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Marcus Mariota

Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota (born October 30, 1993) is an American Football quarterback for the Oregon Ducks football team.

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"Imagining a backfield with Demarco Maurray, Marcus Mariota and Darren Sproles..let me dream lol" Wow
I will buy everything Marcus Mariota is currently wearing for his pro day. I'll just DM you my credit card number and take whatever.
I predict that the Eagles will trade up to the number two pick with the Tennessee Titans to get Marcus Mariota.
If you're a Jets fan thank the heaven, because if you can grab Marcus Mariota you are a contender for a Super Bowl in 2-3 years
he lettin all them go to get Marcus Mariota and Demarco Murray ima just keep it a hunnit
How Chip Kelly's trade for Sam Bradford brings the one step closer to Marcus Mariota:
I was mentally and emotionally sold on Marcus Mariota in green. Sam Bradford doesn’t even come close to filling that void. This blows.
Marcus Mariota gonna be the next Matt Leinart
With social media every rumor is made out to be legit. Give me Marcus Mariota over Colin Kaepernick for Eagles 2015 QB and lets roll.
Chip Kelly would trade Citizens Bank Park and the Liberty Bell for Marcus Mariota if he could.
2015 NFL Mock Draft updated today. get DL Leonard Williams. take Marcus Mariota- h…
Wonder which Bucs reps are going to Marcus Mariota and Leonard Williams pro days this week? I would expect Mariota to make trip East soon.
"I have been told multiple times that Chip (Kelly) is not leaving the draft without Marcus Mariota." -
5 Pro Days to Watch This Week: Quarterback Marcus Mariota and defensive end Leonard Williams both have their p...
If Chip Kelly can't get Marcus Mariota, bringing back Mark Sanchez sets up competition w/ Nick Foles as starter. 14-4 and …
Since you guys Cut Carey Williams you guys should trade up and get Marcus Mariota & Ronald Darby or Marcus and tre…
Question of the day: who should be the Jets QB next season -- Geno Smith, Nick Foles, Jay Cutler, Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota?
Who would you like to see in a uniform: Amari Cooper or Marcus Mariota?
Marcus Mariota vs. Jameis Winston in the 40-yard dash 🏃💨
.launches on heels of Marcus Mariota's Heisman Trophy win - by
Marcus Mariota is here, sitting right next to Dorell Wright on the Trail Blazers bench.
PHI [SB Nation: Bleeding Green Nation] - Eagles determined to make a strong play for Marcus Mariota
Tune in now to hear Brandon Gowton of Eagles' Bleeding Green Nation for the latest trade rumors on moving up for Marcus Mariota
Mock Draft: Eagles trade with Redskins to get Marcus Mariota
In Shaun King's mock draft, Marcus Mariota falls to the
I think Marcus Mariota's productivity will be around Kap-Cam Newton in the league
Marcus Mariota makes Jameis Winston look about as fast as a fully cooked king crab at Combine.
Marcus Mariota smoked Jameis Winston in the 40-yard dash:
Marcus Mariota vs Jameis Winston in the 40-yd dash
Marcus Mariota runs Jameis Winston off the screen in the 40-yd dash 😂😂
5 examples of insane athleticism at NFL combine: Byron Jones, Marcus Mariota and more amazing perf... Tscent
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Marcus Mariota. That's all you need. And of course Devon smith
Bill Polian the man who drafted Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf said he would draft Marcus Mariota over Jameis Winston.
Todd McShay on Jameis Winston No 1: "Chris Mortensen & Bill Polian are smarter men than I am & they both think Marcus Mariota is the pick."
Jameis Winston will be way better than Marcus Mariota in the NFL” or they will be Vince Young and Matt Leinart
This Indy flight to Phoenix is definitely leaning NFL-heavy. Cards off. coaches, medical staff, Kurt Warner, Marcus Mariota, Geep Chryst.
