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Marine Corps

A marine is a member of a force that specializes in expeditionary operations, such as amphibious assault and occupation.

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The damage inflicted by Ray Mabus on the Navy and Marine Corps will take decades to heal. Unforgivable. No excuse for nude pic sharing. But-
Chinese expansionism in to Deploy More Marine Corps to Port: Report
Marine Corps official questioned on nude-photo scandal
It's tragic that I'm not respected in the Marine Corps by most of my fellow brothers, simply because of my gender
The photo sharing scandal is even worse than first realized
Former Commandant of the Marine Corps quits because of US government corruption involved with war. Wars enrich politicians &…
Until these actions are condemned from the top down, CIC & Commandant included, these acts will continue!! .
We called on to break her silence on the online sexual harassment of women veterans htt…
2 expand marine corps fm 20K to 110K,some to deploy to
I understand that the Marine Corps and the Army are different branches and not the same thing. (Marines and Soldiers are different)
The NEX Uniform Center in the Marine Corps Exchange on Joint Base Myer - Henderson Hall holds a female uniform...
Marine Corps official questioned on nude-photo scandal.
Corps leadership should stop claiming there is no one more outraged by the nude photo scandal. I bet a female Marine or tw…
There is no place in the Corps for violent and derogatory comments, or disrespecting fellow Marines. via…
This explains the Marine Corps insignia in their logo. Their nickname "Leathernecks" is slang for a member of the M…
Marine Commandant Asks Men in the Corps: 'How Much More' Do Females Need to Do to Be Accepted?
"This is a sad day for our Marine Corps," says
God bless the Marine corps and God bless American
Just another day in the Marine Corps.
Alleged victim of Marine Corps nude photo scandal speaks out: via
But while she was horrified by the actions of the group, she said she never equated it with the Marine Corps
The Commandant addresses online conduct, Marines deploy to Syria and Marine Corps training and education command needs your ideas…
PLA to increase marine corps by 400% to protect interests in E. & S. China Seas, Penninsula &
Gen Neller on nude photo sharing/cyber stalking: "The Marine Corps I've served for over 40 years has a problem and we in…
Whatever happened to "keep our honor clean" -- Marine Corps Hymn (oldest official song of armed forces)
Why the Marine Corps leadership response of "we don't know what to do" is entirely disingenuous
.asking if segregation of males/females at Marine Corps recruit training should be reexamined.
1315 MNH Marine Corps, 2 stamps, soldier standing on PS of Corps
Heading to VA this year to run the Marine Corps Marathon!
If you don't fund the State Department fully,. then I need to buy more ammunition. General James Mattis, U.S. Marine Cor…
Gen. Neller on photo scandal: “To the men in our corps…how much more do the female members of our marine Corps need to to…
“(T)his does not represent the values of the Marine Corps.” . Way to
In fairness, this site has only been a known problem to military leaders since ... 2013
I liked a video Airmen Try the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test
Apparently smart is the new motivating. These Marine Corps engineers are taking it up a notch.
Sgt. Jordan Tilton, machine gun section leader, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, talks about his experience in the Corps and
Gen. Neller says Marine Corps is issuing new policy today on acceptable conduct on social media in the wake of
But also my point is about the greater issue of the insufficiency of moral education in the modern Marine Corps.
When the Marine Corps cares about you behaving a certain way they find all kinds of creative methods of positive and n…
To Marine Corps leadership: "Your answers today are unsatisfactory" Sen. Gillibrand at hearing
I liked a video Marine Corps' amplification to the tattoo policy
China to expand marine corps for deployment in Gwadar, Djibouti...
Speaking on the House floor now on the scandal. No Marine who participated should serve in the Corps! https:/…
Amber Peebles says, like in the Marine Corps, there's no room for failure on the construction site:
The spring tour of this Marine Corps group will stop to perform at Parris Island
deployes Marine Corps artillery battery in to help defeat Islamic State.
I'm disappointed & disgusted. This is a serious crime! I hope this is not swept under the rug.
US Marine Corps rocked by nude photo scandal -
'I'm never reenlisting.' Marine Corps rocked by nude-photo scandal.
