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Mare Island

Mare Island is a peninsula in the United States alongside the city of Vallejo, California, about northeast of San Francisco.

Mare Island Naval Shipyard Pearl Harbor United States San Francisco Treasure Island Johnny Otis

1875 photo of the interior of the USS Mohican at Mare Island Naval Shipyard
You wasn’t really at the Mare island sport center if you didn’t know Manny! A real SC legend lmaoo
That ship has long sailed. Being in bed with Lennar only serves Lennar. You would think Lennar Mare I…
submarines of the Reserve Fleet at Mare Island 1946. There are 52 submarines and 4 tenders in th…
Navyy hospital at Island and ffor Daavid Hospitalll on Travis Air Force Base (1968)
Island of Niue creates new that will include Beveridge Reef, home to the highest density of grey reef sharks in
So ... this is awesome. launched his "Dreams Never Die Foundation" & announced plans to create a com…
Took away extended seating option from la mare rebuild plan to save a bit on the build!! Where will…
The Navy shipped out of my city years ago, but vestiges of the Mare Island, CA shipyard still remain. [3456 x 2304]…
A sports complex in Napa like the one in mare island would be sick
Blocked in on CA-37 EB between Skaggs Island and Mare Island Wy, stopped traffic back to Lakeville Rd
Q. Homeless shelters for homeless PG Women. What about former military installations, BEQ or BOQ Moffe…
The smoldering remains of an abandoned warehouse on Mare Island, CA [CO] [3864x2204]
The Stafford Act doesn’t authorize to rebuild the Puerto Rico power grid, only repair it . Note: Repairing is an…
Not sure where this periscope is located, but there’s one at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard Museum in Vallejo, CA as well.
Rhode Island has taken tangible steps to better detect errors and hacks in its elections and ensure a legitimate vote.…
Mare Island Vallejo no longer a navy town as it was in its hey day; but families still return Home. Celebrating Vet…
The holidays are right around the corner! Give the gift of Mare Island this season.
the Mare Island coming through the fog this morning in Vallejo
I was transferred from the Nurious to a destroyer ( USS HOLLISTER DD788) for 2 yrs spe…
More off-kilter than usual while photographing historic Mare Island at night with the Nocturnes:…
. ☑️shows the island how to love again. ☑️great advice. ☑️has a mare named ATM and that's h…
.takes us to the largest island, Fiji🇫🇯 holds the presidency for this year’s
Check out this photo of Mare Island Brewing Co on
Mare Island Brewing Co on Sampler flight - my fav... IPA
I liked a video Vallejo California and Mare Island Shipyard
This is the sign that used to be over the bar in "Chesty's Place", Marine Enlisted Club, Marines Ba…
ICYMI: History and remembrance at Mare Island cemetery
Out my window I see Mare Island a mile away; tugs are working a barge now. A Navy base that shares fa…
History and remembrance at Mare Island cemetery
We would like to pay tribute to all the brave souls who've pledges their lives to serving and protecting our countr…
Electronic Device Insurance
Long Island cocktails are supposed to be the strongest.. mare this one..
For we dedicate this video to Fiji & all Small Island Developing States
Fringing the famed beach at Belle Mare along the untamed East Coast of lies the island chic
There’s a dream of somehow connecting Vallejo or Mare Island to the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District system.…
Thank you for your service. 🇺🇸Spent a lot of time on Mare Island during my teen years with a friend that…
The 1919 Rose Bowl game was played between the Mare Island Marines and the Great Lakes Navy.
W. N. Simons and Robert F. Cooke, honorary keel layers of submarine Tunny, posing with the sign at Mare Island Naval Shipyard,…
She will be the Island scapegoat. As a mare, she runs in your hatred. It fuels her. 😂
Have fun in the sun on Mare Island @ Maré Island
Anonymous mare: "I was used to getting mounted by Thunder over there so this was no big deal."
A mare gives birth on Cumberland island.
