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Marie Slaughter

Anne Marie Slaughter Unfinished Business

Anne-Marie Slaughter explains why shifts in work culture, public policy and social mores can lead to more equality.
" norms that police what people say do not change what they think." --Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne Marie is a secularist. A secular state can also tackle religious terrorism,…
leaked email from Anne Marie-Slaughter to Hillary Clinton way back in 2012 -
Anne Marie is not extreme,is wanting to end FGM,grooming gangs, non-stun slaughter&sharia council misogyny extreme?No of course not.
Sharks are illegally traded for their meat and fins, key ingredients in shark's fin soup
Anne Marie Waters: Anti-Islam candidate to stand for UKIP leadership - Marie Waters: ...
Anne-Marie Slaughter: No matter how wrong the Google engineer was, suppressing the gender debate will not help women
Why “finding your own style” is critical if you want to lead successfully as a woman:.
I liked a video Indra Nooyi in conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter
B/c we are hot-taking + she is in the press, Anne-Marie Slaughter is another candidate who belongs on speculation lists
I sat down with last week to talk about my new book and how networks are upending statecraft
The CEO of the New America foundation and former State Department official on her new book about how networks ar...
I liked a video Anne Marie Slaughter on masculinity and feminist double standards
honorable man, I respect so few white southern men, but he co-sponsored Bill to end horse slaughter
More isn't always better. Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses burnout and why you should work less.
Brilliant talk by Anne Marie Slaughter equality what it really means via
MONDAY 3RD APRIL: "Anne-Marie Slaughter on how networks can change the world". Tickets here
have abandoned their RELIGON. N Mohammed specifically declares slaughter
Some reading for my American friends. .
Anne-Marie Slaughter on caregiving, good management, investing in others, and owning it.: via
Anne-Marie Slaughter: Five ways to guarantee women can speak up and speak out
If we're going to have better choices for women, we've got to have better choices for m
Proposal to cull dingoes for China's DogMeat Market? I don't think so!. Stop the slaughter!
care is as important as career, heart is as important as head, family is as important as fame -Anne Marie Slaughter
What mothers need, as well as fathers, spouses, and the children of aging parents, is a
Anne-Marie Slaughter has nailed it in her book Unfinished Business. We need societal change so that is banished.
Nice irony there-"No need to respond;I fully understand if you don't want to put anything in email. Best,Anne-Marie Slaughter"
“The woman I thought I was would have said yes.” Priorities shift... work culture needs to shift too.
533: We Can't Work All the Time. Anne-Marie Slaughter on (finally) bringing sanity to the work/life struggle.
“I’m doing great in my career, but I don’t see anyone ahead of me with a life that I want.”
Currently watching interviews of Anne Marie Slaughter & can't help but laugh @ ppl calling her "stupid" in the comment sections
"Make America Safe Again"? can think of 1 change that would sharply reduce the slaughter of innocents..
Rise of the Tomb Raider's Blood-Ties addition is half poignant narrative adventure, half…
We should be proud of our country when we have done something to be proud of, when we h
It was fun to speak with the multi-talented Anne-Marie Slaughter on her state department…
"Men are still seen as providers, women are seen as caregivers who also work," says via
So who is going to get to slaughter Eva Marie in the end? That's my question.
how much do you think Eva Marie's big voice guy gets paid?
Anne-Marie Slaughter, AND contributor: Civil society is protesting monument in Budapes...
I've always thought Anne-Marie Slaughter would make a fantastic United States Senator or s
Did you read Unfinished Business and see what Anne-Marie Slaughter's son said about the Secretary of State?
Two women at the top of their games, and talk frankly about work-life balance
After tonight's episode I want to see how these ppl excuse LL for saying she wants to slaughter Marie.
Kill or slaughter? Slaughter is what was said about Marie. U know what every normal person says about a friend
Why did Anne-Marie Slaughter have to choose between her son and her career?
Breast Cancer Awareness
"I'm enjoying getting older because there is still so much to come." Anne Marie Slaughter
Surviving the Slaughter: The Ordeal of a Rwandan Refugee in Zaire - Marie Béatrice Umutesi
“Travels with Harley is insightful and refreshing!” Anne-Marie Slaughter
"when the choice is between action and inaction... she’d rather be caught trying.” - Anne Marie Slaughter
5 of 5 stars to Unfinished Business by Anne-Marie Slaughter
Young men keep telling me they don't 'have it all' either. And they ma...
