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Marco Polo

Marco Polo (September 15, 1254 – January 9, 1324) was a Venetian merchant traveler whose travels are recorded in Il Milione, a book which did much to introduce Europeans to Central Asia and China.

Kublai Khan Genghis Khan Joan Chen Silk Road Mohammed Ali Benedict Wong

Marco Polo dude! It's like game of thrones but asian
Welcome to Manila, Dua Lipa. tonight at Marco Polo, Ortigas. Presented by Warner Music Philippines
Still don't know why Souljah boy thought he could walk around acting tough like he ain't make "Marco Polo" with bow wow
Our Silk Road team pass through Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, on their quest to trace Marco Polo's footsteps
Marco Polo on Netflix >>> A good watch. Lots of historical inaccuracies, but magnificent nonetheless. Kudos to the team!
is coming! Learn more abt at the breakout session on May8/ 12pm, Marco Polo 70…
Vasco da Gama, does he have friends called Bartholomew Dias and Marco Polo. Tltltltltl
*** Now I have this image in my mind of Marco Polo doing a bad Charlie Chan to utter silence in the imperial palace.🤔
Marco Polo restaurant on Highway 17 in Sturgeon Falls is on fire. There's plenty of smoke in that area while fire crews attend to the scene
Greater than Mohammed Ali . Harder than Marco Polo. Higher than Bobby Marley. Badder than Shaka Zulu
I added a video to a playlist Marco Polo feat. Masta Ace - Nostalgia
I've been watching Marco Polo on Netflix, and I can't imagine a religion that literally killed people in the name of the holy church
The Hotel Cà Formenta is found at one end of Via Garibaldi and is easily reached from Marco Polo airport (VCE),...
New Game: Marco Rubio. It's like Marco Polo except instead of closing your eyes, you close your mind, and there are no winners.
Concept: you're at a show and you want to find other fans of The 1975, say "go down" and see who says "soft sound". Lik…
Inbound CMA CGM MARCO POLO on a sunny Sunday in of
It's called "Reading Space and Place" and it's about travelling and documenting it. Like a Marco Polo type of thing. BORING.
“I did not write half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed” Marco Polo
And another one with a twist to end the night. @ Marco Polo…
Listen to 42 (FORTY DEUCE)[Prod. by Marco Polo] by your old droog. Please, this is dope as ***
if you haven't watched already, you'll like how Marco Polo & Vikings have portrayed Christians/europeans :p
We would totally go on a road trip with this
What's the deal with Marco Rubio? Doesn't the polo have enough polls? Who ARE these people?
It's funny how women who voted for Trump mock the Women's March but wouldn't have even had the right to vote if women didn…
I've just watched episode S02E06 of Marco Polo (2014)!
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Marco Polo, when are you going to stand up and grow a spine?,your genus/species belongs somewhere between a cockroach and a jellyfish
For the sake of cheesecake! ❤️ (@ Marco Polo Plaza in Cebu City, Cebu)
instead of Marco Polo .Marco.Putin...Marco...Putin ...keep your eyes closed ...Marco ..Putin
A-F-R-O POLO by A-F-R-O and Marco Polo, Cardinal by Pinegrove, Power Beat 7" by Triage, super low by Warehouse, Angel Olson live @ Warsaw
is a lot like a game of marco polo. The more you say marco, the more you hear polo, making polo easier to find
Style for every occasion: Mercedes-Benz Vans presents the Marco Polo HORIZON:
There's a handy new app that could, ultimately replace SnapChat.
So I'm trying out this Marco Polo app that I install last night..its pretty neat but on one note don't advise for use in class🙊
preparing for the return flight to during a heavy snow storm at Marco Polo airport 😍😍
Marco Polo would be my choice! It's a fantastic hotel in a great location. Check it out - ^Lauren
Mercedes-Benz are entering the campervan market. What do you make of their dream machine?
