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Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld; 30 September 1947 – 16 September 1977) was an English singer-songwriter, guitarist and poet.

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to an amazing night celebrating Marc Bolan and T.Rex! . (Photo Recap) . Review:…
FOR SALE.. and all profits go to a really great cause... THE MARC BOLAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC...
You MAY NOT be Marc Bolan but you sure got T-Rexed
Saturday 11th - TooREX are a musical tribute to the late, great Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex.
I may be wrong, but it'd be in Sharon's autobio, I think. Remember, she was Don Arden's d…
Check out what I found. T-Rex-Children Of The Revolution an Introduction to Marc Bolan DOUBLE CD via
Yes, on a big lighted dancefloor! Lol preferably in a really sparkly suit like Marc Bolan 😂😂
I added a video to a playlist Marc Bolan - On - The One Show
Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin of Tyrannosaurus-Rex photo by Chris Walter 1969
MARC BOLAN ~. From his 1969 poetry book, The Warlock of Love ~. His cloak of caution, threadbare and patterned,. fell…
"Debora" by Marc Bolan & T. Rex from "20th Century Boy: The Ultimate Collection"
He sure was. Marc said he loved the Silver Surfer. Here's a link to Bolan's interview of…
Roy Wood (Wizzard), Marc Bolan (T. Rex) and Why am I only learning about this now?!!
Wasn’t Marc Bolan a comics fan? A lot of his lyrics mention superheroes.
The Damned on board tour bus with Marc Bolan 1977
I am never cutting my hair really short again. In the immortal words of the great Marc Bolan: 🎶"wear your hair long…
Oh my yes. Not to mention Marc Bolan.
Whoa, fab clue Sid! You must mean Marc Bolan!! I had no idea he'd guested on this record…
Marc Bolan rocks tonight. 7pm the Groove Lounge. Full of Rexual content
Split from a band. Here's how to get that solo Oasis sound? Marc Bolan & Roy wood
Our partners Marc Bolan, Amy Martinez and Liza Burrell presenting on the WIF Housing and Employment Navigator proje…
My Labrador and I live close to the Marc Bolan Memorial in Putne…
He's watching ✨ The beautiful Marc Bolan, spotted recently in London by Alan Edwards.…
Ringo Starr and Marc Bolan on the set of Born To Boogie. https:…
Radio 2 earlier-. Marc Almond: I took part in a Marc Bolan tribute recently... Michael Ball: I live just round the corner from the tree.
Def Leppard Vivian Campbell -. Marc Bolan inspired him to play Gibson & was .
Poignant and heart-wrenching in equal measure hearing the voices of David Bowie, Marc Bolan and John Peel on today.
Marc Bolan anniversary programmes. He grew up at no. 25 Stoke Newington Common and attended Northwold Road School.
from Lovers of vintage fashion... . Marc Bolan and Ringo Starr on the set of the film Born To Boogie. Photographed b…
📷 missadler1897: “Scarce Fan photos of David Bowie at the funeral of Marc Bolan held at Golders Green...
I just used voice to send a text, it spelled Marc Bolan correctly as my fone says, he'll yeah
Some days the words don't come. I'm aware I'm as poetic as a sober Marc Bolan but here is what happened today:.
Feat some of the greatest rock songs ever written, 20th Century Boy tells the lifestory of the Marc Bolan and T. Re…
Marc Bolan come back to Barnes. Imwatching streetart
I liked a video Marc Bolan I Love to Boogie Live 1976
there's a great video of Marc Bolan playing live, wearing tight green pants and the women in the fro…
Original 1972 watercolour of Marc Bolan - one of the artworks for sale at our George Underwood 'Rock & Roll' Exhib…
On "Citizen Age", Bowie reveals his confusion between Marc Bolan and James Bolam.
I know Cher and Marc Bolan are entirely different sounding (and visually too) but I love and respect them both so *** much.
Man: Who's that painting of?. Me: Marc Bolan. Man: No it's not. Does anyone know?. Man 2: Marc Bolan, I think. Man: Oh ok, yeah
This was the 1st punk band I'd ever seen. Granted it was on the "Marc Bolan show." Still, what impact! The band wer…
Tribute act, T.Rextasy, sell out O2 Arena after organising commemorative concert to glam rock superstar Marc Bolan…
Marc Bolan and due predominantly time-slaying window-lickerish, but it never feel the wings slough off, strategically, so
Marc Bolan once said that Shane Fenton was actually a far better (and odder) name than Alvin Stardust. Quiet right.
or: Your music? save it for later. I am the last rock n roller, the last Marc Bolan. shut up kid, I…
Dave davies? Quite lovely. id like to hear from Marc Bolan...tough since hes dead. Colin Blumstone would be good. Or Emmit Rhodes.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Marc Bolan painting. Like you were a bird
MARC BOLAN ~ . 1970 July 30th. Sounds of the 70's radio show aired. Woodland Bop medley . (link is sa…
I liked a video Marc Bolan \Glam memorabilia..Paul Fenton on the Antiques Roadshow.
