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Mardy Bum

Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not is the debut album by English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys, released on 23 January 2006. The album became the UK's fastest selling debut album, shifting over 360,000 copies in its first week, and remains the fastest selling debut album by a band.

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Aww... She's being a bit of a mardy bum bless her. 😻
Mardy Bum will always be one of my favourite songs. Reminds me of such good times 💛
Alex Turner wrote mardy bum thinking about me i bet you £1,000,000
well now then mardy bum, oh I'm in trouble again, aren't I?
I added a video to a playlist Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum
Since when does mardy bum make me cry?
"Can't we laugh and joke around.remember cuddles in the kitchen...". - Artic Monkeys, Mardy Bum
What a start to the ten minute takeover. Mardy Bum
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It makes me really sad when you see street magicians performing for people who clearly don't love magic and seem really underwhelmed
ALL OF THEM. Even the ones that don't suit me. Especially those
Pinks and reds. I have a thing for reds. This should not influence you. It doesn't. What? Ignore me. *hides*
Also, as soon as my braces come off I am wearing ALL TGE LIPSTICKS
Having that 'I know I've been growing my hair for years but I really want to cut it off' moment 😁
🎧 Now then Mardy bum, I've seen ur frown and its like looking down the barrel of a gun 🎸👌🏻
If I heard Mardy Bum or Wonderwall again I think i might just lose it
Now then Mardy Bum, I see your frown and it's like looking down the barrel of a gun
Well now then Mardy Bum. Oh I'm in trouble again, aren't?
When the dj cuts mardy bum short for ed sheeran !? Are you even a dj!?
Trust the timing of your life. Trust your journey.
When you find yourself alone at night with your thoughts do you have a smile on your face or are you looking for an es…
There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy
Happy birthday to my one true love, Alex Turner🐵 ♫ Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys
remember when I saw Arctic Monkeys live and they DID NOT played mardy bum??? ***
Alex Turner wrote mardy bum when he was 5. FIVE. just let that sink in
yeah i'm sorry i was late. well i missed the train. oh when you say i don't care… ♫ Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys
Mardy bum by Arctic Monkeys is always going to be one of my fave songs😌😌
I uploaded this song last week. Hope you enjoy it :)
kuy 😎 ♫ Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys (with Sigit, Nayif, and 3 others at Kosan Munajat Cinta) —
Alex Turner wrote mardy bum when he was 5. FIVE.
Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum and Fluorescent Adolescent Medley. You can find our full cover here:…
Mardy Bum & Fluorescent Adolescent are 2 of the best Arctic Monkeys songs imo
Mardy Bum and Fluorescent Adolescent will be my all time fav Arctic Monkey songs
R U mine, Arabella, Why'd you only call me when you're high, Mardy Bum, Fluorescent Adolescent
Mardy Bum was the reason I began listening to the Arctic Monkeys.
No better way to end the day then mardy bum performed by an orchestra
Oh but it's right hard to remember ♫ Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys
I'm listening to Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys on's Scrobbler for iOS. FELIZ!
el primer tema se llama "Mardy Bum" de no tiene un deep meaning pero i like it hah
Well now then Mardy Bum, I'm in trouble again arent I?
Did Katy seriously just ask who mardy bum was..😭😩
so much more important. Than anything.
Never change mardy bum, never change.
RiverLeigh loves her new teething rings...still being a mardy bum though 😰
Ed Miliband has taken a year out to party in Ibiza with his Milibaes
When you realise you haven't done enough revision
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thankyou my dear! Didn't go amazing but didn't go to bad!
now i cant stop listening to Mardy Bum???
Mardy bum, still one of my favourite songs of last 10yrs!
The slow version of Mardy Bum at Glasto was just terrible
Great evening in McPhails. Opened the session with a set of Hello - Oasis, Times Like These - Foo Fighters, Fall at your feet - Crowded House, The Last Time - Rolling Stones and Mardy Bum/ Bet you look good on Dancefloor - Artic Monkeys, as I will be with them inMarley Park on Sat. Now, roll on the Messi show!!
please play Mardy Bum at Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville, KY tonight!
Come see Adam Houston perform to Mardy Bum by The Arctic Monkeys at Dance Astoria today at Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden from 3-6! OH! By the way it's FREE!
Wouldn't be surprised if the Glastonbury version of Mardy Bum is brought out at T In The Park and Optimus Alive this summer.
Mardy Bum is the sort of song I'd probably listen to when I was high
Now then Mardy bum... I'm in trouble again aren't i?
that's a much better plan than facing reality! Yay!
