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Marc Summers

Marc Summers (born Marc Berkowitz on November 11, 1951) is an American television personality, comedian, game show host, producer, and talk show host.

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I recall watching Marc Summers talking about how he had OCD & didn't like messy situations & in awe how he did Double Dare all those years.
Marc Summers is demonstrating Gator Alley. Knowing what we know about Marc now, I have so much respect for him.
What's Marc Summers up to these days?
I can't tell the difference between Jon Bon Jovi and Marc Summers
*angirly scribbling* "I ... didn't .. care.. for .. the .. marc .. summers .. bashing .. he .. is an .. american .. treasure."
Truth be told, Marc Summers was the 90's Ryan Seacrest.
In case you missed it at OFF this year, the feature film that Michael Lang and I worked on two summers ago is...
I need to see Marc Summers beat the *** out of Guy Fieri
Have a summer fling with Summer Glau. Get slimed by Marc Summers. Learn Sumerian. - Oh, & find out what you did last summer.
The continuing adventures of TV's Marc Summers' head takes us back to 1994 for Summers' one and only time on The...
Gonna start a Kickstarter to get Marc Summers to unblock me
Dunkel Dare: Marc Summers tells crowd to shut up
So memories of Nicktoons, Marc Summers, . Salute Your Shorts and Clarissa Explains it All are all blurred together in orange and neon green
Watching Unwrapped right now. I miss when Marc Summers roasted me
Please listen, James Summers is shelling Rinse currently -
This story and video of Marc Summers and Burt Reynolds fighting on Leno is amazing.
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Do you think Marc Summers is tired of getting noticed at the local Tepanyaka place?
Technically, all of my summers are Marc Summers.
lmao who put this on Marc Summers' wiki page?
I attended a taping of Double Dare with Marc Summers hosting. I saw my first ever Nick Slime!
I am not liking this unwrapped 2.0 show ugh. Bring back marc summers
You know summers around the corner when you wake up and is missing.
Checkout today's of the day! teeth, brush, toothbrush, Double Dare, marc summers, teet…
Check out this new trending ! teeth, brush, toothbrush, Double Dare, marc summers, teeth …
Still on cloud nine after getting to serve Marc Summers last night. And if you don't know who that is, you didn't have a childhood.
WHAT WOULD YOU DO?! was so dope,and a personal triumph of Marc Summers' work ethic cuz hes a germaphobe & it was MESSY!
“Summers Over Interlude” it’s an interlude, so yeah, there are better ones and Drake did better ones (Cece’s my favorite).
Me in 2004: Unwrapped is a great show. Me in 2016: Marc Summers blocked me for calling him a murderer
Marc Summers getting cranky in his old age
Marc Summers getting cranky in his old age:
Does Marc Summers still owe you $20 You might try this to virally shame him.
Also can I be a contest on Double Dare with you? I loved that show! Marc Summers is the man!
Marc Summers is the reason everyone is coming out. That guy's got pull.
.can you get Marc Summers to unblock me? He's overreacting to a story I shared about a friend who sprained their asscheeks.
Unwrapped with Marc Summers was actually a documentary series on the downfall of Western civilization.
that's like Marc Summers the Double Dare guy. He used to name search all the time till he got owned one day.
Thank you Marc Summers for the VIP treatment with Michael Symon today on the set of 'The Chew'!
Joy Behar and Paula Faris face off in a travel-themed game of with and
What ever happened with the Marc Summers episode of
Thank you Marc Summers and Unwrapped Food Network for your great segment!
Marc Gasol said he believes Pau gonna go to the Spurs next year 👀
What game show host from my youth is most successful Chris Hardwick, Marc Summers or Mike O'Malley?
Gingerman // T O N I G H T // playing some songs with Mark Jax. We're calling it the Double Dare show, and we'll toast Marc Summers.
Important update: Carlton Banks replaced Marc Summers from Double Dare on Unwrapped. Circle of Life, man.
no you're right. RIP in peace Bates
"I really miss my old house. That was a nice house."
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he reminds me of Marc Summers.. So it must have been made after the episode of Unwrapped about corn!
I did it. I faked it til I made it. This is freaky
he was our first outted germaphobe. Marc Summers was hiding it during Double Dare.