Anne-Marie Slaughter shares her advice on how to be a better employee
We slaughter 1 another in the stereotypes&mistrust that linger in our heads&the words of hate we spew from our lips http…
The false pride of perennial celebration, of wearing flag lapel pins w...
I don't think is lying about what happened. LeeAnne said she was going to slaughter Marie.
thank you Ann-Marie Slaughter for your impactful thoughts on The Inclusive City
Marie-Anne Slaughter praises way London has embraced diversity despite all its other problems; no big city has done better
Beauty has a positive neurological impact on the people of the city. Anne-Marie Slaughter
Chicago = the city that cares the most about the beauty of its public spaces. Anne-Marie Slaughter
"Suppose the US & IMF conditioned military & financial assistance ... measures of educational progress."
domain names
6/9: Join & for a convo w on Women Men Work Family
Over my lifetime, women have demonstrated repeatedly that they can do ...
Will the 2016 contest change the Democratic Party's platform on Israel? Peter Beinart and Anne-Marie Slaughter...
Join webinar with Anne-Marie Slaughter discussing men, women and work on June 9.
thanks for sharing Anne-Marie Slaughter, have a great Friday :) (🆓 Insight via >>
You will grow & learn & develop by investing in others just as much as by investing in yourselves. ~Anne-Marie Slaughter
A great public address by Anne-Marie Slaughter on feminism, valuing caregivers (women & men) and "working parents".
In email to in June 2011, Anne-Marie Slaughter touts propaganda to "encourage" protestors:
Ann Marie Slaughter will be commencement speaker (she has family NC connection)
. 29 SF signed a "Petition of Concern" to maintain Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfas. S…
Gender equality is not about women, it's about caregiving, which isn't valued
Gordon Brown on educating refugees w tech Anne-Marie Slaughter on how tech may harm refugees
re: Libya, Anne-Marie Slaughter credited Hillary for "turning around POTUS on this." That's her vaunted 'experience'
Is the challenge of getting more in part due to a 'flexibility stigma' and the 'culture of hours?'.
Article does a great job of pointing to many key issues; as does Anne-Marie Slaughter's article ref'd in it
Anne Marie Slaughter : Can we have it all , I encourage everyone to go watch the video . Great speech
Trapping and slaughter of hundreds of Yellowstone bison begins
.May 2016 commencement speaker will be Anne-Marie Slaughter (
Lots of goodies in here. This was one of my favourites: . "what are you doing to make room for caregivers?"...
Anne-Marie Slaughter discuss gender politics in the workplace via
All women would vote for Hillary if they knew what it was like to aspire to be Anne-Marie Slaughter ...
Great piece on featuring Anne Marie Slaughter & Stew Friedman on challenges to parents in the workplace
Olala...Dr.Anne-Marie Slaughter, please come and encourage Japanese Men to change this 300-year old trend..
We have an official commencement speaker coming to Carolina in May
Acclaimed author and trailblazing public leader to deliver address:
Public policy trailblazer Anne-Marie Slaughter to be 2016 Commencement speaker
I added a video to a playlist Hillary Clinton ally Anne Marie Slaughter talks about her camp
The day Obama launched the Libya war, Anne-Marie Slaughter to Hillary: "Turning POTUS around on this is a major win"
Author and foreign policy analyst Anne-Marie Slaughter will deliver the commencement address at UNC on May 8.
.We will continue to let world know what happens to dolphins in Taiji until you end the capture & slaughter!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
David Bowie Is a Hero to Activists Fighting the Dolphin Slaughter in Japan via
.This story you need to cover! Slaughter, human greed and brutality all for Seaworld shows??
.Needs covering pls! - slaughter, human greed and brutality all for Seaworld shows??
"It often takes much more strength on our [women's] part to acknowledge weakness than to pretend infinite competence." ~Anne-Marie Slaughter
Don't forget to secure your tickets for the talk by Anne Marie Slaughter on Tuesday 26th January…
I shall send my Wasteland Crown to slaughter the masses
You're really gonna use the word slaughter in reference to abortion? Come on
Excellent interview with about the reality of the modern workplace for women (& men) via
Work-Life-Rinse-Repeat. says it's time to re calibrate work-life balance, tonight at 11 on
I'm interested in this feminism talk but tickets are thirty pounds. Is this just for rich feminists?
