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Marco Rubio

Marco Antonio Rubio (born May 28, 1971) is the junior United States Senator from Florida, since January 2011. A member of the Republican Party, he previously served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives (2007–2009).

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. Trump-Putin, the great negotiator, came to South Florida and got played by Marco Rubio. Rubio is up and Trump is down!
Marco will be pretending he's Prez. Marco Rubio on 4 Sun shows; Bernie Sanders on 2 . Both will hav…
Working list. Suggestions?. Reelect Republicans:. Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz. RINO got to go:. Paul Ryan. John McCain. Mitch McConnell
In order to reduce the federal budget, Marco Rubio suggests a cessation of the Small Business Administration
I commend Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz for standing behind the President after a tough campaign unlike some of these weak Republican Senators!
Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton should be next on the witness stand so we can find out what Trump promised them for asking his…
Tonight Trump is having dinner with Marco Rubio & Tom Cotton who by coincidence are Sen. Intel Committee me…
Trump has dinner with Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton at the White House tonight. Both senators will question James Comey on…
Marco Rubio and Vern Buchanan don't care what democrats think or want. They feed republicans only.
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and John Kashich need to go all working for the Devil !
Marco Rubio thumped Trump during the primary.
Sen. Marco Rubio takes issue with President Trump on human rights.
Sen. Marco Rubio says he wouldn’t use the term “witch hunt” because “these questions need to be answered”
Here is my full interview with Sen. Marco Rubio.
Sen. Marco Rubio: “The White House and I have a different approach on the issue of human rights”
Sen. Marco Rubio on White House drama: "People got what they voted for."
Never forget that Republicans deliberately chose Trump over John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and others.
Why wouldn't Trump pick John Boehner or Jen Bush or Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal?
No we are not Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, the Trump…
Sure would like to meet up with​ Marco Rubio and Sean Spencer in a dark alley someday. But not…
Marco Rubio will never be president. He's got the cowardly lion problem.
Marco Rubio suggests a cessation of the Consumer Product Safety Commission to fight the rising federal deficit.
Done and done! I can rely on Bill Nelson, but sadly it's obvious how Marco Rubio will vote.
Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio try to prevent shortening of Red Snapper Fishing Season
I doff my cap to Chris Pattern for fighting for Hong Kongers in his dotage. And kudos to Marco Rubio, comes across…
Sen. Marco Rubio at Hudson Institute about a year ago, right then & now. Fascinating!
I'll forgive you for endorsing Marco Rubio for POTUS. You're character, Danny Reagan is awesome!
John McCain, Lindsay Graham, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan They are the RINOS do not trust them
Marco Rubio just said he didn't think this was a "symbolic strike" by Trump. This is what he said in 2013 when Obama propo…
From who? Marco Rubio? Lindsey Graham? John McCain? Nikki Haley? Bill Kristol? We all thought we we voted AGAINST their for…
With great regret I announce that Marco Rubio has defected to HTS
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Marco Rubio now pushing back on any framing of this as symbolic - saying that the strikes will have a strategic outcome. https:…
Watch the GOP cowards like Jason Chaffetz and Marco Rubio now pretend they've supported attacking Syria all along.
Marco Rubio is quoting the Bible to justify war against Syria.
Imagine Marco Rubio showing this kind of passion about the United States. Yeah, I can't do it either.
Marco Rubio "You gotta figure out who's gonna govern Sunnis in Syria bc they won't allow Alawites." LOL dude doesn't have…
Hannity just said to Marco Rubio: "We'll save the conspiracy theories for the mainstream media" . I can't tonight.
Marco Rubio cites Rex Tillerson's remarks as 'incentive' in Syrian chemical weapons attack that left over 70 dead. https:…
War in Syria, new Cold War with Russia, Marco Rubio seeming like wise sage of geopolitics-great, b/c this is what we voted for, right?
Rubio hails Syria strikes, says Russians don't have 'standing' to criticize - CNN via
Rubio hails Syria strikes, says Russians don't have "standing" to criticize
Sen. Marco Rubio Reacts To Air Strike Against Syria: “I’m telling you, this is the area from which those chemical……
Here's the video of Marco Rubio voting against the use of force against Syria - when President Obama sought it.
Sen. Marco Rubio hails the strikes in Syria and says the Russians don't have "standing" to criticize
Senator Marco Rubio reacts to US missile strikes in Syria
MSNBC supposedly hates Trump but hasn't had on a single voice who opposes bombing Syria. Right now they're interviewing Ma…
Rubio on Syria airstrike: "The days of being able to act with impunity are over when it comes to Bashar al-Assad."