I want Marco Polo a 3rd season or a movie to finish the history
I'm not really a non-VW campervan fan myself, but here is another German maker with something ot offer the market.
Originally meant to have marco too but didn't turn out too well. Here's a solo polo instead
Marco Polo, world traveler, said it best "while the radical Muslim beheads his victim, the moderate Muslim holds his feet"! Muslim violence!
Know the difference between Asia Miles and Marco Polo and get the best of both worlds.
Welcome the Rooster Year at Restaurant. . Join us on the 28th Jan and enjoy special lavish Marco Polo Buffet.Rs2000 per person
You may be inspired or overwhelmed by irrepressible waves of c... More for Leo
House of Cards, OA, Narcos, and Marco Polo top 4 Netflix series im addicted too
Happy legalization bilog!! cheers to more years of friendship and more san mig for you 🎉💕i love you for always! mar…
Mercedes-Benz travels toward a fashionable, flexible horizon with new camper van -
Brave duck plays 'Marco Polo' with huge tiger
Marco Polo Ortigas Manila treats with a sumptous lunch to welcome the Year of the Fire...
this Marco Polo white man saves Asia stuff is getting out of hand.
Here's how to use Marco Polo, the video messaging app that could replace Snapchat one day via
Step into Marco Polo’s shoes as he adventures through the Silk Road in this virtual lab: https:/…
They need more places in the city that stay open past 3am
I severely misjudged . It was very good and my guy who played "Kublai Khan" in "Marco Polo" was in there
Inspired by Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan & Phileas Fogg but he did so onÊ his motorcycleÊ
watched The Martian, heard a memorable voice. Kublai Khan/Marco Polo! Awesome portrayal! Also so cool to see you in The Martian!
Did you know that Wong in Doctor Strange is actually called Benedict Wong in real life? He's Kublai Khan in Marco Polo.
Good morning from the purring & nuzzling machine (aka Marco Polo)! Marco had a great day yesterday and is also...
So I just found out about Marco Polo. It's hard staying hip. Anyway, I'm only communicating via Marco Polo now.
Some dude just tried to rob me at a gas station..
I wish iPhone had the voice changer for Marco Polo like android does :/
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
get Marco Polo it's like FaceTime but you can leave messages!
My brother and his friends invented a game called "samosa kabob" which is literally marco polo but replaced with samosa kabob
It's so good!! I watched Marco Polo and am now in Medici. It’s been some kind of Netflix holiday! Hugs to you, lady. XO
Pretty sure my kids and i just scream "MARCO" then the other yells back "POLO" and i find my kids right away lol
I've just watched episode S01E02 of Marco Polo (2014)!
am the only one who thinks 4 1/2 hours for a football game is a bit much. I watched 4 episodes of Marco Polo!!!
I'm going back to Marco Polo. I've watched the 1st episode, but then Penny Dreadful entered my life.
with Marco Polo cancelled, maybe checking out Medici is the answer for me. :)
I keep getting on Marco Polo to watch my stepmom and everybody tell me merry Christmas. I miss them so much 😭😔
who wants to be a 4th for Marco Polo?
I'm not sure what to say other than thank you for playing 'Marco polo' with me. I called 'marco' and you answered.
Marco Polo can't beat that old blind dude, but he can take out half a dozen ninjas?
What are your favorite moments of 2016 or your resolution for 2017? . You can w…
2 kids at work were playing Marco Polo but w/ "rain drop" "drop top" at work for 25+ mins & I just wanted to scream that the song's trash
Mitchell Presnick (Marco Polo Asset Management) shares his optismism on potential upside in China's equity markets https:/…
Update your maps at Navteq
My dad told me to download Marco Polo and he is cracking me up right now 😂😂😂😭
I'm so sick of people telling me I look just like Odell Beckham jr.
Marco Polo went walking + some horseback. Italians are such retards.
Then say POLO, if he says Marco, he had more balls then most would think lmao
Like seriously, I went to go watch two episodes of Marco Polo and missed an entire news cycle.
