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Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera (born November 29, 1969) is a Panamanian right-handed baseball pitcher who has played 18 years in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the New York Yankees.

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Like Mariano Rivera playing center field in his last game, this is something awesome that is probably too awesome t…
I think VR will fail as badly as Mariano Rivera trying to close out game 4 of the 2004 ALCS
I told my mother that I'm convinced Brady sold his soul to the Devil. The great Mariano Rivera had his limits near the end lol
Or Mariano Rivera was on the mound throwing that cutter lol
Dan Dakich compared Melo Trimble to Mariano Rivera. In other news, Dan Dakich is making a useless comparison.
The 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame class is announced Jan. 18, is another top candidate:...
Mariano Rivera looking amused in the background of that video never fails to make me smile.
More men walked on the moon then scoring a run on Mariano Rivera in the postseason.
I don't just think regular season. I think playoffs. World Series...
I saw the greatness of postseason Mariano Rivera live when I attended game 2 of the '09 World Series. What a moment
if there was a game for my life I would want Mariano Rivera on the mound
Postseason Mariano Rivera. A good offense means nothing if you don't have a closer to shut the game down.
Pitched that one like Mariano Rivera in his prime.
Except for Mariano Rivera. He definitely liked to cut it.
It all makes sense now why the Knicks won tonight, because Mariano Rivera was on the sidelines:
As great as he was, Mariano Rivera never threw a perfect game. People forget that.
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They also showed Mariano Rivera on the celebrity row cam, and everyone was like "why he sitting up there?" Smh
Lmao spike lee pulled Mariano Rivera out of the civilian seats and made him sit court side at the game 😂😂😂. Funny as ***
Mariano Rivera at the Garden tonight. Coincidentally, the Knicks could really use a closer.
Mariano Rivera on celebrity row. Could've used him as a closer in Philly last night.
Mariano Rivera receives a big cheer at MSG between quarters. . 24, 22, after one.
Here an insane fact, more men have landed on the moon (12) then Mariano Rivera has given up runs in the postseason in 141…
Knicks v Bulls. Great game. BTW that's Mariano Rivera in the cap at lower right bottom corner.…
Mariano Rivera, Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, Francisco Rodriguez, Zach Britton and the list goes on.
so that logic applies to Mariano Rivera too, right? And David Ortiz?
Mariano Rivera and Jonathan Papelbon both had 5.0bWAR the year before they became a closer. The highest WAR of their careers.
Mark Melancon's cutter has a Mariano Rivera look to it. Kenley jansen's is about velocity and backdoor
Dollars for Kenley Jansen, Aroldis Chapman & Mark Melancon in the last week: $228 million. Total dollars Mariano Rivera earne…
Try reading the article. I didn't just write, "Chapman is a bad signing because Mariano Rivera."…
Army is like Mariano Rivera, they have one play/pitch, you know it's coming and it's still hard to stop
I'm a simple guy, you know? If I do something, it's not going to...
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A further reminder that Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer in the history of the game.
This cutter doesn't belong to Mariano Rivera ... it belongs to new Giants closer Mark Melancon (h/t
my favorite yankees players of all time are Babe Ruth Derek Jeter Mariano Rivera ARod and Jorge Posada
Mariano Rivera signed jersey available! Will be framed and ready before Christmas . PM me. ♢ F…
When your mom runs into MARIANO RIVERA and calls you to tell you about it
He's the most mentally tough person I've ever played with. -Derek Jeter on Mariano Rivera
Could Mariano Rivera be the first unanimous Hall of Famer?
For a team that had Mariano Rivera so long, the signing Aroldis Chapman is confusing. -…
Latest from me (don't read while rush-hour driving, please): The team of Mariano Rivera learned nothing from him.
