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Marine Corps

A marine is a member of a force that specializes in expeditionary operations, such as amphibious assault and occupation.

Air Force Marine Corps Marathon Gunnery Sergeant United States Marine Corps Coast Guard Daniel Turner Memorial Day Staff Sergeant

Sometimes it's really nice to reminisce with someone about the good/bad times you had in the Marine Corps.
: completion of the US Marine Corps bootcamp includes becoming a naturalized citizen
ined in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I w…
I'm a Marine Corps Vet & Native New Yorker so I've known for a long time that is a White Supremaci…
Now the corps is turning into snowflakes? Kicked out for flying a banner? Gimme a break!.
Donald Trump 'lashed out' at new chief of staff John Kelly as White House tensions continue
I had a roommate in the Marine Corps who only listened to Christian children's cds in our room.
Listen I'm just trying to get to my brothers last Marine corps ball but I can't work cause I'm a disabled young person.
When keeping it racist goes wrong: A Marine is fired after posting a racist banner:.
I'll have been in the marine corps for a year in 4 days. And I still haven't touched the fleet.
Marine kicked out of Corps for flying white supremacist banner via the App
Here is an updated report on the training accident on the Marine Corps Base at Camp Pendleton, September 13, 2017. htt…
Marine Corps’ amphibious assault vehicle in California bursts into flames with 15 Marines inside | American...
First home game and I'm the Marine Corps property for the next 3 days. But definitely feels good to get the uniform…
Meet the man trying to unseat Darryl Issa. is a Colonel in the Marine Corps & trying to htt…
Tonight we congratulate Daniel Turner who was appointed to Gunnery Sergeant of the US Marine Corps. Thank you for your service!…
This Medal of Honor recipient was dubbed 'a one-man Marine Corps'.
This is what sacrifice looks like. . God bless all who defend the USA!! Army, Marine Corps., Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard
Houston is running out of time. Get the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps team in the game, o…
Oohrah from the Marine Corps, Hooah from the US Army and the US Air Force, and…
Do it. Air Force for sure takes care of their people. Don't join the Marine Corps 🙄😂😂
It's not often when the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Chiefs all find it necessary to speak out against racism &…
i just got 2 phone calls from the Air Force and Marine Corps recruiting office and i couldn't tell you anything else better then that!!!
My first response that I am old enough to remember:. I want to be a Marine Corps drill sergeant.
Navy and Marine Corps divers have located the remains of some of the 10 sailors missing from the USS John S. McCain.
Marines Eye Plan to Put Women in West Coast Combat Training. The U.S. Marine Corps is eyeing a plan to let women...
😂 Pretty much. Currently training for Marine Corps Marathon & the heat is killer! Glad my…
Thank you!! I'm running the Marine Corps Marathon in DC in October!!
Marine Corps, Get Some!. "Now take me to the brig So I can see the real marines...". --Chesty Puller.
It's official, marathon training is happening! Or am I already there...the Marine Corps Marathon
Gen. Kelly had a 4-decade career in Marine Corps & lost a son in Afghanistan. Now he'll help decide the war's future https:/…
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No they're not. Confederate vets didn't serve in "United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps (or) Air Force" 38 USC 101
UPDATED | Coast Guard, Army and Marine Corps aircraft search waters off Kaena Point on northwestern Oahu.
When you go to Parris Island and serve on active duty in the Marine Corps your snowflake charge wi…
'Changing the culture of the Marine Corps': US Marines plan to mix women & men in combat training https…
Units like the 82d Airborne, the 75th Ranger Regiment, and the entire Marine Corps are far less intolerant today than they were in the 80s.
The current Commandant of the Marine Corps with a message to his troops and presumably his commander.
Going through the motions in college, decided to join the Marine Corps Reserve w/ Nate Elmore
On my way out the marine corps and all of a sudden every other branch looking like the way of life to me.
will you be taking jullian to the marine corps ball in november. Thats going to look good.