Flashy 17h Trakehner for Lease: Flashdance is a flashy 17h Trakehner mare located on the North Shore - Long Island…
Can you recommend anyone for this Nurse Practitioner - Mental Health- Fairfield and Mare Island -
*** it’s been so much traffic on mare island Bridge lately
Heading to the Senate floor to talk about disaster relief in Puerto Rico and the dire situation on the island. Tune in t…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Castel already large and La mare likely to grow if island dev plan is seen through. Cobo, home numb…
Scariest thing in town!! 👻 Huge Haunted House on Mare Island on Saturday 28th! Get your tickets before they run out…
Mare Island is nearing finish of cleanup to…
A little bit windy today at Mare but a beautiful island Can't wait to come back here in 2 weeks
Someone left these behind on mare island San Pablo bay trail.
This is the current situation throughout and most of the island. Our citizens have no power, food/water and no pl…
A stallion chasing a mare in the surf. Working on a boardwalk on Assateague Island.
Well the hotels mare being occupied by and DoD personnel, duh. It's been a mon…
On Saturday my sister in law and brother made a carne asada JUST for me 😭😭 and then took me to the “Nightmare Islan…
📷 lex-for-lexington: Destroyer USS Shaw off Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California after her final...
📷 lex-for-lexington: USS Raleigh (CL-7) off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California after repairs, 6 July...
📷 lex-for-lexington: “View of the U.S. Navy Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California (USA). Visible in...
📷 lex-for-lexington: “USS Helana (CL-50) off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, following battle...
📷 lex-for-lexington: Heavy cruiser USS Houston (CA-30) at the Mare Island Navy Yard, 10 September 1937.
📷 lex-for-lexington: “USS Shaw (DD-373) off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, 5 August 1945, after...
More censorship at Trump's EPA: Government scientists barred from speaking at Rhode Island conference https…
Today, in Puerto Rico, 33 days after Maria:. 82% of the island is without power . 26% is without water . It’s 85 degrees the…
📷 lex-for-lexington: Battleship USS California fitting out at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California,...
Owl night at Mare Island Heritage Preserve! Got to know lots of native owls, plus one non-native: the Eurasian Eagl…
Was looking up *** Bay thinking there'd be a cool story behind the name and found this instead 😂 .
Mother, adult children arrested for knifepoint robberies in Long Island
Omg the haunted house at mare island was so scary 😫😫
The former U.S. Navy ship of the line USS Independence at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California (USA), in the 1890s
Disabled vehicle, right lane blocked in on CA-37 WB before Mare Island Wy
Check out Mare Island "Self Titled"! Gorgeous music featuring members of
~Move your 2nd HQs to Mare Island, CA. In 1996, Navy left & w/ it so did 10,000 jobs. Just think, an island…
I just checked in at Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve on and earned the Rookie badge!
Baltimore overhauled at Mare Island Navy Yard, 21 Oct 1944, cruiser Indianapolis in background
SLBM tube fabrication of USS Theodore Roosevelt at Mare Island... (Navsource; USN)
Submarine construction is another fascinating aspect...hull sections of USS Theodore Roosevelt at Mare Island... (…
Supervisors, Vallejo officials to meet about North Mare Island
Resilient by Design tour of Mare Island and Vallejo with Greenbelt Alliance! Lots of potential!
Remember when Alameda was jumping? Mare Island was building, Treasure Island was teaching & Oakland Naval Hospital…
Today in Undersea Warfare History (Oct 2, 1940), USS TUNA (SS 203) was launched by Mare Island Navy Yard.
Starting the week off right w/ a morning hike at Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve. Watch this space for Nort…
Good Morning!!!. Just a reminder that this weekend Oct. 7th is the Mare Island Meet and greet, so come on down and...