Marcus Mariota's unofficial 40-time, 4.52, is the fastest by a QB since Robert Griffin III ran a 4.41 in 2012
Marcus Mariota literally ran Jameis off the screen in the 40-yard dash 😂
Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are the next Vince Young and Matt Leinart
if you think Marcus Mariota will outperform Winston during QB drills.
Jameis Winston says there is "no competition against me and Marcus Mariota." Yeah, we know: we saw the Rose Bowl.
Thursday Combine notes: -- Marcus Mariota took center stage in Indy on Thursday afternoon.
Mariota has no doubt he'll succeed in NFL: -- Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota ackno...
the only thing he'll steal is Marcus Mariota's dream of being the no.1 pick
Mariota gets his chance in spotlight: Marcus Mariota looked comfortable on center stage Thursday. He had the…
Big crowd for Marcus Mariota at the NFL Combine.
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Marcus Mariota is going to be a solid quarterback. Smarts are underrated. Poor mans Andrew Luck.
Marcus Mariota huddled with media and teams Thursday at the combine, where one topic of discussion was huddles
Mariota making his case at combine - via App
Here's a look at the tale of the tape between Marcus Mariota & Jameis Winston. Who would you take?
Marcus Mariota to Bears not impossible - NFL Nation ...
Couple people I'm looking forward into the combine. Bryce Petty, Marcus Mariota, DeVante Parker, &
Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston will reportedly throw at the
If Marcus Mariota slips to 6, the Jets should consider themselves lucky
Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota measure in at the exact same height, but are 9 pounds apart
Marcus Mariota to Bears not impossible - NFC North ...
check this out Mariota out to show he can adapt to any NFL system: Oregon quarterback Marcus Mar...
Go ahead and doubt me: Marcus Mariota unfazed by critics. has the story:
Q: How do you feel about potentially reuniting with Coach Kelly?. Marcus Mariota: "
3 reasons why Jameis Winston over Marcus Mariota should be no brainie
Lovie Smith says Marcus Mariota translates to the NFL
Mehta: Geno, not Mariota, is Jets' best QB option: For all the criticism heaped ...
Marcus Mariota would love to play for Browns, hasn't yet talked to ...
Are either getting Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston because if Mariota impresses at Combine Bucs might change their mind
If given the chance, Nick Marshall will be a better QB than Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota.
Philip Rivers worked with Oregon QB Marcus Mariota twice a week over past month. Film room and on-field workouts.
Philip Rivers mentors Heisman QB Marcus Mariota, is "going to be an incredible coach one day":
Marcus Mariota says Philip has been helping him work out leading up to the Combine.
Peyton and Brady say they were born with it. Does Marcus Mariota have it?
Would you rather have Nick Foles and or Marcus Mariota and Melvin Gordon?
Jets cannot afford to pass on quarterback Marcus Mariota if he is a
“Mariota says Bucs should draft him No. 1 NO, please no.
Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota says he’d love to reunite with tutor Kevin O’Connell in Cleveland with the Browns
Good news for Bucs fans: Both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota reportedly will be throwing at combine Saturday.
Brett Hundley explains why he's a good fit for the Eagles
Marcus Mariota open to getting drafted by any NFL ...
Marcus Mariota going to the Bucccaneers is almost as bad as Zach LaVine going to the Timberwolves
what the Marcus Mariota are the thinking, stockpiling all these draft picks,
Marcus Mariota cops to one 'big' obstacle in NFL leap
Johnny Manziel / Johnny Manziel and Marcus Mariota both landing with Browns is a very 'real scenario' says
Oregon QB Marcus Mariota has informed teams he will throw Saturday at NFL combine. (via
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Marcus Mariota says his biggest adjustment will be huddling.
Why are people so surprised Marcus Mariota is killing his interviews? That dude is all class and great head on his shoulders.
At this time last year, Lovie Smith was saying he wanted Revis and would be playing a lot of man to man (no and no) http:/…
Marcus Mariota to Bears not impossible - Chicago ...
Marcus Mariota becomes feature attraction at NFL combine
Bell: Marcus Mariota is an X-factor for many NFL teams: Marcus Mariota is in play all over the N...
