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Marco Belinelli

Marco Stefano Belinelli (born March 25, 1986, in San Giovanni in Persiceto) is an Italian professional basketball player currently with the New Orleans Hornets of the NBA.

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Maybe. But couldnt have possibly gotten less for him on draft night. Marco Belinelli fetched 22nd pick last draft
New All-Star packs and boxes are available. Collect Ruby Gerald Green and Marco Belinelli along with many other great All…
Marco Belinelli should be playing over Jeremy Lamb.
Rivers just go off on marco belinelli
Kings fans are savages for booing Marco Belinelli. He did nothing but good for a franchise that is going nowhere.
Ex-King Marco Belinelli booed in return: Former Kings usually are cheered when their names are announced in……
This is how I felt when I saw that Marco Belinelli FINALLY blocked me today!. "I'm somebody now!!" 😂😂. Better late t…
"We played together.". -Marco Belinelli on what went well tonight.
.guard Marco Belinelli gives you his thoughts on the first half.
How depressed does a fanbase have to be to boo someone like Marco Belinelli for not resigning with them lmao
V. Brave of Marco Belinelli to travel back to Sacramento and face his former captors.
Here comes Marco Belinelli into the game - a small chorus of boo's - much more tame than I thought. Kings fans going soft lol
I hear some boos for Marco Belinelli
Marco Belinelli nearly pulls off the greatest buzzer-beater the NBA regular season has ever seen (ruled NO GOOD after r…
Marco Belinelli sighting at a sushi bar in Sac. By me to be clear...
Trade Alexis Ajenca for Marco Belinelli y'all need a shooting guard, to many centers.
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Marco Belinelli failed to convert 2 potential game winners in 2 different games in Detroit.
If Marco Belinelli is gonna take the game winner I'll take that every time
Marco Belinelli misses open 3 at end of regulation. We're headed to OT tied 100-100.
you sure you didn't just confuse him for Marco Belinelli?
I mean, Marco Belinelli was traded for a first round pick last year so I kinda figured we could get a little more.
How did the Kings get a first round pick for Marco Belinelli?
that's what we were told about Marco Belinelli and he couldn't even do that
Marco Belinelli would be a good fit
and forced the '14 Spurs to do what...sign Marco Belinelli?
Pelicans need a Marco Belinelli or Kyle Korver type player to make them a real threat
the Hornets traded the 22nd in last year's draft to the Kings for freaking Marco Belinelli...
Marco Belinelli went for the 22nd overall
The second coming of Marco Belinelli basically.
What a great trade that was. A salary dump so you could sign Rajon Rondo (gone), Marco Belinelli (gone) and Kosta Koafas (being shopped)
Jordan picked frank over 5 first round picks but last year he traded their first for Marco Belinelli 😗
Sacramento only got marginally more for DeMarcus Cousins than they did for Marco Belinelli.
And Malachi Richardson (22-2016), who was traded for Marco Belinelli, and is supposedly a real basketball player.
The Kings traded Marco Belinelli for a 1st round pick. They got basically 2 for Cousins.
Warriors played against CJ Watson and Marco Belinelli on the same road trip in 2017.
Marco Belinelli looks like a poor man's Vlade Divac
I’d bet a nice sum Brent Barry was in charge of that graphic. He was picking on the Kings for not playing Marco Belinelli more last year.
with this and trade for Marco Belinelli, is there a chance Jeremy Lamb is traded?
I think I adored Marco Belinelli so much because he looks like Rocky Balboa (Slyvester Stallone).. now I like his game
I really thought that Marco Belinelli was going to be our savior
Fake. I don't see Marco Belinelli anywhere on this list. Blocked.
Marco Belinelli shares his heartfelt and selfless tribute to Kobe. via
Caron Butler and Rudy *** join Rajon Rondo, DeMarcus Cousins, Darren Collison, Omri Casspi and Marco Belinelli as OUT for Sac tonight.
Marco Belinelli-Sacramento Kings Belinelli is dealing with a sore right foot and has been ruled out for the remainder of the regular season.