Check out CMA Toastmasters on Mare Island's Out in the community, giving speeches via @
Out in the community, giving speeches
We're ready. Week 2: North Bay, bring it on! On today's agenda - Mare Island, Vallejo, Highway 37
Heavy cruiser USS Chester emerging from Mare Island Naval Shipyard in California 2 Oct 1943 after repairs due to to…
New post (Palazzo Del Mare, 7100-7193 Fisher Island Dr, 33109) has been published on Metro International ... -
I added a video to a playlist Mare Island Zombie Run Walk
The Island of Enchantment: before and after Maria. In solidarity with our fellow AMERICAN brothers/sisters in Puerto Ric…
Lol I put 8/23 in that caption and it should've been 9/23. lol I was 2400 miles away from mare island on 8/23 😂
Please let him know that I am praying for him and all my family on the island, as we…
Delicious beers on a lovely day. shellsb55 @ Mare Island Brewing Co.
If I was .I would give gas to the 2 bigger bakeries, fully functioning, so their trucks can deliver br…
Started this Zombie 5k with the whole fam @ Maré Island
PUERTO RICO HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN ISLAND! It is a known, known. Katrina is more forgivable b/c planning never envisioned t…
Henley at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, United States, 1 Oct 1937, photo 1 of 2
Where were all the neoliberal tears for Puerto Rico when Wall Street was robbing the island blind?
Give now to our Response Fund to send emergency relief to the island’s most vulnerable families:
2nd mare on Avery Island was a good one 9 for 18 wins and look at the distance!
It's truly my pleasure to give back to an island I Love ❤️
Just when you think DT can't be a bigger moron, he explains that an island is surrounded by water,big water. New record for…
"I can't fathom the thought the greatest nation in the world can't figure out logistics for a small island"
That awkward moment when you riding on the side of 12 from Sonoma all the way to work on mare island 😒😅
Man gene was really tryna take me to mare island for that lol I shoulda gone
Camp Lewis, Mare Island, Great Lakes, and William & Jefferson? But no Arizona? Surely, that's an oversight.
Review and pix from day 1 of my recent Norcal trip, including Mare Island and Blue Rock Springs (East):
POTUS just shared that an island is surrounded by water and an ocean is big water - thank you sir! Got it!
A HUGE Thank You to Cornerstone Engineering - our structural design cohort on the Mare Island Bridge Western...
Some geography lesson from Trump:. Insula Portum dives (island),. Oceanus atlanticus (big water with storms that turn), . Mare caribæum (sea).
25 helicopters and next week there will be 52 , OH Lord another week . sounds like time doesn't matter. Trapped in a Island Night mare
Trump on PR response: "This is an island. Surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water.". Note to Hawaii: In a crisis, you'r…
"This is an island surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water" - something the president of the United States just said
NOW: Trump addressing challenges posed by Puerto Rico being an island: "This is an island surrounded by water. Big wate…
Can I have beat the bank to replace zonderland please mare
Mare Island Technology Academy in Vallejo, California, knows good tech. That's why they chose AptaFund 4.1!
Imagine the geniuses who can't get diesel to a nearby island masterminding a war with Iran.
Excuse abt Puerto Rico is on an island it's hard to get to. But dammm we've fought wars and got equip, MREs into Vietnam, De…
Bella Mare 905 is a true beautiful oasis of peace, and elegance. Built on the exclusive Williams Island it is the...
Tonight's sunset from my home island Öland.
Imagine deciding you needed to uninsure 32 million people in a few days but a decimated island is no whoop.
Thank you to our landlords for Gelato this afternoon by the Mare Island waterfront!
The 11th Annual Mare Island 5k Zombie Run is this Sunday and it's not too late to sign up. End the run with a...
They have a shortage of drivers to get them delivered across the island.
Avoid Mare Island Cswy near G St You'll be stuck 25m longer than usual
This would be the solution to our traffic jams in San Francisco. It could bring tourists to 6 Flags by Mare Island .
Prime Minister of Caribbean island flattened by Irma: We need world's help
Late-night choppers part of 'Bumblebee' filming on Vallejo's Mare Island
Wishin I was on some island. Guess this'll just have to do for now. @ Mare Island Causeway…
Major clean up underway on Mare Island
The celebrities on the island are having a mare 🙈😖
More 13 reasons why filming passing mare island this morning... but where are the explosions?! Who's dying this season?!
