Marilyn Monroe & Robert Mitchum

Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962), professionally recognized as Marilyn Monroe, was an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s. Robert Charles Durman Mitchum (August 6, 1917 – July 1, 1997) was an American film actor, author, composer and singer. 5.0/5

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Rock Hudson, Terry Moore, Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe at a Hollywood party in 1953.
Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum on the set of River of no Return, 1954.
Marilyn Monroe with Robert Mitchum on the set of 'River of No Return' (1953) Otto Preminger
Photo: Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum in the River of no Return 1954
Watching "River Of No Return"! Marilyn Monroe is "Hot"! Dawn says Robert Mitchum is too. I can't see it. :)
HOLLYWOOD ‘ROYALTY’ IN CHILLIWACK – Chilliwack in the 20th century was not known as a place where one might see Hollywood movie stars. However, before air travel became the preferred way to get around, the train was the main mode of transportation and over the years more than a few celebrities would pass through Chilliwack on the main CN line and, in some cases, even get off for a brief walkabout. In fact, two of Hollywood’s top stars paid quick visits to Chilliwack many years ago. On Canada Day, July 1, 1933 Clark Gable (1901-1960) stopped in Chilliwack for a short time. This was approximately six years before his career really took off with release of “Gone With The Wind”. Little is known about why Gable was in or passing through Chilliwack, but the event was noted in the Chilliwack Progress. Twenty years later, on July 11, 1953 Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) left Vancouver on a CN train heading east. She was destined for Alberta where she was to start filming her latest movie “River of No ...
I have always loved the movie "River of No Return" & lately keep watching it just to watch Robert Mitchum sing River of No Return with his deep, deep voice! Love him... & of course, Marilyn Monroe sins it beautifully too! Great chick flick & Indian fighting, rapid water almost drowning , shooting, bad guys... Wow, great movie for everyone!
Photo: amazing-Rock Hudson, Terry Moore, Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe. Mitchum seems to be the attention getter. htt…
This month Encore is going to feature The River Of No Return. It stars Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum, two of the best, two of my favorite actors, and great story.
2:15am on Encore West - . "The River of no Return" . starting Robert Mitchum & Marilyn Monroe. Two friends making a movie together!.
I just finished watching an Encore Western movies, The River of No Return, featuring the most beautiful woman in her time, Marilyn Monroe, and Robert Mitchum, who made me yearn for my Pops Pepito Makua'ole, who raised me since I was 14. I always asked him to tell me his Navy stories which were always amazing. He said his best friend in the Navy was Bob, Robert Mitchum. I always said yea verbally but inside I said "Yea for sure," because I didn't really believe him. One day I came back after school to our mobile home just above the swinging bridge in Waimea Valley Kaua'i. There in the parking area was a big black limo with a formally dressed driver waiting inside it. When I went into the house there was a familiar guy sitting with Pops around the dinning table. Pepito said, "Bob this my boy Makahinu." The guy responded, " Oh, another Maka" because that's what he called Pops in the Navy. Then Pepito said, "boy this my friend Bob, Robert Mitchum." I always believed him since then. I really miss m ...
Kinda wierd -- I just watched "River of No Return," a 1954 western starring Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe and Tommy Retig, who was the spittin' image of my great-grandson Jeffery. And he was about half way in love with Marilyn, which I can also believe of J-Dog.
I just watched a movie called A River Of No Return with Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe. Let me say this about Marilyn Monroe," She had some real talent! Among other things." LOL It was made in 1954 and it's good. It's a western about a man and his little boy rafting down a river along with a gamblers girlfriend. I wonder how well Robert handled being on the set with Marilyn for several months. LOL. Just thinking out loud. :)
Encore Westerns, good movie starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe, River Of No Return. Two greats
Watching River of No Return with Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum.he was my mom's favorite actor.
ok, old peple like Debbie, American Movie channel has "Rimver of No Return" Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe. good old western
Good day for an old movie. I always liked Robert Mitchum movies, and Marilyn Monroe ain't too *** the eyes.
Best known as Jeff Miller, the star of the TV series “Lassie,” Queens native Tommy Rettig was a child actor who appeared in numerous films and television shows in the 1950s and ’60s. He performed alongside Hollywood stars, including Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchum and Ronald Reagan.
Loved this. River of No Return with Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchum, Rory Calhoun via
FYI, - that was the bridge Marilyn Monroe kissed Robert Mitchum in a 1953 movie!
Photo: theniftyfifties: Marilyn Monroe sharing secrets with Robert Mitchum.