Seth Curry is everything that we had hoped Marco Belinelli would...
Bobby Portis let Marco Belinelli bang on him smh
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Marco Belinelli with the dunk, Kings bench surprised
Marco Belinelli climbs the ladder for the dunk, Kings bench goes crazy
Marco Belinelli the paint for the slam.
Former Bull Marco Belinelli makes a 3 to put the in the deficit. trail 89-86, 8:40 left in 4Q.
More ugliness leads to a Kings lead as Marco Belinelli buries a triple. 7pts, 4ast for Marco off the bench. 19 and 17 for DeMarcus Cousins
As if things couldn't get any weirder in Kings Land- apparently instead of signing Marco Belinelli we signed Dikembe Mutombo.
Guard Position should be pretty easy tonight: Kyrie Irving, Derrick, E'Twaun Moore, Marco Belinelli, and Fournier should be your short list
Kosta Koufos is fine as a starter in my opinion, but Marco Belinelli definitely isn't. Koufos and Belinelli started 3rd qtr.
George Karl changed lineup for second half, starting Kosta Koufos and Marco Belinelli.
Marco Belinelli and Kosta Koufos begin the second half with Rudy *** DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo.
I'm convinced that Kosta Koufos, Omri Casspi, and Marco Belinelli were all separated at birth.
ICYMI: Jim Barnett gets hug and kiss from former Warriors draft pick Marco Belinelli, Bob Fitzgerald looks on
My family is making fun of me because I told them that I threw up at Arden then met Marco Belinelli right after. Lol
[SB Nation: Sactown Royalty] - Marco Belinelli's shooting form is perfect: ... Look at this. Beautiful. (h/t K...
Marco Belinelli's shooting form is perfect - Sactown Royalty
Little Giant Ladders
NBA. Marco Belinelli just got a rebound. Sponsored by
>> Marco Belinelli's shooting form is perfect
Marco Belinelli's shooting form is perfect
any chance the heat could get marco belinelli from the Kings ?
For I'm airing the following grievances: Marco Belinelli *** and is bad at basketball. That's all
We should try and get Marco Belinelli and Koufos from the kings. It would work for Green and another player...
Is it just me or does Marco Belinelli look like Rafi from the league
Marco Belinelli stay wanting to chuck up 30 footers glad he's off the Spurs
David Lee for Marco belinelli who says no
he obviously tried to pass it to Marco Belinelli who was cutting to the hoop hard and then stopped...
For the love of God please take Marco Belinelli out
Marco Belinelli should only be shooting set open shots
Marco Belinelli is last in the NBA in DRPM, only 33% from 3. McLemore can’t be worse than this. .
Marco Belinelli with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
NBA. TOR 9 - 24 SAC. Marco Belinelli just got an FT. Sponsored by
Is Marco Belinelli really that different from Kevin Martin? need to just trade him and move on
Is it just me, or does Marco Belinelli like like the guy from The Professional?
Marco Belinelli when he was with the Spurs! And we won the championship!!!
Congrats to the winners, the answer is Marco Belinelli, we'll DM the 10 winners of the $50 gift card!
Marco Belinelli, Darren Collison lead Kings to win in preseason ...
Marco Belinelli discovering first hand what a pain in the butt Leonard is on defense. Spurs on a 15-4 run and lead 44-37 in the 2nd.
Defensive issues yeah yeah.I mean, is your defense better by playing a true 2 like Marco Belinelli over a Cory Joseph?
She Calls Me Daddy (has claimed Marco Belinelli off waivers, and dropped Anthony Morrow.
Pat Connaughton and Marco Belinelli trade 3s. Kings up 22-20 after 1.
Who'll replace Marco Belinelli in the Spurs' rotation?
Who will replace Marco Belinelli in the Spurs' rotation?: Kyle Anderson, Jonathon Simmons and Jimmer Fredette ...
Cole Aldrich, Marco Belinelli and Clint Capela yup bout my pack luck
Past visiting AT&T Center: Tiago Splitter on Nov. 28, Aron Baynes on March 2, Marco Belinelli on March 5 and Cory Joseph on April 2.
