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Marge Simpson

Marjorie Marge Simpson (née Bouvier) is a fictional main character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family.

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I let out the loudest Marge Simpson exasperated groan at this.
I've realized in my older age that I am pretty much Marge Simpson.
the hair was the precursor of Marge simpson...give or take the hair color.
My mother sounds like Marge Simpson if her voice gets worn out
Marge Simpson is a feisty woman and that goes for the rest of the female generation
*donald trump enters his secret room filled with mannequin heads, each with a preposterously expensive replica Marge Simpson…
And what the f*** was she thinking getting that lip injecti…
I still think Marge Simpson's sisters having their hair purple because of their cigs ashes was the biggest plot twist on tv history
is that like, a Marge Simpson sound? Or are you just considering how great and humorous your friend Matthew is
I love Teru??? Even when he had the stupid Marge Simpson hair.
Someone Alert Marge Simpson that will is wearing her bra
Things I've learned from Marge Simpson and Jackie Onassis have the same maiden name. Also Marge's middle name is Jackie.
like how marge Simpson looks without her pearls on, Looks like she's wearing a towel. Superman looks like he's wearing PJs.
I wonder how long it will take to feel like — ok, whatever. Marge Simpson had a good joke about this.
Is guest curating Azealia's mind/instagram story and forcing her to do Marge Simpson impressions?
My (31) fiancee (30) and I noticed Marge Simpson has a 35th birthday in S1. Their life seems so distant to us.
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Marge is my favourite simpson by far
I love Bart Simpson, Homer is a great dad, Marge ain't that bad, Lisa can die, Maggie is my future daughter
I want azealia banks doing a impression of marge simpson as my ringtone
but the real cool stuff comes from Everett, WA.
“Next time I have a radio interview I will treat you all to my Marge Simpson impression. It is A plus.” Antan…
Originally, Marge Simpson’s hair style was designed to reveal in the very last Simpsons episode that underneath her hair was…
Marge and Lisa Simpson have almost exactly the same face via
I can't stop watching Marge Simpson and Megaman get down!
Marge Simpson doing a bit of modelling.
Why am I always so funny when no one’s around?" - Marge Simpson
She sounds like Marge Simpson today so it's a good job has & to talk the weeks…
"... the most important gift a man your age can get!". @ Marge Simpson. Happy Christmas "shopping" und einen...
MARGE SIMPSON: I’ve been drinking a glass of wine a day… They say you should drink a glass and a half but I can’t drink that much!
Okay marge Simpson memes are honestly my fav
Ppl will bash them but will sob when Homer and marge Simpson slow dance to close to u like go and poo somewhere else
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Marge Simpson is my favorite animated character of all time. I only say this cause I can do a near perfect impression of her
"call me a killjoy but I think just because it's not too my taste, no one else should enjoy it" Marge Simpson
I'm laughing so hard at the idea of an anime style Marge Simpson wall scroll right now
Put Marge Simpson crumping on my tomb stone please.
someone link that sad Maude Flanders / Marge Simpson post
loneliness level: When Marge Simpson woke up her baby so she would start crying and would give Marge someone talk to.
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson arrived on Fox as a half-hour prime time show on this day in 1987.
discovered yesterday Sasha makes a noise exactly like marge Simpson when she's annoyed
I must have been snoring in my sleep or something. Serving you Marge Simpson realness.
you know who else is hilariously real and I been sleeping in them? Marge Simpson
Tbt to when went on a rant about how Marge Simpson is too good for Homer
Jesus sent an alert about snatching Marge Simpson's bra 😋
I have a cough and now my voice sounds like Marge Simpson :)))
It's a well documented fact that Homer Simpson loves butter. Rumour has it that he also enjoys spreading marge.
My mom was the inspiration for Marge Simpson Lol
update: I sound like marge simpson when I speak & my parents took all the cough syrup to shreveport
Lawrence of Arabia, starring Marge Simpson and Paul Giamatti. Directed by Mike Leigh, music by Steve Miller Band. Budget: $50m
My Christmas tree is like Marge Simpson's hair in a car... it's just a bit too tall...
This never would have happened if Marge Simpson was here.
My genuine fave thing about bein ill is soundin like marge Simpson
My voice us doing a thing again and I keep making noises like Marge Simpson.
