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Marcus Luttrell

Marcus Luttrell (born November 7, 1975) is a former Petty Officer First Class and United States Navy Seal.

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If you ever get a chance to read Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, It is a super great read, an true story of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of seal team 10. It is spellbinding and very hard to put down. I'm loving it!!
I just watched Lone Survivor and all I can say is with honor I SALUTE EACH AND EVERYONE of the brave soldiers that gave their lives for our freedom that most take for granted. Thank you MARCUS LUTTRELL.
"Fear is a force that sharpens your senses. Being afraid is a state of paralysis in which you can't do anything." - Marcus Luttrell
Just finished reading "Lone Survivor" my Marcus Luttrell, this book should be mandatory reading for us all.
Presented by Lowe's. Football. 'Lone Survivor' Marcus Luttrell speaks to the Buckeyes
A couple of months ago I posted that I had seen the movie "Lone Survivor" A very good movie! Now, I have read the book. The movie, though really good, does not do justice to the entire story. Marcus Luttrell if you read this, Thank you! No words can ever explain the "brotherhood" you and your team have.
You've read Lone Survivor, now read Training Heroes to understand the story of the martial arts training taught to US Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell by his teacher, martial arts master and 8th degree Black Belt, Shihan Steve Hunter. Behind every great story and every great man is an influence and someone...
Reading & the Afghans put Marcus Luttrell on 😂 Wonder if they show that in the movie?
Marcus Luttrell-The media makes up conclusions on what happens in news and presents it as though it is fact.
Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor: “…those ROE are very specific: we may not open fire until we are fired upon or...
-Inspiring Message- "Those people who aren't out there carrying a rifle have no business dictating what the *** we're doing. If you want to know the details about this and you want to make those command decisions then grab a rifle and come help us, otherwise wake up every morning and kiss your wife or your husband and live your life. Enjoy the freedoms that the American military provides for you. That's why we're out there and we don't want a pat on the back or anything like that, we just want you to enjoy your life because everybody is made different I mean, you got guys who are doctors, lawyers, and accountants and you have your warfighters. The guys who know how to fight, and we're good at it and we love what we do. And we know how to make those decisions so stay out of our way and we'll stay outta yours." - Marcus Luttrell
Houston author Marcus Luttrell is the real SEAL behind the movie
Ask me who's autograph I would like right now and I would say Marcus Luttrell.
Former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, the author of “Lone Survivor” and the soldier on which the film was based, spoke to the Ohio State football team after its first scrimmage of the spring on Saturday. “It is good to get out here and see… [ 87 more words. ]
The fact that Marcus Luttrell, and his fellow SEALs, recited the Boondock Saints prayer is priceless!
"How can you weigh human life? It's a conundrum that can never be answered. It's war" -Marcus Luttrell
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Marcus Luttrell, former Navy Seal and author of Lone Survivor, speaks to Buckeyes: Ohio State spring football 2014
The Patriot Tour!! A great event I had the privilege of attending last week in Pittsburgh. Marcus Luttrell has been a friend for a while, but his words were never so powerful as the night I heard him speak plainly and straightforward about his experiences in the Teams to a packed house in Pittsburgh. It's an honor to call him and other members of the tour, fellow SEALs, David Goggins and Pete Scobell, friends. David is a world record holder in pull-ups, endurance racing and overall badassery. Pete is a seriously amazing singer/songwriter who is currently in process of recording his first album and will be touring soon. I never heard things so clearly as I did listening to him. Check out the tour and all of them individually, you'll be glad you did. Thanks for inviting me to come out Patriot Tour, see you all in the fall.
When Marcus Luttrell walked on stage during free, there was such a strong vibe.
I know I'm late but Marcus Luttrell is awesome. "God will give me justice"
It was a privilege to keep up with Marcus Luttrell's story, read his 2 books, and feel so completely…
Marcus Luttrell was at the rodeo tonight and he got a well deserved standing ovation from the crowdhttp:/…
The Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell or No Easy Day by Mark Owen or American Sniper by Chris Kyle 🇺🇸
Had a great time at the Houston Rodeo...riders were great..,Zac Brown Band was awesome...but the highlight if the night was the not one...but TWO standing ovations that retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell who wrote the book "Lone Survivor" received from the crowd! Made me proud to be an American!!!
A pic from the upcoming movie "Lone Survivor", based on Marcus Luttrell's bestseller. Mark Wahlberg plays Luttrell.
"Before you take one thing from her (America), You *** well better serve her first" - Marcus Luttrell
Seeing Zac Brown introduce Marcus Luttrell during Chicken Fried was one of the coolest things ever to see 🇺🇸
"I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity." - Marcus Luttrell
Marcus Luttrell onstage with Zac Brown: What a honor with a true warrior the Lone Survivor himself at Houston rodeo!
Marcus Luttrell at the rodeo last night!!!
Just finished reading Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, if you liked the movie you will love the book. Read it!
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Marcus Luttrell! Former Navy Seal and author of the book "Lone Survivor"
But one of the highlights of the whole three week rodeo... Marcus Luttrell honored by…
I am never out of the fight. Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor)
When ZBB brought Marcus Luttrell on stage, that made me love them even more 🇺🇸
Amazing story of true courage! is working to empower returning vets like Marcus Luttrell
23% through Service: A Navy Seal at War by Luttrell, Marcus on Kindle for Android!
Been on the road a lot lately and have been missing home. That problem was fixed tonight thanks for that. So...
Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 - Marcus Luttrell
Teamwork and preparation make winners. Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell made that clear in a speech to the Buckeyes.
zacbrownband brought Marcus Luttrell up on stage during Chicken Fried. Amazing!
Great time at Rodeo Houston! Thank you Leroy Shafer for the buckle, I will wear it w/pride! Thank you to Zac...
Lone Survivor (2013) BRRip 775MB. Story Line :. Marcus Luttrell, a Navy Seal, and his team set out on a mission… —
For all of those thinking about doing The Murph Challenge, don't forget that Marcus Luttrell will be in Victoria May 10, 2014 with Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity. Then on May 11, 2014 Swim, Bike, Run with Honor361 will be hosting a super sprint triathlon in Victoria to help build a monument in Victoria to honor all of the men and women who served and died for our country. They still need volunteers and sponsors so please support them, as they are supporting us!!
Marcus Luttrell (center) - Navy Seal and author of the bestselling book Lone Survivor -- stands with members of Simmons Law Firm (left to right - Derek Shoemake, Cate Simmons, Jennifer Gamble and John Simmons).
Recommended reading for indescribable acts of valor and heroism, and with great appreciation for those sacrificing all for our freedom - Lone Survivor, by Marcus Luttrell, Seal of Honor (the story of Lt. Michael Murphy, Medal of Honor recipient), Danny - The Virtues Within (about Danny Dietz), and Axe - A Brother's Search for an American Warrior (about Matthew Axelson). With all due respect to Tom Brokaw, Stephen Ambrose and those who coined the term "the greatest generation" with regard to our World War II veterans, these four Navy Seals and the men who tried to save them prove (to me) that our greatest generation is always the next generation of ordinary Americans who rise up to the challenge and do unbelievably extraordinary things.
