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March Madness pools are a form of sports betting based on the annual NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship each spring in the United States. The Final Four Women’s Volleyball Cup is a Continental Cup organized by the Pan-American Volleyball Union with the top two ranked teams from the NORCECA and CSV confederations at the Pan-American Cup. 5.0/5

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March Madness – Final Four: Gonzaga hurt by foul trouble in 71-65 loss to North Carolina.
Hope everyone that watches enjoyed March Madness and the Final Four this year! 🏀 Congrats UNC!. It’s not really my thing so I don’t watch.
Roy Williams is this era's best March Madness coach - Roy Williams is in his seventh Final Four of the 2000s.  ...
The road to the Final Four requires extensive travel for all the teams
.has experience with competing in the Final Four. Read his advice to student-athletes:
North Carolina has unfinished business at Final Four
Picking an accurate Final Four is key to a good bracket. So what seeds should you have there? htt…
except during March Madness cause we need Jamal to bring my alma mater to the Final Four!
From Bard to Budapest to the Final Four: Harry Johnson's version of March Madness
Today is the final match-up in the Final Four of the park's George Rogers Clark NHP March Madness. It features...
“March Madness,” “The Big Dance,” “Final Four,” and “Elite Eight” are all trademarked by the NCAA men’s basketball t…
I always named them in the same fashion as March Madness. Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four. Round of 12 didn't have a name.
The version of the Final Four makes me miss March Madness. Hopefully Mike can be this season's Duke.
March Madness 2015: Wisconsin returns to Final Four for second ...
March Madness Confidential, the Final Four. This is good TV on CBS right now!
Pretty Little Liars made it to the Final Four. Go vote!
March Madness 2015: Updated Bracket and Bold Predictions for Final Four: Bold predictions are what fuel a succ...
Just a reminder to everyone who entered a bracket in our March Madness Challenge to RSVP for the Final Four gathering tomorrow!
We're down to the Final Four in Hot 100 March Madness: Vote for or now!
VOTE: You're in the Final Four but can you get out of our Elite Eight for our NCAA Food Bracket? http…
Help us get into the Final Four of this NCAA Food Bracket! Our Mediterranean Nachos are the bomb!
March Madnezz 2015: Coachez who be coache' 2 o'moe zchoolz n' Final Four: Coachez who be…
Follow all the action to the Final Four with the March Madness collection for
If Kentucky isn't in your Final Four then you're doing March Madness wrong.
.made the Final Four in TIME's academic March Madness bracket. See the complete ranking
and Follow the official 2015 March Madness page for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Final Four in Indianapolis! http…
Which Kdramas will make it past the Final Four to our championship round? Vote now!
We're celebrating our 2nd anniversary w/ a big blow out on the 19th w/ March Madness & our own Final Four. Join us! htt…
What about a guy w/ a Final Four, epic March Madness moment, top draft pick, rookie of the year, NBA champ?
If you're a fan of college soccer, tomorrow is your day. It's the "March Madness" of college soccer! On the men's side you have 16 great 2nd round games including Penn State vs Syracuse! But the action is on the women's side where all eight Sweet Sixteen games are going to be amazing: UCLA vs Pepperdine UVa vs Kentucky This sets up a possible Final Four matchup against maybe the two most talented teams in the tourney. Penn St vs Va. Tech (the head vs. heart game in honor of Jodie Zelenky) Notre Dame vs. Texas A&M So on this side, you could have 3 of 4 ACC teams! On the other side there's, Florida v Texas Tech Washington v Stanford. And.. Florida St. Vs UCF (should be chippy) UNC vs. South Carolina. (Should be chipper) Wow! It's possible that the ACC could represent 5 of the 8 final spots after getting 3 in the Final Four last year. And it seems like the NCAA tried to split them up this year! There are CCSC women all over this tourney too! Rooting for them all and hope they're on TV!
The equivalent of George Mason making the Final Four in March Madness
Little Giant Ladders
The Georgia Dome, opened in 1992 as the largest cable-supported domed stadium in the world, is located in downtown Atlanta. The Dome was the host to Super Bowl XXVIII and XXXIV, host of the gymnastics and basketball events for the 1996 Olympic Games and host to the NCAA Men's Final Four two times (2002, 2007) and the NCAA Women's Final Four in 2003. The Dome will once again host the Final Four in 2013, as the NCAA celebrates the 75th Anniversary of March Madness. The Georgia Dome is the home stadium for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and Georgia State University. Annually, the Dome hosts the SEC Football Championship, Chick-fil-A Bowl, Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game(s), the Bank of America Atlanta Football and the Georgia High School Football State Championships among other events. The Dome has hosted numerous sporting events outside of football including basketball (SEC and ACC Tournaments, NCAA Regional's and was the home court of the Atlanta Hawks from 1997-99) and soccer (several international friendlies.) In 20 ...