To be fair, Marc Bolan formed T-Rex in 1967, so it's not really that mind blowing.
Overheard in the press office: Me: "A month after we lost Marc Bolan." Colleague: "Who?"…
Says the guy talking smack on Marc Bolan an hour ago. Right.
Marc Bolan knew how to write the perfect - T.Rex 'GET IT ON' fourth week at this week 1971…
Marc Bolan. •T.Rex. •one of my fave bands. •died when my dad was a kid but still a living legend. •the majority of the…
I remember you saying you liked T-Rex and ageed that PG should do a Marc Bolan themed collection
Another Methuselah manxie last night. EB53319 ringed as chick Sept 77 becomes our oldest bird of year. 1977: Star War…
⚡️"Cilla Black & Marc Bolan have a lot to answer for but thanks for the memories!"⚡️. 💓💫
never understood why anyone liked Adam Ant... he's just a poor man's Marc Bolan.
I honestly feel it could all end tomorrow. Not just the band thing - I mean life. . Marc Bolan
When you hear 'Back off Boogaloo' you can tell Ringo was hanging out with Marc Bolan can't you?
Iain Duncan Smith's shows look good - Guests include Roger Moore, Victoria Wood and Marc Bolan, all of whom have be…
David Archibald and Carl Lavery channel the spirits of Marc Bolan and Suzi Quatro in Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues!…
My siblings in Muse (that I know of:. Andrew Wood. Bono. Marc Bolan. Kathy Valentine. Ian Astbury. Ray Bradbury . I love you 💖💖💖
Me with Marc Bolan, taken in Paris, Feb 1977 (thanks to Steve Simmons for this).
Tribute act T.Rextasy recall glam days of Marc Bolan at Grand Opera House
summoning Jimmy Martin and Marc Bolan at last night.…
performance as ‘a mixture of Joan Crawford and Burt Lancaster’ and *** Jagger, David Bowie and Marc Bolan .
Thinking today of Marc Bolan on what would have been his 69th birthday. Forever a star, KALMIYH X
Marc Bolan was regular visitor to London Zoo where he'd commune with Guy The Gorilla. Had a thing about them ever since Might…
Marc Bolan should have won the Nobel Prize for literature. Then again, Bolan idolised Bob Dylan...
Tribute to T.Rex and Marc Bolan takes to the stage
."Was it just Marc Bolan or did Mickey Finn make meaningful contributions as well?"
How long have oasis been plagiarising Marc Bolan?
There is so little time for us all; I need to be able to say what I want quickly and to as many
Marc Bolan fights a losing battle with a mic stand with a mind of its own.
MARC BOLAN ~ T.Rex. 1969 October - Marc met Mickey Finn at a health food cafe in London. Mickey was a great partner.…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
MARC BOLAN ~ . 1969 Oct 11th ad in Melody Maker (Steve Took had left). But Marc met Mickey Finn on his own & he becam…
"Marc Bolan". *something about what 'oomf' is doing*
David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Lou Reed and New York Dolls are at the top of my list!
Tickets sorted for Marc Bolan's 40th year anniversary celebration at Shepherd's Bush next September. What a night it'll be...
Interesting article and photos of Marc Bolan and Mike Oldfield's 1966 Telecaster.
David Bowie and Marc Bolan jumped on every bandwagon for about five years desperate to become stars before they made it.
I was dancing since I was 8. :) Yes, Marc Bolan wrote some very special songs. x
Johnny Depp plays Marc Bolan in remake of 1972 movie 'Born To Boogie'
So great to see how fast tickets are selling! Still some available here..
Exhibition of Michael Putland's work will feature photos of Marc Bolan, Michael Jackson and David Bowie
Today in 1947 Marc Bolan was born. Here he is with T.Rex playing his song "Metal Guru"
- Michael Putland's photos of the Rolling Stones, John Lennon and Marc Bolan to go on display in London ...
Amazing to think that Marc Bolan would have been 69 today had life taken a less tragic path. Happy birthday Bobo, y…
Marc Bolan would have been having his 69th birthday today. He and Steve Marriott showed the young me that we short guys could Fing ROCK.