The Paris Approach to Global Governance with lessons learned
Princeton prof & work-life balance author Anne-Marie Slaughter to be commencement speaker:
Seal hunt adopts procedures & measurable outcomes that do not meet International recognized standards of humane slaughter.
Slaughter takes place in an unpredictable environment where humane killing is impossible to achieve.
Shameful! The requirements for humane slaughter in Canada are neither legislated nor practiced.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Myth: The slaughter is an economically sustainable activity.
Myth: The slaughter is an important contribution to the annual income of people living in coastal communities.
Myth: The slaughter is closely monitored and tightly regulated.
Myth: Seal pups are not killed in the commercial seal slaughter.
The two largest massacres of seals in the world are the harp seal slaughter in Canada and the Cape fur seal massacre in Namibia.
U of U grad speaker: Frmr adviser to Anne-Marie Slaughter
Rhyming coincidence of names but should interest?.
The Paris Agreement's not legally binding that's why it may work. A. Slaughter via via po_st
Could the non-binding nature of the Paris agreement be a good thing after all? via
"We asked how we, as of the can help make work better…"
Honored to meet Anne-Marie Slaughter today. The pursuit of the cultural transformation continues.
New Hillary Emails: How to spin/prosecute WikiLeaks briefing note from Anne Marie-Slaughter. Now CEO of NAF.
Anne-Marie Slaughter, who wrote "Why Women Still Can't Have it All," to give commencement speech in spring
A couple days before the Anne-Marie Slaughter talk, Jeffry Frieden will be at the LSE giving a talk about how the...
Men, women, and organizations will have to change radically to achieve work-life balance, says Anne-Marie Slaughter.
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Ben Bernanke, Gordon Brown join Pimco advisory board: The members will advise Pimco on political and economic ...
Men, Women, and Our Limiting Mythology of Success: via brainpicker
10 Questions for Anne-Marie Slaughter: On this Time interview Anne-Marie Slaughter, the foreign policy analyst...
Magnificent read on men, women, and our limiting cultural narrative of what success means
"I began to wonder why success as a woman, or indeed as a man, meant privileging career achievement above all else." - Anne-Marie Slaughter
Putting the care into career: Anne-Marie Slaughter was working in a high-ranking job in...
New in the library. Read Anne-Marie Slaughter's vision for equality between men and women, work and family.
Anne-Marie Slaughter on Our Limiting Mythology of Success and the Multiplicity of the Meaningful Life
"Workplaces, not women, need to change" - Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie Slaughter: Workplaces, not women, need to change
Rethinking the think tank: Anne-Marie Slaughter on how we need citizens' input and new forms of policy analysis
Excerpted from the book Unfinished Business by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Copyright ?? 2015 by Anne-Marie Slaughter. Reprinted by arrangement
The world now has 60 million refugees. If they were to create their own country, it would be the size of France
Jeremy Scahill on MSNBC debating Ann-Marie Slaughter over Syria via
Women don't have to be homemakers, and men don't have to be breadwinners.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm a so my daughters ~and son~ can live authentically. Great read by
.I could listen to Anne Marie Slaughter all day! Worthwhile conversation, thank you.
After the break Anne-Marie Slaughter (will chat with the hosts about her new book, Unfinished Business!
Anne-Marie Slaughter: For gender equality, value caregiving as much as breadwinning
Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Vision for Women, Men, Work and Family: In her new book, Anne-Marie Slaughter shares wh...
Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses the importance of male caregivers:
Please contact your Member of parliament asking that your country pressure to end the slaughter of
“Perhaps the problem is not with women, but with work.”
compared to when women are sexualized/gendered, their work is forgotten about. ie Anne Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie Slaughter has come to regret that her site-crashingly popular Atlantic piece had the title “Why Women...