***LOYALTY Final FouR*** In light of March Madness and the recent NCAA male and female basketball championships, 1-319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division has developed our own "Artillery Piece Final Four" Which Artillery piece is your favorite? Submit "LIKE" on the specific photo to cast your vote. Want to tell us why -- leave a "COMMENT" If you want your piece to win, recommend you "SHARE" this link with others. The two "pieces" with the most "likes" will be counted and announced on Thursday with the final two then squaring off for the championship over next weekend. Airborne, All-The-Way, H-MINUS, LOYALTY
We're gonna be on tv! 2014 NCAA March Madness, in between the two Final Four games today (6PM PST/9 PM EST) live on all Tu…
Not a political or religious post. I'm convalescing from an invasive kidney stone operation called percutaceous nephrolithotomy, or laser jackhammer to destroy big kidney stones after the less invasive lithotripsy procedure failed. I was hospitalized for four days 3/18-22 and under home health care nurse visits for the last two weeks. Final followup doctor visit comes next week but early reports are the operation was a success. At my age the procedure has taken a toll on my energy and stamina. As a doctor friend reminded me, I'm no spring chicken anymore. Today we plan an outing to a spring concert at Selby Gardens. I've been watching March Madness and I'm proud of the Gators for their great season that ended last night with their Final Four loss to UConn. I've committed to some personal tasks to write and to read/edit some other friends's writings, and I hope they will be patient with me through these recovery steps. Meanwhile I've caught up on naps, mystery novels, and DVR'd Charlie Rose interviews on T ...
Final Four sets up entertaining finish to NCAA March Madness via
VIDEO: Tony Kovach sat down to talk March Madness and previewed the Final Four and what to look for in the match-ups.
March Madness music fest: The rain could put a damper on the Final Four fun on Sunday, but it...
Kawakami: March Madness randomness: This year's Final Four of Florida, UConn, Kentucky and Wisconsin offers no...
Bo Ryan's method is well-suited for March Madness. Platteville? Madison? It's the same.
March Madness for Wisconsin just took on a whole new meaning! Not sure what is more exciting.tonight.or Saturday's game when we kick some major butt at the Final TONIGHT! I LOVE MY TEAM!
I love college basketball. I love March Madness. I am a Texas boy who will always til my dying day love Kentucky basketball. What is interesting is that I have recently become a fan of Wisconsin. Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin basketball. Therefore, as we move to the Final Four I have two teams I love that can challenge UConn or the Gators. So Excited!
Busy weekend, but I caught some really good NCAA March Madness. I saw something that really blessed me when a brother, Head Coach Kevin Ollie, who was an average NBA player & is a very young college Head Coach, lead the UConn Huskies to the Final Four. Coach Ollie's predecessor Coach Jim Calhoun who lead UConn to several Final Fours & NCAA Championships was in the stands & ran over to strongly embrace him afterwards. Coach Calhoun had to retire due to health issues, but now is wanting to coach again so he's applied at Boston College. It blessed me because even though he still has a desire to coach & believes he can coach well, he's still happy for his replacement's rise. He did it because he loves UConn Huskies Basketball. How much better would the Kingdom be if we did this in the church? As Believers let's love the institution of church more than we love the positions of the church because when we do it's easier to be happy for our replacement's rise. There's enough work for everyone in the Kingdom. So l ...
If anyone actually picked this Final Four- Kudos to you. March Madness!
Going into the Final Four, I'm in the 98.3 Percentile on the ESPN brackets. By far the best I've ever done in a march madness bracket!
Kentucky 75 Michigan 72 Kentucky advances 2 the Final Four... What an epic game... It's March Madness Baby!!! Loon Victome Congrats homie, ur team deserves 2 be in the Final Four... Arkel Lamont U was right homie... The game turned out 2 be an ESPN Classic! That UConn vs Michigan State game was crazy too... Sorry Michigan State lost Joel J-Hov Dragon... My North Carolina lost so I feel ur pain my *** ..
Update your maps at Navteq
Wow. Best March Madness ever? Kentucky-Michigan has been tops of many, many great games so far. (And I grew up a UCLA fan in Orange County SoCal) Glad the 'Cats are going to the Final Four but...Go Gators!
This has to be the most upsetting March Madness Bracket!! I literally had - Florida, Arizona, Michigan St., and Michigan in the Final Four!! So close, but no cigar!! Smh!! But I have to give credit, them were some good games/teams that battled it out to the end!! Well deserved Final Four!!
Lee and the Kentucky offensive rebounding was the difference. As crazy as March Madness can be, all 4 teams deserve to be in the Final Four (Kentucky was preseason Next Saturday will be a blast as we crown a new national champion April 7th!!
