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Marie Le Pen

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she will be replaced with someone like Marie le Pen.
- pray for a victory 4 Marie Le Pen in April!🙏
Florida Hedge Fund Bully and Bagel chomper David Tepper fears Marie Le Pen. A very good reason to vote for her!
- pray for Marie Le Pen for April victory!🙏
"Russia is an important power upon which the U.S.A. imposed a Cold War." Marie Le Pen. seems like your kind of scum
Marie Le Pen, America is praying YOU are elected! Hopefully the ppl of France will…
Marie Le Pen what a women! Smart. PRETTY , Pray she gets in Frances last hope I believe
Marie Le Pen will be rehearsing her i told you sos
The dutch failed their country france has a chance with marie le pen lets c if they take it???
'This week Nigel Farage met Marie Le Pen and we are sending a message that we don’t want that kind of fascism..."
BS 4the weekend. Marie Le Pen will win French elections. We'll crash n burn overnight then rally hard next day. Get over it already. $spy
"The mystery of who tried to kill Jean-Marie Le Pen and his family on the night of 1 November 1976 is still unsolved."
Putin and Trump desperately want a Marie Le Pen win to kill the European Union once and for all.
Macron & Fillon are the only "rabbits" pulled out of a hat, to pick the voters for Marie Le Pen. French should understand this.
I talked to some French Algerians hier who say Marie Le Pen is worse than Trump, but doing better in polls than ever before, 2nd place.
And if its Marie Le Pen in France then its Poorer liberals.
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Merkel is weak...she takes her orders from NWO Globalist pushers & Soros as Trudea & Obama. She surely is no Marie…
Exciting prospect. I remember reading about the efforts decades ago of Jean-Marie Le Pen.
This is going to help Marie Le Pen. BREAKING NEWS: Man shot after soldier attacked at Paris Orly airport
Marie Le Pen is the only Hope France has to regain control over their Heritage and Customs or France is lost.
Marie Le Pen went to meet the Sunni Grand Mufti, walked in the door, was asked to wear a headscarf, and walked back out.…
If the suspect turns out to be an Islamist, that would be a tremendous boost for the far right candidate Marie Le Pen.
It's leading to the PVV and, hopefully, the presidency of Marie Le Pen.
... and clones of Trump, Marie Le Pen, Wilders or Putin for that matter?
Every time there's a terror related incident in Marie Le Pen inches closer and closer to the country's top job.
Because of racist spreading female DTrumps Marie Le Pen.No to racist Le Pen!
if ever there was a time for Marie Le Pen its now
This happens when racist Marie Le Pen spreads hatreds&racism ala ignorant DTrump!We just axed from The Netherlands the Trump Wilders!
to racist Marie Le Pen the female DTrump in France.Stop racist Le Pen!We just fried the DTrump Wilders!from Holland.
This is what you get because Marie Le Pen spreading of hatreds&DTrumps racism banning people!.No to Le Pen.
All followers - Do you think this incident will benefit Marie Le Pen in French politics? Vote and RT. Reply with your thoughts.
Little Giant Ladders
The father of Marine Le Pen and founder of the populist Front National is in fact a holocaust denier.
Let's hope, the good ppl of France will take their country back by electing Marie Le Pen No 2 globalism
she will shut down our position in anyway she can like she did to Marie Le Pen hoping to leave the EU
Jean-Marie Le Pen fined again for dismissing Holocaust as 'detail'
The next milestone in making the world great again is to elect Jean-Marie Le Pen.
Shockingly complacent piece on Jean-Marie Le Pen on this morning. He is anything but a harmless, jovial old man
Immigration, submersion (speech of Jean-Marie Le Pen at the Real Country Day):
Marie Le Pen leads in National French polls & likely to make it to the final round
We can't insult Marie Le Pen because you must respect freedom. Sounds just like Neville Chamberlain-esque!
Marie Le Pen flat out refuses to wear the headscarf when meeting Lebanon's grand mufti!
Predecessor and father of French Jean-Marie Le Pen, jokes about ‘Jews in Nazi ovens’
Marie Le Pen of Front National speaks at anti-EU populist summit, with E... via
Everything from Richard Dawson to William Lane Craig. From Marie Le Pen to Jack Layton. Odd profile.
On Remembrance Sunday, Andrew Marr has fascist Marie Le Pen on his show. BBC should be ashamed.
