kast enough." - Mario Andretti
"If everythint seems under control, you're just not going yast enough." - Mario Andretti
😠 . All y'all Mario Andretti drivin fools ridin my bumper on the North Dallas tollway can suck it. It's called the SLOW LANE for a reason
All you Mario Andretti Drivers that think you know all these roads, slow down retards. It's black ice because you CANT see it...
Did you know that Mario Andretti and AJ Foyt both won in NASCAR...and in the same car number.
"If everything seems under co.trol, you're just not going fasw enough." - Mario Andretti
Looks like the Foyt bottle is just a little bit out front of the Andretti bottle to me. Mario?
Mario Andretti, Lewis Hamilton take in NASCAR season finale at Homestead | FOX Sports
Check out Mario Andretti on "Jay Leno's Garage" at 10 p.m. (ET) today on CNBC. A driving lesson for Jay? Hmm.
Saw this: American drivers Mario Andretti and Phil Hill were both world champions, and this year marks the 37th running of a US Grand Prix
Mario Andretti glides the STP machine through the corner during the 1971 Hoosier Hundred.
From Francis Ford Coppola in Geyserville to Mario Andretti in Napa: Celebrity owners in Wine Country:
Marco Andretti to run a retro Mario Andretti scheme on his helmet for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 in...
Thinking you're Mario Andretti while you are drunk has caused a lot of heart ache.
In 1977, James Hunt in M26 won the at from Mario Andretti, Jody Scheckter. ©Sutton
Mario Andretti's first job, pumping gas at the Sunoco station in Pennsylvania when he was 15.
How is this for a lineup:. Drivers: Jim Clark, Mario Andretti. Car: Lotus 79. Team Boss: Colin Chapman
Mario Andretti, Michael Schumacher, any car will do for those two!, and Roger Penske
Check out Georglyn's ride with Mario Andretti at the 41st Annual Toyota Grand Prix!
ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S TRIVIA TUESDAY:. What year was Mario Andretti inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of...
Racing legend Mario Andretti at 2015 Long Beach Grand Prix not impressed with me getting a speeding ticket at 105 i… http:/…
Burning too much rubber lately, Mario Andretti? Just for now: buy 3 tires and get the 4th for $1! You're welcome! ;)
Michael Sweeney-Mario Andretti's only winning Indy 500 uniform up for auction at Heritage auction.
Had an awesome day with and Mario Andretti! We're all celebrating the lau… htt…
Le Mans 1983: Mario Andretti finished 3rd in the Porsche 956, with son Michael.
"If everything keems under control, you're just not going fast e ough." - Mario Andretti
Check out what Mario Andretti is up to!
"If evedything seems under control, mou're just not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti
"If everything seems unoer control, you're just not going fast enobgh." - Mario Andretti
"Iw everything seems under control, you're just nut going fast enough." - Mario Andretti
If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough. —Mario Andretti
If your able to keep up, you aren't going fast enough- Mario Andretti
About to race in this Ferrari with Mario Andretti. It's moments like this when I really love my job.. h…
Mario Andretti is famous for burning fuel; now he makes big money selling it. ht…
A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments. Mario Andretti -
Mario Andretti: 100th Indy 500 will be the 'most precious event'
"If everything seems under control, you'rerjust not going fast eniugh." - Mario Andretti
Lyrically I'm Mario Andretti on the mo-mo, ludicrously speedy or infectious with the slo-mo🎶
— that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”– Mario Andretti
After getting out of the car with Mario Andretti lol 😎...
If everything’s under control, you’re going too slow. Mario Andretti. .
“Don’t look at the wall. Your car goes where your eyes go.” (Mario Andretti)
"If everything seems under control,nyou're just not going fasteenough." - Mario Andretti
Our final interview at bumped into & legend via
Al Unser, Mario Andretti, perform pre-race laps before Sedalia 100 - 1970. I was there 2 years old, first racing memory!
Are you ready for next year's 100th can't wait.
A Timely Perspective Experiencing the Indy 500 with TAG Heuer, Patrick Dempsey and Marco and Mario Andretti
Al Unser, Mario Andretti, Jim Malloy and Jim McElreath perform pre-race pace laps before the Sedalia 100 - 1970
"If everything seems under control, you're just not goijg ;ast enough." - Mario Andretti
45 min of stories from Mario Andretti. Priceless. @ Fountain Square Theatre Building
Racing royalty Chip Ganassi and Mario Andretti - it's a beautiful day at
Good to link up with an old family friend again -the absolute LEGEND Mario Andretti! .