Gotta love March Madness! I think they should change the name to March Mayhem. Man I love college sports! So now the Final Four consists of the only two teams to beat Florida ( when we were not at full strength and close losses) and Kentucky which Florida beat 3 times so Kentucky must fall next week!
Win or lose in the Final Four, the Harrison twins and Randle are definitely not coming back for their soph year now. Their confidence is to high now. Gotta love March Madness
Final Four time !!! That was a great game! Both teams played hard. March Madness
NCAA March Madness The Florida Gators are back in action on Saturday night, looking to end the fairytale of the Dayton Flyers in the March Madness 2014 Elite 8. The No. 11 seeded Dayton have lit up the NCAA tournament this season, causing upset after upset and have become the underdog story until now. However, now they come up against the No. 1 seeds, who will be in no mood to entertain any dreams the Flyers have of making the Final Four at their expense. Florida Gators vs Dayton Flyers will start at 6.09 p.m. ET and can be watched on TV on the TBS network.
SPECIAL 'March Madness' SERVICE TOMORROW IN THE GYMNASIUM! This week, Rev. Pante and I will be doing a 'live basketball sermon' titled: 'The Process & Training Methods To Changing Your Life.' Last week we spoke on . "How To Make Changes." Jesus used parables and visuals all the time when He taught ... so will we tomorrow Come see if Richard Pante gets into the 'Final FouR!' We hope you will join us for our fourth service of COTSC! REMEMBER . First 5 visitors get a surprise TIME: 10:30am - 12:15pm PLACE: Cape Elizabeth High School Cafeteria (GYMNASIUM TOMORROW ONLY) The High School is on Route 77, Ocean House Road on the right (if you are coming from South Portland), immediately after the Pond Cove Shopping Center (IGA, The Local Buzz, CVS Pharmacy, etc.). Turn at the traffic light at the Cape Elizabeth High School entrance. Veer right as you approach the school and go around to the left until you come to the back of the building and the entrances for the swimming pool, gymnasium, cafeteria and others. If ...
And my first Final Four team goes down.thanks a lot, Louisville. ~grumbles about stupid March Madness work pools
College Basketball Betting The march to March Madness and the Final Four begins with Sports Interaction!
Couldn't decide which movie to watch tonight. so, in the spirit of March Madness, I had a movie bracket. I flipped a coin to decide winners. The Final Four ended up being 'Vacation' vs 'Ferris Bueller' and 'Inglorious Basterds' vs 'Watchmen'. The result: "Nicht! Nicht! Nicht!"
Who will make the March Madness finals -- & Nate Ruess, or & Vote now:
Somehow, all of my Final Four and seven of my Elite Eight are still in the running after this crazy weekend of March Madness.
Calling all basketball fans! Who's keeping up with the March Madness games today? What teams do you think will end up in the Final Four?
Too many tears shed today and a lot more on the line tomorrow in the name of NCAA March Madness! For you all those CBK teams whom Wichita State Shockers murdered your chances of going to the NCAA big dance, by beating the *** out of you all, and I quote, “. . . the Shockers (35-1), who hadn't lost since last year's Final Four while taking an entire city -- and state -- on quite a ride.". So please give warm thank to the University of Kentucky Wildcats who murdered Wichita State Shockers this past evening. We are all thrilled that Wildcats did landed shockers a big L to end their perfect season. Forget about build a wining dynasty in CBK, maybe in NFL.
Come check out Watermark Coffeeshop's March Madness! Join in on the fun before it's too late—*Order to Vote*! The Coffeeshop created a Final Four & has assigned a new specialty drink to go alongside each of the teams. Order one of these drinks, and if you like it, order it again. We'll be keeping tally marks for each Final Four order and the drink with the highest number of orders by the end of the tournament will become a new item on our menu board!
Well, my Final Four and Championship picks are still intact.but that's about it. March Madness has lived up to its name once again this weekend!
22 years after being in the Final Four and it still provokes powerful emotions watching March Madness. As an 8 seed we took down some huge programs in Kansas, Iowa, UCLA and Ole Miss. Very challenging and amazing time in my life. Grateful for those memories, experiences, relationships and lessons.
Celebrate your love of the NCAA MARCH MADNESS by entering the promotion for a chance to win a trip to the 2015 NCAA Men's Final Four! Enter to win prizes every hour!