The now have enough picks to move up and select Marcus Mariota
Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota may be 'too close to call'
N.F.L. Teams With Eye to Future Train a Lens on Marcus Mariota by PATRICK MAKS
Whether Chip Kelly drafts Marcus Mariota will be the most important decision he will ever make.   10% Off
Marcus Mariota is doing well in combine interviews. In other news, the world is round and water is wet.
Marcus Mariota brings high risks as well as high rewards to NFL draft: At the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York…
Marcus Mariota has been learning from QB coach Kevin O'Connell, would love reunion in Cleveland, to play for
Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota excited about possibility of playing for Browns, reuniting with QB coach ...
MARIOTA NFL - 2014 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota says he's 'prepared' to be quarterback at the next level.
Long NFL Combine notebook with stuff on Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Marcus Mariota, Brett Hundley, and MUCH more
Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota weighed in today. Same height, just nine pounds the difference
Marcus Mariota reportedly will throw at Combine; Jameis Winston undecided. Since 2007, of 21 QBs taken in 1st rd, only 9…
"Wednesday Round-Up: Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston expected to throw at 2015 NFL Combine
Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston both plan to throw at the NFL combine - via
Report: Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota to throw at NFL Scouting Combine(Orlando news)
Repost. announce Kevin O'Connell as QB coach. Spent last month working with Marcus Mariota.
Marcus Mariota will throw at the combine. That should put a lot of pressure on Winston. Could be looking at record number o…
Mayock would stick Jay Cutler over Marcus Mariota for Bears
Sticking with Jay Cutler better option for Bears than Marcus Mariota
TV at airport bar is on mute. ESPN on, Ron Jaworski talking about Marcus Mariota. I'm sure he's the greatest QB of all time like Kaepernick.
Philadelphia Eagles: Is it worth trading up for Marcus Mariota?: FanSided Daily brings you the h...
NFLN's Mike Mayock explains why he wouldn't draft Marcus Mariota 7th to replace Jay Cutler: . http…
It's reported that Head Coach Lovie Smith would prefer Jameis Winston to Marcus Mariota.
Reigning Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota has a big supporter in former coach Jim Mora:
.says Chip Kelly must be right if he rolls the dice on Marcus Mariota |
Greg Cosell to "If Chip Kelly pull the trigger to move up & acquire Marcus Mariota, he better be right"
Greg Cosell to comparing Nick Foles to Marcus Mariota "They are totally different kinds of players"
Well...Unfortunately, Jimmy Haslem still likes Manziel😒So that rules out Marcus Mariota, so...TRADE UP FOR Amari Cooper!!
Marcus Mariota prepping for NFL draft with Johnny Manziel's '14 tutor Kevin O'Connell, Browns soon-to-be QB coach
So Cleveland now have interest in Marcus Mariota...Not good for Johnny Manziel...
Johnny Manziel out, Marcus Mariota in? Reports are starting to circulate that the Cleveland may draft Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota opts to head for 2015 NFL Draft after National Championship loss via
Report: plotting to move up to grab Marcus Mariota
What's next for Marcus Mariota after last night's loss? …
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please do not draft Marcus Mariota. He doesn't deserve it
The Browns’ uncertainty with Johnny Manziel has them considering a trade up for Marcus Mariota h…
I really hope Marcus Mariota isn't a bust.I want to see him be the next Russell Wilson. Chip Kelly should trade up somehow and take him.
Report: Tampa Bay Buccaneers have their ‘sights set’ on Marcus Mariota at No.1 pick
to congratulate Marcus Mariota on winning the 2014 Heisman Trophy!
Manti Te'o and Marcus Mariota at the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame ceremony earlier today. .
Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota was invited to the combine, but he's not sure he'll throw in it:
NFL draft news: Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota unsure if ...