Coinciding with my attendance at Anne-Marie Slaughter's book promo talk today:
"It's not a women's issue but a caring issue." --Anne-Marie Slaughter on the need for stronger family friendly policies
It is the Will Of The People to ban horse slaughter
Also worth comparing with Anne-Marie Slaughter's perspective, I think she has a point:
Timely intervention from the always stimulating
'It’s our turn to... make the workplace truly work for us.' on book
Novel and sensible discussion on what to do in Syria by .
CEO says America is 'losing GDP' because it's not using women
Unfinished Business by Anne-Marie Slaughter: Convincing American women to transform workplaces by voting in…
How Germany, India, Japan, Brazil, and Egypt can help push for peace in
Anne-Marie Slaughter talks women in the workplace
Enter to win tix to the National Constitution Center's Town Hall: Anne-Marie Slaughter "Unfinished Business."
Flexing work around caregiving = potent recipe for company loyalty = tangible value for employers
Read an exclusive excerpt from Anne-Marie Slaughter’s new book
Addresses Important topic of functional equality and need for evolving norms regarding work-life balance.
Slaughter releases book 3 years after declaring women still can't have it all
In "Unfinished Business" Anne-Marie Slaughter widens the lens on work-life balance
"Women are sexist, too." ~ Anne-Marie Slaughter raises important questions about sharing domestic power
Still trying to have it all? Anne-Marie Slaughter's 'Unfinished Business' looks at gender inequality and work
"Women are sexist, too," Anne-Marie Slaughter writes in an exclusive excerpt of her new book
Excellent, must read if you care about how we value caregiving in society (or don't)!
The Gendered Politics of Care by Anne-Marie Slaughter via via
Catching up with Anne-Marie Slaughter on work-life balance: NEW YORK (AP) — Anne-Marie Slaughter is back on the train from her home i...
The "Unfinished Business" of equality for working women: Anne-Marie Slaughter is out with a new book about mak...
War advocates like Anne-Marie Slaughter demand that you forget the past via
I just bought: 'Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family' by Anne-Marie Slaughter via
Another recent one. "We Asked Anne-Marie Slaughter: What Should Be the Purpose of American Power?".
Anne-Marie Slaughter on her new book, "Unfinished Business," and the barriers women still face at work and at home.
gabby if you don't come I'll slaughter your throat
The opponents of the Iran deal are absolutely right about the existence of an alternative. We could bomb Iran. A...
should be valued as much as and is as as - Anne-Marie Slaughter
China: stop the slaughter – stamp out ivory trafficking now via
.compares the current tensions in Europe to the North-South ideological divide before the US Civil War
Anne Marie Slaughter: War with is the only alternative to a Nuclear deal.
Feminist neocon Anne Marie Slaughter of the famed "Women Can't Have It All" say war with Iran is a gift to Islamists
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Anne Marie Slaughter in USA Today: " it takes a tough nation to accept the reality of limited power." (1/2)
Read my piece in The National Interest on American Power: and check out Mike Lind's answer on the 2…
War with is the only alternative to a : Anne Marie Slaughter
"War with Iran is the only alternative to a deal," writes Foundation's Anne Marie Slaughter:
Bernie Sanders echoes Anna Marie Slaughter: "Why the billionaire class can't have it all"
Tell Congress to Ban the Horse Slaughter Transport Once and for All! -->
Family and Work Go Hand in Hand. Anne-Marie Slaughter: Can we all "have it all"? | TED Talk |
New bedfellows: These contrasting takes from the Omidyar machine on Democrat neocon Ann-Marie Slaughter are bizarre.
Fox hunting is NOT about pest control. It isn't Rentokil. It's people dressing up to enjoy the thrill of ritual slaughter. I…
If my brother does not remove himself from my group chat I will slaughter him.
BREAKING: More than 400 dogs rescued from slaughter in Yunnan, China by activists. HSI initiated & coordinated rescue http:/…
Seeing her always makes me laugh because she looks so much like Anne Marie Slaughter
Jen goes cows are just so cute and CHUBBY I could never slaughter them! They have feelings too!
Anne Marie Slaughter on 'having it all':
Anne Marie Slaughter on 'having it all'
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Is the whale slaughter worth the international response of anger, disgust & opposition of millions of people around the world?
The slaughter of the pilot whales is far more cruel than any slaughtering of domestic animals in abattoirs around the world.