The only song that I've known from this band ♫ Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys
Goin b 1 mardy bum today god help ppl im around today im super tired but body wont shut off get up soon hav bath get clothes ready then off for hair dun xx
Mardy Bum plays on repeat in my brain
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Teddy Picker, Old Yellow Bricks, or Mardy Bum are probably my top favourites by them though
Yeah I'm sorry I was late well I missed the train and then the traffic was a state ♫ Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys
Stream Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys on Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not for free on Grooveshark.
Watch the video & listen to Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum for free. Mardy Bum appears on the album Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. Arctic Monkeys are an indie rock band formed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England in 2002 after meeting at Stocksbridge High School. The band consists…
Really hoping the AM perform Mardy Bum and Fluorescent Adolescent in two weeks 😍
me and my little sister's favourite song ever is mardy bum by the Arctic Monkeys and everytime I hear it I think of her it's greeat
I'll join in with your pretence, say it's not happening, and suggest we buy some wine and go party.
I am so very bad at making important decisions. I prefer to pretend it's not happening.
Mardy Bum is deffo one of my fav songs
but I've always thought it was a proper word bc am and their song 'mardy bum'
Leonie Jessica Fogg you are a big Mardy bum! :)
So the other day me and ainsley were listening to Mardy Bum and instead of saying "now then mardy bum" she was singing "now then glenda doll" then yesterday she got her money out to pay for her nooslea and rice and instead of saying "young money" she said "young glenda" Honestly god knows where we got her!
Listen to Danners / Artic Monkeys - mardy bum | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Can't wait for Harry's bedtime! He's being such a mardy bum cos he's tired! Roll on 7 o'clock bath bottle and bed so I can have some tea n chill!!
Gosh my boyfriend is a Mardy bum hole Moody moody moody Grumpy *** hole Just moans all the time tut tut tut Glad I don't work with him lol
Here is Mardy Bum ( my 2nd favourite song from Arctic Monkeys ) with lyrics in the video and French translation for the french guys ! cheers ,)
I know some people see me as a Mardy bum on here ha, but seriously? I've got a perfect 16 month old son, some great friends, I'm definitely not struggling to live my life, and I'm healthy.. People love making out like they have a hard life, Grow up.. I rant about plenty of stuff but it's never anything meaningful, just a laugh isn't it.. Life's yours to enjoy, moping around in self pity won't help any of you, help yourselves, enjoy it!!
Drew Wayne is a mardy bum cus i gave him a dead arm so he tryed to brake my now i need to get him back...
A cover of Mardy Bum, met a few of these in my time.
Happy New Year! Leading the charge for day eight of my 12 Days of Cuteness are Lady Bleu Bleu Hopper, Mollie, Alfie, Teddy, Mardy Bum, Dolly, Charlie and Maggie Mae.
I need some mardy bum cream. And would like to apologise to my wife for 2013, I promise I will do something in 2014 x x x
I don't usually make new year resolutions as I'm a mardy bum at new year.however this year I will make an resolution is to NOT burn toast to a black crisp every *** time.Happy New Year :)
Excuse my flops :/ go listen to Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys
Stream Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys on Artic Monkeys for free on Grooveshark.
Feel like a right mardy bum but the tree is all packed away! Can't deal with Clayton or baby Jesus just destroying it lol!
On my way to cheer this mardy bum up ;)
A jaeger bomb and Arctic Monkeys - Mardy bum. It's my wedding all over again ;) xxx
Hacked by the best your such a mardy bum x
Feeding my little man AJ such a mardy bum when he needs feeding!🍼󾬖
Bye Bye Blondie cover Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys at Windhill Cricket Club 24/04/11.
Not that I'm a mardy bum but I'm not looking forward to the winds we are expecting tonight really don't want any damage to my house
Mia is already in bed after being a mardy bum all day & fighting sleep all day she worn herself out!! Lol bless her hope she wakes up better tomorrow 󾬖󾬖
Had about 5mins sleep. Thanks Harrison you mardy bum, definitely take after your dad on that one!󾍀
"New Desing: Robert Sheehan and Bonnie Wright. "Remember cuddles in the Kitchen" Mardy Bum, Arctic Monkeys. With happy style. Thank you!"
Never seen anything like it! Plenty of Mardy Bum's walking out the LG.
VIDEO: Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum (Live at Glastonbury 2013). Little fact! Guy Garvey from Elbow arranged the...
either Mardy Bum or R U Mine I think... But then I like Fluorescent Adolescent aswell so idk! You??
That's your good right. I prefer Guy Garvey's compositions. As seen on friday when AM played Mardy Bum.
