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Marilyn Tavenner

Marilyn B. Tavenner (born May 31, 1951) is Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

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Health Insurers are looking for a little certainty, according to
Our CEO Marilyn Tavenner talked individual market stability with on
Our CEO Marilyn Tavenner joined on tonight to discuss stabilizing the individual market
Not really. Marilyn Tavenner worked in Obama admin.
Katherine Archuleta, Marilyn Tavenner, Julia Pierson are 3 forced resignations not to mention 3 secretaries of state.
Former CMS chief, Marilyn Tavenner says AFFORDABILITY is biggest problem for Obamacare after 3 years in.
Marilyn Tavenner of outlines insurers' concerns in the move to value-based care
Note the Corporatists Andy Slavitt and Marilyn Tavenner - now
"We're on the cusp of the most dynamic changes to health care in the last 50 years." - CEO Marilyn Tavenner https:…
To the millions of Americans who've attempted to use to...
As comes to a close, reflects on Marilyn Traveneer’s opening remarks
A call to payers by to facilitate via &
If you weren’t able to attend check out recap of Marilyn Tavenner’s opening remarks
Marilyn Tavenner talked a lot at about “Managed Care.’ Good. And what about Commercial
Institute: Marilyn Tavenner touts power of consumerism, tech by for
Thank you for another great and interview with President and CEO, Marilyn Tavenner.
No part outside of needing adopt focus on Import of Tavenner at
Health plans must lead the way by promoting consumer-driven healthcare, delivery system reform...
Marilyn Tavenner of AHIP interview at Insights Lounge. LIVE. Watch here:
.touts Medicaid managed care as model for care coordination/+ med/behavioral health integration
Marilyn Tavenner touts power of consumerism, tech via HealthPayer
Marilyn Tavenner touts power of consumerism, tech via
Institute: Marilyn Tavenner touts power of consumerism, tech. Read more:
Marilyn Tavenner touts power of consumerism, tech
AHIP Institute: Marilyn Tavenner touts power of consumerism, tech
"Viable solutions require all relevant parties to be at the table together." -Marilyn Tavenner
Marilyn Tavenner says group will be "vocal" about value of Medicaid managed care
Just heard from the CEO of AHIP. Marilyn Tavenner. She's very excited about the future of healthcare!
Marilyn Tavenner, CEO of AHIP is delivering poignant opening remarks about The Future of Health Care and Plans Leading the Way
Good that CEO Marilyn Tavenner highlight importance of partnering w/ churches, food bank, trans…
AHIP Pres/CEO Marilyn Tavenner opens by sharing data on increasing consumer tech & digital health, join my panel at 4:15pm!
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AHIP's Marilyn Tavenner on the value of the health insurance community
"...shift to consumerdriven market demands transparency" ~Marilyn Tavenner http…
I am here "Moving the health system to a new model" watching Marilyn Tavenner, CEO
Health plans are driving the change to consumer driven healthcare. Marilyn Tavenner
Marilyn Tavenner, nurse, former hospital and CMS administrator and now CEO kicks off
officially gets underway as President & CEO Marilyn Tavenner kicks things off
AHIP's Marilyn Tavenner jumps in on drug pricing, Hillary Clinton proposal
Appearing before a Senate committee Tuesday, Marilyn Tavenner, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, says the government's health care web site has improved since its widely panned launch a month ago, and is still improving. (Nov. 5)
CMS' Marilyn Tavenner to step down -
Marilyn Tavenner, in a lengthy email to her staff, didn’t give a reason for her departure.
Marilyn Tavenner, official who oversaw to step down |
Marilyn Tavenner, a top health official involved with Obamacare, resigns.
Marilyn Tavenner oversaw the rollout of
Top health official Marilyn Tavenner to step down - CNBC
The exodus has begun?. Obamacare official leaves after successes, messes via
Updated story about CMS chief Marilyn Tavenner's exit
Marilyn Tavenner, who oversees the nation’s Medicare and Medicaid programs and played a central role in implem...
Want To Be The Boss Of Medicare? The Job Is Open -- Again: Marilyn Tavenner, the head of the Centers for Medic...
CMS head Marilyn Tavenner is leaving her post. MORE:
CNN: Top health official involved with Obamacare resigns
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner will step down from her job at the end of February, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced Friday.
