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Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen (born Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen; 5 August 1968) is a French politician, a lawyer by profession and the president of the Front National (FN) since 16 January 2011. She is the youngest daughter of the French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, former president of the FN and currently its honorary chairman.

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Should have elected Marine Le Pen. So many people warned u all. Marcron is your Vice-chancellor. Angela Merkel run…
Navalny is far to the right of Vladimir Putin, Marine Le Pen, Steve Bannon & Nigel Farage. An unusual hero for American liberals…
Far-right leader linked to Marine Le Pen spotted campaigning for Conservatives
– this is a man who publicly spoke out against Marine Le Pen, whom Jacques Chirac called a man of “heart and conviction”.
And one of you has said he (or she) would rather lick *** of Marine Le Pen's vulva than buy a Gillingham season ticket.
France vote for Marine Le Pen in the election.She is the only one who can revive the French economy,stop terrorism…
Here's why voter turnout in France is so important for Marine Le Pen's chances
Marine Le Pen has been defeated. Here’s what you need to know about the next president of France: Emmanuel MacRon.
I think Marine le Pen will be a good member of the French Parliament for Calais, n'est pas?
Hi this news story seems unaccountably to have been missed by your immensely diligent journalists.
Trump and Marine Le Pen are nazis! uh actualy they never killed anyone while obama clintons sarkozy hollande killed MILLIONS of muslims...
Every single mainstream media article on the French elections has to put "far-right" before Marine Le Pen. Almost seems coor…
Paris shooting was ISIS trying to swing French election in favour of Marine Le Pen, expert says
Le Pen would have had no time for a foreign war anyway. She would be b…
Marine Le Pen gained such favour in House of Representatives.
Marine Le Pen is not a conservative & Iranian president Hassan Rouhani is not a moderate.
Liberal journalists who labeled Marine Le Pen & Nigel Farage "far-right extremists",. now call Iranian president Hassan Rouhan…
With its xenophobic undertones, the Tory manifesto emulates Marine Le Pen
FUN FACT - French racism enthusiast Marine Le Pen earned her nickname from her days as a footballer, where she was dea…
Marine Le Pen will ABANDON her bid for 'Frexit' via
Marine Le Pen denied French role in wartime roundup of Paris Jews. S…
This is how Emmanuel MacRon and Marine Le Pen reacted to France's election result
Front National begins to tear itself apart after Marine Le Pen's loss to Macron
If you mean a tribe that isn't populated by fanboys of Steve Hofmeyr or Marine Le Pen, th…
A direct reference to Marine Le Pen & her sidekick Florian Philippot. The revenge of Jean-Marie was only just beginning, thou…
Marine Le Pen and Conservatism's Identity Crisis - Bearing Drift (press release) (blog)
But within minutes, we saw something never seen before at Front National: someone opposed the leader. Marine Le Pen's niece:…
What happens next w/ Front National? Yest, Marine Le Pen told her voters she wants to bury her party & create a new "patrioti…
Macron is projected to defeat the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, bolstering the E.U.
. expresses support for Marine Le Pen the French immigration hard-liner who's aligned with Russia's Putin http…
“Marine Le Pen, Islamophobia, and the polarization of French society” by Prof. Lowell Turner via
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen calls on France to "resist" Macron. Oops, nevermind, that was our loser. Le Pen lost with grac…
Condoleezza Rice: Don't be reassured by Marine Le Pen's defeat in France via
Front National is NOT finished’ Warning over Marine Le Pen fightback | World | News |
French-Israelis vote overwhelmingly for Macron - Fear of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen seen as factor drivi...
French prime minister says Emmanuel MacRon has beaten far-right Marine Le Pen in the French Presidential election. Polls sugges…
Marine Le Pen lost to Emmanuel MacRon by millions of votes. Or, as Donald Trump would call it, a histor…
Maine should deport the refugees in Lewiston and Portland and welcome in those who voted for Marine Le Pen. 🇫🇷✔️
Marine Le Pen hints at a deep change in her party. Maybe a new "patriotic" movement. DuPont-Aignan says his party will stay independent.