Catching up on Glastonbury, absolutely loving the Mardy Bum arrangement by and :-) love this song!
After Guy Garvey doing the string arrangements for Cornerstone and Mardy Bum, I think I'll finally give Elbow a proper listen.
Strings-accompanied Mardy Bum on Liz Kershaw is great. Transatlantic accent aside, we may have a winner.
For all your indie tee needs... Arctic Monkeys play 'Mardy Bum' live at Glastonbury Festival 2013, 28/06/2013.
Just want Alex Turner to sing Mardy Bum to me whlst I'm in this stupid, horrible, nasty mood is that too much to ask?
I'll stop being a Mardy Bum if I Win the Alex Turner t-shirt.
Greg James is playing Mardy Bum thank you, perfect, beautiful man.
Bloody Marys got no tabasco, Mums a Mardy Bum, ya not lookin good on the dance-floor and theres a whale in ya fish net
When Keith Harris cooks he listens to Mardy Bum – to remember Cuddles in the kitchen.
Man I really like , of monsters and man & Acrtic Monkeys. I don't just hear the music I listen to the words. Alot of you will not the get stile. Don't judge im all over the place when it comes to music. Little talks & Mardy Bum.
For all your indie t-shirt needs, head to: Arctic Monkeys perform 'Mardy Bum' Live at T in the Park, 09/07/2006.
Mardy Bum by Artic Monkeys. Favorite song. Look it up.
iTunes is in tune with me. 'Mistreated' Deep Purple was playing at final whistle, then 'Mardy Bum' Arctic Monkeys, now Beatles 'Yer Blues'
the acoustic version of the Arctic Monkeys song "Mardy Bum" at LeMouv' Radio Session. ENJOY! :D If you liked the video subscribe cause i'll be downloading mo...
A tribute to the LeGoons. And yes... I've had time on my hands. Driving down the A6 in our van, Trying to stop thinking of you, don't think I can, We never planned to go the Alice Springs, But now I'm glad we didn't do other things, Now our time has gone, There's a lot to look back on, Big family night out for Kay, Face painting for Vic's birthday, Our picture at the Territory boarder line, A few evening blackouts on wine, Slithery snakes, And lemon drizzle cakes Super Sundays and football, Dinner at Sukra, that was a good call, An awesome trip to Uluru, Nik saw her first Kangaroo, Sitting on the bus playing games, Some people can't spell, naming no names! Saturday lunch at Page 27, That burger was absolute heaven, Nik sweet talking Geordie to steal the tandem, Some of the stuff we did was a bit random, Saturday nights at the Casino, Aiden thinks I'm a "Mardy Bum" but what does he know, Roger thinks we're trouble, all we do is watch films and cuddle?! What's more we only drink tea, Not sure how Lotty got ...
Arctic Monkeys performed at The Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on September 23, 2011. Arctic Monkeys’ incredible success is the stuff that dreams are made of. British alternative rock is in the rudest health it has been for years, and a lot of that has been credited to the Arctic Monkeys. Their story is well-known now – after Alex Turner picked up a guitar and formed the band in 2002 with school friends Jamie Cook on guitar, Matt Helders on drums and Andy Nicholson on bass. The buzz grew organically, and by the time the band signed with Domino Records in June 2005 their signature tunes "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor", "When The Sun Goes Down", "Mardy Bum" and "A Certain Romance" were firm folk favorites. Audiences were stunned by the strength of their songs, tickled by Turner’s skewed social realist lyrics, and seduced by the intensity of their live performances. The Boulevard Pool sets the stage for Las Vegas’ most unique live concerts. Perched high above The Las Vegas St ...
I randomly thought of an old presentation about Mardi Gras. That made me think of Mardy Bum. So now I'm listening to the Arctic Monkeys.
I know this is really sad, but if I was dying my last wish would be to meet Alex Turner and for him to sing Mardy Bum or R U Mine? to me..
Mardy Bum played live at Gastonbury 23rd June 2007
I'm argumentative, and my dad calls me 'Mardy Bum' when I'm in a bad mood because I love Arctic Monkeys
Alex Turner's pronunciation of cuddle in their song Mardy Bum is kudol, the right pronunciation I say, it's quite disturbing so I Google it.
always reminds me of the song 'Mardy Bum' by Arctic Monkeys,idek? I love that song though! x
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This is my Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum (lyrics)and "animation" video i have made! hope you enjoy it... Rate me please 5 stars! lol and comments i love them! H...
SURPRISE!In honor of Charlie reaching 7000 followers, I made a lyric video to Mardy Bum!Dedicated to you all!(:
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