After Brexit, Trump, the next steps are Marie Le Pen winning the Presidency in France and Geert Wilders becoming Dutch P…
FREXIT would happen if French patriots elect Marie Le Pen * Save France from the Islamists! via
I grant you, if Jean-Marie Le Pen, Esther Rantzen, Ray Cooney, Buddy Van Horn & Ann Coulter make up the jury, it has a sniff.
sounds like you'll enjoy the support of Brexit from Marie Le Pen. Well known French fascist !!
not sure where Brexit got Cumming's from but as much use as Beefy and Marie Le Pen. What a motley crew !!
Go ahead, look up Jean-Marie Le Pen and tell me that you don't see similarities at ALL.
Judges sitting at the Paris Correctional Court today ruled National Front party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen was 'guilty of qu…
Former French far right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen fined 30,000 euros for describing gas chambers as detail of history https…
Former French far-Right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is fined £25,000 for Holocaust denial after describing the gas…
Wait. Jean-Marie Le Pen is named in the Panama Papers? I had missed it!
Ignored by Canadian and Quebec politicians, Marie Le Pen has a rant at them: .
More like Silvio Berlusconi mixed up with Jean-Marie Le Pen.
Schulz asks for Golden Dawn MEP to leave over racists comments. Jean-Marie Le Pen wanted a blue card.
With endorsements from David Duke, Jean-Marie Le Pen and Vladimir Putin, what could possibly go wrong?
I wonder if Donald Trump and Jean-Marie le Pen are distantly related.
How many animals could you keep in Marie Le Pen?
Jean-Marie Le Pen "FN under Marine still stands for courage & honesty. Sometimes they just are getting too PC"
Marie Le Pen, I see your main parties colluded in stopping her election.
need to understand the legal risks of Brahim Zaibat sued over selfie with Jean Marie Le Pen
.national governments of France and Germany, helping far right candidates like Marie Le Pen and Viktor Orban rise to.
the cartoon wasn't mocking the toddler it was mocking how people like Jean-Marie Le Pen & Donald Trump views him
So Jean Marie Le Pen actually began the National Front Party and passed in on to his heirs. Super ! They may save France
what did they do this time *sighs* when they started at first it was just mocking Jean-Marie Le Pen then it got so vile
Even worse : at the same time as D.Trump AND Jean-Marie Le Pen
don't wanna ruin anything but Jean-Marie Le Pen is 87 and Kissinger is 92. Pinochet died at 91.
LR's Sarkozy gives FN's Jean-Marie Le Pen a run for his money regarding the least liked politician in FR
New BBC Match of the Day panel: Nick Griffin, Norman Tebbit and Nigel Farage hosted by former French striker Jean-Marie Le Pen
"Not just Trump. Wilders, Le Pen and the Sweden Democrats have all shown the way. Telling the politically…" — Hybird
A7 Elder Le Pen suing Madonna's ex-BF over selfie: Jean-Marie Le Pen, 87, says Brahim Zaibat's photo of him as...
down with fascists!!. Jean-Marie Le Pen to sue Madonna’s ex-boyfriend over unflattering selfie .
The former leader of the far-Right Front National is suing Madonna's ex-partner for taking a snap of him asleep...
An ancient dictum says that when Zeus wanted to destroy someone, he would first drive him mad. ~Jean-Marie Le Pen
So according to Jean-Marie Le Pen this photo is the reason FN failed in the second round! What a joker!
Was a the reason that Jean-Marie Le Pen from France's National Front suffered electoral defeat?
French far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen sues over unflattering selfie
Madonna’s ex sued by Jean-Marie Le Pen (who probably has too much money on his hands) for unflattering photo
French National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, 87, is taking Madonna's ex boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat, 29, to court - for taking an
Madonna's ex-boyfriend took a sneaky selfie of Jean-Marie Le Pen—and now he's being sued https:…
I didnt like Brahim but after this! 👏😂! Jean-Marie Le Pen sues Madonna's ex over unflattering 'plane nap' selfie
French far-right firebrand Jean-Marie Le Pen sues dancer for 'selfie that cost election'
Bank account in Geneva and €1.7 in gold? Jean-Marie Le Pen needs a Samourai by his side.
Super excited about Center for American Progress hosting Jean-Marie Le Pen this fall .