At boot camp, 3 out of 4 women fail to meet combat standards
Y'know... It's not like we haven't studied this stuff and found it doesn't work or anything. FFS!😀.
Top Marine orders 24-hour pause in flight operations for all aircraft:
"No matter what you do in the marine corps, you're gonna be in harms way "
Marine Corps grounding all aircraft "indisputable evidence that America's military is in a readiness crisis" says GOP HAS…
US Marine Corps says "no operational commitments will be impacted" by 24-hour grounding of all aircraft after 2 deadly cr…
BREAKING: US Marine Corps grounds all of its aircraft for 24-hours sometime over next 2 weeks following 2 crashes USMC ai…
Corps orders 24-hour of flights for all following deadly crashes https…
No U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group or Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit off the coast of Korean Peninsula right now
"Marine Corps orders all of its aircraft grounded following deadly crashes" via FOX NEWS
A female Marine officer is nearing the halfway mark of the 13-week Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course.
Marine Corps aviation units have been ordered to ground all aircraft for 24 hours to focus on safety.
The next time I see he will be a member of the United States Marine Corps. Couldn't be more proud of him‼️
Marine Corps aviation to take 24-hour operational reset where no flight ops will occur. More :
The Marine Corps League National Convention is ramping up. The store is ready and Marines are beginning to arrive!
When I was at the Univ. of Wyoming, before I went into the Marine Corps during the Reagan years, I worri…
Operational pause will affect all Marine Corps aircraft, including those stationed abroad as well as deployed units
Earlier today visited at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island and Marine Corps Air Station Beau…
Had to attend solo while the wife is out of town @ Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Breaking! Marine Corps grounds ALL of its aircraft!!
Between ipads, icloud, office365, the entire Marine Corps would collectively blush at the amount of (loud) profanity involved
How would you know? I am a well decorated Marine Corps combat vet…
Marine Corps orders 24-hour grounding of flights for all aircraft following deadly crashes
RIP to a great Gunnery Sergeant I've worked with in the Marine Corps. Demons got the best of him. Semper Fi, brother. 😔🇺🇸
Marine Corps considers opening up combat training in Southern California to women:
Did every woman in the Marine Corps' first infantry basic class drop out in the first day…
He served for six years in the Marine Corps reserves- how did Donald "Bone Sp…
Finally found something the Marine Corps has that's nicer than the Armies, our gym here is 20 times better! 😍
A U.S. Marine Corps aircraft that sank during a training accident was found overnight by the Australian Navy.
You are calling a Marine Corps hero a POS? Juan, do real research... this is insane.
Please keep the families of our 16 fallen service members in your thoughts and prayers. release:
A US Marine Corps search and rescue mission is underway as military helicopter crashes off QLD coast MORE: https…
So I told some of my co-workers that I was going into the marine corps and will most likely be leaving next month and they started to flip😂
brings the Marine Corps into the realm of cyberspace. Meet w/ them @ our hiring event 8/10 9AM-3PM! https…
The US Marine Corps calls off search and rescue efforts for three missing service members off Australia's coast
US Marine Corps confirms an MV-22 Osprey involved in incident of QLD coast. Rescue mission underway for missing crew. https:/…
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That's an F/A Hornet, flown by the Navy and Marine Corps.
Men of 2nd Regiment, 2nd Division, US Marine Corps coming off the front lines after 20 days of combat, Saipan, Mariana Is…
U.S. Marine Corps calls off search for three U.S. Marines from helicopter 'mishap'
Check out as she prepares for the Marine Corps Marathon.
The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps suspended the rescue operation and launched a recovery effort instead.
Hundreds of female Marines & Marine veterans launch a new group to press for an end to misogyny in the Marine Corps http…
Marine Corps shifting to recovery efforts after continuous overnight search and rescue efforts for 3 missing marine…
UPDATE: US Marine Corps has confirmed it is searching for members after a MV-22 crashed off the coast of QLD.