I love my work 😋🌊⛅🏊 @ Cavanico il Mare Resort, Samal Island
I didn't know they was filming transformers spin off movie on Mare Island
They're shooting the new Transformers on Mare Island 👀👀
Not sure if those two helicopters flying around Mare Island are actually looking for something or filming for Transformers lmao
Dozens of volunteers clean up Mare Island Cemetery for 9/11 Day of Service
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
City council voted to become a sanctuary city, yet doesn't have the funds to maintain Naval Cemetery.
Aww thanks :) it was near Homonhon Island facing the where the…
Russian Orthodox ceremony at the Mare Island cemetery honoring the six Russian sailors who died fighting the 1863 S…
YOOO big things for Mare Island in the future, Corporate real estate, Amazon HQ, 50,000 new jobs its crazy what you hear when you know ppl 🤝
From 12-6 vinogodfather winery on Mare Island!.
NWS: "Destructive winds of 115+ mph moving into Marco Island now and to Naples shortly. Storm surge to…
Sanctuary of Our Lady Mare de Déu del Toro: on the highest point of the island…
In an act of unspeakable cruelty and cowardice, quietly extends Cuba embargo as Cat 5 hits http…
Follow for insight into livelihoods, & SDGS small island developing states
They bout to let off some explosives on mare island for this movie
Somebody swangin em all thru mare island right now 😂😂🤘🏼
CNN's Leyla Santiago visited Barbuda after Hurricane Irma, where most of the island has been devastated by the storm
Thank you!!! I'm Puertorican, have family on the island and friends on St. Croix. It feels like we're an afterthought.
Stop by the Coal Shed Art Studios on Mare Island tomorrow September 9th at 5 PM to hear a
Water, waves and sea background, romantic landscape sunrays on the rocks. Elba island.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If you bought a new Lennar Home on Mare Island I can show you that The VALLEJO Building Dept. Certificate of Occupancy means "0"
Currently near the set of the filming of Bumblebee. Mare island really does make appropriate setting for most popu…
Visit historic Mare Island in the San Francisco North Bay area...details at...
HQ in Oakland, Fairfield or Vallejo's Mare Island = better housing and operations cost and growth with UCB, UCD alignment.
It's 'All Hands on Deck' for 9/11 Day of Service Mare Island Cemetery cleanup
Brighton falls is being filmed for the next 4 days on mare island in Vallejo, CA (aka the new Bumblebee movie
Yeah sound mate,been 35/36 degrees the last few days, were staying at casteldoria mare in valledoria.beautiful island, 🌞
Absolutely. Upstate NY, rural CT, as well and even parts of Long Island, NY and Staten Island.
Weston Super Mare . What is an island worth?
The Ghost Fleet is no longer polluting Suisun Bay & ship now being cleaned at Mare Island
Bobby O'Ryan signs for Lot 80, a Flemensfirth filly out of B/T mare Lunar Path, for €32k, from Brown Island Stbls
This Sable Island mare, with the striking white blaze, strolls along the dunes overlooking the beach like she owns……
WSJ is wrong. It was a more dangerous time. I lived in Vallejo and at least six Russian nukes would f…
A nice Frutti di Mare on a beautiful summer day on Island ….. come and try our other special dishes.…
.is looking in to the state of the Mare Island Naval cemetery which is reported to be in poor shape.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I found the perfect place for you to move. Mare Island CA.
THIS. . I was raised by a grandmother who was a Rosie during WWII, worked on fighter planes at Mare Island Naval Sh…
check out adds to Pulse FM this week: Offa Rex, and Mare Island 🎶
Give the gift of Mare Island with our gift certificates! Buy online here:
Make your better half feel special with an exclusive dinner for 2 and a magical setting
I had fun exploring Mare Island with Brittany. She taught me the island was named after some…
One other thing about The most important fact now about the island is not the presence of US troops but that of…
It's time for Vallejo to start cleaning up those bunkers in Mare Island.
