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Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen (born Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen; 5 August 1968) is a French politician, a lawyer by profession and the president of the Front National (FN) since 16 January 2011. She is the youngest daughter of the French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, former president of the FN and currently its honorary chairman.

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🇫🇷You can hear the power in her voice when Marine Le Pen speaks for France!The European Union i…
Marine Le Pen. Why should ILLEGAL migration be in question?. ILLEGAL means you should be OUT!.
Marine Le Pen hails Brexiteers "honourable" in an exclusive interview on LBC. Listen in full tomorrow
Paris was known as the City of Lights Now its lit up with car bombs & jihadist attacks Pray for Marine Le Pen to prevail…
French literary boy wonder Édouard Louis on saving the working class from Marine Le Pen
FULL INTERVIEW: Nigel Farage with Marine Le Pen, leader of anti-Islamization Front National party in France
The father of Marine Le Pen and founder of the populist Front National is in fact a holocaust denier.
Marine Le Pen refuses to wear headscarf to meet Lebanon's Grand Mufti.
Marine Le Pen. It's not THAT difficult to restore order in France. You need to ACT!.
Marine Le Pen believes she is the only candidate who can "defend French civilisation" https:/…
Friend, it will be to late! Concentrate us on Marine Le Pen's election...if losing we might bett…
Front National leader Marine Le Pen could reach the 2nd round of France's presidential election--here is a timeline of her party's…
Memo to . Marine Le Pen is not "a controversial right wing leader". . She is a fascist. . Do not normalise her.
Marine Le Pen. The Media, "Experts", Institutions all protect OWN their interest not the PEOPLE'S !.
Marine Le Pen destroys the EU and Merkel: I don't acknowledge you.
Marine Le Pen. Foreigner?. Welcome to OUR country. Criminal?. Get back home handcuffed on 1st plane !.
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Marine Le Pen declares she can smell the ‘perfume of VICTORY’ in French general election
Marine Le Pen: 95% of French people do not trust the media anymore
Also, Bigly Yuge support for Marine Le Pen in France - another Putin puppet/ big oil, bank launde…
AMAZING! Make France Great Again!. The Donald Trump of France, Marine Le Pen, declares war on Merkel to her Face in the EU Parl…
Marine Le Pen vows France will be Britain's BREXIT ALLY if she wins French election
Germany is betting on this man to keep Marine Le Pen out of power in France
Marine Le Pen tells she's been snubbed by Theresa May. Should the government welcome the leader of France's National Front to…
Headwind : A victory for Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential elections would cripple the country’s banking stocks, says Citigroup Inc.
Marine Le Pen vows to REMOVE France from ‘MONSTER’ EU and start NEW bloc of rebel nations
Marine Le Pen signals her opposition to the country's huge infrastructure project in Paris
For those new to the "Steve King loves European Islamophobe nationalists” party, here he is with Marine Le Pen, Frauke Petry…
Marine Le Pen winning in France would be huge.
Marine Le Pen could still win the French Presidential election - here's how
SO GLAD won. I pray Marine Le Pen wins in France and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands! You people need to be squashed.
Beautiful: Marine Le Pen enters the stage at a rally. Look at the public!
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Marine Le Pen gets 500 sponsors needed to run for French President - DAYS before deadline
Marine Le Pen LOSES lead to Emmanuel Macron, new poll claims, but then again polls said Clinton was clearly in lead!. https…
Marine Le Pen destroys "Islamophobia". Take a look at this beautiful French rally.
Marine Le Pen is a fake feminist - she exploits women's rights to fuel her racist agenda via
The far-right leaders hoping to take power in Europe next year
Marine Le Pen LOSES lead as ROCKETS to first round victory, new poll...
Yep: Black Lives Matter leads to Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen as assuredly as night follows day.
Brave women like Marine Le Pen are standing up to the Islamic Invasion of Europe
French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is standing up for FRENCH citizens in FRANCE. What a concept! .
Marine Le Pen is the most popular French Presidential candidate amongst female voters.
French Envoy to Japan says he will step down if Marine Le Pen is elected - you won't need to, son. You'll be fired immediately. 😃
Marine Le Pen assures voters France leaving euro NOT 'catastrophe' - and Italy will follow
Can you imagine the Eurocrats faces if marine le pen gets elected then France vote out of the EU. Their modern day nazi germany crumbling
'The struggle is no longer between left and right, it is between the patriots and the globalists." Marine Le Pen.
