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Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy Brey (born 27 March 1955) is a Spanish People's Party politician and the current Prime Minister of Spain, having served since 21 December 2011.

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🇪🇸Here you have a president that knows how to make Spain great again and, at his side, Mariano Rajoy.
Mariano Rajoy is suddenly the unrivaled big man of Spanish politics
. "Trump has acomplished in five days more from his electoral program than Mariano Rajoy in five years"…
Prime Minister of Mariano Rajoy says “I will Not be a For Trump” via
. Mariano Rajoy the Prime Minister of Spain clarified Monday that he did not offer US Pre…
But Mariano, so why then have you allowed this? "Spain’s influence in Brussels shrinks under Rajoy"…
Last year, pundits were writing Mariano Rajoy's political obituary — but he's defied his doubters once again
Yes, especially the usual fascists "“There’s room for everyone in this party” – Mariano Rajoy
Rajoy & Iglesias re-elected as leaders of their respective parties . Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was re-elected...
Steve pass the salt and the launch codes, Mariano Rajoy made a disgusting comment about me, totally a lie, untrue,…
Mariano Rajoy is Spain's BMOC after managing to unite the conservatives.
In a few minutes I will call the Prime Minister of European Mexico, Mariano Rajoy.
called PM of "& emphasized the importance of all allies sharing the burden of defense spending" https:…
Not so long ago, Mariano Rajoy was left for dead in Spanish politics. Now he's on top of them
Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy was reelected as head of his Popular Party this weekend, while opponents remain divided https:…
I've said it before, if you're relying on Mariano Rajoy to save UK you're as well giving up and going home now.
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Mariano Rajoy Cantanto "to sentío" eso de "fooor all of you loneeely booys i wiill be president"
. Mariano Rajoy, President of Spain has said that every act of violence is a defeat of society.
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Ms Sturgeon’s Scottish Government not authorised to barter with other EU members
For the fact that Mariano Rajoy is a silly president he is also suffering from Commo sense.Disgusting words from si…
Spain is facing an economic situation of extreme difficulty, I repe...
Related to the will of catalans for freedom, you could have chosen 6-Carles Puigdemont or 6-Mariano Rajoy. You choose no-democracy.
Maybe should have listed Mariano Rajoy instead of President Puigdemont, as the great mastermind who…
want to see this legislature last for four years and be productive", says Mariano Rajoy (Prime Minister's Office of Spain)
What about the stupid of Mariano Rajoy? Or the *** of Girauta? What about the stupids of Hernando & Herrando? O…
Europe must dissipate any doubts over the euro, affirm that the euro i...
"Mariano Rajoy maintains that Europe will negotiate as one united front, not. as 27 separate nations"
There won't be any miracles. We never promised any. But as we have ...
My prediction for 2016: both Mariano Rajoy and Artur Mas will still be in office 12 months from now. Happy new year.
>mfw Mariano Rajoy is in neither list.
Find some video of Jesus Gil trying to speak english... or mariano rajoy...
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"Catalan independence referendum 'not possible'"- Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy
Rajoy says in interview Brexit will allow Spain to pursue its claim on Gibraltar. via
: Catalan independence referendum 'not possible' - Spanish PM Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Fr…
Brexit: Spain's Mariano Rajoy shafts the Spanish people by relinquishing negotiation control.
I beg your help, I´m come from Spain,a University in Venezuela doesn´t allow me to work,I´m disabled
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Friday flatly rejected the possibility of any referendum in the northeastern region of Catalonia on…
PM Mariano Rajoy says talks with will be as part of EU
Shorthanded in Madrid: Spain’s uncertain experiment with minority government vía
Against - Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister and Jorge Toledo, Spanish Secretary of State for EU.
Today the UN Security Council holds a debate chaired by Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s prime minister,on the business of human trafficking
Mariano Rajoy featuring the remake of Marathon Man
🇪🇸 was re-elected Prime Minister after 10 months without a full government in Spain.
Spain’s conservative Mariano Rajoy voted back to power
"Spanish Parliament Approves Mariano Rajoy’s Premiership in 2nd Round of Voting"
Mariano Rajoy reappointed as Spain's prime minister after 10-month political deadlock:
Spain’s parliament re-elects Mariano Rajoy as prime minister 🔓
In the news: Mariano Rajoy Re-Elected Prime Minister of Spain: Spain’s parliament re-elected Mariano Rajoy as...
