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Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962), professionally recognized as Marilyn Monroe, was an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s.

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Why thank you!! And Happy Birthday also to Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman and Jason Donovan!
Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio photographed by John Vachon,... Pic as poster:
I've always found Jayne Mansfield hotter than Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn Monroe sings to US Soldiers stationed in Korea after the Korean War 1954
I always get Marilyn Monroe's death mixed up with Jayne Mansfield's, which is strange bc idk Mansfield otherwise but they were frenemies(?)
Mural of Marilyn Monroe at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Calvert Street in…
OMFG!! I have no words 😍 I can't wait to see Gillian Anderson as David Bowie and Marilyn Monroe in next Sunday…
Not just a story of a wrestler.We see it in all entertainment, Marilyn Monroe, Amy Whinehouse etc.
Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis on the set of (1959).
Actresses I wish did Grand Dame Guignol now that I know what it is: Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall. June Allyson, Marilyn Monroe
So it was Arthur Miller's looks, not literary genius, that won him Marilyn Monroe?
Marilyn Monroe and screenwriter Arthur Miller on set of the film 'The Misfits', 1961.
Queen Elizabeth II, Fidel Castro and Marilyn Monroe are two years younger than Juan Ponce Enrile. Let that sink in.
Marilyn Monroe, every year she was alive, from 1926-1962
Naomi Campbell . Kanye West. Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp . Marilyn Monroe. all have the same zodiac sign as me.
Matt just asked me of Marilyn Monroe was still alive 😂😂😂😂
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery and Abigail, Miss World competitions, Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Jones and Bo Derek
Photos: Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe and Dave Barry on the set of Some Like It Hot (1959) -
More people impersonate Elvis Presley than any other celebrity. Second most is Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum on the set of River of no Return, 1954.
Do you like Marilyn Monroe in the art? Fine art print on canvas MARILYN
Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe is a prime example of how society has failed.
Step away from the Marilyn Monroe propaganda and get this book!! "Vintage Black Glamour" by Nichelle Gainer ⚘💅💄
Ella Fitzgerald (born 100 years ago today) with Marilyn Monroe, whom she credited with getting her booked at Mocambo Los A…
You all forget Bill Clinton raped a few women? And JFK was banging Marilyn Monroe on the side??
A 17 year old Norma Jean Baker photographed on the beach just before she became Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe at age of 24 in Griffith Park Los Angeles 1950.
Bill would like to resurrect Prince or Marilyn Monroe, Gustav - Johnny Cash, Georg - Michael Jackson.
FACT CHECK: Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor Didn't Pose Together. But wow, we have to inspect every photo.
Love when Marilyn Monroe look-alike Kassandra stops in for some shoes! Catch her at the Viva Cantina 4/26…
Her name is Judy Monroe but her real name was Marilyn Monroe, so does that mean Mom's real name is Maria from Sesame Street?
Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller made much better artistic collaborators than marriage partners.
There is a scene in Tarnished Angels, starring Robert Stack, Jack Carson, and Dorothy Malone that contains a tribute to Marilyn Monroe
this place is right up there with the Marilyn Monroe house! 😂😂😂
I'm crying that Norma jean is my guardian angel. Like that woman is my everything. I love you Marilyn Monroe!
Marilyn Monroe keeping up with current events on a bench in Central Park, New York.
John Huston, Arthur Miller, Monty Clift, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable & Co. on the set of by
Are they still trying to figure out how many times Judith Exner, Marilyn Monroe, Angie Dickinson and Audre…
William Branham's prophecy about the death of Marilyn Monroe via
"Marilyn Monroe at the actors studio, 1955. 😍😍😍
SOLVED Friday at the Club with Marilyn Monroe & Det. Sam! Suspects Coco Vinny, Willard Scott & The...
This is what Kendall Jenner's Marilyn Monroe impression looks like:
Marilyn Monroe, Peter Lawford and Frank Sinatra at the Lawfords' home (1961)
Marilyn Monroe being interviewed by Vernon Scott, 1952. Pic as poster:
Marilyn Monroe - The Secrets to Her Unique Fashion & Style on Vanity Fai... via
'Who was Thomas Noguchi?..“coroner to the stars” in..1960's..autopsies..Sharon Tate, Marilyn Monroe, Bobby Kennedy, Natal…
Norma Jeane Baker, known publicly as Marilyn Monroe, posing for a portrait in 1947s.
Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe photographed behind the scenes of How To Marry A Millionaire,1953…
🎬 🎥 “The Seven Year Itch”. with the great Marilyn Monroe. Custom your ↦…
Things I know William Defoe as the green goblin dressing as lady in a movie, dressing as Marilyn Monroe. One of these is not like the other
Stephen Hawkin said if he was stranded on a desert island hed want to be with Marilyn Monroe,Einstein and Galileo.Imagine the conversations
All the people we used to know, they're an illusion to me now... — Bob Dylan. Philippe Halsman | Marilyn Monroe https:/…
Arthur Miller shows Marilyn Monroe some dance steps for her next scene on the set of The Misfits (1961, dir. John...
Henry Hathaway with Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten during the filming of Niagara, 1953
Marilyn Monroe photographed by Allan Grant, 1962. Pic as poster:
Marilyn Monroe's first starring role also Anne Bancroft's first film role! what has no one pointed this out to me before?
📷 “Sharon was being groomed to be a Marilyn Monroe-type bombshell, but she didn’t take her looks...
The German Empire allowed to have a better chance of being in love with Marilyn Monroe.
that snickers commercial where Willem Defoe turns to Marilyn Monroe is tame compare to when my Rebeckah get hangry like she was last night.
The musician who met Glen Miller and Marilyn Monroe.
There are still residents around who lived in Jasper, Alberta, when Marilyn Monroe filmed River of No Return there.…
Why the real brawl between Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe was even nastier and juicier h…
MGH Question - The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is supposedly home to two famous ghosts. Marilyn Monroe and?
Chase was trying to murder my mom Marilyn Monroe sick horse stick erin in Mexico fast now pass out pastor *** father bruce lee
The Lee Strasberg Studio where Miriam colon also studied at the far left that's Marilyn Monroe one of her classmates
My mom left me a voicemail singing Happy Birthday asking if she sounded like Marilyn Monroe 😭💀
"JFK & Marilyn Monroe were twin flames...were going to tell the World about Command."https:…
Marilyn Monroe will get my attention but I do love detective fiction and anything by Jilly Cooper xxx
Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift on the set of The Misfits, 1960 👀☻
Montgomery Clift, Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable attend a press conference for the filming of "The Misfits" (…
"It's the Marilyn Monroe school of medicine where enough of any drug will cure any disease." 📸 by Sindy K…
Hottest actress of all time (judged at their peak) is. . A Tie!. Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson
I someday wish for the confidence Norma Jean Baker once had to unleash Marilyn Monroe to the world
He also said that he had Marilyn Monroe killed to try to frame Robert Kennedy. Jimmy Hoffa was also involved in all of this and disappeared
Marilyn Monroe by Cecil Beaton for Harper's bazaar, February 1956. Morning anj.. hope you are well..💞
Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn (2011) dir. Simon Curtis
So what. Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley may all be registered to vote, call me when they show up…
Marilyn your heart out! And it wasn't even my birthday!!! Kelly K On-Air
There are more lies written about Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe than there are grains of sand on earth. It's as vast a…
The story behind a pic of Marilyn Monroe reading
Happy Birthday Mr. Ulysses! As read by Marilyn Monroe. by James Joyce published 2 Feb 1922, also his birthd…
I was just thinking of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe and how young...
He looks at me like he's James Dean and I'm Marilyn Monroe.
Diana Dors was dubbed UK's Marilyn Monroe and now she has deserved recognition.
have you ever seen Gentleman Prefer Blondes starring Marilyn Monroe ???
Marilyn Monroe once sought help from Judy Garland
Judy Garland’s shocking revelation about Marilyn Monroe: ‘she asked me for help’
Rob Kearney is back to tell you a little bit about our hugely popular Marilyn Monroe exhibit in the Museum of Style…
actors in River of no return were Marilyn Monroe as Kay,Robert michum as Mat and Rory Calhoun as Harry
Cecil Beaton photographing Marilyn Monroe at the Ambassador Hotel, New York, 1956. Photograph by Ed Pfizenmaier.