Marine Le Pen →"French citizens aren't stupid, they can know fake news from truth, no matter from traditiona…
We have one shot at saving the French nation. It all hinges on tomorrow - good luck, Marine Le Pen!. .
Margaret Thatcher, one of my idols. Her words, much like Marine Le Pen's, are liquid gold!
Yanis Varoufakis is correct. Marine Le Pen must be stopped
A loss for Marine Le Pen would be a symbolic defeat of the forces of nationalism and populism
France will elect a new president on Sunday, but what powers will Emmanuel MacRon or Marine Le Pen have if they win?
Nigel Farage has endorsed far-right Marine Le Pen to be French president saying she would make Brexit easier
Globalists fear Marine Le Pen will win & return power to the French! Barack Obama is interfering with t…
Nine million euros: the price of Marine Le Pen and Front National to support Russian policy in Ukraine (FR)
business. Marine Le Pen spent her career re-branding France's right-wing National Front. Is it enough? …
Marine Le Pen's path to victory runs through former French Communist strongholds; so why are they voting for her? https:…
About that Russian loan to Marine Le Pen's National Front. reports.
Marine Le Pen destroys her opponent Macron during the debate tonight: .
"Marine Le Pen, a Fierce Campaigner, Heads to Finale in French Election" by ADAM NOSSITER via NYT…
Macron is a non-entity, a stooge. If he beats this courageous European, it will be a terrible terrible shame.
Marine Le Pen:. "Now it's time to free the French people!'. The battle is not over. Now let's beat and the
Le Pen is already crumbling...just like Trump. She won't leave EU or even bring back the Franc.…
Marine Le Pen recommends crybaby Macron to hold hands with Hollande, maybe the leftists should hold hands wi…
Young French voters are backing Le Pen to get their country back & are fed up with EU propaganda
Macron PLUMMETS in the polls as Marine Le Pen enjoys boost a WEEK AWAY from election vote
Marine Le Pen:. "My banner is the love that the French have for their country...".
‘He’s just like Hollande’ Marine Le Pen SAVAGES Emmanuel MacRon in vicious war of words
You don't have to speak French to get this. Marine Le Pen plagiarizes word for word (mot pour mot) her former opponent. vi…
That Marine Le Pen could plagiarise so easily from Francois Fillon kinda proves the point of my recent column:
This man barked for 3 hours straight to protest Marine Le Pen and far-right politics in France.
Antifa sets police officers on fire in Paris. Vote for Marine Le Pen and end this madness!
Marine Le Pen 'may WIN French presidency' as Macron 'fears mass BOYCOTT by voters'
Nationalist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has declared the “euro is dead” -
Some super edgy artist "barks like a dog for three hours to protest Marine Le Pen". Performance art is why alien civilisatio…
Marine Le Pen about her opponent, establishment boy Emmanuel MacRon:
Marine Le Pen leads the crusade to free Europe & put an end to multiculturalism before it puts an end to the European peo…
Latest news update from Luisa Florez. Asia and Australia Edition: Putin, Ivanka Trump, Marine Le Pen: Your Morning…
Marine Le Pen's party upbeat amid complaints of lethargy on the left
Kinda weird that Marine Le Pen is only 4 years older than me & Stephen Nolan is 1 year younger than me...😯
If actually cared about women rather that advancing cultural Marxism, they would emulate Marine Le Pen.…
Maybe contact Nigel Farrage to help with that interview with Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen holding Eurozone to RANSOM amid fears victory would destroy EU markets
Man replacing Marine Le Pen as Front National leader quits after Holocaust denial accusation
France's Le Pen struggles with fear of far-right. France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen faces the biggest test yet of her six-year drive …
If France were to use America’s electoral system, Marine Le Pen might be on course for victory ht…
Remarkable, as Marine Le Pen's version of "Holocaust denial" consists of stating that Vichy regime does not = France
Marine Le Pen adviser found guilty of inciting hatred against Muslims
40% of Youth in France in lockstep with National Front’s Marine Le Pen
Warren Beatty to announce winner of French Presidential election live from Marine Le Pen's office.…
Marine Le Pen says she is no longer leader of the National Front heading into the French run-off vote . I did Nazi that…
Coincidentally, in France, so is Marine Le Pen. ("Stepping down" from National Front party leadership"? NICE TRY.) htt…
Must read: Nazi sympathizers in Marine Le Pen's camp? It seems so; by NYT's Adam Nossiter.
