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Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler is a British internet personality and vlogger. He his best known for his YouTube channel Marcus Butler TV.

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Marcus Smart responds to Jimmy Butler’s comments: “I laugh at that.” Then he literally did.
Jimmy Butler just went all the way in on Marcus Smart
Jimmy Butler ethers Marcus Smart: "He's a great actor. Acting tough ... he's not about that life."
Jimmy Butler: "Marcus Smart is a fake tough guy, he shouldn't be getting in my face". Also Jimmy Butler:
Sometimes it's hard to be positive when you are the constant victim of negative things
Jimmy Butler on Marcus Smart:. "Acting tough, it's what he does...He's not about that life." Butler lived homeless on th…
Marcus Smart (on Jimmy Butler downplaying his toughness
Marcus Smart is statistically the best 3-pt shooter in the league since Jimmy Butler called him out wow
Check out this photo Marcus Butler posted to his IG story rocking his merchandise by Justin Bieber! Are you…
So my sister has just met Caspar Lee, Joe Wella, Marcus Butler and KSI, right
I have a new found girl crush on Marcus Butler's girlfriend. 😭😍
he's Marcus Butler. A British youtuber, affiliated with people like Zoella, Casper Lee, Thatcher Joe, you might know them?
Marcus Butler and Tyler Oakley or Caspar Lee and helium (and bloopers)
do impression of Marcus Butler, Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman 😂 what if her Mum got it wrong?!. What if I turn up & she's like 'who tf are you? I like Marcus Butler...not Mark…
Celebrity Masterchef viewers left stumped by Marcus Butler's job via
Celebrity Masterchef viewers left stumped by YouTuber Marcus Butler's celebrity credentials... and even Gregg...
STUPID QUESTION: Is this a quote from or the 🐝.
first thing you need to do when you get back is see me :D!! Did you get my text lover x
Do you think Petra aka on Instagram should delete her account? VOTE NO
I hate to admit it but I've started liking Marcus Butler
also my cousin Marcus Butler is Ungherese
Uhh then do it you're Marcus Butler ain't nobody stopping you
I should probably watch the try not to scream videos by marcus butler when I'm alone and not with my family because I just screamed
Marcus Butler and his bunch of friends are so darn good looking.😻
Marcus butler makes me physically sick on snapchat
Marcus Butler . -Really funny . -Rap parodies are hilarious . -Uploads lots of good quality videos . -Under Appreciated
Marcus Butler's "Hello Life" is such a good read... I'd recommend it
Revenge is a dunk best served cold 🌨🌨
Marcus will talk to y'all soon 😂 but just know once we win wings on me!
Teams Marcus Rashford has played for this season:. United U18's✔. United U19's✔. United U21's✔. United✔. England✔
domain names
GEMMAS BIO 'My fiancé is not dating Marcus Butler.' AHHDHA
Billy Butler wouldn't be relevant if the Detroit Tigers didn't exist.
Marcus Semien walks, bases loaded, Pelfrey pulled in favor of Justin Wilson. Billy Butler to hit for Chris Coghlan.
I liked a video from WITH MARCUS BUTLER
thanks for sharing Marcus Butler, have a great Sunday :) (🆓 Insight via >>
My dude gets married this afternoon, so apologies in advance for the abundance of 🔥 snaps.
Marcus Butler is in Monaco right now and I'm hurting 😦
Marcus Butler just gets hotter and hotter by the second
Cause of death: Marcus Butler's Snapchat story. *** he looks so good.
Today!! We give God glory and honor for allowing our pastor, Supt. Marcus L. Butler to see another BIRTHDAY!!!...