Faroese man shows his son how to take teeth from a whale's jaw after a grind. Children participate!
The slaughter of cetaceans is illegal within the European Union.
"I won't give my business until they stop supporting Faroe pilot whale slaughter!"
.You are NOT conservationists if you SUPPORT THE FAROESE GRIND SLAUGHTER!
.Did you know that the line also supports whale slaughter by traveling to the Faroes?
.Take the Faroes off your itineraries! Don't support pilot whale slaughter!
.Take the Faroes OFF your destinations! Don't support whale slaughter!
"I will not travel until they STOP SUPPORTING pilot whale slaughter!"
.Did you know lines support whale slaughter by traveling to Faroes?
You cannot claim to be eco-friendly while supporting the slaughter of whales!
.Take the Faroes off of your itineraries! Don't support pilot whale slaughter!
April 8, 2011 - The Slaughter has Begun in the Ferocious Isles
This pilot whale slaughter occurs in, and around, Danish territorial lands. Denmark protects the whalers!
There are Faroese people who oppose the slaughter & speak out that whale meat is not needed anymore!
PETITION! Ask to stop supporting the GRIND in the Faroe Islands!
That grind took place prior to the arrival of Sea Shepherd, and was the largest dolphin slaughter in the islands since 2013.
Documenting these tragic events is now of utmost importance in order to show the world.
Ross McCall, who was also on the ground during the slaughter, has praised the efforts of his fellow Sea Shepherd crewmembers.
Video footage of the slaughter shows a killer pulling a knife and using it to violently cut a number pilot whales!
Graphic Video and Images of Pilot Whale Slaughter in the Faroe Islands
Worth rereading 1 month on - prophetic from Anne Marie Slaughter Report’s of the Euro’s Demise Are Greatly Overrated
I rescue ex-freerange and ex-battery hens instead of them going to slaughter & give the eggs to family so they dont buy more
Securing the Internet Commons by via via
20 years since the worst genocidal slaughter in Europe since the Holocaust.
'Having it all' about women AND men: Anne Marie Slaughter, former Director of Policy Planning for the...
I love Karin slaughter although I'm struggling to get into this one
"Do not accept a workplace that sees you as a human replacement for an automaton" -Anne-Marie Slaughter
We must not allow a bunch of Extremist thugs to slaughter & maim our wildlife (MT
Update your maps at Navteq
Oooh you can't beat a Karin Slaughter!
For , our meeting with Murray and Marie Slaughter, at Kaye Ballard's farewell show in Palm Springs. http:/…
UNFITTED BUSINESS by Anne-Marie Slaughter. NF about work like balance and gender equality. Lots of buzz
Clinton emails reveal Benghazi militant fears: Clinton aide Anne-Marie Slaughter is one wise and understanding woman.
Dr. StrangeSlaughter who also had this brilliant idea last year:
2of3: The to stand up for what is right.
1of3: The most important I believe I have is
from “Know what you are not good at and hire people who can compensate for it.” Please
"In developing countries it’s about basic rights. Women still need to be recognized as full human beings"
Key words from Anne-Marie Slaughter regarding 'working mothers'. Find more here:
Fabulous reading of Antigone with America Ferrera & Anne-Marie Slaughter
YOU DID THIS. Vietnam's Prime Minister - in a direct response to our campaign to end the pig slaughter festival...
POLL: Should the Faroe Islands’ whale slaughter be allowed to continue? via
as he was passionately tuchalekking the aptly yclept Anne Marie Slaughter on Hayes in 2012, not unexpected
Mother's Day is tomorrow. Discover these powerful words by Anne-Marie Slaughter and more here:
Anne-Marie Slaughter: Never since the peace process began has the Israeli government so opposed negotiations.
This shouldn't be happening & the Canadian govt. should make the slaughter of seals illegal 😠😭
WARNING: These are worse than you can imagine. 14 Shocking Photos of Canada's Seal Slaughter:
2 hours of good tennis today. Getting ready for the slaughter from on Saturday.
didn't Anne Marie Slaughter do precisely that? (Not that she would be available for an interview... LOL)
He's a New America Fellow. Anne-Marie Slaughter is the head of the New America Foundation, Hillary appointed her at State 2/4
Reading this by Anne-Marie Slaughter in 2012 was life changing for me. The debate rages on. As a woman, can you...