Jasper remembers Marilyn Monroe. (The Edmonton News) Jasper se souvient de Marilyn Monroe. (Le Edmonton News) It is part of Jasper’s history that many outside the mountain town don’t even know about. In August 1953, famed Hollywood director Otto Preminger, along with full cast and crew, descended upon the community to film a big-budget western called “River of No Return”. In the movie starred veteran actors Robert Mitchum and Rory Calnoun, but for many the most exciting cast member to visit their town would be iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. Sixty years later, an exhibit in Jasper-Yellowhead Museum entitled “Jasper Remembers Marilyn” has many residents reliving the starlet’s visit to their Rocky Mountain town. Harry Home and Sandy Robinson, long-time residents of Jasper and young adults at the time, easily recall a day six decades ago as if it was yesterday. “She looked gorgeous the day she stepped off the train”, recalls Robinson. Cast and crew took in everything the Jasper area had to o ...
River of No Return is a 1954 American Western film directed by Otto Preminger and starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe. The screenplay by Frank Fenton is based on a story by Louis Lantz, who borrowed his premise from the 1948 Italian film The Bicycle Thief.
This Robert Mitchum biography is endlessly entertaining. Take this explanation for his friendship w/Marilyn Monroe.
Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe, the stars of this film, don't have a lot of screen chemistry, and Monroe delivers one of the stiffest and most awkward performances of her career, but when the two have a long magic-hour conversation by a campfire with a river rushing behind them, filmed in a single long take, performance hardly seems to matter. The sheer cinematic beauty of the shot infuses itself into the actors, the dialogue, the narrative moment, the whole story of the film, so that we can accept these characters as people fated to become lovers, simply because they have inhabited this passage of sublime cinema. Aesthetic excitement is transmuted into emotional power. We believe that the characters will remember this moment forever, simply because we will.
If you had doubts about Marilyn Monroe's ability of acting, watch the MISFITS, she might have played her soul out in that one, be prepared for a depressing dark ride though
Now watching a very interesting Western with Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe called ,I really like her in this movie.
Had Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe conceived and birthed a baby together, that child would have brought alien races to earth for worship!
Watched River of No Return (1954) Dir. Otto Preminger, Jean Negulesco quite a good movie Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum were resourceful.
Hmmm... good thing that mountain lion showed up, or Robert Mitchum trying to rape Marilyn Monroe would have been real awkward.
Robert Mitchum: Whatta man and the only really attractive leading man Marilyn Monroe had (aside from older Gable, of course).
And the Marilyn Monroe movie marathon continues with Robert Mitchum in River of No Return!
Due to the forecasted likelihood of rain and thunderstorms, this evening's Wex Drive-In screening of SABRINA has been postponed until tomorrow evening (Friday, July 20). Same time, same location. For your classic Hollywood fix, tonight inside our Film/Video theater, we're screening RIVER OF NO RETURN, starring Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum at 7PM (regular film prices apply).
Tennessee Ernie Ford lends his voice to the title song of the 1954 20th Century Fox film, "River of No Return" starring Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum.
For those who don't remember Jane Russell (or only associate her with Playtex Cross-Your-Heart bras/"The Outlaw"), I recommend watching one of the films in which she played a character much like herself. Good choices would be those in which she co-starred (at the peak of their careers) with her real-life buddy Robert Mitchum: His Kind of Woman (1951) and Macao (1952). Of course, she also starred with Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1953) and with Clark Gable in "The Tall Men" (1955).
FRIDAY 5-18-12 I am currently hunting for a particular prop for Swanky Shampane to use when she tantalizes the audience as Monsieur Baptiste is putting the finishing touches on the dress that she will wear on the “red-carpet walk” on OSCAR night. This scene was conjured from a scene in one of those movies where Marilyn Monroe slowly takes off her garments and throws them, one by one, over the screen, while saying sexy stuff to Robert Mitchum, or John Wayne, or . . . whoever it was. (And I can assure you that this was not just some insignificant thrill for a group of dopey high school guys at the peak of their libidinous urges, the highest point of their athletic prowess, and the lowest depth of their financial deficiencies. This was a monumental instance of a subliminal persuasion that would last through the entire lifetimes of every member of the of the Reno High Huskies baseball team who had each scrounged together a buck, and gathered together for the privilege of entering the Granada theater on on ...
This week, we watched the River of No Return. It's a 1954 western with Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe. Rory Calhoun played the villain (a gambler with no morals). Then, a couple of nights ago we saw Pure Country. That's a 1992 movie about a country singer where Rory played an old codger. Seeing the difference 38 years make is striking. It was hard to believe it was the same guy. Nonetheless, it was, and he was still a pretty good actor (considering he had no training as an actor). That was his last movie. He passed away 1999 at 78.
Really enjoying Marilyn Monroe & Robert Mitchum in RIVER OF NO RETURN... Marilyn is at her best - smart, sassy &...
So watching this random film on how can Hollywood have had a film with Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe and stink?
Cool Robert Mitchum and more importantly, a wet river rafting Marilyn Monroe. I'm in.
Robert Mitchum remembers Marilyn Monroe. He was there before the beginning.
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