Now at 11 on Former Marine says her picture landed on private FB page in alleged Marine Corps soci…
nothin to see here just some relish on some hotdogs 🌭 @ Marine Corps Base Kaneheo
Nude photos of Marine Corps soldiers posted online
A nude photo scandal has shaken the entire Marine Corps
Friend and j-school classmate and his family are receiving death threats after his brave reporting. htt…
With a population of 7% of the Marine Corps, female Marines do not have the numbers to defend themselves against a culture of…
Hundreds of Marines being investigated for allegedly sharing nude photos of female service members: report
Marine Lance Cpl. asking the Commandant of the Marine Corps if she can speak with him abt MU
Daughter of a sniper/gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps plus two older brothers in the military as well 😎
if your ever in South Carolina and you want to take a tour of our Marine Corps recruit depot, just let me know.
Johnnie: Marine Corps, also has its origins in the Derna campaign. Yahaira: Does sex make a person stay in a…
The U.S. flag, followed by the California state flag, then the U.S. Marine Corps flag, is hoisted to half staff in…
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A former Marine Corps officer on why voters must defeat Donald Trump via
It is pretty comical seeing Marines that you've worked with or went through various Marine Corps schools with now as drill instructors.
Legendary U.S. Marine Corps aviator becomes the first American to orbit the earth.
Hey chica.;) Wondering about your group of clans, & if I could join one? left a Marine Corps clan, & want a drama free war clan.
Evolving Security Challenges. Mattis, who as a Marine Corps general served as NATO's supreme allied commander for...
*RARE !*. 🛫 US Marine Corps 🇺🇸 EA-6B Prowler 🛰 tracking over North Carolina right now ! 🛫
And that's only the Marine Corps and possibly the Army. 2 other branches rarely touch weapons lol
I'm in marine corps land. It smells of crayons and dip spit.
just signed my contract with the Marine Corps im out in August 💪💯
SANO wraps-up a sports flooring project for our United States Marine Corps! Thank you to our brave men and women who p…
pretty sure the Marine Corps made me crazier than i already was
ICYMI: squadron en route to Japan for the jet's 1st operational overseas deployment: | via
Dear president Trump my name is David brace I am an ex Vietnam veteran Marine Corps
USMC Vet & St. Petersburg, FL resident Collier is the new artist in-residence at Gettysburg National Military Park.…
Dude the Marine Corps has taught me never volunteer for anything. My biggest takeaway that I will apply to life whenever I get out.
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Every Marine, from private to general, needs to read this guidance to know where the Corps is headed. htt…
Why did I just get an email recruiting me to a Marine Corps officer program
I love the Marine Corps. Have gun will travel.
Amazing! Marine corps graduation in SAN Diego - Semper Fi
Cpl. Annika "Moods" Moody gives the latest news around the Corps on today's Marine Minute.
Whenever you show anger or disgust toward civilians,. it's a victory for al-Qaeda & other insurgents. General James Matt…
Although my boys think I'm a little obsessed with the my oldest gave me some design ideas
The Marines need parts for their planes! . Shortage of supplies keeps majority of planes g…
Officially out of the Marine Corps! Coming back home for good this time.
Never trust a Merc. Disgrace to the Marine Corps
The Marine Corps has taught me how to stay up for 30+ hours at a time if that counts for anything
George joined the Marine Corps at 18 and served the American people for 27 years. Today he is a Starbucks store manager.
Image: 1000+ images about Loving my Country on Pinterest | Marine corps ... people? I'm a white marine corps combat vet so I'm not sure if that will have the effect you intended.
No. 2 Marine: Corps needs to grow to 194,000
Breast Cancer Awareness
more like your embarrassing the good name of our MARINE CORPS with your stupid bs
When you casually meet a Marine Corps 1st Division officer and combat veteran who now teaches leadership during lun…
Lance Corporal Tim Larrigan home from Marine Corps talking to Sourya his former teammate b4 districts
Back in 1775 our Marine Corps came alive! Happy 241st birthday Marines! Semper Fi! .
well that, and Corps usually referred to the main division of an army. Like say the Marine Corps.
Men of US Marine Corps 4th Division shelling Japanese positions from the beach, Iwo Jima, Japan, February 1945.
Breaking: The bombing at a Marine Corps charity run on Sept. 18 was among those the White House says received...
Retired US Marine Corps dog Lucca with her owner Gunnery Sergeant Chris Willingham, after she was awarded the PDSA…
US unveils weapon for WW3: Marine Corps receive first lethal Amphibious Combat Vehicles
My ex-Commanding Officer in the Marine Corps explicitly told the entire squadron that torture goes AGAINST our core…
In truth, and, on the Marine Corps! One, two, three kingdoms ringing with his hat in the table watching you! He moves in
proud to be an American, Marine Corps hymn, so many others.