BREAKING: Chicago has traded Derrick Rose for Boris Diaw, Marco Belinelli, and Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs. (…
A Spurs farewell to Marco Belinelli and Cory Joseph - Pounding The Rock
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Wesley Mathews reverse his decision to go to Kings, Then Mavs sign Kosta Koufos and Marco Belinelli who are rejected by SAC
Kings trade Jason Thompson, Carl Landry, Nik Stauskas, and 2018 first round pick for Marco Belinelli and Rajon Rondo... …
Marco Belinelli is leaving San Antonio to go to SACRAMENTO?! Jeez. That's like divorcing Natalie Portman to date Courtney Love.
Man, Marco Belinelli went from Bulls to San Antonio (won championship) to Unmitigated Disaster aka Sacramento.
Marco Belinelli thanks Spurs fans for time in San Antonio, after reaching a deal to play for the Kings:
Biggest surprise in Free Agency this year to me was seeing Marco Belinelli leave San Antonio to go to Sacramento.
Marco Belinelli agrees to contract with the Kings - Pounding The Rock
I wanted Marco Belinelli to stay with San Antonio, but they probably couldn't offer him as much money as Sac Town.
Spurs gave up Tiago Splitter, Aron Baynes and Marco Belinelli... Losing there great bench. Aldridge better do some work for San Antonio😒
Bummer... Marco Belinelli is leaving San Antonio. I'm pretty sad to hear that.
Any girl I done wanted I done had already... She tryna Fwm now Cuz I ball like Marco belinelli
Marco Belinelli looks so much like Rocky 2 Stallone
I can see the Klay Thompson comparison for Devin Booker. Somewhere between that and Marco Belinelli.
Jason terry, Marco belinelli, mike dunlevy nd Jared Dudley should be at the top of your free agent list.
.just compared Hezonja's floor to Marco Belinelli. Get excited Denver!.
Kinsler and JD should hit the Marco Belinelli dance on the way to the dugout.
watch for Marco Belinelli as an option for Cleveland.
I say Cavz give up Iman Love and Smith... Pick up Lou Williams, Aldridge, maybe Marco Belinelli! Now that's team.
that team was ravaged by injuries. Monta, Jackson, Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli and still-decent Biedrins were there, too.
Brian Cardinal, Steve Novack, Marco Belinelli, and Yi Jianlian would be mine
Marco Belinelli on the cover of GQ Italia.
Report: SG-SF Marco Belinelli's participation in with won't affect his plans in UFA.
SG-SF Marco Belinelli said he'll play for in this summer.
Can I listen to Bonnell interview?? What did he say about Marco? I've been saying Belinelli for weeks. shares agent w/Al & KW.
Marco Belinelli confirmed that he will play for Italy during this summer's EuroBasket tournament.
Marco Belinelli: I can't wait to play for the Italian NT this summer
Andrea Bargnani. Marco Belinelli. Gigi Datome. Danilo Gallinari . will play for Italian National Team at Eurobasket
Marco Belinelli said a return to the San Antonio Spurs is still possible.
Danny Green likely to return next season. Cory Joseph, Marco Belinelli, & Aron Baynes contracts are all iffy at the moment.
Why is Manu Ginobili getting more minutes than Marco Belinelli? What is Pop seeing that we aren't?
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Double No Look Pass Boris Diaw leads the break and finds Marco Belinelli with a no-look pass and Belinelli throws …
This Spurs "fan" next to me thinks Marco Belinelli is Manu Ginobli! Can you say
Like so many Italians before him, Marco Belinelli finds his fortune in NYC.
Marco Belinelli is a hired assassin.
Marco Belinelli gives the Spurs the lead with 20 seconds to play
Is it possible Marco Belinelli is the clutchest clutch shooter on the Spurs? A small sample size says yes
Masters at work. Gorgeous screen set, Marco Belinelli leaks out for wide open J in rhythm. up 96-94 with 20.5 left.