I sure don't, but it's exciting to imagine being that influential. At last, we'd have President Mariano Rivera and…
mom and pop usually get in the game in late innings like Mariano Rivera
New York's All-time Closer and some guy named Mariano Rivera 😂😂😂…
Fishing is a hard job. Fishing at night. Rain. Day, night. You have t...
you fought a dude named Mariano Rivera? That's pretty dope lol
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I can't wait for the day Mariano Rivera and I can say hi to each other on a first name basis after how many times we've met at my job
Aroldis Chapman heads back to Yankees on a record deal and he'll be worth every penny for New York as they need a n…
Going to have another day at Yankee Stadium for Mariano Rivera in 2019 and Derek Jeter in 2020 when they make the H…
That must be why Mariano Rivera was overrated, that's sarcasm btw.
I don't think any professional accepts defeat.
Throwback to 10/27/1999 World Series Game 4: Mariano Rivera enters to get the final outs to win the World Champions…
To think the Yankees had the ultimate class act in Mariano Rivera as their closer. Now it's a man who abused his girlfriend, Aroldis Chapman
2 years ago today, hit a GW 9th inning HR off Mariano Rivera, but not before Manny Machado did http…
Just wait until they coax Mariano Rivera out of retirement
If your name is not Mariano Rivera you probably will not live up to your contract as a closer
Is this tantamount to bringing in Mariano Rivera?
MLB Roundup: Hall voters could be with Mariano Rivera 100 percent
'The change is important': about transparent HOF votes / why Mariano Rivera is likely to receive 100%
Hall of Fame voters could be with Mariano Rivera 100 percent
MLB Roundup: Why Mariano Rivera will be the first unanimous HOF selection; CWS deals; Chapman; not…
When Mo came through that door, it was over. Happy 47th birthday to Mariano Rivera!
Mariano Rivera made more money than all but one starting pitcher in the history of baseball
just saw Mariano Rivera at the Christiana mall and no one even noticed him 😱
Andrew Miller got me curious about Mariano Rivera's best postseason stretch, which is probably this:
A few days ago Martinez compared Miller to Mariano Rivera. Miller has been dominant but, compare to Mo? Puleze!
Mariano Rivera presented Ortiz with a painting.
NY Daily News has reported Mariano Rivera will be involved in the Ortiz ceremony tonight.
Mariano Rivera dreams in Spanish AND English (in case you were wondering).
11x14 Photo of the New York Yankees Core Four! Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada by...
The last time the won a game on a bases loaded HBP was 9-11-10, Jeff Francouer was beaned by Mariano Rivera to beat the Yankees
Rangers did win a game in 2010 on a bases loaded HBP. Jeff Francouer got beaned by Mariano Rivera with the bases loaded
Luis Severino can take solace in Mariano Rivera's early struggles
Mariano Rivera: 'I was proud' of A-Rod: Mariano Rivera: 'I was proud' of A-Rod
But that's just another example of what a class guy Mariano Rivera is, attending A-Rod ceremony while others wouldn't.
All my favorite players are gone now tho.. A-Rod, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, & my fav Yankee Chien-Ming Wang - not well known but my fav
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Other great players to finish their careers against the Rays? Mariano Rivera, Jason Giambi, Jorge Posada and Jim Thome. (h/t Rays PR)
this guy makes josh osich look like Mariano Rivera
Id never claim to be Mariano Rivera, but I have to at least have Tommy Rees beat
Jeter will be there anyway...that weekend is celebrating the 1996 team and Mariano Rivera at Yankee Stadium.
I feel like I'm watching Mariano Rivera when I watch Edwin Diaz. I love watching this guy pitch.
Toronto is the same city that had Garret Sparks winning the Calder and Vezina. Barnes better than Mariano Rivera? Probably...
Im not trading a closer who's as automatic as Mariano Rivera. If its for Chris Sale then I would do it
David Robertson enters to Metallica and throws a cutter. Boy, he learned a lot from Mariano Rivera...