Mare Island Naval Station cemetery in poor shape.
Mare Island is pronounced like the horse or like French for the sea (Mer).
Weston-super-Mare vlog out now! Face reveal, Marcel from love island and ride POVs!!
I been to CA a few times at Travis AFB, Mare Island Naval Station & March AFB, cool visits it was.
What's holding you down, break free today! @ Mare Island Naval…
The first Pearl Harbor casualties arrived at Mare Island Hospital on Christmas Day.
Donald Trump's ambassador to Israel is a Long Island bankruptcy lawyer who thinks Israel should annex the West Bank. h…
Such an amazing location to fly, or shoot. @ Mare Island Naval…
bezdek was 2-1 in Rose bowl. Winning with Oregon and mare island Marines in 1916 and 17
On the set in Vallejo of 13 Reasons Why, a Paramount and Netflix show due to air in March. Mare Island expansion... https:…
This might be a great fit for you: VISN 21 Ambulatory Care Lead Nurse - Mare Island, CA - CA
Have you ever read the Mare Island kidnapping story? It's chilling, in a "what if geniuses decided to do crime for fun" way
Mare Island gift certificates make for the perfect holiday gift! Shop onlien today!
Colourful textiles billowing in the wind at the craft market on Mare Island, New Caledonia…
We have Village Haus Soap Co. soap back at the Taproom that is made with our beer and on Mare Island. Looking for...
From the hills of Crockett I can see the south end of the Zampa bridge. Mare Island channel and San Pablo Bay fogged in. Greg Kozier
yee. I'm off at 3. Let's go to mare island lol
Vallejo Choral Society to give Christmas concert Sunday on Mare Island
Simon Russell has a show on 12/16/2016 at 07:30 PM @ Vino Godfathers Wi... in Mare Island, CA
A lovely morning in Mare, going for breakfast and then waiting our turn to 'tender', then on the island for some sn…
This weekend, December 16-18, will be the last weekend of at the Mare Island…
Beautiful sunset over the water here on Mare Island in Vallejo CA for Bernie Sanders!
Golf tournament at Mare Island to benefit the Hyland Teen Center
The USS Conestoga left the Navy yard at Mare Island, California, on Good Friday, 1921, bound for Pearl Harbor, with a complement of 5...
New details emerge about man found on Mare Island
USS Porter (DD-356) in 1942 at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard shortly before she was lost.
Because going to mare island to drop off something is exactly what I want to be doing right now 😊😊😊
We had a walk through today with our sweet bride at the St.Peter's Chapel on Mare Island. On her wedding day she...
Jackknifed big rig closes Highway 37 west of Mare Island
Identity released for body found on Mare Island
Vallejo: Coroner's office identifies man found dead on Mare Island
The coroner's office in County has identified a man who was found dead on Mare Island on Thursday as 56-year-old Charles Van Hook.
Jackknifed big-rig closes eastbound HWY 37 on Mare Island
All lanes open EB 37 west of the Mare Island Bridge. Alternates 121/12 still a mess from earlier closure.
Jackknifed big-rig closes eastbound Hwy 37 on Mare Island in
Highway 37 is SOLD OUT -- jackknifed big rig blocking EB lane, east of Skaggs Island, traffic stopped; WB slow from Mare Island.
Check out the work performed Mare Island facility in Cal. on the new rail car.
West 37 past Mare Island stop and go
Good Luck Simon De La Mare!!!. Just a shame that we don't have Island Wide voting yet, but I would encourage my...
Great job by the team at Alstom's Mare Island facility - and a big thanks to our customer
Great job by the team at Mare Island and thanks to our customer
Everytime I'm here in mare island I get at least 1 mosquito bite 😑
police investigate body found on Mare Island
check out Mare Island in Bay Area.police just found a body. Lots of history and creepy cemetery!