Head of Medicare and Medicaid Is Stepping Down: Marilyn B. Tavenner, the administrator of the...
🇺🇸. Marilyn Tavenner, official who oversaw to step down
CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner resigns, effective end of February by
Official responsible for implementing Obamacare stepping down
CMS chief Marilyn Tavenner to step down via
Marilyn Tavenner, the top official that was directly responsible for is stepping down.
Will a change at the top of CMS begin to rationalize the irrational home care benefits? Let us know what you... http:…
Email from Administrator Marilyn Tavenner says she's stepping down the end of February
Obamacare official leaves after successes, messes via
CMS administrator Marilyn Tavenner is stepping down
Obamacare official leaves after successes, messes
[BREAKING] Marilyn Tavenner steps down. Your reflection on her five years of service?
Marilyn Tavenner, the head of the Health and Human Services agency that was directly responsible, announced Friday she was stepping down from her post.
CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner announced her resignation on Friday. She will step down at the end of February after more than three years in the post.
Embattled Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner is resigning her post overseeing Obamacare just months after she admitted that the Obama White House's highly publicized 8 million Obamacare enrollment figure was inflated by at least 1.3 million.
Marilyn Tavenner oversaw the rollout of
CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner announced Friday she will resign at the end of February, according to The New York Times.
Marilyn Tavenner who U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will leave her post in end of February as her agency made mistake in counting for enrollment under Obamacare
Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, questioned Marilyn Tavenner of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the Energy and Commerce Committee's "Pulse C...
Marilyn Tavenner, a former Virginia health secretary and hospital executive, tells her staff in an email that she is leaving with "sadness and mixed emotions."
Marilyn Tavenner is leaving the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services.
Marilyn Tavenner: Quality continues to improve both in Medicare Advantage and the Part D
Marla Weston, Chief Executive Officer of the American Nurses Association, has been chosen as one of Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare” along with three other nurses: Marilyn Tavenner, agency administrator with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; Sister Carol Keehan, President and CEO of Catholic Health Association; and Maureen Bisognano, President and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
HHS told House Oversight and Gov Reform Comm Chair Issa Thurs that some emails belonging to Marilyn Tavenner gone.
Sen asks if CMS chief Marilyn Tavenner has gone into the witness protection program
Chuck Grassley observes that Marilyn Tavenner “seems to have gone into the witness protection program” as he questions Burwell.
ICD-10 deadline won't be delayed, Tavenner tells HIMSS Providers, payers and claims clearinghouses can look for no relief from the looming, Oct. 1 compliance deadline for the nationwide conversion to the ICD-10 family of diagnostic and procedural codes, the head of the CMS said Thursday. But some case-by-case exemptions will be made for providers having a tough time meeting their Stage 2 meaningful-use targets, she said. “There are no more delays and the system will go live on Oct. 1,” Marilyn Tavenner said during her keynote address at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society convention in Orlando, Fla., Thursday. “Let's face it guys, we've delayed this several times and it's time to move on.” Similarly, there will be no rollback of compliance dates for Stage 2, Tavenner said, despite considerable pressure being applied to the agency to further delay compliance dates and add flexibility to its “all or nothing” requirements to meet meaningful-use measures. For eligible hospita ...
I'm confused. As Obamacare heads toward the end of its 4th month, the results so far are pretty bad, and yet it seems as if Washington DC has forgotten about addressing the problems. There are approximately 47,950,700 uninsured people in America. Obamacare (ACA) was supposed to help get those people insurance. So far, only 2.1 million Americans signed up for private health insurance through the federal and state exchanges through the end of December. That is just more than 4%. 3.9 million people learned they’re eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The problem is that the Obama administration is counting this number in their total enrollments in ACA. But the Medicaid number includes people who were already on Medicaid and are just renewing, as Marilyn Tavenner, the administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services noted in a blog post last month. For the Administration to attempt to count these people as "success in Obamacare" is disingenuous or an out ...