Mariano Rajoy wins parliamentary vote to become Spain's prime minister - Reuters
Spain has broken its political impasse after 10 months.
Centrists showing they'd rather have a right-wing government than left-wing in Spain. .
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy won a crunch parliamentary confidence vote on Sat that will see him officially re-appo…
Mariano Rajoy acknowledges the people outside the Spanish parliament after being re-elected during…
Spain ends TEN MONTHS of political deadlock as acting PM Mariano Rajoy re-elected
Spain has a government again--a minority one. Just don't expect any structural reforms. by
Mariano Rajoy is re-elected as Spain's prime minister amid large protests and political tumult. https…
"Even with restored powers, will Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy be able to achieve anything?"
BREAKING: Mariano Rajoy has secured enough votes to form a minority government as Spain's prime minister.
Agree, but Sr. Mariano Rajoy may have other things on his mind, I fear
Spain's conservative voted back to power .
Mariano Rajoy is corrupt and why people are protesting Corruption Scandals
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Mariano Rajoy, Spain's acting prime minister was re-elected Saturday after winning a parliamentary vote.
Spain PM Mariano Rajoy elected for second term
Ending political impasse: Mariano Rajoy has second term as prime minister
Mariano Rajoy will be reelected as Spanish Prime Minister next weekend. No third elections, vía
Briony - so unbelievable and stupid! Brexit vote could affect Brits' right to live in Spain, says Spanish PM
My prediction ahead of Spain's general election? It'll benefit Mariano Rajoy & PP. Fear of economic effects of =vote for continuity
My profile of Spain's PM ahead of Sunday's election 'Rajoy's politics of Inertia'
Leader of the Popular Party (PP), Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy , of PP party by…
With EU in deep crisis Venezuela becomes a big issue in Sunday's Spanish elections! ASAP
In the Spanish Election - Mariano Rajoy is similiar to David Cameron arrogant, corrupt, out of touch. Spaniards be proud and vote to be free
David Cameron is a padawan of the Dark Side compared to Mariano Rajoy.
Spain's interim PM Mariano Rajoy arrives for final rally in Madrid ahead of Sunday's general election
Either opponents collapse exhausted, or PP, fed up with its dirty laundry being aired, gets them to shut up
Institutional statement of the Spanish PM, Mariano Rajoy, on the results of the British referéndum
NEWS: Brexit: Spanish politicians speak out: ACTING Spanish president Mariano Rajoy has calle...
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Weekend read on the risk-averse Spanish PM: Mariano Rajoy's politics of inertia via
For at least 2 more years, how long the process it will take according to Mariano Rajoy.
mariano rajoy talked with pablo motos while exercising and he was strong I'm gonna vote for pp xd
'Keep Calm' says Spanish PM. Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy has called a press conference to evaluate the Brexit and...
In a speech just now on the subject of Brexit, Mariano Rajoy assured Spanish nationals working in Gibraltar that they will be able to...
EU should be reformed to focus on economic growth, jobs and greater integration after - Spain's acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
joke in Spain is Mariano Rajoy finally make Spain the third economy of EU
Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy says status of Spanish citizens in Gibraltar remains unchanged.
For the next two years, all remain the same, said Spanish first minister Mariano Rajoy. All treats and agreements remain until renegotiated.
Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy calls for calm & stresses that laws currently in place in the EU, including UK, remain unchanged for now.
BREAKING: Spanish Prime Minister's Office Moncloa tells us Mariano Rajoy will make institutional statement on Brexit result from 9:30 a.m..
Prime Minister's office at Moncloa tells us no statements from Mariano Rajoy so far on Brexit result. Weekly cabinet meeting this morning.
: Mariano Rajoy’s politics of inertia . MADRID — As Mariano Rajoy and senior politicians of his conservat…
what you can clearly see is that Gibraltar doesn't want to be ruled by Mariano Rajoy and if they leave that could happen
the option of being ruled by Mr Mariano Rajoy sacred the *** out of everybody.
Gibraltar: 95% remain. I wonder if they were thinking that leaving Europe will leave them in Mariano Rajoy hands!
The President of Spain on a Star Trac treadmill. Bravo Team Spain!
Rajoy promises Brussels further adjustments if he wins on June 26. Acting Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is...
Invisible Man Mariano Rajoy goes around seducing young chicks with his "retranca gallega".
Invisible Man Mariano Rajoy makes his presence felt
Invisible Man Mariano Rajoy makes his presence felt -
It is no secret to anyone that we are going to rule in the most delica...