Huge waves created dangerous conditions over the last few days. Also, welcome home, Marcus Mariota! He's back in Hawaii and will attend the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame ceremony. Steve Uyehara has your Hawaii News Now - Sunrise Shortcast. Watch LIVE on KGMB and KHNL: Watch on a computer: Watch on a mobile device:
Waialae Country Club in is honoring Marcus Mariota with a free two-year membership:
The board of Waialae Country Club in voted to offer Marcus Mariota a free two-year honorary membership:
Marcus Mariota was given a two-year honorary membership to the Waialae Country Club in Free of charge:
The Waialae Country Club in honored Marcus Mariota with a two-year honorary membership, free of charge.
You can, but "Does Chip want to?" is the question. If he could get his next Dennis Dixon, Marcus Mariota, the sky is the limit.
LeSean McCoy is a fan of Marcus Mariota, but says Eagles already have a good QB in Nick Foles
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Marcus Mariota given 2-year membership to ritzy Waialae Country Club in Hononlulu
Our sources tell us that the Eagles will try their hardest to get Marcus Mariota and no duuuh
Chip Kelly already plotting to move up for Marcus Mariota 😥 big news for the Mariotta side
What do you think about Gary Danielson's prediction that Marcus Mariota will fall to the second rd? Is it possible?
[Sport News] | Marcus Mariota: 'It would be fun to play for Chip Kelly' |Via Sports Mole
Marcus Mariota said a reunion with Chip Kelly would "be a lot of fun." has more:
Marcus Mariota on how 'it hurts' to lose in the College Football Playoff National ... -
Marcus Mariota: At least I still have the Heisman. Shawn Oakman: Give it to Ezekiel Elliott. Marcus Mariota: Yes sir ht…
Marcus Mariota reminds me of a young Geno Smith
if you would draft Marcus Mariota before Cardale Jones. FAV for Cardale before Mariota.
Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston went head to head in the Rose Bowl. Who won? Who displayed better quarterback skills? Oh, okay.
reportedly want Jameis Winston over Marcus Mariota via
According to Charlie Campbell of Walter Football, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently prefer Jameis Winston to Marcus Mariota. Sources say it is early in the process, and things could change in the months to come. Coaches getting involved in draft evaluations can make a big difference in a team's thinking. However, our sources don't view that as likely. They say that as long as Winston interviews well and doesn't get into trouble in the months leading up to the draft, they feel that he will be the top pick in the draft. Campbell used to work for Pewter Report and certainly has some league contacts and probably some Bucs contacts, still, so this is not someone without any credibility. It also fits what Gil Arcia of The Bay Cave has been saying over the past few months. But this highlights another problem: it's far too early in the process to make any definite statements. What's ...
Heisman Trophy winning QBs Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston have already declared for the NFL Draft, meanwhile Ohio State Champion Cardale Jones is making a draft announcement later today. Regardless, everyone knows too well that successful college players don't always have fantastic pro careers. Check out some of the best phenoms turned busts with the 10 Best College Football Players Who Made Terrible Pros:
A week after Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston announced his decision to forgo his remaining eligibility and opt for the draft, Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota decided to do the same on Wednesday.
Oregon QB Marcus Mariota and Florida State QB Jameis Winston have both declared for the 2015 NFL Draft. Who do NFL scouts like more? Is there a reason to be concerned about Winston's ...
From what we're hearing, the Tampa Bay Bucs prefer Jameis Winston over Marcus Mariota right now. A lot can change over the next few months, however.
Mel Kiper Jr. has put Jameis Winston over Marcus Mariota as the No. 1 overall pick in his mock draft.
Mel Kiper Jr. mock draft has Marcus Mariota going No. 2 and Arik Armstead at No. 17: Oregon rundown
New blog post up, everybody! Goes over Marcus Mariota, Cardale Jones and Braxton Miller. Be sure to check it out
Its pretty cool to hear Jim Fox and Bob Miller talk about UO and Marcus Mariota.
Marcus Mariota winning the Heisman gives hope that he is remembered as much as the player |
Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota will announce today that he is indeed turning pro, eligible for 2015 NFL draft, per so…
QB and Heisman winner Marcus Mariota declares for /
6 times Marcus Mariota proved that he's one of a kind.