! Exec. Marilyn Tavenner signed a "risk acknowledgement" - knowing that site security was lousy
Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner apologizes for botched rollout of
White House Granted Itself Waiver to Launch ObamaCare Website With High Security Risk As NewsBusters has been reporting, CBS News has been one of the press outlets totally willing to expose the disaster that is the ObamaCare rollout. On Monday, Sharyl Attkisson did a fabulous report on the CBS Evening News revealing that “four days before the launch the government took an unusual step: it granted itself a waiver to launch the website with a level of uncertainty deemed as a high security risk” (video follows with transcript and commentary): SCOTT PELLEY, HOST: Today the federal healthcare website went down again for about an hour and a half. No one is sure why. It's being taken offline on purpose every morning in the wee hours from 1:00 to 5:00 for repairs. Millions are still having trouble buying insurance on it, and it turns out that even when the website works it may not be secure enough to protect privacy. Sharyl Attkisson has been digging into this. SHARYL ATTKISSON: As was being de ...
The Lying Muslim Marxist in Chief said: "The Affordable Care Act is not just a website. It's much more." This week, in congressional testimony about that failure, Marilyn Tavenner, who's responsible for overseeing the ACA technology, reiterated, "It's important to remember that the Affordable Care Act is more than just a website." Indeed, it is much more, all of which poses an ominous threat to Essential Liberty, but for the moment, all eyes are on the cascading failures of ObamaCare. The Lies and Cancelations: In a 2009 health care reform speech before a joint session of Congress, Obama said, "If you misrepresent what's in this plan, we will call you out." This pathetic narcissist won't admit his own lies and duplicitous deceptions, so we'll call him out. On 26 September, five days before the O'Care rollout, he declared, "I want to speak plainly, clearly, honestly, about what [ObamaCare] means for you and for the people you care about. Let's start with a fact. About 85% of Americans already have health i ...
Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner to testify before Congress about
My guess.. her penalty will be losing her job when the 11/30 deadline is not met. Marilyn Tavenner will go around the same time
MARILYN TAVENNER, HEAD of refuses to tell congress obamacare enrollment numbers. CONTEMPT O…
Sebelius takes GOP criticism over “Obamacare” WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans blistered Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Wednesday over the nation’s controversial health care law, bluntly challenging her honesty, pushing for her resignation and demanding unsuccessfully she concede that President Barack Obama deliberately misled the public about his signature domestic program. “We’re not in it to just give you a rough time. We’re in it to try and hopefully get it right,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, at a hearing where Republicans — all of whom had voted against “Obamacare” — focused on the program’s flawed sign-up website as well as costs, policy cancellations, security concerns and other issues. During two hours in the Senate Finance Committee witness chair, Sebelius parried some thrusts and listened impassively to others. Treated more gently by Democrats than Republicans, she said at one point: “Clearly the opposition is still quite ferocious, and I’m ...
STAND UP FOR AMERICA "You ABSOLUTELY want to hear this and Share!" Via The Heritage Foundation
While the GOP will continue to distribute mis-information, the enrollments under the ACA will continue and people...
"Senate Obamacare hearing: website getting better"
Crisis of confidence is right! Problems with the roll out could create problems with the law functioning.
absolutely. But 24 h slack for Election Day. Are you covering Marilyn Tavenner's telling congress the site is working better ?
Advice is to keep trying for coverage despite tec problems
“I designed a website that will gather confidential information about millions of Americans. It has some significant security issues, but don’t worry about that. I gave myself a waiver on those requirements.” Marilyn Tavenner
Marilyn Tavenner told a senate committee that the website has improved.
Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner testifies before Senate on troubles via
He's still waiting for a call from HHS...
Early figures from the first and next month of 800k users were expected to register for healthcare coverage using the website set-up to access the nation’s health insurance exchange, according to new information from the U.S. Centers for Medicaid and Medicare. That averages out to just under 27 thousand people per day, a mind-boggling low prediction given the millions who flooded the site at launch on October 1.. 17k registrations can now be processed each hour, according to CMS head Marilyn Tavenner, and the pages have been altered to make usage less confusing/time-consuming for those trying to register. Official numbers, on the total number of Americans who successfully registered for health insurance on the site during October, are expected sometime next week. source
Obamacare -- As Charles Krauthammer put it: "Beyond mendacity, there is liberal paternalism, of which these forced cancellations are a classic case. We canceled your plan, explained presidential spokesman Jay Carney, because it was substandard. We have a better idea. Translation: Sure, you freely chose the policy, paid for the policy, renewed the policy, liked the policy. But you’re too primitive to know what you need. We do. Your policy is hereby canceled. Because what you really need is what our experts have determined must be in every plan. So a couple in their 60s must buy maternity care. A teetotaler must buy substance abuse treatment. And a healthy 28-year-old with perfectly appropriate catastrophic insurance must pay for bells and whistles for which he has no use." But don’t worry. At least your personal information is secure on since it’s being protected by “stringent security standards,” according to Marilyn Tavenner. Oh wait… that’s not true either." Rosario, Heri .. ...