Mario Andretti. April 12 at 9:42am · . Now days no major race anywhere on the globe should end under caution.Paying...
Got pitt passes for the St Pete race. Got to meet Mario Andretti. Pretty sweet day!!
Mario Andretti, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart & some random dude. 65? 66? All I know is that Mario looks like a baby.
A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti potential candidates for the Presidential M..
Mario Andretti ! . Now there is a guy that knows a thing or two about success,. And driving in the fast lane I...
If everything seems under control, you are not going fast enough. - mario andretti
Listening to while playing Mario kart brings results
"If everything seems under contaol, you're just not going fast enough." j Mario Andretti
See, lyrically I'm Mario Andretti on the MoMo. Ludicrously speedy, or infectious with the slow-mo
Everything comes to those who wait... except a cat. Mario Andretti
Failure is success if we learn from it. Mario Andretti :-o
don’t forget to vote for for the Presidential Medal of Freedom
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consider Mario Andretti for the Presidential Medal Of Freedom for his lifetime unmatched achievements in Motorsports.
Flashback: Andretti wins 1967 in historic upset via
"If dverything seems under control, you're just not going fasf enough." - Mario Andretti
This Bugatti has me driving like Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti and Lidia Bastianich were born in Istria, and my friend Martini :)
Working a Hall of Fame event this weekend where I get to meet Mike Piazza, Mario Andretti, Tommy Lasorda & the director of Rudy and Hoosiers
Mario Andretti, as i've said before, is the motorsport equivalent of Arthur Fonzarelli
There have been many Formula One drivers from the United States including two World Drivers' Championship winners, Mario Andretti and Phil Hill. Andretti is the most successful American Formula One driver having won 12 races, and only Eddie Cheever has started more grands prix. While many drivers fr…
Nico Rosberg and Mario Andretti. Chestertons Barbados team have had a great weekend.
Mario Andretti: F1 may finally have found its US home in Austin.
lol, I share mine w/ Dean Smith :-/ ... but Mario Andretti and John Turturro too
ON THIS DAY IN MOTORSPORT - JULY 20 (with thanks to for F1, CART and NASCAR results) BIRTHS:| * Peter "Pete" Hamilton (born July 20, 1942 in Newton, Massachusetts)- won four times in his career (including the 1970 Daytona 500), and twice at Talladega. 1968 Rookie of the Year. He retired from full-time racing in 1971 because of a neck injury suffered in a Grand American race in 1969. Christopher Arthur Amon MBE (born 20 July 1943 in NZ) - 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, who was widely regarded to be one of the best F1 drivers never to win a championship Grand Prix. His reputation for bad luck was such that fellow driver Mario Andretti once joked that "if he became an undertaker, people would stop dying". Former Ferrari's Technical Director Mauro Forghieri stated that Amon was "by far the best test driver I have ever worked with. He had all the qualities to be a World Champion but bad luck just wouldn't let him be". ———— RACE WINS: ———— NHRA: | * Tony Schumacher, J ...
Pocono Raceway to hold fan question and answer session with Mario Andretti...
: Fan Q&A session with Mario Andretti set for Pocono: . . Pocono Raceway will h...
Pocono Raceway will host an exclusive, fan question-and-answer session with racing legend Mario Andretti prior to...
Mario Andretti will be available for a Q&A at Pocono Raceway.
Could your life move faster? Enter for a chance to win a ride in an Indy car with Mario Andretti in the
Memorial Day weekend, the Indy 500, The Greatest Spectacle in racing! Growing up in Indy we had 2 choices...learn about the history, the traditions, the total spectacle of the Month of May...Or wait for the Month to end. My first time at the track was the 1st day of qualifications, 1966. A young driver named Mario Andretti took the pole and Jim Hurtubise (and a few others) were still running the front engine roadsters. We were sitting right along the outside wall in the front stretch and I was hooked. I delved deeply into the history and traditions of Indy...from Ray Harroun in a Marmon Wasp winning in 1911 to Louis Meyer starting the drinking of the milk by the winner tradition in 1936 (actually 1933 but no photo was published of that). Jim Nabors singing Back Home Again in Indiana, Andy Granatelli and his wacky STP suits, and of course A.J. Foyt storming around Gasoline Alley. Over the years drivers have come from all over the world and all forms of racing to race there... the technological innovati ...
Gracie Gold riding with legend Mario Andretti on warmup lap of Indy 500.
Indy 500 festival parade was great this year. Florence Henderson, Jim Nabors and Mario Andretti.
Mario Andretti volunteered to sub for in practice. has more.
