March Madness & College Basketball

March Madness pools are a form of sports betting based on the annual NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship each spring in the United States. College basketball most often refers to the USA basketball competitive governance structure established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 5.0/5

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I miss March Madness, College Basketball & everything about the basketball season. But atleast there's some NBA going on until early June.
"One Shining Moment - 2015 NCAA March Madness" That's why we love College Basketball !
All do respect to all of the Men's College Basketball coaches for doing a great job during March Madness but Coach Kevin Ollie deserves coach of the year. After all the school has gone through, clearly...he has done an outstanding job turning the Huskies around...hands down!!! These boys have been bracket busters and is in position to shock the world...who would've known.
No, there was not 😢. CBS is broadcasting games for the College Basketball tournament (March Madness) on March 20, 27 & April 3
2day is 1 of my favorite days of the year! The best day in Sports! The Coachella Fest of College Basketball- Happy March Madness!
I've had a lot of people tell me College Basketball doesn't matter much, funny March Madness is huge...oh yeah there teams didn't make dance
I'm feeling a little March Madness fever :D love rivalry games! MSU vs Michigan. Gotta love college basketball!
Great year in college basketball so far. Ready for March Madness.
So are you planning on being in the March Madness in 2014 For College Basketball? — Hopefully
March Madness: A Lesson from Teams on the Bubble: If you follow college basketball, you’re proba...
So, you guys know how I always make crazy predictions (and some of them come true.). Well, March seems to be the time when all my predictions magically come true. College Basketball is my forte, and even in years when I don't watch the regular season I still put up a great showing. Now, I'm not going to claim that I called VCU's improbable run or that George Mason run a few years ago, but a lot of teams I have exiting early do and a lot of my underdogs win. Is it luck? Yes, a lot of it probably is. But I'm especially excited for this year's March Madness. It's going to be crazy. What do you guys think about Rondo's absence not fazing the C's one bit? Danny Ainge at least has to consider trading him, right? LeBron has been on a hot streak, people are calling it amazing. He's the best player of this generation, his hot streaks are obviously going to be amazing. Not that surprised by this at all. Jonathan Paplebon admits to takng shots with the Red Sox. Good thing my Phillies have him locked up for a solid 4 ...
Tonight's starts the best week of college basketball until March Madness
So you've had and team in nation get upset in same week. And that's why no sport beats College Basketball. Start brewing that March Madness!
YAY,my is gonna beat Davidson & stay unbeaten & ranked. Love Coach K! NCAA College Basketball fun to watch..rd to March Madness. =)
Some of the most exciting sporting memories in the past come from the world of college basketball. More often times than not, these moments happen in March Madness (Laettner’s “The Sho...
Did I seriously just get asked if I wanted to go to Vegas for March Madness??? Um hi I am Vanja Djuric, I live and breathe basketball, I love Vegas, & I prefer College Basketball ... No way could this have been even a real question for V, I must be getting punked and Ashton Kutcher is about to come out. I'm waiting.
I guess there is a reason i only watch College Basketball during March Madness. Its boring right now.
Wow - Come the end of the College Basketball season and March Madness - I'll be able to cash in my 401K WITHOUT PENALTY - should I wait or cash it in - what do you all think
Yes foreign policy is important but the real issue is college basketball. Without Obama who will predict NCAA March Madness???!!! Or play basketball with UNC??!!
The latest NCAA men's and women's college basketball news, scores, schedules, rankings and statistics and complete coverage of March Madness all at
I am the only Black guy that watches & follows, Women & men's tennis. The WNBA, the NBA, NFL, MLB, College Football & College Basketball. The NCAA March Madness tourney every year, the NBA PLAYOFFS EVERY YEAR. NFL PLAYOFFS EVERY YEAR. Golf, women's golf. I love Sports 4 times more than music. I am the ultimate sports Junkie. LMS if U agree Everybody that know me closely. Comments are ALWAYS WELCOMED. Go, SOX, CUBS, BULLS, FIRE, BLACKHAWKS, & DA BEARS! LOL!
Why was Dad watching the NBA Lottery when he doesn't watch NBA Basketball. He doesn't even watch College Basketball except for some of March Madness... But he was and I was during dinner tonight... Boring and who cares!
Why Parity Is Bad for College Basketball: College basketball might not be a...
Dear AFN, Not every sports fan is a fan of March Madness. Some people (mainly me) would much rather watch the Pens with Sid the Kid travel to the Garden to face the Rangers. Hockey is far superior to college basketball. Freehling
While I am waiting for my shots from the Firehouse to download to my hard drive, I thought I fill everyone in on the "idea" I have been bouncing around in my head... Christopher "Topher" Nash's murder has remained unsolved for too long. His family grieves and I imagine the person or persons responsible for Topher's death doesn't sleep very well either. So.The concept I am beginning to develop and implement will in my hopes bring closure to the family and give Topher's killer another reason to lose sleep... The concept is simple, but intricate. Beginning A.S.A.P. I hope to be seeing two local musical talents competing head to head for a spot in the next round against another band. The concept is based on the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament where 64 teams compete till there is only one to be named Champion. My concept is entitled "Music Madness" The format will be to enlist local musical talents from ALL genres of music. Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Metal, Top 40, 50's, R&B, Rap, Spiritual, ...
The only thing that matches the NFL season excitement wise is college basketball, and that's only the March Madness. Maybe NHL playoffs too
So all 5 of Kentucky's starters will enter the NBA draft. SMDH! NBA needs to change the way they do things. College Basketball needs to be exciting not just during March Madness.
Updated for the 2012 season! Norfolk St. beats Missouri!! I love College Basketball!!! So I improvised a song about March Madness!!! This year the tourney go...
First round of the NHL Play-Offs is always like Hockey Nirvana and then the second round comes and ruins it. It's like a professional version of College Basketball's March Madness.
OK College Basketball fans here is a little wrap up for March Madness 2012: List your top 5 "FAVORITE" players of the tournament. Here is mine: 1.) Royce White of Iowa State. He was by far the best player I saw in the tournament this year. He had 23 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists against the All Mighty Anthony Davis of Kentuck., No single player made Davis or Kentucky look as ordinary as Royce White did, they couldnt stop him. 2.) Walter Offut of Ohio University. His performance against North Carolina in the Sweet 16 was amazing. 3.) Cheyne Behennen of Louisville. He was one of the most impressive and consistent players I saw in the tournament. 4.) Thomas Robinson. What a powehouse of a player. Karl Malone reincarnated. 5.) Kyle O'Quinn of Norfolk State. His performance in the first round upset of seed Missouri was legendary.
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