Fun fact: At the end of Titanic, when all the people are dying in the water, you can hear a faint, "Marco" and then an eve…
Black mirror, stranger things, vikingos, Orange is the new black, marco polo
Buick dude's grandma hooked up with Marco Polo.
And 2017 begins! ☺️ . About last night: Opening surprising and sumptuous Cantonese dishes at Marco Polo Ortigas...
Green Arrow. Malcolm in the middle,Marco polo, flash?
Netflix had Marco Polo under Historical shows lol. what history did they read!
When the substitute teacher is spittin bars
- and the story of Marco Polo gives attention to a part of history that's hugely important I feel we as a society forget
if you're not afraid of a bit of nudity, the Netflix original Marco Polo is seriously underrated. There's fantastic acting -
Sherlock, Vikings, Sense 8, Stranger Things, Marco Polo, Westword, How to get away with murder, Gotham y mas xd
Also, Joss Whedon wrote a script for a Disney animated Marco Polo musical film a long time ago. Glenn Slater wrote songs for it.
So I'm just going to eat cookout and watch Marco Polo
Isaac Asimov Laments the “Cult of Ignorance” in the US: a short, scathing essay from 1980 via
bc Marco Polo was the shii they have straight flames when they together .
what other shows would you recommend with a diverse cast? I enjoyed the diversity of Marco Polo (not kid friendly of course)
Heckling from the stands because we didn't know if it was Elsa or Anna. Just "Let It Go" so Lt. Dan can get hit. https:/…
Sometimes I tell the Barista at Starbuck's my name is "Marco". When they say Venti Skinny Mocha for Marco", I shout "Polo"!
is anyone else watching Marco Polo on Netflix Bc lets rant buddy
The lights by the lift area of Lung Hin at the Marco Polo hotel.
Marco Polo is pre iPhone find my friends
I give the barista a fake name. She calls for Marco, I smoothly respond "Polo" - grab my drink and bounce.
From yesterday's Indian dinner at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu. Your mom's recipes made me love Indian…
... It really bothers me that Marco Polo isn't on the new Soulja Boy/ Bow Wow mixtape.
Literally obsessed w this Marco Polo app.
definite highlight of my day was when me and some guy decided to play "Marco, Polo" from across the corn maze
Marco Polo is the best show ever... 😍😍
Advice from alumnus Leonard Wu, Actor in Marco Polo (Netflix), Revenge of the Green Dragons, and…
She send me messages through this Marco Polo app 😒🙄
make sure there's a season 3 of Marco Polo. That needs to happen.
To whoever got a random "Marco Polo" text message from me, IT WASN'T ACTUALLY ME!!!
-"So if you get a polo from Polo is it called Polo Polo?". Jackie- *** it could be called Marco Polo for all I know".
Why are people playing Marco Polo outside pls
In news: I'm on episode 3 of Marco Polo. At this point I'm not sold & I'm going episode by episode.
They call me young Oprah , harpo . In the pool rockin polo, Marco
The timeline talking about Marco Polo cast and I'm excited. Ahmad and season 2 bearded Jingim were bae.
The most unnecessary person on Marco Polo is the title character himself lmao
I still don't know if Ahmed from Marco Polo is fine, or just evil and badmind and I found it sexy.
First of all, Dana & I are were the ones telling y'all about the fine *** Asian men in Marco Polo AND telling y'all about Crazy Rich Asians
eating dinner with my husband at Marco Polo-Restaurant
Hey Netflix can we please confirm Marco Polo season 3 so I can stop reading all of the cancellation rumors while I'm bored at work
I think white people don't like Marco Polo because it doesn't center the white guy
I need more friends so that the Marco Polo app is lit
Isaac Asimov laments the “Cult of Ignorance” in the United States: a short, scathing essay (1980) via
Kmarts big gas savings, ship your pants, and geico's Marco Polo commercial !