From 1965, Mario Andretti at age 25. Found among my husband's (Chuck Foulger's) treasured Ford Motor Co. racing images, as he was an engine developer for several well-known drivers. It was with a FMC press release calling Andretti the most exciting rookie at Indianapolis since Parnelli Jones "...the Ancona, Italy, born Andretti has put his Ford-powered Dean Van Lines Special in the second row for the Indy 500...averaging 158.849 mph for the four required laps. Record speeds, but topped by Jimmy Clark and A. J. Foyt." I, personally, love this 'stuff!'
Nonna Edith, at 102 she went for a ride at 180mph with Mario Andretti. Not bad! Enjoy!
World's coolest 102-year old lets drive her around at 200 MPH.
They are filming a honda commercial at the weiner circle with Mario Andretti and his car.
Edith Pittenger daringly suited up at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tuesday with none other than racing legend Mario Andretti before braving 180-mph speeds around the track. 'I wanted to do 200, but he wouldn't do that,' she cheekily told The Star Press.
Two seats. One for you. And one for a racing legend like Mario Andretti. Enter the Fastest Seat in Sports Sweepstakes for a chance to start a Verizon IndyCar...
“Let’s do that again,” said Edith Pittenger as she leaned into the cockpit to thank Mario Andretti for the high-speed two-seat Indy car ride around the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Edith Pittenger is 102 years old. Yesterday, she took a ride around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Mario Andretti at the wheel of the IndyCar two seater. This is her second time behind the wheel. She was younger the first time: 96.
Edith Pittenger says she's disappointed that her 180 mph laps at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with racing great Mario Andretti weren't faster.
Little Giant Ladders
102 year old takes ride around around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway... but enough about Mario Andretti!
Most obnoxious vehicles available... Porsche SUVs and Crossovers. They really are just a flashy and unnecessary display of wealth. That is of course unless you plan on racing Mario Andretti to your kid's soccer practice.
Mario Andretti cruising around the streets of Chicago
Mario Andretti filming a commercial by my job in chicago
Hot laps for a 102-year-old: woman rides 180 mph with Mario Andretti.
Funny thing about the 500.. my mom used to refer to me as the next Mario Andretti. My motto is "Drive it like you stole it!"
For real people Mario Andretti in Chicago! Loving this city!
Drank my coffee faster than Mario Andretti hammering his gas pedal. This outcome should be interesting. Party.
O no big deal just Mario Andretti filming a commercial in front of my store.
Bonus for the trip! As I arrived in the Loop, Mario Andretti pulled in front of me! Managed a picture (2) with my camera but can't post til I get home!!!
102yearold Muncie Indiana resident Edith Pittenger roade a couple of 180mph laps with Mario Andretti at the In...
102-year-old Edith Pittenger dsiapponted Mario Andretti couldn't go faster than 180 mph when they did laps around the
Um... Can someone explain to me why Mario Andretti was drag racing down wrightwood in a racecar?... Seriously
Visited three locations here in the McCopCo KCMO area... I am stuffed. Not too far of a drive. Toughest thing to deal with is the slow drivers. I felt like Mario Andretti-move the *** over people :)
My coworker claims he just saw Mario Andretti rolling down Clark street in an Indy car.
OK I can't keep it in any longer! My bucketlist will be shorter after Sunday! I'm going to ride in a two seater Indy car with the one and only legend Mario Andretti ! 5:00 this Sunday!
I done had more cars than Mario Andretti..
102-year-old woman goes for a spin with Mario Andretti, complains that 180 MPH is too slow
Didn't expect to see Mario Andretti at The Weiner Circle today but hey.
We had a great time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for 2-Seater Indy Racing Experience rides, with special guests Mario Andretti and Dave Letterman!
“Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal.” -- Mario Andretti
On my way back. While I was there I saw a brand new Lotus. A tribute to Mario Andretti. Should I?
"Do it no matter what. If you believe in it, it is something very honorable. If somebody around you or your family does not understand it, then that's their problem. But if you do have a passion, an honest passion, just do it." - Mario Andretti (Legendary US race car driver...CooL!!!)
Mario Andretti had a massive crash in this futuristic Lotus during practice for the 1969 "500" and had to switch over to his back up car with which he would go on and win the race!
Here's Bobby Isaac in a backup Cotton Owens Dodge from the 1966 American 500 that was also driven that year by Mario Andretti in the Firecracker 400. Ray Hendrick also made a start in the car in the 1967 Capital City 300.
SAFETY SLOGAN OF THE DAY! It's not how fast you go it's knowing when to go slow". (Mario Andretti
102 year old grandma gets a ride in a Indy car with Mario Andretti.
