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Margaret Sanger

Margaret Higgins Sanger (September 14, 1879 – September 6, 1966) was an American sex educator, nurse, and birth control activist.

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KKK loves Planned Parenthood it was founded by a member named Margaret Sanger to eliminate blacks. FACT.
Look up Margaret Sanger founder of what became Planned Parenthoow. Wait I…
"When you talked about Margaret Sanger," he said, "all the people who follow eugenics. It was all about cleansing." htt…
What you need to know about Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood via
What does & Margaret Sanger have in common with Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger? http:…
The Selma march.Frank Marshal Davis. Ann Dunham. Margaret Sanger. just one great big love fest inspired b…
New movie to praise Margaret Sanger as ‘icon and hero’ via e v i l
Racist eugenist Margaret Sanger called black babies human weeds needing extermination is in the Smithsonain museum and J…
But U have no issue w Hillary's white supremacist heroes,Barry Goldwater,Margaret Sanger,Robert Byrd
"The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." - Margaret Sanger, founder of…
Margaret Sanger. The greater of Planned Parenthood. She coined the term "birth control" and fought for its legalizatio…
He stands beside these statements bc he's 100% correct. Margaret Sanger was someone who Hilla…
I am sure Sen Robert Byrd & Margaret Sanger, 's idols and mentors are dancing in their graves secretly!
Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger is the topic of "Terrible Virtue" by Ellen Feldman Tickets:
Clinton publicly admired and praised Margaret Sanger and minorities are still voting for her.
Hey wasnt it Hillary that said her mentors are Robert C Byrd and Margaret Sanger ?? TWO TOP KKK PEOPLE ??
..kissinger, zbrenskwi, Cecil Rhodes, Margaret Sanger her ideological and in some cases actual mentors.bad biz
. I am beginning to understand Margaret Sanger!
Your homework for tonight is to research Margaret Sanger.
Symbols & statues are being banned around the county for racist origins, yet Margaret Sanger is still being glorified.
This weekend Planned Parenthood celebrated its 100th anniversary, commemorating the day that Margaret Sanger, the...
Stand with Women, indeed! We are all at risk when rights are removed from any one segment of society.
Planned Parenthood is 100 years old, but the fight for reproductive rights goes on | Alexander Sanger
admires this woman, Margaret Sanger as she addresses KKK members. Sanger's ideology to create a mas…
Margaret Sanger’s Grandson on the 100th Anniversary of Planned Parenthood via Way more 2 PP than pple think!
. Hillary also praised Margaret Sanger spokeswoman for eugenics who wanted to exterminate blacks & minorities.
Margaret Sanger went to jail 20 times to get diaphragms & birth control instruction to women. She was not a Nazi.
actually was founded by Margaret Sanger for the purpose of eugenics. Absolutely disgusting.
Margaret Sanger was a mentor of HC. Sanger is Founder of PP & believed blacks were weeds that needed to kill their…
You might want to research Hillary heroes Margaret Sanger who wanted to weed the pop. Of blacks . Sen Byrd…
Being the 8th child of 9, Margaret Sanger would have recommended mercy for me--my death.
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via Margaret Sanger interviewed by, ironically, Bill Wallace, Sr.
Who said it: Hitler or founder Margaret Sanger? .
via Hillary accepts award from Planned Parenthood in name of Margaret Sanger.
Is that why she is a recipient of the award, Founder of modern day eugenics?
Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood & is admired by Hillary Clinton the queen of Partial Birth Abortions.
If Planned Parenthood, founded by Margaret Sanger, cared about women, they'd be concerned about more than abortion…
."is in awe of" & "admires" eugenicist & racist Margaret Sanger. Is this the woman who u want as ou…
Horrible Margaret Sanger is one of biggest racists in history. Hillary Clinton fully supports her
Since I'm on a roll with deplorable people Hillary Clinton knows let's go ahead and discuss Margaret Sanger.
you're trying to conflate (I think) lies about Margaret Sanger with abortion with another subject of ethics and medicine.
Most of their locations are in minority neighborhoods, fulfilling Margaret Sanger's wish to kill "human weeds", aka blacks.
Hillary: ”I admire Margaret Sanger enormously… there are a lot of lessons we can learn from her” | Fr. Z's Blog
Do a little research on Margaret Sanger:
Margaret Sanger wanted to mass murder / sterilize disabled folks, and despised black people.
