Marilyn Monroe & Young Forever

Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962), professionally recognized as Marilyn Monroe, was an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s. Young Forever is the fourth single by American hip hop-rapper Jay-Z from his album The Blueprint 3 off the Roc Nation label. 2.7/5

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You listen to Stupid *** by Nicki and automatically assume she's all about that stuff, listen to Save Me, Marilyn Monroe, Young Forever etc
I love twerking to Young Forever, Gun Shot, Marilyn Monroe, & Fire Burns!
Best Nicki Minaj song?:D — Either Va Va Voom or Marilyn Monroe or Young Forever but I love them all:D...
mine are super bass, PTA, whip it, fly, Marilyn Monroe, Young Forever, right thru me, Last Chance, Automatic, Va Va Voom,
Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt? Trying to be Young Forever, Like a Gun Shot it was over.Maybe she just needed a Roman Holiday.
Everybody about to be singing Marilyn Monroe and Young Forever...
I don't like Nicki Minaj's slower songs but Marilyn Monroe and Young Forever are amazing!
moms when you gonna do up Marilyn Monroe or Young Forever? the Alarm was tight to! But the other two are fire
Pound The Alarm and/or Whip's Automatic. Beautiful Sinner must be how Marilyn Monroe felt.or Young Forever rather...
I think needs to release 'Young Forever', it would be a big hit because it has so much emotion in it. Same with Marilyn Monroe
Young Forever should be a single over Marilyn Monroe. it will be more popular.
You should most definately make a video to Young Forever or Marilyn Monroe.
PLEASE make a video too Marilyn Monroe, Roman Holiday, and Young Forever!!!
Nicki Minaj's Marilyn Monroe, Young Forever & Fire Burns are possibly the best songs on her album Roman Reloaded.
Marilyn Monroe - cause it's amazing, emotional, everyone will love it, PLUS THE VIDEO AHH. I was close to picking Young Forever.
Can I be in Masquerade, Gun Shot, Va Va Voom, Marilyn Monroe, or Young Forever? I could be the young you!
can you tell us what your next single is going to be *flatters eyelashes* fingers crossed it's Young Forever or Marilyn Monroe.
Awww, do you like Nicki? You should listen to Starships,Young Forever, Roman Holiday or Marilyn Monroe! You'll love it Ari! :)
Admittedly Stupid *** wasn't her best of songs, but ones like'Marilyn Monroe','Young Forever'and'Dear Old Nicki'are pretty inspiring
I just now discovered Nicki Minaj. I like it!! Va Va Voom, Marilyn Monroe, Young Forever and a couple others!! m. weird.
Young Forever,Marilyn Monroe,and Fire Burns,and Champion make me cry everytime
"Marilyn Monroe" by Nick Minaj is just amazing. The lyrics are great. Also check out "Young Forever". "Pound The Alarm" is a party anthem.
Marilyn Monroe makes me feel so strong & yes I also like Young Forever!!
'Marilyn Monroe', 'Young Forever' and 'Beautiful Sinner' by are just amazing! Can't stop listening
The chorus in Young Forever has my heart, & Marilyn Monroe describes me. *sig*
you're a Beautiful Sinner like Marilyn Monroe so you'll be Young Forever. Whip It.
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