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We all had an awesome night at the Patriot Tour! Jason got to meet Marcus Luttrell and the rest of the guest speakers. Really an awesome event that has rejuvenated my faith in the core of our nation.
Spent the day with my Remington peeps which is always awesome but while there had the honor to meet and eat lunch with several Navy Seals and Army Rangers including Marcus Luttrell former Navy Seal and a Navy Cross and Purple Heart recipient who are in town for a stop on their Patriot Tour. Marcus wrote the book "Lone Survivor" (later made into the movie) about his first hand account of the Operation Red Wings, an engagement that would leave his entire team dead, except for him. The rescue team of 8 Seals and 8 Army Spec Ops was shot down and all were killed as well. These are true American Heroes and the most intense human beings I've ever met. It was truly an honor.
Marcus Luttrell, Navy Seal, author of "Lone Survivor" and "Service-A Navy Seal At War". Thank you, Marcus for an evening I'll never forget. God Bless all if you and to all who serve our great country. I shall be wearing my Patriot Tour t-shirt to the Tampa Gun Show tomorrow as I hang out with my fellow NRA brothers and sisters, supporting our Second Amendment rights.
Marcus Luttrell, the Lone Survivor Navy Seal was at the rodeo for Armed Forces Appreciation night, feeling extra proud to be American now.
Blurvew: 'Lone Survivor' is a 2013 American war film based upon the 2007 namesake nonfiction book by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson; a dramatisation of the Operation Red Wings. It is a movie that kind of spoils its own plot with the title. It is essentially a routine war film, in that at the start it establishes basic attributes of the characters that take central roles in the story, then some scenes with male bonding (which have homoerotic undertones), then the planning of the "main event," and then the execution follows after, until the complication ruins the plan. I'm loathed to say that the "Based on a True Story" is cliché, but I suppose even reality can (and frequently is) subject to repetition. Prior to the film proper, a series of file footage of some of the Navy Seal training is displayed in a manner that lacks any other viable description than a montage. This montage contains some of the fundamental and strange, yet evidently effective, exercises that a recruit must undertake. It kind of ...
Cool part of my job is when I can put two clients together to work on a project... Today I connected retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell with The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund for a special event both will announce in coming weeks... Support our Troops!
Who are your hero's? I listed a few here but as soon I do, I know I left some out that I know personally who served: Nelson Duane Berry, Larry Young, Randy Stoghten, Carl, Tim, and I am sure I missted others. Louis Zamperini, Audey Murphy, Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle, Chuck Swindoll. Three very special Marine aviators, Brian(AV8), Roberto(F-18), and JDea (E2D). Also, My Dad (Iwo Jima WWII), my uncle (armored cav Korea), and my grandpa (WWI). All those who go down range.. *** few.
Read Lone Survivor. God Bless the US Military and Hooyah to the Navy Seals. Beyond amazed by their courage, heroism, and undying love for a country who, tragically, doesn't always support them. So humbled to hear the story and privileged to have had the opportunity to sneak a peak in the life of Marcus Luttrell and SEAL Team 10. Makes me know how small I am and pale in comparison to the greatness of people like that. Just WOW.
From Crispus Attucks to Nathan Hale to Joshua Chamberlain to Sgt. Alvin York to Audie Murphy to Marcus Luttrell. this is one constant that never changes...
"No matter what life throws at ya; one thing you gotta believe in is you gotta believe in yourself. Never quit. Never give up. Just keep gettin back up and going forward and you'd be surprised at what you can do." -Petty Officer, Marcus Luttrell, U.S. Navy Seal (Retired) Author of Lone Survivor
SEALs Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson and Marcus Luttrell + 16 SEALS on board chinook ♥ my heart still aches ♥
In this message, Pastor Ed Young sits down face-to-face with American Hero and former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. Author of the New York Times best seller, Lo...
Two right here. Ole Dubya awarding the Navy Cross to Marcus Luttrell 🇺🇸
Retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, of the book and film
I have 2 extra tickets for the Marcus Luttrell spoken word tour in Phoenix in April , let me know if interested !
I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength to protect my brothers. I'm never out of the fight. -Marcus Luttrell
Looks like its a go.I am going to New York in March... with a group from North Texas PGR to present a painting of Lt Michael Murphy, who was with Marcus Luttrell ( Lone Survivor) in Afghanistan... to his mother.. I am so honored to be a part of this. If you want the story...let me know and I will forward from our distinguished leader Rick Crabb.
Marcus Luttrell is a part of the Patriot Tour that will be at the Palace Theatre on Satuday March 22
Marcus Luttrell is speaking at the Patriot Tour next month.kinda want to go.
The movie tells the story of Operation Red Wings, when four seals were caught in a deadly firefight with Taliban in Afghanistan in 2005. Only one, Marcus Luttrell, made it out alive. Lieutenant Michael Murphy and Petty officers Matt Axelson and Danny Dietz were killed. The movie is based on all four, and one local woman has set out to honor them. Donna Sullivan has organized a red carpet movie screening Thursday and invited Luttrell, along with the families of the three seals who died, to attend.
Marcus Luttrell words describe how much respect I have for him and 3 other men that died in those mountains! Fan from England here!
Marcus Luttrell just finished reading "Lone Survivor and it's brilliant! Gonna read it again incase I missed anything! What a man he is..
Finally saw Lone Survivor last night and have been up since 3:45 this morning watching the real life interviews with Marcus Luttrell. Back in college when I was friends with a Navy Seal and a Navy Pilot, I must admit, I never thought of their jobs as being a "sacrifice". We didn't have the Taliban, or if we did, the general public wasn't aware and we were virtually living in a peaceful time. Of course, I now have friends in the military and am very aware of the dangers they face when deployed, but this movie really brought it home on a different level. The courage these men have is unfathomable and commitment to our freedoms is unwavering. Everyone should see this movie! Everyone should also thank all of our military personnel every chance you get. I'll start this morning with just a few. Thank you Kendrick Kahler, Scott A. Kirk and Miguel Alfaro! Next time I see you guys your getting a bigger hug!
Just watched Lone Survivor for the first time and it really pulled on my heart strings something fierce. Stories like this affect me in strange ways being that I am in the military and have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but as a firefighter, I've never been subjected to "war" to that extent. Lord bless that Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell, the families of Seal Team 10, all the warriors lost in Operation Red Tail, to include Afghans and their families. This movie really brought Ecclesiastes 3:8 to fruition for me... "a time to love, and a time to hate; A time for war, and a time for peace." Lord have mercy.
Don't Judge A Book. Watched a brill film last night, The Lone Survivor, The men of OPERATION RED WING, The one man near death, Marcus Luttrell was found by a Pashtunwalli tribe after the rest of his group were killed by Al Quaeda, Instead of certain death he was saved and protected by these Pashtuns, following a 2.000 year code that they live by, "To follows the ancient Pashtun code of honor called, Pashtunwali. The main principals of Pashtunwali are hospitality, protection for all guests, justice against wrong doers, bravery, loyalty to family, righteousness, belief, courage, and protection of women. This unwritten code of conduct among traditional Pashtun tribes serves as a system of law and governance in parts of Afghanistan." This film is certainly worth a watch,,
Marcus Luttrell is one of the greatest heroes in our country's history! If you don't know his story look it up!