I liked a video from Burrito Eat off Vs PointlessBlog and Marcus Butler!
our cousin Marcus Butler is in France for job
I see London I see France I see Marcus butler pants
I remember I was furious on the inside when I saw the butler, I mean mugged every white person on my way home 😂 I even hit my blunt mad
my top 5 was Joey Graceffa, Connor Franta, Dan & Phil, Superwoman, and I think I put Marcus Butler as my 5th
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and because of Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg and Zoë Sugg and Marcus Butler and Alfie Deyes and Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr etc
I love love love watching Marcus Butler, Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Roman Atwood and Oli White!!! Check them out! 💖
going on YouTube and watching I'm famous- Marcus Butler ft. Connor Maynard AND BUY IT ON ITUNES ➰❤️➰
Marcus butler really had come out as a good corner this season
Everyone hating Marcus Cannon (and rightfully so) but no one hating Malcolm Butler? He's blown so many coverages. Who cares if he can tackle
I liked a video from Marcus Butler ft. Conor Maynard - I'm Famous
I've never heard anything worse than Marcus Butler's song, if you can even call it that
Scenes from pre-game with Chandler Jones, Steven Jackson, Marcus Cannon and Malcolm Butler.
Lets take a min to appreciate how hilarious & are in
Meet The YouTuber taking the music industry by storm (hes pretty dreamy too😍) h…
Remember is a new release. He needs to get into the top 10 to be played today!
We have to hand it to He was so close to the top 10 just DAYS after was released
who do you like the most?. rt: Jim Chapman. like: Marcus Butler
I can bet money that this is with either Marcus Butler or Troye Sivan
that moment when your grandma watches Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Marcus butler etc.
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How does Marcus Butler have 2.4 mil followers he's literally so boring
I have Tyler Oakley, Marcus Butler and Connor Frantas book because I love autobiographies but I want to try and get Joey Graceffas book *-*
Only went and served Marcus Butler at work
The Youtube Boyband (Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Alfie, Jim & Marcus Butler) will release an album and their songs will FVCK*…
There are people in my college that look like Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler! 🙈
Why does Rosie know all the words to the Marcus Butler rap song
Sometimes it all gets a little too much
aight bet. Make it quick , I don't want them running low on cherry limeade
sonic closed bro but I love and miss you too. Let's go tomorrow cuh
I want to give you the world,. But you have to willing to accept it
I'll buy you starbs when you consecutively come to school for 7 days in a row 😉😂
and no, I won that bet fair and square
both of you can buy me Starbucks then☺️
These girls just using me for the Starbucks now smh😤
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we'll chill soon so you can buy me my Starbucks you owe me☺️
I only respect those who show me respect
Apologising is not just a phrase, it's a term. - Mr Marcus Butler 😅😆
Wait.why is Gerard Butler just chilling with Demar, Kyle, and Marcus?
This some real life goals right here man
for Zoe Sugg's book signing do we buy the tickets or will they be like the previous Marcus Butler and Alfie Deyes signings?
Here is Marcus Butler, Coast-Guard who helped save my life from the waters of the bay under the Golden Gate Bridge
I had a dream I met Marcus butler, can that pls happen?😫
Why is Marcus Butler so cute though
Since when did Marcus butler make a video with jack Whitehall
Marcus butler you god!your inspirational and I'm glad your wrote that book it's amazing and I love it! Thanks so much!! 💙
I've spent the day watching marcus butler videos
I don't care about Marcus butler get to Troye
Jack Whitehall was brilliant in Marcus Butler's video 😂
I've met Marcus butler but that's it x
I cannot find that place Marcus Butler recommended 😩😩
79% done with Parable of the Talents, by Octavia E. Butler: Frigging Marcus, this frigging...
Okay but staying up late does makes me hungry Marcus butler is so right
Idk but he looks like Marcus Butler in here lol. One Direction
roomer has it that Marcus Butler brushers his teeth 5 times a day
Marcus Butler and Tesco's own mini muffins. What more could I wish for.
Who is your favorite YouTuber? — Caspar Lee, Marcus butler, zoella and Connor Franta! 😍
I have a Marcus butler pillow lmfao and some books
no we got it, thank you though! It's not hard. It's annoying that people were more concerned with our *** than helping
Ben and Superfruit a couple of times, Kandee Johnson once, Marcus Butler once, and Tyler a few times.