📷 marilyn-monroe-collection: Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller photographed by Sam Shaw in 1957.
If they don't find find her w an *** full of horse tranquilizers ala Marilyn Monroe style Mob knock off id be shock…
The fact that some girls still idolize people like Marilyn Monroe and Miley Cyrus blows my mind 🙄
Marilyn Monroe..he reposted it. I can see Mike doing a skull version now though..
📷 A busty water fowl gets her Marilyn Monroe on~ Oh my god I missed drawing Adyna so much.
I'm so in love with my Albert Einstein, wanna-be Pink, Marilyn Monroe hair 😛
"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.". ~Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe peeking out from behind a cat.
Ladies: it's extremely windy this morning. I just had a Marilyn Monroe moment 😛.
Marilyn Monroe was terrible at learning lines. It took her 60 takes to deliver the line "It's me, Sugar", in 'Some Like…
Star Struck with Marilyn Monroe Slots at Genting Casino , read more at…
Marilyn Monroe and Simone Signoret photographed by Bruce... Pic as poster:
JFK fr the 🐐boi had Marilyn Monroe as a side piece, plus all that Cuban missile crisis stuff. RESPECT. 💯
A lot of men try to down play Marilyn Monroe saying she was a *** blah...maybe yur mom was a *** n brought yu here.
All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they are not all the same. -Marilyn Monroe.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Obama, Chachi Gonzales, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, I could go on and on but
Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten on the set of Niagara, 1953, directed by Henry Hathaway.
Not to mention a huge male *** in the include, Lola Falange fine *** Eartha Kitt & Marilyn Monroe..
i'm basically just posting things Brandy Alexander says in Invisible Monsters as Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell leaving their handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, 1953.
Marilyn Monroe on the set of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953.
Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell on the set of 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes', 1953. Russell is the one texting.
When your mom says Jean Harlow starred with Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Marilyn Monroe photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt at her home in Hollywood, 1953.
Newton, or Lisa Raye portraying Marilyn Monroe or Scarlet O'Hara just change hair & makeup to pass thn I'll listen to ur debate.
lola Marilyn Monroe - Neal Turner has added a photo to the pool: Oil on canvas 18 by 15 inches
Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in a publicity photograph for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is the 1953 Howard Hawks rom/com musical starring Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe.
"Madonna isn't even original" 😹😹😹 but this was her openly paying homage to Marilyn Monroe, so try again lady gaga stans…
In case you didn't know ladies, Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson and later changed after...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I'm inspired by lots of people! Imogen heap, Marilyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, my grandmot…
I was going to listen to Doris Day but decided that was tempting fate so I'm playing it safe and listening to Marilyn Monroe instead.
I liked a video from Marilyn Monroe - Diamonds are a girl's best friend da "Gli uomini
the thumbnail made me think he was wearing Marilyn Monroe's Some Like It Hot dress.
this targeting as happened to Prince, Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, and many more aims to:
She was Norma Jean in a Marilyn Monroe package.
I think Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, etc. were killed the same way.
The best diners always have pictures of Marilyn Monroe hanging up somewhere lol
Simone Signoret and Marilyn Monroe by Bruce Davidson at the Beverly Hills Hotel , 1960
Some Like It Hot... Especially Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe... (Merry Christmas)
Okay but can we talk about how David Rossi quoted Marilyn Monroe..?
The Mocambo refused to book Ella Fitzgerald because of her race, until Marilyn Monroe said she'd reserve a front row http…
Marilyn Monroe pledged to attend each Ella Fitzgerald performance so discriminating clubs would book her. 1955 https:/…
In a gracious display of camaraderie, Lauren Bacall & Betty Grable decided not to fight w/Marilyn Monroe."
Humphrey Bogart with Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe attending the premiere of HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, 1953.