I'm gonna go back to fma brotherhood in in a min I need to know if the netflix show Marco Polo is any need to watch an E3 conference.
Ain't none of yall netflix watchers told me Marco Polo was lit.
Watching Marco Polo and I've never been so happy to be a Nigerian Adult in 2016. Can't imagine living in those times
I thought this was about the dumb Marco Polo app, following Vine. Confused about the mini horse.
Lady in target walking around yelling "MARCO. Someone's suppose to say polo!!!"
last night I watched a drunk couple yelling nothing but "Tata" and "Pablo" at each other like a game of Marco Polo
Marco Polo Rams in Watercolor Silk Painting by by oldsilkroute via
Courtesy Post-. (Left) Dew Drop & (Right) Marco Polo are 12 weeks old male kittens. They will be neutered and...
Marco Polo is a full proof way of finding each other when lost in a store.
What's the Marco Polo app Bruh I'm always late to everything
Been watching "Marco Polo"? Read:Genghis Khan, My Brother: The Story of Temulin by Christine Price via
Update your maps at Navteq
The long gone richest history of Silk Road, Kublai Khan (Grandson of Genghis Khan) and Marco Polo — watching Marco Polo
Netflix and History with Marco Polo and Kublai Khan?. nah, I'll pass
Terracotta Army probably designed by Greeks who arrived in China before Marco Polo – r ... -…
Ancient Greeks may have built famous – 1,500 years before Marco Polo.
With Benedict Wong as one of the students. Went on to be Kublai Khan in Marco Polo. Also in The IT Crowd and The Wrong Mans.
Just started watching Marco Polo on Netflix and Holy Kublai Khan Batman I totally see what the Donald is doing. Do I have a food taster?
Welcome to the Marco Polo. Hope she and all her passengers has a good time in Liverpool
Marco Polo, whose travels are recorded in "The Travels of Marco Polo" (c. 1300), was born on this day in 1254.
What is the difference between Marco Polo and Big Dawg on the Silk Road? MP 6 yrs. BD 2 days and BD has Ms K waiting!🐶💘
As much as I hated boring Social Studies back in my grade school days I loved the names Magellan, Marco Polo and Amerigo Vespucci : p
When you're trying to use the bathroom but college students are playing Marco Polo in the hall on your floor😑😑
Gabriel Byrne popping up in Marco Polo is a bit random still has his Irish accent in there too lol
Great track 'Marco Polo' by just played !
Rana Liaquat Ali Khan was Drunkard and this punk used to visit Marco Polo / Mehfil Bar in Dubai for Ummah
How much did Geico have to pay Andy Garcia to play Marco Polo??
Order Miche Bag Online!
. A pastor associated with Burlington revival said to his church that salvation was like Marco Polo. 🙄
In Yuan Dynasty, the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo described “the finest and most splendid city in the world.”
It wasn't until the Yuan dynasty till Chinese even knew about white people. Such as Marco Polo
Marco Polo has a little something special for the Weekend Warriors! To celebrate their 2nd…
i want to the seanson 3 of Marco Polo. EMERGENCY .
Just finished season 2 of Marco Polo, excellent series.
Im gonna have nightmares after latest Marco Polo S2e2
I've just watched episode S01E07 of Marco Polo (2014)!
Marco Polo is a bit slow, but I can't resist a good period drama. But HTGAWM is on a whole other level 10/10 recommend
read somewhere that MM's blind w/o contacts & couldn't wear them that day so he & Joe Wright basically had to play Marco Polo
When you actually agree with Marco Polo
I've just watched episode S02E04 of Marco Polo (2014)!
Marco Polo, or how to get away with murder
I'm watching last episode of Marco Polo "The Fellowship"
downloading. There's also a Marco Polo app where you can find your phone by saying 'Marco!'
