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Marcus Paige

Marcus Paige is an American high school basketball player from Marion, Iowa.

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Former point guard Marcus Paige got married on Saturday in Chapel Hill:
Marcus Paige pulls up from deep at 📺: ESPN 2
After a Marcus Paige overtime three Mark Jackson says, "if he can do that he's going to find a spot in this league."
Marcus Paige and the Timberwolves vs Kennedy Meeks and the Raptors. 6:30pm, NBA TV
It's josh hart not jason hart and Marcus Paige played against A…
PJ Hairston Reggie bullock Marcus Paige yr we went small and did well
That's what people said after we lost Marcus Paige & Brice Johnson
first Stars game. Man they play slow compared to the NBA..Good players here tho..Brandon triche, Marcus Paige, Quincy Ford...not JJ O'Brien.
Because Monk will be an impact NBA player. Marcus Paige was never billed as that. No matter how good his shot was.
Marcus Paige was an academic all American and kyrie thinks the earth is flat Lol
Sean Woods, Marcus Paige, Malik Monk...bonded by Fate to be one-upped would-be heroes. Life ain't always, or often, fair.
Ironically enough, the same thing happened with Marcus Paige's three in the championship last year.
This is how we felt last year after Marcus Paige hit the 3 then we lost💔💔
That Malik Monk shot will be the most overlooked buzzer beater since UNC's Marcus Paige in the championship game
Marcus Paige brings more to Greensboro than sports
Did they ever make shirts of the Marcus Paige shot logo? I'd love to buy one.
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Situation wasn't exactly the same, but close enough to where I think that end of game last night avenged Marcus Pai…
both Marcus Paige and Tyler Zeller were 1st team academic All Americans but I guess that doesn't fit your narrative!
UNC's Marcus Paige is not quite a point guard...yet (by -
Observations: Marcus Paige regains stroke at opportune time for UNC…
If you think about it Luke Maye did to Malik Monk what Kris Jenkins did to Marcus Paige in last years title game
tell that to Marcus Paige. Or tell maye's parents that. Or nah? Just wanted to make a joke for likes. Little clown.
New it was over for me when UNC caught that buzzer beater last year and, as a Duke fan, I wanted to give Marcus Paige…
if you're part of this senior class, you also got:. -Marcus Paige at NCSU. -Paige vs Louisville. -Duke OT. what a wild…
Marcus Paige and the point guard conundrum, for .
Marcus Paige and the point guard conundrum
I know Marcus Paige going to be sick if UNC wins the chip
Last year, a jersey-in-the-rafters senior named Marcus Paige turned it on in March. This year, it's been a sophomore walk-on. I love sports.
This was me last year with Marcus Paige at the end of the championship game.
Top 5 Picks. It would be Marcus Paige/Smart (crazy) not to go. They'll develop faster w/ NBA trainers
Luke Maye is quickly becoming the Marcus Paige, as far as, him enduring himself to fans.
Malik's shot = Marcus Paige's shot from last year. A great shot that will be forgotten bc of the shot that came immediately aft…
they got him for nothing but 55 pick and CHECK made out to "Utah Jazz." The 55 pick,Marcus Paige, has 0 NBA mins
The March Madness legend of Marcus Paige was born and forgotten in an instant.
Roy Williams lost Marcus Paige and All-American Brice Johnson and still won the ACC by 2 games and still not coach of the year
I'm still fascinated by the Marcus Paige shot to tie the game in the national championship... that was supposed to be THE shot unbelievable
Roy Williams to Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson: “I was extremely lucky. Love you both.”
Marcus Paige and now Brice Johnson have been received raucous ovations when entering the arena. They will be honored at…
ha naturally, for my part I am a real stealth Marcus Paige devotee and of course, Dean Smith was a straight up saint
Raymond Felton, Ty Lawson, Kendall Marshall, Marcus Paige, but my favorite Carolina PG has to be Joel Berry
gonna go with players from my lifetime. Ty Lawson, Marcus Paige, Danny Green, Tyler Hansbrough, Sean May.