Just fixed an amp by shoving a pair of socks into it
Marc Summers might as well be in charge of the debate. "Double Dare"
I heard that tonight’s debate pairs the candidates in teams of two and is set up like hosted by Marc Summers.
Didn't know there was such a thing as too much hummus until I made too much hummus
Not realizing that Marc Summers could do anything on you at all?
The only thing that would have made this night perfect would have been an appearance by Marc Summers
Marc Summers knows where the missing plane is
I've perfected the Dana Scully ponytail now literally nothing can stand in my way
I'm jealous of everyone who just got to walk past me trying to faceswap with an Edgar Snyder ad in a bus shelter
Hey could we get more of the live action shows & game shows again instead of just the cartoons? I'm in need of some Marc Summers
if Marc Summers MC'd that, 7 year old me wouldn't be able to handle it. We're going the next time they do that
Those late summers we spent, stay up talking all night, I'd ask, "Do you think we'd ever make it?" You'd say, "I'm sure if it…
WHY WAS I NOT HERE. better yet, where was marc summers?
A woman once tried to sue Nickelodeon, claiming she couldn’t have sex because Marc Summers threw a pie at her face on Double Dare.
Marc Summers was the PERFECT host for Double Dare! He was VERY fun to watch!
Marc Summers, of TVs Double Dare, thinks this is NOT cool.
I once got fingered by "Double Dare" host Marc Summers in a dark alley in Orlando, Florida.
It's not the same without Marc Summers and his crippling OCD
if Marc Summers wasn't involved it's a disgrace
Is Marc Summers there? If he is could ask him about that 20 bucks he owes me.
Legends of the Hidden What are we doing ? Will we also get a Marc Summers origin story?
They should bring back Nickelodeon Guts by making it into a cop procedural about finding actual guts feat. Marc Summers as a bloated corpse.
Just try reviving Double Dare and make piece with Marc Summers. That'll solve all your problems
Make sure to check out the Marc Summers one-man theater show (LIVE!), hopefully coming soon to a town near you!...
I think should be the Marc Summers of the panel.
Looking at his wikipedia entry, I have no idea why he's not on my radar. I guess I have a Marc Summers-shaped blind spot.
have teams pick trades out of that big nose! I'm sure Marc Summers would do it!
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You nailed it again this year don't forget next year Paul & Ron challenge. Also love Marc Summers on GGG's.
Marc Summers with mastermind behind Broadway smash
Author on his affection for Marc Summers.
Am I the only person who thinks Marc Summers makes 'Unwrapped' sexual? I mean I'm not mad though.
What does the guy who did the music for think about working with Marc Summers?
Always great to see Marc Summers, Executive Producer for Restaurant Impossible
I just learned that Marc Summers has OCD. The guy who hosted Double Dare. That is the definition of professionalism.
Guy Fieri getting one over on Marc Summers -
Watching a puffy Marc summers, guy fiery and Robert Irvine pretend to cook. Gah. Didn't realize it was the shoe maker festival.
Double Dare director Dana Calderwood on working with Marc Summers
Skip Bayless is on my least favorite people list right behind Jim Belushi and ahead of Marc Summers.
Double Dare was fun show. Messing Marc Summers was a great host. made you want to go on the show and get messy
I just found a photo of John Harvey, Robin Marella, and Marc Summers in 2014 at a Double Dare Reunion! Harvey and...
To celebrate the upcoming Seriously 90s Game Show on 1/23, here I am freaking out over Marc Summers. http…
I found a show on A&E called What Would You Do. It is, surprisingly, not a revival of the hit quiz show starring Marc Summers
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ylumcomix:. Hi, I’m your host Marc Summers, and this week on...
If Marc Summers did 'Unwrapped' as a reality show on MTV, it would be the male equivalent of 'Teen Mom'. How babies are made.
Oh Marc Summers, you sure can talk about how food is made.
Whether hosting Double Dare or producing for Food Network, Marc Summers has carved out an impressive career...
Pictured here is Marc Summers standing in front of Bank Of America wallpaper. Did the illuminati predict this Own™?
I was watching Show best thing u ever ate I think Marc Summers is ur friend?He was talking about Chocolate Tower in Phila
Marc Summers is looking old but somehow still looks young.
Just met Marc Summers. Didn't realize until after that he was who I used to watch on Double Dare all the time
I feel like ur gnna look like Marc Summers when you are older
The coolest thing ever happened the other day... Marc Summers, the original host of Double Dare on Nickelodeon,...