Manti Teo on Marcus Mariota: "He’s going to have a lot of success in the NFL.”
Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota leaving Oregon to enter NFL draft: "I will miss being with my t...
Marcus Mariota is going pro. There's only been 5 Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks selected 1st overall since 1967.
I see Marcus Mariota's career taking a Colin Kaepernick-like path... And that's both good and bad, depending on what you put around him
Marcus Mariota threw a TD pass in all 41 starts of his Oregon career, the second-longest streak in FBS history.
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The way I see it... Braxton Miller gone either transfer to LSU and take them over the hump, or go to Oregon and replace Marcus Mariota.
Marcus Mariota releases a statement about his decision to turn pro.
Marcus Mariota joins growing list of underclassmen declaring for NFL Draft(Orlando news)
Marcus Mariota is 13th QB in last 14 years to win Heisman. The 5 currently in NFL all have losing records.
“Mel Kiper talked about Marcus Mariota on ESPN today and how Jameis Winston is more 'NFL-Ready'
Marcus Mariota declares for the NFL Draft; is it Jared Goff's time to be best Pac-12 QB?
Marcus Mariota just made a big announcement about his future with Oregon:
Marcus Mariota will declare for the NFL Draft. Could Braxton Miller transfer and be the Ducks new QB next season?
Mel Kiper Jr. expects Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota to be a top-10 pick in the via
“Duck Fans, a fantastic farewell to QB Marcus Mariota courtesy of
Marcus Mariota projects as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, according to Todd McShay.
BREAKING: Marcus Mariota to announce later today that he will enter the 2015 NFL Draft
2014 Heisman Winner, QB Marcus Mariota will forgo his Senior season and enter 2015 NFL Draft
BREAKING: Oregon QB Marcus Mariota will announce that he'll forgo senior season & enter NFL draft. (via http…
Oregon Video: Mel Kiper thinks Marcus Mariota would be a top 10 pick, but "Winston has the edge on being NFL-rea...
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Ohio State’s Joey Bosa took to Instagram to troll Marcus Mariota and the Ducks after the National Championship
Ohio State beat all three Heisman finalists (Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon, Alabama’s Amari Cooper and Oregon’s Marcus Mariota) in succession.
“I believe Ohio State is the better team, but Marcus Mariota is the best player on the field.” – Tim Tebow
If the next person tries to compare Marcus Mariota to Tim Tebow, I freaking swear LoL.
Lol in his 1st 3 starts took out ALL 3 Heisman Trophy candidates. Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper, and Marcus Mariota..
Heckuva 3-game run by Ohio State defense. Beat all three Heisman finalists - Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper and Marcus Mariota.
Trent Dilfer on Marcus Mariota "I wouldn't take him before the 15th pick." QUE?
.Heisman winner Marcus Mariota not good enough in loss to Ohio State
Marcus Mariota could drop in the 2015 NFL Draft, says ESPN analyst
Trent Dilfer on Marcus Mariota: "I would not take him before 15th (overall pick)" Bet Bucs are wishing they would have passed on him.
Marcus Mariota: would you consider him a "great" college quarterback?
W/ Marcus Mariota's mentors and friends from St. Louis high school pre game @ the Natty.
The Buckeyes' third-stringer matched Oregon's Heisman winner as Cardale Jones led Ohio State past Marcus Mariota and the Ducks 42-20 in the first College Football Playoff National Championship game.
Marcus Mariota should go by Cardale Jones house and drop his Heisman off..
In 9 short hours will argue that Marcus Mariota is an average college QB and I will disagree until blue in the face.
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Would of liked to see Marcus Mariota get a trophy but Urban Meyer is a great coach and is building a power house slowly.
Didn't really care who won or lost but Marcus Mariota crying made my night
With the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneer select... Marcus Mariota, quarterback from the University of Oregon.
Marcus Mariota is going to be a great Tampa Bay Buccaneer.