Marilyn Monroe & Dorothy Dandridge movies for today 😌
No good seats left in town for but has Monkey Business as compensation. Ginger Rogers, Cary Grant AND Marilyn Monroe
Cary Grant, Charles Coburn, Ginger Rogers, and Marilyn Monroe create a frenzy of fun!
a) FFS Rogue One spoilers b) Oliver Reed, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, etc. Have all been resurrected and put to work.
& then someone said something about why be Marilyn Monroe wen u can be Dorothy Dandridge? First of all.. I was MELANIN Monroe 😂
I wish there were as many Rita Moreno and Dorothy Dandridge tshirts as there are Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. https…
Norma Jeane Baker in 1933 later known as Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for the premiere of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 19…
Miss Twerksum hittin the blunt & twerking is the African American equivalent of Marilyn Monroe over the air grate in t…
did it really happen ? I just seen Elvis arm wrestling Hitler to see who was going out with Marilyn Monroe
a few guys from high school that I used to get high with, Robin Williams, John Lennon, Sonny Bono, Marilyn Monroe & Janice Joplin
1897 Nunnally Johnson, Marilyn Monroe and director Jean Negulesco on the set of How to Marry a Mill…
Rofl go buy a cross eyed Marilyn Monroe painting at the riverside art walk 😘
📷 wehadfacesthen: Marilyn Monroe in a 1954 photo by Milton Greene
"How could someone possibly miss such a thing? It's— Do the children these days not know who Marilyn Monroe is? Bet…
Steven Strait is to Kit Harrington as I am to Marilyn Monroe. 👀🚀💁🏻
Check out what I found. Riva Home Cushion Cover +pad Marilyn Monroe design colour - Black Freepost UK via
Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andre De Dienes at the Beverly Carlton Hotel in Los Angeles
A few others would be: Marilyn Monroe of course, Liz Taylor, Cheryl Ladd, Penelope Cruz, and Kelly Monaco
Mortenson, Baker, Dougherty, Norman, Lind, DiMaggio and Miller. Not an overstocked law firm, but Marilyn Monroe's surnam…
Marilyn Monroe signing an autograph for a young sailor in Chicago, photo by Eve Arnold, 1955
I collect art. I just recently bought two gorgeous photographs of Marilyn Monroe by international photographer Eve Arnold
You can take Elvis. You can take Marilyn Monroe. Success and fame wil...
Marilyn Monroe -coffee and script in hand- and Yves Montand on the set of Let's Make Love in…
People hd gr8 cameras in the 60s. RT:Marilyn Monroe, 1962 (By George Barris)
Marilyn Monroe by George Barris. From her last photo shoot, July 1962.
We shouldn’t try to dress up what happened to poor Marilyn Monroe - the guardian
I still don't think Marilyn Monroe's death was a suicide, goodnight
Marilyn Monroe is SHAKING in her grave
you are a definition of bae. You are like my Marilyn Monroe.
Hamilton Collection
"You know, most people really don't know me." Marilyn Monroe. Henri Cartier-Bresson
Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell -Two little girls from Little Rock via
"you look like Marilyn Monroe on a bad day" thanks mom
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." //Marilyn Monroe
You can’t dress up what Patriarchy did to Marilyn Monroe
Did you know once turned her hand to painting?
Marilyn Monroe- Diamonds are a girl's best friend via
The collection is now available. After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend! https:/…
Dress Marilyn Monroe wore to sing "Happy Birthday" to Pres. John F. Kennedy sold at auction to Ripley's for $4.8M
Want a piece of Marilyn Monroe? You can buy her JFK 'Happy Birthday' dress at auction
The iconic, barely-there dress Marilyn Monroe wore as she sang "Happy Birthday" to JFK goes up for auction.
This life is what you make it. Not matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress is on the auction block again
"A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself." Marilyn Monroe
The dress is the world’s most expensive dress bought at auction, and it has a new home with Ripley’s!
Marilyn Monroe’s dress from JFK birthday sells for $4.8 million at auction
How much did Marilyn Monroe's most famous dress fetch at auction yesterday?
The skin-tight dress Marilyn Monroe wore for her sultry rendition of "Happy Birthday" before then-US President...
Here, see some of Marilyn Monroe's most iconic moments from the decade she thrived.