Marco Belinelli I would suck you off
Both Marco Belinelli & Andrea Bargnani are playing good. Good game for Italian but somehow is not here.
Marco belinelli and I have the same game
More and more convinced that Marco Belinelli has no business on an NBA team
Maybe the worst pass of Marco Belinelli's career right there...
STAT WATCH!. Marco Belinelli currently has 2 steals, that ties his season high, his career high is 4
Belinelli draws the foul on Amundson. Lou's 2nd. Marco hits a pair. down 12-16 with 5:00 left in Q1.
Marco Belinelli is an intriguing play against the awful Knicks
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I think I really like Marco Belinelli tonight. No Manu. Blowout. Think he might score 20-30 DFS points.
Nuovo video del Beli da basketball 4life:. Marco belinelli - An Italian Champion. If you enjoyed the video please...
visited San Antonio on Dec. 10 and left with a 109-95 defeat, as Marco Belinelli paced the hosts with 22 points.
Does Marco Belinelli shoot this floater, or does the ball leave his hands of its own accord?
Marco Belinelli returns from injury and hits three treys
What did Marco think about his return tonight?. Find out now >>
NBA FINAL:. San Antonio Spurs 110, Orlando Magic 103. Marco Belinelli: 11 pts on 3-4 from 3 pt range in return from injury.
In his return, Marco Belinelli has 11 points in 16 minutes and is playing in closing time (4th).
Good to have you back Marco Belinelli!
Marco Belinelli WILL win the 3pt contest!
It’s gonna be funny when Marco Belinelli repeats as 3-point champ in a couple of weeks.
I would like a Marco Belinelli Jersey for my birthday is anyone is wondering. 😏
Per Pop, Aron Baynes will start at center tonight. Tiago Splitter is available. Marco Belinelli will get a few minutes.
Marco Belinelli (suspicion of being a narco belinelli) has been cleared to play Wednesday.
Boris Diaw and Marco Belinelli for Taj Gibson and Tony Snell? Hmm. Nah, probably not worth it for either team.
Sportando: Marco Belinelli will return tonight: I really missed the court: Belinelli missed the la...
.& catch up with the media before Manu >> Marco >>
Spurs SG Marco Belinelli gets the green light for Wednesday
Marco Belinelli is cleared to play tonight vs. the Orlando Magic
3pt Contest:. Stephen Curry. Klay Thompson. Kyle Korver. Wesley Matthews. JJ Redick are all in. Marco Belinelli won last so…
They shoulda got Marco Belinelli to play Marco Polo. He coulda won his freedom in a game of HORSE.
Marco Belinelli is so underrated in 2k, I've hit like eight 3's in a row with him 😂😎
Marco Belinelli reportedly wants to sign an extension with the Spurs this summer.
Marco Belinelli wants to sign a new contract with San Antonio Spurs next Summer.
Marco Belinelli gets my vote for 2015
Belinelli Will Have A Busy Year in 2015: San Antonio Spurs’ Marco Belinelli will be keeping bu...
Marco Belinelli Mum on Future with Spurs: (Question:) Eight seasons in the NBA, in 5 different cities: San Fra...
Spurs’ Marco Belinelli told Tuttosport he will participate the NBA's 3-point shooting contest at the All-Star Game: I want t…
Marco Belinelli says he'll take part in the Three-Point Contest at the NBA All-Star Game
Marco Belinelli is definitely the king of Happy New Year...
Splitter finds Belinelli Tiago Splitter delivers a great pass to Marco Belinelli for two.
Marco Belinelli looks like he went to the Vinny Del *** school of defense.
Marco Belinelli's shot fake is a thing of beauty.
This half summed up in one play: Marco Belinelli makes gorgeous pass to wide-open Tiago Splitter. Crowd goes wild. Splitter misses layup
Lineup note: Kyle Anderson gets the start at SF, with Marco Belinelli to the bench.
I'm sure Marco Belinelli and Jordan Farmar don't mind
Marco Belinelli unfazed by the weird face of Steve Blake nearby.
Are the Spurs and Pop's coaching tactics stunting the player development of Marco Belinelli?