I liked a video from ULTIMATE YOUTUBE CHALLENGE | Marcus Butler vs Jack Whitehall
Orphan Black, Shawn Mendes, Marcus Butler, and Jimmy Fallon all follow Gabriel Macht. This is just amazin.
I have really enjoyed reading Marcus Butler's book. The section on Healthy Living is interesting, some great tips which I must use. :3
It's today. It's today. It's today. I'm meeting Marcus Butler today. It's happening. This is not a drill.
YouTube star Marcus Butler at intu Metrocentre -
1 week til AS results day then i get to meet marcus butler what is life
YouTube star Marcus Butler is coming to Milton Keynes WHSmith tomorrow - Milton Keynes oneMK
Check out our full interview with YouTube star HERE:
Black and white Lamborghini aventador in the streets of London
I saw an amazing T-Shirt at the Marcus Butler book signing yesterday
Marcus butler was in my home town while I'm near enough on the other side of the world
I liked a video from Blindfolded Makeup Challenge with Marcus Butler
omg I meet Marcus butler in a week ***
I could of met marcus butler today 😫
So I got you a video message from Marcus Butler😏
said this before and I'll say it again, 100% relatable posts with Marcus Butler
Starting to read can't wait to just listen to Marcus butler on YouTube whilst reading his book so excited😆
Sorry guys been with this one xgraham_shelleyx meeting Marcus butler hope you didn't…
hi this may be a bit random but did you get your Marcus butler book from maximum pop? Xx
Marcus Butler looks like a really good hugger
Electronic Device Insurance
Titans' rookie QB Marcus Mariota now has gone through five practices and, at this point, has yet to throw an interception.
YouTube celebrity will be in Milton Keynes tomorrow, are you excited?
thanks for sharing Marcus Butler, have a great Wednesday :)
I added a video to a playlist Hello Life | Simply British & Marcus Butler
oh wait. Marcus butler. disregard this
Mr Marcus butler so amazing to give him a massive hug !!
this isn't the real Marcus butler follow back account😂
I just met Marcus butler changed my life tbf
do you watch British you tubers ? Like Alfie Deyes Joe Sugg Zoe Sugg Marcus butler ?
because at 11:11 you make a wish and my wish used to be "to meet Marcus Butler" & it would be amazing to have met him at 11:11
In the que to meet Marcus butler I'm so excited OMG😱😻 ❤️
Marcus Butler if you don't mean it -dean geyer
Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee and Marcus Butler
When the full class is watching Marcus Butler 😂
Joe Sugg Marcus butler all the Brits tbh
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Just walked past Marcus butler and we had eye sex
. Should have asked if you were Marcus Butler
I want to be well off enough to travel the world🌏
When ya friend not tryna share they snacks 😂😂😂😂
I kinda wonder what regular students do with all of their free time
I can't wait to spoil tf out of whoever I end up with tbh
I think it's quite awful that it's so rare to be boyfriend and girlfriend now. Everyone just "talks" like what is that
Wait, what? Oli White made it to the list but not Marcus Butler? Anyway yay! I mean 😔😔😔 I still have no tix.
When your song comes on in the car..
This just in: breathing makes a difference.
Jimmy Butler is the definition of skilled but humble.
I love & Marcus Butler and Alfie impression
lol Mine was on Jimmy butler's & Marcus Thornton's.. lol it matters who you played
but you aren't talking about Marcus Butler though.. Can't be. Impossible.
i swear to GOD if marcus butler was at giovanna's book launch
There's a new guy at work that looks like a brunette Marcus Butler. Yes please and thank you.
So many places I want to travel to it's unreal
stunning af, ashton and Marcus Butler
Soo... I've been following a fake marcus butler on instagram all that time 👌
I met Niomi smart today and said to her to tell Marcus Butler I love him, imagine she does😱😩
but tell us, is Alfie also gonna be there? or even marcus butler? or is it just Caspar and you?
Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons at Butler's Barracks in Niagara On The Lake ~on assignment for …
tell me Marcus Butler and Tom Fletcher don't look alike
I can't go a day without watching Joe Sugg's, Jim Chapman's, Marcus Butler's and Joey Graceffa's vlogs
Who would you date, marry and avoid out of: Oli White, Mila Kunis, and Marcus Butler?
omg lucky! . you know Marcus Butler saw him in London AND DIDN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT
a wild Marcus Butler in his natural habitat 😂
The only youtubers I watch and really want to meet are Tyler Oakley,Marcus Butler,Zoe and Joe Sugg,Miranda Sings,Troye Sivan and Superwoman😍
YouTuber Marcus Butler has written a BOOK. Hope Margaret gets her own chapter:
can I please get a Joe DM? I lost mine😓 I'll give you Marcus Butler if you want?
Still awake at 3:15am in Trinidad watching videos❤ w my sister and singing "The Marcus,the Marcus Butler way" 🎶🎵
I love my basketball family fr.. This a great end to a great season
Hello i love Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan and Connor Franta and Marcus Butler and Joe and Zoë Sugg bye
I could listen to Marcus butler speak all day
Tom Fletcher and Marcus Butler actually look a like
I miss watching Marcus Butler's videos because I've been too busy to sit and watch them :(
Can we get married and have Connor Franta kids that will have Marcus Butler grand babies? Will You Ever Make a Book?
God i fuvking HATE marcus butler and british youtubers except dan and phil
Free Narcus/Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler lock screen . //fave if you save
I just saw a guy that looked like Marcus Butler
I rlly hope the book's gonna be hannah hart and not e.g. marcus butler like
Marcus Butler smells like a washing machine
Did you know Marcus Butler is the 186th most subscribed channel on
My sleep schedule is still messed up.
Negativity is cannibalistic. The more you feed it, the bigger and stronger it grows.
They talk trash about you because they know you're a threat
Invading your timeline with a selfie 💐
congrats to coach stan butler ,Brendan miller and marcus McIvor on the OHL nominations for coach of defence and overager.
Congrats to Marcus McIvor, Brenden Miller, Nick Paul and Stan Butler for being nominated for OHL awards
Marcus Butler, More Marcus, all the exact same videos already on their channels, even his Marcus games. as are others
Marcus Butler, Jake mitchell and all other videos are already playing on YT . jake mithell's video's more than a year.
so disappointed that Marcus Butler's decided to join Vessel, it just shows who's in YouTube for the money and who's not
Marcus Butler is probably in my city *fangirls silently over British vloggers*
Clarky Butt butt (marcus butler) (i was so afraid to look weird i thought i should clarify)
lmao Marcus butler would be proud of you
I saw that reported on the gun rampage. Can we talk more details about the page set up
if you see your idol. Joe Sugg. Caspar Lee. Alfie Deyes. Zoe Sugg. Marcus Butler. Tanya Burr. Jim Chapman. Dan Howell. Phil Lester
I may not have a Connor Franta follow but I have a marcus butler follow
Honestly tho ..Marcus Butler has me thinking impure thoughts :/
WELL LOOK AT THAT..Marcus Butler has been added to my list of men :')   10% Off
on ball? Bledsoe, snell, t Allen, Marcus smart, jimmy butler, klay etc these are just off the top of my head
"the one that looks like the child of Marcus butler and Tyler Oakley"
I just now realized ur profile pic is ricky, I thought it was Marcus butler
See y'all later - gonna have a Marcus Butler games marathon :) I love you all and you are all fabulous
When marcus butler has lied to you over and over again
**points to picture** and here is my love for Marcus butler in one picture ** imagine a big heart on the paper**💓😂
"Let the being home alone with games for two weeks begin."
Let the being home alone with practice for two weeks begin.