I'm still disappointed that Marcus Mariota will be at Walter Camp weekend and I won't be.
Marcus Mariota is already playing like a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.
Marcus Mariota, the guy who's had one of the greatest single season performances ever
Welcome to Marcus Mariota's life as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer
Marcus Mariota getting a great preview of life as a Tampa Bay Buc
Marcus Mariota is going to get hurt 😂😂😂
I can't tell who's playing Marcus Mariota or casey Graham
With a TD pass on the opening drive, Marcus Mariota has now thrown a TD in EVERY game of his Oregon career (41).
You have to beat Marcus Mariota. He won't beat himself like Alabama did.
Feel bad for Marcus Mariota cause he gonna be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer 😪
gotta go with Oregon to win this college football National Championship because Marcus Mariota will be a Tampa Bay Buccaneer very soon
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Well. Lee Corso picked the Buckeyes so I don't feel bad for going for Ohio. Marcus Mariota is still a bad boy though.
Throwing for 4,000+ yards and rushing for another 700+ yards this season, Marcus Mariota is truly a dual threat QB. » htt…
Oregon and QB Marcus Mariota are on the field for warm-ups. Mariota is 3-0 in bowl games as the Ducks starter.
Oregon QB Marcus Mariota seeks to become 9th QB to win Heisman and National Championship in the same season.
With tonight being the first National Championship game with two non-SEC teams since 2005, I started thinking about that epic USC-Texas game ten years ago. Obviously I'm disappointed Alabama won't be playing tonight, but their wins over Notre Dame LSU weren't the most entertaining games. If OSU and Oregon play half the game USC and Texas did, we'll all be very fortunate. Also that was Vince Young's last college game, and I can't help but think what if I'm watching the Titans next quarterback again in Marcus Mariota? It probably won't happen, but you never know. Anyway go ducks! (I guess) and I hope everyone has fun tonight!
Marcus Mariota's favorite shoes he got from Oregon. Special edition Jordan 3's that resell for $6,500
the only balls Urban Meyer is going to be holding are Marcus Mariota's
The Associated Press announced its All-Bowl Team on Wednesday afternoon, headlined by Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota and Ohio State...
Marcus Mariota can make a case for the greatest QB of all time.
Just when you think you've seen it all at Reality Kitchen, today we had a special visit from a very special friend, Marcus Mariota, University of Oregon Ducks quarterback ! He heard about the program we have and was kind enough to stop by before leaving town for the National Championship game. Marcus also signed a football after touring our bakery and visiting with program participants. Running a community inclusion program means many things and when one of the community's favorite sons comes to visit we make sure he leaves with some pretzels and our best wishes for his success in his future and a big win for the Oregon Ducks ! Thanks, so much, Marcus ! Come on back any time.
if Marcus Mariota will be an NFL great. FAV if he will be a bust.
Teammates lighten the mood for Marcus Mariota at Media Day leading to the in Dallas, TX. http…
With the anticipation of Oregon's Marcus Mariota declaring for the 2015 NFL Draft after Monday's National Championship Game, the debate for whom the Bucs will select with the 1st overall pick should explode. For one analyst, Mariota shouldn't be in the conversation.
Marcus Mariota being comforted by teammates after realizing he is going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Marcus Mariota is one of those players that you just can't help but like.
Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota fielded dozens upon dozens of questions on media day, but one young reporter in particular enjoyed unfiltered access Saturday morning.
Marcus Mariota's jersey has arrived in the Oregon locker room at AT&T Stadium
Why does Marcus Mariota tap his heart after scoring touchdowns?
Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota said he will wait until after Monday's college football championship game before deciding whether to apply for the National Football League draft.
Eagles will be in attendance to scout Marcus Mariota
Oregon's Marcus Mariota said Saturday during media day for the National Championship game that he has not yet made a decision about whether to apply for early entry into the 2015 NFL Draft.
Two analysts this week alone have questioned how pro ready Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is ahead of this spring's NFL Draft.