Happy Birthday to Double Dare's 4 time MVP voted 5 years in a row by Marc Summers, my pal
I hope it feels good to be right Marc Summers.
what would you do with Marc summers
OCGente: .TaniyaNayak on I'm with tombury1 & ibatvmc (yes Marc Summers). This is my very first perisco…
What is this unwrapped 2.0 business? Where is Marc Summers 👿👿👿
I know Marc Summers does. Poor guy lost so much of his Double Dare money. You slimed him
I am Marc Summers! Take the quiz to find out what's behind Door and which game show host you are!
How much work has Phil Simms gotten done? He looks like Marc Summers from Double Dare.
it was. Sorry I don't have a comeback. Still doing research on Marc Summers
Marc Summers is also the exec producer 4 many shows on the Food Netwrk
and I've been in yours, let's not act like your Marc summers or anything
My story "Marc Summers Instigated the Bloods and Crips War so He Deserves Everything He Gets" was accepted for the suit theme at Pure Slush!
"What'll it be audience? 1, 2, 3, or 4 pies?" - Marc Summers. "FOUR!" - Audience wanting more mess and comic humiliation
Marc Summers (Host of Double Dare) has an interesting Wikipedia page.
RIP Joe Alaskey...didn't know he passed away. Voice of Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and was the announcer on "Couch Potatoes" w/ Marc Summers.
You think kids on Double Dare in the early 90s have nightmares of Marc Summers screaming at them to dig for a flag out of a giant nose?
Wow, they actually got Marc Summers to do a sketch?
Can we at least add a physical challenge to the Get Marc Summers out there and fill a kiddie pool with slime and puzzle pieces.
Remember that one time Marc Summers matched wits with Bobby Heenan on Double Dare. That was great.
*nods, hopes he won't be quizzed cause my Nick knowledge is limited to Marc Summers' OCD*
WELP Double Dare was my favorite show growing up & guess what saw Marc Summers today so I'm pretty jealous
He hangs in Philly all the time! It was probably him! I AM DYING YOU SAW MARC SUMMERS HOST OF Double Dare
*gets Huffy on Double Dare*. I was NOT "screaming like a banshee," Marc Summers, I was singing along to *** Jagger. *high-fives The Petes*
Marc West, Alex Summers, Sean Wolf: At the beginning of this flick we see an older dadd... 
*Michael Winslow, Justin Guarini, and Marc Summers walk into a bar*. Bartender says, "Hey fellows, what can I get ya..."
Marc Summers. Follow this Man he is a LEGEND Double Dare, Restaurant Impossible!!! Respect Salute!!!
Recording the This one is on the set of Nickelodeon's Double Dare with Marc Summers moderating right? Bring on the green slime!
Marc Summers thanked me. The 8 year old version of me in 1986 just completed a life time dream reaching Nickelodeon.
They should make all the candidate run through the Double Dare obstacle course for a extra 5,000 votes. Marc Summers needs to host
where did you get the bear coat? I really want to be like Marc Summers
I remember exactly 2 things about Marc Summers: Psychedelic Furs were his favorite band and he has OCD. Not the stuff of fantasy.
does Marc Summers still host What Would You Do? can someone make me a contestant?
.just told me Marc Summers is his uncle so I'm telling him about the fantasies I used to have of riding the pie coaster naked.
I would re-open nickelodeon studios in orlando fl. So I could pie Marc Summers in the Pie Pod!!
I'd bring the TV show Double Dare back, and yes, that includes Marc Summers.
I am so thrown off with Elliot's hair not being slicked back. He has Marc Summers hair. I can't
I would bring back with Marc Summers.
first I thought you meant the old game show on nickelodeon w/ marc summers, then I realized you prob meant the abc show :D
marc summers is one of the best no doubt. I know he's a judge in one of the shows on 727, but lupa which show
Do they still make real Nickelodeon slime? Do people still get slimed? Can Marc Summers slime me at my funeral or wedding?
get the bean bullet from Anne Summers instead
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — Marc summers
I really want to hang out with Marc Summers
.unblock me, Marc Summers. I Double Dare you.
When Marc Summers came to visit on Saturday, he was nice enough to stop by and say 'Hello' to all of our...