I have read "Lone Survivor" and watched the movie today. Marcus Luttrell is a *** of a man. Along the time line of life, various people have asked who the one person would be that you would like to have dinner with, well my answer is Marcus Luttrell. I am so glad that I don't have son, I would have to ask him to follow in Marcus Luttrell's footsteps, which would put him in harms way. So, I dodged that bullet. I haven't seen many examples of good men in my life, maybe I have set the bar too high, but I haven't. Marcus Luttrell, I would love to meet you!!! Oh and Michael Behenna, I sure hope this little town of Edmond gives him a hero's welcome home. Very deserved!!
Good Book Karma- Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. I will gift this book to the first person who posts a written response to my post. The only catch you must agree to share it. American bravery, grit and courage - this will forever leave an impression on my heart and mind. When you read his personal account you will fully understand why he received a Purple Heart. We are forever indebted to the men and women who bravely and selflessly serve our Country -and to those who pay the ultimate sacrifice for our right to freedom. God Bless the USA! Who will help me keep my good book karma going?
Just finished reading Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. Amazing book. Every American should take the time (if they choose), to read this amazing patriotic account of the battle these Americans bravely fought. For all of us. Our Veterans are truly amazing- I love you all.
The ReStore will be opened tomorrow for Presidents Day. Come on by and see what we have with our ever changing inventory. Looking forward to your visit to the ReStore. BTW - we are still selling discounted tickets to the Marcus Luttrell event on May 10th. Only a few VIP seats are left - come by the ReStore to get your tickets today!
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If you are a reader like myself then you need to read "Service" by Marcus Luttrell. Amazing book and what an American Hero! It awakens our sense of Patriotic Duty and Pride, it touches the soul, reaffirms your faith and bares our humanity! Also read "Lone Survivor" by the same author it is absolutely poignantly heroic! God Bless Our Troops!
Well, better late than never. I waited until both my brothers could go, and today was a good fit. Had to go to Vegas to drop one off for a flight to a new job, congrats Wil Robinson, good luck and go with God. Anyhow, we all three got to finally see Lone Survivor and I was NOT disappointed, quite the contrary. Few men could have survived the *** he went through, and knowing that Pete Berg took some artistic license with the ending. All I can say is, *** Marcus Luttrell, you had to be from Texas, BIG STATE forges BIG HEARTS and man, yours is HUGE! You Brothers in Arms will be missed and their stories will be told in circles yet to be born. God Bless each and every Spec Ops operator, the The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday : Making Navy Seals and all those writing a blank check with their lives to serve a Country who loves ya.
The lone Serviver is amazing. One of my favorite movie of all time. I've seen it 3 times and I still don't even understand how Marcus Luttrell made it out alive. Insane!!!...
"For your teammates. In the SEALs, it's ALWAYS for your teammates. No execptions." -Marcus Luttrell.
hands down best movie of year. and company honor story of Marcus Luttrell and lost Seals.
if u go to YouTube and type in Marcus luttrell he explains a lot of the movie. Some parts were changed but pretty accurate
On page 318 of 386 of Lone Survivor, by Marcus Luttrell
"In the SEALS, it's always your teammates, no exceptions"-Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor
People are talking about Marcus Luttrell, his movie Lone Survivor, and the "sequel"...his Patriot Tour! Listen,... htt…
just watched like 7 interviews of Marcus Luttrell from Lone Survivor. I'm obsessed with his story & the guys he fought with. omg.
Never try to find an excuse to give up, always try to find an excuse to keep trying. - Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor)
Marcus Luttrell is the most amazing man . I wish I could meet him
Sonny Rant, just sayin what you’re thinking; Last night I saw the Last Man Standing, the war movie about Marcus Luttrell a Naval Seal fighting the war in Afghanistan. The movie was based on a true story, I read, it is as real as you can get without being there. After watching the movie, I’m glad I wasn’t there. I experienced a level of frustration like I’ve never experienced. These Naval Seals are forced to honor “rules of engagement” with the enemy. “RULES OF F’ING ENGAGEMENT”! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These *** over there want to KILL US, PERIOD! There not honoring any “rules of engagement”. If you didn’t see the movie, a group of four including Marcus Luttrell were in the hills of Afghanistan waiting to move in on a Taliban leader. During their stake out, a group of goat herders stumbled on the group of Naval Seals. The seals new they we’re part of the Taliban, even enough they needed APPROVAL to blow their F’ING heads off. They couldn’t communicate with HQ so ...
“These men of the special forces have had other options in their lives, other paths, easier paths they could have taken. But they took the hardest path, that narrow causeway that is not for the sunshine patriot. They took the one for the supreme patriot, the one that may require them to lay down their lives for the United States of America. The one that is suitable only for those who want to serve their country so bad, nothing else matters. That's probably not fashionable in our celebrity-obsessed modern world. But special forces guys don't give a *** about that either.They are of course aware of a higher calling, because they are sworn to defend this country and to fight its battles.” -- Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor)
Just finished watching Lone Survivor and it was the best combat movie I have ever seen. The fact that it is based on a true story makes me respect and appreciate our men and women in uniform that much more. It shows brotherhood, sacrifice, and humanity...thanks to Marcus Luttrell for sharing his story.
To all those people who say their life is so hard, read Marcus Luttrell's story and you will be thanking God every minute for your life.
"A part of me died up on that mountain... With my brothers". -Marcus Luttrell
finished Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, Patrick Robinson and gave it 3 stars
Marcus Luttrell has one fine wife and the man deserves her
Here is a recent interview of Marcus Luttrell putting a media stooge in their place.
Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell Ty for your service and helping people through your story DONT LET YOUR PAST DICTATE YOUR. FUTURE
Loving this Marcus Luttrell interview right now
Operation Red Wings Angel Flight. What do you do when you are the Lone Survivor of this? You tell the story so they may live on ... good on you, Marcus Luttrell. Well done.
Thank you for the birthday wishes. Ya'll are the best!!! It was boudin for breakfast, some time reading fly tyer, cleaning my 8 wt reel, dreaming of the flats, oyster rockefellers, then Lone Survivor. Marcus Luttrell is a big America badass! Thank you for your service.
" matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets or no matter how far you fall, you are never out of the fight." - Marcus Luttrell
Marcus Luttrell Patriot Tour is coming to Arizona April 1st. I met him briefly in Las Vegas at the 2014 Shot Show and it was a honor.
I just finished watching "Lone Survivor". While the film was entertaining and very well made and performed, it was like a 2 hour long promo for the U.S. military which considered facts to be a "casualty of war". Here are some examples of gross inaccuracies in the film: 1) Ahmad Shah was not a member of the Taliban. In actuality, he was a member of the United Front that fought the Taliban and al-Qaeda during the initial U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Yes. He was a U.S. ally. Later, following gross crimes of war by the U.S. military, he switched sides and began helping to funnel foreign fighters into Afghanistan. Until his death, he was never a member of the Taliban but of Hizb-e-Islami, the group led by former U.S. ally and guest of the White House, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. 2) The SEALS were ambushed by, at most, around 20 Afghan fighters and not hundreds as shown in the film. Marcus Luttrell initially stated that there were as few as 20 fighters, but later inflated the number to 200! Ed Darack, author of the . ...