Show respect for us Jarheads and Squids - Be quiet for Marine Corps hymn and Anchors Away at Trumps NEXT Inaugural. Semper Fi Five
Could you please stop running your Would have loved to hear the when the Marine Corps band passed!
1961 Marine SgtMaj Bertha Peters became the first woman promoted to Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps.   10% Off
OK Trump's speech - the fireworks - the Marine Corps choir singing The Battle Hymn of the republic drove me to...
Always an honor to have the 12th Sergeant Major of the US Marine Corps, Sgt Maj Gene Overstreet stop by the...
Marine Corps veteran Adam Driver and Sylvester Stallone to bring Staff Sgt. Travis Mills story to the silver screen.
Yep, sing our Marine Corps hymn. . To the shores of Tripoli.
8. The shift in the balance of power will mean a new world order. And we, the Marine Corps will play a central role in its…
I'm a Baby Boomer: Veteran of the US Marine Corps during Vietnam war era...Howdy Doody show was on TV when I was a kid
I took 7 shots and shotgunned 4 beers in ten minutes. Happy birthday to me. God I love the Marine Corps
Honestly even if I got accepted into an Ivy League college id still stay committed and enlist in the Marine Corps
Happy Birthday Sir! Today is our 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps' 150th birthday.
Happy Birthday to the wonderful men & women in our U.S. Marine Corps..241 yrs!
"got so drunk for the Marine Corps birthday I left the bar with a toilet seat around my neck" - USMC
I am a Marine Corps veteran, but more importantly - or as important may...
Secretary Mabus is the longest person to serve as the leader of the Navy and Marine Corps since World War I.
Congrats to 2nd Lt. Chappelear, one of the Marine Corps newest Officers, he commissioned on December 17, 2016.
Happy 241st Birthday to the Marine Corps!!! Thank you so much to all those who help keep us safe and healthy 🙏
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Just had a great breakfast meeting with former Sgt Major of the Marine Corps, Sgt Major Kent and 4-Star General...
Hi, I'm Josh Scott, it's my birthday and I get to spend it freezing in Vermont with the Marine Corps 🙃
3rd year in a row I don't get to celebrate my birthday because of the Marine Corps. 😑
Land, Sea, and Air: U.S. Military Readiness in the Navy and Marine Corps via
Born to fight, trained to kill, ready to die, but never will. Happy 241st Birthday US Marine Corps. Merica.
This ambitious joint project between the US Marine Corps and the University of South Carolina to preserve the... https:/…
An amazing & visceral movie about the horrors & heroism of war. Braveheart inspired me to join the Marine Corps. Th…
Went to visit Parris Island today! Glad to see the Marine Corps have a great facility to train at. -G
Marine Corps commanding officer relieved of duties
Marine Corps publishes new PFT and CFT rules - Marine Corps Times
Third commander in Marine Corps community fired this year - Marine Corps Times :
My older Marine Corps veteran Latino neighbor voted for Trump. What do you want to say to him?
Not true. RedState banned me from commenting simply because I mentioned I was a Marine Corps veteran. Did same to others.
Today, memorial services are being held for John Glenn, an American hero and Marine Corps legend. We look back on his career as a…
But say nothing about Obama's 57 states and mispronouncing Marine Corps(e) numerous times.
Marine Corps veteran's truck is stolen 6 days after he gets it. Deputies asking for information of the crime. Story…
We salute Johnnie from Arleta, a veteran of the US Marine Corps. 90 years young!
Akshay Nanavati,Marine Corps veteran, adventurer, entrepreneur & creator of Fearvana takes us on an enthralling, adventure filled ride.
Department of the Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Arizona Public Service and Marine Corps Air Station Yuma celebrate…
“ I can’t imagine as a Marine veteran, if Trump started going after the Marine Corps, because we were opposed to Putin.
Took in some Marine Corps history with my Veteran yesterday at the
how many times do you think we will have to talk about the Marine Corps while we are home?
Well the Marine Corps hasn't learned their lesson after promoting me 8 times before. Now they…
Marine Corps veteran & TU Student Megan Lowry cutting tile for the TU Veteran House. Thanks to
Officer Ed Lee, US Marine Corps veteran, received his quilt today from Quilts of Valor. Thanks for your service.
U.S. Marine Corps veteran, former fighter & CEO shares his story in
26-year-old veteran Peter Coukoulis served five years with the Marine Corps., which included a deployment to...