I am Toronto with on myGM with Wiggins, Butler, Cauley-Stein, Karl Anthony Towns, and Marcus Smart 😳😳
i think that Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Alfie Deyes and Casper Lee should make another youtube boyband video, a proper one x
How did do this? . Everyone, including Coach Kerr, still wants to know..
this if you see your idol:. Zoe Sugg. Joe Sugg. Alfie Deyes. Tanya Burr. Jim Chapman. Marcus Butler . Niomi Smart. Caspar Le…
I just watched Marcus Butler twerk oh lord
S U B S C R I B E to Marcus Butler TV. He'll put a smile on your face, I garantee he'll . Love this little outro jingle :)
I love Marcus butler more than life
Hamilton Collection
TBMM: Normally, I just overlook things like this. However, this one is actually pretty cool.
you should do one with Tyler Oakley, Marcus Butler, Thatcher Joe/Joe Sugg, pewdiepie
yeah Zoe is in a relationship with Alfie Deyes, Niomi and Marcus Butler are together as well x
I dont know whether to get the marcus butler beanie! Ahhh
Just ordered a brand new Marcus Butler smile beanie!
madklemore: Marcus Butler is extremely threatening because he looks perfect regardless of the length of his...
“Quote with the first youtuber you watched” marcus butler💘
want a marcus butler jumper but i refuse to pay £29 for one
Me , Ashton and Marcus butler all have similar glasses😎
Marcus Butler since he got fit is so underrated he honestly is so beautiful
subscribe to Marcus, he'll but a smile on your face guarantee he'll make your day! Cause it's Marcus, Marcus butler way!!
My mum said no to the Marcus beanie before I had told her anything about it that wasn't "Marcus Butler's beanie"
Umm where i can vote for Marcus Butler? Ohh wait i can't 😡😡
Click on this link for a DM to Marcus Butler/ Only The Young/ Jake Quickenden /Max & Jay /Elyar Fox. RT/Fave when done
Literally watched marcus butler's vlogs the whole day
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I always forget I've met marcus butler because my photo is so bad
"Approaches to enhance immune responses for non-responders is major focus for future"-Dr.Marcus Butler
I caught my dad watching Marcus Butler a few days ago and now I caught my mom watching Miranda Sings. 😂😂
Marcus Butler is putting out new merch at 7:30 pm UK time
First PLAYOFF game tomorrow at 6 Terrier Gym. Then after that everyone head over to Genesis together
What youtubers do you watch?! — shaytards, Miranda Sings, colleen ballinger, joshuadtv, zoella, marcus butler, n...
Marcus Butler is hot and I've always thought this and I've watched him for a long time and his rosy cheeks ajjdbdhdjsjs idc if u disagree
I hate when certain songs come with memories. Because once those memories go sour, you can never hear that song without thin…
do you think that the British English version of Siri sounds like Marcus Butler and Joe Sugg combined?
do you want to do a video with Joe Sugg,Caspar Lee or Marcus Butler
I was dreamt I was in London with Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler. And Joe was my bae.
who would you rather marry? Joe Sugg , Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee or Jim Chapman?
There's someone called Marcus in my class, and yesterday I heard they were googling "is Marcus" and they were like "who's Marcus butler" 😂
I liked a video Marcus Butler 5th Year Anniversary
I liked a video from Marcus Butler *** At Gaming | Mario Kart 8
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Marcus butler vs ricky dillon omg I'm getting so excited to watch all these videos 😂
Joey Graceffa, Marcus Butler, and other youtubers we that we love.
Butler and Rose are just abusing Marcus Smart 😂😂
Marcus Smart too small to guard Jimmy Butler that deep in the post. BBQ Chicken!
my life goal is to be as healthy as Marcus Butler
I added a video to a playlist The Best Of 2014 - Marcus Butler
Youtube vloggers are so alike that it took me a solid year before I could distinguish Caspar Lee marcus butler and alfie
I liked a video from Marcus Butler Challenges Harry Styles!