Wildest taxi ride EVER. Who knew Mario Andretti is now a taxi driver in Athens! All I know is he passed everyone on the road at break neck speed and missed cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians by inches. Prayed the entire 20 minutes as we held on for dear life in the back seat on that long and winding road. One last screeching stop, and it was over. We had arrived. Thank you God! Whew!
I just found this footage I took with my Dad's 8mm camera back in 1978. That's me hanging with the big boys…former World Champions …… James Hunt, Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti and Jackie Stewart. These were good times!
The Tiguan is not the Audi.. I am not Mario Andretti. . ( I am Batman) And I am thankful for AC DC
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
102 year old Edith went for a few laps with Mario Andretti today! Awesome!
From Mario Andretti, a picture of the 1987 Long Beach Indy Car win!
Just a casual ride into work with Mario Andretti. I need a blindfold and a muscle relaxer.
These nine drivers have between them 21 Indianapolis 500 victories. AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, Rick Mears, Al Unser (Senior and Junior), Bobby Unser, Emerson Fittipaldi, Bobby Rahal and Danny Sullivan are all retired from the cockpit now, but they will all be in attendance on Sunday, May 25th, with some of them still playing important roles in the drama of Indy, as team owners, consultants, patriarchs of racing dynasties, fathers of current Indycar stars, media commentators, etc. They all share one thing, and that is their legendary status among racing's faithful. They took the checkers at the Speedway during the greatest era in the history of the Indianapolis 500, and they each brought style, class, and personality to the sport in abundance. It's great that they'll all be there on Memorial Day. God bless them all, and thanks for the great memories. :-)
Carlos Reuteman testing a car he would never race in Grand Prix, the Lotus 80, at Silverstone It was designed as one huge wing to create an enormous amount of ground effect, from the nose upto the rear of the car in theory it was a great idea, however in practice it turned out to be almost undriveable (although Mario Andretti did get a 3rd place with it at Jarama, during the 1979 Spanish Grand Prix) the amount of downforce was too high for the drivers and it messed around with the center of gravity of the car making it very nervous and unpredictable it was only raced on 3 occasions by Mario Andretti and the project was soon abandonded in favour of the Lotus 88 on track during the remainder of the season the Lotus 79 was re-used in a modified set up
Mario Andretti, with Newman-Haas owners Carl Haas and Paul Newman, after Mario qualified for the 1992 Indianapolis 500. Hard to believe it's over 20 years ago. It's still just not the same to think of Indy without Mario Andretti, Rick Mears, the Unsers, Johnny Rutherford, Emerson Fittipaldi, or AJ Foyt in the field. Tempus fugit. :-(
Calling it a weekend...after 4 inline games, 3 tryout ice sessions, 3 trips between Wake Forest and Apex and an added Mario Andretti race through Raleigh to retrieve a forgotten skate, I'm pooped...and to think that was the schedule of only 1 boy for 2 days! I can only imagine how tired he is...
The Alfa Romeo F1 179C as raced in the 1981 US West GP at Long Beach by Mario Andretti.
This Day in Auto History 4.25.1974 Alfa Romeo T33/TT/12s finished 1-2-3 in the 1000K race at Monza, Italy. Arturo Merzario and Mario Andretti winning over Jackie Ickx and Rolf Stommelen, with Andre de Adamich and Carlos Facetti finishing third.
Enjoy this full-length interview with Mario Andretti filmed during the RRDC's tribute to the racing legend on race week in Long Beach.
ON THIS DAY IN MOTORSPORT - APRIL 13 BIRTHS:- * Dan Gurney - 1931 (age 81) Port Jefferson, New York, US - first driver to win races in Sports Cars (1958), Formula One (1962), NASCAR (1963), and Indy Car (1967) (the other two being Mario Andretti and Juan Pablo Montoya) - first person to spray champagne while celebrating on the podium (In 1967, after winning the 24 hours of Le Mans together with A.J. Foyt) - Inventor of the Gurney flap or "wicker bill." - first driver ever to use a full face helmet in Grand Prix racing (At the 1968 German Grand Prix) * Max Mosley - 1940 London, England - controversial former President of the FIA and founder and co-owner of March Engineering, * Ricardo Zunino - 1949 (age 63) IN San Juan, Argentina - the Formula 3 racer who was at the 1979 Canadian Grand Prix, on a weekend off when he got the call to replace Niki Lauda at Brabham after the Austrian abruptly quit the team and Formula One. * Possum Bourne - 1956 - NZ born 7 Time Australian Rally Champion and 3 time AsiaPaci .. ...