If you've got time in your day, I'd suggest watching the 60 Minutes interview with Marcus Luttrell. That's an American Hero.
Marcus Luttrell wanna thank the members of Operation Red Wings.
Saw "Lone Survivor" last night. Amazing. Marcus Luttrell and his team are true heroes. God Bless our troops that keep us safe.
A heart touching story of a severely injured Navy Seal who came under Taliban's violent siege in the Hindukush Mountains in late June 2005. He had already lost all his team members before being protected by Mohammad Gulab and his tribesmen who saved his life from the Taliban at the cost of putting at risk the lives of the entire villagers. At then, the tribesmen fulfilled their duty to their centuries old Code of Honor, Pashtunwali. Today, Marcus Luttrell is hosting Mohammad Gulab in his Texas residence while fulfilling his duty to Texas rich culture. The story has already been portrayed in the book and recently released movie "Lone Survivor".
Watching interviews with marcus luttrell makes me so sad
Photo of former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell and Afghan villager Mohammad Gulab is going viral
Marcus Luttrell for governor of Texas let's get it done.
“Service is selflessness--the opposite of the lifestyle that we see so much of in America today. The things that entertain us don't often lift us up, or show us as the people we can rise up to become. The people who appear in this book--and others who did things I can't talk about--are my role models. They quietly live out the idea expressed in the Bible (John 15:13): "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” -- Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor)
Just spending my Saturday night watching a 60 minutes story on Marcus Luttrell
Injured Navy Seal chronicles return to battle Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, the only survivor of an ambush by Taliban forces in 2005, talks with TODAY’s Matt Lauer about his return to combat and the “valor and heroism” of his fellow soldiers, which he writes about in his new book, “Service: A Navy Seal...
Excellent job on the NRA American Warrior Interview with Marcus Luttrell!
Had a good time with my buddy, Dave, today. Hot wings at Santora's in MV then a movie. Saw "Lone Survivor" for the 2nd time. Brilliant film! Marky Mark is top-flight! Former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell is a real hero.
If you're feeling froggy then you better jump. because this Frogman has been there, done that, and is going back for more-Marcus Luttrell
The "Lone Survivor" true story of Marcus Luttrell & his BRAVE & COURAGEOUS TEAM is a MUST see Movie. I'd LOVE to have them on our TEAM!. GAM!
My wonderful wife took me to see Lone Survivor tonight. She didn't like it but I did. I think they did a good job at keeping it true to the book by Marcus Luttrell. At the end of the movie, before the credits they played sort of a tribute to those soldiers lost on that mission. There were a lot of people in tears in the movie theater after that tribute.
An unrelenting desire to push yourself harder and further than anyone could think possible. -Marcus Luttrell
Fearless by Eric Blehm Feeling loved by Jeanne Segal Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz
If I wake up tomorrow one quarter of the man Marcus Luttrell is I will be a happy man
Finally read Lone Survivor (read it in 4 days). Great book ! but couldn't agree with Marcus Luttrell more, "if you don't want to get into a war where things go wrong, where the wrong people sometimes get killed, where innocent people sometimes have to die, then stay the *** out of it in the first place". Why we subject our armed forces to Rules of Engagement partially formed by *** politicians and reinforced by a liberal media is beyond me. Once we enter war, the Rules of Engagement should be decided by the military alone !
Everyone buy the Lone Survivor book. Reading Marcus Luttrell's words give you an unimaginable picture in your head. Nothing like the movie.
Just watched Lone Survivor. Wow! I'd pay to watch that 100 times over! Micheal and I were blessed to be on the USS Midway during the Operation Red Wing memorial service and also at a baseball game where the Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell threw out the first pitch. God Bless those families. I could never imagine watching what my loved one would have went through before death. But again God Bless them for telling the story. This movie shows how strong our men in uniform are. It also shows the love of Christ alive and well in all parts of the earth.
coming to Alabama to headlinine charity event via
BTW finished Marcus Luttrell's book Lone Survivor last week. I liked the movie but the book was way better. Very compelling.
Seeing Darius Rucker, England and Marcus Luttrell all in one month 👍
USA Network's Characters Unite is dedicated to combating hate, prejudice and discrimination. Marcus Luttrell
"A common Man with uncommon desire to succeed."-Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.
I have been reading a book my grandson Christopher gave me called Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. This man is a true hero. The special forces are a special breed and have the highest honor and loyalty. These men do what they do not for money, fame ,or glory but to serve their country. I saw a interview with MR. Luttrell on Glen Beck a couple of years ago, remarkable man. Makes you proud to be an American.
All fans need to read page 75 of "Lone Survivor", featuring Marcus Luttrell's description of the BLU-82B, also known as Daisy Cutter.
Lone Survivor was a great movie Marcus Luttrell is one *** of a man
Really Happy I got to finally watch Lone Survivor .my new favourite movie :) everyone did such a great job in the movie and it had some of my favourite actor's... *** it even had the Lone Survivor himself in it Sir. Marcus Luttrell.btw if your reading this Mr. Luttrell your book was absolutely mind blowing, deffinitely made me have lot's of emotion's toward's things that happened throughout the story like one moment I could be busting a spleen laughing or the next minute in tear's you truly did an amazing job...I hope to buy your other book and read that too and im betting it'll be just as good if not better ! :)
A MUST READ!!! Thank You for you Danny Dietz!!! Always Remembered Never Forgotten!!! Great book, must read, Great Life, Man, and Example... • 'Others before Self' • He never advertised the work he did, nor seek recognition for his actions. • 'No need for Applause' • For Country and Team • Humility before Honor, a Legacy for all times. June 28th 2005: As a battle rages in the Mountains of Afghanistan, bullets flying, RPG's exploding 4 Seals are in the fight. Danny Dietz is one of these Seals. As the Seals are outnumbered and geographically disadvantaged they fight as if there were 20 of them. As the order keeps being given to move to a better position so they don't get pinned down or flanked, they move or fall down the mountain, BUT Danny moves last, putting down covering fire so his brothers can move, he moves gets hit multiple times, never out of the fight, never quit, pause, pick weapon back up put rounds down range taking out bad guys till his last breath. True Hero Character, Others before S ...
Betcha y'all didn't know that's the actual Marcus Luttrell
Oh my land there are so many great movies based off of books. The NY Times Bestseller list has a ton of them and so does our library. Just to name a few of our nonfiction titles that are now movies: "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell "The Wolf on Wall Street" by Jordan Belfort "Orange is the New Black" by Piper Kerman Drop on in and check out one of these books.
"Patriotism and Popcorn" by C/4C Bradbury Hart February issue- pg. 5 Everyone loves a good movie. When a movie is truthful, you respect it. When a movie is unbiased, you listen to it. This month I have chosen a movie that not only exhibits these qualities, but show what true patriotism is all about. “Lone Survivor”, A dramatization of Operation Red Wing is a new film that makes an incredible effort to honestly portray the realities of modern warfare. Starring Mark Walhberg as Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell A Corpsmen of SEAL Team 10. To summarize, the team are sent in to take out terrorist leader Ahmad Shah. Communication breaks down and the group ends up in a one-sided firefight. Through dialogue and numerous key points in the story, Lone Survivor Illustrates the not only the realities of modern combat, but also the global and local politics of how a soldier fights and doesn’t fight. Having taken advice from Marcus Luttrell himself, Mark Walhberg performs as close to a Navy Seal as one c ...
