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Marching Band

Marching band is a physical activity in which a group of instrumental musicians generally perform outdoors and incorporate some type of marching (and possibly onto other movements) with their musical performance.

Color Guard

Marching Band Parent Viewing TONIGHT! 8:15pm at the Football Stadium. Come see what your talented kids have been work…
Mooresville marching band places 16th at Band Day
I have a rehearsal during finals. ;_;. Our marching band director is a really big BD fan from what I've been told, too.
come down to kennywood at 8:00 today to see the new and improved Rebel Marching Band!! 💛💚💛💚
I saw the band director marching with musicians, the theater arts teacher preparing the stage, the VB coach engaging players…
When ur a young boy and ur father pops a barleywine instead of taking u into the city to see a marching band
Ughhh I just love marching band so much 😍😍😍
La feria Lions marching band at crossroads 2016 via
Sorry.Didn't realize there was Obama stuff later in the clip. I just thought you'd laugh at rap done with a marching band.
Permian High Marching Band practices at the high school.
Will Smith joins for the premiere of
Hi my names Mellea and I love marching band
The marching band performed The Fight Song at the district kickoff event for all staff. School starts on Thursday.…
Come see BVHS marching band's first performance at the BV stadium tonight at 8:30!!
Mr. Kurilko and members of the Trenton High School Marching Band prepping for band camp. The THS Marching Band is 183 strong!…
We love our Husky Marching Band! The air is getting electric around here...season kickoff is in 10 days! Go Huskies!…
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The NBHS Marching Band is bringing a pop flare to this year's show.
Polo Grounds, NYC, 4/18/18 - Marching band leads the NY Giants on to the field for 1918 Home Opener against Brooklyn R…
See Will Smith and James Corden get jiggy with a marching band in the series premiere
SUPPORT: Get your car cleaned and help out the Marching Band Saturday!
World Record Wednesday!. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fastest marathon by a marching band...
I'll be in college by then and won't have a job, instead marching band but I'm finna run faster than ever to my dorm at 9 PM 😅
It's pretty cool to hear the marching band practicing from my backyard.
Whoever says that marching band is easy y’all wrong 😂
Love her to death. She's got such a crazy personality and she's gorgeous. I'm so excited for marching band w/ her t…
McKinley HS marching band practices on new Tom Benson HOF Stadium field
Today was the first day of HHS Band Camp. Our 17-18 HHS twirlers are learning both marching and twirling routines f…
Marching band went good. Girl had a seizure, another girl puked her guts out, many passed out. I got to prove to God I have muscle ***
We're off to a great start! Awesome work at band camp today, so let's keep it up tomorrow. We'll be marching AND playing before you know it!
Okay. is marching band a sport or an activity??
Welp. Kms because i thought that marching band camp started on thrusday but it starts on wednesday. Gr8 😐
All my friends are at bandcamp. I miss it already /: Bandcamp was the best part about marching band lol
KHS Marching Band breaking a sweat today!
So.. cleaning out my room to repaint it.. forgot that I stole a plume my last day of marching band senior year..
Marching band is coming up if anybody needs marching shoes hmu size 13 great condition only been used senior year
with seattletimes:. What does it take to join Seattle’s renegade marching band? Find out: …
Remember when Miranda bailey said she played oboe in marching band but you can't play oboe in marching band because you'll pass out?
I can't wait till marching band starts so I can go n watch everyone in October I miss it so much !!
instead of getting fitted for marching band uniform I'm getting fitted for my new school uniform 😕
I can't believe band camp starts for the high schoolers in a few days. And I'm not gonna be marching with them
Tell any woman you were in the marching band in high school...
I added a video to a playlist Marching Band Technique For Flutes
Day 1 done!!!9Am tomorrow all marching band members!!!
26. I'm in marching band! And I love it! If you're in marching band you'll understand this :)
One kid grew up and doesn't do marching band now, so of course my next kid needed to do marching band. mom
The Canton McKinley High School Marching Band helped break in the field at Tom Benson HOF Stadium
The marching band gods blessed our first day of band camp with good *** weather
the first day of band camp today reminded me of how much marching band IS a sport, especially this year 🥁
I liked a video University of South Carolina Marching Band (Former recruitment video)
friend: "you're obsessed with theatre". me: "I AM IN THE MIDST OF A GRAND SOLILOQUY HERE"
Got behind the wheel with the drumline captain from the HHS marching band...I can tell you we hit it off from the beginning 🙌🏼👍🏼
When I was a young boy. My father took me into the city. To see a marching band glemo (glam emo)
Save the Date! PRIDE OF WESTLAKE WHS Marching Band will be performing at Demon Nation Spirit Rally at 6:45!…
Rockford's Marching Band is on it's way to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and they need your help!