I was training to be in the Marine corps and could definetly share some really good workouts!!
Imma need a date for the Marine Corps ball.. that I can keep
Pray for my Marine Corps brothers and their families involved in this latest crash.
TIL the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are combined the world’s second-largest Air Force, with a total of over 3,700 aircraft of all types. Thi…
A B-2 Spirit and 16 other aircraft from the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps fly over the USS Kitty Hawk, USS Ronald Reaga…
Why don't you confront Mueller yourself? Or are you scared of a decorated Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran?
US Marine Corps: Search and rescue underway for three service members involved in an aviation "mishap" off the east coast…
All women (marine corps bootcamp and 4th battlalion).
Futurama has its Nibbler, now meet the Corps' version. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Cpl. Jamie Arzola)
Keeping our families informed is of utmost importance to the Marine Corps. We have completed notification to the three Marines'…
Attention on Deck! Marine Corps League website is new & improved. Thanks to former Young Marine! Garvis&Garvis
"The U.S. Marine Corps has announced that the search and rescue efforts have shifted to recovery efforts after... https:/…
Search called off for 3 US Marines who crashed off Australia
Marine Corps veteran identified as gunman in fatal shooting of three police officers in Baton Rouge - LA Times
"The retired four-star Marine Corps general turned commandant of the West Wing is looking good."
I bounce between getting out and staying in the Marine Corps at least 50 times a day
Reads like standard Marine Corps leadership/integrity training. Repurposed for civilians not versed in T…
Read about the Battle of Belleau Wood. My Marine Corps history.
USS Belleau Wood was our sister ship. The 5 in the class named after Marine Corps battles.
Parris Island recruit's fall not being investigated by NCIS:
2/ 7 seasons over .350 BA & flew 39 Combat Missions in the Korean War as a US Marine Corps pilot. He edges out Griffey
Here is some of the stuff from the National Marine Corps Museum in Qu…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
More and more bizarre. Awan left rental home in a hurry, re-rented by Marine Corps Vet who Iwan is…
Watch as the 2nd Marine Division​ Gunner puts this new Marine Corps backpack frame to the test.
Today, we honor, remember and salute U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Christopher Jacobs who died in a training accident in 2…
Why did leave his home in a hurry? Marine Corps veteran renting his home found smashed routers, computer equip…
New post (Guns of the “Devil Dogs”: U.S. Marine Corps Small Arms Of World War I) has been published on American Arms Inc
My citizenship was expedited w/my service in the Marine Corps. This "report" enrages me on on so many levels.
I actually finally looked it up this afternoon, it's Sgt. Mallory S. Vand…
Lineup for Drum Corps: An American Tradition: Marine Corps Invitational tonight in Annapolis, MD! Will be posting photos a…
Marine Corps Generals are in charge of the White House and the Pentagon. Now THAT is how we will…
Privileged to finish my trip around the US with call on Commandant of the Marine Corps, in the Pentagon. Great allies. G…
Meet General John Kelly, a 46 year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and Trump's new chief of staff. Will he bring order to th…
I'm most definitely the saltiest I've ever been today than any other day in my short Marine Corps career. 🙄
Great group of humble warriors on the mats tonight at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Congratulations on the...
Most people say the Marine Corps just *** the life/motivation out of them like months into it. IM STILL MOTIVATED AF ALMOST A YEAR IN WYA
Thanks to the U.S. Marine Corps for coming out.
I can't wait to flex on y'all at the Marine Corps Ball 😂
When the whole Marine Corps is getting promoted to Sergeant, and you're about to get nonrec'd for not having Corporals Course done 😭
When I met Slaughterhouse in Vegas. Told you I had just left the Marine Corps and you dapped me. O…
New device could lighten load for Marines..
When I stood over her casket & outstretched my hand it was at that moment that I decided to join the Marine Corps. Not for me, but for her.