Marine Corps veteran now following you been a T-Mobile customer since 2000
Marine corps online ❤ ❤ ❤ care and protection of marine life ❤ ❤ ❤ animals of the world
US Corps F/A-18 Hornet crashed today off Iwakuni, pilot ejected but is missing at sea
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Search underway for a U.S. Marine Corps jet pilot who ejected near Japan
Should make this" national holiday" thank you Army Navy Marine Corps Air Force for your service
Breaking! Trump wants retired Marine Corps General for Secretary for Homeland Security
I'm noticing that Donald Trump has a thing for putting Marine Corps Generals in charge of stuff. This is going to end well. Very well. 🎯
Marine Corps’ jet crashes off Japan on the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor
Niumatalolo on It represents our whole country. Everyone knows someone in the Army, Navy or Marine Corps. It…
US Marine Corps F/A-18 fighter jet crashed off Kochi during exercises; pilot bailed out but condition not known; no one…
U.S. Marine Corps says one of its pilots has ejected from an F/A-18 jet in Japan; search and rescue underway.
US Marine Corps: Search-and-rescue underway for pilot who ejected from fighter jet during training 120 miles southeast…
Marine Corps’ jet crashed off Japan on the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor… (via
Make a child in need happy by donating new, unwrapped toys the US Marine Corps through December:
JUST IN: U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18 pilot ejected from his aircraft 120 miles southeast of Iwakuni, Japan. Search and rescue efforts…
Many thanks to the Quantico Marine Corps Band for performing here today for our Veterans and staff!
Would never have made it through Marine Corps basic.
Search-and-rescue operation underway for U.S. Marine Corps pilot who ejected from F/A-18 aircraft off coast of Japan
Update your maps at Navteq
Saab : Receives Contract for Components to the U.S. Marine Corps' Ground/Ai... Read more: $NOC
Judge throws out Marine Corps decision to remove officer who sent classified warning to colleagues
adding Marine Corps Generals to his team. Trump isn't playing around like the last president!…
Marine Corps jet goes down off coast of Japan via
The case of Jason Brezler just took a major turn: Judge throws out Marine Corps decision to end his career.
be careful though when you buy toys for the Marine Corps. Toys for kids drive, check your receipt carefully
Toys for tots! This little guy is riding in style at the US Marine Corps annual toy drive.…
Men do not fight for flag or country, for the Marine Corps or ...
I was in the Marine Corps in 1971. The idea 'Where does auth...
Mattis was not CMC of the Marine Corps. He was Commander, Central Command.
Want to experience a new Contact a local Marine Corps
Women in the Marine Corps - Female US Marines: Who they are and why they... via
in 1775. Birth of the U.S. Marine Corps. 241 Years Protecting & Serving the
USMC Mousepad. Come see my U.S. Marine Corps gifts in
I always equate wrestling to having been in the Marine Corps.
How the Marine Corps are using social media to connect, engage and recruit new Marines vía
Leave it to the Marine Corps to throw us in barracks that are about to be condemned. *** yeah
NEW YORK MARINES CELEBRATE OUR B-DAY. We celebrated the Marine Corps' 241st birthday with our own ball. Just as...
U.S. Marine Corps pilot David Greene was shot and killed during a helicopter mission in Iraq. Join us in honoring his f…
My one year mark in the Marine Corps is in less than a month. That's RIDICULOUS to think it was almost a year ago I hopped on that plane
Trump wants to build Marine Corps big enough to win 2 wars. Meanwhile at 8 am in the barracks . "I'm gonna make a sandwich and go nap"
The Blue Angels' mission is to showcase the pride and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. http…
Happy Veterans Day to all who've served our country and a happy belated birthday to the marine corps 🇺🇸
I am officially enlisting into the United States Marine Corps
US Merchant Marine had higher death rate than US Marine Corps in WW2 but were denied GI Bill-type benefits
Idky but I want to be in the US MARINE CORPS
thank you for your service!!! Not many women have your determination for the Marine Corps!
Home Depot employee hopes to reunite Marine Corps walking stick with owner
State football championships moving to Navy-Marine Corps Stadium this fall:
Night, Lovers and asshurt Haters. Sweet dreams. Thx for following me. 🇺🇸 Shae xo .
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Replica of Marine Corps War Memorial on display in Somerset
Woodmen Tower bathed in blue with a red stripe to honor the anniversary of the United States Marine Corps.