French police raid home of FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen
There's no doubt, none, that Jean-Marie Le Pen is a Nazi pig. It was a good thing when Jacques Chirac trounced him.
BREAKING: Jean-Marie Le Pen expelled from France's far-right Front National, party he co-founded, after meeting with party executives.
Founder of French far-right party risks expulsion at hearing: Jean-Marie Le Pen risked suspension or exclusion...
France's National Front (FN) founder Jean-Marie Le Pen says he plans to set up his own "grouping" after being suspended fr…
Jean-Marie Le Pen summoned to court over gas chamber description
Judge rules that Front National can only amend it's statutes by means of a physical congress and not by postal vote
You're sounding more like Jörg Haider and Jean-Marie Le Pen Mr Trump. You can still secure the border without inciting hate
is he America's Jean-Marie Le Pen? Is far right politics inadvertently moving to the mainstream in the US? It seems so.
there isn't a chance in *** - not 1 in a million - that a politician like Jean-Marie Le Pen could reach a final vote >>>
Defiant Jean-Marie Le Pen vows no departure from politics
France's Jean-Marie Le Pen to create new political group
left wing New Front National accept that the Honorary President Jean-Marie Le Pen is staying after 40 years of work
- Court cancels Jean-Marie Le Pen′s suspension from National Front on
Frances Le Pen in new win in daughter feud: NANTERRE, France -- French far-right veteran Jean-Marie Le Pen sco...
Articles | Mail Online: French court rules in favor of far right’s Jean-Marie Le Pen
Marie Le Pen just called the Euro 'the crematorium of southern Europe' in EU Parliament debate. She has a point
Former leader Jean Marie Le Pen got a court interdict against special congress called by leader Marine Le Pen that was aimed to suspend him
Father and daughter fighting for the soul of racist far right party in France. Jean Marie Le Pen and Marine Le Pen.
French court annuls far-right party's mail-in vote against National Front founder Le Pen
A French court has suspended a ballot by the far-right Front National party on whether to expel its honorary president, Jean-Marie Le Pen …
French Court Rules in Favor of Far Right's Jean-Marie Le Pen: French court annuls far-right part...
French court rules in favor of far right's Jean-Marie Le Pen: PARIS (AP) — A French court on Wednesday annulle...
Le Pen feud: reprieve for Jean-Marie as French court halts Front National ballot on his expulsion as Hon. President
Jean-Marie Le Pen from the FN and Mr Hooper fom Sesame Street are the same person.
Jean-Marie Le Pen has rejoined French National Front. Janice Atkinson should have a long hard think about whether she stays with that group.
Ah The French : - Jean-Marie Le Pen stripped of last post as honorary Front National president whatever next ;-)
Jean-Marie Le Pen goes to court after daughter revokes his party membership.
French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen has sued the National Front (FN) party. He is urging the…
Schism between Jean-Marie Le Pen and Marine Le Pen wings of French National Front producing some charming exchanges
Jean-Marie Le Pen warns France Front National not ready for power |
The National Front suspending Jean-Marie Le Pen for his racist remarks is like the American Kennel Club suspending a dog for barking.
Jean-Marie Le Pen 'hid cash and gold in Bahamas' Papa has been a
France's Le Pen pulls out of poll after family feud: Paris (AFP) - Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of France's Nati...
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France's Jean-Marie Le Pen steps back to ease family feud - Reuters UK
French far-right family feud deepens... Jean-Marie Le Pen says daughter wants him dead...: French far-right fa...
Jean-Marie Le Pen is the real drunk uncle: via
Republicans have adopted the Jean-Marie Le Pen - Vladimir Zhirinovsky school of political thought. . IOW: Act crazy and incite violence.
Marie Le Pen was certainly an experience...
France’s Le Pen says Paris attacks work of US or Israeli agents: PARIS: According to a report, published in The Independent, founder of France’s far right Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen has said that the Charlie Hebdo massacre may have been the work of an “intelligence agency”. In an interview with a virulently anti- Western Russian newspaper Komsomolskaïa Pravda, Mr Le Pen, 86, gave credence to conspiracy theories circulating on the internet suggesting that the attack was the work of American or Israeli agents seeking to foment a civil war between Islam and the West, the report said. The independent report further says,“The shooting at Charlie Hebdo resembles a secret service operation but we have no proof of that,” the newspaper quoted Mr Le Pen as saying.“I don’t think it was organised by the French authorities but they permitted this crime to be committed. That, for the moment, is just a supposition.” To justify his comments, Mr Le Pen pointed to the fact that one of the Kouachi ...