Dad, on his new Marine Corps 'rocker', courtesy of our wonderful son Felix Snow ... simply the BEST !!! 😘😘😘
Ivanka trump sez she ready to work along side gen. Kelly. Who has 45 years in marin…
Testing out the upcoming Space Marine Corps new shotgun. :p @ Shady Oaks Gun Range - Cedar Park,…
Marine corps don't get stationed anywhere but cali, Japan, NC, or Hawaii
The rose to the challenge of the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test. Read more:
You have to be hard, mentally and physically, to survive in the marine corps. that is how it should be for all branches
Blue Angels applicants must be active-duty Navy or Marine Corps tactical jet pilots w/a min. of 1250…
Today marks the 99th anniversary of the Battle of Belleau Wood, a defining moment in Marine Corps history.
3 U.S. Marines receive Communion from a U.S. Marine Corps chaplain on the beach during the Battle of Iwo Jima on March 3, 194…
'mohair' A commissioned rank in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps that is above lieutenant colonel and below brigadier general.
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UC Davis will add the name of the alum who died in the Marine Corps plane crash to its Gold Star Aggies wall:…
UCMJ Q: what is the safeguard for unlawful command influence if ALL incidents of online misbehavior go to HQs Marine Corps?
Marine Corps veteran Will Fischer to You betrayed our nation and all those who have served.
Thanks for the reminder I am ancient. 8/17 would have been my 30th Marine Corps birthday
Copy that Chiara, thanks for explaining ☺ joined the Marine Corps on my 17th birthday so. Quit school…
UPDATE: As many as 16 people may have been on board Marine Corps plane that crashed in Miss. 12 bodies found
Congrats to former DL John Banaszak, who will be inducted into the Marine Corps Sports HOF. 🇺🇸🏈. . More: https:…
Is the Marine Corps really powerless to take action in that situation?
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 5 dead in Marine Corps plane crash in Mississippi
When you run the official Marine Corps Instagram and accidentally post to the wrong account.
Here's the latest on the fatal crash of a US Marine Corps plane in Mississippi earlier today (via
You're no church of God. Military is what allows you to be *** Never saw u protest at a…
Video shows crash site after Marine Corps plane carrying 9 people crashes in Mississippi
You know that US Intel community Trump keeps on trashing?. Here are 5 members:. Air Force. Army. Coast Guard. Marine Corps. Navy.
BREAKING: officials have confirmed a C-130 transport plane has crashed in the Mississippi Delta region
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Prayers for the families & those killed in Marine Corps refueling accident in MS. They're reporting 6 dead so far.…
5 dead after Marine Corps plane crashes in Mississippi:
JUST IN: Authorities in Mississippi confirm there are fatalities after Marine Corps plane crashes in LeFlore County.
Marine Corps says USMC KC-130 refueling plane not C-130 is type of aircraft that crashed in Mississippi tonight, reports…
Praying for the families of these Marines 💔
Marine Corps KC-130 crashes in Mississippi, at least 6 dead
did I get a counterfeit? Top is from Ulta, bottom is from the exchange at Marine Corps has Camp Pendleton…
Hero Sunday-We lost another great one on 14JUNE2017, Private First Class Arthur Jackson, US Marine Corps.
Continuing a 49 yr tradition, my dad and I got Marine Corps haircuts together at Quantico Marine Corps Base. Oorah!
A Marine Corps color guard kicks off the Jr/Sr World Trials Juniors Finals at the Bob Devaney Sports…
You always want a commander like. General Roy Geiger, U.S. Marine Corps.
Dismantle the Army,Navy,Air Force,Marine Corps. And since you espouse nonviolence dismantle state and l…
RADM Quinn: amphibious tasked Aus Army arguably has more in common with US Marine Corps than US Army. has strong maritime element.
Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard -- we have no shortage of honorable and courageous men AND women
Marines are in the Marine Corps. Soldiers are in the Army. Sailors are in the Navy. Airmen are in the Air Force. Guardsmen are in the CG.