Let's take the time to reflect on the beauty of Alimounda Mare Hotel by bluelagoongroup
The endless beauty of from Alimounda Mare Hotel! by bluelagoongroup
A royal feeling! Palazzo Del Mare by bluelagoongroup
Another shot from the mare island shoot with Diazan. Still the most favorite images I've taken. .
A great view of the from your balcony at Alimounda Mare Hotel in
Little gem in the North of the island... Origo Mare
In honor of Mare Nostrum announcement, a Irish folk song about island life.
This is the best time to visit Rhodes island!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
When is the best time to visit island and our resort in Find out in our blog article
Traveling to the Regional Office in Vallejo? Mare Island Causeway ("Big Blue Bridge") is now open in both directions
My Dad worked @ Mare Island from 1953 to1963. Not all of the base is abandoned some buldings are used for a school.
The Bay sure is beautiful this time. Lovely round on historic Mare Island (named after herds of mares found here).
Abandoned building on Mare Island was first intentionally built Naval prison in US: For…
Mare Island bridge replacement to enter final phase on Tuesday
Williams Island, affectionately known worldwide as the “Florida Riviera” for its Intracoastal vistas, magnificent...
some amazing weather on Mare Island! Working at the model home and caught this coming in...
This is around the time when I start going out to mare island more cause I can't hoop outside anymore :/
These guys are having fun, conserving Mare Island history and making great beer.
Accident in on CA-37 WB before CA-121, stopped traffic back to Mare Island Brg, delay of 110 mins
HEADS UP! WB 37, east of Hwy 121...overturned big-rig on the shldr. Traffic b/u to the Mare Island Br.
Have to drive home from mare island in an open jeep in the rain :)))
Think im going to head to mare island
Getting set up & ready to start the trunk 'r treat on the corner of Capitol @ Mare Island way
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£££ THE BURNHAM MARE lands superb hat-trick (i've backed her each time). Great work again No 1 in Nursery !
Happy Halloween 󾔟 Have a nice day. NightMARE Island at the Mare Island Preserve!. Last two days: 10/31 and...
Watching your Mare Island video's.You ever check out the Naval Hospital. funded by Abraham Lincoln ? Many people died there.
Go to link for details re: The Nocturnes 30th AlumNight, November 7th here on Mare Island -…
Night Mare Island at the shoreline heritage preserve!.
LUX Belle Mare by Kelly Hoppen- LUX Island Resorts is delighted to collabora... See more at:
Feeling like Ice Cube. Today was a good day🍁🔥🌚 @ Mare Island Naval Shipyard
We have our very own wine estate in an island with some solid French traditions!. http:/…
ECK-cellent coverage today in the Vallejo Times-Herald for 'NightMARE Island", at the Mare Island Shoreline...
Gimme webcomics to read. At the top of my head I already read helvetica, cucoquest, unsounded, the meek, mare, sakana, kappa, island hoppers
walkway to the ocean, Capri, Italy @ Isle Of Capri, Italy
A Venice sunset on the Island of Giudecca
Yeah, Mare Island got wet. I hope it rains more tonight. We need it.
I was thouroghly impressed by the bathroom in this Palazzo del Mare residence on Fisher Island. Warm…
My grandfather worked at Mare Island in WWII. I like to think he is in the photo.
A birthday in the sun, on a boat, by a pool, overlooking Maré Island, NewCal. I can't be more South Specific. Beer or cocktail?
Mare Island, after party in URH Rm. 202 tho…
Mare Island Cemetery caught this beauty on our way back from our hike.
- My bud in Navy reserves @ Mare Island was SBU & won drinking contest vs SEAL team. Got TBI in m/c accident.
*Island in the Sun crescendoes in the distance* @ Monterosso Al Mare - Cinque Terre, Italia
It's going to be hotter than blazes here today, over 90 in normally cool Mare Island, so I need prayers to get through the day.