"If it could talk it would make that sad Marge Simpson groan"
Political Simpsons. Starring:. Erdogan as Mr. Burns. Obama as Smithers. Merkel as Marge Simpson. Not pictured:. Chris C…
It will banish you stood still! *throws a liddle lert-- M-Maybe you guys were about Marge Simpson? Marge Simpson? Marge sounds
Lately, what's keeping us together is my ability to overlook everything you do. - Marge Simpson (aplica para peru vs FP)
"Oh, don't thank me. Thank Marge Simpson. She taught me that there's more to being a minister than not caring about peopl…
You should listen to your heart, and not the voices in your head. . ~ The Simpsons by Matt Groening, spoken by the character Marge Simpson
Check out my quick snapchat ode to Cartoon TV Moms 😂. Marge Simpson. Lois Griffin. Francine Smith. DeeDee Pickles
pretending to be Keith sounds more like Marge Simpson
Dana, between you, Kathleen Madigan, and Marge Simpson, my next babymama will DEFINITELY be from Missouri!!! Keep it up ladies
I never EVER thought I would say this but I miss seeing David Cameron at Ms May is awful - & what's with the Marge Simpson's pearls?
Cool to see Marge Simpson win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship.
TIL Marge Simpson won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship last night, is truly unpredictable!
My hair is 70% hair spray, 30% dry shampoo and additional 5% brush spray (which certainly did not work😂)... i feel like blonde Marge Simpson
No matter how much they tell you to shut up, in Brexit Britain always be Marge Simpson in The Monorail episode.
"Well, I don't want to bother the internet with my problem." . Marge Simpson
17 times Homer and Marge Simpson were almost, sort of, not really perfect parents
I'm insisting I sound like Mariella Frostrup with my sexy cold voice, even though Paul is interjecting EVERY TIME with "Marge Simpson".
Marge Simpson's favourite tube station is High Barnet.
No, YOU read a poem about Marge Simpson first thing in the morning and it it'll make YOU contemplative all day
I understand Marge Simpson is sad but using your logic, what about Lois Griffin & Francine Smith?
All named Homer + Marge Simpson or John & Jane Smith whose religion is Jedi.
"Someone call Marge Simpson because Homer just landed in the bleachers."
Why do all Fox cartoons wives have annoying voices? Linda Belcher, Lois Griffin, Marge Simpson. All suppose to be hot, all annoying sounding
I definitely have Laryngitis, I'm so hoarse I sound like a mix between Tom Waits and Marge Simpson
"Don't worry Lisa, you've still got McGill, the Harvard of Canada!" -Marge Simpson. Moved from PA to LA. Can certainly move north
CRUZ: Why did I pick Carly Fiorina? She does a great Marge Simpson impression. FIORINA: I-. C: Do it. F: I don-. C: DO IT!. F:…
Tie between Marge Simpson bc she puts up w/bart &Homer & Cartmans mom bc she is also his dad
If u listen closely at Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil", when he hits those high pitched notes, he sounds like Marge Simpson. 😂😂
Trying to work out which of Helen Lederer and Stacey Solomon looks more like Marge Simpson. .
One of the small pics looks like Marge Simpson holding Maggie. I vote genius.
is really hot in pictures but when you see him in person he kinda looks like Marge Simpson
Thought of that episode with Marge and Lisa Simpson and the musical doorbell when I saw this :3
My entire photo history rn is that marge Simpson pic
Marge Simpson rushes stage at Bernie rally last night I was Seattle! From rayrod
yeah we're enjoying it. Last person I expected to ruin it was Marge f*g Simpson!
Yay! I heard of it and yes he can do imitate Marge Simpson's voice perfectly 😍😳
"You're such a vigorous, young go-getter. When's your next coffee break?" - Marge Simpson
my hair is so big and blue I feel like Marge Simpson
Marge Simpson wearing a hat makes my life complete
This is me dressed as marge Simpson
What do Rihanna and Marge Simpson have in common?
"";Marge, you're as pretty as Princess Leia and as smart as Yoda.""; - Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson wigs made out of bubbles are the future!
Steve's Week in Policy: Marge Simpson's view on Canadian Tire as an innovator, and more >
"And that's what makes me cool. Not caring, right?" ~ Marge Simpson (and Chris Conway)
People beating their meat to Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin I'm sick
I added a video to a playlist Sexy Scene Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson
2nd most popular question in Nebraska behind "How's the weather?" is "Lois Griffin or Marge Simpson?"
Can you believe someone that cute dated total turds? Or is that expected on the tv? Ring Ring Wilma Flintstone and Marge Simpson.