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SAMP currently has 4 divisions Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy (if you want to join sign up here
He's so tough he sweats actual bullets... former US Marine Corps bomb technician, Staff Sergeant is on tonight!
Graduated HS 1970 , College 77. We had apple core and Marine Corps. Not familiar with the common core? 😉
The highest non-combat medal awarded in the Marine Corps. In my 4 years with four units I never saw one. It's a big…
Congrats to you and your son and also for being awarded The Navy and Marine Corps medal
Not surprising to hear. Fact: Marine Corps gave Mueller only demerit, a "D," in "delegation" during Officer Candida…
Marine awarded Navy and Marine Corps medal for action.
Anyone complaining that the Marine Corps is mean or toxic doesn't get the job requirements…
The United States Marine Corps, no better friend, no worst enemy. God Bless my Marines.
I liked a video Marine Corps is Toxic Masculinity
I don't think you know the purpose of the Marine Corps
"Saying he upheld the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps is like saying the empire state building is moderately high."
Time to bring back the draft, let the US Marine corps and female DIs pick wh…
Naturally MRAs are furious that someone is saying stopping sexual assaults in the Marine Corps is a good thing.
The Indestructible Jack Lucas, BADASS !. In 1942 Jacklyn H. Lucas enlisted in the Marine Corps, not an unusual...
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Freedom is not free, but the Marine Corps will pay most of your share. -Ned Dolan
Low even by the standards over at Vox.
This Article is FakeNews! Marines are Professionals and as a Army Ranger I was honored to serve with Marines!!! https:/…
My bf is deploying in 2 days, so I am doubly offended by this since they also published it on Memorial Day!
"Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium will be a unique and historic setting for fans" - .
Behold, the face of the man who thinks the Marine Corps has a masculinity problem.
They should sentence him to four years in the Marine Corps that should change his attitude
The and to play in 2018 NHL at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.
Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure the Marine Corps is supposed to be both masculine and toxic
Maybe its the Marine Corps weeding out the weak before they end up getting their mates killed for bei…
Memorial Day. Photo of the United States Marine Corps Memorial at George Washington Memorial Parkway by Bobby Blevi…
TFW you don't understand how war works.
. to host at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Saturday, March 3. Story here:
Caps will play in their 3rd outdoor game at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on March 3, 2018.
Thinking of my Father's service to our country on this Memorial Day RIP Marine Corps SGT Gary Wayne Gabbard
Even as an Army Ranger I pray that more of the country could have the "toxic" masculinity of our…
Everyone seems to love country music in the Marine Corps.
I added a video to a playlist Marine Corps Boot Camp 1971 - PARRIS ISLAND
Well, the Barbary Pirates did play a role in the founding of the Marine Corps.
Jefferson created the Marine Corps just to defeat the muslims, who were referred to back then as the…
I'm honored that my blog tour stop falls on Memorial Day. A medal, US Marine Corps, and...
Kids meet the US Marine Corps in Brooklyn for Fleet Week
Wondering how to request a Marine Corps color guard, band, or equipment display?
Citation: The Medal of Honor is presented to Fred William Stockham, Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps, for extraordinary heroism while 2/
Today 5/20 is Armed Forces Day in the United States. Honoring all five military branches:Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air…
Two great interviews conducted by Dr. Kevin Barrett. Wow! US Marine and former Nr. 2 US Marine Corps...
"Real peace comes from the Marine Corps, not the Peace Corps.". ~Lt. Col. Allen West
Staff Sgt Austin LaFleur of the US Marine Corps talks about how the events of 9/11 led him to his career.…
Marine Corps vet and TR volunteer Marc Hittle shares how joining TR . helped him find purpose. Via
Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller came to greet us before our dinner at 8th and I.
He is a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant veteran that was awarded a Vietnam service medal…
SECNAV Stackley and Gen. Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps, learn more about from SSCPA…
Alles served 35 years in the Marine Corps and retired in 2011, but joined Customs and Border Protection in 2012.