Marc Summers learn more now about his love for Indiana!
When Marc Summers got married, he and his bride entered the reception down a slide into two huge wedding cakes. The day? 9-11-01.
THE Gwendolyn Rogers and Mr. Marc Summers of - thanks for taking…
Marc Summers gave us a visit again today. He brought his Mother and his brother in for cake and champagne. He was...
Super excited to visit the set of 'The Chew' tomorrow in New York with Marc Summers.
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These lil *** don't know about Marc Summers or the Pie Pod, dawg.
he would get marc summers to do 1 more ep of what would u do and I would run the obstacle course and he'd make sure I found all the flags
Other TV Game Show hosts I would rather have as President over Trump: 1)Marc Summers 2)Olmec Head from Legends of the Hidden Temple 3)Trebek
thought it was Marc summers at first TBH
I'm watching the *** cooking channel with whitey Marc summers and these folk got some *** microwaved pork rinds on here
launch, Marc Summers asks the unique question: Why are the large majority of youth so peaceful?
Marc Chagall, 1942, 'A Wheatfield on a Summers Afternoon',. Backdrop for scene III of the ballet…
I can't wait to get off work and watch a buncha eps of unwrapped w Marc Summers
Summers says central bankers do not have as many tools as they think b/c rates too low to fight another recession. htt…
I liked a video Friends of the People - Banned Double Dare: Nose (Featuring Marc Summers)
This Double Dare is the 1970's game with Alex Trebek. Not the Nickelodeon one with Marc Summers. Strange.
Watching the and hoping for a guest appearance by Marc Summers or Mike O'Malley.
Unwrapped completes my soul. Thanks for being Marc Summers.
plus, we only acknowledge the REAL 'what would you do?' Nickelodeon x Marc Summers
shes in central Florida. maybe shes gonna be on Double Dare and make Marc Summers pay to slime her
I wouldn't be the man I am today if it were not for Ghostwriter, Carmen Sandiego, and Marc Summers.
My life goal is to replace Marc Summers as the host of Unwrapped.
I liked a video from Chicago Caramel Popcorn Shop | UnWrapped with Marc Summers |
I have composed a list of football teams that will be terrified of playing England at next summers Euro finals.
When it's a Marc Summers ep of Unwrapped I'm not *mad* but might yell WHY WONT U LET CARLTON SHINE out loud in apt
Marc Summers in this episode of LOOKS LIKE ALF lolololol
"Unwrapped", which was formerly host by Marc Summers.
I have both met Marc Summers AND been a Space Camp counselor, but alas, I was never on Double Dare :(
are you friends with Marc Summers like you are with
Our hearts are heavy because we have lost someone great. Mr. John Summers, a music legend. 🎺🎺🎤🎸
Thank you to the Southern University Human Jukebox for an amazing tribute to Mr. Summers
wonder how many people Marc Summers blocked that day? (I am one)
They have Carlton from fresh prince hosting Unwrapped??? I WANT MARC SUMMERS BACK
Marc Summers is holding a fundraiser in Tajikistan in his honor, there will be a family obstacle course challenge.
happy belated birthday to Marc Summers, the host of one of my favorite tv shows 😊❤️
I love it when Marc Summers cameos on
Larry Summers: Advanced economies are so sick we need a new way to think about them - The Washington Post -
Whenever Marc Summers introduces himself to someone on I think "Have these people never seen Dou…
I didn't know this... Happy Birthday (Marc Summers of "Unwrapped" and "Double Dare")
Marc Summers getting into it with Burt Reynolds on the Tonight Show
That sounds fantastic! How does Marc Summers, feel about you using his tagline? Unwrapped. ;-)
you literally just drank Marc Summers
I wanted to share these fun still photos of me and Marc Summers making pie together on the Home & Family show...
I liked a video Marc Summers Mom on "Couch Potatoes"
Happy Birthday to the man who could host anything and we'd watch it, Marc Summers!
A very Happy Birthday goes out to game show host Marc Summers aka
Happy Birthday dear Marc Summers, happy 64th birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Marc Summers, who turns 64 today!
If you grab the flag at the top, Marc Summers brings you a margarita!
I wanna slowly drift off to sleep while marc summers tells me how they make funyuns in excruciating detail
Breast Cancer Awareness
Rand Paul looks like a 60 year old 20 year old. Like if Paul Walker and Marc Summers got caught in the machine from The Fly.
