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Maria Doyle Kennedy

Maria Doyle Kennedy (born Maria Josephine Doyle; 25 September 1964) is an award-winning Irish actress and singer.

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What do you mean Maria Doyle Kennedy was in the Conjuring 2
.want to make sure that you know about their live show with Maria Doyle Kennedy
Alan & Ellen prepare for their upcoming live show for with Maria Doyle Kennedy.
.talk about the preparations for their upcoming live show with Maria Doyle Kennedy!…
Maria Doyle Kennedy isn’t in this episode. “upcoming live show with Maria Doyle Kennedy” is a distinct phrase in that sentence.
A minisode where Alan & Ellen talk about their preparations for the upcoming live show with Maria Doyle Kennedy
national treasure Maria Doyle Kennedy will be talking to me and Ellen about The Wizard Of Oz. It's a double-bill w/ The Alison Spittle Show
ONE WEEK until and I take to the stage to launch our new MMA careers*. *talk to Maria Doyle Kennedy abo…
Thank you! Best of luck with everything this week - I've no doubt you'll be ace. Maria Doyle Kennedy 😍
Your daily reminder that tickets are still available for our first LIVE show with Maria Doyle Kennedy…
another suggestion for playing Mama Earp: Maria Doyle Kennedy from Orphan Black
Hey, the people behind this also have a podcast. It's called and we're doing a live show with Maria…
Started watching Orphan Black for the first time just to make sure I'm extra starstruck when Maria Doyle Kennedy does Juvenalia next week
I have this. I like the Maria Doyle Kennedy track.
watch me fall in love with Maria Doyle Kennedy all over again 😩
Maria Doyle Kennedy is the most beautiful human
All purpose parts banner
📷 theresacullens: Maria Doyle Kennedy on women in Orphan Black “In a very simple way, there aren’t that...
Maria Doyle Kennedy || Aged 52. - Played best Katherine of Aragon ever. - look at her eyes. - Is a fashion icon. - Can…
Who is Maria Doyle Kennedy? Redwater actress who plays farmer Rosin Kelly and star of…
You can exclusively listen to Maria Doyle Kennedy's brand new track Pride on Nialler9 all this week:...
all I want in life is to rock the wicked stepmother look as well as Maria Doyle Kennedy at this panel
having a moment where I just really appreciate Maria Doyle Kennedy
Maria Doyle Kennedy promoting the new season of "Orphan Black" in NYC. June 2017. ……
Had a nice chat about Polaroids and this morning with Maria Doyle Kennedy and Jordan…
No an actress, Maria Doyle Kennedy x she's Irish anyway she's in Orphan Black
let's add Maria Doyle Kennedy. Brian Kennedy, Bap Kennedy & all the other Kennedy's to the list ...
Maria Doyle Kennedy's Katy Perry watching from across the room with narrowed eyes, barely listening to Ross Matthews' Sam Smith.
So now it's all about staying in love: & Kieran Kennedy sing
Women are often expected to be more amiable or more pleasing or more submis...
I didn't trust Siobhan AT ALL the first two seasons of . Now I love and trust her implicitly. You go, Maria Doyle Kennedy...
Music just makes sense to me. I don't ever worry when I'm singing. It's the...
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I like singing practically more than anything else, and I want to be the be...
yeah they did, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Nat Dormer, Annabelle Wallis, Joss Stone, Tamzin Merchant and Joely Richardson in that order
2morrow - cbc radio ottawa will run interview with the 1 n only Maria Doyle Kennedy she'll be at blacksheep feb 27 - (mrs s- orphanblack)
I'd like to see Evelyne Brochu, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dylan Bruce, Ari Millen, Ksenia Solo and Tom Cullen.
Maria Doyle Kennedy looking lovely, & sounding even lovelier in a church last night
i think that i'm getting obsessed with maria doyle kennedy hELP IM NOT READY TO JOIN ANOTHER FANDOM
I'm sorry but Maria Doyle-Kennedy is far too hot to be fifty years old.