I know some French people will find it hard to elect Marine Le Pen but I can't see how France can survive in a reco…
France is finished if Macron wins the election
I'M WITH HER: In honor of I'm asking the people of France to vote Marine Le Pen for President.…
Marine Le Pen is France's last chance to save itself from ruin. I pray to God s…
Le Pen blasts ‘STUPEFYING VIOLENCE’ after pupils SET SCHOOL ON FIRE and run riot in Paris
Emmanuel Macron leads in French Presidential election poll for first time, ahead of Marine Le Pen
Geert Wilders. Removing Marine Le Pen's immunity for telling the truth on terror is "scandalous"!.
Marine Le Pen. "Politics must regain control back from the European Union". Bring on FREXIT!.
All the more reason to vote for Marine Le Pen
‘Slit your throat’, Muslim Blogger who threatened to KILL Marine Le Pen under fire.
Marine Le Pen: “France isn’t Burkinis on the beach. France is Brigitte Bardot. That’s France.”
Good luck with the election Marine Le Pen! The world needs you!
Follow for Marine Le Pen's campaign in English. It's good stuff!
Just in: "Marine Le Pen, head of France's far-right National Front party, speaks to Anderson Cooper for a 60 MINUTES report…
Marine Le Pen should win because everything else has been tried and FAILED. It is time for CHANGE!.
EU Parliament with the backing of the French Justice Ministry seeks to punish Marine Le Pen for posting ISIS execution vict…
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- I hope Jean Luc Picard applies for his French citizenship to fight against Marine Le Pen
She's there only hope. Marine Le Pen hits record high in new poll ahead of French election vi…
German Carnival is back with a vengeance, ridiculing the likes of Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, AfD and Angela Merkel
‘France should not attack Marine Le Pen, but rather her program’ - Jean-Pierre Thomas
Marine Le Pen vows to take France out the EU
French farmers to back Marine Le Pen amid hopes the hard-right leader will ‘free them from EU straitjacket'
FREXIT? Marine Le Pen will ‘free farmers from EU straitjacket' amid milk price crisis
The man who could make Marine Le Pen president of France - podcast. Sent from Podcast Republic.
Polls show Marine Le Pen facing an uphill battle to become president of France
Endorsement from French far-right leader Marine Le Pen who compares her policies to Theresa May's and has nothing but pr…
French elections - Marine Le Pen 'will not submit' to Angela Merkel and EU elite | World | News | Express.
Blogger Mehdi Meklat under fire for death threats to Marine Le Pen |
NEWS AS IT'S HAPPENING!! The Louvre has discovered Historical Painting of an Ancestor of Marine Le Pen in the Archi…
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen's chief of staff charged in connection with EU parliamentary assistant scandal. Le Pen about to appear on French TV
Marine Le Pen EXTENDS lead in first round of French Presidential voting, new polls find
Marine Le Pen's bodyguard and chief of staff are arrested over claims they were paid for fake jobs at the EU Pa...
Polls are still reliable, and they show Marine Le Pen losing
French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen refuses headscarf to meet Lebanon's mufti, backs out of meeting
🇫🇷Radicals demanded Marine Le Pen to wear a hijab so she walked out!. "I am NOT putting the veil on". - h…
I hope France knows how badly they need you, Marine Le Pen.
You can pass my respects to the Grand Mufti,but I will not cover myself, French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen https:…
Marine Le Pen refuses to wear a veil to meet top Muslim cleric. This woman is a REAL feminist! 🙌
Marine Le Pen's chief of staff arrested
Theresa May has so much to learn from Marine Le Pen. How to oppose Islam for a start, we need people to defend our soc…
Marine Le Pen's presidential bid under pressure after her bodyguard and chief of staff are taken into custody
Marine Le Pen could have just been handed VICTORY as rival Macron causes FURY with gaffe
In 15 seconds, Marine Le Pen did more for women's right than a million fat, screeching, *** hat-wearing "femini… ht…
Le Pen. "2017 is going to be the year of the grand return of the nation-state,the control of borders and currencies". ht…
1955 – Rosa Parks told to give up her seat: "No.". 2017 – Marine Le Pen handed a veil and told to put it on: "No.". Whe…
Le Pen: Bodyguard, chief of staff quizzed
Yesterday, French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen cancelled a meeting in Lebanon after refusing to wear a headscarf.…
Marine Le Pen is a brave woman who should be cheered by all who fight oppression! America stands with YOU.