Marco Yolo: Played like Marco Polo but with more knives than usual
you guys should get the app Marco Polo & we can have group chats :)
Marco Polo is fun it's better than snapchat. 😉
the life of Marco Polo under the rule of Ghengis Khan. It's not historically accurate but it's still a good show.
Watching Marco Polo won't be the same after watching this! 󾌸
Marco Polo Live just broke into the top 10 Social apps! Go get it and video chat with friends!
Just watched an entire season of Marco Polo in two days🙃
Instead of marco polo these little kids are yelling han solo 😂
No sleep for wicked after you ruined Marco Polo for me lol
Lol, I get home from work and one of the first things my mom asked me was if we were going to watch Marco Polo
Who would like to play Marco Polo, except we use Donnie Wahlberg in place of Marco Polo?
im sorry I was watching the Marco Polo season 2 finale, it was lit
4K makes Marco Polo almost worth watching!
If she doesn't yell Polo when they call out Marco's order at Starbucks, is she really the one?
So instead of watching Marco Polo I went to sleep smh
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
check. Marco Polo: check. 2 great shows down. Suggestions for others?
When he says I'm Marco Polo comes to mind!
When kids play Marco Polo at the pool, I like to yell back and watch them swim into the wall and hit their head
Marco Polo Ortigas, Manila achieved the ultimate recognition for its exceptional quality of hospitality with the...
my American friends are LOVING new Marco Polo! I'm behind
Click here to watch the movie: Steamy office sex in clothes
J has bailed on the crazy RNC and is watching Marco Polo instead.
Marco Polo is pretty good if you ever watched game of thrones
Enjoy a free room upgrade at Marco Polo Hotel Hong Kong when you book your flight & hotel together
Marco polo: You please me so much. .
Really proud of this second season, check the trailer of Marco Polo, share it, spread the word and go on with yo'... h…
Spoiler Free Review of a show that every Netflix user needs to watch
When you find a Pokemon in your bed..
Marco Polo is the most annoying game ever
Mohamed Ibrahim. you know about this one... its name is Marco Polo
The kids are playing Marco Polo but using Leroy Jenkins.
Joan Chen as the Empress Chabi, Marco Polo - Netflix -
Marco Polo is the least interesting thing in I'm there for Benedict Wong and Joan Chen (and nude Rick Yune but whatever)
Decided to watch Marco Polo. Nobody told me that Joan Chen is in this!!!
In today's 3@ 33% offer we have titles from the Hanssler Classic, Marco Polo & Ondine labels. Click link for info
Love period pieces, *** on Wheels ,Turn, Marco Polo,plus Jane Fonda & Lilly Tomlin in Grace & Frankie. Orange is t/new black
Ibn Battuta versus Marco Polo in the historical afterlife
So many come to mind. Albert Schweizer would be in the top list with Avicenna, Ibn Batuta, Marco Polo & Omar Khayam.
Our apartment pool is open now so who trying to play Marco Polo
Davao Bloggers with Bb. Pilipinas 2014 MJ Lastimosa and former Ateneo Lady Eagles Gretchen *** at Marco Polo for...
when next in Barbados check out Marco Polo restaurant bar near the crane fabulous
Michelle Yeoh. Perak, Malaysia . Has appeared in the mummy, Babylon and Marco Polo. MOM
Alas, I killed my Neflix account. I may re-up when Marco Polo comes out! "Finding Vivian Maier" looks interesting.
Marco Polo will be playing at the Shaw Theatre in London starting 5 Aug. Photos from tonight.
I re-read another beloved book from my childhood & found it credited Columbus w "discovering" America & Marco Polo w "discovering" spaghetti
No one will ever be the same after ruined Marco / Polo for all of us.
They don't understand how to play Marco Polo, but man can they jazz!
The voyage to the end of the world – Treasures of South America on the Marco polo
Automatic "Marco Polo" by Theorema Germany with 35 jewels + 2 years warranty NEW
It's like Marco Polo but you punch each other in the face. ENJOY!!