Do you believe anything RINO Marco Rubio says?
Marco Rubio: President had legal, moral authority to attack
Marco Rubio cites Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's remarks as "incentive" in Syrian chemical weapons attack
Marco Rubio gives impassioned plea to remove Assad during Syria presser:"This goes to the core of who we are."
Nikki Haley continues to conduct regular conservative foreign policy at the UN, as if the president is Marco Rubio or somebody…
To decrease spending, Marco Rubio calls for the closure of the National Labor Relations Board
Russia targeted Marco Rubio and other Republican primary opponents of Donald Trump
US Senator Marco Rubio says his staff has been the target of Russian hacking attempts as recently as 48 hours ago
You really can't trust anything that Marco Rubio says.
Marco Rubio just revealed that Russian hackers have been targeting his campaign staff BE…
For those that didn't understand my comments about influence hurting GOP Challengers like many examples htt…
Russians tried to HACK my campaign! – Marco Rubio – The Right Scoop. Is Rubio using this excuse for losing???
Russia targeted the Marco Rubio campaign team both during the election in July 2016, and as recently as Wednesday.
Cyber security expert tells Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia also aided Trumps victory in the primaries. http…
Witness said Marco Rubio was targeted in buildup to election by Russian bots to knock him out, Rubio looked taken aback, whisp…
Here's Marco Rubio, who claimed that Russia attempted to hack his former staff yesterday having his mind blown that VPN…
2) Reinstate the money for risk corridor overages that Marco Rubio gutted.
He's probably hiding in the hole with Fla Senator Marco Rubio! Another spineless GOP coward
Bill Nelson IS THE SENIOR SENATOR? Why do we talk about Marco Rubio at all???
Rubio Meets with Costa Rican President to Discuss Challenges in Western Hemisphere -U.S. Senator for Fl, Marco Rubio https:…
Marco Rubio, Ed Markey Take Aim at International Illicit Fentanyl Trade Thank you Marco, for having our backs !
Constituent chases Marco Rubio over not attending town halls: “We need to hear from YOU, Senator!”
Marco Rubio warns Snoop Dogg to be careful dealing with/clowning Donald Trump, is this a threat from politicians?.
Makes you wonder what Steve King thinks about Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Mia Love, and other Conservative minority members.
Protesters have succeeded in kicking Sen. Marco Rubio out of his office. Literally. - The Washington Post
Activists host town hall without Marco Rubio: Nearly 300 people gathered at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation…
Marco Rubio caught a lot of people off guard... - Western Journalism | Marco Rubio...
Marco Rubio trolled with missing person fliers after refusing to meet with his constituents
To decrease spending, Marco Rubio proposes a shut down of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
John McCain, Lindsey Graham & Marco Rubio all would have been executed if they lived in 1776 and George Washington…
Marco Rubio and his wife will dine with the Trumps at the White House
We live in a society obsessed with public opinion. But Leadership has never been about popularity. - Marco Rubio
I've been telling people for years Marco Rubio is the scum of the Earth he's hated in Florida. He's like a Nazi Josef Goebbels or Mengele
Lies! As though white latinos like Cameron Diaz, Andy Garcia, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or exist!
Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham & John McCain funded by to stop Trump + much more
Libturds and RINOs John McCain,Lindsey,Graham,Marco Rubio, side with positions that counter the American people!!! .
Marco Rubio, so-called "establishment lane" candidate, has a lifetime rating of 98/100 from the American Conservative Un…
Coconut Grove couple Glenn Terry and Francesca Violich walked out of the freezing rain into Sen. Marco Rubio's...
Has Donald Trump ever been more right than when he called Marco Rubio "Little Marco"?
Marco Rubio can best be described as a weasel who acts only in self-interest. He's the scum that make people sick of W…
Marco Rubio really has no backbone. Then again, neither does anyone else in the GOP outside of
Thank you, Little Marco Rubio! You wouldn't want those big oil & gas donations to dry up, now would you?
Rubio critics compared this to the senator’s change of heart with respect to Donald Trump following the GOP primary. https:…
Marco Rubio places another trophy in his Hall of Courage
When Marco Rubio runs for president in 2020, remember that he supported a guy who doesn't mind killing his political opp…
I told you guys little Marco will vote for Rex. Rubio cannot be trusted.
⚡️ “At the Tillerson hearing, Senator Marco Rubio did his job.” .