I want it! ⚡️ “Marilyn Monroe's famous dress fetches $4.81 million at auction”.
Marilyn Monroe photographer by George Barris, 1962. Pic as poster:
The mold that Salvatore Ferragamo used to make all of Marilyn Monroe's custom shoes 🔥
Marilyn's most famous keepsake up for sale - The most valuable item of personal clothing ever ...
Between 1982 and 1987, Celebs like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Roy Orbison were often spotted flaunt…
“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world” -Marilyn Monroe
This Marilyn Monroe dress could sell for $3M
Who else believes in the conspiracy that Marilyn Monroe never actually killed herself, but faked her death and took back her birth name?
Marilyn Monroe moved a lot, but only owned one home-- and here it is:
🌟💛✨Happy New Day✨💛🌟. "We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle". Marilyn Monroe
Change your hair, change your life. via
The Best Hair Color Transformations of all Time: From Marilyn Monroe to Amy Adams - Vogue
voguemagazine: Change your hair, change your life.
Change your hair, change your life. by via
voguemagazine: Change your hair, change your life. (Fashion Week News on Fac…
Change your hair, change your life.
'A girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.' Marilyn Monroe .
Marilyn Monroe, make good use of your time.
Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday" dress is the most valuable piece of clothing ever owned, and it could sell for $3M https:/…
Marilyn Monroe works out at home in rarely-seen images for LIFE magazine - see all images
Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable & Lauren Bacall are out to find a rich husband! "How to Marry a Millionaire" @ 9pm PBS6
OMG! "How to Marry a Millionaire" is on tonight on PBS. Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Becall and Betty Grable. Magic!
I love the finale to There's No Business Like Show Business also with Mitzi &;Donald. I like Marilyn Monroe & Ethel Merman too
Billy Wilder and Marilyn Monroe on the set of 'Some Like It Hot' (1959).
4 November 1960 "Misfits" premieres, final movie for Clark Gable & Marilyn Monroe.
Come downtown St. Pete with me to the party! Marilyn Monroe starting the night off!
Here's John Steinbeck asking Marilyn Monroe for her autograph.
— ' I make it hard to let go, tonight I'm Marilyn Monroe even when I'm alone'
Marilyn Monroe in front of Queensboro bridge
This strikes me as an excellent price for an original movie poster being offered on htt…
had MANY a Marilyn Monroe moment while walking to and from anniversary dinner in a flared dress.
"In the future, females will take my quotes out of context in order to justify their slutty actions." - Marilyn Monroe
Visit Forrest Lawn Cemetery and see Marilyn Monroe's grave. I've only been to LA once and it was on my list
Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about. »Marilyn Monroe.
House of the day: See the rumored former home of Marilyn Monroe.
“I’ve read that if you can make someone laugh, you can make them do anything.”. “Thank you, Marilyn Monroe.”
Y'all look up to Cardi B and Marilyn Monroe get out my face
Actual freckles? No. "Beauty spot" freckles? Yes. Under my eye and like where Marilyn Monroe had one.
Marilyn Monroe died so Meghan Trainor could live
Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. ? Marilyn Monroe
Watch giant Honest Abe statue get installed on Michigan Avenue
Marilyn Monroe Arthur Miller in Amagansett Beach in East Hampton (Long Island) by Sam Shaw for Look Magazine, 1957 http…
I don't want to be Marilyn Monroe. In many ways, that's a good comparis...
Newbridge Silverware - What do Marilyn Monroe and Amy Huberman have in common ? (Luna Collection): When most ...
Marilyn Monroe accompanied by Illinois State Police, sent as her honor guard on behalf of the governor, 1955
Mae West is such a fascinating old starlet, I wonder why doesn't get the notoriety Marilyn Monroe gets?
Marilyn Monroe in a promotional photo for the movie "All About Eve"
In case you forgot what she looked like, here is Marilyn Monroe. Twice. :). RTvia
The difference between Marilyn Monroe and the early Pamela Anderson is not that great. Whats amazing is that the taste of
Marilyn Monroe's Diet Plan, Lipsticks and her Most Intimate Belongings are Up for Auction …
All we demanded was our right to twinkle. - Marilyn Monroe
If marilyn monroe was alive &U married her,the craze for looks last only4one year in a marriage or max 5 years then it's lost.