Marcus Butler's new video is really really lovely
It's impossible not to love Marcus Butler
I liked a video from The Best Of 2014 - Marcus Butler
I wanna hear Marcus Butler rap his part on its all about you 😂.
Happy early birthday! Bridgit Mendler, Brad Pitt, Marcus Butler, and Christina Aguilera share a birthday with you!
I hope I bump into either Joe Sugg / Jim Chapman / Caspar Lee / Marcus Butler since I'll be in their territory and all yeah
Is it me,does this man out of McFly looklike foetus Marcus Butler
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Well in one video Marcus Butler was in he said out of all his youtube friends Sam would most likely be arrested lol. He was right.
we learnt about the Butler Model in geography today. yo would be a great model though Marcus x
did u just say MARCUS BUTLER FOLLOWED U xx
i dont trust marcus butler or Alfie Deyes like I Do Not.
Suns might have paid a bit of a Marcus tax, but as I wrote earlier this month, really like 'Kieff at 4 years/$32M
I watch Joe Sugg and Marcus butler too. And then a few American youtubers like Hannah hart and stuff
When Jack Johnson wears glasses he reminds me of a smaller Marcus Butler...
Does someone know where Marcus Butler is right now? I wanna find him while he's in Barcelona.
Haven't watched marcus butler for a while, and after watching his recent video I remember why
these are my legs on a couch & table that Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Marcus butler & Naomi smart have all sat on 😏
Koya! Who's you're favorite youtuber? (Because I watch a whole lot of the... — Hi. :) I like Marcus Butler the best
Marcus Butler is so fit 😍 his body could be the 8th wonder of the world
I just had a dream that me, marcus butler, taylor swift, lady gaga & miley lily & oliver from hannah montana were having a dance party 😂
Fun fact:. I live half an hour away from Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart [in Brighton]
Tyler Oakley, Casper Lee, Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler and Zoella great cheer up youtubers 😚😚xx
. Marcus Butler has a twin sister named Margaret who is known for being a beauty guru
Marcus butler has a girlfriend huhuhu I don't like her already.
my icon please? And I ship you with Niall, Ashton, Luke and umm Marcus Butler! :D
Wow Tom you look EXACTLY like tom Felton and Marcus Butler combined 😧
MARCUS BUTLER OMG u know who's gorgeous fk I forgot his name but Tanya Burr's fiancé??
I've watched a few of swoozie but I'm more interested in the others. Omg watch Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler with helium !
Just ordered a Marcus Butler Beanie :) so happy
Win Butler & Régine Chassagne as well as Marcus Mumford & Carey Mulligan are the celebrity couples in the music industry i ship the most
Marcus butler, one of the best YouTubers. Love him so much
ala Marcus Butler ba or Tyler Oakley or Troye Sivan levels :)))
Marcus butler is just too cute in zoella's vlogs
marcus, can you be my butler? heheheh.. Didja see what i did there? But seriously. I need a butler.
I actually want to do this =)) "Accent Challenge with Marcus Butler | Zoella:
If you dream of licking Joe Sugg's face or squeezing Alfie Deyes' bum, you're ONE STEP CLOSER. Sort of, HOORAY
Have to wait 6 days for my Marcus Butler Beanie to come👍
Marcus butler looks a lot like tanner
Me and mum are watching Xtra Factor and this advert came on and she says 'theres Marcus Butler' 😂 Iv taught her well👌
Marcus butler or miley Cyrus the world shall never know ..
Watching a Marcus butler vlog and paused on this 😂 👍
and your Marcus remember so Marcus butler loves me oh
Zoella, Alfie, Louise, Marcus and LOADS more YouTubers are going on a UK tour, and we're so excited we might wee
I saw a really hot guy in the subway today ! He kinda looked like Marcus Butler but he had loads of piercing+tattoos
Erm Dale Alfie isnt on my wall Marcus Butler and Dan Howell is
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