LIVE NOW: Lt. Gen. Walsh speaks on Marine Corps innovation at
"We have to start thinking about operational security across the and Marine Corps team." — Maj. Gen. Reynolds
Ooh Rah ... The Commandant of the Marine Corps has spoken, and I concur wholeheartedly! You don't have any 'me' time…
Thomas Cha (fifth from right), Far East District program and project management division Army, Navy, Marine Corps...
"No major armed effort is better than the staff of the commander that is directing it," JD Hittle, Brigadier General, Marine Corps
"We joke too much. We make rape and sexual assault too much of a joking matter.". -Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps
Rob, question what does Master Chief equal to Marine Corps rank is it Master Sergeant First Sergeant or w…
The 144 UTVs the Marine Corps bought were divided up into 18 trucks per regiment:
Colonel John Glenn United States Marine Corps!Marine w Rose was the Commandant of the Marine Corps 4 Stars! Glenn=Marine!
WATCH: Marine Corps commandant presents US flag to Annie Glenn, widow of John Glenn, at Arlington internment.
The U.S. has delivered new military equipment to the AFP and Marine Corps at Clark Air Base.
"Whatever the job is, we can do it. That's why the nation has a Marine Corps." — Gen. James F. Amos
That's my Marine Corps, That's my Navy, That's My Air Force, That's my Army!!! is giving 20% Uranium to.
8th Air Force lost more guys than the entire Marine Corps.
Just heard that the Marine Corps has the 3rd largest "Air Force" in the world
dope!!! All we're missing is an Air Force. Cus we have a Navy, Marine Corps, and Special Forces.
Thank you to all of our warriors! Support the US Navy,Army,Air Force, Marine Corps.
61 for the Marine Corps, 198 for the Air Force, and 162 for the Navy.
This weekend was great! had a blast at born free and we helped out with donations to the Navy/Marine Corps relief society.
The U.S. Marine Corps will be hosting a breakfast for Chapter Officers from 7:30-9 a.m. on Fri, March 31. Reg —
"What is the Marine Corps". Division Chief did not train the DivO well
The Marine Corps follows in tight formation, a signature trait of their parade performances:
Allow *** in the military, this is what you get. This is not your father's Marine Corps.
.Magazine's famous "black eye for the Marine Corps" cover updated for today's nude photo scandal http…
The Marine Corps changed its social media policy after the nude photo scandal
Marine Corps General W. "Blake" Crowe welcome! Do you believe there is a "BOURNE" in Command of Marine Special Ops school...Brett Bourne!👍
Typically the Army uses LTG and the Marine Corps uses LtGen (no space).
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"Go drink your ­lattes & stay out of our lives," writes Marine investigated for sharing nudes of female colleagues.
All other branches: let's try and make the quality of life for our personnel as high as we can, Marine Corps: Let's turn off their water LOL
Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Request:. (3) Defense Department: (a) Increases the size of the Army and Marine Corps;
The and the Marine Corps make a promising team. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Lance Cpl. Adam Dublinske and Sgt. Conne…
dear mr. President, it's time for you to fire some of the Secret Service . go to the Marine Corps and get people you can trust.
As a US Marine Corps Veteran and a avid Football Fan. I could care less if Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL teams.
An summary of my Marine Corps career & what led me to fight for military, veterans & national security w/ht…
Nah..mama died when I was young..Jesus gave me my soul..Marine Corps gave me my tongue..that 'most unruly member o…
How the recent scandals are going to affects Marine Corps goals moving forward. with
Dr Gorka is a great man and a true Patriot! He was an Instructor at Marine Corps University! Marines really like him!
I was first in over 200 yr history of Marine Corps to sweep Pugil Sticks both Land and Water.Took 40 yrs family to believe.