Rajoy Is Europe’s Growth Rebel: Kudos to Mariano Rajoy for winning a game of fiscal chicken against Brussels ...
In Cs we are surprised with Mr Juncker's behavior, who is helping Mariano Rajoy in his electoral campaign
Test case for EU fiscal stimulus...Mariano Rajoy risks Brussels fight with tax-cut - via
Invisible Man Mariano Rajoy makes his presence felt via
Mr.Mariano Rajoy everything you said is a lie..!Lie up a storm.!
“Spain's Mariano Rajoy, on his plan to hold on to power as Invisible Man of Spanish politics
: Rajoy tells Cameron ‘Spanish elections likely on June 26′ . Mariano Rajoy was caught on film at the Eur…
After weeks of political deadlock, Spain's acting PM Mariano Rajoy has said his country will…
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Spain's acting Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, turns down the offer of King Felipe to be the first candidate to try to …
David Cameron MP, Barack Obama, Mariano Rajoy, Dmitry Medvedev: Equality for *** people - Sign the ... via
Mariano Rajoy: Tradition is not an excuse for animal cruelty. Help us ban bullfighting! - Signe... via ChangeFrance
Spanish Prime Minister was catching up on expat news during crucial TV debate: Mariano Rajoy picked up a copy ...
Things clear : Mariano Rajoy ( Spanish Prime Minister ) does not attend the debate on the " 7D " known for its lack of rhetoric.
Mariano Rajoy brought out large crowds in Málaga yesterday. The Prime Minister spent one hour and forty minutes...
I, Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain, am looking forward to the UN summit this Saturday
"Mariano Rajoy, Spain's conservative prime minister, is hoping to sway undecided voters by presenting himself as a…
Mariano Rajoy (Spanish Prime Minister): "FC Barcelona are looking unbeatable, but we'll see how things develop.
ESN : Spain's PM turns Champions League pundit and cuffs his son!: Spain's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, dropped…
Mariano Rajoy (Spain Prime Minister): "Top 3 for Ballon d'or? Cristiano to win it. Iniesta second and Suárez third."
At times like this give me cautious, unambitious Mariano Rajoy over Imperial War Museum Dave.
Mariano Rajoy (Prime Minister of Spain): I don't see the image you convey reflect Cristiano reported by those close to him, not that.
Mariano Rajoy (Prime Minister of Spain): People close to Cristiano Ronaldo talk that he is a wonderful person.
Mariano Rajoy (Prime Minister of Spain): Luka Modric offers excellent levels like level Casemiro.
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Mariano Rajoy (Prime Minister of Spain): I don't think that because of Benitez Real Madrid lost the El Clasico".
Mariano Rajoy (Prime Minister of Spain): I see the best of President Perez, Real Madrid, currently have criticism but is part of the world.
Spain prime-minister Mariano Rajoy wont do leaders debate for El Pais, but in studio for Shakhtar v Madrid coverage tonight.
French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has requested immediate help from Spain: Mariano Rajoy has indicate...
Florentino told PM Mariano Rajoy that he should just give Catalonia their independence so they wouldn't have to play Barça. (
Spain PM Mariano Rajoy - in election mode - doing HT analysis on Canal Plus "I'm Madrid socio but have to say Barca playing very well."
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain and PM hold talks on the sidelines of
Spain is finding it very difficult to finance itself with sovereign debt risk premium so high. ~Mariano Rajoy
François Hollande, Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi, Mariano Rajoy & Mark Rutte have never been accused of committing a sex act with a dead pig.
PM Mariano Rajoy issues warning to regions giving health cards to illegal migrants -- -- via
"Meanwhile, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the Spanish parliament will probably vote on the bailout …"
The biggest Pappu of Spanish politics is Mariano Rajoy.
Mariano Rajoy, Spain President. For making a law impeding recording or taking pics of the cops, already in use.
For Mariano crisis is a political gift - via
UPDATE 2-Spain brushes off Greek concerns as it hikes growth forecast: Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on...
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller (second left) makes a point to the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy...
RAJOY ANSWERS QUESTIONS…SAYS HE’S GREAT: Mariano Rajoy held an extraordinary press conference on Monday evening…
Pension increase for women with children: "Many mums stay at home because they want to" . MARIANO Rajoy's...