Do u read Dr. Ann Marie Slaughter's work? Few people would connect the 2 of u, u do similar work in radically different arenas
Pope calls Armenian slaughter 'first genocide of 20th century' :
Can women really have both career and family? According to Colbert, the answer is yes. But what they CAN'T have...
Inspired by Anne-Marie Slaughter last night and her speech to misshallsschool We are all…
Anne-Marie Slaughter:"we must blend competition of work + care of family to achieve gender equality".
Miss Hall's will change generations of women leaders. -Anne-Marie Slaughter
"We have very little infrastructure of CARE." Anne Marie Slaughter.
"You can think of careers in terms of interval training." Anne-Marie Slaughter
2015 "Women can be caregivers and competitive both." Anne-Marie Slaughter .
Male female equality: two spheres, care and competition each valued; the world changes Anne-Marie Slaughter
"Caring for others is as important as advancing ourselves" Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter
We were raised to think the work our fathers did mattered and the work out mothers did didn't. -Anne-Marie Slaughter
Nothing beats the company of Intelligent women - Anne-Marie Slaughter
"States are still important, but people are too" - Anne-Marie Slaughter speech on what people-centered int'l law would look like
.President/CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter receives the Prominent Woman in Int'l Law award at
"I'm still completely committed to male-female equality. But let's think about what that equality really means." ~ Anne-Marie Slaughter
- Anne-Marie Slaughter on confidence and public speaking - Fortune: Anne-Marie Slaughter on co...
The new strategy- turn Dems vs Dems MT confidante Syria's the Rwanda of this admin
Hillary confidante: Syria “is the Rwanda of this administration.”
"Syria is this administration's Rwanda" Anne-Marie Slaughter lays it out in our new CSIS | Center for...
I warned Anne Marie Slaughter in 2012 on Arctic tussle heating up; she agreed; said it wasn't on Administration's radar
CIGE's Patti McGill Peterson to Anne-Marie Slaughter: Do we as a country still cohere around a common set of values?
Anne-Marie Slaughter has a lot to say about global networks & higher ed at 97th ACE Annual Meeting
Excited to hear Anne-Marie Slaughter's views on "the globally networked institution," coming up at
""I am still fully committed to male-female equality." ~ Anne-Marie Slaughter You got to aim higher!
that to impart? She also looked exactly like Anne-Marie Slaughter, and there was a dead ringer for Adrian Lamo at the Tim Horton's there.
Anne-Marie Slaughter tells that 2 things can help bring about real in the workplace
Who will Hillary put in at Sec State? Pro war liberals like Ann Marie Slaughter, I guess.
Now has commented personal emails row, watch this defence by her former adviser Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie Slaughter speaking at on a people-centered approach to Foreign Policy.
IS Syria today's Rwanda, as Anne-Marie Slaughter told Nina Easton at CSIS right now?
Ann-Marie Slaughter on need 4 people centered for policy. "Syria will be Rwanda of this administration"
with Anne Marie Slaughter - on Ukraine: ask Ukrainian people what they want...
"Diplomats work in chess board world, in the web world we need a new set of tools" -Anne-Marie Slaughter
Women-led companies perform three times better than the S&P 500. Via Anne-Marie Slaughter,
Anne-Marie Slaughter talks at CSIS on "smart women, smart power" today - another woman secretary of state for POTUS?
Excited for my first DC panel event at for the event with Anne-Marie Slaughter
Smart Women, Smart Power series with Anne-Marie Slaughter at streaming now
Anne Marie-Slaughter namechecked in this exclusive interview with Julian Assange
In support of International Women's Day, our Womennetwork is hosting a screening of Anne-Marie Slaughter's…
adviser Anne-Marie Slaughter talks to on Islamic State - and personal email accounts
"If it wasn't for Syria uprising we wouldn't have ISIS" Anne Marie Slaughter Ch4news. Didn't Assad ask the West for help with these rebels?
Next on talks to fmr Obama foreign pol adviser Anne Marie Slaughter on Obama's record on the world stage
"Let's make the feminist revolution a humanist revolution." ~ Anne-Marie Slaughter
Governing a World Out of Order by Anne-Marie Slaughter via via
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