Marge Simpson aka julie kavner is in this film playing a nurse
Wilma Flintstone crossed with Marge Simpson... with that ever-famous Bamfoo grin
Marge Simpson, Kim Tate &Peggy Mitchell at Back to HMS Temeraire 2nite! No not really -part of our warm up!
Just found some more: Jessica Hynes (in Nativity 2), Marge Simpson, Anna in Frozen.
Who rocked natural hair better Marge Simpson or Florida evans?
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When you try hard to stay on top of trends but you end up looking like a Marge Simpson. via
Anyone else think Angie sounds like marge Simpson 🤔🤔🤔
.releases are akin to Marge Simpson when she got that Chanel dress. Every release is a different variation of the Yeezy.
You need to make a new impression of marge simpson
judy jetson, Marge Simpson or Wilma Flintstone
Could Marge Simpson make a good debt collector?
If you'd like me to come to your house and read my book outloud to you, I will. And I can read it in the voice of Marge Simpson.
"Oh, Homer, of course you'll have a bad impression of New York if you only focus on the pimps and the CHUDs." -- Marge Simpson
To quote Homer Simpson: "Marge, I agree with you, in theory. In theory, communism worked."
meanwhile, all Mr. Blandings is missing is Marge Simpson doing the mashed potato
Sitting like Marge Simpson getting my hair did 🌚
phew! But, but, but... Marge Simpson!? Shouldn't be seen on the same body as Queen :-P
Marge Simpson two...may look up how to do phone sex for second income with this bar *** rasp...
I've got the worst sore throat & sound like Marge Simpson. Thankful I haven't got yellow hair.
I just realized my mom is exactly like Marge Simpson.
Marge Simpson: Let's just write to David Bowie again. | Reverend Timothy Lovejoy: No, he's done enough for this church. .
I'm sick right now and i sound like marge simpson on drugs
I'm narrowed it down to 3...Marge Simpson, Peter Griffin and the long time constant Mickey Mouse...
How did they get Marge Simpson to moderate I normally don't comment, but Maria Bartiromo is wearing Marge's pearls & dress?
"just because you're a *** doesn't mean you're less of a bein'" . -Marge Simpson
My life is basically that Lisa Simpson quote where Marge says she won't get a husband with sarcasm so she goes "okay no husband"
wearing a pearl necklace from the Sotheby's Marge Simpson collection.
i just wasted two hours of my life playing a game about Marge Simpson trapped in a Saw game. i hate everything
Sometimes when I listen to myself talk I hear Marge Simpson.
I wish this cold would go away. I sound like Marge Simpson.
"I wish they had never invented fried cheese!" - Marge Simpson.
My lungs feel like raisins right now and I sound like Marge Simpson :/
the best was the dame who had all her drugs stashed in her massive Marge Simpson style weave 😂😂
Go in Zagreb, Croatia and you'll find Kurt Cobain, Mr. Spock, and Marge Simpson.
I also didnt play with baby dolls tho i was all about poundpuppies and my marge simpson doll i named grapehead
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"So many horses -- I don't know who to vote for. Can't I just bet that all the horses will have a fun time?" - Marge Simpson, voter
Starting to think my voice is never going back to normal, I might permanently sound somewhere between Marge Simpson and Harvey Fierstein.
a lad was on my laptop an he found recordings i'd made and played them thinking I made music but it was me doing marge simpson impressions
I've never found somebody's marge simpson impression not funny
Where's the fan art with Marge Simpson as Large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure?
Marge Simpson on teaching piano is everything you need to know about success: "I've just gotta stay one lesson ahead of the kid."
Also I sound like marge Simpson right now so today's stream is going to be interesting 😂😂😂
Really into this 8bit version of Can't Feel My Face, even tho I usually don't go for Abel's Marge Simpson aesthetic.
absolute devastation, immediately changed it back to a sexy drawing of Marge Simpson to save face
few inches of the wig higher and he will be Marge Simpson :D
I love how the guy looks normal and almost like you, wife looks like Marge Simpson with serious issues
There may or may not be a stream today, it depends if my throat gets any better, i currently sound like marge simpson!
In the car my mom told me I looked like Annie and I told her she looked like Marge Simpson lmao
Marge Simpson wears a bonnet to bed and so do I.. Good day 🙋🏽
I don't know Marge, trying is the 1st step towards failure. - Homer Simpson 😂😂😂
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"I don't know, Marge, trying is the first step to failure." -Homer Simpson
Life is short we have to make good with the time that we have-Marge Simpson
If they aged normally, Homer and Marge Simpson would be around 60 years old — Mr. Burns would be around 120 years old.
