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Marcus Mariota

Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota (born October 30, 1993) is an American Football quarterback for the Oregon Ducks football team.

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Will B hits like Olivier Vernon's low late hit 2 Marcus Mariota cuz of what Dan Campbell sez
Here's the injury update on Marcus Mariota. Story via .
"I know it's BR, but "Titans QB Marcus Mariota could miss several weeks with MCL injury""
I have Russel Wilson, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers and Marcus Mariota in fantasy smh
Titans | Marcus Mariota probably out: Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota (knee) is expected to miss Week 7 as ...
"Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel are both better than Marcus Mariota and John Elway is better than Peyton Manning" -Dom Crea
I hope the NFL takes up the issue of Dan Campbell encouraging Dolphin players like Olivier Vernon to injure opponents & QBs (Marcus Mariota)
NFL -It is serious stuff when a new head coach-Dan Campbell-tells players between the lines 2 injure opposing team, injure QB Marcus Mariota
Report: Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota could miss 3-4 weeks with an MCL..
Dolphins accused of dirty hit on Marcus Mariota after their new coach vowed they would 'walk that line' of dirty p…
Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota is expected to miss some time after a MCL sprain to his knee. Falcons play the Titans this Sunday.
Marcus Mariota's status uncertain for Sunday after low hit injures knee
Titans riled up over low hit on Marcus Mariota, rip Dolphins DE Olivier Vernon  -via ESPN
Watch Reshad Jones pick off Marcus Mariota. Then watch him corkscrew jump into the end zone. PICK 6!
Tennessee Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt was not happy about the Dolphins low hit on Marcus Mariota.
Dolphins rout Titans in Campbell's coaching debut: The Dolphins sacked Marcus Mariota six times in ...
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after today's win Dan Campbell is going to eat a live dolphin heart while staring at a pic of Marcus Mariota
Ken Whisenhunt: Will learn more about QB Marcus Mariota's knee as we go.
Marcus Mariota feels like he's in the middle of new Dolphins coach Dan Campbell's Oklahoma drill -- pick 6, five sacks punching bag
literally Dan Campbell's first comments as Dolphins interim head coach. now, low hits on Marcus Mariota. so...
so, how long before the NFL launches an investigation into Dan Campbell, after his comments this week and the low hits on Marcus Mariota?
If the Man Campbell era is gonna be famous for one thing, it's gonna be felling Marcus Mariota
Three QBs led their team in rushing in Week 5: . Tyrod Taylor. Aaron Rodgers. Marcus Mariota
Kurt Warner says Marcus Mariota is going to have 4 TD passes today against the Bills. Um, please be wrong?
Oregon doesn't even get top tier talent. Last good recruiting class was 2011. Colt Lyerla, Marcus Mariota, DeAnthony Thomas and. Ekpre Olomu
yes! And we have 2 of the hottest young guys in sports Filip Forsberg & Marcus Mariota
We'll make rookie QB Marcus Mariota look like a Hall of Famer in our next game.
Yo could u hook me up with Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota threw for 42 TD's and 4 INT's last year at Oregon. He's on pace to throw for 42 TD's & 10 INT's this season for Titans.
Oregon struck gold with Marcus Mariota, but has whiffed on QBs since
I'm just telling y'all in advance, Jared Goff is about to get that Teddy Bridgewater/Marcus Mariota treatment.
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How Oregon's Heisman winner and Titan's QB, Marcus Mariota, looks by the numbers. Hall of Fame bound?
Marcus Mariota named September's top offensive rookie
Marcus Mariota named NFL rookie of the month
NFL Sr Producer preparing for &talks on the early success of QB Marcus Mariota!
Mariota is the 4th Titan/Oiler to win NFL Rookie of the Month honors, joining George, Kearse (3 times) & C. Johnson.
Marcus Mariota moves to middle of pack in latest QB Index.
Marcus MariGOATa. Thats actually kind of cool.
Oh look, I won NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month for September. Anyone surprised?