'Lone Survivor' Marcus Luttrell's devotion to duty - At a breakfast meeting at the Four Seasons...
Just finished the book. It's so much better than movie. Marcus Luttrell is 6'5" how tall is Mark on a good day? lol
Here is a must read on the best movie I have seen in a very long time. Lone Survivor is awesome. Liberals be damned!! The truth is the truth. Biased Critics Attack 'Lone Survivor' Tuesday, 21 Jan 2014 02:50 PM By Rich Lowry The movie "Lone Survivor" didn't get any major Oscar nominations. If it had, perhaps it should have been nominated for Most Unlikely Politically Incorrect Picture of the Year. It's based on the true story of a mission in Afghanistan that goes disastrously wrong. A four-man team of Navy Seals hunting down a Taliban commander is stumbled upon by a couple of goatherds in the mountains of Kunar province. Deciding to let them go, even though it will compromise them, the SEALs are subsequently outnumbered in a fierce firefight. Three of them are killed, and a Chinook helicopter attempting to relieve them is downed, killing another 16 Americans. The only survivor is a SEAL named Marcus Luttrell, who wrote a book about the mission and is played by Mark Wahlberg. None of this is remotely con .. ...
added a Hero Tribute Wall for Marcus Luttrell please & get a
At the C3 conference with Adrian Cuiksa. Haven't seen him since middle school. The church I am at is fellowship church and let me tell you somethin this place is way to fancy for me. A cool fact this is the same church where Ed Young the pastor here got to sit down and talk to both Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell.
So, I've been in reflection mode again. I know... Anyway, two quotes keep coming to my mind and I am challenged by them both. The first is, "I never knew a greater officer than him...and he was my beat friend." - Marcus Luttrell, US Navy Seal and author Lone Survivor. The other is, "Your men love you and if I knew nothing else about you...that would be enough." -Movie A Knights Tale. This has been weighing heavy on my heart lately. (Please be descrete in your response if any.)
Well valentines just made even better somehow! On top of the life changing present my wife got me to see Marcus luttrell I also got the results on my NYS Trooper test. Ranked 112 out of over 26,000! That computes to be within the top .004% so excited and can't contain myself!! Ilysm Niki Kennedy Reed!!!
"True friendship and true teamwork is forged through pain, and blood, and sweat, and tears." Marcus Luttrell
Former Navy Seal and Lone Survivor author Marcus Luttrell won’t stand for Domestic Violence. Visit to join him in the Characters Unite movement.
WORDS TO LIVE BY ...: These are the words spoken by a true warrior: "I will never quit." Marcus Luttrell, the "Lone Survivor" of Operation Red Wings, penned that phrase as he gave a detailed account of his long battle for survival in the mountains of Afghanistan. The mental fortitude behind those four words, represents the burning commitment within every American solider, especially those who make the ultimate sacrifice in service of our great nation. For Marcus Luttrell, it was the determination that enabled him to survive a brutal battle for his life in 2005. Operation Red Wings was a covert operation designed to take out a top leader of the Taliban forces, Ahmad Shah in Afghanistan. SEAL Team 10 was assigned to the joint military mission. Just hours into the operation, the team of four US Navy Seals was ambushed by Ahmad Shah's men, surrounded on three sides. After a fierce battle and a failed evacuation attempt, nineteen of America's finest men lost their lives that day. Marcus Luttrell was the lone s ...
The story of fire team leader Marcus Luttrell, the sole survivor of Operation Redwing, and the desperate battle in the mountains that led, ultimately, to the largest loss of life in Navy Seal history. But it is also, more than anything, the story of his teammates, who fought ferociously beside him u...
Check out the New NRA Life of Duty American Warrior SHOT 2014 Coverage, Interview with Marcus Luttrell and tons of other great stuff.
This past fall, our very own Jeff Wait attended Glen Beck’s Celebrity Shoot in Texas. Jeff Shot with Pastor Tom Mullins of Christ Fellowship, Mark Simpson of Palm Beach Motor Cars and Merrill Eastman of Entenmann's & Bestfoods. During this amazing experience, they were able to meet some great guys such as Glen Beck, Marcus Luttrell (Navy Seal), Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars) and many more! Apparently Jeff and the boys can shoot because took First Place! Congratulations guys!
After searching many stores, I finally found the book "Lone Survivor", Marcus Luttrell's personal account of what happened to him and his fellow Navy Seals in the failed 2005 Operation Redwing. After seeing the extraordinary film, I became particularly interested in reading this book!
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Lone Survivor is the best movie I've ever seen. Mark Wahlberg deserves a *** good award for playing Marcus Luttrell. Cried the whole movie! And honestly makes me respect those fighting for our country more than ever. Thanks for telling me about it Stacy!
Just got back from seeing "Lone Survivor" WOW what an Amazing movie! Knowing the story it still blew me away. In the grand scheme of things I have done nothing. Whether you are for war or against it, you NEED TO RESPECT AND HONOR the brave men and women who put their lives on the line, doing what they are told to defend your rights. These men sacrificed themselves for each other and their country! THANK YOU: Marcus Luttrell, SEAL Of Honor: Lt Michael Murphy, Matt Axelson, Danny Dietz and all those who were part of Operation Red Wing, and never made it home.
Both Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell carried the Republic of Texas flag!
I never noticed that the actual Marcus Luttrell is in the movie.
Attention Veterans, Reservists and Active Duty Personnel: A limited number of discounted tickets to see Marcus Luttrell of Lone Survivor fame live here in Victoria on May 10 go on sale Monday, February 10 at the ReStore, 1101 N William Street. Tickets for the General Public will be available starting March 10.
Well the wife and I went to the movies to see Lone Survivor, even though the language was a little rough, the movie was spot on. Based on the book by Navy Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell. For those who appreciate our military this will have you appreciate them even more, in my opinion this ranks up there with Blackhawk Down, and Act of Valor. If you are not familiar with Marcus Luttrell, then you will be familiar with Lt. Michael "Murph" Murphy. Who received the CMH during combat action in Afghanistan in 2005. Who selflessly sacrificed his life so his men could get to safety. Marcus Luttrell tells of the days leading up to this compromised op. Very well done. I watched AoV last night in preparation for today's movie. This movie will not disappoint. 5 stars out of 5.
I want to meet Marcus Luttrell but I would most likely break down in front of him
Soo glad we got to hear Marcus Luttrell speak tonight!! I love these beautiful ladies💗💋
"My father always told me, 'Before you exploit this country, you have to serve it first.'" - Marcus Luttrell
DC Partnership Dinner! great time! And thank you to the Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell…
Just watched one of the most gut wrenching movies that I've ever seen. I cried so hard that my head is hurting. Marcus Luttrell allowed us to see one of the most horrific times in his and his brother's lives. It showed me what true heroes sacrifice for our freedom. God Bless each and everyone of the soldiers in our armed forces. Not only for their fortitude and commitment but also for their sacrifices.