Stonebridge hoopers turned in March Madness Brackets. The top winners ( most games predicted right of 63 games played) win a basketball. As of Saturday night, 40 games have been played. 8 more games on Sunday will produce the Sweet Sixteen, 16 teams left. I will be posting the brackets on the gym wall tomorrow so players can see their choices. I registered my bracket with ESPN. I rank 17,493 from the top with a 85% win 32-8. I lost one of my Final Four tonight with Villanova, so I have more losses coming. Here are some scores from brackets turned in: Jordan Ernst, Sam Schneider - 32-8 Dalton Twiggy McCollum 31-9 Jake Bradshaw 30-10 Bryson Knight 29-11 Jesse Patino, Karl Petroff, Johnny Patito 28-12 Kyle Alirez, Jacob Kalogonis 27-13 Erika Fisher 23-17 Willy Franco, 15-25 Feel sorry for Jake Bradshaw and Kyle Aleriz, as they both have Duke and Syracuse in the finals Jr Hi Devon Alirez 30-1 Kaden Lin 28-12 Cody Morris 24-16 Trevor Bradshaw 22-18 Isaiah Cota 20-20 Tommy McCoy 18-22
Darn! Villanova just lost to UConn. That means Jamie Wright, the best looking coach in college sports, goes home! I hope the producers of March Madness have the good sense to ask him to come back next weekend as a guest commentator. I'll be sure to watch no matter who plays in the Final Four!!
Ok it's down to the Final Four. Who cares about March Madness right now. I need poems in my life right now.
I'm enjoying this year's March Madness. Last year I was so out of it because MOM had just passed away. She would be glad to know I've been all up in it this year. Still miss MOM terribly - but doing better. All my Final Four teams are in it, and except for Dayton, my teams won all the other games today.
This is our version of March Madness. Vote for which brands will make the Final Four and get 30% off the entire brand.
It's springtime alright...March Madness is here!!! First day recap of my NCAA bracket... I correctly predicted 13 of the 16 games. I correctly picked Dayton to beat Ohio State! Way to go Texas beating Arizona State! (I have Texas going to Final Four, where they will lose to Arizona). Overall, pretty good start to my bracket.
Here we go. No more second guessing myself. Final Four: Florida (1), Michigan State (4), Wichita State (1), and Wisconsin (2). Bold Picks: UNC in the Elite 8. Kansas doesn't make it to the second weekend. Oklahoma and Baylor both in the Sweet 16. March Madness, I hate you already.
March Madness is under way! Fun-Go has picked Florida, Michigan State, Louisville and Creighton in his Final Four. List who you have making it to Dallas, as well as some possible upsets early on! Ready go.
Who is ready for some March Madness? Do you have your bracket filled out yet? Share what teams you think will make it to the Final Four.
March Madness in fast break mode 6 SPORTS all night yours truly; does your Final Four includ…
Who is in your Final Four? Tell Us who you have in your Final Four for March Madness. Winners will be entered to win a prize pack from Daprile Insurance Group LLC. You must have your picks in by Noon on Thursday March 20th.
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Let the Madness begin! March Madness is here and we have over 20 screens so you can catch every game. Plus were giving away a VIP Final Four watch party for you and ten friends, you can enter every time you watch a game!
"Trivia Tuesday". In spirit of March Madness. Who is the first and only player to win the MVP award at the Final Four on three occasions?
Rant of the day: our *** President Obama needs to pay more attention to improving the economy, eliminating taxes, addressing immigration and developing a stronger foreign policy than picking the Final Four basketball teams in March Madness. Everyday in this country is "madness"! Just saying.JMO!
In case you were all wondering.. the president DID reveal his Final Four picks for March Madness. Must have done that in between banning 7 Russians from the US.
NCAA March Madness is here!! who you got Anika Joseph? Moriba BullBud Moses Giles Joseph Sheryl-Ann K. Stephen? i got Kansas, Duke, Arizona and Michigan St in the Final Four.
March Madness :D who's got who in the Final Four~!~~~!!
Safety Bear made his Final Four picks for March Madness. It's not surprising he stuck with the bears. The Baylor ones.
By: *** Manasseri March Madness! Will the US Make it to the Final Four: Russia-China-Iran-US? Will We Survive? Here’s Team USA and their Coaches: That’s Coach Saul in the hat, but who’s missing? O...
Are you ready for March Madness? Who are you rooting for? If you're an NCAA fan, enter to win a trip to the 2015 Final Four here:
I made my picks for March Madness. I have, for Final Four: Florida against Wisconsin and Michigan State against U of M. Final Two: Florida and U of M, with Michigan winning it all! GO Blue!!