Barbaric and cruel must be stopped and ur signatur . Would help
Mariano Rajoy, you failed to this country! 🎯
Susana, a Spanish AMERICAN scientist @ NIH was illusion of Mariano Rajoy in grayblack last night at Embassy
Mariano Rajoy Brey at Mariano Rajoy supports his candidates for Madrid during an electoral campaign event
Mariano Rajoy is corrupt, Albert Rivera is a posion
Spanish PM praises workers who aided plane crash survivors: Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called farmer who had...
Spain’s President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, has awarded the Gold Medal for Merit at…
Spanish PM praises men who helped save
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that up to 10 crew members were aboard the brand-new Airbus A400M aircraft that was undergoing flight
A good thing from the Spanish government side represented by Mariano Rajoy to thank the heroic farmer personaly.
Not doing the job “THEY are good figures, we should celebrate,” said Mariano Rajoy, Spain's prime minister, after...
Maduro accused the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, Tuesday night of being racist and promoting terrorist activities in
Exclusively for the Spring 2015 issue of - Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain!
Some girls with glasses are so cute but I am Mariano Rajoy
NewYorkTimes d'avui: First the Scots, Now the Catalans. The Scots and the Catalans are both ancient European cultures that became part of larger political entities centuries ago but retained distinct identities. Both are today witnessing a strong wave of nationalism and longing for self-rule. There is a major difference, however, in how this is being played out in their respective countries. The Scottish referendum last month, like the Quebec referendums before it, demonstrated that if people are allowed an open debate and a democratic vote on self-determination, they may well choose to stay in the broader polity. Spain’s hard line on Catalan nationalism demonstrates the opposite: If national ambitions are frustrated, they will only get stronger, more passionate and potentially more dangerous. The Scottish referendum was watched closely in Spain, but from different perspectives. The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, made no secret of his opposition to Scottish independence and suggested he would bl ...
Spain's Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy,asks the Constitutional Court to block Catalonia's independence referendum which is set for 9th Nov'14
Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has been speaking after the extraordinary cabinet meeting this morning - via
Catalan Leader Defies Spain by Signing Decree for Secession Vote: Spain's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has vowed…
- Spain's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has vowed to block the Catalan secessionist drive and to push the…
Zhang Dejiang also met with Prime Minister of Mariano Rajoy yesterday, oth willing to boost parliamentary ties
Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister of Mariano Rajoy in Beijing yesterday
Li Keqiang met with Prime Minister of Mariano Rajoy, to sign deals worth more than 4 bil. USD
- Mariano Rajoy Spain's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said it would have been wrong to introduce a law…
"The world has become smaller & our lives have accelerated b/c of communication." Mariano Rajoy, Spain Prime Minister
Felipe VI receives Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in his office for first time. RT
Spain's World Cup hopes have become a matter of state in the country -- with even president Mariano Rajoy and King Juan Carlos I concerned about La Roja's hopes in Wednesday's win or bust game against Chile."the games the thing , wherein we' ll catch the conscience of the king".:-)~
The prime minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, has just announced the king of Spain, Juan Carlos, 76, will...
Spain's King Juan Carlos abdicates to make way for Prince Felipe, PM Mariano Rajoy says
LIVE BLOG: Official photo of King of Spain abdicating to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy this morning:
In has been announced that King Juan Carlos of Spain will abdicate after nearly 40 years on the throne. The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has confirmed that Prince Felipe will accede as King.
The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has announced at 10:33 am Spanish time that King of Juan Carlos of Spain has abdic…
Mariano Rajoy announces abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain - video: Spain's prime minister tells country ...
Mariano Rajoy and Nicolas Sarkozy at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid, May 27, 2014.
Proposal for first astronauts to Mars: Silvio Berlusconi, Rob Ford, Vladimir Putin, Tony Abbott & Mariano Rajoy.
Artur Mas asks PM Mariano Rajoy to fix a date to discuss the furute of Catalonia
While the cuts continue and pensioners suffer, Mr Kenny's pockets are continuing to line. Mr Kenny's salary is €200,000, French president Francois Hollande is paid €179,000, British prime minister David Cameron is paid €172,000 and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is paid just €75,000. Italian prime minister Mario Monti has given up his entire salary. Although Ireland is currently in a bailout programme, Mr Kenny is still being paid more than leaders from solvent countries, such as the Netherlands (€180,000), Finland (€129,000) and Poland (€33,367). The Cypriot president, Demetris Christofias, who has requested a bailout for his country, is on a salary of €158,551.What is going on in this country!
Rajoy Reaffirms Spanish Support for Turkey’s EU Bid: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said on Tuesday that...