North Carolina has never been good to me. I loved Marcus Paige but they still sucked to me
Okay so Joel Berry goes down with injury. Seventh Woods plays. Seventh becomes an all star. Just like Marcus Paige and Joel Berry?
What a pathetic performance. Wish we still had Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige
Nate Britt IS *** I dislike him as much as I disliked Marcus Paige
*** I figured Marcus Paige would make the team. At least the d-league. Quinn Snyder's Duke biases.
The Utah Jazz announce they've waived guard Marcus Paige and forwards Eric Dawson and Quincy Ford. Their roster now stands at…
In case you missed it, Marcus Paige and Taylor Hartzog are engaged.
yeah him and Ed Davis deserve spots take off deon Thompson and Marcus Paige
Great job on The Ticket (DAM or MAD radio?) Amazingly accurate on the diary entries! Did u know of Marcus Paige while in HS?
Marcus Paige was born on 9/11 1993. 1993 was the year of the first world trade center bombing. 9/11 was the day an…
unc never disappoints. Marcus Paige best secret of summer league
I wish the Clippers played in the Las Vegas Summer League so I could see Brice Johnson play again. Oh well. I'll get to see Marcus Paige.
Marcus Paige's jumper looks sharp as ever for the Utah Jazz!
I really do think Brice Johnson is gonna be special in the NBA. I hope Marcus Paige will be to
This is where Marcus Paige has the advantage. Heady player that can play with solid fundamentals and smarts.
Brice Johnson and/or Marcus Paige would've fit right into our roster - the ONE year Jordan doesn't go all in on UNC prospects 😒
Marcus Paige being unselfish, most unselfish on the floor. Too unselfish, if you ask me.
Marcus Paige missed a WIDE OPEN Quincy Ford in the corner on that last drive.he's gotta kick that
I really like the flashes from Marcus Paige at
Trey Lyles with 13, Dionte Christmas with 9, Spencer Butterfield with 8, Marcus Paige with 7 for Utah.
What do you think about the rook Marcus Paige?
Marcus Paige got groovy, and dropped the deuce..
Marcus Paige is that thang man. Both my tarheels hooping man
I'm so confused why Marcus Paige was drafted so late? He's had jumpshot criticisms but he's knocking it down right now. Looks comfortable
After 1, and tied at 23. Second round Utah pick Marcus Paige leads the team with 5.
it Marcus a new Paige in his career
I swear to god seeing Marcus Paige play well makes me so *** happy man
Paige and Marcus Thornton going at it I love it
Bentil from is having a face off with Marcus Paige from like last years NCAA tourney game
I really wanted Marcus Paige but I'll wait to see how Isaiah Whiteside play in Vegas before I get all the way salty
About to get me a Marcus Paige jazz jersey
Marcus Paige will be the next Steph
Marcus Paige got swagger juice lmao
"Conceptualize," in context? Oh, yes. Jazz must keep Marcus Paige, for the sake of interviews alone. Or the SLC Stars. I'd go…
Can we talk about Aaron Craft getting more minutes than Marcus Paige? This is unbelievable. featured in NBC s Science of Love
could you put Marcus Paige and brynn Forbes in FA
Marcus Paige is a guard for the Jazz.
WATCH: Marcus Paige doing Marcus Paige things in the Summer League. MORE ---
Do you think Marcus Paige will be in Utah's rotation?
Another Marcus Paige note: Jazz trade Former bc stand out Hanlan in deal for Boris Diaw to make room for Gasol
Marcus Paige SPLASH! 💦 The Rook had 5 points in the 1st quarter.
🔥Sunday, July 10th you can watch Cat Barber cook Marcus Paige one more time as the Pelicans play the Jazz at 8 pm🔥
With the 55th pick of the Brooklyn Nets select Marcus Paige, PG out of North Carolina.
Chasing older vets like Noah is not improving anything. Guys like Henry Ellenson (18), Marcus Paige (55), and even Isaiah Whitehead (42)...