Marco Rubio just proved that a principled and patriotic Republican is a creature more rare than a unicorn.
Marco Rubio has tiny little principles. and we all know what that means
Marco Rubio just listed his spine for sale on Craigslist.
ROASTED Marco Rubio & he deserved every second of it. Looked strong, yet voted weak. Which will the constit…
BREAKING NEWS  . Marco Rubio to vote for Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State
Marco Rubio says he voted for Rex Tillerson because he didn't want to "create unwarranted political controversy"
"Little Marco" Rubio folds on Tillerson + confirms why GOP can't be trusted to stop a runaway Trump.
As says: "If your life depends on Marco Rubio having a spine, you're already dead."
Marco Rubio and his spine of rubber...
I'm a Florida resident, & you will NYET get my vote when up for re-election. Coward.
One of the worse bets in Christendom: wondering if Marco Rubio will act on any sort of principle. Ask any Florida political…
So Marco Rubio: . 1) Grilled Rex Tillerson and tried to embarrass him about Putin. 2) Is now voting to confirm Rex Tille…
I could kick myself for being surprised by Marco Rubio's weaseling re: Rex Effing Tillerson's nomination.
Actual footage of Marco Rubio trying to stand up for what he believes in
Let’s dispel with his fiction that Marco Rubio knows what he’s doing.
DNC statement on Rubio's Tillerson vote: "Not only rolling over for Donald Trump, he's earning the nickname Trump gave hi…
Marco Rubio once again does what he does best: humiliates himself
Tillerson prevailed after Marco Rubio announced he would support him, despite reservations about his ties to Russia.
Someone is holding a human spine next to Marco Rubio right now
Again if your life was depending on Marco Rubio having a backbone you are already dead
Marco Rubio backs Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Marco Rubio is incredibly dangerous. Just zero backbone.
Marco Rubio: The face of a spineless weasel who sold our country to Russia to stay relevant in the GOP. Sad! ht…
Breaking news, Marco Rubio hired to be the 98 pound weakling in the Charles Atlas ad campaign.
Marco Rubio's test: Florida senator backs down from threat to defy Trump over Secretary of State pick: During his……
Marco Rubio would sell pieces of his own spine if it meant keeping his name afloat in politics.
Marco Rubio is supporting Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Sen. Marco Rubio says he will vote to confirm President Trump's nominee Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.
Despite his "reservations," Sen. Marco Rubio says he'll support Trump’s pick for Secretary of State. Watch Rubio clash with Re…
Marco Rubio brings back his proposal to reform the VA | Sunshine State News | Florida Politi https:…
the White House is Trump family house now with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and everyone turned their eyes…
What's the deal with Marco Rubio? Doesn't the polo have enough polls? Who ARE these people?
Sen. Marco Rubio faces moment of truth with Secretary of State vote today(Orlando news)
If you rely on Susan Collins, John McCain or Marco Rubio to do the right thing.. you're screwed.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham say they will support Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. No word on Marco Rubio.
Sen. Marco Rubio not only LOOKS like a 12 year old school boy, he's STILL acting like one. Act like a Republican Senator, ok?
I remember some were calling Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio white supremacists...
Rand Paul and Marco Rubio had an angry, revealing fight about defense spending htt…
Michael Madsen would have needed a diamond sharp machete to cut Marco Rubio's ear off in Reservoir Dogs. I'm sure he heard this.
Marco Rubio joines Cory Booker with sharp questioning for Rex Tillerson in his way to be the upcoming John McCain.
A healthy reminder that Marco Rubio is (correctly) not fond of Putin.
- Rubio, Graham, and McCain may have ONE chance to put America ahead of personal ambitions and petty a…
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This hasn't been funny since like Marco Rubio dropped out of the race
Sen. Marco Rubio asks Rex Tillerson if Putin is a war criminal. . Tillerson says no. . Rubio isn't having any of it . https:…
Marco Rubio has failed to name anything that Vladimir Putin/Russia has done that the United States hasn't done in the p…
And I believe that One Republic and will be Marco Rubio.
Since he's desperately trying to be relevant again, here's some unverifiable evidence that Marco Rubio used to frequent ga…
Marco Rubio KNOWS that US bombing of Syria is a WAR CRIME - there is no UN Resolution or consent of Syria's gov to support it…
Marco Rubio is Known to despise Russia and without Rubio's vote Tillerson is dead in the water the committee has 10…
Happy to see Marco Rubio ask some real substantive questions to Rex Tillerson who would a disaster as Secretary of State
What the *** is Sen Marco Rubio doing, what a complete disgrace you truly are.