Starting back up with my Irish on this rainy Tuesday. Got my coffee and my shake, food cravings, and Maria Doyle Kennedy's songs in my head.
Watched the extras for The Commitments and I dare say I am not the only one disappointed by how little Maria Doyle Kennedy appeared therein.
Thoroughly enjoyed Maria Doyle-Kennedy concert last night in Hook - more concerts with her in 2 wks time
I know I've never met you, but I think you might look like Maria Doyle Kennedy. You're both gorgeous.
Maria Doyle Kennedy in the lightgouse last night for the first of this years lighthouse sessions
one of the worst movies I've seen. Only good part was that Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S!) was in it.
I'm very jealous. I met Maria Doyle Kennedy (mrs. S) on Saturday and that was incredible, but not quite like meeting Ebro
Maria Doyle Kennedy says "it was a really dangerous move" for S to betray Helena; she makes crazy decisions but always has her reasons.
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I was wondering where I knew Maria Doyle Kennedy from...she was in Father Ted!
The brief love scene between Brendan Gleeson & Maria Doyle Kennedy in Albert Nobbs is one of the most erotic, tender & funny I've ever seen.
I mix up Michelle Fairley and Maria Doyle Kennedy all the time.
"Maria Doyle Kennedy is the only one who ahs the same accent IRL as on the show. WAIT! What accent does Alison have? Who plays Alison??"
MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY Wants to Have Lunch with Alison & Listen to Patti Sm...: via
Happy Birthday to the awesome of wishes you a great day!
another favourite of mine love Maria Doyle Kennedy in this one :)
I met Maria Doyle Kennedy today, AKA Mrs S from Orphan Black and I flailed like a little girl
Spotify is playing Maria Doyle Kennedy. From I had no idea she was a singer songwriter!
Photoset: Maria Doyle Kennedy on Tatiana’s mom visiting the set of Orphan Black. (x)
Here is Maria Doyle Kennedy with Kieran and 'guest' Donal Lunny singing John The Revelator by Son House,(one of my favourite Delta Blues Singers), in the Sugar Club on May 29th...Enjoy!
The Jam, Stevie Nicks, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Maria Doyle Kennedy with John Prine, new music from Edisons,...
Anyone want two free tickets for the national concert hall tonight to see printer clips, Paul noonan from bellx1 dueting with female Irish singers like Lisa hannigan and Maria Doyle Kennedy? It's at 8. It's a sold out gig. I can email the tickets.
But I gotta say, Maria Doyle Kennedy makes a better Mrs. S than a Catherine of Aragon. Because shotguns.
Twenty-two years ago, I discovered a wonderful film, The Commitments. Among the cast was Maria Doyle Kennedy, as Natalie. Boy, could she power through a song! I was hooked and followed her career until the rest of life intruded and I lost track of her. Jump forward to a few weeks ago when Auntie Carolyn introduced me to The Tudors, a 2007-2010 television series in which Maria plays Queen Catherine of Aragon against Jonathan Rhys Myers' Henry the Eighth. What a pleasure to watch Maria play one of the best roles of any actress's career. The series itself is a must-see, and if you are at all familiar with The Commitments, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the star turn Maria takes.
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Natalie Dormer was good, so was Maria Doyle Kennedy.
Now I know where I've seen Maria Doyle Kennedy before; she was the nanny on I thought she was a dead ringer for Mary
Maria Doyle Kennedy wonderful actress and singer
Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful music of Maria Doyle Kennedy(the horrible Vera Bates)absolutely love her music
fab concert last night..a very talented lady..Three in a row.Julie Feeney,Maria Doyle Kennedy and now Eleanor McEvoy.
Set de fotos: liona5: → Maria Doyle Kennedy is the ultimate Katherine of Aragon. I haven’t seen her played...
Indeed, and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Catherine and Natalie Dormer as Anne were both fantastic. Season 1 had a wonderful cast.