Marine Le Pen 'temporarily steps down as leader of National Front' two weeks before French Presidential election. https:…
via will become France's next president? Marine Le Pen. What do you…
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen is stepping down as leader of the Front National to concentrate on her presidential bid.
Marine Le Pen gives up leadership of the National Front to broaden her support for the upcoming runoff.
French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen to step down as leader of her National Front (FN) party.
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Marine Le Pen says she's stepping aside as leader of far-right National Front party as she seeks French presidency https:/…
Don’t assume Marine Le Pen is beaten: it’s delusional and dangerous
Marine Le Pen stands down from National Front party ahead of May 7 vote
Marine Le Pen steps down as head of France's National Front party
Marine Le Pen has announced she is 'temporarily stepping down' as leader of Front National party
By resigning from the FN leadership tonight, Marine Le Pen wants to present herself for election as a De Gaulle-style Leader of France.
My reaction when Marine Le Pen quotes de Gaulle during her first round victory speech 🐍🐍
None of France's left wing politicians made it to the next round for president. ANTIFA riots erupt. -Zeak
Violence in after Marine Le Pen comes second in early polls and is set to reach the run-off .
I never thought I'd say it but... Best of luck to France, and Marine Le Pen!
How often do you hear Marine Le Pen falsely called 'far right'? How often is North Korea accurately called 'communist'?…
Congratulations sent to Marine Le Pen. A day of celebration for all Patriots in Europe. On to the 2nd round and the Pr…
Why France's Marine Le Pen is doubling down on Russia support France hooks up w/Putin!! Unbelievable disappointment!
Millions support Marine Le Pen and thousands visit her rallies. We believe in president Le Pen!
🔴 - Marine Le Pen sets new record for her National Front party with more than 6.9 million votes
The globalists are in full panic mode over Marine Le Pen. She is going to make France great again!
Centrist Emmanuel MacRon and far-right leader Marine Le Pen to contest French run-off, projected results say
That rally for Marine Le Pen look familiar! 🇺🇸🇫🇷 National pride is sweeping the globe! . Liberals are mad about this!😄.
Congratulations to Marine Le Pen. Now she needs to beat Macron. May 7th will be the most important day French history since…
Queuing to vote on a sunny day against Marine Le Pen 😎
So how long before Liberal Mainstream Media and the Left start to accuse Marine Le Pen of being a Russian Puppet !!??…
Marine Le Pen, 21st century Joan of Arc. Now this is real feminism!.
Go Ahead FRANCE. DON'T Vote for Marine Le Pen and THIS plus much worse will be your Future !
The far left BBC describe Marine Le Pen as far right because she wants to protect the citizens of France. BBC is an…
Marine Le Pen: 'Mass Immigration Is Not an Opportunity for France, It's a Tragedy for France' .
JUST IN:Marine Le Pen supporters celebrate as she makes it to presidential run-off, sing la Marseillaise!! .