Rubio . Pretty sure he's still upset about the "Little Marco" comment.
What you're seeing now with and Rubio is payback for "Little Marco." Trump has antagonized a lot of people in…
Good time to read this prescient column from
Four words I thought I would never say: I ❤️ MARCO RUBIO
Marco Rubio doesn't play around when it comes to Russia and Putin.
Marco Rubio: Is Vladimir Putin a war criminal? . Rex Tillerson: “I would not use that term.”. Rubio: Let me describe Aleppo...
Little Marco Rubio is the equivalent of a chihuahua jumping as high as it can to bite Rex Tillerson (T-Rex) in the ankle.
This is the most substantive work Marco Rubio has ever done in Congress
Rex Tillerson punting on Russia hacking questions from Marco Rubio by saying he doesn't have clearance
Marco Rubio attacks Rex Tillerson over scope of Moscow threat and sanctions
Marco Rubio grills Rex Tillerson for refusing to call Putin a war criminal via
If you are not aware that Little Marco Rubio is an Establishment puppet, you are an *** Period.
Watching Marco Rubio question Tillerson makes me wish he was PEOTUS right now.
You know who should have won the presidential election though? . Rubio. Marco Rubio . Marco Antonio Rubio, that's who.
Marco Rubio wastes no time asking Rex Tillerson about Russian "internet trolls" -- that's the most pressing issue of the day,…
I'm as far from a foreign policy hawk as you can get but I have great respect for Marco Rubio today.
I added a video to a playlist Marco Rubio speaks out about Zika funding
Marco Rubio is accusing Putin of war crimes in Aleppo but Marco, McCain, and Graham met with the leader of ISIS before a…
Attesting to the insanity in America, I find myself actually cheering for MARCO RUBIO. Is this what Trump meant abo…
Great reminder of why we're lucky Marco Rubio is not our president.
Sen. Marco Rubio grills Rex Tillerson on his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin
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What Marco Rubio is ... Is a total charlatan trying to be a "macho man".Why didn't he grill him about Cuba?. Still rancorous.
I am in full agreement with Marco Rubio here. Wow, 2017 is going to be one *** of a year
Marco Rubio goes after Trump's pick for Secretary of State. Hard.
Awful Announcing: Justin Trudeau lobbied by Marco Rubio and NFL to ban U.S. Super Bowl ads
Marco Rubio: women with Zika should not be allowed abortions Don't ever vote for this guy
Edgar Allen Poe caused My butt and Marco Rubio to both become fake goths together.
Comparing Trump for Russian hackers already on Glenn Beck Radio Program We will f***ing shoot and Marco Rubio sponsor controversial Trump
Sen. Bill Cassidy removed from Approps committee. John Kennedy and Marco Rubio added.
Maybe have Marco Rubio become president, and Vladimir Putin becomming a transgender. U know, the norm
It was that exact issue of the in which I argued New Jersey should get behind Marco Rubio. Alas.
Ron Paul has more EC votes than Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Evan McMuffin, Gary Johnson, Marco Rubio
"America's cheering you on Julie": Marco Rubio's message to 16 yr. old girl with cancer. ❤
Peek behind the curtain via At the center of the pitch for Tillerson: *** Cheney and Marco Rubio.
Marco Rubio endangers Rex Tillerson's nomination by saying he has "serious concerns".
Our national motto is "In God we trust." reminding us that faith in our creator is the most important American value of all - Marco Rubio
Many of us have concerns about Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio has predicted everything that's going on now and Trump is blind to Putin
Marco Rubio was a Virgo I knew it I knew it I knew it is weird.
It's heartbreaking. warned about this over a year ago.
Sen. Marco Rubio poised to play role in investigation into Russian hacking
Mitch McConnel and Marco Rubio. This is what 2016 does to you, you find hope in the possibility that 2 invertebrat…
Chance for Rubio to erase "Little Marco" meme forever. Stop Tillerson and put Trump in his place.
Marco Rubio expresses more concerns about Trump's Secretary of State pick
Tillerson, CEO ExxonMobil, 's new Secretary of State, received Order of Friendship from in 2013... https…
Forgive me GOPutin stooge Senator Marco Rubio Traitor , I had no idea that the word serious was even in your vocabulary.
.I have 'serious concerns' on Tillerson nomination for Sec. of State https:…
who cares what lil Marco Rubio has to say! He's a choker! Sweating like a pig!