Where in the World Is ... Marc Summers?. That's him there on the left, as a guest host on game show Where in the... ht…
Happy Birthday, Marc Summers!. And for a special birthday treat, an exclusive video from the man himself...
that only works if Marc Summers is hosting.
TV host and personality of Nickelodeon's Double Dare and Food Network's Unw... Get more at
How in the actual *** do you get blocked by Marc Summers?
Please don't subject me to Marc Summers as host again.
Marc Summers? He's on Food Network all the time. I loved Double Dare. LOL
If I switch from using my alarm clock to my phone's alarm, I want to wake up to Marc Summers saying "On your mark... get set... GO!"
After we moved to the U.S. my parents kept sending me to Lausanne during the summers so I would retain my French.
One of the great county summers: a long-haul innings to follow a long-haul flight. Michael Klinger jets in with style. http…
Hi and great Sunday great Marc!the photos of Victoria Summers after yourhuge and whitefountain of *** on face are impressive!hi
Political debates should be hosted by Marc Summers. Can't answer a question? Pass it or take the Physical Challenge.
When summers almost over and you realize how much summer work you have left
Wonder what Marc Summers is up to these days
Talk Like A Pirate Day started by Marc Summers my ACT theater dir. in Albany, OR. Now on a Krispy…
Shall I compare thee to Marc Summers? . Thou art more lovely and less afraid of germs
Can you ask your boy Marc Summers to set up a meeting with TLC & Bravo execs?
Where's Marc Summers when you need him!?!
Ya know, I'm glad Marc Summers blocked you! lmao
Thank-you Mr. Marc Summers! What an honor to receive a compliment from you!
I'd like to volunteer as tribute to be on Also, I seriously hope Marc Summers would return as host!
June July drop somethin, I Double Dare you. I'll Marc Summers
Why is Marc Summers on my tv claiming Steak and Shake is quality food? pay your debts
Marc Summers even cameoed at the end. Harvey did his own voice too. Edd Kalehoff sound cues too. Someone did their homework.
Yep. They did an episode. With Marc Summers guest starring. It's kinda odd because no kid is gonna know what DD is.
Marc Summers, seen here proving just how ... ANIMATED he can be!. (Courtesy our friends at Mighty Fudge Studios...
My sister moved to Chicago to pursue comedy today! She already has the potential to meet Marc Summers - the DREAM.
Tell me there's a slime bath instead of a Gatorade bath at the end of this one. And that Marc Summers will be there.
The thought actually did cross my mind. Also happened with Marc Summers of Double Dare.
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Aw!another so huge,white and incredible fountain of hot *** by great Marc over your hottest face Victoria!great!
Less than 25% of states & no major states have fully implemented NUMP. Check out Marc Summers's take:
needs to quit trying to teach my kids to do whatever the *** the stanky leg is and work on putting Marc Summers back on air
"Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers."
You're producing this with Marc Summers? 5-year-old me envies you so much. Great episode tonight.
Chuck Woolery and Marc Summers on the set of Scrabble. Marc hosted when Chuck played for a home player. This was...
Whenever I wear white sneakers with dress pants, I feel like Marc Summers
Is there a way to get Marc Summers back for a Double Dare RNC debate?
lmao what happened to that girl who thought it was Marc Summers shows exactly why research is important
He took on Burt Reynolds in front of millions. Marc Summers is a *** American hero!
Like seriously, I'm expecting Marc Summers to walk out on the stage right now.
Is Harvey announcing prizes when prompted by Marc Summers?
Having Marc Summers in my shop was so amazing. He is such a wonderful man. Thank you Marc for taking the time to...
Are You Getting the Basics of Email Marketing Right?: If you're looking to market your business online, you'll...
I can't tell you what he's doing now but in 2007 he was in this music vid w/ FergFace and Marc summers
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"sit down, kids and I'll tell you a story of the guy who owned Marc Summers. I was there."- me to my future grandkids.
Still laughing at the fact that Dabbs actually just walked through Summers window. Made my day and ruined Summers😂
Great Review from last Summers Fuji Rock concert with Marc Ribot FUJIROCK EXPRESS '14 ENG Ver.