Hillary also praised Margaret Sanger or do you have a delusional excuse for this as well?…
Planned Parenthood was FOUNDED on a RACIST PLATFORM & HRC has said PUBLICALLY, she " admired Margaret Sanger ".…
Needs to be stopped: How False Narratives of R Being Used to Shame Black Women…
A Vote for Hillary Clinton is a Vote for Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood that uses your tax dollar to kill
In 1939, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger created "The *** Project," aimed at eliminating black race she f…
how about Hillary saying that Margaret Sanger and Saul Alinsky are roll models and mentors?
Sen Robert Byrd and Margaret Sanger her idols. Both racist.
Hillary's hero, Margaret Sanger. Now tell me, who is the real racist?
See Margaret Sanger this is a mentor to Hillary. Birther movement started by her campaign in 08
Hillary in '09: I admire Margaret Sanger, her courage, her tenacity, her vision. Trump's the racist?.
And Margaret Sanger, and George Soros, she's so deeply racist it isn't even funny. Knowing this is a conspiracy to her!
I just don't understand how Hillary can accuse others when she admires this woman. Margaret Sanger was a terrible...
you forgot about Margaret Sanger too! Another racist that she idolizes!
this is the company YOU kept. As you said " you are the company YOU keep" how's Margaret Sanger ?
and Margaret Sanger and her biggest fan would be the first to congratulate her mother on her choice.
AND who praised Margaret Sanger. I mean, if that isn't racist, what is?
Look into the history of eugenics. Margaret Sanger, and the actual history. Its in the best interest
she should disavow her hero Margaret Sanger and her creation of The *** Project.
What did Robert Byrd and Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger have in common? Both met w/
Thats coz she is. Look at the people she admires. One example is margaret sanger.
Hillary praised margaret sanger founder of Planned Parenthood who started it to euthanize black babies.
Wow, if that's true why did MLK Jr. accept the Margaret Sanger award? Facts much?
Why did she write her college thesis on Alinsky? Why is she obssesed with Margaret Sanger? Why did she praise DRousseff?
don't forget Margaret Sanger a hero of hillary's wanting to cleanse the population through Planned Parenthood.
Ironic: If Margaret Sanger had her way, Obama would not be here.
You need to talk about HRC'S love for Margaret Sanger and Robert Byrd!.
- Hillary KKKlinton and yet another of her racist mentors. (See Margaret Sanger)
amazing she accuses others of being racist when she says she admires Margaret Sanger who believe in genocide on nonwhites.
should talk about how former KKK wizard was her mentor. Or how anti black Margaret Sanger is her inspirat…
Margaret Sanger founder wrote about speaking to why does admire her?
said she admired Margaret Sanger (who said blacks were weeds) for her vision, while accepting the Margaret Sanger award.
Hillary and Margaret Sanger look it up
I'm curious, why are HRC'S heroes Margaret Sanger and Robert Byrd? Love to hear your BS!
Rubbish! has ties to Senator Byrd a well known KKK & her mentor is Margaret Sanger!
you believe and support in killing babies and admire Margaret Sanger who supported the KKK.. ***
Hillary admires Margaret Sanger...Sanger quote... "colored people are like human weeds & need to be exterminated"
Lets not forget her admiration of Margaret Sanger.
Black Lives Matter - racists wooed by Clinton. Margaret Sanger - racist endorsed by KKK & idolized by Clinton. My opening...
Margaret Sanger called for black genocide. Hillary called her a hero. Who you walk with
Hey Hillary, promoting the policies and legacy of Margaret Sanger by aborting black and minority babies =
worships Margaret Sanger in her own words praises her. Sanger is a PROVEN racist who said exterminate blcks.
loves Robert Byrd and Margaret Sanger, her role models. Sanger wanted all black babies killed.
. Not surprised at all.. Hillary admires Margaret Sanger that spoke at KKK meeting
Yep, Trump never called uber racist, PP Margaret Sanger his "hero" either! .
Hillary playing RaceCard and Margaret Sanger is her IDOL??
UR the 1 who praises Margaret Sanger.U said u admired her.She is the 1 who came up w/Planned Parenthood 2exterminate blacks!
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Don' lie. Trump disavowed David Duke. Denounce your hero Margaret Sanger and her The *** Project and call it even.
praises Margaret Sanger and accepted her award when Sanger has talked about wanting to exterminate the black race
Margaret Sanger espoused "racial purification" by abortion. Did Hillary forget to mention she is on record praising Sanger's beliefs?
This hag gets an F- in self awareness. I hope Trump goes full Robert Byrd/Margaret Sanger on her.