The New Parkway is proud to present the first-ever College Football National Championship game between Ohio State and Oregon live and large on the silver screen. My, what a big Marcus Mariota you have. Don't miss any of the action starting at 5:30pm.
Kalihi native and Arizona Wildcats quarterback Anu Solomon talks about Heisman winner Marcus Mariota and the Ducks' chances in Monday's Coll…
Bill Snyder on advice to Urban Meyer in facing QB Marcus Mariota: "Get 14 guys on the field."
KState coach Bill Snyder advice for Urban Meyer to stop Marcus Mariota: "Get 14 guys on the field. They play so very fa…
Could you imagine Kurt Warner mentoring Marcus Mariota with an OL including Thomas, Bitonio, and Mack?
Wire: Marcus Mariota backed up who at quarterback in high school in Hawaii?
If you were running the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would you take Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota with the No. 1 pick? The FOX Sports Live panel debates.
With the 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will select Marcus Mariota, Quarterback, Oregon.
Marcus Mariota and Mike Evans are going to be lethal young duo next year more than likely but it's still going to be the same ole Buccaneers
1) TB - Marcus Mariota, QB/Oregon. Fills a huge need for Tampa. Mariota to Evans? Oh my goodness
Marcus Mariota has been responsible for 56 TDs and 6 turnovers this season; would be 1st player in CFB history with diff…
I'm a Gator fan, but I respect the streak Jimbo Fisher put together; and FSU deserved a better ranking than they got at the end of the season. As a Bucs fan, I hope they would take Marcus Mariota over Winston. We have not had a franchise quarterback since Doug Williams. Although I will give Seminole Brad Johnson a salute. He could manage the clock and protect the ball as good as anybody.
Marcus Mariota and Mike Evans is gonna be a dangerous combo next year
If Oregon beats Ohio State for national title, Marcus Mariota will enter “Best Ever” conversation near (at?) top.
& if they do, the bucs will be tough next year. Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, & Marcus Mariota.
Marc Trestman, Marcus Mariota, Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson could be pretty fun.
Get the book that captures the Oregon Ducks' historic football season from the early win over Michigan State to domination in the Rose Bowl, plus complete coverage of Marcus Mariota's remarkable college career culminating in the Heisman Trophy and an appearance in the first College Football Playoff
Coach.please call your friend Lovie Smith and convince him to take Marcus Mariota. This article:
Chip Kelly has absolute power. Nothing can stop him from packaging LeSean McCoy & draft picks to move up for Marcus Mariota.
Marcus Mariota trying to join 4 other players since 2004 to win Heisman and national title in same season: Leinart, Ingr…
Charles Davis tells he has a man crush on Marcus Mariota, but that Jameis Winson is more NFL ready right now.
Marcus Mariota a winner on and off the field. Heisman Trophy winner leads Oregon to Championship game.
Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes defeated Alabama, 42-35 in the 2015 Sugar Bowl but thanks to Oregon’s blowout win over defending National Champions Florida State, the celebration might be cut short for Meyer and his team. During his post game presser, Meyer was told that Oregon defeated Florida State by 40 and his response was historically, “Oregon won by 40? I gotta go, we gotta go get ready for that one.” Ohio State will have eight days to prepare to try to slow down the high power Oregon Ducks offense led by Heisman Trophy winner, Marcus Mariota.
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Can't win them all. Getting to this point is not easy and I think this team overachieved to do it. Great year by Blake Sims and company. Good luck to the Buckeyes but I've seen and heard a class act like Marcus Mariota enough to know who I'll be rooting for in a little over a week. ROLL TIDE!!!