Rubio blasts Tillerson's ties to Putin (I like Rubio. Business Relationships needed to get things done)
Patrick Murphy tried to link Marco Rubio to Koch brothers. But Murphy took big money from George Soros and Goldman Sachs.
If you want someone who can "take their oil" this guy seems like a pretty good pick. I love how even Marco Rubio...
not just PRC: Clinton team "privately hoped the GOP would nominate Donald Trump".
I have serious concerns about Marco Rubio's allegiance to Trump and his return to establishment bureaucrats like McConnell.
MORNING JOE: It's gonna be hard for Marco Rubio to paint Rex Tillerson as a PUTIN STOOGE
The people who denounced birtherism and asked if Trump would accept the election results are delegitimizing his win.
Marco Rubio: ‘I have serious concerns’ about Rex Tillerson nomination Another reason to support Tillerson
Marco Rubio seemingly opposes Rex Tillerson confirmation for Sec of State. At this point,Tillerson seems unlikely to com…
Marco Rubio Raises ‘Serious Concerns’ About Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State - -
Marco Rubio has “Serious Concerns” about Rex Tillerson Secretary of State nomination
Sen. Marco Rubio warns Republicans not to talk about Wikileaks
Rubio endangers Tillerson nomination by saying he has 'serious concerns'
Marco Rubio voices 'serious concerns' about Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State
Rubio: I have 'serious concerns' on Tillerson nomination
Marco Rubio says he has "serious concerns" about Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State
Rubio: I have 'serious concerns' on Tillerson nomination - POLITICO
Both Trump & Tillerson have serious conflicts of interest that go directly against country's best interest. Marco Rubio ca…
It is quite an accomplishment to unite Rand Paul and Marco Rubio against your State Dept. picks, but Trump has done it w/Til…
"...the prospect of Tillerson’s nomination sparked immediate concern on Capitol Hill. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.,...
look at Marco Rubio and Rob Portman's votes ... they beat Trump. He could use those in 2020.
Marco Rubio issues stern rebuke of President Obama over his 'pathetic statement' on death of Fidel Castro
Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio criticize PM Justin Trudeau for Castro praise. Trudeau should tell them Fk off.
Changing the topic alert: Rob Portman and Marco Rubio bested both he and Hillary Clinton in their respective states…
Marco Rubio: "Our national motto is 'In God we Trust,' reminding us that faith in our"
Marco Rubio quote: Our national motto is 'In God we Trust... via
Republicans Ron Johnson, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Tim Scott, Mike Lee, & Roy Blunt who were re-elected last night all voted AGAINST the VAWA.
Could have had Marco Rubio, Martin O'Malley.. but no
.retains senate seat: in the end, "America will not be saved by politicans"
Marco Rubio - Florida Republican Sen Marco Rubio is re-elected to a 2nd term, beating Democratic US Rep Patri
What's worse than Marco Rubio in the senate in my home state and Donald Trump my president? Not much.
Is it too late to bring back Marco Rubio tho.
We are the alternate universe. On Earth-1, Marco Rubio beats Clinton by 5, Trump wraps up production on 16th season of Celebrity Apprentice.
Does Trump appoint Marco Rubio as court jester? Will Ted Cruz be Secretary of Vampirism?
Scott walker. Marco Rubio. Carly Fiorina. None of them would have caused this reaction.
So Marco Rubio isn't going to be the president for the next four years
Who was the last president that wasn't part of the establishment? Senate Amendment 1 Marco Rubio
I rely on Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio not to allow a Trump administration to deport millions of people.
God Bless Marco Rubio & his family! One day you will be in the White House!
So happy to have Marco Rubio back, can't wait for him to continue ignoring climate change while Miami goes underwater
Marco Rubio's models had him at +3%. He won by 8. The Trump surge was massive.
Way to go !! Marco Rubio survives in Florida Senate race via
We could've had Joe Biden or John Kasich or Martin O'Malley or Marco Rubio... but no, we decided to nominate pop culture.
I was trying to make a meme. Marco Rubio apparently is Naruto
Please, Marco Rubio lost to Trump by 20 in FL.
If this was Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, or even Ted Cruz it would be so much easier to accept this. So hard to have a positive outlook right now
At least if Marco Rubio had been the candidate, we could have said even if Hilary lost there would be a credible person in the Whitehouse.
I still think Marco Rubio would've been a better president
I would be happy, if this was Marco Rubio.
Marco Rubio is a conservative in every sense of the word and our nation will benefit greatly from having him back in th…
To win, Republicans needs a candidate who's less extreme or less establishment. Rubio is neither.