Marine Le Pen and the battle to become head of state via
Confirmed: Russia put up millions of dollars to fund French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen
Throwback to when Marine Le Pen refused to wear a hijab and canceled her meeting with a leader from Lebanon. 😍😍😍. France,…
The Trump Movement heads overseas!. Marine Le Pen moves to May 7 runnoff and will likely win. Conservatives are taking ov…
For France, Marine Le Pen will win. Volunteer for exit polls, count the votes. All eyes on it. Public, y…
Marine Le Pen Poised for Triumph as the West & free world rally behind Her to SAVE France !. 🇫🇷. h…
I'd hate to see how these people react when they get beaten at Monopoly.
France's Marine Le Pen received millions from Russian banks+ Putin supports her. Is that why Trump loves her? My CNN http…
French elections 2017 highlights: Emmanuel MacRon wins first round, to face Le Pen in runoff vote
🇫🇷 Marine Le Pen made it to round 2, Save your Country Vote For on May 7th .
FRENCH ELECTIONS: Centrist Emmanuel MacRon to face far-right Marine Le Pen in run-off; EU leaders excited by result.
Where are the feminists today to celebrate Marine Le Pen's impressive performance today?
How Marine Le Pen played the media (via
Antifa takes the streets of Marseille, France. Masked protesters throw flares, clash w/ police at demo against Marine Le…
The election of Marine Le Pen could spell the end for the European Union, writes https:/…
Marine Le Pen will BREAK DOWN the European Union even if she LOSES, experts claim
BREXIT: What do Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel MacRon mean for Britain? -
Marine Le Pen wants to kill the European Union. But it actually helps pay her bills.
Marine Le Pen: "I will stop mass immigration and free the French people".
A night at a French Front National election party . Marine Le Pen's supporters in Marseille watch the results...
Marine Le Pen leads final polls as the French vote in the 1st round of the election- results out after 7pm tonight htt…
Update: Marine Le Pen still leading in French Presidential election!.
Trump & Putin are back in bed together again, now with French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Manage a trios!
What if Marine Le Pen won the French election? Graphic novel La Presidente explores the future htt…
Meet Emmanuel MacRon, the former banker tipped to beat Marine Le Pen in the French election
Marine Le Pen hails first-round result: "It is time to free French people from... by…
Shock waves through France as far-right Marine Le Pen makes it into the second round of presidential elections
French election 2017: Marine Le Pen leading the race as polls open via
Marine Le Pen is the worst decision by the French since Jerry Lewis.
The largest demographic for Marine Le Pen are voters between the ages of 18-24. Her movement & ideology are the future.…
Precious Lord, We Pray for your Protection over France and over Marine Le Pen, her family and all of her Staff. In Jesus N…
As the festival of Black Swans continues 👉🏾 French election: Emmanuel MacRon and Marine Le Pen into second round,
Marine Le Pen: "What I suggest is a major alternative - other faces in power" "we have to free the French people, those abroad also".
Marine Le Pen's leftist opponent Emmanuel MacRon who Obama supports married his school teacher who is 25 years older and t…
Emmanuel MacRon and Marine Le Pen set to win first round of France’s presidential election http…
Marine Le Pen one step closer to the French presidency as she storms into second round
French exit polls point to showdown between right-wing Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel MacRon
Emmanuel MacRon and Marine Le Pen through to French Presidential runoff
Centrist Emmanuel MacRon and far-right politician Marine Le Pen led the first round of voting in France’s election
French candidate Francois Fillon throws his support behind Emmanuel MacRon. Everyone now lining up against Marine Le Pen for round 2.
France faces its own EU referendum as Marine Le Pen and Europhile Emmanuel MacRon split the first-round vote
Emmanuel MacRon and Marine Le Pen projected to win first round of French Presidential contest
Results have put Emmanuel MacRon at 23.7% and Marine Le Pen at 21%.
Emmanuel MacRon and Marine Le Pen win first round of French elections - projections  via
BREAKING: Emmanuel MacRon and Marine Le Pen lead in the early count of French vote
BREAKING: French prime minister calls on voters to reject far-right leader Marine Le Pen in runoff and vote for Emmanuel MacRon.