Coming up this hour 🕙. Tsar. Parov Stelar. Etta James. Alva Star. Rilo Kiley. Pop is Art. XTC. Marching Band. and more!.
Can you recommend anyone for this Ohio Wesleyan University Student Services, Director of Marching Band -
Marching Band practicing for Sound of Music Parade on the field as we arrive at school this morning
If you want to jam out, here is the full studio version of the USC Marching Band playing Silver Scrapes.
Remembering my friend Mike today. College buddies in Univ. of Wash. Marching Band together. He died in 1st Persian Gulf War. Miss you.
The Roseville Middle School Marching Wildcats participated today in the Roseville Memorial Day Parade. Nice job Marching Band!
O Amy, it rained last Memorial Day...BayShore HS Marching Band was supposed to march but the parade was cancelled.
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Former OSU Marching Band director Jon Waters directed the alumni band at points during the first half.
Congressman Jim Cooper nominated our Marching Band to represent TN in the 2018 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington,D.C.
omg u guys if I don't get into the summer orchestra this year I could go to a marching band camp instead.
Seven members of the Robotics Team are members of the Mavahi Marching Band!
Entire UofM Marching Band Playing in back yard via
honestly just sit and talk about marching band with me and I'll love you forever
"man this city is so serene". *distant sounds of marching band music accompanied by "DA-DA DADAAA"*. "WE SHOULD'VE KILLED HIM, 2B"
then it's Orton vs cena vs hhh, cena enters with a marching band, before cenas theme, the band played "god save the queen"
Great group of students in the Marching Husky Band! Today is our final day and we're off to Animal Kingdom! https…
Twiggs county high school marching band is rocking it out at the parade.
Which was made up of mostly marching band members, right?
"Marching Band Evie" by Duckui another fan skin made by this awesome artist
Out supporting the Iroquois Marching Band with a little bingo fundraiser!!! So fun, but I…
honestly... bringing my marching band sweatpants back to school was one of the best decisions I've made lately
It is 2:01 AM and I miss marching band
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WebMD says I'm not ready for the first marching band trip
We dream of drill or flag team for marching band. Must fund unis, gear, instruction. We have the students!
Are we still talking about the marching band Jesus people you think they shot a lion smh
I won't be a soccer mom I'll be the marching band mom
Am I the only 1 who judges a marching/pep band by how they play Neck by Cameo?!
And they took out PT this year and guess what? No one could perform the show all the way through. PT is a necessity in…
He walks across the floor to the washroom and it sounds like an entire marching band.
Also how do kids in these movies have so much time to party and make out?? Don't they have marching band practice and AP Calc homework?!?
DVD order forms now in the band room! Pre-order by spring break to get bonus Marching Chargers Trading Cards! Premiere s…
Imagine if you started your summer marching band camp with your students already in marching band shape. ITC Off...
The marching band practicing next door is making writing a bit more challenging.
Just one of the funk & soul classics you can expect to hear interpreted by this fine fine New Orleans Marching Band…
Tip look like an HBCU marching band reject
I didn't have much fun playing for this morning for the LHS Marching band. For most of the time we just stood in the…
finally have enough to do an 11 scout for the marching band cards in bghs but I FORGOT MY BEST GIRLS BIRTHDAY IS TODAY!
The Londoner - Baton Rouge has your Sunday action at 8pm, let's do it!! Clues for tonight: 1. 8 to 5 marching band 2. Ryan Atwood.
Of all of Cena's Mania entrances, the Marching Band from Mania 24 may have been one of my faves
Nobody brings it to a parade like the marching band. 281 strong
Very nice touch by providing a marching band escort to the ramp!
Here comes the band! Marching Band making us proud down at Disney World!
How cool is this?! Check out the LHS marching band rocking their way through Epcot in Florida! I 💙 the mouse ears! So proud o…
Me: Marching Band isn't a sport. Band Kid: Sport⁉️You think🎼 this is easy 🎺fam? 😂I'm out here 🏃day in 💪and day out 💯Th…
Some of the Marching Band shooting a commercial at Doug Smith Subaru. Thanks Doug for your support!