Perry Productions loves March Madness! Who do you have in your Final Four this year? Lisa's Picks: Florida, Arizona, Michigan State, and Wichita State - Michigan State (National Champions) Brian's Picks: Florida, Arizona, Iowa State, and Louisville - Florida (National Champions)
March Madness!! Win a QUAD from the Westgate Pizza Company!! It's easy and fun. Be sure to "LIKE" our page. Please SHARE and invite others you think would be interested!! How to win!! Name the Final Four teams of the NCAA Tourney (1 pt for each correct choice) Name the Winner of the NCAA Tourney (2 pts for correct choice) Tiebreaker - name the combined points from both teams from the championship game Your entry should look like: Florida, Arizona, Wichita State, Virginia, Winner Florida, 161 pts In the event of a tie...we will come up with something fun to break the tie!! Your picks must be in by midnight 3/19 to qualify!! Good luck!!
NCAA March Madness: Mobile apps for making it through the Final Four: Have you locked in your Marc...
Who is in your Final Four? Fun and interesting facts about March Madness.
March Madness is on! Who are you rooting for to win the tournament ?? Stop in at the Y Club between now and Wednesday night to pick up your tournament picks march to the Final Four. Ask your server/bartender for the pick chart. Fill it out and enter for chance to win valuable prizes including dinner for four. Hurry! Picks must be turned in before 11pm Wednesday.
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Have filled out my first March Madness bracket of the year...I have no number one ranked teams in the Final Four on that one, lol.
I love this week. The Blues are smoking hot and headed for the Stanley Cup Playoffs; the Cardinals are getting serious in Florida about heading north to start the baseball season in a couple of weeks; AND, its March Madness, Baby!! Some upsets in the conference tourneys as usual and Cal-Poly with a record of 13-19 is in the Big Dance, at least for one game. I love the underdogs. Rooting interests this year are St. Louis University which is in a really tough bracket, Creighton with the best player in the country who is also the coach's son, Wichita State (34-0 in the regular season but in a conference that is not top tier) trying to get to the Final Four from a mid-major conference for the second straight year, and Providence because I love their coach who loves his players. Least favorite team: Kentucky. Can't stand their coach. He loves himself. Best team mascot: Coastal Carolina: The Chanticleers. Not too many schools pick their mascot from Chaucer. Second favorite: The Delaware Blue Hens. 48 games from ...
Mobile March Madness tips for staying in the game welcome screen for March Madness Live. (Credit: Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET) You've got March Madness fever, and the only solution is more cowbell. Scratch that. The only solution is to harness the awesome power of mobile technology and turn your smartphone and tablet into your personal ball boy. Whether you're a seasoned pro or someone who fills out your bracket based on which mascot is most likely to eat the other, you can rely on your mobile device to provide non-stop tournament coverage. You can also rely on it to be the most discrete way to watch games, check your bracket, and see what social media has to say while you're stuck at work. Make it official Let's start with the source, the one app to rule them all: the official NCAA March Madness Live. The free app is back, along with some updates over last year's model. The tournament bracket has been redesigned with a handy pinch-to-zoom interface, there's an integrated news section, and an even st ...
Does Michigan have the toughest NCAA tournament region? Most think so. Despite that, a couple national folks have the Wolverines in the Final Four. Some March Madness links HERE:
Its NCAA tournament time March Madness my favorite time of the year. My picks for Final Four coming soon
Well, I've had to wait all day to post about my excitement about March Madness. End of spring break (getting ready for school tomorrow after being off two extra days because of the State Tournament), deacon's meeting and get getting iPad time (getting it away from Nick) have all played a part. But my Baylor friends (Pete, Karla and all the rest), fellow T-sippers and 'Jacks fans (Randy and all of Nacogdoches) how cool would it be for a Final Four of UT, SFA, Baylor and anybody else in Arlington?! Chris, I wanted to include SMU, BUT THE SELECTION COMMITTEE LET ME DOWN! I know that it's a long shot. I would settle for a UT-SFA FINAL! Ali and I would be there! :)
Now that the match-ups for March Madness have been announced this Selection Sunday, who do you having going to the Final Four and why? Who do you have going all the way and why?
Don't forget to download the Loodo app to your smart phone next time you stop at the OverTime and you will be ready to make your picks for March Madness starting next week! Top prize for the OverTime winner: 42 inch flatscreen! Free trip to next years Final Four tourney to the overall national champ! Ask your bartender, server or manager on duty for more details.
Get Ready for March Madness! is once again offering FREE ways to participate in March Madness this college basketball season with their official NCAA Bracket Games! In Bracket Challenge, participants can submit up to three brackets to compete against the nation for a grand prize - a trip for 4 to the 2015 NCAA Final Four. In Bracket Manager, users set up their own league and invite their friends, family and social networks to compete within their private group.