LIE: Consumers "can trust that the information they provided is protected."-- Marilyn Tavenner
NOW: is testifying before Senate on - Health Care has latest:
CSPAN 11/6/ SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE WITH Kathleen Sebelius, SECRETARY OF HHS, initial statements and questioning by Chairman and ranking member of Senate: Dem Chairman Max Baucus: let's fix this and exceed expectations and move aheaed Repub Ranking Member, Orrin Hatch: 1) this is a debacle and please agree to give us updates 1x/mo; you had to KNOW there were problems such as with end-to-end testing and security; you NEVER answered our queries for the last 6 mo., since we saw you last April. And another problem is: WORDS MATTER, re: Obamacare promised; the fact is costs will NOT go down, in fact men and women will pay 62 to 99% more! The president lied--he got 4 Pinnochios--the highest level of UNtruthfulness; 3.5 million have already lost their plans; and what about the small business responses. Sebelius Statement: centered around WHY it wouldn't pay to delay costs: because other bills and foreclosures, delays of healthcare for people, etc., will continue. We want to keep prices down--delay is not ...
Documents show internal chaos before launch of Web site, via
.had major questions for Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner yesterday. Her answers may astound you:
Marilyn Tavenner refuses to release figures on the number of ObamaCare enrollments. But she does say it is "projected" to reach 800,000 by the end of November. Well isn't that quaint. Millions of Americans have been sent cancelation notices that they well have no coverage by January 1st yet Marilyn hopes to have a fraction of that enrolled by December 1st. I guess the remaining Millions will do it over their holiday vacations for Christmas! So how many won't have coverage by January 1st?! We were told millions would receive affordable healthcare and yet most who have signed up have signed up for Medicare!! Just more burden on a busted system. And millions who were happy with their plan are forced out of it and may have no plane come January 1st! If this were a corporation it would be Federal Fraud people would go to jail. Instead POTUS flys to Texas, Marilyn refuses to provide numbers and supporters act surprised that it's a train wreck!
SC man's case prompts security concerns in DC COLUMBIA, S.C. A South Carolina man says he wants his personal information removed from the federal health care marketplace after it inadvertently went to a man in North Carolina trying to log onto the government website. Columbia attorney Thomas Dougall said Tuesday federal officials have yet to contact him about the security breach. His case prompted questions in Washington about the security of the website that's been riddled with technical problems since its Oct. 1 launch. Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner told a Senate committee that Dougall's issue was fixed Monday with a software update. But Dougall says he still doesn't know the extent of the breach, and he wants his data deleted. Dougall says he emailed the administration after learning last Friday that a North Carolina resident received his information.
WASHINGTON - (AP) -- President Barack Obama claimed "full responsibility" Wednesday for fixing his administration's much-maligned health insurance website as a new concern surfaced: a government memo pointing to security worries, laid out just days before the launch. On Capitol Hill, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius apologized to frustrated people trying to sign up, declaring that she is accountable for the failures but also defending the historic health care overhaul. The website sign-up problems will be fixed by Nov. 30, she said, and the gaining of health insurance will make a positive difference in the lives of millions of Americans. Obama underscored the administration's unhappiness with the problems so far: "There's no excuse for it," he said during a Boston speech to promote his signature domestic policy achievement. "And I take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed ASAP." The website was still experiencing outages as Sebelius faced a new range of que ...
When I saw Marilyn Tavenner, Medicare Chief, on the hot seat on CNN yesterday, I couldn't help but remember the day in 1982 I interviewed her when she was a nurse at HCA in Richmond. The article was about how nurses can have an unforgettable impact on patients and their families.
im Geraghty To Me Nov 5 at 11:51 PM National Review Today on NRO THE EDITORS: Obama knew his claims were untrue at the time he was making them. If I Like It, You Can Keep It. CHARLES C. W. COOKE: Thousands of enrollees is impressive, and millions of cancelled plans is a rounding error. Obama's Numbers Racket. JAMES V. DE LONG: A free-for-all of special interests is having catastrophic results. Obamacare and Cronyism. JIM GERAGHTY: Ken Cuccinelli's rough ride may have lessons big and small for the GOP. Hard Lessons in Virginia. RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY:Donna Brazile says Republicans' proposed food-stamp cuts are "cruel," but who's really heartless? Food-Stamps Folly. SLIDESHOW: Future Soldiers. Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty November 5, 2013 Let's Face It; It's a Rebuilding Year for Election-Day Drama Happy Election Day. Virginians, Ken Cuccinelli could use your help today. E. W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain, too. The outlook for Cuccinelli is not great, of course, and today on NRO I point out a hard lesson ...
Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner testifies before Senate on troubles
Today, during the HELP committee hearing I questioned CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner. Concerns were raised about canceled policies, higher premiums, the broken website, and security issues. Click below to watch.
Sen. Johnny Isakson questions head of CMS CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) chief Marilyn Tavenner testified before the United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions today. Sen. Johnny Isakson questioned Tavenner early in the hearing. Isakson showed his knowledge of the issue and his experience in running a business and employing independent contractors. He also pointed out the problems in rural Georgia.
Medicaid preference could strap states under Obamacare By Washington Times (DC) November 5, 2013 House Republicans suspect the White House has more Obamacare data than it is letting on, sparking a tug of war that is playing out amid fears that Medicaid enrollment could far outpace requests for private insurance under President Obama's program. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, Michigan Republican, sent a stern letter Friday to Marilyn Tavenner, the federal official closest to the health care law's implementation, threatening to subpoena the records from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. "The committee is not prepared to wait until 'around mid-November' for the administration's scrubbed and spun numbers," Mr. Camp wrote. The White House has said it will release the figures on a monthly basis, beginning in mid-November, and that it takes time to gather reliable data from the federal exchange system and state-run markets. But Rep. Darrell E. Issa, California Republican and chai ...
Senators question problematic healthcare rollout - Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner testified Tuesday on Capitol Hill that the online rollout of President Obama’s health care overhaul has improved since its disastrous debut on Oct. 1 and continues to do so.
Senator Tim Scott Questions Marilyn Tavenner, Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), who is directly responsible for and signed off o...
Marilyn Tavenner, CMS Administrator, is testifying right now on C-SPAN. They were just saying 3.5 million Americans will lose their current coverage. Duke University seems to have a much different number.
OMG! Are Senate Democrats starting to flip-flop on ACA/Obamacare? Sen. Kay Hogan (D) North Carolina asked, is the President and CMS, CSSI, and others "Going to delay the penalty for those who can not enroll on the website?" Marilyn Tavenner "Not that I'm aware of, you can still enroll through the paper form, so I would believe there will be NO delay in penalty".
Terribly disappointed with Johnny Isakson's questioning of Marilyn Tavenner re: the healthcare debacle! Who is he representing?
Marilyn Tavenner CMS Administrator stating that "HEALTHCARE.GOV" has an inherently high risk with your privacy. REALLY? (C-SPAN &, testimony currently) Sen. Mark Kirk (R) Illinois, "You are telling me that the American Public is "INHERENTLY AT HIGH RISK WITH THEIR PRIVACY"? Marilyn Tavenner "Yes".
Listening to C-SPAN Senate Hearings on Obamacare Website Debacle. On the Hot Seat...Marilyn Tavenner, CMS Administrator. Something she said really struck me funny when she was talking about what a big 'feat' putting this massive program together was going to be and it wasn't going to be a 'smooth operation.' Just starting me thinking that this is the quintessential nickname for Obama."SMOOTH OPERATOR" 03. Sade - Smooth Operator
Watching Healthcare hearings with Marilyn Tavenner CMS Administrator answer questions on C-Span. She is trying to defend the roll out of Obomacare. Even getting some flack from Democrats. We need to keep on top of this.
CSPAN right now: MARILYN TAVENNER,RN, HEAD OF HHS's, CMS made this opening statement in front of the Senate Committee, some of it accurate, some of it just fantastical, and I won't bother about some known rhetoric details we've all heard: 1) this new market will give affordable options and balance out young vs old and well vs ill, E.G., the well pay for the ill and so forth; 2) claims obama care will give so many more health care choices---what a lie!! 3) claims all of us who have tried to apply are all so very eager to sign up--another lie. 4) 13 million have visited the website and 700,000 have signed up, BUT THEN ADDED, only 350,000 have been on the failed fed site; 5) went on an on acknowledging website problems--won't say any more; 6) says website can handle 17,000 apps/hr 7) says they've reconfigured compnents, especially filtering of offered plans 8 ) claims accurate eligibility to consumers is now shown properly---what a lie!! They changed our couple application to a single trying to get M ...