Marine Corps vows to crack down on social media misuse after being rocked by nude photos scandal - Daily Mail
Cold weather training in the arctic circle was the worst but the most humbling experience in my marine corps career so far
Terri & I would like to invite our Marine listeners to tune in for our Happy Birthday playing of Marine Corps Hymn 5ish
The damage inflicted by Ray Mabus on the Navy and Marine Corps will take decades to heal. Unforgivable. No excuse for nude pic sharing. But-
Chinese expansionism in to Deploy More Marine Corps to Port: Report
Marine Corps official questioned on nude-photo scandal
It's tragic that I'm not respected in the Marine Corps by most of my fellow brothers, simply because of my gender
The photo sharing scandal is even worse than first realized
Former Commandant of the Marine Corps quits because of US government corruption involved with war. Wars enrich politicians &…
Until these actions are condemned from the top down, CIC & Commandant included, these acts will continue!! .
We called on to break her silence on the online sexual harassment of women veterans htt…
2 expand marine corps fm 20K to 110K,some to deploy to
I understand that the Marine Corps and the Army are different branches and not the same thing. (Marines and Soldiers are different)
The NEX Uniform Center in the Marine Corps Exchange on Joint Base Myer - Henderson Hall holds a female uniform...
Marine Corps official questioned on nude-photo scandal.
Corps leadership should stop claiming there is no one more outraged by the nude photo scandal. I bet a female Marine or tw…
There is no place in the Corps for violent and derogatory comments, or disrespecting fellow Marines. via…
This explains the Marine Corps insignia in their logo. Their nickname "Leathernecks" is slang for a member of the M…
Marine Commandant Asks Men in the Corps: 'How Much More' Do Females Need to Do to Be Accepted?
domain names
"This is a sad day for our Marine Corps," says
God bless the Marine corps and God bless American
Just another day in the Marine Corps.
Alleged victim of Marine Corps nude photo scandal speaks out: via
But while she was horrified by the actions of the group, she said she never equated it with the Marine Corps
The Commandant addresses online conduct, Marines deploy to Syria and Marine Corps training and education command needs your ideas…
PLA to increase marine corps by 400% to protect interests in E. & S. China Seas, Penninsula &
Gen Neller on nude photo sharing/cyber stalking: "The Marine Corps I've served for over 40 years has a problem and we in…
Whatever happened to "keep our honor clean" -- Marine Corps Hymn (oldest official song of armed forces)
Why the Marine Corps leadership response of "we don't know what to do" is entirely disingenuous
.asking if segregation of males/females at Marine Corps recruit training should be reexamined.
1315 MNH Marine Corps, 2 stamps, soldier standing on PS of Corps
Heading to VA this year to run the Marine Corps Marathon!
If you don't fund the State Department fully,. then I need to buy more ammunition. General James Mattis, U.S. Marine Cor…
Gen. Neller on photo scandal: “To the men in our corps…how much more do the female members of our marine Corps need to to…
Update your maps at Navteq
“(T)his does not represent the values of the Marine Corps.” . Way to
In fairness, this site has only been a known problem to military leaders since ... 2013
I liked a video Airmen Try the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test
Apparently smart is the new motivating. These Marine Corps engineers are taking it up a notch.
Sgt. Jordan Tilton, machine gun section leader, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, talks about his experience in the Corps and
Gen. Neller says Marine Corps is issuing new policy today on acceptable conduct on social media in the wake of
But also my point is about the greater issue of the insufficiency of moral education in the modern Marine Corps.
When the Marine Corps cares about you behaving a certain way they find all kinds of creative methods of positive and n…
To Marine Corps leadership: "Your answers today are unsatisfactory" Sen. Gillibrand at hearing
I liked a video Marine Corps' amplification to the tattoo policy
China to expand marine corps for deployment in Gwadar, Djibouti...
Speaking on the House floor now on the scandal. No Marine who participated should serve in the Corps! https:/…
Amber Peebles says, like in the Marine Corps, there's no room for failure on the construction site:
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