My writeup of Macron's press briefing yesterday, including his Trump impression
The irony is that Marine Le Pen is the only woman who is feminist enough to refuse to wear the degrading headscarf. https:/…
Marine Le Pen refused to wear a headscarf in Lebanon today. What a difference with the 'feminists of Europe'.
Marine Le Pen refused to wear a headscarf on Lebanon trip. This is empowerment. This is real feminism. I think I love her htt…
I say that as someone who doesn't like Marine Le Pen. Right-wing openings were created by the left sucking up to religiou…
'The EU will END' Terrified European chief fears Marine Le Pen victory will CRUSH the bloc https:/…
If I'm a woman in Europe right now, who looks like the avatar of female empowerment - hijab wearing Swedish feminists or M…
Marine Le Pen: Bodyguard, chief of staff in custody
Marine Le Pen took a stand for all women and their freedom. She said "No" to Sharia.
Marine Le Pen should be applauded for standing up for Western values & defending women against Islam.Ben Garrison my f…
So the Grand Mufti of Lebanon has no issue whatsoever with a short skirt but wanted Marine Le Pen to cover her hair? Massive…
'backs Marine Le Pen's decision to not wear a headscarf to meet Lebanon's Grand Mufti.
Why is Marine Le Pen traveling to a Muslim country?
This is France. Marine Le Pen can't come soon enough! 🇫🇷
"It's a no": Marine Le Pen refused to wear a headscarf for a meeting with Lebanon's Grand Mufti https:…
OMG I love her ! Marine Le Pen refuses to wear a headscarf! 😂. Thuglife! 😎 .
Marine Le Pen refuses to wear Muslim headscarf, cancels meeting with Lebanese Grand Mufti
Marine Le Pen from today: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is the only possible choice in the face of the "Islamic…
“The European Union is dead, but it does not know this yet,” Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front, said
Get your "Russia did it" excuses ready because Marine Le Pen is about to save France. 🤗 
GET THE FACTS: Russia backs Marine Le Pen for President she'll make things ‘MESSY’ for EU
Russia ♥ Marine Le Pen. Great piece on the far-right leader's Moscow fan club
Brexit, Trump, & this: . Marine Le Pen tops ANOTHER poll as support for rival Fillon plummets following scandal
'A time bomb' France and Dutch EU votes expected even if Wilders and Le Pen LOSE
Marine Le Pen: French Jews will have to renounce Israeli citizenship under National Front via
PH is hardly the Marine Le Pen of Australian politics: this will end badly with Australia's jolt to the right!…
Marine Le Pen: "The Brexit and Trump victories have given the French a reason to vote. We have a chance"
France fears Russia is trying to push Marine Le Pen to victory
Russia wanted Trump elected. Russia wants Marine Le Pen elected. Russia clearly does not want Merkel elected. Their meddling is no secret.
Over last week, French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has said she'd ban Jews from wearing yarmulkes & having dua…
Europhile Clegg admits FINALLY that the EU is bound for DESTRUCTION
Good advert. .. Marine Le Pen's new ad “In The Name Of The People” will blow you away
MARINE Le Pen’s bid for the French presidency may have been given a boost after her scandal-hit rival Francois F...
Marine Le Pen admits she took a loan of €9 million from Russia owned bank. Other European parties too.
Half of French police 'back Front National' as Le Pen pledges to crackdown on street chaos
Le Pen's rival Fillon faces protests over public money scandal as he begins campaign tour ^…
'French first': This is what a 'President Marine Le Pen' has in mind for France.
‘I’m not a monster’ Le Pen says we must SAVE shipwrecked migrants but then send them HOME
Marine Le Pen says if she wins French presidency, she'll ban dual citizenship w/ non-EU countries—but exempt Russia. ht…
Economists believe if France and the Netherlands were to leave the bloc, then then the whole of EU would collapse.. https:…
TheEconomist: Trumpism is very familiar to Europeans
Trumpism is very familiar to Europeans
Marine Le Pen: 'The division between left and right is an illusion'
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Liberation: National Front leader Marine Le Pen confirms interest in headscarf ban in public places for "opposing secularism principles"
"End of the EU" Says George Galloway as he sees Marine Le Pen election as the catalyst.