If anyone has a comprehensive plan in how to fix the European economy from the point of view of Mariano Rajoy, will you please say so now?
Reports state that Spain's government are planning to change the independent judiciary of Spain, in a political move to close down a ground-breaking Tibet lawsuit that implicates Chinese leaders of genocide in Tibet. Take Action now to urge Spain's Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, and other EU leaders...
WILL TURKEY GET GAZANS FREED FROM UNDER THE JACK BOOT OF APARTHEID ISRAEL? I wonder when. ? ISH = HAARETZ: "Turkey PM: No reconciliation with Israel until end of Gaza siege Erdogan says Israel answered several Turkish demands in negotiations, but won't agree to normalization of ties without lifting of Gaza blockade. By Barak Ravid | Feb. 11, 2014 | 10:30 PM Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that he demands a "written protocol" from Israel pledging it will lift the siege over the Gaza Strip as a condition for signing a reconciliation agreement and normalizing relations between the two countries. Speaking at a press conference in Ankara alongside Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Erdogan said that negotiations with Israel have progressed, but have not ended. He added that Turkey has received an apology from Israel, and that talks over compensation for the families of those killed and wounded on the Mavi Marmara ship in 2010 are ongoing. However, Erdogan said the lifting of the ...
Public to be consulted over drilling proposals. Canary Islands Government President Paulino Rivero opened his press conference with the question “Do you agree with Repsol’s search for oil off the Canary Islands?” after an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Government. The meeting was called as a response to the call for a referendum deemed to have “special significance” for the islands. Rivero spoke of a desire to open dialogue with Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy, but was unable to speak to the country’s leader prior to the press conference, as the PM was travelling. “The reasonable thing is to consult the people,” he went on, but did not reference the authorisation for drilling, the permits for which were granted by the central government via a Royal Decree in 2012. Rivero distanced himself from the sovereign’s position over the issue, and spoke of “institutional respect.” The granting of permits, Rivero believes, “have created a social, scientific, and institutional impact”, par ...
PM met w his Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy. .
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Here is set of questions based on the current affairs of November and Decemebr 2013. Question Number 1: Where is in India, first fully privately funded Metro Rail has been started recently? A) Kochi B) Gurgaon C) Bangalore D) Ahmadabad Answer & Explanation: Gurgaon. Question Number 2: China recently stopped “One Child Policy” what are the true regarding this policy? 1) One child policy started in china in late 1970. 2) The policy prevented at least 300 billion births over the three decades. 3) Permitting couple’s in cities to have only one child and those in country side to have a second child, if first child is girl. A) Only 3 true B) Only 1 true C) Only 2 and 3 are true D) All are true Answer & Explanation: All are true. Question Number 3: Kalpakkam is a place of India recently in news, in which state Kalpakkam is located? A) Tamil Nadu B) Karnataka C) West Bengal D) Andhra Pradesh Answer & Explanation: Kalpakkam is a small town in Tamil Nadu, India. Question Number 4: Recently in India, General S ...
"Europe represents 25% of global GDP. And we are 400 million people" almost!
WHY ARE THEY SO SCARED OF LOSING US. AFTER ALL, ACCORDING TO THE ENGLISH GOVERNMENT WE ARE NOTHING BUT A DRAIN ON THEIR ECONOMY. Britain’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has asked Spanish press to publish criticisms of Scottish independence. The UK Embassy in the Spanish capital, Madrid, has asked Spanish paper Tenerife News to print a memo about the “challenges” if Scotland leaves the UK. The request, by the embassy’s director of communications, Simon Montague, has been made in a letter published by the English-language paper. The Scottish government said the letter proves that London is trying to stir hostility overseas to Scotland’s independence, despite UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s claim that the decision is purely “a debate between Scots.” The Scottish National Party’s (SNP) Westminster leader, Angus Robertson, condemned the UK government over the letter, saying British embassies should be promoting the country’s interests abroad rather than undermining it. “This is ex ...
Urge Spain's PM, Mariano Rajoy to stand up for against pressure to limit judiciary:...
Spain “Our monarchy is an archaic and medieval institution and it is completely under the protection of a mafia. It is the keystone of this country’s corruption,” said one of the protesters while another added: “She is protected by the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. He said publicly that Cristina would not be charged.” One of the demonstrators questioned the cost of the hearing when he said: “I am indifferent to the summons of the princess. But it is surprising that we are wasting 300,000 euros on security just for one morning. In the schools and hospitals we would probably need to spend that just on basics.”