Marcus Paige goes in 2nd round with the 55th overall pick http…
Brice Johnson goes No. 25 to the Clippers, Marcus Paige goes No. 55 to the Jazz. Good luck guys. Fun run at http…
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige are the 20th & 21st Tar Heels to play for Coach Williams selected in NBA Draft history
The Jazz have drafted PG Marcus Paige with the 55th pick, according to sources.
Charlotte Hornets will bring in Thon Maker, Marcus Paige, Joel Bolomboy, Patricio Garino and Melvin Johnson for a group wo…
Kyle Bernlohr joins Marcus Paige and Jay Beagle is a very unique and very forgotten class.
First it was Marcus Paige. Then it was Jay Beagle. Now, it was Kyle Berlohr's turn.
Nets should definitely look at experienced smart PGs in the draft. Marcus Paige and Yogi Ferrell both seem like good options.
Livio was always a horrible pick. I like Georges Niang, Marcus Paige, or Malcolm Brogdon.
yeah the same unc team that loses Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige?
Marcus Paige talks with the media following his pre-draft workout with the Utah Jazz:
Here's a recap of today's Workouts with audio from Walt Perrin, Thon Maker, Marcus Paige and Demetrius Jackson.
UNC G Marcus Paige is on with right now talking about his Jazz workout.
I hope we pick up Maodo Lo as a UDFA instead of Yogi Ferrell or Marcus Paige. (Not aimed at you)
Marcus Paige will work out for the Jazz
Utah today works out Thon Maker, Demetrius Jackson, Marcus Paige, Mike Tobey, Marcus Georges-Hunt and Eric McClellan.
Writing a column on the Nets drafting Marcus Paige. Could be a good move for the franchise.
Marcus Paige is only 6'1 but he's doing between the legs dunks like it's nothing.
I said the same thing they gone get Marcus Paige watch
Flashback photo of Marcus Paige’s first recruiting visit to on Dec. 11, 2010
Marcus Paige is goat. R.i.p my heart.
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UNC's Marcus Paige has Utah Jazz tomorrow followed by another team on Thursday.
Marcus Paige (drives past defender at the Milwaukee Bucks draft workout today!
I liked a video from Marcus Paige INCREDIBLE Double Clutch 3 Pointer in the National
Ooh Thon Maker will work out for the Jazz tomorrow. Will do so along with Marcus Paige, Eric McClellan, Mike Tobey and Marcus Hunt.
Getting Marcus Paige was huge for Roy, especially wit Kendall leaving! Getting Seventh Woods is the same way bc of the…
Wouldn't be shocked if they brought in Marcus Paige for a tryout.
how Marcus Paige in the national championship???
he isn't Marcus Paige so he can't take over
Marcus Paige and Malik Newman headlined a talented group of prospects who worked out in Milwaukee on Friday:
North Carolina star Marcus Paige works out for Bucks - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Gonna need the Lakers to acquire another pick to draft Brice Johnson and sign Marcus Paige as a UDFA just to see block me.
If the Pacers keep their 2 Draft Picks, would you like Brice Johnson (round 1) and Marcus Paige (Round 2)?
. I don't know how but I want Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige on this team dammit...
Roy Williams has arrived at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. Justin Jackson, Brice Johnson, Marcus Paige are pa…
That team also has Ben Bentil, Marcus Paige and Malcolm Brogdon, Among others
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I don't think it's unpopular - I'd take a Brice Johnson or Marcus Paige over Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram any day
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige have both been invited to the NBA combine, source told ESPN.
Joel Berry II was voted the team’s most improved player and Marcus Paige was best defender for a record 4th straight ye…
Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson won the Rammy for best record-breaking performance, and The… htt…
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige win record-breaking performance of the year. Theo Pinson comes with them to accept.
In classic Theo Pinson fashion, he crashes Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson winning Record-Breakimg Performance at the
pick a duo for the NBA: Kris Dunn and Ben Bentil or Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson?