Margaret Sanger's main mission w PP was 2 eliminate the black race. Hillary's IDOL, says it all.
Hillary also has praised Margaret Sanger, another racist hero of hers. Seems to be a pattern of big…
.Check it out. Margaret Sanger. And you are a Hillbot. If you are being paid, you should do better than th…
Margaret Sanger eugenics and Hillary Clinton no friends of African Americans
Hillary accepted an award named after her hero Margaret Sanger who actually spoke at KKK rallies. https…
Also, do not forget that Margaret Sanger is also her idol!
Killary Benghazi Clinton praises all enemies to mankind,she praises and worships Margaret Sanger.https:…
HRC praises many on the wrong side of history Margaret Sanger/Robert Byrd/Saul Alinsky just to name a few
Please chronicle Hillary's racist history love of Margaret Sanger & Byrd and referring to blacks as Super Predators http…
time to show Hilda at Keene Univ in 98 calling Blacks superpreditors, adoring Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger that hate blacks
Let's talk about your hero Margaret Sanger. You start and I will finish it.
Hillary's hero Margaret Sanger was a hateful Racist
What abt Sen.Byrd, the Grand Dragon of KKK as ur (mentor & Margaret Sanger your MENTOR; known racist? |
Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger, and the list goes on, Hillary's buddies‼️
far be it for press to bring that up. Or her embrace of Margaret Sanger who wished to eliminate "human weeds"
Hillary Clinton questioned about her admiration of racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger.
Margaret Sanger award recipient Nancy Pelosi on Zika: "This is about babies"
.a free abortion clinic that exists to cull the numbers of Blacks [see: Margaret Sanger].
History of rooted in Andrew Jackson, slavery, Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger...
"Australian Aboriginals are just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development" - Margaret Sanger.
Wow an abortion advocate says Margaret Sanger was "a little r racist" but not "a capital R racist"?? Like there's...
Both Hellen Keller and Margaret Sanger supported because of their belief in the Secret Doctrine.
Wanna see something scary ?? Check out praising Margaret Sanger a racist and she was also proponent for ethnic cleansing
that quote from Margaret Sanger appears to be faked 👉
JEOPARDIZE-Clinton turned s of s office over to Blumenthal. her hero is Margaret sanger a black hater,
No person in History can be documented more racist than Margaret Sanger, completely looney how Liberals covet award.
she accepted the Margaret Sanger award.Sanger believed in the eugenics of black people.Disgrace!
How about she study Margaret Sanger, eugenics, and her love of African Americans in prep for
Could you give me the source for the Margaret Sanger quote? Need it for new meme.
She should study Margaret Sanger and Saul Alinsky while she is at it just in case corrupt Hellary wins
2 of the most vocal racist of 20th century are hero's to the left. Woodrow Wilson & Margaret Sanger.
Margaret Sanger said you people are weeds, hard to argue with that..
Note on ACTUAL classism: That's exactly how Margaret Sanger wrote... over and over and over, in verified, 100% authentic quotes!
says the woman who looks up to Margaret Sanger and Robert Bird?
White woman WHO RECEIVED MARGARET SANGER AWARD (HRC) tries to tell white people to put themselves in black peoples' shoes.
Remember when Crooked said she admires racist, genocidal, eugenics-- loving Margaret Sanger?
Obviously don't when it comes to and abortion.
Both abortion & killing babies was illegal in Margaret Sanger's day as well. During her life, she & killed or aborted zero
No silly, those are Diane Dew's lies about Margaret Sanger. . Sanger's word are found in her text, speeches, etc.
. Margaret Sanger was Prolife, all her life. She had no connection to abortion.
Actually, the one who was adopted knows that they can enjoy life because someone did take them in. PS. Margaret Sanger was a nazi.
We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the *** population. Margaret Sanger
You support Hillary who said she admires Margaret Sanger the diabolical mind behind Planned Parenthood.
.Their founder, Margaret Sanger, advocated for the extinction of the black race.
Margaret Sanger was also a proud racist! The left always forgets to mention that she was a monster!
They rewrite the Internet. Margaret Sanger has been 'rehabilitated' with lots of new sites that gloss over the Truth h…
Clinton has praised two of the racist people in American history. Margaret Sanger and Robert Byrd.
Hillary is endorsed by KKK. Robert Byrd was her go-to guy for advice. Hillary greatly admired Margaret Sange…
She Also call Black Americans Super Predators and she has said Worse She could Careless! Margaret Sanger Supporter!