Pop loves Belinelli. He will get sick of Joseph’s lack of offense and I think he puts the ball in Marco's hands
Marco Belinelli not nominated for PotY2014 is the biggest *** since Sam Bowie picked over MJ in 1984 NBA draft
Still cannot believe what I just saw.. No Marco Belinelli? You serious? Nba 3pt shootout winner, Nba title
NBA 3 point champion Marco Belinelli teaches robot how to shot 3 pointers
We learn from challenges. Marco Belinelli and Com…: ***
Ginobili to Belinelli Marco Belinelli hits the corner 3-pointer off the cross-court pass from Manu Ginobili.
Marco Belinelli hits the three and the bench rubs their bellies in celebration.
I got scrub nuggets on myteam only got Marco belinelli who's actually a beast
We learn from challenges. Marco Belinelli and Comau Racer robot:
San Antonio Spurs: Marco Belinelli in a rap video? Yes please!
Marco Belinelli in a rap video? Yes please!: He can knock down threes with ease and now it seems Spurs’ Marco ...
Marco Belinelli was on Young majority of the game ***
Marco Belinelli -16 on the night. just kidding, I don't believe in that stat's value. but he is not v good. good DMer though. strong DMs.
Boozer doesn't only push on rebounds, but pushed Marco Belinelli into Nick Young, so Young could earn three free throws.
No Kawhi Leonard probably means more of Danny Green guarding Kobe, with Marco Belinelli or Manu Ginobili, and perhaps m…
Marco Belinelli puts Henry Sims on a poster. WOW.
Marco Belinelli dunks all over the 76ers: By Brandon Lee Gowton MAMMA...
Marco Belinelli goes dunk face all over Henry Sims.
With Matt Bonner and Marco Belinelli out I expect Austin Daye to start tonight and Kyle Anderson to get some run but he needs to hit shots
NBA Champ Marco Belinelli teaches how to sink baskets. . Via
INJURY REPORT!. Patty Mills, Tiago Splitter, and Marco Belinelli will NOT play in today's game against the
Cut/paste: Splitter, Belinelli out again: Starting forward Tiago Splitter and reserve guard Marco B...
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Recommendation by :Marco No surprise here as all three ...
The Spurs announced Patty Mills, Marco Belinelli, and Tiago Splitter will be out with injuries Friday vs. Lakers.
Marco Belinelli (right groin), Patty Mills (right shoulder surgery) & Tiago Splitter (right calf) are listed as out for Friday night.
Marco Belinelli (groin), Patty Mills (shoulder) Tiago Spliiter (calf) are all listed by the Spurs as out Friday vs. Lakers
Lmao pulling up from half court like Marco Belinelli
Hi did you see NBA champion Marco Belinelli teach a how to play basketball?.
Hello check out this video with italian NBA player Marco Belinelli shooting hoops with Racer
im using Marco Belinelli in 2k15 like the Warriors use Klay Thompson (mosty screen quick shots) and it's working so easily
►Marco Belinelli: My goal is is to push my limits further ...
happy birthday bro! From the one and only marco belinelli 😉👌🏀
Marco Belinelli (groin) was unavailable for Tuesday's game.
If you don't love Jim Barnett the problem is with you, not him. Marco Belinelli payed his respect pre game...
Marco Belinelli hugging Jim Barnett makes me nostalgic.
Who wants to see Marco Belinelli teach a robot to shoot the three?..
INJURY REPORT! Tiago Splitter, Patty Mills, and Marco Belinelli will NOT play today, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are questionable
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Marco Belinelli will have more rings than Russel.
Sixers got the bigs down but they still need shooters...maybe poach Danny Green or Marco Belinelli from the spurs next year.
In my nightmares tonight I will see Marco Belinelli aka hitting that game winner in my face.
Who had a higher 3 point percentage ? Marco Belinelli or Stephem Curry ?
You should hear the Marco Belinelli story of him too wow
Why doesn't Marco Belinelli exist in MyNBA2K14? Early thanks for your answer.