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I just yelled out marco so randomly in the middle of class and three people yelled back saying polo😂😂
My new sounds: Marco Polo ft Raevelli "Put it On Me" on
Voyages of Marco Polo is a serious contender for best of 2015. Also, why can't all euros be this pretty?
I always knew Marco Polo brought rigatoni back from China
You thought you would be ready to make a major move today, but... More for Leo
MS Marco Polo is due in Dublin Port April 21st, she measures a massive 578.35 ft!
Our newsletter is now out featuring The Maids, BFI comp, Marco Polo, stained glass, the Royal Academy -
Marco Polo is a lonely game when you are the only one in the pool
Have you seen the massively inspiring refugee team? Info here:
A captivating new musical comes to London this Summer | A poignant tale of power, destiny & love | 30% on tix ht…
I'm stuck on an island watching a kid in a bucket hat play Marco Polo.
Dexter, Marco Polo if it's on there still
One or Three 60-Minute Gold Mask or Platinum Collagen Facials at Marco Polo Schools (Up to 56% Off)
Very shortly I will be pseudo Marco Polo & living in Venice for a bit. Thanks to incredible…
Learn Something Surprising About Africa "Madagascar got its name when Marco Polo thought he was in…
Today's retailer Marco Polo sell Italian footwear at affordable prices! Pop over to today!
Today in our '3 @ 33% off' offer,we have 2 titles fm Hanssler Classic &1 fm Marco Polo labels. Click the link 4 info
The Container Ship CMA CGM Marco Polo has just set sail for Dunkirk (Track:
Listening for which smoke detector in the house needs a new battery is how adults play Marco Polo
I finally imposed a temporary ban on Marco Polo. . They played "Napoleon Bonaparte" instead. . No, no, no.
Must have been one heck of an argument. Lucky to be alive. Woman tries swimming to CMV's Marco Polo.
Marco Polo is so much better than this 5 star hotel 😒
At a hotel where an endless game of Marco Polo has been going on for the last three hours. I want to tape all their eyes open & end it 4ever
I want to try Marco Polo. Grand Austria Hotel is enjoyable as long as you’re not colourblind.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I REALLY want Marco Polo. And a recent play of Orleans was great. I have Grand Austria Hotel that I need to try soon
A group of people were playing Marco Polo on my hotel floor last night at like 3am 🙂🙃
Apparently I'm not very good at playing Marco Polo...
Wow, I got the kung fu mania bad; Forbidden Kingdom, Kung Fu Hustle, and that Marco Polo: Hundred Eyes short.
Sex Clip for Olivia Cheng kung fu spice in Marco Polo
.Just heard Mikey was taken to the woodshed by Art Pope. Was supposed to back Marco Polo. New majority leader soon!
Wish I had a blind Kung fu monk guy to train me like Marco Polo had
BTW Jack Palance played Beelzebub in The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo on His Journeys to the Ends of the Earth in 1998
I will play any and all of these with you except Lewis & Clark, blah. :P But especially Marco Polo!!
My family played Marco Scutaro instead of Marco Polo
I'd rank the Yule Log above Marco Polo on a list of Netflix's original programming
really is a *** 2 the enth degree. Marco Polo is not a man but a tool for his pimps in the establishment.
City of God, Ip Man, Paid in Full, The Professional, Heathers, or Marco Polo which is a show but it's lit
Marco Polo and Mount Alexander, Melbourne. 1995 vs Street View. So neat to be able to geolocate images.
Flashback to 2013...Pictorial for Marco Polo's Tree of Hope Lighting event entitled "The Magic of Christmas"...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Monkey at Marco Polo themonkey
Easyjet launches Venice base: The carrier will base four aircraft at the city"s Marco Polo airport, and will a...
Colon spoke Genovese, Marco Polo spoke Venetian. . (Italy had no Atlantic coast either)
Philippine Nightlife Marco Polo Plaza. Cebu City - 500 Php Joiner Fee: I am at Marco Polo now.  Checked in for...