Artur Mas is so much smoother than Mariano Rajoy
Not in my wildest dreams,I would have imagine that John Wayne and Mariano Rajoy,Spain's President, had something in common.
MADRID (Reuters) - Catalonia's president has called on European Union prime ministers for support as the region seeks a vote on independence in November this year, the source of an increasingly bitter fight with Spain's central government. In letters dating from December and made public on Thursday, Artur Mas urged European powers to encourage a referendum that the center-right government of Mariano Rajoy says is unconstitutional and it will not allow. The Catalan struggle is likely to dominate the political agenda this year in Spain, which is slowly emerging from a recession and heading towards a general election in 2015. "Contrary to some reports, there are a number of legal and constitutional options which allow this referendum to take place in Catalonia," Mas wrote in a December 20 letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which was reproduced on his official website and is one of 27 sent to European leaders. "I am confident I can rely on you to encourage the peaceful, democratic, transparent, and Eu ...
The Scottish Times Stop insulting our intelligence on Scotland’s EU membership Posted by Alexander Porter on December 14, 2013 by Murray Ritchie One of the saddest sights in politics is a passionate believer proved wrong. When the argument is lost, when the facts decide, when logic and truth prevail, the believer must face defeat. But some simply cannot bear to be wrong and they are the saddest of all. They enter denial. The politics of denial is in full swing now in the independence debate. The latest example is the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, who says if Scotland votes for independence it will be kicked out of the EU. “This is a fact. It’s neither a value judgment nor an opinion,” he insists while looking over his shoulder at those contrary Catalans and bolshy Basques. He has now gone further and said if Catalonia holds an independence referendum, Madrid will block it. And if it goes ahead anyway, Madrid with declare it illegal. He might care to recall the words of Donald Dewar as th ... | No automatic welcome for independent Scotland, says Mariano Rajoy, who expects UK to take same stance on Catalonia.
Politics is a game of two halves for Spain's Mariano Rajoy: Spain's prime minister was voted into office two...
Mariano Rajoy [Spanish Prime Minister]: "As a Madridista, if I had to vote, I would give it to Cristiano Ronaldo,"
“The prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said the law was not meant to gag citizens but protect them.”
Prime Minister of Spain ( Mariano Rajoy) : - "I would give the Ballon d'Or to Cristiano Ronaldo". |RUMI|
Heat & humidity was thought to affect the behaviour of early Spanish colonists in Panama, but Mariano Rajoy seems immune. Still a knob.
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John Cleese confuses his Mariano Rajoy character with Basil Fawlty and declares Fukushima safe: via
Spain’s economy: The worst may be over, although the way out will be long via
Rajoy: Spain emerging from crisis with "healthier and stronger" economy: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy...
He's back! "Luis Bárcenas told a court that the recipient of the cash was a close aide to Mariano Rajoy".
Morning everyone. Skies greyer here than Mariano Rajoy's short, scruffy hairs. Yes, of course I mean his beard. What did you think?
- News Article - Rajoy Optimistic in Lat-Am: Minister Mariano met with Latin Amer...
In the past two years, Spain has imposed 30 different tax raises. (in Spanish) via
Hardening of the criminal code offense of animal abuse
Spain crisis looms over Catalan discontent: Mariano Rajoy and Artur Mas seem reluctant to rush into finding a ...
Spain’s economy - 18,700 people applied for 11 jobs in Prado museum - but the worst may be over:
Spain’s economy: The worst may be over ... but there's still lots of room for improvement, Mr Rajoy
When Prado Museum advertised for 11 gallery attendants recently 18,700 people applied!!.
Sara Eisen and BloombergTV show us how good and fair jurnalism is
“To claim that the current pension system is sustainable is like saying smoking does not cause cancer,”
Spain’s economy: The worst may be over via
Spain's prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, predicts economic joy, but the country still has a long way to go
The world's leading tobacco control experts warn Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that a regressive change in...
Toilet paper, thrown by protesters, lies strewn on the ground in front of Spanish riot police standing guard outside the headquarters of Spain's ruling Popular Party (PP) during a demonstration, calling for the resignation of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, with the theme "Mafia Out, Hello Democracy", in Madrid October 5, 2013. REUTERS/Susana Vera
Mariano met President Nazarbayev in the Int'l Conference on with PM Akhmetov
Yeah Nathan; Mariano Rajoy will be receiving you at the airport and Ana Botella waiting at Plaza Mayor w/ a relaxing cup of café con leche.