The Kremlin's "loan" to Marine Le Pen may never have to be repaid. In other words, it was a bribe:
Marine Le Pen: Either the EU changes 'or it will die' -
Marine Le Pen promises Frexit referendum if she wins presidency
FRANCE: Country's external intelligence agency believes Russia is pushing for the election of Marine Le Pen
Polls show French far-right leader Marine Le Pen winning election’s first round, but losing knockout
(International) 9/2/2017. - Far-right leader Marine Le Pen looks set to win the first round of...
Now official: France's spy agency, the DGSE, believes is working to get Marine Le Pen elected
In France, Marine Le Pen echoes President Trump’s bleak vision of the world as she kicks off her campaign
Marine Le Pen backs Vladimir Putin and denies invasion of Crimea | The Independent
Marine Le Pen: There was no invasion of Crimea
France, the task of keeping the embers of freedom alive falls to you. You cannot allow Marine Le Pen to win, or the world is lost.
Marine Le Pen warned supporters of “2 totalitarianisms,” globalization and Islamism, that want to “subjugate France”
Similar storyline pushed by Russian govt media last weekend about Marine Le Pen's main opponent
That looked like HRC but I believe it was the French candidate Marine Le Pen.
Goldman Sachs says Marine Le Pen can win French vote, but only with a record low turnout
Strong and personal French nationalism from Marine Le Pen in this campaign video. Will be interesting to see how vo…
Here's what you should know about Marine Le Pen
18/ We also happen to be election times. Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right is likely to win the first round and is th…
FRANCE: Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen says she'll take France out of both the EU and NATO and restore the franc…
including Marine Le Pen is a nice touch
Marine Le Pen to CNN: "There was a coup d'état in Ukraine, there was no 'invasion' of Crimea. Crimea was Russian. It's alway…
Marine Le Pen's path to victory runs through former French Communist strongholds; so why are they voting for her?…
Marine Le Pen backs Putin and denies Russian invasion of Crimea
Marine Le Pen is not the Donald Trump of France – if anything, she has more in common with Hillary Clinton
National Front, Marine Le Pen announces her run for president.
From our archives: 1,138 documents on French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen
First they helped Trump to the White House, now an army of social media militants are aiding Marine Le Pen
I think we can safely conclude form this that yes, Marine Le Pen's body guard did have a fake job at the Euro Parliament.
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You ask about Marine Le Pen's fictitious assistant in the parliament (298.000 euro) and you get thrown out by 3…
The coming end of Internationalist Globalism and the universalist "everyone has to be like us" EU way of thinking.…
Russia-funded crook Le Pen has to pay the European Parliament €296,497 before midnight as a fine for expenses fraud https…
"by Marine Le Pen, the far-right politician who may become president of France & campaigns on racist anti-Muslim wh…
Plot twist:Deborah Meadon morphed into Marine Le Pen and started being a far right politician
Donald Trump, Marine le Pen and the rise of the far-right.
Hello when will give the same coverage to the favorite candidate in polls, who is not Le Pen?
Meanwhile in France: powerful employers' association MEDEF "opens its doors" to Marine le Pen: (
Marine Le Pen faces salary cut after failing to repay £257,000 to the EU via i hope she has to pay interests
People don't realize how dangerous Marine le Pen and Geert Wilders are. Basically Trump and Bannon in one. Smart Trumps.
If Le Pen wins in France the EU is finished
Why Marine Le Pen has kept reasonably quiet about Fillon scandal - she owes €340k to the European Parliament
Bissonnette was radicalised after hearing Marine Le Pen. 'Extreme vetting' for her now, Canada?
Quebec terrroist Alexandre Bissonnette was inspired after hearing France’s Queen of white supremacy, Marine Le Pen speak a…
Wikileaks, Putin's new weapon 2 spread white nationalism & authoritarianism, enters French Presidential election on be…
Right on cue: Wikileaks (aka Kremlin info ops proxy) wades into French Presidential election on behalf of Putin favorite…
adalberto Riding a global wave of populism ahead of the French Presidential election, far-right National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, is co…
The BBC asks "What makes Marine Le Pen far right?" The BBC makes it far right. Actually it's left wing and statist. htt…
Emmanuel Macron now second favourite for French presidency with PaddyPower, well ahead of Marine Le Pen. Was 16:1 in Janua…
Marine Le Pen~ "Find my speech for my 1st Presidential Conference on the theme "The sustainable France"…
Marine Le Pen is seeking to turn May’s presidential election into a referendum on the European Union.