THE shot. A champion is defined by many things, and our own Marcus Paige is all of them.
a dunk I got tonight against Marcus Paige , Brice Johnson and more 🏀🙏🏾
What it's like to hit Marcus Paige's shot before "The Shot"
This how I felt watching Marcus Paige last game in the Dean Dome
"Marcus Paige is one of the greatest kids to ever step on a basketball court.". - Coach Roy Williams https…
Even after this incredible loss, Marcus Paige shows incredible grace and sportsmanship. So proud of UNC and a...
ICTV: Roy Williams, Seniors Address Crowd - Watch and read what Roy Williams, Marcus Paige, Brice Johnson and J...
I can't wait to see Marcus Paige on the big screen in the Dean Dome saying, "I'm Marcus Paige and I'm a Tar Heel."
So much respect for Marcus Paige & Roy Williams. So gracious even in defeat. I still hate Carolina though.
Thank you Brice Johnson, Marcus Paige, and James Jones for all the memories! Go UNC!!
Trump could learn a lot from watching how Roy Williams and Marcus Paige handled the loss last night
Watch Roy Williams, Marcus Paige & Joel Berry in the emotional postgame press conference:
Marcus Paige's post-game interview was as impressive and classy as I've ever seen. via
Incredible USATSI shot of a mid-air Marcus Paige right before he hit the game-tying shot last night
Really *** that this shot by Marcus Paige will be overlooked forever
it's March madness where anything happens. They saw the shot Marcus Paige hit WITH defense. Plan should've been simple: LOCKUP
Would like to see Marcus Paige go out on top👑
my boys Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson really hooped this season. it was the last for yall college career last night. we made it to the last
Oh well great season for the heels tough loss last night tho.gona miss Bryce Johnson and Marcus Paige can't wait to watch yall in the NBA
Marcus Paige's game-tying 3 was arguably one of greatest shots in title-game history. Then Kris Jenkins happened. https:/…
UNC falls short despite big night from long range: Marcus Paige fires a three to tie it late.(Photo: Bob Donna...
I'm gonna miss you Bryce Johnson and Marcus Paige, wonderful basketball players.
I gained a ton of respect for Bryce Johnson, Marcus Paige, Berry, and Justin Jackson tonight. Paige had a class interview on TV especially.
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Amazing game tying double clutch 3 pt shot by Marcus Paige didn't make top 10 plays of the DAY. Some ground ball did tho. Pathetic
This photo of Marcus Paige's almost-game-winning shot by Robert Deutsch is absolutely unreal.
yeah I do and Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson wear L's to bed so stfu
It didn't end up being the winner but this photo of Marcus Paige's shot is incredible. (AP / David J. Phillip)
Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson will both have solid NBA careers
*** fellas you gave it your all, thank you Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson it's been one *** of a four year ride
Feels so bad for Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson 😔
If UNC wins, Marcus Paige has his own logo tomorrow.
They just mad cause Bryce Johnson and Marcus Paige ain't getting that White House visit.
Dang but we can't forget about Marcus Paige in the end there. Look at this picture. Would've been iconic.
I just feel so bad for Bryce Johnson and Marcus Paige
Marcus Paige, Bryce Johnson. I've loved watching you guys play over the last 4 years.
Big thank you to Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson. Unfortunate ending but an incredible season I will remember for the res…
Wish UNC could've got the dub tho, wanted to see Bryce Johnson and Marcus Paige get what they deserve
No one will remember, but this USA Today shot of Marcus Paige is incredible:
Marcus Paige still disrespected they existence
When u think Marcus Paige hits the most unbelievable 3 you've seen and then Chris Jenkins hits the buzzer to win...
Brice Johnson, Isaiah Hicks, Marcus Paige, Theo Pinson, and Justin Jackson should be on the floor for the
Marcus Paige looks like he could be Steven A. Smith's son 😂
Jay Wright is the darkest white guy I've ever seen. This guy is darker than Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson lmao
Joel Berry, Justin Jackson, Marcus Paige, Brice Johnson, and Isaiah Hicks are about to be the top 5 draft picks 😏😏😏
Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson gotta put in work tn
Picking North Carolina to win the title! Going to be tough to stop both Marcus Paige and Bryce Johnson. Roy Williams wins his 3rd title.