Congrats to PHS Science teachers Wendy Simpson and Laura Bednar for their article on hybrid learning
It would be cool to have a Marge Simpson Homer Simpson relationship. Be stupid af and still have your girl love you for you.
Our washing machine sounds like Marge Simpson is displeased.
"I guess one person can make a difference, but most of the time, they probably shouldn't." - Marge Simpson
my fav simpson epidsode is one where teenager bart fcuks big titta Marge! and she say OH BARHT!!
There's a new "barcade" in town. I saw them moving a life sized Marge Simpson in there the other day.
Only 2 more weeks of seminary semester left! Have an accomplished urge feeling like I just gave Marge Simpson a haircut!!
(the assignment is to answer the "question" here as if I was a Dear Abby style writer. and marge simpson needs my help.)
It may be exciting for my boyfriend to see me in stockings and garters, but I'm as graceful as Marge Simpson taking them o…
"And if it's not true greatness, we're at least average"--Marge Simpson.
I feel fine. I just sound like one of Marge Simpson's sisters.
Joy, the inexplicable main character of Inside Out, wears out her welcome within seconds. Weird stupid little Marge Simpson looking thing.
So Bart Simpson is evidence Homer and Marge exist? Cool.
One of Melanie's sisters sounds like Marge Simpson's sisters.
Fun Fact: Originally, Marge Simpson's hair was designed that way because her creator, Max Groening, wanted to hide her rabbit ears.
Dressing up Marge Simpson is super hard! Ugh! Like who dresses up a woman with a yellow skin and a blue beehive!?
Ha! Marge Simpson giving advice to a young bride: "Make gentle nagging part of the background noise of your relationship."
That weird light is so perfectly placed though. He looks like Marge Simpson 😂😂😂
Matt Groening stopped by Harry's & left us this awesome crayon drawing of Marge Simpson. htt…
My dad thought I was Marge Simpson for Halloween. 😂😂
Was just told apple cider vinegar, Honey & cayenne will cure this scratchy throat. I guess I sound more Marge Simpson than Kathleen Turner.
Poor Adam is sounding like Marge Simpson - puberty does crazy things
here's a thing:. I'm grateful for Marge Simpson, but I wonder what Julie Kavner could have done had she not taken it
Calgary woman creates her own Simpsons kitchen
I added a video to a playlist Homer and Marge Simpson
I liked a video from Homer and Marge Simpson
[humor]Shocking reveal: Marge Simpson gamedrops from the past! Confirmed aGG!
Growing up, I was taught to hate Nelson Muntz, and yet as I look back I'm slowly starting to hate Marge Simpson.
Marge Simpson does like to ride a big one!
Simpson's episode where they come home from church and Marge asks Lisa why she's so happy.+
"Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen." - Homer Jay Simpson
Ah, the American elections; will the people vote for a clown or Marge Simpson?
If it makes you feel better, I sound like Marge Simpson when I lose my voice
At least once a week I think about Marge Simpson krumping.
I just had an epiphany... My grandma sounds exactly like marge Simpson
laugh sounds just like Marge Simpson's
Marge Simpson: You know, Homer, I'm starting to realize life is short. Homer J. Simpson: It is? . Marge Simpson:...
"Marge Simpson is like a really good mom"
remember when Marge Simpson *** blocked Traci Brooks from getting a playboy cover, and they made her a cyber girl instead
I'm giving away: Kidrobot Simpsons Collectible Mini Figure - Marge Simpson. Check it out -
Yeah girl you're cute but in the Marge Simpson kind of way
listen, Marge, I just want to say, I know you sometimes get accused of being the worst Simpson...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
One more week listening to Marge Simpson talk and the Unincredible Dunce
I just cringe listening to her sounding like Marge Simpson
Charlie must've liked my Marge Simpson picture. 😂
Homer Simpson just described his family as, "Marge, Bart, Girl Bart and the one that doesn't talk." This show is still funny to me.
Been sick and my voice is obvious hoarse...said I sound like Marge Simpson's sisters 😂
I've discovered that growl like Marge Simpson at least 50 times a day.