Fun fact: Marco Belinelli has already tried sleeping with her
So.maybe Marco Belinelli was hurt by my playoff commentaries on his defense & need to stay on the bench.
Marco Belinelli is the perfect example of the Spurs effect (right).
Marco Belinelli from the spurs at urban last night!
I'll block Marco Belinelli in your honor.
Marco Belinelli just got a Lambo to celebrate the Spurs Championship!
Noah Vonleh and Al Jefferson seems nice. Maybe they can trade Cody Zeller for Marco Belinelli or something
Chris Mendez, Victor Drew Jimenez, John Serna The San Antonio Spurs are the 2014 NBA Champions, they received there 5th championship in franchise history. Up-and-coming Superstar SF Kawhi Leonard gets the 2014 NBA Finals MVP Trophy, and he become the 3rd-youngest Finals MVP in NBA History behind Hall-of-Famers Magic Johnson and teammate PF Tim Duncan, who continues to amazed us each and every year of his Hall-of-Fame career. Duncan is truly the greatest power forward in NBA History, and he received his 5th championship trophy, along with his brothers and quadruple of teammates, PG Tony Parker, SG Manu Ginobili and SF Kawhi Leonard. San Antonio also had that great bench they count on all year long. Thank you to all the key role players and bench that provided great spark along the way. SG Danny Green, PF/C Tiago Splitter, PF/C Boris Diaw, PG Patty Mills, PG Cory Joseph, SG Marco Belinelli, PF/C Matt Bonner, SF Austin Daye, PF Jeff Ayres and C Aron Baynes. None of this would have been possible without the S ...
Congratulations to Marco Belinelli and the San Antonio Spurs. 2013-14 NBA Champions!
First Ever Italian to win the NBA and the 3-Point Contest.
marco belinelli is the first italian born basketball player to win the NBA championship
Marco Belinelli and Tiago Splitter made there countries proud
Marco Belinelli and Tiago Splitter. First ever NBA champions from Italy and Brazil respectively. Oshe Spurs.
Marco Belinelli has thanked his knockers after becoming the first Italian ever to win the NBA title. Shooting guard Belinelli was part of the San Antonio Spurs team that clinched the NBA title on Sunday, when they beat the Miami Heat 104-87, to claim a 4-1 victory in the best-of-seven final seri…
This is unbelievable, amazing feeling - Grande
Marco Belinelli to ask for trade to Knicks: loves GODFATHER 3; may believe "Little Italy" is actual Italy
I have no idea what Marco Belinelli is saying here, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up watching him cry:
Marco Belinelli: This is unbelievable, amazing feeling
Marco Belinelli breaks down when trying to thank his family for supporting him.
Marco Belinelli woke up this morning with more championship rings than Charles Barkley and Karl Malone combined.
Belinelli and Champions vs 1st Italian in the history of the Marco"
Marco Belinelli played the 2nd most minutes for the this regular season, behind only Tim Duncan (h/t
1st things 1st, Marco Belinelli gotta go.
Watching the Spurs won the championship and seeing all their players with their national flags - it certainly feels like it's a Who's Who of the World cup soccer: Boris Diaw & Tony Parker - France Marco Belinelli - Italy Patty Mills - Australia ; Aron Baynes - New Zealand of course Manu Ginobili - Argentina Tiago Splitter - Brazil. now they just need to get Dirk from Germany and they will complete their soccer powerhouse collection
Acquiring Marco Belinelli was one of the best decisions made for this season! :)
All the NBA career highlights of Marco Belinelli from 2007 to 2014. To be continued...
KSAT's Greg Simmons catches up with Marco Belinelli, who wins his first championship in his first year with the Spurs.
Question for Bulls fans in particular...does it sting just a little that Marco Belinelli has a ring now??
San Antonio Spurs guard Marco Belinelli made history of Italian basketball last night: he became the first Italian player to win NBA Title; Marco Belinelli: an Italian Pride !
So proud of this italian boy Marco Belinelli (the real)
If I was the Miami Heat I'd be upset if I let "Balki Bartokomous" from Perfect Strangers (Manu Ginobli), "Pepe Le Pew" (Tony Parker) & the "Inspector from the Pink Panther" (Marco Belinelli) beat me.