On everything bro 😂 the big three of Kennedy Meeks, Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige
Roy Williams has been preparing Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson for today for four years
Game day. Hear from alum Theo Pinson, Marcus Paige, Villanova's Ryan Arcidihacano & more on News 2 at…
Marcus Paige provided the spark when UNC needed it most, writes
Marcus Paige shows he knows when North Carolina needs him most
This isn't close to the best game Marcus Paige has played this season. You still see the power a gifted senior guard brings to these moments
College basketball is losing some great 4 year players this season 😪 Buddy Hield, Perry Ellis, Denzel Valentine, Marcus Paige 😭
Marcus Paige looks ready for the Final Four
I don't think this Marcus Paige dunk is getting topped
Let's just put this in perspective. Marcus Paige & Brice Johnson arrived to UNC the same season as TJ Warren, Rodney Purcis, & Tyler Lewis.
[Canton Rep] Final Four | North Carolina's Marcus Paige finds his shot just in time
Glad to see Marcus Paige and Brice Johnson getting to the
dangit. that segment on Marcus Paige & Roy Williams = bawling. the tourney makes me cry more than any other sporting event. 🏀
SPORTS |Marcus Paige passes Michael Jordan on UNC's all-time scoring list |via ht…
Marcus Paige had himself a night. Paige passed Michael Jordan to move into 12th on UNC's all-time scoring list.
Marcus Paige caught fire in the first half with 4 triples!.
Marcus Paige passed Michael Jordan on UNC all-time scoring list. Perry Ellis, now in his 18th year at KU, is still chasing Keith Langford.
Move over, legend. . Marcus Paige passes Michael Jordan for 12th on the all-time UNC scoring list.
Marcus Paige in the opening five minutes:. 12 points on 4-for-4 shooting from behind the arc 🔥🔥🔥🔥
happy 50th birthday Tom Crean, here's the 4 Marcus Paige three-pointers you asked for
Marcus Paige is going MC Hammer right now, wow
If you don't mention Marcus Paige, Melo Trimble, Kris Dunn, or Demetrius Jackson don't hit me about college hoops.
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God the day Marcus Paige and Brice Williams are gone from UNC can't come soon enough...can't stand either one of them
Marcus Paige (584) passed Kendall Marshall (581) in career Tar Heel assists. Tells you how good Marshall was at o…
A wild little stat: . Marcus Paige has held Malcolm Brogdon . and . Grayson Allen . to a combined 34% shooting in last 2 matchups.
Marcus Paige a finalist for Arthur Ashe award
basketball star Marcus Paige is a finalist for another national scholar-athlete award ...
Cooney is a weak pick. Peyton Siva, Andy Rautins, Pittsnogle, Edgar Sosa, Scottie Wilbekin, Marcus Paige all better picks
senior guard Marcus Paige is a finalist for the Arthur Ashe Jr. Male Athlete of the Year Award.
We know Isaiah Hicks is going to show up but will Marcus Paige show up all tourney?
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige are the 2 players that will carry us. Maybe Hicks. The only 3 men on this team.
Marcus Paige shooting the rock? its HIGH KEY over for everybody in this tourney if UNC can constantly shoot 3's
I might dislike Grayson Allen more than I dislike Marcus Paige
Angel Rodriguez, Marcus Paige, Isaiah Hicks, Kenney Meeks still on the board. All could go far
UNC is losing Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige after this year... Duke's getting Harry Giles Jayson Tatum and Frank Jacks…
Brice Johnson's jersey will join teammate Marcus Paige's in the rafters after being named 1st-Team A-A by https…
Brice is the next Brandon Wright in the nba...and Marcus Paige is the next Kendall Marshall
very dope that Marcus Paige has turned into Dikembe Mutumbo
Isaiah Hicks, who is a top 15 big man according to Marcus Paige, got his 1st double-double, by
Marcus Paige is back, Brice is dominant, Hicks and Berry get better every game, so prepare multiple banners. ain't losing again.