March Madness 2014 NCAA Tournament It’s that time of year for all of you basketball fans… March Madness 2014 Make plans to “suit up for the game” and come out to Island Bay for all of the fun… March 20th through March 23rd Start of the exciting action with games spread over eight different locations throughout the United States. March 27th through March 30th The Sweet 16 and Elite 8 begin with regional games in Memphis, Anaheim, New York City and Indianapolis. April 5 and April 7th The Final Four and National Championship Game will take place in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas There will be a special appetizer menu along with drink specials each game.
March Madness: Bluejays, Huskers and the odds of an all-Nebraska Final Four matchup -
While Kiana Knolland is out of the District this week, maybe I can find a way to see President Obama's picks for March Madness. I hope VCU is on the presidential ticket to the Final Four.
March Madness is here and I have to get my tourney bracket together. The Final Four and Last Two is at the Cowgirl stadium I bet them tix are high!
March Madness - one more week!!! my Final Four is Arizona, Syracuse, Texas (of course) and Florida. upset team will be Nebraska.
Update. March Madness--Elite 8 JCC Rochester 213 miles and Omaha 0. Hey,,, we dont worry about them... Keep riding team... Everyone pitch it and ride the Wind or (Win?) :) Lets move to the Final Four!!!
Been so crazy busy, I didn't realize it's March Madness. Catch me up on the tournament. Probably can't start watching until they get to the Sweet Sixteen or at least the Elite Eight, who am I kidding maybe even the Final Four. Need the ESPN app
Oh yea. March Madness is upon us! Get ready for more epic moments like the Laettner shot and VCU reaching the Final Four.
Good Morning All, I think everyone can agree this winter was like watching "The English Patient" sober. Long and depressing. Spring is two weeks away and you know what that means? March Madness! Based on my limited knowledge going into the tourney this year, it looks like it could be wide open in regards to the favorites to win it all! Who would have guessed that the best team out of the state of Kansas would be Wichita State. The shockers are 32-0! I was thinking there is no way they are going to make it very far in the Tourney with their weak schedule in the MVC. Just goes to show you that I do not remember anything about the previous year’s Final Four except the winner:) Wichita State made it to the Final Four last year. All of you BB aficionado's probably remember that, but your humble scribes aging memory had forgotten. We are approaching the event for 100 Men Who Care. We have raised $10,500 so far and I hope that we can increase our Qtrly giving to $10,000. • First Qtr we raised $5,00 ...
March Madness basketball tourney is almost here and Steel City wants you to enjoy the tournament with our help! Steel City will have brackets for FREE on location for the Final Four tourney for your chance to win great Steel City prizes including gift certificates, appetizers, subs and the grand prize of FREE PIZZA a week for an entire year. Stay posted...more details coming soon.
What a weekend! Can Shockers make it to Final Four? No. Come to Stubs and sign up for our March Madness Bracetology. Today we have $5 3top personal pizzas all day. Happy Hour 3-7pm. Ladies Dugout is Thursday 5-8pm, don't be late. Cheers.
Just made my half of my Conference Tournament picks. I love March Madness. Picked Wichita St. to make Eric happy. They are very good but will trip up on the Road to the Final Four. Go Nova.
Purdue Basketball Tickets - Purdue's Big Three Ready To Dominate Big Ten Revisit the 2009-10 college basketball season and you'll remember the Big Ten school that suffered the biggest heartbreak: the Purdue University Boilermakers. Ranked in the NCAA's Top 10 for most of the season and even hanging at No. 1 for quite some time, the Boilers boasted a trio of juniors named Robbie Hummel, E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson that helped the team garner huge expectations in the NCAA tournament - until Hummel tore his ACL, that is. Just before March Madness began, Hummel took a misstep in a Purdue-Minnesota showdown and suffered an ACL tear in his right knee. He was immediately ruled out for the remainder of the season. Purdue's dreams of an NCAA title were dashed along with the news of Hummel's injury, and the Boilermakers ultimately fell to Duke in the Sweet 16. The powerful Purdue basketball team ultimately couldn't make it to the Final Four without the help of their 6-foot-8 star forward, and after the season ...
Across the country, colleges are taking part in a season-long celebration of 75 Years of March Madness. In recognition of this milestone, Iowa State participated in a National March Madness Shooting Competition during halftime of last Sunday’s game. Alex Wagner, a Junior from Carroll, Iowa scored 59 points in 75 seconds. His score currently leads the NATION! At the end of the year, the country’s top ten shooters names and the campuses they represent will be displayed at the 2013 Men’s Final Four in Atlanta. Congratulations Alex!
McDonnell's Final Four trip in 2011 is under scrutiny: Two years ago, Ri...
Noah (16) is in an AP World History May Madness competition. You represent a historical figure and argue why you are more influential than your opponent. Starts with 64 people (like March Madness). Noah made it to the Final Four (5th round) today. He's Jesus. You would think Jesus would be the favorite. In the other class, Jesus lost in the 1st round to Steve Jobs. Students get to draft who they want to be and Jesus was picked by Noah 16th. He goes against George Lucas on Monday.