Marc Bolan was born on this day back in 1947 - Happy Birthday "Metal Guru"
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones - To Know You Is To Love You - rocking above the clouds with the stars on his birthday 🙏🏻🌹
David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels subtle tribute to Marc Bolan in 1999 on The Dreamers.
Blasts from the past->Rare photos of David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Frank Zappa & more from Japanese magazine ‘Music Life’
in 1974 Mainman floated rumors of a film project collaboration between David Bowie & Marc Bolan in the press
That T-Rex song should be called Ride A Mute Swan really, it's unlikely Marc Bolan was thinking of a trumpeter swan
Marc Bolan attending to Mickey Finn's make up before they went on stage (M. Putland,1972).
my only obsession as a 10 yr old in 1972 - Marc Bolan and of course Mickey Finn!
90's Britpop night guys ranked:. 1. Guy who looked like Jarvis Cocker. 2. Guy who looked like Graham Coxon. 3. Guy who looked like Marc Bolan
me too, or in the car with my dad--he loved listening to Elvis, Eddie Cochrane, Marc Bolan, Johnny Cash, etc.
I've got this insane passion for Marc Bolan.. Telegram Sam - Marc Bolan and T. Rex
David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Marc Bolan by sedgewina (tumblr)
David Bowie's not dead he's just on Mars having a slumber party with Lou Reed and Marc Bolan
Amusing manga of The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux, Marc Bolan, Hanoi Rocks & more from the 80s: . Robert Smith of The C...
Marc Bolan. To put it in a nutshell.. if it was the 70s, and Bolan was still alive.. Little boys wanted to be that dude.
Pete here, in for Geoff Lloyd - loving this 1977 episode of 'Marc' - Marc Bolan's TV Show. Smashing.
Goodnight Bowie fans. Just for a change i thought i would leave you with a disgruntled Marc Bolan fan! Sweet dreams. https…
Don't forget that the Rolling Stones, Marc Bolan, David Bowie and others left the UK to avoid tax. Not rare in some circles.
We were aiming for Frank N Furter & some how he ended up Marc Bolan. . I totally love my *** husband.
Picked up 's "Manipulator" record. Like Marc Bolan collaborated with Frank Zappa on a record produced by Todd Rundgren.
2/2 Back Off Boogaloo was named after a phrase Ringo used to say to Marc Bolan who also features on the record🎸⚪️
YOU are pointing out to ME a politico-religious fact? Be a bit like me telling you stuff about Marc Bolan! Over and out.
Marc Bolan was too beautiful for this world
It looks like this lot have found Marc Bolan's dressing up box.
"Our lives are merely trees of possibilities." . (- -
Andrew said Marc Bolan is ugly so I'm blocking his number
Another stock of my autobiography 'Spirit of Marc Bolan' arriving this week. Anyone interested can drop me a line!
£15 -- New Musical 'Jackie' in Blackpool, up to 49% Off: Hits from Donny Osmond, David Cassidy & Marc Bolan al...
It relieves me when a I hear Marc Bolan's name echoing as you experience ARTPOP! Yes! How fantastic! If nostalgias for geeks then I am one!
Marc Bolan knows who to stay away from 😎
If Marc Bolan kissed you, would he feel like this?. Only if your favourite member of Guns N' Roses is Axl Rose
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I'm Marc Bolan! T Rex & over 20 other bands this Saturday in Sacramento 4the Halloween Show.
Marc Bolan is probably my dad or something.
I have gotten so much color and bleach on my Marc Bolan shirt, I may as well use it as an apron from now on. -_-
I added a video to a playlist mr motion - marc bolan - concert uke
Life would be better if Marc Bolan remained.
📷 diamond-star-halo: You can tell when people are passionate about their music… Marc Bolan, T. Rex, by...
Ty Segall - “Ty-Rex” - I don’t know a lot about T. Rex aka Marc Bolan, but I do know Ty Segall. Ty’s...
The ultimate tribute to T-Rex & Marc Bolan hit Abingdon when TooREX return to The Northcourt on April 8th. All...
Do it. I love Marc Bolan eternally. Have you ever seen Born To Boogie?
My hair is getting more Marc Bolan by the minute!
So proud of H&M for giving Marc Bolan a chance to model for them. Always championing for diversity
I've looked at your profile several times recently. Why the hair back then? Fashion? Brian May? Marc Bolan?