The Spurs have found a new formula to building a championship franchise...GO FOREIGN. lol Tony Parker: France, Manu Ginobli: Argentina, Patty Mills: Australia, Tiago Splitter: Brazil, Marco Belinelli: Italy, AAron Baynes: Australia, Boris Diaw: France, Cory Joseph: Canada, even Duncan is from the Islands even though it's considered US Territory. LMAO These foreigners seem to buy into the fundamentals and team concept.
Marco Belinelli has taken like 30 shots in pregame warmup session and I haven't seen a ball hit rim yet. Just straight…
I'm late, but Marco Belinelli look like Jean Reno / The Professional
Marco Belinelli of the stretches prior to Game 3 on ABC.
My bold predictions for the NBA Finals.. 1. Remember the name. Marco Belinelli..he's gonna have a big series when all is said and done. 2. Gregg Popovich will throw an epic tantrum and give us a quote just as epic as the " I want some Nasty!" Line. 3. Lebron will put up insane numbers and take over for his team and a game or two, but not a series. 4. The Finals MVP will not be from the US. 5. Spurs win Game Miami!
Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Marco Belinelli with the Western Conference Trophy (via
Boris Diaw, Cory Joseph, and Marco Belinelli just pulled the Spurs back in this game. Is this real life?
Somewhere out there, Gary Neal chants a mantra against Marco Belinelli's every shot.
Players who can only be stopped by Marco Belinelli are the new market inefficiency.
The only person who can stop Marco Belinelli is, of course, Marco Belinelli.
I moved on from having a crush on ginobili to my baby MARCO BELINELLI , So sexy ... call me lol
Marco Belinelli just drove past Jeremy Lamb. That's why he doesn't play
Yes, Jeremy Lamb did just get smoked by Marco Belinelli
Jeremy Lamb just got beat of the dribble by Marco Belinelli. So there's that, "Lamb should play more" people.
If Marco Belinelli can drive right past Jeremy Lamb then why is Jeremy Lamb out of the D League
I still miss Marco Belinelli on the Bulls. Just a fun player to watch.
Marco Belinelli (the real), has to go next season. He's absolutely no help. We should have acquired Monta Ellis. He was the best shooting guard in FA. SMH
Still no Marco Belinelli, I guess Pop enjoys seeing Manu jack up trash shots and turn the ball over
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- When asked about the oldie-but-goodie San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant inquired about Tony Parker's age. "Thirty-two," a reporter answered. "He is old," Durant quipped, drawing laughter. "He doesn't play like he's 32 years old." Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are even older. Duncan just turned 38 and Ginobili is approaching 37. The trio won its first NBA title together in 2003 and fought back Father Time to reach the NBA Finals last year. They will play in their seventh Western Conference finals together, starting with Game 1 Monday night in San Antonio. Durant, the league's MVP, said there's more to San Antonio's success than some mythical fountain of youth. It starts with the genius of Gregg Popovich, the league's Coach of the Year. "Their system, they plug guys in and out," Durant said. "They always stick to their same system. They get guys who fit. And they've got a great coach who gets those guys prepared." Even with an aging core and numerous injuries throughout th ...
Are the Spurs really going away anytime soon? Ages of their players right now. Obviously Timmy is on his way out soon and so is Manu... but still have a lot to play with. Tim Duncan - 38 Tony Parker - 31/32 Kawhi Leonard - 22 Danny Green - 26 Tiago Splitter - 29 Ginobli - 36 Patty Mills - 25 Boris Diaw - 32 Marco Belinelli - 28
That was a ugly shot by collision lol! Btw since I'm Italian I hope Marco belinelli goes off!