There are many reasons why Marco Polo is a fairly stodgy show, and yet the photography and choreography make it worthwhile.
"Marco Polo is like Game of Thrones - magic & dragons + kung fu" is a very accurate description of the series, which is awesome btw.
Spending the evening with Robbie Burns, Marco Polo and one potty-mouthed Australian.
I really hope One Hundred Eyes was a statement of intent about the next season of Marco Polo. More Kung fu please :)
If u liked Netflix's Marco Polo you'll love the origin story for Hundred Eyes, arguably the show's coolest character
Netflix has a new original movie/TV show called Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. It is a Chinese style Kung Fu short...
into the badlands, Mr. robot,Sense 8,Between,Defiance, Heroes, Dexter, Terra Nova, Marco Polo, Skins, the returned, Grimm,...
TV-DVDs out today for Barnaby Jones, C.S.I., Marco Polo, Teen Wolf, Extant, and House of Anubis:
Friends, I need your vote. Fairmont Hotel, Marco Polo, or Ascott?
Rotini with Marco Polo sauce (spicy tomato with cream, chicken, Italian sausage, shrimp and…
*** was first said by Ian Chesterton in Marco Polo (1964)
Electronic Device Insurance
I liked Marco Polo for a GoT type fix, Wet Hot American Summer for your ridiculousness comedy fix, and Narcos.
No one told me that starred in Marco Polo.
Peaky Blinders is great. Arrow is good. Marco Polo was good. Daredevil was awesome.
*playing family feud*. Me: name an Olympic sport played in the water. Raegan: Marco Polo.
Marco Polo and Game of Thrones are also excellent in this department. Let me just rant about title sequences for 10 mins omg sorry
Or even Genghis Khan era China. *** Kubla Khan era would have Marco Polo. Just do that.
How will impact in 2016? Find out at our session today at 4 pm in Marco Polo 705, Level 1!
It's hard to find people my age to hang out with because they're all into partying & drugs & I'm over here wanting to play M…
Imagine Jean&Marco having this little reassurance thing where Jean says " Marco" and Marco says " Polo" just so Jean kno…
Already managed to get my pants dirty and I've been out of my car for a grand total of 14 seconds
Mac Game: The Travels of Marco Polo: Experience the Travels of Marco Polo - a historical Point & click Adventure…
. Best series, I've seen in a little while on Netflix is definitely MARCO. About MARCO Polo and Genghis Khan
Check out the 7th Annual Marco Polo Festival in this week's issue of
Has anyone spotted the bus with Marco Polo German Bierfest advertisement? Just two more days to go!
Fucc me...I'm about to cop the ltd Marco Polo joint & is luring me into their trap of collectible sets...…
You are secretly sorting out your mixed feelings about an old ... More for Leo
From Marco Polo ... A gorgeous range of linen shirts and tops .. In natural or ivory ... For linen lovers like me...
Why use Marco Polo? Did they just choose a random name and stick with it? That's like playing hide'n'go seek and shouting "Babe!" "Ruth!"
Kids playing Marco Polo on the front porch in the dark.
marco?. a. nah, like three feet away from his torso. b. pOLO. c. *aggresive yelling from heaven @ jean*. d. DADA RADAADAA IS UND SPDI
From | HIgh ownership of Pirelli by ChemCHina vehicle may trigger early loan redemption
Last nights game was The Voyages of Marco Polo, we had 2 new players and 2 that had played…
I really enjoyed Narcos. Marco Polo was a lot better than I thought it was going to be too
"\Yea I pretty much never sit next to the pool anymore\"" -Marco Polo"""
Change coming for Marco Polo. Don't think it will it drive big $ impact? It might shorten boarding queues though!.
"Militant Muslims cut off people's heads whilst moderate Muslims hold the victims' feet." -Marco Polo
she was the mowdel 4 Marco Polo Taray! 💁🏻
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