A Big Day For The Big Ten. Michigan State wins today, Wisconsin wins today and tonight Ohio State advances to The National Championship vs Oregon. Penn State and Rutgers also win their bowl games. That being said... Ohio State WILL NOT beat Oregon... Marcus Mariota is NOT Blake Sims... He is a different animal and so is Oregon... Oregon showed that today by destroying Florida State today. The National Championship Game could be just as ugly as the Rose Bowl was. Oregon's offense is excellent and their defense is much better than Alabama's.
shows it's a lot more than just Marcus Mariota by crushing COLUMN:
Oregon Ducks’ quarterback Marcus Mariota won the coveted 2014 Heisman Trophy as the outstanding player of the year.But given the controversy sometimes associated with the sport, it’s refreshing to kno
Everyone knew about Marcus Mariota, the Heisman Trophy winner.
Marcus Mariota and Oregon turned an avalanche of Florida State mistakes into a mountain of points and the Ducks rolled past the defending national champions 59-20 Thursday to turn the first College Football Playoff semifinal into a Rose Bowl rout.
Oregon slams Florida State to cruise into NCAA football championship: Led by Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota,…
Marcus Mariota won the Heisman Trophy for a reason.
Nobody is gonna be able to beat the Oregon Ducks. Don't matter who wins they'll kick Ohio State or Bamas *** Marcus Mariota and the ducks will open a kick of whip *** on them both of em.
Proud Tongan Hamani Stevens & Samoan Marcus Mariota celebrate after blowing out FSU in 59-20 Congrats! http…
To the HS players frustrated with their playing time, Marcus Mariota didn't start a game until his Sr year. Let that sink in.…
Jameis Winston has 18 interceptions this season. In three years as a starter, Marcus Mariota has 13 interceptions. http:…
Much respect to Marcus Mariota that kid can flat out ball
Would you rather mold an NFL offense around Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota?
(LA Times) Unheralded receivers Carrington, Baylis step up in Ducks' win: Everyone knew about Marcus Mariota, ...
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I have been going to Duck games since the 70's. Back when you didn't schedule s home game during hunting season because of attendance concerns. When you literally could park next to the stadium. I mean next to the entrance. And after watching the Ducks against FSU, what am I most proud of, I went to the same school that Marcus Mariota went to. No comparison to the last three guys. Go Ducks.
Marcus Mariota is trying to avoid getting drafted by the Buccaneers. .
Marcus Mariota's first college game, as a redshirting freshman, was in Dallas to open the 2011 season. He'll close the 20…
Marcus Mariota aka killed our 29 game undefeated streak , I haven't felt like this about a football game in years .
ESPN: and your Heisman winner is Marcus Mariota. Shawn Oakman: it's me. ESPN: and your Heisman winner is Shawn Oakman h…
Marcus Mariota (off) & Tony Washington (def) named MVPs of the first game in history
Marcus Mariota has been the MVP in all 4 postseason games of his career
Marcus Mariota and are about to go live on ESPN.
Oregon has scored 3 TDs on its last 8 plays, the latest coming on a 30-yard pass from Marcus Mariota:
"My Heisman is bigger than your Heisman." - Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota just started watching Buckeye tape.
On this 23-yard Marcus Mariota TD run, Oregon becomes the first team ever to score 50 points in the
POTUS knows more about Orgeon QB than about ISIS, Fast&Furious, Lois Lerner, Putin invading Ukrai…
Who should the Bucs take with the Pick? . Rt- Marcus Mariota . Fav- Jameis Winston
Marcus Mariota took a class in golf this past semester. He obviously learned that 59 is a nice number.
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Oregon takes FSU to the woodshed, advances to first-ever championship game.
Marcus Mariota earned himself a rose with that MVP performance in the His third career bowl game MVP.
Secret to Marcus Mariota reflected in his Hawaii roots
ICYMI: "We want to show the world that Christ lives.”- Marcus Mariota in
I think Jamis Winston will be a better NFL player than Marcus Mariota. Jamis was ready last year for the NFL. And if he would of entered last years draft he would of went number 1.
Congratulations Oregon! Great game. Proud of Hawaii's own Marcus Mariota. Can't wait for the National Championship.
Wow!!! Oregon's Marcus Mariota is just such a great kid!!! I am so happy to see Oregon advancing to the championship game. I predicted a couple of weeks ago Oregon would win the National Championship given the four teams in the finals.
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