Ivanka Trump just set up her dad like Mariano Rivera did John Wetteland back in 1996
Derek Jeter, Curt Schilling, Mariano Rivera, David Ortiz, and A-Rod all deserve respect
David Singer (President, Owner) joined Mariano Rivera and to visit the
Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera were pure class their entire career. David Ortiz has been tied to PEDs and a huge jerk. Do not compare them.
if Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera didn't go out on top, then David Ortiz doesn't need to imo
Trump was right: the American League won, 3-0. Mariano Rivera got the MVP
Jeurys Familia becomes the first pitcher since Jim Johnson, Joe Nathan, and Mariano Rivera in 2013 with 30 saves before the All Star Break.
August 9th, 2013: Miguel Cabrera homers off Mariano Rivera after a seven-pitch at bat to tie the game.
All-Time saves leader and 5X World Series champ with the is at the mic, Mariano Rivera. More on
I'll try to do this just from memory😂. 1)Mariano Rivera . 2) Kershaw . 3) Pedro . 4) Maddox . 5) Big Unit
When a guy not named Mariano Rivera gets shelled for 4 runs and puts a minimum of 2 guys on base the next night. Take him out!
golfers do NOT have an entire team relying on them. Clutch: Mariano Rivera, Jack Morris, Bill Russel never lost a winner take all
With my manager and the legend Mariano Rivera. 📷:: Chris Herder Photography.
Heading to work or school? Fire up the Bluetooth and listen to Eric Crozier talk hitting against Mariano Rivera!.
Mariano Rivera and Kyra Sedgwick just asked me for some tea. Based on what I learned from GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, I assumed they drink coffee.
NYYOrtiz homers off Rivera in the 9th. 8/18/06: David Ortiz hits a solo home run off Mariano Rivera …
these guys make Jose Valverde look like Mariano Rivera
he was the best player every year.. with A-rod, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera & Bernie Williams. you're drunk go home
Mariano Rivera accompanied Carlos Silva to some of his chemo treatments when the Yankees were in…
I didn't buy this on Amazon, this was actually hand-stitched by Luis Gonzalez and washed in Mariano Rivera's tears
you have to talk about Luis Gonzalez and his walk off against Mariano Rivera
Bruce Carter is Dave Roberts. Tom Brady is Mariano Rivera. Hand me the Lombardi.
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Mariano Rivera's song cannot be the greatest when it was originally Billy Wagner's! Rivera owned it once he had it though!
Mariano Rivera 2013, Derek Jeter 2014, Torii Hunter 2015, David Ortiz 2016, A-Rod 2017 . Every year I'm losing more and more of my childhood
a signed Mariano Rivera baseball from
Got to meet Mariano Rivera this year at Ignite. What an inspiring story he has. Did you know that he played every...
I'm giving away something for you on 2005 Fleer Mariano Rivera New York Yankee. Get it here -
CC Sabathia throwing his bullpen earlier this afternoon, watched by Mariano Rivera.
Mariano Rivera should also be mentioned but closers..ehh
Highly doubt that A-Rod will get any type of "Farwell Tour" that Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera got
Mariano Rivera, I blame you for this!
Mariano Rivera.. Then Derek Jeter... Soon AROD. I can't deal with all the people I care about leaving me!! Lol
Disagree on Mariano Rivera here. Dude threw one pitch his whole career and was One of the most dominant pitchers ever
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When you realize it's Wing Wednesday at McCoys; meaning 50 cent wings from 6-10pm.
"said Castro, who carries Jeter and Mariano Rivera baseball cards in his wallet" ... Who doesn't? :)
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Basically, Tom Gordon and Mariano Rivera were the only 2 reliable pitchers out of 12 and that team won over 100 games.
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SPRING TRAINING IS HERE!!! Mariano Rivera signed "GAME USED" base from his final season at Yankee Stadium. This...