Well here we go again, another hearing about website problems and Insurance Coverage, with Marilyn TAVENNER from CMS. Looks like it might be an easier one than what she went through the last time. She is getting to explain the what for's at least.
HEADS UP: Today the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will hold a hearing with CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner on problems with what Senator Alexander has called the “disastrous” rollout of Obamacare. Here’s the link to watch LIVE at 10 a.m. EST.
Medicare head Marilyn Tavenner to testify again today but all she will say is "it's not mid Nov yet" sheesh.
The links in the article did not copy. Sorry!!! A Promise He Could Not Keep Dear Friends, By now, we all know that the launch of Obamacare’s online insurance exchanges has been an unmitigated disaster, with reports indicating that as few as six people signed up for health coverage on the first day of open enrollment. But for the more than two million Americans being booted from their existing health plans under Obamacare, their troubles span far beyond a flawed website. You may remember President Obama’s promise to Americans in June 2009 that, “If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period.” Unfortunately, Americans from coast to coast are quickly finding this to be untrue, including the thousands of Tennesseans who received affordable health coverage through CoverTN. Come January, this program will be dissolved as a result of Obamacare, forcing customers to choose between buying an insurance plan on a website that simply does not work, or paying a fine ...
What Is Obamacare? "Obama Health Care" " Obamacare ": administration apologizes The International federal site, opened on October 1 , should allow millions of uninsured Americans to choose a subsidized health insurance . What Is Obamacare? "Obama Health Care" The Obama administration has apologized Tuesday for malfunctions of the Internet portal of the reform of the health insurance , the amount of pressure on the Minister became the face of missed launch, Kathleen Sebelius . The U.S. Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius , has to go to 1300 GMT Wednesday before a committee of the House of Representatives for a hearing where many Republicans ask him to account , and some will demand his resignation. The launch of the federal site " was not up to the expectations of Americans and this is not acceptable," should it admit , according to the text of his statement released Tuesday . " We intend to fix these problems as soon as possible." "We continue to add capacity to meet demand ...
For those of you wonder like myself what the penalty for not having health insurance is. I chatted with the rep on 10:54:38 pm]: Brooklyn The fee in 2014 is 1% of your yearly income or $95 per person for the year, whichever is higher. The fee for uninsured children is $47.50 per child. The most a family would have to pay is $285. Amounts go up after 2014. Here is the conversation [10:44:01 pm]: Thanks for contacting Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. Please wait while we connect you to someone who can help. [10:44:04 pm]: Please be patient while we're helping other people. [10:44:15 pm]: Welcome! You're now connected to Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. Thanks for contacting us. My name is Brooklyn. To protect your privacy, please don't provide any personal information, like Social Security Number, or any other sensitive medical or personal information. [10:44:37 pm]: Brooklyn welcome to the health insurance marketplace, how may I help you? [10:45:14 pm]: CALLER I live in crook . ...
Medicare Reimburses the Deceased and the Illegal Jeannie DeAngelis The Washington Times headline reads: "Medicare paid millions to dead patients, illegal immigrants, probe finds." While this subject has been broached before, it is imperative that it continue to be stressed. Why? Because the government reimbursing dead people and providing drug subsidies to illegal immigrants underscores the ineptitude of a bureaucracy that, despite its obvious inefficiency, is determined to make decisions that impact life and death. Health and Human Services, the department headed up by Kathleen 'Whatever' Sebelius, in a report issued by its own inspector general revealed that in 2011 Medicare paid out $23 million for dead patients and from 2009 to 2011 subsidized the cost of drug benefits for illegal aliens to the tune of $29 million. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), also a physician, said the report was troubling because Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had been warned there were problems five years earlier .. ...
Four Things We Actually Learned From Kathleen Sebelius's Testimony 1. The administration was astonishingly unprepared. 2. The White House no longer has confidence in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid's ability to oversee the site. 3. If anyone is likely to take the fall, it’s Marilyn Tavenner. 4. The Obama administration fears that frustrated users won’t return.