Oodles and oodles ofnoodles are the key to truly knowing Vietnam. Harry Hodge explains. Photos KylePhanroy   The key to one’s heart isthrough the stomach, and in Vietnam’s case, the quickest ride to get there ison the noodle express. Few nations can claim sucha variety of different kinds of noodles and their assorted fixings, eachreflecting their region of origin and the traits of their people. So let us takeyou on a national tour, from north to south, and let the noodles be your guide.After a March Madness spent trying different noodles, here are the Final Four:   THE MANAGER-BUN CHA: WhenVietnamese food writer Vu Bang stated in 1959 that Hanoi was “transfixed by buncha,” it’s easy to see why. Bún chả is a grilled pork noodle soup from thenation’s capital, and when you are busy running a country like Vietnam, youcan’t manage the nation on an empty stomach. Bun cha is served with a plate of bun (whiterice noodles), grilled fatty pork, and herbs in a steamy broth of nước mắm(fish sa ...
March Madness: Michigan’s magic continues with Final Four victory over Syracuse via
Noel Jones'08 and Syracuse have advanced to the Final Four of March Madness and will play Michigan on Saturday April 6 to make the final!
The SUNY Mascot Madness begins today for Brockport! Vote for Ellsworth as we march towards the Final Four!
When March Madness begins, every true college basketball fan begins a journey that culminates with the Final Four. Each year, elite collegiate powerhouses and Cinderella stories come together to vie for the title and for bragging rights. But only one can take home the prize.   10% Off
Final Four picks, Colin Cowherd and more Madness in Part 2 of our NCAA March Madness debate:
Fun Fact:191 March Madness! What began in 1939 with the University of Oregon’s “Tall Firs” winning the first men’s NCAA basketball championship before 5,500 spectators has grown into March Madness. The three-week tournament begins with a few undercard games Tuesday night (including one attended by President Obama), but things start in earnest Thursday and Friday with 64 teams in the main draw getting into action in eight cities. Utlimately the road leads to New Orleans, the site of this season’s Final Four on March 31 and April 2. 1. Top-seeded teams: Syracuse 31-2; Kentucky 32-2; Michigan State 27-7; and North Carolina, 29-5. 2. Syracuse had its best regular season ever, but the team could be in trouble after it was announced Tuesday that center Fab Melo will not play in the NCAA tournament due to what the school called an "eligibility issue," the New York Times reported. 3. In an oddity, three of the four top seeds – Kentucky, Syracuse, and North Carolina – enter the tournament after being ...
This is, in deed, a very fun time of the year. Excitement and anticipation seems to grow leading up to the Final Four ( otherwise known as the semifinals ) and the crowning of the national champion. Perennial favorites include UCLA ( with 11 championships, the most of any school ), Kentucky ( with 7 ), Indiana ( with 5 ), North Carolina ( with 4 ), and Duke and Kansas ( with 3 each ). In short, March Madness is a fitting name for this tournament, as it is one of the most watched and wagered-on annual sporting events in the United States. With this sporting event comes the annual practice of hitting the local bars and pubs. The ultimate way to enjoy March Madness is on a big screen at your favorite watering hole with a few of your favorite hanging buddies. This holds just as true for the ladies as it does for the fellas. So get out there and have a great time! For those of you who work and/or reside in the Wash. D.C. metro area, here are a few good watering holes to start with... The NCAA Men's Division I ...
March Madness begins!! Iditarod banquet last night, always a fun event! Iditarod Ceremonial Start in Anchorage tomorrow then Re-Start in Willow on Sunday!! - then watching Iditarod internet updates on the Last Great Race to Nome AND the CopperDog 150 in Michigan as Ryan, Erin and her brother Andrew Letzring start that race too!! - Ellen's birthday & our anniversary coming up and can't forget the Final Four basketball!!! GO RAY and NIC (running dogs from our kennel!) - GO RYAN, ERIN & ANDREW! - LET THE FUN BEGIN! 8)
Enhanced academic instruction through an active learning platform: In 8th grade Religion class, it has been "March Madness" in December! As a part of their unit on Church History, 8th grade students have had a tournament of debates on "The Most Influential Figures in Church History." After 3 rounds, the brackets are filling in and we are down to the "Final Four." In Section 1, it is Saint Dominic vs. Constantine and Saint Damasus I vs. Saint Peter. In Section 2, the semi-finals are Saint Ignatius of Loyola vs. Saint Gregory the Great and Saint Catherine of Siena vs. Blessed John Paul II. These students have worked hard researching and preparing for their oral debates on these amazing individuals. This has been an awesome opportunity for students to learn from one another!