Marcus Mariota, named rookies of month
Marcus Mariota is the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month (FREE)
John Elway, Marcus Mariota, Derek Jeter, Dwayne Wade with the honorable mention John Lynch
Titans' QB Marcus Mariota has been named offensive rookie of the month (Passing: 61-97 for 883 yards, 8 TDs)
Tom Brady named AFC Offensive Player of the Month, Marcus Mariota is NFL Rookie of the Month
Paul, I watched every snap Marcus Mariota took in college. He has good straight-line speed, but he isn't Russell Wilson.
Mark is an okay guy. One of few 'experts' who agreed with me on Marcus Mariota being a future hall of famer.
Former now Dwight Lowery had 69-yard INT return TD of Marcus Mariota in 35-33 W over
Tony Dungy says Andrew Luck single-handedly saved the Colts season today. Because he intercepted Marcus Mariota twice, righ…
Pick-6! Marcus Mariota's 1st career interception is run back off deflection by Dwight Lowery 69 yards for a TD. Colts are…
Marcus Mariota has 8 Pass TD through his first 3 NFL games, tying Mark Rypien's NFL record for most all-time.
VIDEO: Marcus Mariota's first NFL interception goes 69 yards for a TD -
TOUCHDOWN COLTS. Marcus Mariota's pass is deflected and picked off by Dwight Lowery who takes it 65 yards for the TD. IND 14…
Marcus Mariota's first INT was an eventful one, at least: .
I said this last night and I'll say it again: I think Marcus Mariota is a future Hall of Fame QB. I'm glad the Colts got this win
Anyone else think Jake Locker just left Marcus Mariota a vmail saying "I've got a great shrink you can talk to".
A statistical analysis of Marcus Mariota's NFL debut. How does he compare to hall of fame quarterbacks?
Through two weeks, Andrew Luck’s PFF quarterback rating is 60.95, last in the NFL. Titans QB Marcus Mariota is sixth with…
WR Dorial Green-Beckham, on Marcus Mariota being 1st player in NFL history to throw 6 TDs over 1st 2 career games: "That's crazy."
For all the Marcus Mariota haters out there today..He still has 6 TD's in his first 2 games tying Dan Marino
Marcus Mariota throws another touchdown, this time it's Green-Becham.
BROWNS 21-14 TITANS. TOUCHDOWN BECKHAM! Marcus Mariota with a TD pass, 13 yards to Dorial Green Beckham with a nice catch over the...
Here comes Marcus Mariota. He finds Dorial Green-Beckham for TD and Titans have scored 14 unanswered to pull within 7 poi…
Marcus Mariota has tied Dan Marino for the most TDs in NFL history in his first two starts with 6. (Since 1950)
Marcus Mariota is trying to pass Dan Marino for most TD by a Rookie in the 1st two games with a game tying TD
Marcus Mariota has just tied Dan Marino's NFL record of six TD passes in his first two career starts.
Marcus Mariota ought to lesrn about running from the QB position in the NFL from another Marc who ruined his career
Marcus Mariota is the first QB since Jerry Reed to do something..
Fantasy help! Tom Brady or Marcus Mariota this week?
Marcus Mariota named 'AFC Offensive Player of the Week,’ 1st Titans offensive rookie to do so since Vince Young in 06
Marcus Mariota is AFC Offensive Player of Week. Mariota is Titans 1st rookie to win award since Vince Young (2006). http:…
Ken Whisenhunt said he hasn't talked to Marcus Mariota about expectations now after outstanding debut.
"Marcus Mariota is as smart a football player as I’ve been around." - Coach Ken Whisenhunt
Today's Full Podcast, a memorable one from Marcus Mariota, Gary Andersen. Check it out.
Titans Video: Ken Whisenhunt joins \"NFL Insiders\" and expresses his 'excitement' over QB Marcus Mariota (ESPN)
Make that SIX total covers for Marcus Mariota!. This regional Sports Illustrated cover is on newsstands now.
Marcus Mariota will be Marc Sanchez. And Jameis Winston will be Byron Leftwich
has agreed to trade RB Chris Ivory and QB Marcus Mariota to for RB DeMarco Murray.
Marcus Mariota is the best thing to come out of Hawaii since their pineapple/ham style pizza.
.says he would rather depend on Marcus Mariota than Jameis Winston b/c of Mariota's "calm, cool demeanor."
Marcus Mariota outclassed Jamis Winston. Winston did a nice impression of every terrible QB that ever played the league.