Great catch on the baseline by Isaiah Hicks before getting up for the dunk. Tricky pass to handle from Marcus Paige.
UNC is on 🔥🔥🔥 right now Isaiah Hicks is play well defensively and Marcus Paige is hitting straight up 🏀🏀🏀.
Marcus Paige was left off the Cousy final five but honestly each one of those dudes is deserving. I'll be tuning in for Kay Felder tonight.
Brice Johnson named to All-ACC First Team. Justin Jackson and Marcus Paige get honorable mention.
So much respect for Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige
yeah but he's still Marcus Paige. Barry and Jackson are disappointing right now.
BIG: UNC's Marcus Paige named the ACC's top scholar athlete for the second straight year: http…
North Carolina's Marcus Paige made 94 three-point shots last season. He's only made 47 this year. Was 1-7 from deep Monday vs. Syracuse.
Marcus Paige hits a long 3-pointer, Trevor Cooney responds with an airball. .
Roy says that when he went to watch Marcus Paige play for the first time, "it changed UNC basketball for the next four…
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige had some strong words of appreciation for Hubert Davis tonight.
I am more confident in Joel Berry, Justin Jackson and Nate Britt to make a 3-pt FG than I am Marcus Paige at this moment. Sigh.
Marcus Paige for three. UNC cuts lead to 3. Devon Hall pushes it back to 5 with 14.5 seconds left.
Marcus Paige hit a three but Devon Hall made two FTs at the other end. UVA up five with 14.5 seconds left.
Marcus Paige is trying to find his way back for North Carolina - Washington Post
UNC coach Roy Williams on his confidence in Marcus Paige: University of North Carolina b...
Marcus Paige didn't doubt his team's abilities following a early 13 point deficit at NCSU. Watch:
North Carolina down 13 has now tied the game thanks for Marcus Paige's 3 pointer!
Frenetic start here at PNC. N.C. State 10, North Carolina 8 at first media timeout. Cat Barber has 6 for Pack. Marcus Paige looking for shot
What has happened to Kennedy Meeks and Marcus Paige ? Luke Maye looks better than Meeks .
this is true they are always close but we have Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige
I'd be dizzy having to watch Marcus Paige every night too
Marcus Paige just violated that man on Notre dame oh god
Marcus Paige with 9 points. Passes Mitch Kupchak and ties Hubert Davis for 22nd in UNC history with 1,615 points.
Bilas just said top 5 PG are Kris Dunn, Marcus Paige, Melo Trimble, Tyler Ulis, and Monte Morris
I would take Cat Barber over Marcus Paige tbh
Marcus Paige is here to help NC president David Fountain read to Rashkis third-graders
Marcus Paige is one of 30 seniors nominated for the CLASS award.
Bryce Johnson and Marcus Paige will do nothing in the NBA
Where has the Marcus Paige we all know been the last 2 games
Marcus Paige broke Shammond Williams' record, becoming UNC's all-time 3 point leader.
Isaiah Hicks is the new Brice Johnson and Brice Johnson is the new Marcus Paige.
everyone killing today. first Bryce Johnson and Marcus Paige , now Buddy Hield . 🏀 great day for college basketball.
Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige first Tar Heels to score 30 in same game since Shammond Williams (42) & Antawn Jamison (…
106: Most points against a Leonard Hamilton team. 69: Brice Johnson-Marcus Paige combined pts. I'd say those "road woes" for are over.
Are you kidding me dude? I can name at least 3. Kris Dunn, Frank Mason III, Marcus Paige.
Isaiah Hicks and Nate Britt checking in after the timeout. Marcus Paige with five points early on a 3 and off-balance long 2. 9-4 UNC
Kennedy Meeks (knee) will not play tonight vs. UNCG, per UNC. Marcus Paige (ankle) is a game-time decision.
North Carolina standout Marcus Paige in the house. His sister Morgan is a grad assistant for the Iowa State women.