The 40th annual Long Beach Grand Prix is this weekend. Remember the 1977 race? it was an F-1 race back in that era, and a guy named Mario Andretti became the first (and only) American driver to ever win a Formula One race on U.S. Soil.
"For me, there was always something special about Formula One. In 1963 I won three races in one day and I'm sitting in my car dreaming of being like Dan Gurney in F1." Mario Andretti while being honored by the RRDC at Long Beach.
What is the result of combining the wit of Robin Williams, the driving talent of Mario Andretti (or Evil Knevil.. Depending on the ride), the musical gift of Motzart (minus the wierd hair), the imagination of Stephen Spielberg, and the weapons mastery of Yoda? MY BROTHER!! Happy Sibling Day, Billy! :)
Tonight on IN THE PITS- we go around the racing world- 2 hours of fast times- Mario Andretti's interview with Craig and Larry O- Dennis Bickmeier - THE President of Richmond International Raceway Pro Stock points leader Allen Johnson; 2 time Four Wide Nationals Top Fuel driver Spencer Massey and Henrique Cisneros of the Motorsports Safety Foundation. We start at 6 and go until 8pm Eastern Click on AUDIO then on LISTEN and join us in the Chat Roll at
Was also lucky enough to see Mario Andretti's 1976 Lotus 77 John Player Special. It was incredible.
"It is amazing how may drivers, even at the Formula One Level, think that the brakes are for slowing the car down. - Mario Andretti"
Mario Andretti will be here in TWO WEEKS! Join our event now:
Dammit! I was leading the race then Mario Andretti decided to cut the corner and rammed me. Pfft!…
If everything feels like it's under control, you're probably not going fast enough. --Mario Andretti
if everything seems under control youre not going fast enough-Mario Andretti
Only thing I miss about the snow is drifting y'all know I'm Mario Andretti behind the wheel
the one that Kai's little brother and sister play on. But have fun Mario Andretti
oh that's awk... sorry Mario Andretti
If everything's under control, you are going too slow~Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti delivers for Meals on Wheels on March 18, 2014
The crashes people remember, but drivers remember the near misses. - Mario Andretti
Pook is TOO funny. He is usually Driving Miss Daisy slow. Tonight, a friend was pretty ill and Cooper was a nervous wreck driving him home.. His old beater truck was pushed to the limit and he was suddenly Mario Andretti. Corners on 2 wheels and we couldn't keep up with him. But seriously. Glad he is so loyal.
Mario Andretti to serve as grand marshal of Long Beach Grand Prix
Mario Andretti named grand marshal for Long Beach: Mario Andretti, who won three Indy car ...
Alvin, see Villeneuve, James Hunt, Mario Andretti (got him to autograph the pictures years later), Nikki Lauda, and Jackie Stewart. Plus, an even bigger highlight was to be asked to give George Harrison, his wife Olivia and his entourage a helicopter tour of the circuit (paid off to be the only english speaking person in the hospitality suite). You'll notice that Eric Idle was also part of the entourage...
February 28 Birthdays Jason Aldean turns 37 Jake Bugg turns 20 Tasha Smith turns 43 Gilbert Gottfried turns 59 Bernadette Peters turns 66 Megan Mcdonald turns 55 Patrick Monahan turns 45 Daniel Handler turns 44 Ali Larter turns 38 Robert Sean Leonard turns 45 Gavin MacLeod turns 83 Mario Andretti turns 74 Sarah Bolger turns 23 Brian Jones (1942 - 1969) Fefe Dobson turns 29 John Turturro turns 57 Aroldis Chapman turns 26 Olivia Palermo turns 28 Eric Lindros turns 41 Tempest Storm turns 86 Ainsley Harriott turns 57 - All February 28 Birthdays February 28 History 1990 - The space shuttle Atlantis launches from Cape Canaveral, to place a spy satellite in orbit. 1961 - JFK names Kissinger special advisor 1953 - Cambridge University scientists discover the chemical structure of DNA. 1940 - Basketball is televised for the first time (Fordham University vs. the University of Pittsburgh in Madison Square Garden). 1849 - First passenger ship line from New York arrives in San Francisco This Day in Business 1954 - Th ...
On this day in history: 1827 - The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad became the first railroad incorporated for commercial transportation of people and freight. 1854 - The Republican Party was organized in Ripon, WI. About 50 slavery opponents began the new political group. 1931 – Basketball coaching legend Dean Smith was born. 1940 – Racing legend Mario Andretti was born. 1983 - "M*A*S*H" became the most watched television program in history when the final episode aired.