Hillary ADMIRED Margaret Sanger who wanted black race exterminated. rt
...says the Margaret Sanger award recipient.
if you're black handicapped poor read pivot of civilization Margaret Sanger award winner Hillary
. Margaret Sanger wasn't racist . Claims that MLK Jr. would accept an award from racists? . Wow.
Margaret Sanger award Hillary was so honored to receive from the racist that wanted to kill blacks
don't forget how Hillary accepted the Margaret Sanger award...😳
and there was that time you accepted the Margaret Sanger award...😒
Trump any chance you looked up Hillary and her Margaret Sanger award?
She was awarded the Margaret Sanger award in 2014. A racist receiving an award honoring a racist. How appropos.
for sure he's racist. Just like Margaret Sanger. Just like Robert Byrd. *** does any of that have 2do w/Trump?
she also accepted an award in Margaret Sanger's name...perhaps people need to research her racism.
vaxx.geo engineering 100% softkill. Bill gates father is the designer of Planned Parenthood with Margaret Sanger.Nazis run dc!!
Google Margaret sanger who Hillary Clinton praises. She put Planned Parenthood in your neighborhoods to kill your people off. Wake up
is the Margaret Sanger of our day. Racist, murderer, intolerant and a bigot.
Don't forget Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood who wanted to exterminate all blacks. HRC loves her.
It was Margaret Sanger, Feminist, Racist, and founder of Planned Parenthood.
Hillary praising Margaret Sanger, super-racist on steroids
Grandma celebrating while responsible for killing 500,000 babies in Libya and her hero Margaret Sanger black babies in USA
"We Hope to Be Like Margaret Sanger.” My feature on Stanton Healthcare & its mission to replace Planned Parenthood
Liberals listen to Mike Wallace interview with Margaret Sanger Hillary's idol & tell me again u support that evil😒 same filthy cloth
We should put another women on currency. Represent the population a bit better. Maybe Margaret Sanger on the $100 bill.
Yea a good thing idle Margaret Sanger was helping with delivery
The chilling words of founder Margaret Sanger, a eugenist and forced sterilization advocate.
Margaret sanger Hillary loves this women google her and find out a little about hillary
What does Hillary Clinton's hero Margaret Sanger say about Hillary's character? Check this video out, then decide.
Margaret Sanger a hero of DNC. how they pull off that sham?
Hillary is the one kissing Sen Byrd and loving on Margaret Sanger. She's the real racist.
Hillary wanted to bring back segregation, admirers Margaret Sanger, what other choice does he have?
Please Join Us On Sept 6, 2016 for the 50th Annual Margaret Sanger Goes to *** Party. .
Margaret Sanger. "No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother."
Hillary loves minorities? then why does she admire Margaret Sanger?
Read on Margaret Sanger, and how black women are shamed for using and backing
Do u even know whom Margaret Sanger is? She did AMAZING things. Just bc she said she admires her-
"No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body." -Margaret Sanger
M.Sanger: Colored people are human weeds and need to be exterminated. Hillary: I admire Margaret Sanger enormously 😉 https…
Good thing her mom's idle Margaret Sanger was not there to help with the delivery m Just a guess no PPH Help?
Against the State, against the Church, against the silence of the medi...
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I got a media excellence award tonight for my piece on Margaret Sanger. What an honor. What a day. 💞 https:/…
"We don't want the word 2 get out that we want 2 get rid of the *** population" Margaret Sanger
Black History Month Quiz. Who said it: Planned Parenthood 's Margaret Sanger or the Neo-Nazi. ht…
does the same for Margaret Sanger. Compare Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, BING, AOL. … http…
Need proof of life after death? . claims Margaret Sanger wrote an article 12 years after her death?! any of their more rebellious members."-- Margaret Sanger's December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble
Looks pretty funny to me. Better Putin than Hillary's love for noted racist Margaret Sanger lol.
Can't understand how blacks continue being deceived by Killary. She's no Margaret Thatcher. More like Margaret Sanger! h…
In 1917, Margaret Sanger was arrested and sentenced to a workhouse for establishing the first birth control clinic in the U.S.
Genocide & democrats go hand in hand from the way they admire Chairman Mao to Margaret Sanger to 0bumcare to...
Somewhat related: In 1960, Margaret Sanger said that if Kennedy won, she would leave the U.S. (because he was Catholic).