Ashley Madison™ account is registered to a Mrs. Marjorie "Marge" Jacqueline Simpson
Phil Ortiz draws a quick Marge Simpson for an audience member! Chicago
Still more Trump on Maybe FOX can have Marge Simpson divorce Homer and marry Trump. Or he could be the next Jack Bauer on 24
At 99, stick a flake in her, it's Marge Simpson...
Marge Simpson or Mr Burns fancy dress for the Saturday at Reading this year?? We can't decide!
I'll be your Oklahoma if you'll be my Marge Simpson
A Calgary woman created her own kitchen—and it's amazing:
yeah, all the time. My favourite one is when she's annoyed and makes a disgruntled Marge Simpson noise.
Reminds me of Marge Simpson when Mr Burns opens his casino
Would I have made that "cross Marge Simpson" noise as a mother of 3 if I hadn't heard her or do I make the noise because I *have* heard her?
Originally, Marge Simpson was supposed to have bunny ears underneath her blue hair.
So where did Marge Simpson come this year?
Artist uses iPhone to capture movie characters in everyday settings
Blue hey? Will you be going for the Milhouse, Chief Wiggum or perhaps the Marge Simpson look?
Don't blame Bronnie Bishop.Her big bauffant of Marge Simpson hair *** all the nutrients from her brain
Want me to give him the ol' Sonny Corleone/Marge Simpson treatment?
worse than Peggy Hill mixed with Marge Simpson.
Brian Johnson of AC/DC sounds like Marge Simpson a lot of times. Just listen to Thunderstruck again.
So, Homer and Marge Simpson aren't splitting up. Even though Fox News reported it. Who is owned by the company that produces The Simpsons...
spent the day with my cousin that laughs like Marge Simpson and my second cousin that looks like Scott Disick. 😂
Another TV institution is calling it quits: the marriage of Homer and Marge Simpson. Bob Thompson joins. Listen:
Which TV mom are you - Clair Huxtable, Carol Brady, Marge Simpson? Take this test and find out! Are you surprised?
I can do impressions of Kathy Griffin, Shakira, Bill Cosby, Marge Simpson, Owen Wilson and Christopher Walken.
at least now you know I don't sound like Marge Simpson anymore 😂
Dormtainment: Marge Simpson is loyal but Lois Griffin is bad 😭😭
Betsy in the bush grumbling like Marge Simpson when Homer fuq up
VIDEO: Mechagodzilla. Marge Simpson. The cast of the Walking Dead. It's all http:/…
Yeah Alf is just a puppet but Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson are just cartoons that people sexualize for xvideo banner ads
Hi Guys 2 impressions for you Sarah Millican and Marge Simpson 😃💋
So is Lois Griffin from Family Guy, Marge Simpson from The Simpsons, and Francine Smith from American Dad..
Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Wilma Flintstone... Marry one, bang one, kill one... GO!
Marge Simpson only had to pay $3,000 a year for college .. she obviously didnt go to Winthrop University 😂😂😂
Marge Simpson has nothing on Jenny from The League in fantasy football drafting
Listening to Bob Dylan's Christmas album in the office. 'Sounds more like Marge Simpson' -
storm boredom = laying on the floor making dumb faces... I look like a Voldemort version of Marge Simpson 🍍🍍🍍
I just laughed out loud thinking about talking to himself in a Marge Simpson voice for like 30 minutes today.
I know it's not funny but my mom has laryngitis and sounds strikingly like Marge Simpson and I can't stop laughing
Marge Simpson ornament glowing at me, giving me life
I want that Homer & Marge Simpson type of relationship
I've yet to watch it. I'm casually assuming you mean Marge Simpson at this point. I'll tune in tomoz and correct my assumptions!
Officially being called Marge Simpson. I miss my voice now more than ever.
Marge Simpson does Fashion - We welcome in Monday with AleXsandro Palombo's series of fashion m… vía
Why Does Marge Simpson have giant hair? 4 *** True Stories Behind the Traits of Famous Characters -
Everytime I listen to Janis Joplin I just think of Marge Simpson singing
"Growing up means giving up everything that makes you happy". Marge Simpson
Two thoughts come to mind. Aliens and Marge Simpson. What comes to mind for you?.
I really want a bubble bath and a TV in the bathroom showing Thelma and Louise while I eat a hot fudge sundae. Marge Simpson has good ideas.
kicks of the day: in 2008 Nike SB released the "Marge Simpson" Nike Sb Dunk High! This…
PROVE THEY ARE NOT. you're like a hot white marge simpson.