It appears that Jean-Marie Le Pen may have graduated from merely being horrible to being as mad as a brush.
Newsflash: nationalist French right-winger Marie Le Pen is not but a nationalist French right-winger.
Jean-Marie Le Pen, the honorary president of the National Front party, speculated in the Fren...
Marie Le Pen's use of "immigrants"= that of Farage's except that she is more dangerous because she is more powerful.
France - Jean-Marie Le Pen to appeal to European rights court over Roma racism conviction
Jean-Marie Le Pen says he`d build an oven for Jewish singer Patrick Bruel. Sick!
Former PQ leader Pauline Marois warning us about the far right. So true. Like Jean-Marie Le Pen sending congrats 2 Parizeau in 95?
The former head of France’s National Front party (FN), is in some hot water following remarks he said in a video that was posted on the FN website. Jean-Marie Le Pen drew criticism from Jewish groups and even some prominent members of his own party at the weekend for a quip about a French Jewish sin…
Jean-Marie Le Pen slammed for pun with Holocaust overtones
The sins of the father: Jean-Marie Le Pen embarrasses daughter Marine with anti-semitic jibe on FN website
An apparent anti-Semitic pun by former far-right French leader Jean-Marie Le Pen has led to calls for his prosecution.
Jean-Marie Le Pen suggests Ebola as solution to global population explosion | World news |
Say hello to the new European extremists... Oh, btw, these are all members of the European Parliament... "I understand if you don't want to live next to Romanians" - Nigel Farage - 24 seats "Rape is an expression of muslim culture" - Richard Jomshof - 2 seats "We say that Europe is the continent of white people and it will so remain" - Udo Voigt - 1 seat "What Auschwitz? Were you there?" - Nikolaus Michaloliakos - 2 seats "The holocaust was just a detail during the second world war" - Jean-Marie Le Pen - 24 seats.
A landslide victory for after Jean-Marie Le Pen declared that Ebola could solve the immigration 'problem'. Pauvre patrie.
Marie Le Pen is not a fascist and Putin Is a leader with a vision.
Dear France, Marie Le Pen is the crazy girlfriend your parents warned you about. She's only going to break your heart. Love, Michael
Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the french national, antisemitic and racist party, Le Front National, thinks it's a good idea to spread deadly Ebola bacteria in third world countries. That would solve the immigration problems in Europe. He is going to be in the European parliament. I'm scared.
Le Pen suggests Ebola solution to global population explosion - how come nasty *** live so Long?
Le Pen: bonkers but scary given he will do well in vote "Ebola solution to global population explosion"
Vile racist Jean Marie Le Pen very happy for Ebola virus to wipe out people to solve immigration problems http…
Praying for someone to put Anthrax on the tip of a baguette this morning and shove it up his ***
One of bedfellows in Europe suggest the Ebola virus is good news and would "solve immigration" Nice.
Le Pen says Ebola epidemic could solve immigration! And Farage wants to share a political front with his party?
Immigration in France: No need for 'Mr Ebola': As the National Front's Jean-Marie Le Pen courts trouble by sug...
~ French far-right's Jean-Marie Le Pen calls Ebola remarks an 'observation'
suggests Ebola pandemic to solve immigration. Extreme right, that magic blend of careful planning & humanism
How do such people participate in public life in 2014? In *17*14?
Jean-Marie Le Pen says is the solution to to !. And people actually vote for his party? God …
French far-right founder Le Pen shocks by saying Ebola virus 'would solve immigration problems' (h…
Marine Le Pen has tried to shed her party's racist reputation. Her father's not listening...
The masks are falling. Jean Marie Le Pen says migrants shld be eradicated with Ebola. This reminds us of the darkest pa…
Le Pen: as solution to population explosion - same guy who suggested shipping off patients to "camps"
Bigots now ignorant not only of how the world works, but how the germ theory of disease works. Hello, 1859!
If this isn’t the language of mass extermination I don’t know what is
French politician suggests the Ebola virus could cure overpopulation: Jean-Marie Le Pen's sickening solution for the world's 'demogra...