Marine Le Pen leads with 25.2% of vote and Emmanuel MacRon has 21.1%, interior ministry says https:/…
Even if Marine Le Pen loses the election, the issues she exploits will still exist | Vincent Martigny
Uber case on hold over Marine Le Pen fears - EU Commission President Juncker's team is holding back a legal case against France over its tr…
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Ahead of the French election, catch up on what happened when met Marine Le Pen
Trump is now supporting far-right French candidate Marine Le Pen, for all intents and purposes - The Washington Post
“Marine Le Pen is using Islamophobia to draw female voters” by
HOW STUPID are the French Leaders? (rhetorical question). Bastille Day 2 - April 23, 2017 Marine Le Pen is mightier…
7 moments that defined the life of Marine Le Pen by
"Marine Le Pen isn't FAR right. She's just right! Vote and get France back for the French!"
Every time the left disrupts us, it only makes us stronger. I pray Marine Le Pen wins, for the sake of France.
Marine Le Pen wants to make life worse for women
Inc: What a Marine Le Pen victory in France would mean for E.U. startups ZoeLaHenry
The French election could come to Marine Le Pen, far-right, v Jean-Luc Mélenchon, far-left. Either way the Fifth Republic is done, me thinks
Marine Le Pen claims 'foreigners are taking over' & turning France into 'gigantic squat' |
Marine Le Pen lead the French far-right Front National into the political mainstream, but not without the media
The division between left & right is an illusion The true division's between patriots & globalists I'm on the side of patriots Marine Le Pen
Did Theresa promise Emmanuel MacRon [former banker] to raise division in her government to raise doubt amongst Marine Le Pen supporters?
Marine Le Pen handled that very well. That fool who ran the stage should be glad that M…
😂 If he is so worried about White Nationalism, I don't understand why he backs Marine Le Pen, her…
Marine Le Pen:. "I will be the French President ..and not the Vice-Chancellor of Ms. Merkel".
39% of young people in France aged 18-24 support Marine Le Pen. Populism is the new punk!
TheEconomist: Marine Le Pen would strip the EU of authority, leaving it a loose club propped up by hollow institut…
Nevermind fact Marine Le Pen campaigned for her father (Holocaust denier) & compared Muslims praying in public to Nazi occupation of France.
I added a video to a playlist Marine Le Pen Will Win The Election Because of This Statement!
Wait till the French legislative elections happen after the Presidential: full Marine Le Pen sweep -- at least 20%…
Viva Marine Le Pen!!! Take back your Country and exit EU. May the right rise all through…
Marine Le Pen said she willing to be “crucified” for wartime deportation of Jews,& pledging to protect country from Islami…
Now the right one: Le podcast by & yours truly on all things political & French - in French
Great article about challenges facing French farmers within the straitjacket of crippling EU regulations.
The French are asking the European Parliament to remove Marine Le Pen's parliamentary immunity. Watch this space. 👀 https:/…
Two men in Marine Le Pen's inner circle have longtime links to Nazi sympathizers
French prosecutors seek to lift Le Pen immunity over expenses inquiry
Is France finally ready to choose Marine Le Pen as president?
Nazi links of Marine Le Pen's inner circle.
THE CAMPAIGN BEAT - Frustrated with the mainstream, young voters drawn toward political extremes
The CIA spied on Marine Le Pen and the other French Presidential candidates in 2012. But muh Putin! Muh Russia! Muh Kre…
'Good news for the UK' EU trembles as Marine Le Pen victory 'would make pound STRONGER'
Joy Reid: "Why does Putin want Marine Le Pen to be the president of France?". Christopher Dickey: "To destroy Europe.". —v…
First Czech Russian bank that loaned €9m to Marine Le Pen was also caught up in the launromat scandal.