Creo que no estamos haciendolo bien cuando vemos esto, señor Mariano Rajoy Brey
I liked a video from Mariano Banana cantando Reforma Laboral, Parodia Mariano Rajoy
The Japan News Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy ... be key to concluding an economic partnership agreement
Keep seeing cropping up in my timeline. Surely Mariano Rajoy hasn't gone and visited that controversial Japanese shrine?
Hi Spaniards, here's Mariano Rajoy and this is ***
attack on journalists right after Mariano Rajoy left Azerbaijan?? here in spain it´s the most usual thing ...
But...I don't get it... Spain's PM, Mariano Rajoy, said 2 days ago that the situation wasn't dangerous at all!!...
When I find myself in times of trouble Mariano Rajoy comes to me, speaking words of wisdom: LET IT BE.
Spain’s Rajoy Seals Alliance with Japan: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on the last day…
Mariano Rajoy becomes the first head of state to visit Fukushima since the accident. He's got less to lose than the others.
Council on Foreign Relations transcript of the interview of Rajoy discussing int'l politics and US/Spain relations.
Mariano Rajoy expresses Spain's support for people of Japan from city of Fukushima
Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain, visits says he hopes his presence will help to allay fears about the nuclear accident.
Spain's PM Mariano has gone to Fukushima. So, clearly he's hearing at least *part* of what the electorate's telling him...
Spain's PM Mariano Rajoy meets with Japanese Emperor Akihito... & doesn't bow to him vía
The Emperor of Japan receives Spain PM Mariano Rajoy on State Visit. An enormous honour to and
"This is a good time to invest in Spain", says Mariano Rajoy
I see Mariano Rajoy is in Japan. Apologies in advance to my various Japanese followers and friends.
Picture of the Day › Spanish visitor: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, left, is greeted by Emperor Akihit...
Mariano says is against natural evolution. Look at this map: secessions from Spain year by year: http:/…
President of Kazakhstan meets with prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy.
I liked a video A Conversation with Mariano Rajoy
A Conversation with Mariano Rajoy: . A Conversation with Mariano Rajoy. Council on Foreign Relations - 34 minute...
A Conversation with Mariano Rajoy: Mariano Rajoy, president of Spain, discusses Spanish foreign policy and the...
[Press Releases] Visit to Japan of His Excellency Mr. Mariano RAJOY BREY, President of the Government of Spain
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
mate Mariano Rajoy trying to bury bad news until Mr Blubby "metaphor for a nation gone soft in the head" stepped in.
"What's up guys! Got a couple of mins before I take off, tell me something funny" Mariano Rajoy.
Fab.Picardo said Mariano Rajoy was fuelling the crisis to distract from his domestic troubles ?
Sorry for my english... but I speak better than Mariano Rajoy.
Mariano Rajoy should show Britain some gratitude for providing his countrymen with 6,000 jobs in Gibraltar.
This afternoon the Spanish official delegation led by the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy visits to China
Mariano rajoy hace una cortina de humo con lo gibraltar is mamon(Mariajo rajoi make a hume courtine with gibraltar is a baby sucker)
How to destroy a country, a movie by Mariano Rajoy, starring PP crew.
Prime Minister David Cameron calls Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy to raise concerns about situation on border
Chief Fabian Picardo to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy -- "See you in court!" -- -- via
Spanish PM's acting like Galtieri: is blocking border to distract from own troubles, says Gibraltar chief
row: PM Mariano 'is behaving like General -
Spain is behaving like Argentina's aggression towards the Falklands in 1982 ... - Daily Mail
"We are confident that in the end that we will have Gibraltar as part of Spain"
Spanish PM accused of acting like Argie dictator in row over Gibraltar
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Spain's failing economy will fail some more now that Mariano Rajoy has lifted ban on on main state tvcha…
Mariano Rajoy the Spanish PM who's trying to divert attention from the scandals involving his party by laying claim to Gibraltar.
guardian: Gibraltar row: David Cameron protests to Spanish PM: Mariano Rajoy is understood to have promised to...
PM 'constructive' call with Spain: Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy offers to reduce controls at the Gibraltar border ...
Spain's Mariano Rajoy has offered to reduce controls at the Gibraltar border following a "constructive" phone call with David Cameron.