Ebola will sort out Africa, says far right French leader Jean-Marie Le Pen
Jean-Marie Le Pen has suggested the deadly Ebola virus could solve the global population explosion and by extension Europe's immigration problem
A Libyan minister has announced that he is joining rebel forces, Rebels in Mali have defeated government forces, a French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen say viruses like Ebola can wipe out enough Africans to curtail their migration to Europe...some crazy news this hour
Dear Time Magazine,   full cover. A friendly face. Millions of people will see and read your sentences about Marine Le Pen and the Front National. Thank you, dear Time Magazine. Really, thanks for making such an incredible publicity to such a dangerous person. To such a dangerous party.   You say that this political party could be compared to the american Tea Party. You seems to consider that Marine Le Pen could be an usual, banal, normal leader.   Thanks for this brilliant conclusion.   I’m sure that the young norwegian victims from Anders Breivik would have appreciate your way to describe our little frenchie Iron Lady: you know, Breivik’s ideas are so close to Madame le Pen’s war against Muslim power in Europe…   I agree with you, we have not to ask us if the Front National is dangerous, and I sure that the many turkish victims of german neo Nazis could have share your these: burning houses with lots of Turkish and black children is not a crime, it’s just …   in fact, how do you call t ...
Robin Tilbrook, Chairman, English Democrats has confirmed that the English Democrats intend to work with Marie Le Pen (Front National - France) & Geert Wilders (Dutch Freedom Party) if elected to the European Union to destroy the EU from within.
Newt Gingrich is like America's Jean-Marie Le Pen played by Foghorn Leghorn. He should not have an audience beyond a beer-soaked Elk Lodge.
Triumph of Marie Le Pen. . How does this fit with David Cameron 's sworn Multicultural, Islamic Britain? (2015)
The last ten years has seen political parties with the same DNA as the AAP, what are being called ” insurgent parties”, asserting themselves across the globe- the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) in the UK, the Tea Party rump of the Republican Party in the USA, The Progress Party of Norway, the Front National ( FN) of the inimitable Marie Le Pen in France, The Freedom Party in the Netherlands, the Five Star Movement in Italy.
Genetic tests reveal that an european hunter-gatherer who lived 7.000 years ago had the unusual combination of dark skin and hair and blue eyes.That's a blow to Nigel Farage, Marie Le Pen and Matteo Salvini.
the former Marxist and current right-wing radical Alain Soral, a confidant of Marine and Jean-Marie Le Pen.
If I may recycle an old gag, that first WBA penalty miss was so far right it was a Jean-Marie Le Pen...
I think this beats Sean Penn being the relative of Jean Marie Le Pen and her certainty that Greece isn't in the Euro because she dreamt it
Okay -- the story itself aside, why don't people like this evil man ever die? Does a deal with the Devil = longevity?
'Fearless' Le Pen, 85, to fight for re-election The stalwart of the French far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen vowed on…
OMG Madonna said she had to drive arnd in a BOMB PROOF CAR in S.America and that Marie Le Pen sent THUG SKIN HEADS TO GET HER IN FRANCE!
Marie Le Pen : France became a prostitute for Arab princes: . Leader of the " National Front " French oppositi...
If Teabaggers only knew about people like Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Jean-Marie Le Pen, they'd want them to run for President of the USA.
"it is no accident that Marie Le Pen's Front National and Nigel Farage's Ukip have increased in popularity recently".
Has anyone already asked how he feels about Jean-Marie Le Pen's participation in elections?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Jean-Marie Le Pen opening art exhibition at Parliament today. Modernist but intricately skilled work by lady artist. ht…
On June 20 in history, British POWs are placed in the "Black Hole of Calcutta" (1756) by the Nawab of Bengal, the first steam-propelled vessel to cross the Atlantic arrives in England (1819), Victoria becomes Queen of the United Kingdom (1837), Samuel Morse gets a patent for the telegraph (1840), West Virginia becomes a state (1863), Lizzie Borden is acquitted of murdering her parents (1893), the "Great Marianas Turkey Shoot" ends (1944), the Ed Sullivan Show (Toast of the Town) debuts on television (1948), and an 18-1/2 minute gap appears in a Nixon White House tape recording discussing the recent arrest of the Watergate burglars (1972). It's the birthday of composer Jacques Offenbach, playwright Lillian Hellman, folk musician Jimmy Driftwood, swashbuckler Errol Flynn, country gentleman Chet Atkins, Medal of Honor actor Audie Murphy, saxophonist Eric Dolphy, Mission: Impossible disguise artist Martin Landau, French right-winger Jean-Marie Le Pen, moonstruck Olivia Dukakis, actor Danny Aiello, football pl ...