You should watch the documentaries that they have with the actual guy that survived 'Marcus Luttrell' 😭
Marcus Luttrell God Bless you You r the lone suviver
Marcus Luttrell's story was even more amazing hearing him tell it in person. Thank you for coming to speak to us at the DC benefit dinner
Marcus Luttrell's story was truly amazing
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I've never been star struck until tonight. Marcus luttrell walked up beside me while standing at the urinals.
Nothing just happens,you always have to strive! -Marcus Luttrell
Marcus luttrell.. Pretty awesome hearing his story first hand
Lone Survivor is a great movie. I read the book a few years ago, and think they did really good putting what happened in a movie. The falls they took and kept fighting really shocked me. When reading the book I didn't fully grasp how bad the falls were. Letting Marcus Luttrell play a role is so honoring. Men like these amaze me, and have my greatest respect.
Just listened to Marcus Luttrell tell his story. Powerful stuff.
Really enjoyed listening to Marcus Luttrell. I can't even fathom what he's been through.
Lone Survivor. Great movie. Not as good as the book but good nonetheless. Check it out. Sacrificed for our freedom. God Bless Marcus luttrell
Marcus Luttrell is a stone cold badass mofo
Just heard Marcus Luttrell tell his story in Lone Survivor.
It's Saturday. Here's a compendium of stories that caught our interest this week: 1. The Lone Survivor (Marcus Luttrell): "As a result of the movie’s popularity, the Lone Survivor Foundation, the nonprofit Mr. Luttrell started in 2010 to help veterans and their families transition to civilian life, has experienced heightened interest and an increase in applications from veterans seeking to participate in the foundation’s retreats." From homeless in Humboldt to White House: Eureka veteran tells how PG&E program changed his life In Shaun Donavan, the Homeless have a serious HUD champion Pa. agencies, nonprofits track homeless population: "I hope and pray others don't go through what I did. You can't run off by yourself and think that alcohol is a cure. It is not." a great weekend everyone! -Jason Davis
Marcus Luttrell finally seeing this film. Amazing book. Brought along Shiraz reserve from best winery!
"Our boots were waterlogged and each passing mile was murder. We never could get the sand out of our shorts. Our skin was chafing and Reno didn't give a *** At the end of the run, he ordered us to drop and start pushing' em out. He gave us two sets of twenty and right toward the end of first set, I noticed he was doing exercise with. Except he was using only one arm and he didn't even look like he was breathing hard." - Marcus Luttrell, tells about his instructor at BUD/S course. Taken from "Lone Survivor"
I would not mess with Marcus Luttrell
Not only should we honor and remember our Military men/women but the government should also do a better job of helping them once they return state side. I saw Lone Survivor today and Navy Seal Danny Dietz and Michael Murphy paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the lives of their brothers. I feel even though we (people of the US) may never really know what transpired on that day 4 men went on a mission for a terrorist in the mountains of Afghanistan they were all tracked and 3 were killed like in cold blood like animals. The real Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell is also a hero and his brothers are so proud of him just like I am.
I had to brave up the courage to watch Lone Survivor, hands down thee best movie I have ever seen. Marcus Luttrell was a 1st class Navy US Navy Hospital Corpsman and that is what makes me one humble man to know I served with thee best of men.
Just saw a Lone Survivor for the second time thank you Marcus Luttrell for your service to your country and for your fallen brothers in arms
Just went and saw Lone Survivor. My lord, what a fantastic movie. I was half way done with the book, but was dying to see the movie. I was numb when I left the theater. Very hard hitting. Plus, the cameo's by Marcus Luttrell were very cool too.
DC partnership dinner with featured speaker Marcus Luttrell with Hiram
Just watched "Lone Survivor". One of the most unbelievable movies I have ever seen. I had watched several interviews with Marcus Luttrell about the movie based on his true story and I must say- he did an excellent job of keeping the focus on the team rather than himself. He did a marvelous job of honoring his fallen brothers. It's a jaw dropper if u have a shred of patriotism and respect for our Armed Forces.
Marcus Luttrell your book was Amazing to read, God Bless you Mr. Luttrell and all of your brothers, fallen and still fighting
Lone Survivor one of the most moving and inspiring stories I've ever seen! Marcus Luttrell a true hero! This film is a must see!
About to see Saw Marcus Luttrell speak at a western plains division conference. Best speech I've ever heard.
Listening to Marcus Luttrell speak thanks to and Chad Hudelson! (@ The Dallas)
“Faced with the murderous cutthroats of the Taliban, we are not fighting under the rules of Geneva IV Article 4. We are fighting under the rules of Article 223.556mm — that’s the caliber and bullet gauge of our M4 rifle. And if those numbers don’t look good, try Article .762mm, that’s what the stolen Russian Kalashnikovs fire at us, usually in deadly, heavy volleys.” Excerpt From: Marcus Luttrell & Patrick Robinson. “Lone Survivor.”
It was such an honor to meet Marcus Luttrell, a true American Hero. 🇺🇸
Lone Survivor was amazing! And Marcus Luttrell was a corpsman! Proud to be an American after that
After knowing how Mike & Marty Persinger felt when they watched "Lone Survivor", we decided to go see it this evening.yes, it's very graphic (I turned my face several times), but I have so much more respect for our military now. My father was in WWII & my brother was in the Korean War, so I thought I had "a lot" of compassion for our soldiers.but, knowing this is based on a true story of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, and what all our soldiers put on the line everyday brought most everyone in the theater to tears. Not a sound could be heard as the credits rolled...we all left silent. Lord, please cover our soldiers with your protection as they fight to let us live in freedom
"No one can stop you from doing anything if you're committed to yourself." - Marcus Luttrell -Former US Navy Seal- The Lone Survivor
So, I wasn't gonna do it, but I did. Sat down and watched Lone Survivor last night. I read the book when it first came out, totally gave it two thumbs up. I just don't like mixing books and movies. Anyway, I have mixed feelings. it was good, but made it more emotional because now I had faces to the names. As many of my Veteran brothers and sisters can attest to, there is a comradery like no other in the troops alone. In a team such as the SEALS, that bondage i'm guessing only grows more because of the dependability more often. Having never been in such a position as these SEALS were, I can only imagine the pain in Mr. Luttrells heart knowing when the lives of the first two team members ended. We don't train like that, we don't train for that. Every mission is unique, every situation has different outcomes. Mission accomplishment is first and foremost, when that couldn't happen, it became about survival. Four highly trained killers against an army, not very good odds. But for whatever reason, under one per ...
I wish Bieber had to go one on one with Marcus Luttrell.
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Roy Adams & I went to see the movie Lone Survivor today.Patrick Adams, I am so thankful you are color blind! Marcus Luttrell, did some great work with that movie, knowing all the time it is a true story (we both have read his book) and how it was going to end - did not take anything away from the point of the movie. Like I said Patrick, I am so glad that you are just a touch color blind -Congratulations Marcus, you made a very eye opening movie! Thank you!
Bathroom selfie after watching Lone Survivor. Reading Marcus Luttrell's book is the next thing on my…
can't wait to hear Marcus Luttrell speak tonight😊
"There's no one like Texans for a spirit of expansiveness, optimism, friendship, and decency." -Marcus Luttrell
And the men who controlled the evac for Marcus Luttrell were Rangers. I've wanted to go Rangers for ever.