"How 'you like me now?!" From 5/7/15: Titans' Kendall Wright: Nothing against Marcus Mariota via
Marcus Mariota becomes only the 2nd player to throw 4 TD's in his opening game
Tennessee Titans’ Marcus Mariota throws for four TDs in NFL debut
Three fun facts: Marcus Mariota threw four touchdowns. Tennessee Titans are 1-0. Kentucky Football is undefeated in the SEC.
Kendall Wright clicks with Marcus Mariota as Titans win
Rookie? Don't tell Marcus Mariota he's some rookie. He's too busy throwing touchdowns.
Based on the play of Nick Foles & Marcus Mariota today, Chip Kelly better hope Sam Bradford is his guy.
Marcus Mariota lit up the scoreboard in his first start. That was welcome news to any
Jameis Winston is 26-2 in his last 28 starts (including NFL/College). . BOTH losses have come to Marcus Mariota.
Did anyone in the country play Marcus Mariota over Peyton Manning?
Jameis Winston as starting QB the past 3 seasons, with FSU and Buccaneers:. 0-2 vs Marcus Mariota. 26-0 vs every other QB
Marcus Mariota today:. 4 touchdowns. 3 incompletions . ... That's pretty good. (via
Wonder if Marcus Mariota is gonna be the Vince Young to Jameis Winston's Matt Leinart.
Jamis Winston and Marcus Mariota both throw a TD pass in their first possession as pros.
Marcus Mariota is done for the day. Stats: 13-16, 209 yds, 4 TDs, 158.3 QB rating. That's a perfect QB rating.
Everybody was screaming Jamis Winston was going with but whole T I knew Marcus Mariota was going to
Jamis Winston reliving that college football playoff loss to Marcus Mariota all over again. 😂
The Bucs having second thoughts about not picking up Marcus Mariota. 😂😂😂
Marcus Mariota led the Titans to score more points in the first half (35) than they did in any game last season.
Good job Marcus Mariota but Jamis Winston and the bucs are killing me. Need the Titans to lose
So this Marcus Mariota kid is pretty good .
Marcus Mariota's got this NFL thing DOWN. 52-yard TD to Kendall Wright? Yes, please.
Marcus Mariota joins Fran Tarkenton (4) and Jim Kelly (3) as the only Rookie quarterbacks since 1960 to throw 3 touchdown in Week 1.
Marcus Mariota joins Jim Kelly (1986, 3 TDs) and Fran Tarkenton (1961, 4 TDs) as only rookie QBs with 3 or more TD passes in Week 1.
In July Mark Helfrich told me an NFL head coach & GM said before draft that "Marcus Mariota not having any red flags was a red flag”
Marcus Mariota's first drive = Pass TD. Jameis Winston's first drive = Pick 6.
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Marcus Mariota's first NFL touchdown goes 52 yards to Kendall Wright for the score. . TEN leads TB 7-0.
I cannot WAIT to see Marcus Mariota actually go all out today for the Titans it's been a long wait!!
still confused on why everyones comparing Vernon Adams against Marcus Mariota???
Jameis Winston & Marcus Mariota will face off Sunday with a combined age younger than these former NFL starting QBs.
ProFootballTalk: Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston set for Week 1 duel: Rodney Harrison and Mike Florio t...
"We're going to throw everything at Marcus Mariota" - Lovie Smith. "We're going to throw crab legs at Jameis Winston" - Ken Whisenhunt
Must watch/follow the rookie debut and direct meeting between Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston. Hope Mike Evans can play.
what's your thoughts on Trent Dilfer comparing Marcus Mariota to Blaine Gabbert/Jake Locker and should sit a year or two?
Trent Dilfer: I think Marcus Mariota is a phenomenal kid and I would've picked him early too but I dont think he's ready to play right now.
5 years ago I told you about 3 star recruit Marcus Mariota. Now I'm going to tell you about Lamar Jackson. I know you kids dont know talent.
Marcus Mariota is ready for the new season. Are you? is back!
Marcus Mariota has moved into the Heisman House
First roster move of the season less than 2 hours after the draft. Burdettinators releases Marcus Mariota and adds Matt Bryant
In honor of the Ducks opening day today here is a video of Marcus Mariota's first pass EVER in the…
Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston clash tomorrow! 💪 who's got the juice?