Actually you can thank Merkel, also the EU may not be around in 5 years. Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders coming up next.
God I cannot WAIT for Marine Le Pen to win after seeing this.
This is Bannon's eerie philosophy, Francofied: Marine Le Pen claims the ‘Anglo Saxon world is waking up’
Marine Le Pen hires former Google search chief Amit Singhal as SVP of Engineering
France elections: What makes Marine Le Pen far right?
Is Marine Le Pen what fish use to write letters?
Not probable but certainly possible. Rather like Brexit and Trump. Merde alors! Nous sommes foutus!.
This is what genuine femininity must look like: Frauke Petry from Germany’s AfD and Marine Le Pen from FN, France.
Brexit is causing a domino effect through Europe
French Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen says nationalism will sweep over Europe in 2017.
All is not ideal in Europe today either. Here's Marine Le Pen and Frauke Petry looking sweet while spreading vitrio…
Marine Le Pen sets out vision to DESTROY EU by leaving euro | World | News | Daily Express
Marine Le Pen is right with regard to those who have a silly habit of making friends & enemies based on prejudices https:/…
French Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen says 2017 will see people of Europe ‘wake up’ France’s far-right presi...
Marine Le Pen today. She clearly wants to destroy the EU and bring back the nation states.
Marine Le Pen leads gathering of EU far-right leaders in Koblenz
"2016 was the year the Anglo-Saxon world woke up.". Dear Marine Le Pen, the Anglo-Saxon world ended when the Normans conquered it in 1066.
"the demonstrators say they plan to play a rendition of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, the EU’s anthem"
Marine Le Pen will NOT be joining the Instead, she'll be pitching fascism to Europe. .
France's Le Pen says Europe must 'wake up'; Brexit domino effect on EU
It will soon be a final Goodbye to the millionaire elite dictators of the EU. NOT before time.
Marine le Pen, heartened by says nationalism is on the rise across Europe. Fight it!
By your friends.Marine Le Pen welcoming at a Euro-fascist convention tells you all you need to know about both subjects.
GERMANY - Leaders of the new Europe gather in Koblenz for conference. (Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry). https:…
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Trump paves way for Marine Le Pen: Poll puts anti-EU leader in FRONT for French President
Brexit 'the first real blow to the old order' Marine Le Pen tells rowdy 'alternative European summit' in Germany
Marine Le Pen:. "We are experiencing the end of one world and the birth of another". RT. http…
BBC News - Marine Le Pen hails patriotism as the policy of the future
Marine Le Pen on "A sovereign people chose ... to decide its destiny itself". RT. ht…
It's alarming that Marine Le Pen's meeting with *** Lombardi at Trump Tower last week passed w/so little mention in the Am…
Marine Le Pen won't be elected in France. The run off system though frustrating for sons prevents extremists winning Elysee Palace.
Marine Le Pen is France's new Charles Martel. This is a battle she must win. Not only to save France but all of Eur…
French far right leader Marine Le Pen seen at Trump Tower
Far right Front National boss Marine Le Pen dubs EU fraud probe an establishment stitch-up
Marine Le Pen: Brussels' response to Brexit showed that the European Union is ruled by "intimidation and blackmail" http…
Reminder: Anti-immigrant Marine Le Pen backs Putin on Crimea annexation and her campaign is funded by Russian banks
Donald Trump's foreign policies will be good for France, says Marine Le Pen via
We all know David Cameron only offered an EU referendum because of UKIP, Le Pen vows a Frexit vote
'It will BACKFIRE' - WARNS bigwigs NOT to bully over https:…
that's why Marine Le Pen is under such intense scrutiny in fear she'll win Presidency in France
Far-right leader Le Pen says Trump and Putin’s policies ‘good’ for France - France 24
Marine Le Pen wants to take France out of the euro and reintroduce a national currency
French far-right presidential contender Marine Le Pen has received millions of dollars from Russia to fund her campaign…
US, France and Russia should form ‘alliance’ says Marine Le Pen as she lays into chief presidential rival
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen to push for Frexit if EU refuses to return key powers
If Marine Le Pen loses, the New York Times editorial staff would cheer. No?
criticises 'facade' of EU referendum decision as she promises genuine reform or h…
Marine LePen can win: her opponents are inept & stale. My take on how she stole the newscycle.