REVIEW FROM ROLLING STONE: What to say about a war film whose outcome is evident in the title? In the case of Lone Survivor, you commend the outstanding job done by writer-director Peter Berg in telling the remarkable true story recounted by Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell in his book of the same name. In 2005, medic and sniper Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg), Lt. Michael Murphy (Taylor Kitsch), gunner's mate Danny P. Dietz (Emile Hirsch) and sonar technician Matthew "Axe" Axelson (Ben Foster) were deployed to the Afghan mountains as a surveillance team for Operation Red Wings, a mission targeting Taliban commander Ahmad Shah (Yousuf Azami) and his fighters. The movie doesn't go much beyond cliché in establishing the camaraderie among these SEALs while in training. But once on duty, Berg (Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom) proves a virtuoso at showing how action defines character. And Wahlberg, Kitsch, Hirsch and Foster add to the impact. The story changes course when the four SEALs, hidden on the mountain slopes, ar ...
Anyone interested in attending a banquet and seeing Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor) speak? Im trying to decide how many tables I should reserve.
We went and seen Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell last night, every person in this country should see it at least a few times. I will add, IF you do Not know who Marcus Luttrell is then go watch the movie and see.
Wanted to go see Marcus Luttrell speak, but it was last night i guess.Bummer
In memory of great American Hero's like Danny Dietz, Mathew axelson, Mike Murphy, and Marcus Luttrell who fought for our freedom and showed the world that we are truly the home of the brave. Thank you Navy Seals for all you do to protect our way of life.
So I am part of the 920th Rescue Wing... I just learned that a team of Reservists from my wing were part of one of the largest combat rescue operations since Vietnam. On the eve of July 4th, 2005, the troops rescued Marcus Luttrell. AKA, The Lone Survivor. I'm so stoked to be here. Even though I'm just a dental assistant, these guys can't deploy until I help fix their teeth!!!
Lone Survivor for the 2nd time, Absolutely!!! Thank you Marcus Luttrell for keeping people focused on what true Heroes are. Always in the fight!
"The truth is, in this kind of terrorist/insurgent warfare, no one can tell who's a civilian and who's not. So what's the point of framing rules that cannot be comprehensively carried out by anyone? Rules that are unworkable, because half the time no one knows who the goddamned enemy is, and by the time you find out, it might be too late to save your own life. Making sense of the ROEs in real-time situations is almost impossible." Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell If you haven't read this you should!!!
So much respect and admiration for the Pashtuns who protected Marcus Luttrell.
Marcus Luttrell and a comfy blanket outside on this perfect day 😌
Brotherhood. Leadership. Sacrifice. is a (y) (y) up for me. Thanks for sharing your story to the world Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell. I'm inspired watching this movie. I salute you and your guys. :salute:
Marcus Luttrell been reading your great book and you mention the did you mean the or the boat troop of the ?
Perhaps one of the best war movies that I would rate 'Lone Survivor'! Its an astonishing display of humanity & brotherhood. Technically its not a full fledged war movie with war being the subject of the matter. Its based on biography of Marcus Luttrell who was part of the ill-fated mission Operation Red Wings where he was the Lone Survivor and evader of a massive onslaught by Taliban. It shows that how he was being supported and helped out for extraction within the enemy zone by a village of Afghans who did not support Taliban, the amazing display of commitment and camaraderie to protect by the Afghani tribe is beyond words. Superbly edited, out of the world sound effects and editing and excellent aerial cinematography sets the movie apart. Somewhere I feel its bound to leave a deep mark in your heart if not it makes you cry, in the end.
Watched Lone Survivor fantastic movie. Its men like Marcus Luttrell and the countless others that serve our country that make it great for us.
Fun fact: Marcus Luttrell who Lone Survivor was about actually acted in the movie
marcus luttrell - Thank you for your heroic service for our county & I totally agree with you 100% on the rules of engagement of war!
Finally saw The Lone Survivor. I cried almost the whole movie :/ Hate is a learned emotion and that was proved in this movie. I would love to meet Marcus Luttrell!
Lone Survivor In hindsight I wonder if Marcus Luttrell, today, thinks that if he had taken out the goat herders that compromised the OP, things would of worked out differently.. Mission accomplished and home for tea.. Brutally hard decision to make, and nobody knows what you'd do until faced with that situation, but in my personal 'right now on the couch' frame of mind, I would of slotted the Hafji turds, move on.
I think it was called Will of a Warrior..on HBO...very good with Marcus Luttrell...
Joe McCarthy was right, is it too late for us to "get it?" "Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell, USN, SEAL (in his book, Lone Survivor) . . . does not veil his contempt for our modern media establishment. In fact, in both the move and the book, CNN is described as sympathetic to the Taliban cause. Not surprisingly, the Islamic network, Al-Jazeera, is considered to be sympathetic to terrorist interests. Luttrell is explicit in his assertion that the American media establishment propagated sympathetic narratives that impeded operational decision making." John Nantz, Communities Digital News, February 8, 2014
The one certainty in life is that we're all going to die. Once you accept that, you'll be amazed at the life you can live. -Marcus Luttrell
Honored to host decorated Navy Seal officer & author of Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell at May 1st luncheon!
"If you know where you're at today, and know your destination, everything in middle is just static". Marcus Luttrell
"Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and fear of reputation that I am bound to uphold." -Marcus Luttrell Mura sag Captain Phillips salidaa dah... Nindot sad. :D
“I had no answer to those questions, only hope. With absolutely no one to turn to, no Mikey, no Axe, no Danny, I have to face the final battle by myself, maybe lonely, maybe desolate, maybe against formidable odds. But I was not giving up. I had only one Teammate. And He moved, as ever, in mysterious ways. But I was a Christian, and He had somehow saved me from a thousand AK-47 bullets on that day. No one had shot me, which was well nigh beyond all comprehension.” ― Marcus Luttrell God does move in his mysterious ways. Good movie.
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Anyone who has seen “Lone Survivor” can’t help but be captivated by the honor displayed by Mohammad Gulab, the Afghan tribal leader who became close friends with Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell.
I watched Lone Survivor again last night and I've gotta say what a film! Nothing but absolute respect for Marcus Luttrell and his brothers.
"You push yourself further than anyone can think possible." MARCUS LUTTRELL
I bought the best book I've ever read in my life a week ago and finished it tonight. Lone Survivor, like the recent movie made after the book itself, will forever remain a favorite to me and if I ever have a chance to meet Marcus Luttrell, I'd definitely let him know how much that book inspires me! I highly recommend that book...seriously.
we were in the same shoes! The book had me crying too. Its Lone Survivor as well by Marcus Luttrell.
OMG.just came back from Lone Survivor if ya haven't seen it its a must see and a true story...cant remember the last time I went to a movie and complete silence...please show respect and stay for the end credits to show respect to those who gave their lives for us all to enjoy our freedom... Much Love to Marcus Luttrell. Semper Fi...
The fact that Marcus Luttrell is in Lone Survivor > . That's pretty awesome.
Watching some Marcus Luttrell interviews. (Navy Seal that Lone Survivor is about) . Alot of people in the comments are "ex/active military"..