In fact, Jean-Marie Le Pen did several times and was convicted a few times.
If Jean-Marie Le Pen had done such a thing, there would be an (appropriate) uproar against him!
At the post office and a very handsome tall black postman gave a piece of paper and a pen and asked me to write dow my # in front of everyone there! So wrote "sadly I cant".but ***
That's as ironic as Jean-Marie Le Pen accusing someone of racism & homophobia.
The typically classy Marie Le Pen, being more angry that someone would associate fascists with her fascist party than the murder of a teen.
The Rise of the Far Right in Europe - & now Marie Le Pen in France has 21% support
“What do Ira Glass and Jean-Marie Le Pen have in common? To follow the argument of Jared Ball’s recent book I Mix What I Like, they both represent a counter-insurgency against colonized populations. The allegedly progressive NPR, writes Ball, is the contemporary equivalent of Radio-Alger, operated by the colonial French government in Algeria. From post-war Algeria to the ghettos of the United States, colonial power requires propaganda in order to function. As Frantz Fanon put it, Radio-Alger’s mix of news, music and commentary from the metropole “constitute[s] a coherent background from which colonial society draws its density and justification” and “sustains the occupant’s culture, marks it off from the non-culture, from the nature of the occupied.” For Ball, NPR serves the same function, as an echo chamber for white elite chit-chat, which erases the perspective of people of color while masquerading as important national discussion. NPR’s milquetoast monotony notwithstanding, Ball prese ...
The Grey Mitchell votegetters will be dying for the endorsement gave Marie Le Pen
In Europe far right hate movements like Golden Dawn, UKIP and Marie Le Pen's group still have serious sway
In 2005, Jean-Marie Le Pen considered that the German occupation of France "was not particularly inhuman"
"If it wasn't for the coppers you'd be dead"Los gritos antifascistas a Marie Le Pen en la Universidad de Cambridge. No hubo arrestos...
I don't agree with Marie Le Pen, but she has a right to speak, despite many of the Left who would deny her that right
Just for writing or speaking against Jewish propaganda and lies Gaston-Armand Amaudruz - given a year in prison and had to pay damages in Switzerland Professor Austin App Jerome Brentar Joseph Burg (Ginzburg) Professor Authur Butz Attorney Doug Christie - defended Ernst Zundel in Canada Thies Christophersen David Cole - Jewish - yet hounded, threatened, had a bounty put on his life Doug Collins Dr. Robert Countess Gunther Deckert John Demjanjuk - fighting for his life in Germany Dr. David Duke Francois Duprat Dr. Robert Faurisson - beaten, fined, given probation in France Ditlieb Felderer Imre Finta Gerhard Forster - spent a year in prison in Switzerland Wolfgang Frohlich - spent over six years in prison in Austria Roger Garaudy - fined and given suspended sentence in France Jurgen Graf - given 15 months in prison in Switzerland but left to avoid his sentence Nick Griffin Michael Hoffman II Gerd Honsik - in prison in Austria Jim Keegstra Erhard Kemper Emil Lachout Ivan Lagace Jean-Marie Le Pen - fined in ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
how people like Marie Le Pen, and these Czech communists, and Golden Dawn in Greece and the rest actually function outside of fringes
Griffin meeting (and handshaking :P) with Jean-Marie le Pen inside the Paris' Grand Orient Lodge.
Diam's (real name : Mélanie Georgiades, born July 25, 1980 in Cyprus) is a French-language rap artist of French and Greek Cypriot origin. Her family moved to...
Has Marie Le Pen said anything about "Something for Nothing" recently, or is it just Johann?
during the from the 60s to the 90s ( the only french politician who was travelling for business in Spain was Jean-Marie Le Pen and his
Today at lifeI believe Jean-Marie Le Pen just raged about the defeat at Agincourt. -
Marie Le Pen calls for ban on Muslim and Jewish headwear | Islamophobia Today eNewspaper -
Marie le Pen has such a large voice in French national tv O.o
Marie Le Pen, leader of FN(French Nazis) is calling for Kippah's- Jewish skull caps -to be banned from shops, public transport & streets.