With today's ratings, the WGHS Jazz Band, Concert Band, String Orchestra, and Marching Band have all qualified for Sta…
John F. Kennedy High school Marching Band at the opening of the 1984 World's Fair in New…
in . West Monroe High School REBs Marching Band . making Louisiana proud at the 2017…
.didn't ShutUp even as Marching Band played Marine's Hymn in front of & Corps Commandant :(
See the WMHS Marching Band march in the Inaugural Parade here. More video to come Friday evening.
Mark Steines just wasn't too kind when Leeza Gibbons gave a shout out to Indiana's Marching Band and Mike Pence. Pretty bad...
Charlotte Catholic High School's Marching Band found the reason for the season.
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Congratulations KMS Marching Band on the great honor of representing Minnesota at Pearl Harbor's 75th Anniversary...
The Bainbridge Island HS Marching Band just marched off the front of the Ferry headed to the game…
The NVOT Marching Band performed at the 70th annual North Jersey Band Festival at Montclair State University on...
Good Luck to our PHS Marching Band who will compete this afternoon at the state marching contest at NLR High School!
Hey John! This may seem out of the blue, but did you got to high school w/ a guy named Graham. Was in the Marching Band?
The UMass Marching Band is getting new uniforms next year and marching in the Rose Bowl Parade for the 2018 new year
Congratulations to Portage Central HS Marching Band, The "Congrete Jungle" production finished an undefeated...
FHS Marching Band, Dalerettes Kickline and Cheerleaders put on their first spectacular half time show together!!
Yesterday, the Dakota Ridge Screamin' Eagles Marching Band performed at Littleton High School Stadium and placed...
Another great day to be a Viking! Boys and Girls Cross-Country teams are sectional champions! Marching Band is going to s…
The WNHS Marching Band scored the highest rating of Superior at the OMEA Lexington competition today. We also qualified for…
Congratulations to the CPU Marching Band on their Division 1 rating yesterday at the State Marching Band competition.
Marching Band took 1st at the state championship in outstanding percussion & outstanding colorguard & 10th overall for…
RCHS Marching Band takes 7th of 27 bands in the state at the Legend Festival. Way to go Jags!!
Shout out to our Marching Band earning a 79.6, finishing in 2nd place and achieving Best Percussion at Woodbridge High S…
Each year Grants Pass High School's Marching Band hosts the Pride of the Northwest Marching Band Competition.
Our award winning and State recognized CCHS Marching Band entering our stadium last Friday for the Football game
Please support the HGHS Marching Band go to competition in Orlando! Anything helps. Thank You!!
EHS Marching Band helps kick off another school year!
Marching Band and School will be the death of me and it's barely the 3rd day... Smh
The Marching Sages will be performing at their first competition at the Sullivan HS Marching Band competition on 9/10/16 at 7:20 p.m.!
Congrats to the Marching Band and Color Guard for getting a SILVER rating yesterday at the Tipton Competition! 🎼🎖🎷
Our NAHS Marching Band's first competition is hosted by NAHS on October 1st, and we need over 100 parent and teen...
The PHS Marching Band and Color Guard rehearsing for their upcoming competition season as the sun sets. https…
Kevin Greene may be in HoF but GCHS Marching Band the real MVP...
From our photo shoot this morning. Here is the 2016-2017 Oak Mountain High School "Spirit of Cahaba" Marching Band!
The WHHS 2016 Marching Band is bigger and better than ever. The 160-member ensemble is the largest in school history
Great performance by Marching Band this morning for our 2016-2107 school year Kick-Off!
Get a sneak peek of Marching Band's new show tonight, 6 pm at the school.
SHS Marching Band, check email from Mr. Mange, abt new school year. Didn't get the email?
Friday is the mark of a brand new Marching Band season! Friday (29th) is new member camp and full band camp starts Monday! Music memorized?
***ATTENTION XENIA HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI!! ***. If you we're in the Marching Band in 1978 you may be interested in...
Today, 15 members of the Marching Band participated in a band leadership workshop at North Hills High School...