Marcus Paige injured his right ankle but will return to the game shortly.
Marcus Paige not saving the ball and just taking it out of bounds was the smartest thing hes done in 4 years at unc
Extremely heady play to steal the ball and not throw it back into play, Marcus Paige has a high basketball IQ.
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I get why Coach Williams wants to move Marcus Paige off ball to save energy, but he's UNC's best playmaker. At times he needs the ball
Uh Clark, Mike Conley is a better athlete & ball handler than Marcus Paige.
Cool moment before tip here. Shammond Williams presenting Marcus Paige with commemorative ball for breaking 3-point reco…
If you wanna know why Javan Felix was so wide open, watch what happens to Marcus Paige lol
Marcus Paige needs three 3-point FGs today to pass Shammond Williams for most in history. UNC-Texas: 5:…
Jamal Murray come on home ... if we lose our 1st rounder Marcus Paige watup
Marcus Paige, who had been recovering from a hand injury, scored 20 points for No. 9 North Carolina.
The play of Joel Berry & Nate Britt has allowed Marcus Paige to play off the ball. Story: https…
Yogi Ferrel, Marcus Paige, and Tyler Ulis can all make arguments for best PG in the nation
Hey! Trey Lewis hit the same arching layup that Marcus Paige made at the buzzer last year...
Marcus Paige freshman year he was playing with Joseph Forte and nem
Marcus Paige hasn't played a minute this season and I still firmly believe we are the best college basketball team in the nation with him 🐏
Marcus Paige will play Tuesday against Maryland, Roy Williams has confirmed to
Marcus Paige and Roy Williams just confirmed Marcus will not play tomorrow. Maryland game is now the hope.
Marcus Paige will not play in his homecoming game at NIU, but the game is still on. Preview:
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Ingram is 🚮. Theo gonna shut him down and Marcus Paige and Joel Berry will dominate Thornton And Y'all have no 1 to stop BJ an Meeks
Marcus Paige is the new Aaron Craft. Been at UNC for 6 years now
If I was to come up with an All-ACC first team, I'd go with Marcus Paige, Malcolm Brogdon, XRM, Demetrius Jackson, and Anthony Gill.
UNC​ will be without senior guard Marcus Paige for up to a month after he suffered a fractured finger in practice.
Marcus Paige out for North Carolina, could miss Maryland game - Baltimore Sun
😔 "Marcus Paige, out 3-4 weeks w/ a broken hand, needs just nine 3-pt FG to become North Carolina's all-time leader in 3s.”
well Marcus Paige is a double major with history and got into the journalism school. So ours can too.
Bummer, bummer, bummer! Marcus Paige breaks his hand, out 3-4 weeks.
Carolina’s Marcus Paige has a broken bone in his right hand and will be sidelined 3-4 weeks.
Marcus Paige (via asks for GameDay. Nolan Smith provides proof Duke (likely) got jobbed. Tobacco Road, y'all
For the second year in a row, Marcus Paige is a preseason first-team SI All-America.
nah a healthy Marcus Paige, Justin Jackson, and Kennedy Meeks. No one can stop that 😈
Marcus Paige (& loving the new goals in the Smith Center.
Marcus Paige & Brice Johnson are seniors...where did the time go
Kyle Wiltjer, Marcus Paige, Buddy Hield (ehh...maybe?), not Niang, not Selden/Perry, not Baker, not Nigel Hayes...
when u walk back to ur room and see a special note that says you can't be within a hundred feet of Marcus Paige 💕
Marcus Paige on Health: This is the Best I’ve Felt Since Sophomore Year
.checks in with Marcus Paige on his health entering preseason conditioning:
he will definitely be in contention but I think Marcus Paige will get it
Melo Trimble or Marcus Paige will win POY. Leaning towards Trimble because of the people around him
I bet Marcus Paige's GPA is higher than half of NC State fan's bank accounts💀
lmao not even .Marcus Paige was hurt all last year and still balled out.
Marcus Paige & JR Smith have a lot in common. Ima just leave that there. Lol
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