Aaron Hicks looks like if Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera had a baby. I like him already
LeBron fouled out AND Mariano Rivera blew a save. If Tim Tebow gets a NFL job, the world is done for. Luckily that wil…
As a youngster, Hyun soo Kim, rooted for the and Mariano Rivera was his favorite player.
Eff that guy...can you imagine Mariano Rivera saying he wants a standing ovation at Fenway most of all? No. He wanted to win, period.
RIP Tony Phillips. One of my favorite infielders growing up. Also the first guy that Mariano Rivera struck out in '95.
Today in Baseball History: The sign some guy named Mariano Rivera:
This day in history (1990): The Yankees signed Mariano Rivera. . 652 saves later ... he's the 🐐.
Two years already? Wow. Still weird to see the without Derek Jeter, or even Mariano Rivera.
Mariano Rivera will be the next Yankees' legend to be immortalized in Monument Park.
Bruno Mars coming in for Coldplay is like Mariano Rivera coming in for Jered Weaver
Back-to-back 50 SV seasons: Eric Gange, Mariano Rivera, Jim Johnson. Mark Melancon to become the 4th?
throwing shade like Mariano Rivera in the 9th.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 2014 Topps Mariano Rivera
Rivera Chase has only four spots left!
you mean Mariano Rivera's historic stats?
I'm telling you, God loves a lot of people. - Mariano Rivera (Athlete).
Mariano Rivera claims the same thing
They did. I just looked it up, and it was actually Mariano Rivera (retired 2013).
Kershaw has allowed more runs in his last 9 playoff innings than Mariano Rivera did in his career
Wire: Why Chipper Jones, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter won't be unanimous
it's going to be like mariano rivera from the Yankees. He was wearing the number before it was retired.
Real One Autographs are back in 2015 Heritage with players such as Brooks Robinson, Mariano Rivera and Lou Brock!
I'm happy to say I got to see Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera both live against the Dodgers before they retired⚾
It's kinda sad that my entire TL is basically saying "PLEASE HOLD ONTO THIS LEAD." Hank is basically NYR's version of Mariano Rivera.
Check this out this Mariano Rivera 16x20 with Jeter & Pettitte JSA Authenticated- 2 days left of bidding
With that save has recorded 19,348 more saves then Mariano Rivera
says Seung-Hwan Oh is the "Mariano Rivera of Asia". Says Korean fans are excited he's a member of the Huge Molina fans
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
no problem, at this stage of his career his numbers are very similar to Mariano Rivera.
MLB retired 42 for Jackie Robinson and allowed Mariano Rivera & Mo Vaughn to keep wearing it
It's retired, he's just grandfathered in. Happened when MLB retired 42. Mariano Rivera wore it for many years after.
Mariano Rivera wore 42 after MLB retired it league-wide for Jackie Robinson.
So basically we have a Mariano Rivera/Jackie Robinson situation here. Not really a bad thing.
.Mariano Rivera didn't change his number why should nerlens have to?
Other than Mariano Rivera, is there any athlete who continued to wear a number after the team/league retired it?
yo I ain't a Yankee fan, but Mariano Rivera over Roger Clemens, although Clemens is still nice
Mike Mussina pitched more innings than Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman and Billy Wagner combined.
might as well have just signed Nolan Ryan or Mariano Rivera. Just such a good pitcher
After a lifetime with Peg, a Mariano Rivera fastball holds no fear for Al "Boomer" Bundy.
There’s one thing I actually agree with Donald Trump about: Mariano Rivera.
Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and now Kobe Bryant. Players I wish never had to retire.
So many great birthdays in the sports world today! Mariano Rivera, Vin Scully, and Russell Wilson.Wow!
Did you know Billy Wagner has more career strikeouts (1196) than Mariano Rivera (1173) and Trevor Hoffman (1133)?
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Mariano Rivera turns 46 today. He is MLB's all-time saves leader (652). Postseason: 0.70 ERA, 42 saves
say Happy birthday to Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera on the show on Monday
Is that Mariano Rivera on your shirt!?!
legend Mariano Rivera back at to watch the v game.