A quarter of French people will vote Le Pen in the French election 1st round,more than enough to get to the final http…
Journalist hails Marine Le Pen for rebranding her party
Brussels punishing Britain over Brexit will play right into my hands says Marine Le Pen
Enter Marine Le Pen, a one-woman basket of deplorable: my take on her real chances to become President.
Marine Le Pen criticises 'facade' of Cameron's EU referendum decision as she promises genuine EU reform or ht…
A very good policy Mr. Trump. I approve of 200%. They should do the same in France. I hope Marine le Pe…
'It will BACKFIRE' Marine Le Pen warns Brussels bigwigs NOT to bully Britain over Brexit
French politics rocked as latest poll shows nearly a quarter want LE PEN as president
Marine Le Pen backs away from Frexit. How we all laughed :-D.
The right gaining ground by focusing on the protection of w/class jobs. Marine Le Pen cheers win for protectionism
Marine Le Pen's party praised on Newsnight for ‘pursuit of sovereignty’
Interesting. Half of France's police and soldiers intend to vote for Marine Le Pen, survey indicates
"Marine Le Pen will be the next French President" - Christopher Dickey.
The leader of France's Front National party Marine Le Pen outlined her proposal for the return of the French...
€9m Russian loan to French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is called in -
The disaster of Brexit is scaring the French so badly that even Marine Le Pen no longer wants to leave the EU
Marine Le Pen outlines her plan for France in the EU if she wins the presidency
FWIW Steve Bannon has agreed to be Marine Le Pen's campaign advisor. No conflicts there. 🙄
Yea lmao François Hollande is a joke. Looks ever more likely that Marine Le Pen with Front National will win tho 🌚
First of all, we can't re elect François Hollande, and no country deserves terrorist attacks. Oh, and it's Marine Le Pen*
You may not have heard of them, your buddies are Frauke Petry, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage. Congrats.
What intelligence?, what security?, France need Marine Le Pen, she'll get their house in order if she wins
PEOTUS- please could you help Marine Le Pen fund her upcoming election 💵 50 million to smash the eu Nazis 🙏🏻
Marine Le Pen: “They kill our children, murder our policemen and slaughter our priests. Wake up!”. . http…
Banks are refusing to lend Marine Le Pen any money
Marine Le Pen's comments after the Berlin truck terrorist is killed in Italy.
Angela Merkel vs. Marine Le Pen: which represents the future of Europe?
Someone need to bring hope for France's better future. Marine Le Pen
A French journalist is finalizing an explosive book on the Russian financial octopus controlling Marine Le Pen's Front N…
With elections coming and Marine Le Pen on the rise, the French are pretty fed up with this E.U.
Could you imagine a EU where France is runned by Marine Le Pen & Italy by Beppe Grillo? I guess is an unlikely, not an impossible disaster!
Marine Le Pen: No free school for illegal migrants in France. Pure evil.
Marine Le Pen says illegal migrant children should be banned from accessing free education or healthcare
BREAKING: Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen calls for end to free education for foreigners
Marine le Pen wants to reinforce laïcité. Understand: erasing any forms of Muslim visibility in the public space.
Marine Le Pen: No free school for foreigners Nothing to see here!
Go Marine Le Pen as you can lead France out of its disaster and make France great again. We believe in you Marine in the USA❗❕
End free schooling for children of illegal migrants, says Marine Le Pen
No place in France's public schools for children of illegal immigrants: Marine Le Pen
. I hope to see Marine le Pen as President of France next year. .
Marine Le Pen says no free education for children of 'illegal immigrants'
Marine Le Pen No free school for foreigners
Le Pen: Children of parents who are in France illegally shouldn't be allowed free schooling.
Educate yourself, Marine Le Pen policies are fascists.
France always had this balanced position that in so many conflicts...
Antiglobalist candidate Marine Le Pen sees Trump win as 'a sign of hope' for France
Once again, Marine Le Pen reminds us that she is the true far-right populist of Europe.
Marine Le Pen: No free schooling for kids of undocumented
Why does the say 'France Far right leader Marine Le Pen', but doesn't say Labour far left leader Jeremy Corbyn ?
Le Pen wants to end free education for children of illegal immigrants
Marine Le Pen: No free school for foreigners in France - BBC News
Time to think the unthinkable about President Le Pen | Timothy Garton Ash
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