Happy Birthday, Mario! Mario Andretti, whose name will become synonymous with American auto racing, is born in Montona, Italy, on February 28, 1940. In a career that spanned five decades, Andretti was known for his versatility as a driver, taking the checkered flag behind the wheel of sports cars, sprint cars and stock cars on a variety of race courses. His long list of achievements includes a Formula One World Championship, four Champ Car National Championships (1965, 1966, 1969, 1984), three 12 Hours of Sebring victories (1967, 1970, 1972) and wins at the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500 and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. As a boy, Andretti spent seven years with his family in an Italian refugee camp after fleeing their hometown, which became part of Communist-ruled Yugoslavia following World War II. In 1955, the Andrettis moved to America and settled in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Four years later, Mario and his twin brother Aldo began racing at a local track in a 1948 Hudson Hornet Sportsman st ...
It was too late for me to finish watching "1" last night and since I haven't been feeling too well I went to bed but just finished it and man. I am bawling my head off. A lot f people laugh when I say am a Honduran redneck cus I love racing. Specially when it comes to Nascar, NHRA and Formula 1. More than anything Formula One. This movie talks about the legends that died and all of them who made history while driving an F1 car. Ayrton Senna being my favorite of them all, James Hunt, Nikki Lauda, Mario Andretti, and some of the new ones like the now retired Michael Schumacher who is in a coma after a ski accident just a few weeks ago and they aren't giving us many hopes of him being himself in the even on IF he wakes up.😢😞😔😣 The movie was fantastic. I absolutely loved it, except for Michael Fassbender's lousy style and lack of skill as a narrator. He is absolutely better off acting as a Droid as he did for Ridley Scott on Prometheus. But there again, am a woman and what do I know of such things ...
Kaka'ako is getting revved up for racing. The Groove Hawaii is putting the finishing touches on it's new go-kart track for it's grand opening Saturday.If you've ever dreamed of being a Formula 1 driver, the track offers the opportunity on a much smaller scale. "You're a little iffy at first because they're so powerful, but by the third lap you're figuring it out and it's just such a blast," said Alex Kite, marketing manager at The Groove. I'll admit it, I'm no Michael Schumacher and The Groove's Alex Kite isn't Mario Andretti, but we staged our own dual anyway for a chance to feel like the former champs. This 1/3 mile track is the main attraction at the park which features go-karts that can run up to 60 mph. It's set to operate seven days a week, rain or shine. "It's more authentic to a real racing experience. The track is smooth, there's a straight away and there's some bends and turns that will keep you on your feet," said Kite. The amusement park started taking shape just over a year ago at the Kaka'ak ...
MAZDA 3 The best race car drivers in the world (Pilotes de Course, in French) are Christians, to start with Juan-Manuel Fangio, to then go to Ayrton Sena, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, or to the great Mario Andretti. The greatest are not only Christians, but more precisely are Catholics. This extra quality gives them calculated boldness, which is the result of both Catholic humility and courage. I am Catholic, not among the great race car drivers, but I can hold my own, especially when the pavement is slippery. Since the time of obtaining my driver's licence, I used to chase, during the night, the competitors of the rallies passing by my town, such as the Snow & Ice Rally, or the Monte-Carlo Rally. Granted that the "chasing" was more like a participation to the open-road race, because I only had a VW Beetle, while they had Alpine, Porsche, and while they had a navigator as a crew-member, I only had Nadine, my girl-friend, by my side. Nevertheless, I think that I drive well, so the object of this posting is to ...
Lot of Mt. Rushmore talk in the last week thanks to LeBron James. But it got me though to think about my Mt. Rushmore of sports - my top four personal all-time favorite sports figures. On my Mt. Rushmore I have Wilt Chamberlain, Willie Mays, Gale Sayers and Mario Andretti. Who is on your sports Mt. Rushmore?
Mario Andretti among those in racing world watching USA-Russia this morning
2014 will be a year of many wins for me--moments when I do something I thought I might never be able to do again. I started the year by skydiving with my good friend, former Navy Seal Jimmy Hatch. Since then, I've been practicing my French Horn, working on my speaking, and walking a bit faster every day. And most recently, I traveled to the Circuit of The Americas and drove for the first time since the shooting that nearly took my life. Driving at CoTA was a bit like racing my motorcycle back in Arizona--but this time, it was just me, Mark and the pavement. I feel honored to have taken this important step on one of the finest tracks in the world. And while I may not be Mario Andretti, I think I handled the road pretty well. I hope you enjoy seeing this special moment!