UK PM David Cameron has called Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy to raise serious concerns about situation at Gibraltar bo…
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy rejects calls to step down over scandal
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy faces calls to resign over ties to slush fund
Spain's Rajoy in deep trouble over corruption payments
A member of Spain's Judges' Council, Gómez Benítez, has called for the resignation of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy:
The president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, forced to call elections by distrust of the public due to the lack of clarity in your party accounts.
That's the image that now Spanish inmigrants have in UK Spanish people want you to QUIT
The Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, has published what it says are secret accounts, which it claims show prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, received undeclared payments whilst he was a government minister in the late 1990s. paper says the documents came from the former treasurer, who's currently in jail while judges investigate alleged irregularities in the party's finances. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)
Hi, did you see the last news about Mariano Rajoy, Cospedal, and the others member of their politic team? Amaizing.
Spain's prime minister Mariano Rajoy is under increasing pressure after the publication of original documents purporting to show illegal cash payments were paid to him while he was a minister.
"Que Mariano Rajoy diga que no cobró dinero no quiere decir que no cobrara sobresueldo".
Mariano 'implicated after publication of slush fund documents' -- via -- --
PM of Spain Mariano & other "top politicians" received illicit payments from A to Z, thanks to
Spanish newspaper exposes Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and other top politicians receiving illicit payments.
The Telegraph also does Rajoy & Bárcenas "Spain's Mariano Rajoy implicated after publication of …
Spain's Mariano Rajoy 'implicated after publication of slush fund documents' via
Some Spanish Newspapers published more Mariano Rajoy's Scandals today while d Euro was exchanged at just a little above 1.276 per Dollar
PM protests over Gibraltar shots David Cameron has protested to his Spanish counterpart after shots were fired at a jet-skier off Gibraltar. The Prime Minister confronted Mariano Rajoy during a Brussels summit and demanded an explanation for the "illegal incursion" into British territorial waters. At a press conference, Mr Cameron said he wanted to make sure a full investigation took place and it was important that countries followed international law. "I did raise this with the Spanish Prime Minister," he said. "I think this is a totally unacceptable episode and I made that clear. "I think it is very important that people on Gibraltar know that we support them, we support their sovereignty." He added: "We need to find out more about what happened but from what I have heard... it is not acceptable." It is understood that Mr Cameron "made a beeline" for Mr Rajoy soon after arriving at the summit on Thursday. In the incident on Sunday, a Spanish police boat pursued Dale Villa while he was on his jet-ski nea ...
Spanish cakes not up to scratch, says international cake expert. Mariano Rajoy not available for comment.
Welcome to Porto. To Porto which is beautiful but it's much more than beauty. To Porto which was the cradle of globalization. To Porto, a port of many Portug...
 The governor of the Bank of Spain, Luis Maria Linde, announced that the Government would decide in October if you request an extension of the European rescue the banks. In this way, has ratified the information published on the morning of Monday, sources from Brussels and the ECB, which indicated that it is considering the possibility of extension.Spain has used 41,300 million credit line offered 100,000 million a year ago Eurogroup to restructure troubled institutions, and which expires on December 31. "The government will have to make that decision and I guess it will be in October," said Linde under the Montreal Economic Conference in the International Economic Forum of the Americas. However, he refused to express his opinion on the matter.An extension would likely require a new memo with conditions, although the final decision would correspond to the Eurogroup, said the governor of the Bank of Spain.Linde's remarks came after this morning European Commission sources consulted by Europa Press claimed ...
Mariano Rajoy: "Europe needs to go towards greater integration and more reforms"
lol at the "political views" section of Mariano Rajoy's wiki page listing his pro-bullfighting stance and nothing else
"When it becomes serious, you have to lie", Jean-Claude Juncker Mariano Rajoy from May 28, or 12 days ago: "No v..
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has rejected calls to hike the nation's headline rate higher than 21%
against as a litlle state.What about
"If you are engineer and (also) football player, all doors in the world will be opened for you" Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister.
Eurozone crisis is over, says French president Hollande: Last year the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said...
Pension Taskforce set up by PM Mariano Rajoy in July recommends cutting benefits -- --
Spinning the Data on the Non-Recovery in Spain: On June 1, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Promised Encou...
you are betten than Mariano Rajoy.. come to spain!!! we need u!
Mariano Rajoy, Spanish PM: "is the dream of an entire nation and we wil make it come true"
Mariano doubtless rues the day he decided to go into politics rather than pursuing a career in rock’n’roll.
Rajoy rejects EU's calls to increase IVA: SPANISH president Mariano Rajoy has stood his ground in Europe and i...
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