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Marcellus Williams

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so nice to your signature on the petition for Marcellus Williams.
Cody Roe is just as good as any Lakes WR, ever, coach says — and he coached Jermaine Kearse, Reggie Williams. .
Missouri governor issues stay of execution for Marcellus Williams -
I have not forgotten Marcellus Williams, and I won't. He almost died & still could for a crime…
"Marcellus Williams: Missouri set to execute death row inmate despite new evidence suggesting he is innocent."
Innocent people sometimes get wrongly convicted — just ask Marcellus Williams
Marcellus Williams is scheduled to be executed Tuesday despite new evidence suggesting his innocence, attorney says
Missouri stayed the execution of Marcellus Williams, but why was he sentenced to die in the first place?
"What's terrifying about this case is what it reveals about our system overall" says Exec Director:
DNA suggests a man is innocent of murder, but a US state is going to execute him tonight anyway
Article: State of Mo to execute innocent black man though DNA evidence clears Marcellus Williams. | OpEdNews
Missouri governor invokes a rarely used law to halt execution of Marcellus Williams
BREAKING: Gov. Eric Greitens has issued a stay of execution for Marcellus Williams.
Breaking: MO Gov. Eric Greitens has halted tonight's scheduled execution of Marcellus Williams in Missouri.
US convict Marcellus Williams says new DNA evidence should halt execution
The governor of the US state of Missouri halted the execution of Marcellus Williams by
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This whole Marcellus Williams case is ridiculous and so unnecessary. Missouri Supreme Court, please stop the nonsense n let the man go home.
MO Gov. grants stay of execution to Marcellus Williams w/ 3 hrs to go, as attorneys say DNA evidence exonerates him. http…
Missouri governor grants stay of execution for Marcellus Williams over new DNA evidence
Update: Missouri governor halts the execution of Marcellus Williams in the 11th hour to examine new DNA evidence.
Missouri Governor Greitens has stopped the planned execution of Marcellus Williams. Thank you for doing the right thing,…
Missouri governor halts Marcellus Williams' execution after new DNA evidence emerges.
Marcellus Williams's attorneys had said new DNA evidence exonerated him. The state had said he was still guilty
You're very popular, Colbert, Daily Show, People, you name it. If you execute Marcellus Williams toda…
Stop the execution of an innocent man, Marcellus Williams. DNA was not his!
A murder avoided: Missouri governor stays execution of after DNA evidence exonerates Marcellus Williams.
Governor stopped the planned execution of Marcellus Williams and appointed a board of inquiry to look at ne…
Thank you to Comrade for alerting me (+ tons of others I'm sure) to Marcellus Williams' case and undoubtedly cont…
BREAKING: Greitens issues stay of execution for Marcellus Williams, will appoint board of inquiry to consider Williams request…
We are calling on the Governor of Missouri to stop the execution of Marcellus Williams on Aug 22nd!
Felicia Gayle was murdered in 1998. Marcellus Williams was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death in 2001.
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Missouri set to put convicted killer to death Tuesday, even as his lawyers say new DNA evidence proves his innocence
Marcellus Williams deeply reminds me of Troy Davis. Troy Davis was still executed. I dont want Marcellus to be the next Tr…
Marcellus Williams is set to be executed in just HOURS for a crime they have proof he did not commit.
What kind of crazy state would continue to allow execution of someone given this evidence?
Read Bryan Stevenson's book Just Mercy and don't tell me that this Marcellus Williams trial wouldn't have been a chapter in his book
Marcellus Williams execution delayed after DNA test raises question about his guilt
MO Gov. issues stay of execution for Marcellus Williams and will appoint Board of Inquiry to further consider…
New DNA evidence says Marcellus Williams is innocent. The US state of Missouri will execute him tonight anyway.
DNA says Marcellus Williams didn't kill Felicia Gayle, but the Missouri Supreme Court wants to let his execution go ahead…
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