It's a gorgeous day for a Navy game! @ Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium
Happy 241st birthday to the United States Marine Corps! To all of my Marine friends - Semper Fidelis.
Dan served in the U.S. Marine Corps on active duty for eight years. Read his story via The Bike Shop: https:/…
Navajo Code Talker Samuel Holiday is in attendance at the 241st Marine Corps Birthday Ball on Friday night in Twin Arrows,…
Great pic! Between the Marine Corps Marathon and the ASHE Dash, which was more fun? :)
A reunion of 10 years after fighting together in Iraq
Thu: Took my pre-K class on a walk to the Iwo Jima Memorial on the Marine Corps birthday. We spoke to several patient Marines.
When asked which was the best team he had ever played for, Ted Williams responded without hesitation, "The United Stat…
Baseball, apple pie, and marine corps. I thank god every day for getting me to this place in my life. Lord knows it could've been different
Love of my life come home in 20 days from Marine Corps bootcamp! Then I'll go from Ms. -> Mrs.❤ I love you Tyler
Contract Polaris Defense from U.S. Marine Corps to deliver 144 four-seats MRZR all-terain vehicles
My husband enlisted in the Marine Corps, rarely did any of them NOT go to Nam
Marine Corps Birthday Nov 10 & Veterans day is this Friday Nov 11. Lets remember all who have fought for freedom an…
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rained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to
I know you're in Chicago. Please come to our Marine Corps Ball . Shots on us Devil!
Navajo Code Talker George B. Willie Sr. is the eldest Marine on Friday night at the 241st Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Tw…
Visited the grave of BGen Jacob Zeilin 7th CMC of the Marine Corps. Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA…
2006 – The National Museum of the Marine Corps opened by President George W. Bush, Jason Dunham will posthumously receive the Medal of Honor
In honor of Veterans Day, we want to spotlight U.S. Marine Corps veteran Walter Roberts, Sr. District Manager in OC!
I served in the Marine Corps many years ago at Camp Lejeune. Vote Trump for all those Marines.
Alexander Cronstein is a Captain and field artillery officer at the U.S. Marine Corps.
more fragile than think: Marine Corps officer voters must defeat Donald Trump
A former agent named Jim Kallstrom has appeared on Fox several times saying the same thing; Kallstrom's Marine Corps
Why is the U.S Marine Corps awesome? by Francesco Angelo Artuso
This is how Marine Corps drill instructors carve pumpkins in one shot ~via We Are The Mighty
I just supported Marine Corps team - hope you will too!
Good luck at the Marine Corps Marathon, We're rooting for you!
I'm a week away from running the Marine Corps Marathon! I got in… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sunday run day! The full, Marine Corps Marathon is just one week away!
when will you come to Oahu Hawaii to the Marine Corps base?
and the first organized militia in the United States, the Marine Corps.
When was First Lady and was President of the United States, I was serving my country in the Marine Corps,
While serving at Marine Barracks 8th & I as a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps. Semper Fi!
Sea Smoke on the Seashore | (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Matthew Callahan/Released) via
I know hundreds of Marine Corps officers stand with Hillary. Those with honor and common sense anyway. Chesty Puller
The VMB received an overall rating of EXCELLENT and a special Marine Corps award at our marching band competition in Easton!…
Today I hit my 2 year mark in the Marine Corps. It's had its ups and…
The Seven Stars Foundation, Inc. was established on 2-7-2007, in honor of the 7 crew members on a US Marine Corps...
One more for for the Marine Corps...and one for Chesty Puller! Oooo-rah!
Just posted a video @ National Museum of the Marine Corps
it's like the Marine Corps who in the *** signs up to go through all of the BS to play in the Band. 😂😂😂
The Commandant of the Marine Corps will be on Power 1575?? Tune in to figure it out. -Lance Cpl. Nichole Stoehrer
A visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Stafford, Va., is worth the effort.
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I'm ready to be back in NC. The barracks and the Marine Corps is my home now. Being anywhere else feels wrong.
Don't forget to *** off the Marine Corps band at Parris Island. It's the least you could do to start the day. 😳
When will visit Marine Corps barracks lol
But I was the selected Cpl to march the Marine Corps cake so I get to show off my blood stripe💪🏽
To create band of brothers/sisters, Marine Corps boot camp bans words “I” “me,” “mine” for 13 weeks.What if church did same f…
The few the proud @ National Museum of the Marine Corps
Also the JMWave, Interpen people were all Green Berets Army & US Marine Corps
A F4U Corsair in the National Museum of the Marine Corps. My father fueled these fighters on the…
If you would like to come to my re enlistment ceremony it will be held at the National Museum of the Marine Corps...