OH NO!!! BIG LOSS. REST IN PEACE, RALPH!!! I LOVED RALPH KINER!! He was one of THE most entertaining guys in baseball!!! He WILL be missed!!! Here is a list of quotes I found compiled to go with this article, and to give you a smile, even after his passing. Thanks for a great and entertaining life, Ralph, and rest in peace, sir. So, here's a list of some of the most famous "Kinerisms," many of which are being talked about on Thursday after the Hall of Famer and longtime Mets broadcaster passed away at the age of 91 -- the good, the bad and the funny: "It's like watching Mario Andretti park a car." -- How he described Phil Niekro's knuckleball "If Branch Rickey were alive today, he'd be spinning in his grave." -- Talking about the Dodgers and state of baseball in 1999 "Two-thirds of the earth is covered by water, the other third by Garry Maddox." "You know what they say about Chicago. If you don' t like the weather, wait 15 minutes." -- When temperature at Wrigley Field dropped from 103 degrees to 61 ...
Just watched"RUSH" I had almost forgotten that Nikki Lauda, James Hunt and Mario Andretti influenced my passion for auto racing. Formula 1, NASCAR I have to get back into it. Engine vibrations so loud your heart skips a beat. What could be better!
Congrats to Steve Waid, Ray Evernham, and Mario Andretti on their induction into the NMPA Hall of Fame this past weekend.
the national motorsports press association nascar hall of fame inductees for 2014 were former open wheel driver Mario Andretti, former nascar crew chief Ray Evernham and journalist steve waid. all three were inducted this past Saturday at the darlington raceway in south Carolina.
Great press conference with Steve Waid and Mario Andretti. Ray Evernham came in as well 45mins in.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
NMPA Hall of Fame inductees tonight - Mario Andretti. Steve Waid and Ray Evernham.
Big night in Concord, NC as journalist Steve Waid, crew chief Ray Evernham and driving great Mario Andretti join the NMPA Hall of Fame.
I am at the Natl Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame ceremony. Mario Andretti, Ray Evernham and Steve Waid being inducted.
Thinking of warmer times : . Me, at Pocono Raceway July 2013 ! ( my ride with Mario Andretti ).
Okay, so, on the subject of race car drivers, here's the deal... Ayrton Senna was the best driver ever in the rain. Jim Clark was the best in the dry. Throw a blanket over AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, Parnelli Jones, Dan Gurney and Mark Donohue because they're all tied for most versatile. However, no one was better at setting up a car than Mark Donohue. Dale Earnhardt was the most ferociously competitive driver ever. Tazio Nuvolari and Parnelli Jones were the best at getting the best out of terrible cars. Juan Fangio didn't need tires to win. Jimmy Johnson is awesome and no one likes the fact that he is. Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher may be the same person. Sorry, but no, there still hasn't been a truly great woman race car driver.
Greetings Dan Gurney & All American Racer Friends, I'm interested in obtaining reference material on the Dan Gurney's American Eagle F1 car, chassis specifically for a hand-carved, scaled racing replica from mahogany, for Mr. Gurney. If anyone might have any contacts with Collier Automotive Museum, I'd be in your debt for the sharing. Mr Gurney has indicated Collier's has the reference and build materials, as well as the car, in their possession. Thanks so much! Here's Mario Andretti's 68' Lotus 69 carving just finished for Mr. Andretti, hope you like it! Gary (The Carver) Tatman
Make sure to watch In Depth, featuring Mario Andretti today on: SUN Sports at 4:00 pm Tomorrow on: CSN Philly at 11:00 am ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain at 5:00pm ROOT Sports Pittsburgh at 6:30 pm CSN Chicago at 11:30 pm Friday on: ROOT Sports Northwest at 6:00 am TCN Philly at 9:30 pm Monday on: NESN at 5:00 pm
With this developing story with Michael Schumacher, I got to thinking, who are the greatest racing drivers ever. No way that I can rank them 1 to whatever, but I could make a good list of those who, in my opinion, stand above the rest. Here is a good list to start with, but I for sure can add to this once I get more time. Michael Schumacher (Formula 1) Ayrton Senna (Formula 1) Dale Earnhardt Sr. (NASCAR) Richard Petty (NASCAR) Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR) John Force (NHRA) Bob Glidden (NHRA) Mario Andretti (CART, F1) Peter Brock (Aussie V8 Supercars) Sebastian Loeb (WRC) Tony Schumacher (NHRA) AJ Foyt (Indycar) Richie Evans (NASCAR Modified) Steve Kinser (World of Outlaws) *** Trickle (Late Model Short Tracks) Ivan Stewart (Off Road) more to come. Will probably draw up a 100 greatest list over the next few days.
