March Madness & Ohio State

March Madness pools are a form of sports betting based on the annual NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship each spring in the United States. The Ohio State University, commonly referred to as Ohio State or OSU, is a public research university in Columbus, Ohio. 5.0/5

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For all those college basketball fans blown away by all the "surprises" in this year's tournament, note that if you would have merely copied the Sports Illustrated mock bracket in their March Madness issue, you would have correctly predicted Stephen F. Austin over VCU, Harvard over Cincinnati, UConn over Villanova, North Dakota State over Oklahoma, Tennessee over UMass, and Dayton making it to the Sweet 16 after defeating Ohio State and Syracuse. SI did, however, call American the tournament's "strongest 15 seed" and pick Duke to make it to the Elite 8, so that rules out my Human Sacrifice in Return for Absolute Basketball Omniscience theory.
Many of you will not believe it but I am an avid March Madness fan. Well, as long as Aaron Craft is with Ohio State. And as long as Ohio State is winning. Ergo, me and March Madness are through.
Yahoo came up short on the first day of March Madness, kind of like Ohio State
It's springtime alright...March Madness is here!!! First day recap of my NCAA bracket... I correctly predicted 13 of the 16 games. I correctly picked Dayton to beat Ohio State! Way to go Texas beating Arizona State! (I have Texas going to Final Four, where they will lose to Arizona). Overall, pretty good start to my bracket.
People will move to Miami or Atlanta and forget about their city and pay homage like they from there, not me. I love my city and im going to make it better. With that being said I love Ohio State but I be dam if I Rep them over UD during March Madness. the way to the tournament.
Jay's Valet's Second Annual $1000 Kindness Competition is under way! The college basketball teams were selected on Sunday and Jay's Valet responded by randomly selecting 64 nonprofits out of a hat to match up with each team in the bracket. Each game will eliminate a nonprofit from the bracket, as there can only be one winner. However, every nonprofit is a winner in our book, so we will also be providing consolation prizes. The nonprofit attached to the National Championship Winning Team at the end of the tournament will receive a $1,000 donation from Jay's Valet Parking, Luxury Transportation & Pedicab Services. We are not affiliated with the NCAA or March Madness. This is a bracket that we create to coincide with the college basketball championship. We hope that this competition will keep your team entertained throughout the College Basketball Championship. Below is a list of the nonprofits that have made it to the second round, matched with their coinciding basketball team. Second Round Competition: SO ...
Our logo resembles a basketball rim, so you know we love March Madness. Congratulations to our clients who made this year's NCAA tournament: The University of Arizona, Creighton University, The Ohio State University, Xavier University, Stephen F. Austin State University, and University of Virginia on the men's side, and DePaul University, University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt University, Purdue University, Wright State University, University of California, Berkeley, and Fordham University on the women's.
I'm going to go with OHIO STATE! LaVonne says Duke. I can live with these. Melissa says KY. March Madness is getting heated at the office!
All my favorite basketball teams lost today, including my Ohio State. They call it March Madness.
Alright, so my predictions of the March Madness shindig is this: either Duke or Michigan State is going to win. I'm at a tie on which team may actually win. Here's my choices: Ohio State, Texas, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Memphis, Connecticut, SMU, Saint Louis, and Iowa State all are not doing I don't think they will win. Based on the Top Rankings of the NCAA and the AP Top picks...anything can happen and I really don't care who wins either way. My name is Kylie Berck, and I approve this message!
Big Ten I have watched the BIG for over 50 years and this may be the strongest top to bottom I have seen the conference. There don't seem to be any patsies. On Wednesday Penn State beat Ohio State and Northwestern beat Wisconsin. As bad as IU has played, with a win at Nebraska, they would be in a tie for the the 4th spot. It would take a spectacular effort by IU with little room for error, however, to beat Nebraska at home. Unbelievable just a few years ago! The parody will be exciting during the 2nd half of the season and the BIG Tourney. I don't know how that bodes for March Madness. The tough competition is great, but win - loss records will drag some of the middle of the pack teams out of the tourney. On a positive note, IU recruit Blackmon is a Burger Boy! Go IU !
Happy Birthday, March Madness! On this day in 1939, The University of Oregon beat Ohio State, 46-33.
Throwback Thur: For March Madness & check out the Ohio State Men's Basketball Team from 1913!
IU vs.Ohio State tonight @ 9...crunch time in the Big 10...a preview of the March Madness to come :)
Just watched "75 Years of March Madness". Incredible. What a coaching family tree we have in NC. Let's see... James Naismith invents the game and becomes an assistant coach for Hall of Famer Phog Allen. Phog Allen coaches Dean Smith and Dean Smith has Roy Williams in his program as a player and on his staff as a coach and has become the Hall of Fame coach at Chapel Hill. Then across the other family tree exists. Hall of Famer Fred Taylor coaches Bobby Knight at Ohio State who goes on to coach Mike Krzyzewski with both in the Hall of Fame. But most impressive...James Naismith begats Phog Allen who begats Dean Smith who begats Roy Williams.
By Kevin Baldy Why College Athletes Should Get Paid The NCAA, colleges, universities, and other businesses and people are making millions of dollars off of college athletes each year, yet the players aren’t seeing a dime of the revenue. Big time football and basketball players walk around campus and see others wearing their jersey, see themselves on video games, posters, and other items but get none of the profit. People are taking advantage of the athletes and making a living off of them. The NCAA is a multi-billion dollar industry that takes advantage of these student athletes to gain money. “The major money makers, college football and men’s basketball, bring in an average of $6 billion annually.” (Nocera). That is more than the NBA (National Basketball Association). The NCAA’s revenue from the March Madness tournament each year is $770 million. The tournament is only three weeks long. It’s absurd the amount of money this mega power of an organization is bringing in each year. With all this ...
Some times the Today show really gets me. They are running a contest for school with the most "pep" and school support. Creighton and Of course Ohio State were nominated. AND Tenn. So what the heck did we do not to be in this stupid thing? We are National Champs in Basketball and Cheerleading. Our fans are camping out NOW for March Madness tickets. Should I ask the network? Just sayin.
NCAA tournament 2012: All the action from March Madness: Ohio State ousts number one seed Syracuse, 77-70. Russ ...
March Madness back in effect tonight I got UK and Ohio State in the national championship
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State oh my! Your HQ for is the dashboard:
March Madness comes to an end! Only four teams are left. University of Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, and...
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