Remember when the Lady Zags rocked it all the way to the Elite Eight in 2011 right here at the Spokane Arena?! Well, March Madness will return to Spokane in the form of the Women's Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight on March 30 and April 1, 2013! Tickets are on-sale Monday, October 1 and are just $45 and $35. You get to see three awesome games and watch as one team earns the right to play in the Final Four! Be here when the Madness starts in March 2013!!
Reminder...we are postponing the first YL of the year until Monday the 1st so that we can all go and support our WaHi girls volleyball teams as they march down the road to the Final Four! Yeah March Madness!!! Wait, what? Anyway, it's a win/win because we get to watch WaHi and the mass awesome stuff we were cookin' up for YL gets another week in the oven!
Brokers Alliance presents the March Madness, the Final Four Review of Life Insurance, Annuities, and Long Term Care, sponsored by Legal and General America, ...
Grand Re-opening at Sports Time Fan Shon continues all month long. TODAY ONLY all WSU and KU March Madness and Final Four shirts are just $2.95!
Someone should make a March Madness-style bracket for the best TV dads/father figures of all time. Something tells me Uncle Phil would at least make the Final Four.
Oh snap! College football Final Four playoffs are in the works. One step towards a March Madness style tourney instead of bowls, thank god
March Madness is the best time of the year. Can't wait till the Final Four
The Elite 8 round voting has ended and there is still one Cinderella show that has made it to the Final Four. But it was fight to get there for sure. The rest of the Final Four features two seeds and one seed. That means another seed went down this round. Lets breakdown what happened.
So, every week right now in Mexican soccer is the equivalent of US football Final Four. It's common to do little "bets" sort of like we do March Madness here. The one for soccer is called quiniela. On this past weekend's tournament 19 MEN and I were in this group betting ($10 each, and we all pretty much know each other). Guess who won? HECK YEAH it was me!!! Who rocks? I rock!! $200 fun bucks in my pocket!
March Madness: Wildcats beat Baylor Bears to set up all-Kentucky showdown in Final Four
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
is losing in the polls!! Please Vote! 2012 TV Couples March Madness Challenge Final Four!
March Madness comes to a close, here are the for the teams following last night's game.
March Madness? Final Four? Please...I've got all my gym badges, time for the Elite Four
Jim Nantz has a rough life. He got to cover all of March Madness, including Final Four, now gets to head to Augusta for The Masters.
TV March Madness VOTE in Final Four - From Inside the Box - Zap2it via
TV March Madness: 'Community' vs. 'Fringe,' in the Final Four via
needs you to vote! We're losing in the Final Four of TV March Madness against Community so VOTE ===>
You and me both. Our local country radio station had a March Madness bracket for country artists. He got to Final Four.
Indonesian please help FRINGE win over Community in March Madness Final Four vote
Help out? Fringe is losing in the Final Four of March Madness!
is battling in the Final Four, get your fans to help!
needs your fans' help in TV March Madness, it's in the Final Four!
is in the Final Four and needs your fans' votes!
Vote for Fringe in TV March Madness, we're in the Final Four!
WOW!!! Wasn't this a fun week. We hit the Elite 8, Then the Final Four for our March Madness, then down to our...
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Am I the only human who couldn't care less about March Madness or who's in The Final Four? It just doesn't interest me.
March Madness is down to the Final Four. Which team is winning in the battle of social?
Got a chance to interview yesterday. His thoughts on March Madness history:
This Sunday is the beginning of the Final Four of March Madness in New Orleans. The madness is coming to an end.
it's weird that when i say 'March Madness" or 'Final Four' no one knows what i'm talking about. How 4Ybd
Nothing wrgn with March Madness. Is it the Final Four?
March Madness hits fever pitch with the Final Four: The Final Four has arrived
check Final Four Brings Big Programs to Big Easy: If you've lost interest in March Madness — or you're just ... out
March Madness help needed!! Go to NOW and help KTRU advance to the Final Four. Only 13.5 hours left in this round!!
March Madness is almost over for 2012! Join us this weekend for the Final Four featuring $.50 wings and $3 Racer 5...
It's March Madness for the crowd and we're down to the Final FouR!! Place your votes now.
March Madness - Final Four - AF Nupes Multipurpose Facility in Alex Va this Sat! Watch the games, eat, drink, & party after!
In the spirit of March Madness, what Artists/Groups would be in your Final Four of Soul Music?
Hot 100 March Madness: The Final Four Revealed! Which No. 1 hits will make it to the championship? Vote now!
It's the Final Four of MTV's Musical March Madness and Paramore is still in the lead - click here to help us keep it!
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March Madness: Klout Style: With the NCAA Final Four games just a...
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