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Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota: Who is poised to prevail in Week 1?
Spent 162$ just to see Marcus Mariota next Sunday 😂
QB Brett Hundley has thrown 7 TDs and 1 INT this preseason. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota have COMBINED for 1 …
I know Chip Kelly wish he had Marcus Mariota so bad but…
From Nov 1 to the end of 2014 season, Luke Falk tied Marcus Mariota for 2d in FBS in completions. Washington St on . 11 am PT
If your name isnt marcus mariota, Chip Kelly doesnt like you
Oregon is planning a sports science center to be named after Marcus Mariota
Who are we gonna make fun of this week on Yik Yak now that Marcus Mariota is in the NFL? 😥
Marcus Mariota's 1st TD of the preseason goes to Harry Douglas for 59 yards. Titans lead Vikings, 7-0.
So satisfying. Chip making all these QB moves involving QBs not named Marcus Mariota.
I think there might be a Mariota trade brewing. Cutting Tebow opens a spot for Marcus
x2! . Marcus Mariota shows his winning ways at the ping-pong table.
ICYMI: Jon Gruden has high hopes for Marcus Mariota in 2015. READ:
Marcus Mariota is such a good actor in those Nissan Heisman House commercials...
Calling it Marcus Mariota & Dexter Mccluster are leading the Titans to a Super Bowl dub
Kendall Wright solid in Week 1 tune-up. He's locked in as Marcus Mariota's top target
Ken Whisenhunt told me Marcus Mariota doesn't have favorite receiver. In first half, 4 to Hakeem Nicks, 3 to Kendall Wright, 2 to McCluster
"the winner of the 2014 Heisman Memorial Trophy is Marcus Mariota, of the University of Oregon"
How long would you play Marcus Mariota vs Gregg Williams
Shane Victorino is the Flyin' Hawaiian you garbage hacks. Marcus Mariota is a rookie with 2 preseason games to his name.
I know it’s early, but I already feel 1 billion % better about Marcus Mariota than I ever did about Jake Locker.
Marcus Mariota making first start as quarterback at Nissan Stadium. Completes 16-yard pass on first down to Kendall Wright.
Marcus Mariota's hair is peak '80s Ralph Macchio.
when Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston made their NFL debuts. All eyes were on them.
"One play told us a lot about Marcus Mariota, columnist says"
Jamis will be just another Jamarcus Russel, The real Deal 1st Rounder is Marcus Mariota .
Morning crowd: My column on Marcus Mariota's first game. He did some really good things.
Don't be fooled: A lot of good came from Marcus Mariota's early miscues
When people say Marcus Mariota is better than Jameis Winston
I expect Harry Douglas to be a big target for Marcus Mariota, he has the talent and the skill to be an excellent WR.
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Not a great start for Marcus Mariota. He's picked off in his first drive and Falcons lead Titans, 10-0.
Marcus Mariota with the Gordie Howe hat trick on 1st series..gets 1st completion, sacked, and throws INT
Marcus Mariota playing his first NFL game today.well that's something to look forward to
The 2015 Oregon Ducks begin writing a new chapter without Marcus Mariota, Thomas Tyner and Vernon Adams (for now).
Rob Jaworski: Chip Kelly is saying 'Marcus Mariota will win multiple ...
Kendall Wright has shown strong chemistry with Marcus Mariota during the first week of training camp.
Young Oregon Ducks fan cries over Marcus Mariota now being in the NFL.. Related Articles:
Bishop Sankey looks like a healthy David Wilson and that is not a bad thing w/ Marcus Mariota in town.
UO's copy of Marcus Mariota's Heisman Trophy has permanent Hatfield-Dowlin home.
Not everybody is excited about Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota joining the Titans this year.
Marcus Mariota's new Heisman display looks awesome.
Oregon's Heisman display is an amazing homage to Titans QB Marcus Mariota
New Heisman House commercial coming with two in it. and Marcus Mariota.
Titans' rookie QB Marcus Mariota now has gone through five practices and, at this point, has yet to throw an interception.
We hope QB Marcus Mariota enjoys his new 2015 Nissan Armada!