Just had a great discussion with on Marine Le Pen, the upcoming French election, Trump and the future of…
Important to note that Nazi-hearted Marine Le Pen was warmly received by Trump people and Putin
It seems that there are a lot of people that want Marine Le Pen lose th…
Dear all, did you heard about that ? . Marine Le Pen :
Me and Marine Le Pen adviser Jean Messiha argue on this week's about the National Front & Islamism - clip. https…
Marine Le Pen's headquarters targeted by arsonists- Keep going Marine you will win in the end
Marine Le Pen's Front National headquarters targeted by arsonists in Paris
Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front is speaking to a younger generation of French voters. Watch in full at:
French President Francois Hollande won't say who he's voting for, only that it won't be Marine Le Pen
TheEconomist: The EU should plan for a Marine Le Pen presidency
Opinion | Ian Bremmer: Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen has a real chance to become France’s president…
Ongoing... Israel condemns Marine Le Pen for denying French role in Shoah roundup. The foreign ministry of the...
'Brexit is GREAT' Marine Le Pen voters hoping Britain will inspire FREXIT after election.
EU will punish Britain says Marine Le Pen but Britain will flourish
French leader Marine Le Pen's Holocaust denialism has no place in our world. She isn't fit to rule France, let alone any cou…
Marine Le Pen doesn’t deny that French Jews were handed over to Nazis. But she claims "France" is not to blame. https:…
Look at this Trio! French Alt right, FN Marine Le Pen with friends : Putin, Trump. Propaganda poster. 2017 collabor…
TheEconomist: Polling suggests Marine Le Pen is a heavy favourite to reach the second round
"I'm a young muslim male, and am so upset by Marine Le Pen that I am forced to h…
Marine Le Pen chances of winning French election RISE.
Will populist leaders stifle the global recovery – or vice versa?
Marine Le Pen. "I want to stop immigration.. and genuinely combat the social fraud". Stop our tax waste!.
ENglish subtitles for LePen's trashing of BBC lunacy Marine Le Pen Calls Out Merkel In Front of the World ! TNTV
Why isn't talking about the blatant antisemitism of Marine Le Pen & her National Front party's links with
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Marine Le Pen retains entrenched support but is likely to suffer heavy second-round loss
Targeting mainstream voters, France's far-right National Front looks for "kosher stamp" of approval…
Marine Le Pen is accused of risking war in Europe as is held in France
Farage, Le Pen and Trump are the enemies within.
Angela Merkel has no children, she isn't focused on the next generation. Marine Le Pen is a mother..
Marine Le Pen repeatedly loses her cool in in France
Marine Le Pen. "Never an illegal immigrant be treated better than a French in his own country!".
I guess that lack of foreign policy experience explains your voting patterns and affiniti…
I have detected lots of trolls and fake accounts that support far right candidate Marine Le Pen. Let's support
Marine Le Pen. "Close radical mosques, expel the flagged foreigners. It is not done!". When will we ACT?.
Please France 🙏 do the right thing for you as individuals, your country, Europe and the world . Vote for Marine Le Pen 👏…
Marine Le Pen anti refugee, Wilders anti refugee, Trump anti refugee. All love Putin, 2 take money off him. Makes refugees for them
BBC asked who is funding French hopeful Marine Le Pen. Would the BBC do an episode asking who is funding Gina Miller…
Marine Le Pen's chances of winning the French election rise- her odds are lower than both Brexit & Trump were
Please help make Marine Le Pen trending before her debate tonight. Last time we did it! Use hashtag .
president Marine Le Pen on her way France remember spirit of French revolution liberty equality fra…
This city knows Marine Le Pen well and thinks she'll only get stronger
Investors are once again growing nervous about the prosepect of a Marine Le Pen victory in the French election…
French Presidential race: Marine Le Pen's victory is 'possible, but unlikely'.
Marine Le Pen has good relations with both Trump and Putin. What do the rest have, EU commission?