Shapiro signed JA Happ again but AA would've convinced Mariano Rivera to come out of retirement to play for the 6squad by now
I tipped my cap to Mariano Rivera at the Knicks game and he tipped his cap right back.
Mariano RIvera, briefly "saving" Knicks fans from having to watch the Knicks. Bless him.
The Knicks can not do this with Mariano Rivera in attendance.
Mariano Rivera must be telling people that sneakers are hard to break in, like a glove
Do you think Mariano Rivera will ever have to buy a dinner in NYC...not a chance...
Mariano Rivera introduced to the crowd at MSG -- gets a standing O.
Love the ROARING standing ovation Knicks fans just gave Yankee legend Mariano Rivera
I'd rather watch reaction shots of Mariano Rivera watching the Knicks for 20 minutes.
Biggest ovation of the night at MSG not for Porzingis or Melo - but for Mariano Rivera watching.
Mariano Rivera in the house & he got a beautiful standing ovation.
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Mariano Rivera gets huge standing O at MSG.
Mariano Rivera and Alicia Keys at this game 🙌🏽
Lots of celebrities shown on video screen here tonight, but one gets the standing ovation: Mariano Rivera.
Loudest ovation of the night goes to Mariano Rivera in the house at MSG.
Here at MSG, Mariano Rivera is getting a standing O at the game. And rightly so. Heat leda 74-63 after 3.
"I'm coming back. Write it down in big letters. I'm not going out like this." -Mariano Rivera
Mariano Rivera praying for Derek Jeter as he begins his retirement tour - The Star-Ledger
Chipper Jones, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, now David Ortiz. Stop retiring before the season and expect these send offs. Wait until October
Loved your column. You really think Mariano Rivera will not get a unanimous vote?! Please let it not be true!.
14 years ago today, Luis Gonzalez singled off Mariano Rivera to win Game 7 of the World Series.
Wade Davis and Mariano Rivera with MULTIPLE six-out saves in the
Wade Davis is the 1st pitcher with a pair of 6-out saves in one postseason since Mariano Rivera in 2009.
And not that it needs to be said, but Familia is not, and will never be Mariano Rivera. He might just be Jose Mesa reborn.
Linda Cohn just compared Jeurys Familia to Mariano Rivera on sports center. This is why I can't watch sports center.
which reminds me. That Donaldson "RBI" reminded me of Luis Gonzalez off Mariano Rivera in the WS lol
Hamilton Collection
Mariano Rivera . doing a Skechers ad? Say it ain't so ... do something a bit classier Mo!
For what it's worth, Mariano Rivera's BB-Ref page does list "Super Mariano" as a nickname for Mo. Super Mariano, Super Mario...
Love this photo of Suzyn Waldman & Mariano Rivera in the women in baseball exhibit.
I always knew that Mariano Rivera was a pervert.
Mariano Rivera tried to stick a baseball bat in my *** yep
Mariano Rivera tried to sexually assault this guy with baseball bat? lmao. I hope all these allegations are true.Assume they arent but still
Mariano Rivera apparently sexually assaulted someone too.
Mlb Play makers lot of 2 new in the box Derek Jeter & Mariano Rivera
he's the Mariano Rivera of ...every 4th quarter come in and run the opponent into the ground
Did our bus have a flux capacitor? On the same field as Hideki Matsui and Mariano Rivera right now. Where am I???
The OF wall at the K has messed up Mariano Rivera, Alex Gordon & now Adam Jones. Rios doesn't hustle hard enough to hurt himself.
Jose needs to stop that, ask Mariano Rivera how that went 4 him
Mariano Rivera here to throw out the ceremonial first pitch
Great question. I think Mariano Rivera and Billy Koch both used Enter Sandman.
Dr Carson is like Mariano Rivera one *** of a closer hit it out of the park hopefully our next surgeon general
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