Marcus Mariota is Name the Tennessee Titans Starting QB.. . Without a QB battle in the PreSeason,?...
No QB battle in Tennessee: Marcus Mariota named Titans' starter over Zach Mettenberger
Marcus Mariota with some nice throws early in practice. Just completed deep ball to Green-Beckham
...Richard Sherman, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, Darrelle Revis and Chris Harris. Oh, Marcus Mariota can also run with them.
Marcus Mariota seems like he lives a great life already, but his new Armada is sure to make it even better!
Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota is a new member of "Heisman House" campaign!
Marcus Mariota is just Akili Smith mixed with Joey Harrington 😂
Nissan welcomes Tenn. Titans QB Marcus Mariota to its “Heisman House” and presents new Armada...
ICYMI: Great insight on Tom Brady, Marcus Mariota, & more from former sports agent . Listen:
Could the biggest help to new QB Marcus Mariota be a more effective Bishop Sankey?
Marcus Mariota signed with - 4 years $24.2M all guaranteed. Included in that is a $15.9M signing bonus. No state …
Marcus Mariota got his deal with the check out this article on how he might have eradicated Johnny Football. http:…
Report: Marcus Mariota and the Titans agree on 4-year, $24.2M deal with $15.9M signing bonus
THIS JUST IN: Marcus Mariota officially signs with Titans. He is last 1st-round pick of 2015 draft to sign.
Marcus Mariota's deal with the only contains partial offset language, per source. Good compromise between Mariota'…
Per source, the Titans and Marcus Mariota were able to reach a compromise with partial offsets as part of his deal.
The award for Best Male College Athlete goes to Heisman Trophy winner and new QB, Marcus Mariota!
Marcus Mariota's junior season was so good he's still winning awards for it six months after it ended
Tennessee Titans determined to have offset language in quarterback Marcus Mariota's contract - Titans gone Titan SMDH
ESPYS nominee Marcus Mariota piled up big plays during his Heisman season. . A flashback to the best ones:
Upper Marlboro is the seat of Prince George's County, Maryland. GNIS ID: 0598208 -- Sndclipped: Marcus Mariota.
On 6/22, all but three draft picks have signed: Marcus Mariota (1, 2), and CB D’Joun Smith (3, 1) & DE Henry A…
Marcus Mariota is the only unsigned first-round pick. Wants to be with Chip in Philly and I don't blame him.
Marcus Mariota and Tennessee Titans ranked last in Peter King's NFL preseason power rankings
ICYMI: plan plenty of shotgun for Marcus Mariota. (64.9% of plays in shotgun in 2014). htt…
Want to see Marcus Mariota's Heisman Trophy? It's coming to Portland
Who was the better college QB . Vince Young or Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota, your 2014 Heisman Trophy winner|Like if you love football|Comment you... (Vine by Sports Zone)
Marcus Mariota's Heisman Trophy to be on display in Portland at Historical Society
Marcus Mariota is cool but I miss the Vince Young, good Lendale White days
Bold predictions on Johnny Manziel, Marcus Mariota and more
Titans WR's Kendall Wright & Justin Hunter didn't look too happy about Marcus Mariota coming to the team
LOL - WATCH: Titans WRs Wright, Hunter don't love Marcus Mariota pick (via
"The winner of the 2015 Heisman memorial trophy is, Marcus Mariota of thee University of Oregon"
GM Jason Licht says Marcus Mariota left a great impression on them. “Good year to have No. 1 pick.” Tune in:.
Now fans, if we had a franchise QB like Andrew Luck or even Marcus Mariota, and he got suspended like brady. Would you protest? nope
I predict Amari Cooper or Marcus Mariota will win offensive ROY for this coming season.
Marcus Mariota & Hroniss Grasu react to loss of Darren Carrington for vs
.Ed Reed says Phillip Rivers is one of the three best QB's he's faced. I wonder what Ed thinks of Marcus Mariota?