A photo of her having lunch with Margaret Sanger, Susan B Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
Im bout g in on you...ur ignorance is showing Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist...shall i keep going!?! ..i will
2/2 There's also coverage of Mussolini, Margaret Sanger and Paul Robeson that is so freaking bizarre I just have to show you guys if I can.
because it is HRC singing high praises of Margaret Sanger LOL.
Says admirer Margaret Sanger founder who called "human weeds"
Nothing like a lecture on Margaret Sanger after voting for 🙌
Just know Hillary "Admires" Margaret Sanger ...a woman who called blacks "weeds" and needed to be exterminated
Snopes has not debunked Margaret Sanger's own publication and works. Read the sourced material. Also, Snopes is less than unbiased as well
Been debunked NUMEROUS times and in numerous ways.
No they werent a part of her own publication. They were a part of publication she had nothing 2 do with.
A synapsis of numerous articles in which she advocated human eugencis and extermination -
Nkululeko Sechaba, Crown Heights, says Clinton's role model being Margaret Sanger is slap in the face to black ppl
. Come back when you have something Margaret Sanger actually said or wrote. . ***
Rather, one of most infamous. On par w/ Margaret Sanger. "The first time ever she saw her face"
. It's pretty simple, you are ignorant of the history of Margaret Sanger and you're a liar.
And that again has nothing to do w/ Margaret Sanger, no matter how much you wish.
What utter nonsense. Margaret Sanger never actually wrote, said, or thought such garbage. . Shameful.
. It's not taken out ot context, it is flat out a fake Margaret Sanger quote. .
We don't. Here's the full quote found at
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Hillary is a FULL Member of the Margaret Sanger Eugenics Club. Killing the unborn!
Hillary admires Margaret Sanger who created *** Project to sterilize black women Colored people like human weeds exterminate
Hillary Clinton HERO is Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood & plan to kill Black Babies. https:…
I'm sure she'd be happy to abort black babies just like Margaret Sanger, founder of PP.
Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood and practiced eugenics. No mention of that in the docu. No mention of that by the prof.
Sitting in history class rn and watching a documentary on the birth control pill that cites Margaret sanger as the creator...
.Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton's hero is also a woman who wanted 2 ensure the extermination of blacks
Liberals want Woodrow Wilson's name removed from policy center because he was racist. Yet Margaret Sanger, founder of PP, was totally racist
Don't deviate from your 'Margaret Sanger' roots the One Who supports 9 Month Abortions &
and found out you sang High Praise for Margaret Sanger, a woman who wanted to exterminate African Americans
I was thinking last night (rare), Mike but Margaret Sanger has murdered more humans than any Communist monster. Ever.
Personal heroes: Tina Fey, my mother, Margaret Sanger, Joan of Arc, Oprah, and this woman on the subway texting "boyfriend
are you familiar with the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger?
April 5, 1922 - The American Birth Control League is incorporated - founded by Margaret Sanger, would later become Planned Parenthood Inc.
one of my students was working on a research paper about Margaret Sanger for English today.
WAKE UP BLACK VOTERS. Google: Margaret Sanger, Hillary's hero, started abortion clinics only in black neighborhoods.
IRL I am as prolife as you can get but when it comes to internet space ships I am Margaret Freakin' Sanger
Couldn't agree more. Margaret Sanger is not a positive female icon!
Well, if you researched smart *** your Democrat friend Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood, the Pill!
Ellen Feldman fictionalizes Margaret Sanger in her novel Terrible Virtue.
Margaret Sanger was also a liberal feminist..just sayin🐸☕️
That's true! Don't forget. He was a progressive! So was, Margaret Sanger! Planned Parenthood, has killed off, 14 million blacks!
Yeah I believe Margaret Sanger did a lot of work in this field. It didn't take
After all, you've stated your continuing admiration of Margaret Sanger, over and over!!
So one of Hilary's heroes is Margaret Sanger...🤔
I was married to Margaret Joan Howe in 1940. Although not a scientist herse...
MLK on Sanger: "There is a striking kinship between our movement and Margaret Sanger's early efforts..."