A rare photograph of Marilyn Monroe in Korea, 1954.
When you dress up as Marilyn Monroe and your friend as JFK but by accident . *takes picture together anyway for iro…
Kinda want to be Marilyn Monroe for Halloween kinda want to be something scary... 🤔🤔
From Angelina Jolie to Marilyn Monroe, 16 of the most memorable mouths in history.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Fear is stupid. So are regrets. – Marilyn Monroe. HalloWeekFair MARTA
I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it. – Marilyn Monroe. HalloWeekFair MARTA
Respect is one of life's greatest treasures. I mean, what does it all add up to if you don't have that? ~Marilyn Monroe
"I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.' ~ Marilyn Monroe
But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as *** don’t deserve me at my best.– Marilyn Monroe.
Check out Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell - Esther Williams on Cover 1952 Photoplay Pinups via
Congratulation to Baker and her Diva Blossom as Marilyn Monroe, You were chosen by MrsVedder Art & Craft...
Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, and Elizabeth Taylor in the same photo.
Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe's hand and foot prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood
📷 beauvelvet: The Jewish wedding ceremony of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller on July 1st, 1956.
Today I learned: Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller eloped on June 29, my birthday, 1956.
Thank you for my stay in your beautiful White Suite where back in 1957 Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Mil…
Playwright Arthur Miller was married to which famous blond actress? Marilyn Monroe.
Bruce Davidson, Yves Montand, his wife Simone Signoret, Marilyn Monroe and her husband Arthur Miller at the Beverly…
I know which Arthur Miller would be more fun, and it ain't the one who was married to Marilyn Monroe.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"You can stay where people like Bob Dylan, Clark Gable, Paul Newman, Jim Morrison, and Marilyn Monroe have stayed."
John Huston, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Eli Wallach, Montgomery Clift & Arthur Miller on the set of THE MISFITS.
Some Like It Hot (1959): Tony Curtis evades mob gangsters by negging Marilyn Monroe into having sex with him. 8/10
Marilyn Monroe (1926 – 1962) rides in a car with her husband Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller, American playwright and husband of Marilyn Monroe who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, was bor…
I just saw Niagara and I assumed you meant the film where Marilyn Monroe plots to murder her husband
Happy Birthday to playwright Arthur Miller! Here he is with then-wife, Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn Monroe 1988 Lithograph of a Painting done and Signed by Tony Curtis
smashed the Arthur Miller round so feeling smug. Two of the questions being about Marilyn Monroe skewed it
Arthur Miller, John Huston, Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable on the set of "The Misfits".
I liked a video Dr. Steven Greer : Marilyn Monroe was Murdered over UFO Secrecy
20th-century-man: “ Marilyn Monroe / during filming of the skinny dip scene from George Cukor’s unfi
1921 Yves Montand and Marilyn Monroe with director George Cukor on the set of Let's Make Love, 1…
Nicole Kidman almost has a Marilyn Monroe moment on the red carpet
Not positive if Kennedy was with Marilyn Monroe the week before he died, but the rest is fact/truth
Marilyn Monroe in Christian Dior Haute Couture, photographed by Bert Stern for Vogue, 1962.
Did Bill Clinton's oral sex w/Monica Lewinsky in the WH or Kennedy's seduction of Marilyn Monroe have repercussions…
Watching the Orry-Kelly documentary, and I forgot about Marilyn Monroe's barely-there dress in Some Like It Hot. Like more nude than nude.
Marilyn Monroe - Marilyn at the premier of Some Like It Hot in 1959.
Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon on the set of Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot (1959).
Marilyn Monroe rehearses a dance routine with choreographer Jack Cole for "Let's make love" (George Cukor, 1960)
I love curvy women. Maybe because I'm not. I would love to be a Marilyn Monroe, but I'm ver
Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald: badass friendship of the century.
the only Marilyn Monroe of our era.
Whom would you like to meet? — Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe
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