We build homes 3x faster than a traditional homebuilder. Come see how at
Check out for MS Science & Math teaching positions, search for "Mare Island Technology Academy"
The ghoulish story of a grad's alleged use of advanced in a kidnapping-for-ransom scheme
Drones and spyware: The bizarre kidnapping the police initially thought was a hoax
The USS Hawkbill SSN 666 was in DryDock at Mare Island Naval Shipyard Sept '89 through Jan '92, also spent some...
I checked in at Mare Island Brewing Co. on
Anybody playing indoor & mare island ? . Not playing in Fairfield no more but don't wanna be alone 😂⚽️
Heartbreaking battle to save 66 chimpanzees and baby left to starve on African island
“A kidnapping-for-ransom scheme that availed itself fully of the riches of the Internet age”
A kidnapping so implausibly high-tech the police accused the victims of faking it
Tech-oriented account of actions of lawyer charged with Vallejo kidnapping. He once made the Journal of the...
So Mare Island Sports complex is charging coaches an entry fee for private lessons. Makes perfect sense to charge me money to make money 😒
Drones and Spyware: The Bizarre Tale of a Brutal, High-Tech Kidnapping by
Mare Island, California / Photos and history of a old base loaded with Naval history...
Alcatraz was a U.S. military base before it was a prison, Nike missiles once bristled on Angel Island, and Treasure Island was a naval base for decades before it was sold to San Francisco in 2009. [...] the island that has played the most significant role in U.S. naval history is Mare Island — the f…
Happy birthday to the great Johnny Otis (born Ioannis Alexandres Veliotes, December 28, 1921 – January 17, 2012) an American singer, musician, composer, arranger, bandleader, talent scout, disc jockey, record producer, television show host, artist, author, journalist, minister, and impresario. A seminal influence on American R&B and rock and roll, Otis discovered artists such as Little Esther, Big Mama Thornton, Jackie Wilson, Little Willie John and Hank Ballard. Known as the original "King of Rock & Roll", he is commonly referred to as the "Godfather of Rhythm and Blues". Otis was born to Greek immigrants Alexander J. Veliotes, a Mare Island longshoreman and grocery store owner, and his wife, the former Irene Kiskakes, a painter. He had a younger sister, Dorothy, and a younger brother, Nicholas A. Veliotes, former U.S. Ambassador to both Jordan (1978–1981) and Egypt (1984–1986)). He grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood in Berkeley, California, where his father owned a neighborhood grocery ...
Some island Nation in the middle of the .,,, @ Oia Mare Villas, Santorini
I let Chava take my car to mare island and idk why im scared if he drives 100x better than me lol
The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so why not head over Mare Island Aglow Holiday Lighted Trail Walk...
One beautiful night in Bella Mare hotel , look for more at
If you have never been up to see the Spirit Ship on the south end of Mare Island it's certainly worth the hike.
Just heard that The Bridges GC in San Ramon has been sold. Touchstone golf will replace Kemper as manager. Touchstone manages Mare Island.
week today! I thought it was this week mare! It's still as big had a small island
MT Plans for a Mare Island brewery -- one of two coming to Vallejo -- have been modified
Momma worked 3 jobs on the weekends. Used to help her wash the walls at Mare island
New plans approved for Mare Island brewery: via
New plans approved for Mare Island brewery: Plans for a microbrewery in a former U.S. Navy storehouse on Mare…
New plans approved for Mare Island brewery
There's nothing like seeing a Blu Home in person. Visit our Design Centers in Mare Island or Los Angeles, California:
There is a SIGALERT for WB 37 at the W Mare Island off ramp. The is handling an accident involving a car-carrier and vehicle
Hi Sean! Yes, we do! You can tour our factory & model home in Mare Island or our LA Breezehouse.
in the Pacific I will always remember your Ocean color Ricordero sempre il colore del mare dell Filippine
Triple six is my number, you can get it off my Tumblr - Hodgy // mare island 📍 @ Vallejo, California
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