Marcus Mariota is on this week's cover. The pick's next test? Reviving the
.Disappointed not landing Marcus Mariota? Where will Eric Rowe play? asked Chip Kelly
I guarantee Marcus Mariota is a bust in the NFL. Famous Jameis is gonna kill him in their rookie seasons
Steve Mariucci challenges Marcus Mariota in the film room
ESPN's Shelley Smith is NFL draft's feel-good story as she covers Marcus Mariota - Washington Post (blog)
.Marcus Mariota pick puts Titans brass on clock:
Titans pick Dorial Green-Beckham is a big and controversial target for Marcus Mariota.
Marcus Mariota pick puts Titans brass on clock
The Titans give Marcus Mariota an offensive weapon and select Dorial Green-Beckham from Missouri.
Not a Tennessee Titans fan, but I'd say getting Marcus Mariota, Dorial Green Beckham, and Tre McBride is a good haul.
The nightmare of Michael Bennet coming after You continues ,Marcus Mariota
Eagles offered the Titans Demarco Murray, Sam Bradford and Fletcher Cox for Marcus Mariota. The Titans declined...
GM Ruston Webster and HC Ken Whisenhunt introduce Marcus Mariota. WATCH LIVE: or on the app. ht…
Marcus Mariota met with media today at Saint Thomas Sports Park. WATCH:
Marcus Mariota & Dorial Green-Beckham make Titans not only relevant but potentially very good ht…
Chip Kelly says Eagles didn't try to trade Sam Bradford or Fletcher Cox for Marcus Mariota
ESPN: "It's important to surround Marcus Mariota with good people". "With the 38th pick, the Tennessee Titans select Dorial …
Marcus Mariota is in the building at St Thomas Sports Park.
Still to come: Titans T Taylor Lewan on his new teammate Marcus Mariota, Brian Baldinger, Andrew Brandt & possibly Breshad Periman!
BREAKING: Chip Kelly releases first solo hit following the Titans selecting Marcus Mariota.
John Gruden's love for Marcus Mariota confirms everything I feel about tge Bucs taking Jameis Winston.
Wanna hear a joke?. Shea Weber and Marcus Mariota walk into a bar in Philly. . Jk it's a bar in Tennessee.
Guess who's flying on United Airlines tonight? Marcus Mariota that's who!
watch Jameis Winston be the next Vince Young and Marcus Mariota be the next Matt Leinart
Jameis Winston will have a way better rookie year than Marcus Mariota, Titans ain't got nobody but Bucs have Mike Evans & Vincent Jackson.
Jameis Winston is the next Steve Young, Marcus Mariota is the next Terrelle Pryor
The Tennessee Titans accidentally hung up on Marcus Mariota during his phone call http…
My boy Marcus Mariota got drafted to the TN Titans. Please pray for him as he goes through this hard/depressing time.😔🙏🏿
Watch: Roger Goodell messes up Marcus Mariota's name at NFL draft
What if they was to put De'Anthony Thomas on the team as Marcus Mariota that would be dangerous 😷👌
"Titans GM Ruston Webster just said at press conference the Titans will not trade Marcus Mariota.
With the second overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the select Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.
Eagles fans after the Marcus Mariota pick
It won't take long for Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston to square off in the NFL, as the Bucs and Titans play each other…
Marcus Mariota and Vincent Jackson wouldve been so filthy together *** 😏😏
Marcus Mariota is going to make the Titans a team to remember, man. Just like that one movie. I can't seem to think of the…
Unless Tennessee decides to deal No. 2 overall pick, it will be Marcus Mariota's Titans and Jameis Winston's Bucs squarin…
Roger Goodell had over two months to learn how to pronounce Marcus Mariota's name. What an imbecile.
Marcus Mariota has fewer interceptions than any QB ever to throw 100 touchdowns in FBS history.
The Titans select Marcus Mariota with the second pick in the
With the second pick in the 2015 the Tennessee Titans select Marcus Mariota!
Titans take Marcus Mariota. Love it. Best quarterback in the draft. Can win from inside and outside the pocket. = Russell Wilson.
rebuffed the massive trade offer and selected Marcus Mariota at No. 2. And the are on the clock (and li…
Marcus Mariota to the titans YES not to the browns
Marcus Mariota is the highest pick from Oregon since 1955. Congratulations and
Tennessee selects former Oregon QB Marcus Mariota with the second overall pick in the NFL Draft.
After tons of drama/rumors, the Titans take Marcus Mariota 2nd overall. will have to wait until 1/3 to see Mariota at Lucas Oil.