Meet Margaret Callahan, OC Marching Band's first drum major in 30 years
We want to wish and their Marching Band the best of luck in D.C. this weekend!! You've made us proud!🎺🎶
Now THAT's how to move a Rhodes piano! Thanks to Dr. David Mills, Marvin McNeill and the UConn Marching Band for...
WMS Marching Band is rockin' it! Trojans are learning and showcasing their work all over the school campus,...
Marching Band practicing for Railroad Days. Way to represent the school!
York Pride Fest is hosting York Region’s fourth annual Pride Parade and our Marching Band is performing! Details:
72 years ago, soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy. Today, the ISU Marching Band will play in their honor.
The RGSS Marching Band for the York Region Pride Parade is starting TODAY at 12:25pm in the music room!! See you there!
Annual glimpse of greatness by the OBH Marching Band and Dance team at the Tea Party.
Congrats to Emma Vincent, Morgan Hoffman, & Justine Pearson who were selected as Drum Majors for 16-17 Marching Band.
The Mountain Valley Music Festival in Stevenson starts tonight at 5pm at the Park Amphitheater. Proceeds benefit the NSM Marching Band!
Congratulations to our Marching Band for their performance in the National Memorial Day Parade
NB Marching Band performing the National Anthem at the N. Hanover Memorial Day Parade!
Went to a Memorial service for an old high school and Marching Band friend tonight. I never thought I would be...
Danbury High School Marching Band to march in city Memorial Day Parade. On Monday, the DHS Marching Band can be...
WV Marching Band, under direction of Jim Loucks, performing in the Lilac Torchlight Parade Saturday. Unit
now there's an Asian marching band outside my office?
Malcolm X Shabazz HS Marching Band is leading the parade at 1pm TOMORROW!
.TFW your dad takes you into the city to see a marching band.
"Everything you thought you knew about marching band is wrong"
sometimes people tell me I stand really formally and it's because I picked up the habit of standing in rest position from marching band LOL
Should have given the bomb to that 2 man marching band. Could have skyrocketed their album sales.
Celebrating the Buchnevich signing with a marching band going down 42nd St
This falun dafa parade, complete with gigantic marching band, has passed my office twice already.
The only thing I don't like about marching band was when the football team would always play on the marching band field.
The marching band in Times Square returned SOS!
News: Tremont High School marching band invited to play at the Russell Athletic Bowl - Peoria Journal Star
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Attention!. The "Tiger Pride Marching Band" is holding auditions for our growing Color Guard program! Help us...
The girl at work used to play the oboe and was a drum major for her high school marching band. I'm so turned on right now.
Filling out marching band forms like
LOL Don't feel bad. A kid I was in marching band with lost his pants marching off the field at a competition.
looks beautiful! Makes me feel sad for my teen who loved playing instruments! 4 years of marching band has st…
Anderdon marching band keeps the beat at GECDSB Special Olympics.
I hate dumont. In sussex county I can go for a run in peace with no highschool marching band bothering me. I need to stop visiting so often
Concrete Parade. USC marching band escorts the first concrete trucks at the ...
Gotta start your day off listening to a marching band arrangement of Knuck If You Buck, if you wanna have a good day.
Top billing. Captain Obvious is apparently leading the Hezbollah marching band at Baddredine’s funeral procession. https:…
You know schools almost over when the band is getting marching stuff ready :)
I was packing my suitcase when I thought I heard a marching band. I looked out the window to see…
6. i played flute in marching band in high school, and have heard the "one time, at band camp" joke WAY too often because of this
I don't wanna do marching band anymore
Marching to a Spring Tune. Wednesday afternoon the Unity Marching Band & Color Guard took to the streets of...
E.E. Smith marching band ending the rally with some music and moves
I laugh at the marching band every time.
The Southside Seahawks Marching Band from Chockowinity, North Carolina is performing aboard the Yorktown today.
Marching Band "DRUM BLEK" is a traditional drum band from Indonesia that during an appearance u..
My summer will consist of:. -Marching Band. -Vacation. -Begging parents for concert tickets. -Dying from happiness
// just a heads up that replies might start to lack as the school year comes to a close and Marching Band starts
That feel when you wanna sneak back into school just to do Marching Band.
Don't forget to turn in a Marching Band form by Friday! You can pick them up from and turn them in to your band direct…
Help donate to the JFK Marching Band & Color Guard!
Come out and support the Texas Southern "Ocean of Soul" Marching Band on their "Road to Canton" fundraising campaign. ht…
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