I read the book and saw the movie. Marcus Luttrell is a badass!! Was great to see him make a cameo in the film.
I love how Marcus Luttrell is in the actual movie.
So sad listening to him tell his story
JJ Watt said on KILT 610 Marcus Luttrell, who wrote book turned N2 the film Lone Survivor will throw out 1st pitch at h…
‘They Died For Nothing?’ Marcus Luttrell hits back at CNN host in tense interview that exposes grotesque media bias.
Marcus Luttrell just saw Lone Survivor and I left the theatre speechless. I am thankful the world has men like you and your brothers.
''you push yourself further than anyone can think possible.'' MARCUS LUTTRELL
I saw the movie, "Lone Survivor", with my son Wednesday. Murph died trying to save the lives of his comrads. Lucky for us Marcus Luttrell did survive to tell the story. God Bless our military.
We would once again like to thank Shihan Steve Hunter for joining us last night in the studio, and telling us all about the art of Buke Ryu karate.. his ties to the music industry.. his relationship with Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor), and his thoughts on life itself. :)
Spike sat down with the cast of Lone Survivor, and former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, to talk about our nation's soldiers. We were lucky enough to create a fe...
I just finished the book "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell. Thank you Sir for your Patriotism, for your Selfless Service, and for your Sacrifice.
If you don't know who MARCUS LUTTRELL is. Get to know him.
Did you see the movie "Lone Survivor"? Remember the Army Rangers who went in under heavy fire to rescue and extract Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell? Here's a small part of their story:
“There’s a storm inside of us. I’ve heard many team guys speak of this. A burning. A river. A drive. An unrelenting drive to push yourself further than anyone could ever think possible. Pushing ourselves into those cold dark corners where the bad things live. Where the bad things fight. We wanted that fight at the highest volume. A loud fight. The loudest, coldest, darkest, most unpleasant of the unpleasant fights.” — Marcus Luttrell
to interview Marcus Luttrell. Have a question to ask Luttrell? Post it here for consideration
The commander of the 920th Rescue Wing was one of two helicopter pilots who rescued 'Lone Survivor,' Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, as portrayed in the movie opening this weekend.
Thank you for showing me what brotherhood, honor, fear, nobility and Never Quitting is. I also would like to say "thank you to those phony persons behind the Oscars who pick out a subject like 12 Years a Slave, which was a good movie but afraid to show True American Hero's in war, which all Americans should know about not just Patriots. Marcus Luttrell you will always have Brothers waiting to roll around again in Heaven as it was your living to tell this story as no burden but a true act of nobility and you are a true role model to all of the youth today who need someone like you besides the actors and musicians, THANK YOU MARK WAHLBURG AND PETER BERG FOR MAKING A TRULY UNFORGETTABLE MOVIE!!
The more interviews I watch with Marcus luttrell and Chris Kyle in them the more respect I have for them!
Lone Survivor yeah wow... Big props to Marcus Luttrell
Look at the people Marcus Luttrell follows, they're all famous people.. Then there's Ryan 😁
Saw Lone Survivor. Spectacular film. Theatre was full, quiet, no one moved or left until the credits rolled. Amazing men, living and dying for all Americans. God Bless every one serving in the military and God Bless Marcus Luttrell.
Am I the only one who didn't notice that marcus luttrell is actually in Lone Survivor or...😂
Hamilton Collection
I've just seen the movie "Lone Survivor" with my husband and I am so humbled and praise God for all our armed forces and what they go through for our freedom. I must say I felt like I was going to have a heart attack watching all that was happening to the Seals. I know I will be praying more for our troops. Now Mark Walberg did a great job portraying Marcus Luttrell the Navy Seal. Kudoes for Marky Mark! I had a teenaged daughter so I know this kind of stuff! :)
do u realize Marcus Luttrell is following you? Lol
Marcus Luttrell had to crawl 7 miles for 9 hours with a broken back shot out legs and you guys think you have a hard life. Seals
Went and saw Lone Survivor last night. An incredibly moving experience. What those men went thru is unfathomable for most of us to understand. I'm incredibly humbled and very thankful to know we have honor and integrity in our military men and women who serve and have served. So many of our pathetic politician pale in comparison! The courage it took for the people to produce this movie against the Hollywood liberal left needs to be rewarded. I recommend everyone see this movie. God Bless Marcus Luttrell, and Mark Wahlberg for giving voice to those who have fallin.
Going to spend my money and see Lone Survivor tomorrow. Hope it makes Marcus Luttrell a millionare. He deserves ot.
BHO and Ms Clinton's tale about what happened at Benghazi is UNREAL, but Marcus Luttrell does not lie.
Why would you say it was UNREAL? I seemed real to me. Ask the author who lived it. Marcus Luttrell is alive.
its supergood.. then u should watch Lone Survivor aswell about the event that happend to Marcus Luttrell and his sealteam
Finally got to see Lone Survivor last night. I am always interested in the training it takes to be the elite in anything. I have to say that our Navy Seals operate at a level that everyone should take notice. The other day I caught the HBO Behind the Scenes that gave a deeper look at this story. It was interesting to see the real Marcus Luttrell in several scenes in the movie. (The guy that stands up and tells the newbie to clean the table). I don't think I could have gotten so emotionally involved in the show had I not watched the behind the scenes documentary. The father of one of the Seals read his autopsy. He was shot in the foot, the thigh, groin, twice in the abdomen, the throat and the shot that ended his life, one to the head. The father asked the director to tell THAT story. The one that shows an officer so dad-gum tough that the only way to actually stop him from fighting was end his life. The other thing that gripped me was the fact that while they were serving our country that wasn't what kept ...
On page 182 of 386 of Lone Survivor, by Marcus Luttrell
From Lone Survivor.…Marcus Luttrell. This all comes back to that ironclad SEAL folklore — we never leave a man...
From One Hero to Another! Former US Navy Seal and 'Lone Survivor' Marcus Luttrell sends a video message to Riley. "NEVER QUIT!"
Finally got to wear my Delt hoodie and go see Marcus Luttrell kick some Taliban ***
Finally got to see Lone Survivor. Amazing. Here is the video I took of Marcus Luttrell in 2010. God Bless all who serve.
lah Yer7emhom !! Every Body Go Watch "Lone Survivor" On June 28, 2005, deep behind enemy lines east of Asadabad in the Hindu Kush of Afghanistan, a very committed four-man Navy Seal team was conducting a reconnaissance mission at the unforgiving altitude of approximately 10,000 feet. The SEALs, Lt. Michael Murphy, Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Danny Dietz, Sonar Technician 2nd Class (SEAL) Matthew Axelson and Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class (SEAL) Marcus Luttrell had a vital task. The four SEALs were scouting Ahmad Shah – a terrorist in his mid-30s who grew up in the adjacent mountains just to the south. Under the assumed name Muhammad Ismail, Shah led a guerrilla group known to locals as the "Mountain Tigers" that had aligned with the Taliban and other militant groups close to the Pakistani border. The SEAL mission was compromised when the team was spotted by local nationals, who presumably reported its presence and location to the Taliban. A fierce firefight erupted between the four SEALs and a much l ...
Director Peter Berg and Marcus Luttrell Reflect on the Real Events - Video via
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