Follow Marine and Family on Pinterest to get the latest Marine Corps news, tips and resources served up to you...
I added a video to a playlist Iwo Jima flag preserved well at National Museum of the Marine Corps
National Museum of the Marine Corps stopped by to teach us about communities long ago vs. today!
22 of the UAE Marine Corps killed as army guided missile destroyed UAE military vessel off coast of Mocha
Someone call the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, FBI, NYPD, Pope & ISIS bc I'm not going back to Texas till the crickets are gone, thx
A new combat vehicle that swims for the Marine Corps via
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
but don't get me wrong, I've been waiting for them to roll the US Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and NASA into a Space Fleet
Insidiously immoral & my son suffers from from fighting as Marine Corps 1st recon in Iraq
Well everyone, I made it. Honorably finished my time in the Marine Corps. Was nice knowing you Uncle Sam. Til next time bud.
Can't wait to play football for the Marine Corps 😈
An investigation revealed drill instructors involved in what the Marine Corps calls fostering of a culture of abuse:
Marine Corps but very similar to our vehicles in the 501st Military Police Company Bavaria Germany.
BREAKING: IED explodes, another found on route of Marine Corps race in New Jersey
Hero Sunday-We honor Private John J. Kelly, US Marine Corps, last double recipient of MOH for the same action.
"Enjoy naval history? Want to be connected to US Navy, Marine Corps & Coast Guard?"
Read about the U.S. Marine Corps flag history on our blog:
The U.S. Marine Corps was originally formed as the Continental Marines during the Revolutionary War. Read about...
From the time I left the Marine Corps after serving as an infantry platoon and company commander i
The Latest: Top Pacific Marine to keep up work with allies: The Latest on the Marine Corps' new commander in ...
Marine Corps again changes Iwo Jima history by re-identifying 6 men in 'first flag raising'
Active duty members of the Air Force, Army and Marine Corps greet students at JISD's Veteran Memorial High School.
US Marine Corps parade- these people are amazing. God Bless America.
Marine Corps conducts cyber warfare exercises: Marine Corps Air Station Miramar is part of one of the largest cyber…
.to the U.S. Marine Corps heroes the Navajo Code Talkers who served in all six Marine...
US Marine Corps awards highest honor to Lucca the hero dog!
The EOD 131 Memorial Workout is in honor of the 131 EOD Technicians in the Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Air Force...
I just wanna take a second and thank the Marine Corps for taking my already rough feet and making them numb and Calloused ooh rah
My recruiter just retired from the Marine Corps. My senior drill instructor retired a few months ago. It's officially the next generation.
"Marine Corps pay me way too much". "Duty on Christmas? Heck yeah!". "Yeah I love the feild". "That sounds like a great idea staff Sargent"
Sleeves Rolled Babies - The Unintended Effects of Bringing Rolled Sleeves Back to the Marine Corps
Just Announced: Marine Corps pilot killed last night, around 10:30pm, when his F/A-18C Hornet crashed near...
Find the secret to NOT cutting off your circulation with USMC
U.S. Marine Corps horse that served during the Korean War receives posthumous medal of valor http…
Marine Corps warplane crashes in killing pilot
Marine Corps ball on September 9th? More like Drake and Future concert with 😎🙏🏼
My Marine Corps brothers & i can't wait to rock with you tomorrow. If possible can we get shout out to our brothers in arms!
so we've got juiced *** wearing a Marine Corps shirt & dress uniform but Army multicam. Phenomenal. What a goon
.pilot killed was on a training mission in Calif. desert, according to ht…
“You are not only honoring me, but our great Navy, Marine Corps team and our great nation.” — Col. Harvey Barnum, Jr
Marine Corps warplane crashes in California, killing pilot via the app
Sandra please tell John Allen is retired Marine Corps general, not admiral. Love Outnumbered!!!
adalberto A Marine pilot was killed when his F/A-18C Hornet crashed during training in California, the Marine Corps said Friday. vazquez
The crash happened near the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms at about 10:30 p.m.
A Marine Corps pilot has died in a training flight
Marine Corps warplane crashes in California, killing pilot
Last day in uniform...had many ups and downs in the Marine Corps, but the memories made will always be remembered. htt…
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