Marco Belinelli is gonna have a great game, such a deceptively versatile player
win tonight 112-98 and Marco Belinelli scores 17 off the bench... You heard it here first
Two more hours spurs!! Come on Marco belinelli I need u to out score Caron butler off the bench this game
You can't tell me marco bellinelli dosen't look EXACTLY like rick grimes from the walking dead! I mean seriously, how is this not been dually noted on sports center or something with the popularity of the spurs and the show its self?
please remind Calvin of the marco Belinelli situation it doesn't matter what Reggie did in the regular season
Check out these drawings of Marco Belinelli and Matt Bonner. This Tumblr blog is excellent:
Though Parker, Duncan and Ginobili are the best-known players, Leonard, Marco Belinelli, Danny Green, Boris Diaw, Tiago
Why is Marco Belinelli always up so early .
I am gonna redraw that Mario basketball picture as Marco Belinelli. Someone needs to do this.
Just saw Marco Belinelli @ whole foods.. wanted to get a pic but I didn't want to bother him.
Heat letting mike miller go and spurs gaining Marco belinelli will be the reason heat dont win the ship
FROM BEYOND THE ARC By: Police Chief Inspector Rico C Santotome Jr (OS), RN, MPM Now Playing: 2014 NBA Final Four Beginning today, the respective conference finales of both the East and the West will blast off starting with Game One of the Indiana-Miami rematch scheduled this Monday to be played over at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse while tomorrow, Oklahoma City takes on San Antonio on the road at the AT&T Center in Texas. In a replay of their Eastern Conference finals showdown last season, both the Pacers and the Heat try to outduel each other in a race-to-four battle with No. 1 Indiana aiming for no less than a revenge after the Heat won the East plum of the 2012-13 NBA season in a marathon seven games over Frank Vogel's charges the last time. This time around, with old reliable Danny Granger out and Evan Turner acquired from Philadelphia, the Pacers are out to prove to all and sundry that they're the best team capable of unseating the three-peat seeking Heat in the East and in the entire NBA as well for ...
Even though I dont like the spurs, guess who just took a picture with Marco Belinelli* 😂😂😂
Exactly what I've been saying lol. marco belinelli is just Gary Neal 2.0. Ibaka hurt is really gonna cause some problems though
Spurs smoke Nuggets, extend streak to 16 as Marco Belinelli stars - ESPN
Third best player on that NOH team was Marco Belinelli as a rookie 😒
Steven Adams, Nick Collison, Marco Belinelli, Ginobli, Birdman, and Luis Scola are all tied for my favorite players left in the
I'd rather have Manu's corpse guarding Russell than Marco Belinelli
How rude of me. I forgot about Marco Belinelli.
Marco Belinelli hanging out at La Gloria at the table next to us, nbd
Marco Belinelli and Great start to my weekend! @ La Gloria
If you don't believe in San Antonio mojo, consider the divergent paths of Marco Belinelli and George Hill
I'm gonna be the next Marco Belinelli
He was actually playing analytically GREAT ball in his last few months in the league. Alas.
“MARCO BELINELLI wins 3-point shootout. OMEN: This will be the year of the San Antonio Spurs. Spurs in 6.”
A list of Pelicans/Hornets alumni contributing in the playoffs this year... for another franchise: Robin Lopez, Marco Belinelli, Marcus Thornton, Greivis Vasquez, David West, Trevor Ariza, Darren Collison, Willie Green, Chris Paul. The point is that other teams have been able to succeed where we could not sporting the same players. Now may be time for a management/coaching staff overhaul.
Happy Easter to Christians, Happy Sunday to everyone else. Today is a day to count our blessings. Finishing the regular season 62-20, Marco Belinelli's 3 Pt contest victory, home court advantage throughout the playoffs, a healthy and injury free roster, the best bench in all of the NBA. Let us pray. Tejano Baby Jesus be with us, The Spurs Family, as we root on The Silver & Black. Give Coach Pop the clarity of play calling so that he may defend the holy grounds at The AT&T Center against the invading plague from Dallas, The Mavericks. Grant skill and stamina to our lineup. May the dopest mascot, The Coyote, keep the crowd pumped. May the Silver Dancers keep me pumped. And may we bring home the first of 16 wins in our Quest for The Fifth Ring. In your name we pray... GO SPURS GO!
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