Today on Canada AM - why a Supreme Court ruling today could change how domestic abuse cases are prosecuted. The practice of "catfishing" and why the Manti T'eo story has brought it to light. Also a preview of the much-delayed hockey season - Richard's thoughts on the new Schwartzenegger movie The Last Stand - and how to beat jet lag (I'll be watching this one closely!). Also - an App that helps you capture one second of every day of your life. AND! (very excited...) Maria Doyle Kennedy is here in studio today. You'll remember her as Catherine of Aragon from the Tudors and Vera Bates from Downton Abbey... she is also a fantastic singer, and she'll perform live on our AM Soundstage. Also today Loren Christie takes us to BC's gorgeous Powder Highway... you won't want to miss that!
Song of the Day: "This Time" by Jonathan Rhys Meyers (from August Rush). Wish he had done a duet with Maria Doyle Kennedy on her album...
Holy crap Maria Doyle Kennedy used to present yoof telly in RTE in d'80s..there she is interviewing Mary Coughlan...A lot of hair on screen
Shout out to feat. Maria Doyle Kennedy (and next Weds evening
Here's Natalie Dormer, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Annabelle Wallis in The Tudors again. For who couldn't watch the final or who wants to watch them again. Enjoy!
Watching Albert Nobbs. King Henry (JRM) is Viscount Yarrell and Queen Catherine of Aragon (Maria Doyle Kennedy) is Mary, a chambermaid
wow...not fair at all. I mean I love me some Maggie Smith and Maria Doyle Kennedy is my girl, but boo!
Sing is the fifth full-length album Mermaid Records but marks a debut UK release from Dublin’s hidden treasure Maria Doyle Kennedy. Kennedy has spent time honing an acting career playing Mrs Bates in Downton Abbey, Katherine Of Aragon in The Tudors and Muriel Bately in ITV’s Titanic series. Stepping...
Janice long on radio 2 is awesome, Maria Doyle Kennedy amazing.
hi Laura not sure If you've seen this it was in the aer lingus magazine this month!Maria Doyle Kennedy
Damien Rice doing back up vocals with Maria Doyle Kennedy song called "SING"
Reading the Maria Doyle Kennedy album review in new Hotpress. It's hilarious. She was looking for 10,000 euro to jump out of a plane so she can record her album!! I'm not joking.These pledge for music campaigns are getting embarrassing..
After having read countless (virtually) Henry VIII biographies, having watched pretty much the same number of film / TV adaptations, I sincerely believe The Other Boleyn Girl to be a complete sham, badly written, awfully directed, with no Big Bad Henry at the centre of things. Besides, where's the good old fun with Wolsey, Cromwell, More and the rest of the lot? The 1969 Anne of the Thousand Days, despite a slight aura of cheap melodrama (perhaps because of it) works best for me. Bujold and Burton are still entertaining and convincing. The Showtime Tudor is so well written and quite ably acted (esp Sam Neil as Wolsey and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Catherine) that it works of its own accord. Nathalie Dormer and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are appealing and adaptive. The last episode of season 2, which comprises of the last 48 hours in Anne Boleyn's life, is a minor masterpiece of its own accord.
The part with Toby Jones and Maria Doyle Kennedy? (no spoiler) That was the only part I found really emotional.
Maria Doyle Kennedy and Toby Jones are both excellent actors, but even they struggled with those lines at the end.
seen 2nd ep. Apart from touching scene between Toby Jones & Maria Doyle Kennedy it was Meh.Definitely underwhelmed
So in just 2 days Ive seem Judi Dench, Daniel Craig, David James (proud that I recognised a footballer!) and Maria Doyle Kennedy!
New Episode! We have a very special Guest - Maria Doyle Kennedy. An Excellant Singer and Actress, she is well known…
We like Maria Doyle Kennedy, and we like Camden. Don't miss this gig on Sun Apr 1.
Irish singer Maria Doyle Kennedy (dubbed the Celtic Patti Smith!) playing her first London gig at Green Note this Sunday...
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