Are Marie Le Pen and Senator Rand Paul the same story divided by an ocean? I don't know enough about her to say.
Although given the Marie Le Pen / Sean Penn mix-up, I think mum might just have problems recognising French people
Le Pen Warns *** Pose Threat to British Way of Life: Jean-Marie Le Pen is trying to depict himself as a ...
See Marie Le Pen is up next to talk on
example: if you was french and Jean Marie Le Pen asks me help to translate smthing from arabic for him, you'd accept?
Jean-Marie Le Pen is on holiday in Tunisia...interesting choice
They're starting to sound like Jean-Marie Le Pen
Quote of the Day Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. John Wooden Love Quote of the Day Familiar acts are beautiful through love. Percy Bysshe Shelley Art Quote of the Day What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house. Edward Hopper Nature Quote of the Day Reason, I sacrifice you to the evening breeze. Aime Cesaire Funny Quote of the Day Food is an important part of a balanced diet. Fran Lebowitz Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama June 20th Birthdays Adam Schiff, Danny Aiello, Dreama Walker, Frank Lampard, Jacques Delors, Jean-Marie Le Pen, John Goodman, Josh Lucas, Lillian Hellman, Martin Landau, Olympia Dukakis, Paul Muldoon
Marion Le Pen, granddaughter of FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen & niece of Marine, was elected to a seat in legislative elections.
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, Jean Marie Le Pen's 22-year old granddaughter has become France's youngest MP in modern political history, clinching one of two seats for the far-Right National Front – its first in a quarter of a century.
Jean-Marie Le Pen (French pronunciation: [ʒɑ̃ maʁi ləpɛn]; born 20 June 1928) is a French far right-wing and nationalist politician who is founder and former president of the Front National (National Front) party. Le Pen has run for the French presidency five times, most notably in 2002, when in a s...
FROM MY VANTAGE POINT "Frankly-Fancois-Frank" April 23 results alrady showed that Francois Hollande, a French technocrat, is leading the poll. Though unofficial, the French people were just waiting for the second round which will complete the electoral count. And yesterday May 07, Hollande was proclaimed winner of the said election bringing Nick Sarkozy to his knees. Hollande won against the then current president Nicholas Sarkozy and Marine Le Pen daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen of National Right Party. I am not really into the details of the election. I am after what will happen to France after this election. France is supposedly the most powerful country when it comes to cultural proliferation but since endowed with aesthetic heritage, their language is not a viable language for global communication. France is a country with deep history of ethnocentricity and xenophobia. So proud are they of their language and artistic identity that they have forgotten to conquer the world and in the end just isolated f ...
Now that Sarkozy has been given a decisive kick on the backside for his right-wing, racist and divisive policies the focus of the world is on Francois Holland, the President elect of France. Will he be different? How will his policies bring the marginalised communities into the fold of the mainstream French society? Will he have the guts to reverse the racist and Islamophobic policies of Sarkozy government? Is he brave enough to take on the right wing including Jean-Marie Le Pen? Will he be able to re-establish French values of Liberty, Egality and Fraternity in its true form?
Morning Sajid, followed French polls v quickly this weekend was just happy it wasn't Marie Le Pen.
Marie Le Pen is one hot racist though lol...
If Hollande does not govern from the Left, in five years France will elect Marie Le Pen in his place.
I SERIOUSLY love it when people think Jean-Marie Le Pen and Valéry Giscard d'Estaing are women.
Is Marine Le Pen as conservative and nationalistic as her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen?
Nigel Farrage has been taking lessons from the Marie Le Pen brand of politics, with his scare- mongering
It should have been Barbara Bush but was probably Marie Le Pen or Joe Lieberman
Suggest you find out the roots of your party. Jean-Marie Le Pen was openly supportive of Nazi ideology. Traitors not patriots.
Marie Le Pen's stunning result: don't say we did not warn you. "The terrifying intentions of EZ technocrats: .
Marine Le Pen is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen who in 2002 made it to the second round against Jacques Chirac in a stunning upset.
Every time Jean-Marie Le Pen speaks, it makes me more convinced that he a) is senile, b) doesn't want his daughter to win, or c) both.
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