PROJECTION: Marco Rubio will continue to do nothing in the Senate for 6 more years. .
What would tonight look like with Marco Rubio as the Republican nominee vs Clinton? How about Elizabeth Warren vs Trump?
how about congratulating Sen Marco Rubio. and the forthcoming new President Trump??!! . GO TRUMP!
"Democrats’ path to taking Senate majority narrows; GOP wins Florida and Indiana" Republican Marco Rubio of Florid…
do you ever miss when Marco Rubio was running for president because same
That feeling when Marco Rubio pretty much told Floridians he f**king hates being their senator and they still re-elected hi…
Republican Marco Rubio will keep his Florida Senate seat, CNN projects
"Donald Trump is a con artist who can't be trusted with nuclear weapons" -- Marco Rubio
Florida Republican Marco Rubio wins re-election to the Senate
Dear Floridians don't complain when Marco Rubio fails you as your leader. You had a chances to get rid of Scott and Rubio an…
Clinton wins in New Jersey, Massachusetts. Trump in South Carolina, Mississippi. Sen. Marco Rubio wins in Florida.
Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jason Chaffetz: by supporting Trump, you are associating yourselves with Ted Nugent, a vile racis…
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Gov Rick Scott & Marco Rubio get roasted in Before the Flood & Years of Living Dangerously for their anti-climate change's great
This is why I support Marco Rubio: A New American Century via
President Obama takes aim at Marco Rubio supporting Donald Trump: "Obviously he did not have good enough friends"
"Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) voted early, heading to the polls on Monday and suggesting to reporters that he voted...
Morning Digest: Harry Reid and Bill Clinton want Democrats to come back and knock off Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio voted NO on the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act for Hurricane Sandy victims.
Marco Rubio is a great Senator & American. If Crooked Hillary wins we need to nominate him in 2020 if we still have a country
We need to re-elect Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Rob Portman, Kelly Ayotte, and Richard Burr to save the Senate.
Marco Rubio praises Christie for his actions on Sandy. Why, it's almost as if thinks you won't remember Rubio voted again…
When a politician like Marco Rubio is willing to sacrifice his care...
Utah State Senator Fillmore: "If Evan had been in [Republican primary], I still would have been a Marco Rubio and C…
hey guys Marco Rubio is actually still bad
Sounds like Marco Rubio has something to hide.
Tampa Bay Times endorses Murphy: "Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Miami is on the wrong side of most every issue..." htt…
'Tomorrow it could be us': Marco Rubio warns Republicans not to take advantage of WikiLeaks via
Kind of day I'm having...TWICE I have heard Marco Rubio say something I ACTUALLY agree with... Definite sign of end times…
Marco Rubio to Republicans: Guys, we’re supposed to hate WikiLeaks. Remember?
Marco Rubio calls out Republicans for suddenly being fans of WikiLeaks via
Marco Rubio valiantly leaps to Hillary's defense
Good day all. We haven’t heard much from the Incredibly Shrinking Candidate, Marco Rubio, since he got his butt...
Rubio warns fellow GOPers that those who “capitalize politically” on leaked Dem emails may be next in line
Marco Rubio is afraid his Emails will get hacked. Quit making him some kind of hero - He isn't. It always all about…
Marco Rubio "I Won't Talk About Wikileaks" this means Rubio is still in the pockets of political corruption. Prime example
Marco Rubio: It could be us next: WikiLeaks can alter emails on GOP too! Vote 4 America
Watch Marco Rubio eviscerate his Senate challenger. Now imagine if Marco had been the GOP nominee for President!
By supporting Trump, Marco Rubio has lost support of Hispanics in FL. admires Putin. How many Cuban-American…
Marco Rubio statement to NBC: I will not discuss Wikileaks and neither should my fellow Republicans.
Marco Rubio warns Republicans to not discuss emails published by WikiLeaks: "Tomorrow it could be us." htt…
I laugh when I see Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush pretending to "love" each other, with each talking of their great friendsh…
I continue to think Rubio is a drastically overrated politician. Keeping him around not good for GOP health.
What Marco Rubio really just announced is that he doesn't want to be in public office anymore.
Miami Herald recommends Patrick Murphy for U.S. Senate Sincerity is an issue for Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio says he won't talk about Wikileaks emails and Donald Trump shouldn't either. "Tomorrow it could be us."
Marco Rubio thinks Trump and other Republicans should lay off the WikiLeaks talk
So Rubio is saying that transparency is bad for all of us. Thanks for the heads up Marco.
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