Medicare chief, Marilyn Tavenner wants Congress to appropriate $803.5 million to ensure the integrity of programs that redistribute tens of billions of dollars.--CNS News
HEALTH POLICY CANCELLATIONS: NEW BLOW FOR ADMINISTRATION WASHINGTON (AP) — Move over, website woes. Lawmakers confronted the Obama administration Tuesday with a difficult new health care problem — a wave of cancellation notices hitting small businesses and individuals who buy their own insurance. At the same time, the federal official closest to the website apologized for its dysfunction in new sign-ups and asserted things are getting better by the day. Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner said it's not the administration but insurers who are responsible for cancellation letters now reaching many of the estimated 14 million people who buy individual policies. And, officials said, people who get cancellation notices will be able to find better replacement plans, in some cases for less. The Associated Press, citing the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, reported in May that many carriers would opt to cancel policies this fall and issue new ones. Administratively that was seen as easier than cha ... people are ALL LIARS! I seriously cannot STAND this. The double speak and double think in relation to the ACA/Obamacare is UNBELIEVABLE!!! If you want to support President Obama and such, great. Awesome. No problem. BUT at least call him and his people out on their SH**!!! The President, Jay Carney, Kathleen Sebelius, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Marilyn Tavenner, etc. At this point in time, THEY ARE ALL LYING. Plain and simple. Please oh please oh PLEASE stop embarrassing yourselves (and the rest of us).
At Tuesday’s hearing on Capitol Hill with Marilyn Tavenner, head of the lead agency implementing the
Marilyn Tavenner speaks at summit, says 17% of North Carolinians don't have health insurance
Marilyn Tavenner, Administrator for the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, gives the keynote address at the 2013 Georgia Chamber Health Care Conference.
The annual Medicare trustees' report [pdf] has been released, and it reaffirms the various reports we've seen over the last year of health care spending slowing down. The viability of Medicare has been extended by two years, projected to remain fully solvent until 2026; last year’s projection was 2024. The extension is attributable to Obamacare, says the Medicare chief. “The Medicare Hospital Insurance trust fund is projected to be solvent for longer, which is good news for beneficiaries,” said Marilyn Tavenner, who runs the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. “Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, we are taking important steps to improve the delivery of care for seniors with Medicare.” [...] “These reforms aim to reduce spending while improving the quality of care, and are an important down payment on solving Medicare’s long term financial issues,” Tavenner said.
Mark Warner, urge confirmation of Marilyn Tavenner to CMS post
.story says Medicare Advantage rate reversal was meant to smooth Senate confirmation of Marilyn Tavenner.
WASHINGTON — Medicare premiums are going up $5 a month in 2013, the government said Friday. It's less than expected, but still enough to eat up about one-fourth of a typical retiree's cost-of-living raise next year. Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner said the new "Part B" premium for outpatient care will be $104.90 a month. In most cases, it's deducted directly from a beneficiary's monthly Social Security check. Currently the premium is $99.90 a month. Earlier this year, the government projected an increase of as much as $9 for 2013, but health care inflation has remained modest. Still, advocates for the elderly didn't see much to cheer about, particularly since Medicare cuts are on the table in budget negotiations between President Barack Obama and Republicans in Congress. Obama has promised to protect beneficiaries, but even his plan calls for upper-income retirees to pay more. "These increases aren't as big as projected, but they are still increases," said Joe Baker, president of the Medicare Rights Cen ...
Drudge Report; Two U.S. senators and a representative worry that billions of tax dollars could be going to Cuba and other foreign countries via criminal schemes designed to defraud Medicare and Medicaid. The schemes often involve the use of “nominees,” individuals who are paid to be fronts for the actual owners of corporate entities being used in the fraudulent operation. By concealing the identities of true owners, the approach invites its use to funnel tax dollars out of the country. In a letter made public yesterday to Marilyn Tavenner, acting administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, senators Orrin Hatch, R-UT, and Tom Coburn, R-OK, were joined by Rep. Peter Roskam, R-IL, said they fear billions of tax dollars are being lost annually as a result. “Clearly, the program vulnerabilities that facilitate billions of dollars to be stolen from the Medicare program each year also allow for some of that money to be funneled to foreign countries,” the three congressmen said. “While the fr ...
Marilyn Tavenner gov't and private sector goal alignment can lead to seamless health system -
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