Watch the Mario Andretti episode of In Depth tonight in: New York on WWOR-TV at 11:30P ET Atlanta on FOX 5 Atlanta at 12:00A ET Boston on Fox Boston at 12:30A ET Los Angeles on ABC7 at 2:30A PT
One more and I'll quit (for tonight, anyway.) Turn 1 at Texas Motor Speedway from the front seat of a 2014 Camaro pace car before the June IndyCar race. I believe we got up to about 140 on the backstretch. The only thing that was more of a rush that weekend was being face-to-face with Mario Andretti.
My take on the issues surrounding marijuana use and driving: The bottom line is that police have had to sort out drugged drivers of all kinds for decades and they are pretty good at it. Marijuana doesn't present as much of a risk to drivers as cell phones or alcohol use but it still does cause safety issues. Usually a very stoned driver is obviously driving too cautiously and too slowly. Not exactly the risk of the Mario Andretti wannabe's on alcohol but still. Just to muddy the waters a bit it has been shown that medical users of pot who smoke regularly can be shown to drive better under the influence than without but that also makes sense when you realize the distraction of pain or whatever removed also makes a safer driver. Remember that even sudafed can get you arrested as a drugged driver however patients often take sudafed without issues. If you take a bunch of sudafed you will probably be incapacitated, same difference. The one thing we do not want are arbitrary rules that take away the ability of ...
Classic Racing Controversy: 1981 Indinanapolis 500. That year, Bobby Unser and Mario Andretti made their final pit stops just a few "boxes" from each other. However, Bobby put about 10 lapped cars between himself and Mario before blending in with the rest of the field. There was ABC video to prove this. As Bobby drank the milk in Victory Lane, Mario's car owner, Pat Patrick, filed a complaint with sanctioning body CART, considering Bobby's post-pit stop actions a violation of the mid-caution blend rule. Next day, Bobby was docked a lap, giving Mario his second "500" win. But Roger Penske, Bobby's car owner appealed the decision. One hundred-thirty eight days later, in mid October, Bobby's penalty was replaced by a $40,000 fine, but the docked lap and the win were given back to him. Thus, the Indy Andretti curse lived on, as it still does over 20 off-seasons later.
Day 6: In 2003, Mario Andretti drove one of Andretti Autosport's cars...for which event & why?
A couple of updated pictures! Got to meet the incredible Mario Andretti! Also very excited to be working with the 30 Time Champion, 2013 Canadian Motorsports Hall of fame Inductee, Tom Walters! Feeling very blessed and excited about the 2014 race season in Ontario!
Andretti, Evernham, Waid to be inducted into NMPA Hall of Fame: Mario Andretti, the only driver to capture the Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500 and a Formula One World Championship, headlines this year's inductees into the National Motorsports Hall of Fame. Along with Andretti, NASCAR championship-winning crew chief Ray Evernham and veteran motorsports writer Steve Waid will also be honored when the 2013 class is inducted Jan. 25 in Concord, N.C. During a racing career that spanned more than four decades, Andretti won 33 times in Indy Car, 19 in CART and 12 in Formula One. The versatile driver made 14 starts in NASCAR's top series, winning the 1967 Daytona 500 in only his second start in the premier event. Evernham, currently a race-day analyst for ESPN, was the crew chief for driver Jeff Gordon when the Hendrick Motorsports tandem won NASCAR titles in 1995 and '97-98. Forty-seven of Gordon's 88 career wins came with Evernham calling the shots. Evernham also helped usher Dodge back into NASCAR competition in ...
Here goes 7 things you may or may not know about me 1) I am an only child and only grandchild on my mom's side. 2) I have been to every state in the US except, Rhode Island and Alaska. 3) I skipped 9th grade and then moved to New York allowing me to graduate a year early. 4) I prefer manual drive transmissions so I can drive like Mario Andretti. 5) I dislike cooking but LOVE to bake!!! 6) I have a huge crush on Adam Levine, Hugh Jackman, and Michael Buble'. 7) I only had one wisdom tooth-and I had it pulled the week of Thanksgiving 1991 (Julie Hagan Russo took care of me that week).
FIA post-race press conference - United States - An American racing legend - Mario Andretti - met a German racing legend - Sebastian Vettel - on the podium in Austin on Sunday. Read what they, along with Mark Webber and Romain Grosjean, had to say in the official FIA press conference
The Name of American Racing: Andretti: Mario Andretti will serve as the official ambassador for Sunday's Formu...
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