&FACT she said Margaret Sanger pioneer abortionPromoter as ethnic cleansing=1of her HEROES
cuz she's a demon Luvs Margaret Sanger check it out. Globalists fkr we are gonna win GO TRUMP
dyk that KKK let margaret sanger founder of Planned Parenthood advocate abortion to kill black babies
Now we know why HRC loved Sen. Byrd and Margaret Sanger
Clearly two white women by the name of Margaret Sanger and Norma McCorvey have convinced you Black Lives Don't Matter on Abortion
Let's not forget, white supremacists support Hillary too. AND Hillary praised Robert Byrd. AND Hillary admires Margaret Sanger.
results Day 5: Abraham Lincoln over Frederick Douglass and Helen Keller over Margaret Sanger
Margaret Sanger & Adolph Hitler Role Models for Hillary Clinton growing up in Marxist-Commie-Nazi Politics Death 2U
Margaret Sanger in Christopher Columbus territory pleighboi... We acknowledge no Margaret's on this side
Women who taught me how to be a woman: Zora Neale Hurston, Margaret Sanger, Susan Sontag, Anne Carson, Alice Walker, Alice Neel, Sappho
How many have called Cecile Richards & Margaret Sanger that & much, much worse?
Posting a meme w/ FAKE Margaret Sanger "quote" does tell much about poster. It's not good news for >>
white pc liberals far exceed Margaret Sanger in the art of controlling black plantation slaves..
Read what the King family thinks about Margaret Sanger and the award presented to Martin Luther King Jr …
They are founded by eugencist and racist, Margaret Sanger. Look it up. I could go on...
Planned Parenthood & Margaret Sanger we designed to control the black population.
Hillary has it all. Christian faith and a Margaret Sanger award!!!
Sounds like you want the right to continue exterminating minorities, carrying on the vision of Margaret Sanger.
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Liberals who support abortion and a so called "a women's right to choose" have revered Margaret Sanger like she...
Margaret Sanger the beloved founder of
Margaret Sanger was a Eugenist. She believed in preventing the "lesser races" from breeding. IOW, she was a racist.
Because Margaret Sanger was an advocate of RACIAL & intellectual cleansing
Look up Margaret Sanger, and read what she had to say about abortion and black folks.
Diplomats make it their business to conceal the facts, and politicians violently denounce the politicians of other countries Margaret Sanger
A free race cannot be born of slave mothers. Margaret Sanger.
Also founder, Margaret Sanger, wrote entire books calling for the elimination of Blacks.
You love being deceived Hu,if its not Margaret Sanger it's a democratic president
even if this is the whole letter, Margaret Sanger was a known eugenist and racist, also saying she despised "retarded people"
as a supporter of Margaret Sanger.if they only knew.
Man We shoulda pulled this up last night!
I will fail? Lol how about her own racist, baby murdering book?? .
I guess you guys like the idea of black population control??!!.
infact it was the liberals that created the KKK, and the same that created Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger
All purpose parts banner
just like the Pandora box opened by Margaret Sanger.
Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood perform millions of abortions. Stop asking stupid questions.
Dr King did not know that Margaret Sanger was a racist, elitist and eugenist. Sanger knew that respected pastors would be received.
Scientists open the 'black box' of schizophrenia with dramatic genetic finding Better let Margaret Sanger know.
A factcheck piece about Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and African Americans:
Everything you need to know about Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger
History of Feminism: Margaret Sanger was an early feminist. And here you can see her leading the KKK (RACIST):
Do you deney Sangers own word's? You know Margaret Sanger better than she knows herself lol
I only answer intelligent questions,DUMB,silly,childish questions I ABORT like Margaret Sanger lol
Take Quiz: Who said it Planned Parenthood fndr Margaret Sanger or the NeoNazi?. http…
Sounds like something another feminist said; Margaret Sanger.
Hillary Clinton is in AWE of one of the biggest racists in American history: Margaret Sanger.
YES! "Margaret Sanger was bad, ergo, Promise Keepers are good."
Yet eugenist Margaret Sanger's bust still sits in the Smithsonian Institut…
The selected papers of Margaret Sanger by Margaret Sanger
Didn't Margaret Sanger found Planned Parenthood to decrease the black population?
Read this after understanding the origins of and their founder Margaret Sanger's motivation.
Margaret Sanger was a eugenist. Don't rationalize PP's origin with lies.
Margaret Sanger was a eugenist. She introduced BIRTH CONTROL, a means by which to control the 'less f…
ah Democrats started the kkk? That's a fact. Margaret Sanger wanted to wipe out African Americans why she started pp
you referenced Margaret Sanger - forgive me, I thought you knew her.
What I do matters but what Margaret Sanger did and taught doesn't? OK. White Supremacist! Bigot!
Margaret Sanger has nothing to do with anything. Stop being horrible.
minority children are the ones most likely to be aborted. Margaret Sanger was a bigot. Stop killing
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