Watching a Simpson episode and marge is spangled😭
*Marge Simpson Voice* Real talk tho, if he cme 2 Europe I wdnt mind jumpin on a plane
Marge Simpson recreating iconic fashion shoots for Thursday cheer
Kids love the zing of raisin! - Marge Simpson, proving she is problem.
Embrace your inner Marge Simpson (and join the cast of a musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire).
Today my colleagues have been celebrating - I have lost my voice!! Unfortunately more Marge Simpson than deep & husky!! 🎅
Why do I think "snuggle" means the same thing to Gronk as it does Marge Simpson? Code word for getting it on.
Look, our solar globe has a Marge Simpson thing going on, lol :)
this would be awesome right now as I currently have the pallor of Marge Simpson 😌
A fake paper by Marge Simpson and Edna Krabappel accepted for publication in two "scientific" journals:
Day 12 with this dry cough and Marge Simpson-sounding voice.
thought Brad Pitt and Marge Simpson were married
He's a meteorologist by day and a fan of Marge Simpson.
minifigure. Marge Simpson. New out of package
Marge Simpson recreating iconic fashion shoots for some Thursday cheer:
need the top thinned though or am go look like Marge Simpson
We had a theme party: tv series characters.. I was Marge Simpson, and we had Walking Dead, Downtown Abbey, Miami Vice and Mad Men..
"I thought you said the law was powerless." - Marge Simpson. "Powerless to help you... Not punish you." - Chief Wiggum.
hold on now a minute, if Marge Simpson and Prince had a baby pretty sure we'd be looking at Punky Brewster
Update:. I no longer sound like Marge Simpson. I now sound like Kathleen Turner. Imma record a blues rock album before this wears off!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I now sound either like Marge Simpson or Nasir Bilal Khan. Sore throat can be quite a bummer.
Wilma Flinstone and Marge Simpson have also come out and alleged that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them
All of the animated moms are superb. Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Francine Smith, and Linda Belcher.
Hey you look like Marge Simpson here ☺ ☺
Maggie's taking a nappy right now. ~Marge Simpson
Great quotes about France and the French: France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from those drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes." Mark Twain - "I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me." General George S. Patton - "Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion." Norman Schwarzkopf - “We can stand here like the French, or we can do something about it.” Marge Simpson - “As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure.” Jacques Chirac, President of France - “The only time France wants us to go to war is when the German Army is sitting in Paris sipping coffee.” Regis Philbin - “You know, the French remind me a little bit of an aging actress of the 1940s who was still trying to dine out on her looks but doesn't have the face for it.” Unamed U.S. Senator - “The last time the French asked for 'more proof' it came marching into Paris under a German flag. ...
Michelle Obama teaches me how to carry myself when you have a strong man. Lois Griffin defines commitment. Marge Simpson exudes dedication.
Who should totally want Marge Simpson for themselves
Who is way more sexier Marge Simpson, Betty Boop, Black Cat
I took a personality test and it said I have the same personality as Marge Simpson and Obi Wan Kenobi?
Who got that body out chea, Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin? Lmao
Who would you pick. Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin??
Which one should be my main cartoon crush between Lola Bunny,Marge Simpson or Kim Poss...
Who is way sexier Kim Possible,Lola Bunny or Marge Simpson
Who is way more beautiful Lola Bunny or Marge Simpson
I need a wife like Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin 😂
Who is way hotter Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin
"I've got to stop fantasizing about Lee Majors." - Marge Simpson.
No, you look lovely! I thought I looked like Ryan Giggs when in fact I was closer to Marge Simpson.
Loving how Matt's woman voice is a horribly perfect blend of Edith Bunker and Marge Simpson.
Ben Harl and Tim Woods, do you remember Holiday inn, dude with Marge Simpson hairdo? I just seen him at Kroger plaza.
Ok I won't go into details but who would you rather do: Marge Simpson or Lois
Who would win out of a fight between Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson
Ina Garten, "If I can't film in Paris, then I will make TR wear a veil and talk like Marge Simpson. JEFFREY NEEDS HIS CROQUE MONSIEURS."
The question that's plagued mankind for years! . Who is then best cartoon wife?!. 1- Lois Griffin. 2- Francine Smith. 3- Marge Simpson.
I don't think any tv moms compare to Linda Belcher. Not Marge Simpson, Lois Griffin, Francine Smith...especially not Peggy Hill.
Am I the only one that prefers Marge Simpson over Lois Griffin
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