"If only we could wish upon these stars"- Marc Summers
I'd like a tall glass of Marc Summers
Doppelganger: Marc Summers... I'm sure I'm not the first to say this! Hope you're having fun!
Got parking advisory email for Sat.'s Imagine Dragons concert here at TBA and I'm laughing again at ownage of Marc Summers
Hosted this tonight...and channels my inner Marc Summers!!!
Marc Andreessen compares her to Elon Musk. She spent two summers at NASA. Meet
Watching unwrapped and the narrator doesn't sound like Marc summers.
Scrabble: Game Show Host Week Blooper: Marc Summers hosts at Chuck Woolery and John Davidson from the New Holl...
Summers great, but I'm excited for fall
Six hours in the studio. Here's the result. Let Poor Cinders Go. Bit of a heavy one this.
I'm so glad Rewrapped is a show. I missed Marc Summers.
got a signed Marc summers pic and everything. It was just normal Double Dare, however
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Marc Summers is inappropriate with children pt. 2
Marc Summers is inappropriate with children pt. 1
Is it me or does Harry Winkler look exactly like Marc Summers?
That's me. lots of summers. My Uncle Marc gave me the cb handle name grease monkey, because I had to grease...
The way the last two summers have gone, I am convinced Marc Bergevin is just toying with my emotions.
Marc Summers is probably a terrible person to play Truth or Dare with.
could totally die in peace if I met Marc Summers from Unwrapped he's my hero
Has anybody not blocked by Marc Summers asked him to denounce Assad's war crimes
the summers are long and brutal. No relief in sight until about November
Found a Coke I'd share with for his legendary ownage of Marc Summers
More hot summers for parts of UK Scorching summers like in 2003 look set to beco via
This one time user That boys good made an Imagine dragons joke and Marc Summers fell for it and ever since interwebz not the same
...said Marc Summers just moments before making sweet love to a cream pie. (Vine by
I would write one about myself and Marc Summers
2013: Trying to play it cool after meeting host Marc Summers.
If your name isn't Billy Crystal, Frankie Muniz, Marc Summers, Clipper Darryl or I don't respect you as a clipper fan..
All done with the sketch cover of Mr Summers as the Phoenix in Secret Wars. Finished in Copic Markers and Gelly roll http:…
Anyone else wish Marc Summers showed up and invited them to be on ... I thought so.
One week ago today. Where were you when Marc Summers fell?
Our magnum opus. Marc Summers would be proud.
I feel bad for convincing my extended family at thanksgiving that Marc Summers, host of Family Double Dare, killed some…
I would've went w/ Harrison Ford if u were his doppelgänger, but instead u r Marc Summers twin
Our man Marc Summers with the world's beefiest celebrity chef, Robert Irvine.
Marc Summers reverses course, picks Louisville to win the national championship
What happened to Marc Summers on Unwrapped??? It's not the same with Carlton
may be better than but Marc Summers > Alfonso Rebeiro. GoodEats will not be the same.
I wonder if Marc Summers knows who I am. I'm obviously his biggest fan ever.
ICYMI: Marc Summers opens up about his recent battle against cancer.
Meanwhile, in David Brooks' alternate Aspen institute universe, Larry Summers is a progressive
The way Brooks talks about the new prosperity report, you'd think Summers wants to nationalize major industries.
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If Rubio and Summers are the main poles of the fairness debate, we are all in big trouble! Larry vs. Marco
Interesting David Brooks column has Rubio & Summers as intellectual heavies charting econ course for their parties
David Brooks on policies to promote social mobilty: Larry Summers vs. Marco Rubio.
Just heard news that a nostalgic host Marc Summers of this amazing show
This is our alternative: Larry Summers VS Marco Rubio, argues
David Brooks -- Larry vs. Marco: Marco Rubio and Larry Summers give us a glimpse of the economic options likely to…
I was a little puzzled to see that Larry Summers and Marc Andreessen were disagreeing
Double Dare Host Marc Summers Reveals His Bout with CLL . It's a scary and cautionary tale. See my comments at
I wonder if I wear a bear coat I can get a photo op with the great marc summers in Merrillville indiana on Price is Right?
For some reason, I really like the sound of either The Daily Show with *** Foley or The Daily Show with Marc Summers... both would be good.
TBT to ballin up with the fam for all those summers and getting coached by Marc 💪⚾️
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