March Madness & Gus Johnson

March Madness pools are a form of sports betting based on the annual NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship each spring in the United States. Augustus Cornelius Gus Johnson, Jr. 5.0/5

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If JR can announce a Wrestlemania main event than Gus Johnson can come back to March Madness. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
March Madness was better, tho, when CBS had Gus Johnson. *** CBS SPORTS was better when he was there.
Frankly I don't care about or but can we just find a way to get Gus Johnson back for March Madness?
Gus Johnson could make watching paint dry as exciting as March Madness. Love this guy.
Here's the '96 Princeton/UCLA clip of what I mean. One of the great upsets in March Madness. Gus Johnson on the call.
Watching the Cotton Bowl reminds of how much I miss Gus Johnson doing March Madness games...RISE AND FIRE.
Gus Johnson calling UFC instead of March Madness is Jordan playing for the Birmingham Barons.
Can't wait for today. March Madness w/ and Six straight hours of Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery impressions
Since we were robbed of Gus Johnson in the NCAA tournament, Kevin Harlan is certainly the voice of March Madness. Nailing the UNLV-NM call.
Gus Johnson was the perfect play by play guy to hire for Fox Soccer Channel. Only he could make EPL, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League matches even that more exciting than they already are. Dude could make a paint drying competition seem riveting. I just hope this doesn't mean he won't be working March Madness for CBS this year.
3:58 to play, tie ball game. I can hear Gus Johnson on the call now.."THIS is March Madness!"
A little Gus Johnson to get you pumped up for March Madness.
it *** he wont do March Madness this year, but at least we have this!! Ronda Rousey UFC Debut Johnny Manziel's Girlfriend Kyle Larson Crash Video NFL MLB NBA NHL Fantasy College FB College BB Soccer Racing More Video Tickets Gus Johnson: Champions League Announcing Debut Looks Promising For World Cup Soccer, VideoTy DuffyFebruary 13th. 2013, 5:12pm Fox moving Gus Johnson to soccer coverage was going to be a wild success or a disaster. After his first high-profile match, we would err toward the former. There were some imperfections, but, all told, it was a promising debut. The most important thing: Gus’ spasmodic delivery works. His ability to go from 0-90 on a dime is tailor-made for soccer. It enhances the spectacle, rather than detracting from it. He took a while to get in rhythm (understandably), but he was professional and well researched. He was measured during the quiet periods. He resisted the worrisome American tendency to “over-talk” and fill gaps with inane blather. He had kinks, though .. ...
If you recognize the commentary during the Cotton Bowl, its probably bringing back many March Madness memories. Gus Johnson should have it in his contract to work for CBS for 3 weeks.
Gus Johnson is such a legend. I wish he still did March Madness
Watching USC vs Stanford just to hear Gus Johnson. Would have loved to hear him call the 15 seed upsets last March Madness
This USC vs Standford game will be great JUST because Gus Johnson is calling it. It's like March Madness in Sept!
My only regret in life is never getting to play an NCAA March Madness video game for which Gus Johnson did play by play.
March Madness is nothing without Gus Johnson, but none of these great moments in history would have been that important without him covering them either. Bec...
Gus Johnson Calling San Jose Earthquakes Games: Now that Johnson is off his signature event in March Madness, he...
Doc Emrick should be required to announce all NHL Playoff games. Just like Gus Johnson should be required to announce all of March Madness.
March Madness wasn't the same without Gus Johnson. Did you miss Gus as much as us? Wouldn't it be great to have...
No buzzer beaters in the Mens Basketball Tournament -- Gus Johnson also not a part of March Madness this year. Coincidence?
Without Gus Johnson this year there were 0 buzzer beaters in March Madness. If Gus isn't calling it, then there's no excitement
So this year March Madness had no buzzer beaters. It also had no Gus Johnson. Coincidence?
Gus Johnson announced more Pac-12 games than March Madness games this year. Larry Scott always gets the last laugh.
"Once again March Madness was great." Yeah but I needed a few buzzer beaters & a few Gus Johnson games to make it complete!
They shouldn't have gotten rid of Gus Johnson. Jim's a great announcer but during March Madness, He's lost.
“Gus Johnson is March Madness wow that video got me fired up
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