I'm starting to think Chip Kelly likes Marcus Mariota more than he likes the Eagles.
I'm sensing a trade up for this pick now, I don't think the Titans want/need Marcus Mariota at this point
Praying that the Bucs pull a fast one and get Mariota.Think about Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson and Marcus Mariota, that's dirty.
BREAKING: After hearing the may want him, Marcus Mariota has decided to retire from football . Mariota: "Bette…
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If we don't get Marcus Mariota, i hope we get a good player that can put up with DeSean Jackson, OBJ, and Dez Bryant.
As of now, it sounds like the Titans will draft Marcus Mariota.
With the second overall pick of the 2015 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon
I don't hate Marcus Mariota. I'll like him enough if he comes here. I sincerely just dislike Chip Kelly.
Nike has officially signed Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Melvin Gordon, and Amari Cooper.
NFL Draft: Why Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota going No. 1 and 2 should terrify their new teams
Marcus Mariota is projected to be better than Jameis Winston:
"BREAKING": Marcus Mariota has heard of the Browns intentions of drafting him and has decided to go back to Oregon.
Browns offer two 1st-round picks to Titans for No. 2 overall selection, where they would plan to take Marcus Mariota. (vi…
Vegas has its eye on the New York Jets and Marcus Mariota.
New York Jets fan buys a custom Marcus Mariota jersey before the 2015
I would rather see Marcus Mariota slide in the draft rather than end up in Tennessee, Cleveland, or with the New York Jets.
The NFL draft is in 2 days which means Jay Cutler will be a Tennessee Titan and the Bears will have drafted Marcus Mariota.
2014: Marcus Mariota, Oregon, QB : How Heisman winners fared in the NFL via
In honor of the NFL Draft on Thursday. Marcus Mariota (Oregon), Amari Cooper (Alabama), Melvin Gordon (Wisconsin),…
I think Marcus Mariota is going to be a Tennessee Titan.
I think Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston will be like Matt Leinart and Vince Young but I could be wrong
The must understand getting Marcus Mariota will be getting Geno Smith all over again . Mariota way more athletic tho
Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota joins the team today in Waikiki, talks NFL Draft via
2) Likelihood now is Marcus Mariota goes 2nd overall. My feeling is Tennessee likes him more than most think. Very well co…
[Akron Beacon Journal] - 2015 NFL Draft: Browns GM downplays chatter about trading up for Marcus Mariota but the r…
Maurice Jones-Drew wonders if Marcus Mariota might be the next Blaine Gabbert
Jamies Winston, Marcus Mariota and Amari Cooper are all skipping the NFL Draft, what dont we know?
Jameis Winston...Marcus Mariota and now Amari Cooper won't be attending the NFL Draft...WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD
Hall of Fame G.M.s split on Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota
Polian would take Marcus Mariota, Wolf would take Jameis Winston
Marcus Mariota smoked Jameis Winston in the 40-yard dash
Tim Tebow was signed so he could help Chip pray he gets Marcus Mariota.
Nike signs QBs Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota - they better have an emergency exit plan. Ugh...
Marcus Mariota, Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper and Jameis Winston have all signed deals with Nike h…
I had the opportunity to meet the 2014 Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota at today! So awesome!
Show your inner leader like our fam Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota and shop now
Browns to host Northwestern QB Trevor Siemian: From Marcus Mariota in the first round to Tr...
With all of the drama surrounding Jameis Winston, I'd be surprised if Lovie Smith & the select him I'd take Marcus Mariota.
My latest mock draft: trade up for Marcus Mariota, land DeVante Parker
NFL Draft: Tom Rinaldi will be in Alabama w/ Jamies Winston; Shelley Smith will be in Hawaii w/ Marcus Mariota...expected to be top 2 picks
Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston won't be at the NFL Draft, but Todd Gurley, Kevin White and 24 other star...
ICYMI: New post: Marcus Mariota scored a 33 on his Wonderlic Test
Twenty-six players confirmed for NFL draft, but no Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota -->
I'm not surprised Jameis Winston scored well on the Wonderlic test...I'm also REALLY not surprised Marcus Mariota scored higher...
Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota reportedly both scored well on the Wonderlic test
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