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has been largely funded from Russia
E Macron accuses Marine Le Pen of fomenting nationalism. "Nationalism is war. I come from a region full of its graveya…
Marine Le Pen is ambushed in France's as her euro exit plan comes under fire
Marine Le Pen vows to bring 'Islamic fundamentalism to its KNEES' during rural rally
French Presidential election: Marine Le Pen set to be crushed by Emmanuel MacRon, poll reveals via /r/worldnews
'The euro is a knife in the ribs of the French people' fumes Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen is running out of money
The White House thinks Marine Le Pen can be elected as part of a Trumpy global wave.
Marine Le Pen. "I am a free woman !". My own campaign, My own terms, only for the people !.
France is finished as a country if Marine Le Pen does not win, RIP France
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Must Watch. Amanpour interviews Marine Le Pen, who says, among other things, "there was no invasion of Crimea."
"Are you saying you are certain Marine Le Pen is not go… — I predict civil disorder this summer. There already is …
Marine Le Pen urges Moscow and the West to "join forces" after claims deadly attack in
."Why does Putin want Marine Le Pen to win?". "To destroy Europe." .
Marine Le Pen. "Our leaders have stopped believing in the France". YOUR trust have been betrayed !.
If ppl in are paying attention, KNOW that Putin's tryna do with Marine Le Pen what he did with trump HERE.
Marine Le Pen. "I will put France on the track of economic patriotism !". h…
I wish Marine Le Pen really was a pen.
Vladimir Putin meets in the Kremlin with Marine Le Pen: Using high risk meeting with Russian President Putin in……
Vladimir Putin met with Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's National Front
Marine Le Pen meets Vladimir Putin. Watch these two run Islam out of town.
Marine Le Pen meets Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, less than a month before the French election. Amazing
So Seumas. As someone with close knowledge and experience of these things what is your assessment of why Vladimir Putin met Marine Le Pen ?
Russian President Vladimir Putin met French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen at the Kremlin today
It is Putin's and Trump's world now states Marine Le Pen after visiting the Russian leader. And the world she likes.
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Marine Le Pen takes a break from campaigning in order to visit her financial sponsors in Moscow
Marine Le Pen's campaign hired a Hitler admirer despite a judicial order banning him from having ties with her party. h…
Marine Le Pen calls for border crackdown after London terror attack
Marine Le Pen: “They kill our children, murder our policemen and slaughter our priests. Wake up!”
Le Figaro claims private polls show Marine Le Pen with almost 34% of vote in 1st round for French president
Marine Le Pen calls out the violence and threats so virulent in French schools.
"Marine Le Pen: No one trusts the mainstream media"
Marine Le Pen. Open borders brought us poverty, chaos and terror. BRING THEM BACK !.
France has an opportunity to change the Misguided & Failed direction of their Country by VOTING FOR 👉 Marine Le Pen
says she doesn't want to be 'the vice chancellor of Angela Merkel' /
The divide is no longer between left and right. but between patriots and globalist ~ Marine Le Pen.
That's what does best!! France won't have her Marine Le Pen is a lady Chelsea is trash!
Marine le pen is french for Marine the Pen
Support Marine Le Pen during her debate tonight and make this trending:
5 takeaways from the French Presidential debate via
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French Presidential debate: Marine Le Pen says she does not want to be ‘the vice chancellor of Ms Merkel’
Marine Le Pen blasts EU for ‘blind relationship with Islamist states’ .
Marine Le Pen. With all due respect to (e.g. zero), I will lead France!.
I won’t be Merkel’s lapdog! Le Pen launches scathing attack on EU in presidential debate
39% of 18 – 24 year old French voters are backing Marine Le Pen. Populism is the new counter-culture. 😄.
France is lost without an outright change in direction. But they have a hope and her name is Marine Le Pen.
'We must close our borders' Le Pen calls for end of ALL immigration to stop ISIS in France
Marine Le Pen wins the first debate! Congratulations Ms Le Pen.
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