We crept into sleep, so much for last minute Marc Bolan (confused multiple, aggravating process of my dread gradually trimming
Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones r my real parents
MARC BOLAN ~. 1971. Enjoying a peaceful moment at home. "Girl"
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Tyrannosaurus Rex gets its name from the English rock band formed in 1967 by Marc Bolan. After four albums he shortene…
I reckon it's a lot better than the grotty tree in Barnes that serves as the Marc Bolan memorial.
Always makes me feel better a little bit of Marc Bolan
Great record...loved Marc Bolan.Another one taken too soon.
Michael Caine and Marc Bolan all bought Rolls-Royces before they could drive.
they did an excellent Telegram Sam by Marc Bolan too...
The all-time record is held by Marc Bolan's Tyrannosaurus Rex who topped the chart with a re-issued double in 1969.
Pictures of Marc Bolan riding on top of things | Dangerous Minds
Thought that said Marc Bolan for a second. Tbf, he's probably in better nick than Arteta atm.
It's an interesting experience. I'm translating my first manga while playing Marc Bolan at 3:40 AM.
Marc Bolan did this in the 70's. Its not a new concept...
the Gospel According to Marc Bolan says you are if you wanna be my toy.
MARC BOLAN ~. Because he was the real deal. And he stayed true to himself.
Musicians who correctly predicted their own death
My heart has been craving so much Marc Bolan lately and I'm very much okay with it.
l was born late 67 and loved a bit of Sweet & Marc Bolan/T-Rex. They were so cool x
Marc Bolan is like the original GG Allin
Reading the interview with Elton John in He used 2 go clubbing with Marc Bolan & Bowie! Sounds like the best night out ever!
Jim morrison, Jimmy Hendrex, Janis Joplen & Marc Bolan were all included in my ifs, buts, maybes x
I just wanted to know if you were inspired by Marc Bolan?
thy get worse this makes last nights one look authentic MARC BOLAN HAND SIGNED AUTOGRAPH via
(I used to play on the dartboard in the Three Tuns where he landed his now-legendary 170 check-out against Marc Bolan)
If God were to appear in my room, I might cry, but I think he would dig me like crazy -. Marc Bolan
I tend to play a lot of blues things at home, because most blues things are...
I was living in Marc Bolan's walk in closet
How does one choose a favourite picture of Marc Bolan???
Marlene Dietrich in stack heels seducing Marc Bolan. Please bring the dancers back!
Marc Bolan had inspired so many people to pick up a guitar and join a band.
And sadly Marc Bolan died in a car crash two days later. A talent that died way to early😔.
Original1970 version of 'Prettiest Star', featuring Marc Bolan on guitar.
don't forget Marc Bolan the first glam rocker🎸🎤
ha - I hope it's a sexy Marc Bolan complete with short skirt
i'd like to think wherever David Bowie went, that he's with Marc Bolan and this is going on right now
to the original 20th century boy, Marc Bolan giving us old school rocker
If you wanted to know what a Marc Bolan concert was like in the seventies, this is the show for you!
Always wondered, Frances, r you related to Marc Bolan? I know he has a Ruffell (original sp.) in his ancestry & EE Jewish.
This special film was made for Roger's first solo single for Marc Bolan's weekly TV show, broadcast 14 Sept 1977 - https:/…
the greatest drummer in rock history, Keith Moon, next to the king of glam rock, Marc Bolan
2/2 I met Marc Bolan once at a cinema in London's West End. My main recollection was that he was very short, even in Cuban heels ...
Three Kings of Glam Rock, David Bowie, Marc Bolan & Gary Glitter, we now have only one left
Why is Marc Bolan's corpse reanimated and shilling for MI5?
... Jeepster was my fave TRex song, beautiful Marc Bolan
Tonight at the Flowerpot, Derby we'll be getting it on to the fantastic sounds of Marc Bolan played by the...
The official web site for the Marc Bolan London Music Project .
Great top Tops of Pops. Marc Bolan/T Rex. John Peel fakw playing Mandolin for Rod Stewart.David Bowie. Only at '71!
Is it bad I don't know who Marc Bolan is? 😅
Cutest lyrics ever; "I don't mean to be bold, but may I hold your hand". -T. Rex (Marc Bolan)
Watching Marc Bolan T Rex on met him once in Weston u Penyard. Long time ago
MARC BOLAN ~. Beautiful man, beautiful spirit. Forever ... http…
Schmee has come as Marc Bolan...we're not sure why.
Friends and family of rock legend Marc Bolan need to raise £10,000 to build a stage and memorial garden in Northwold
Stage in memory Marc Bolan will inspire rising music stars.
MARC BOLAN ~. 1972 on set of film Born To Boogie. T.Rex jam session Tutti Frutti.
though it's quite unlikely one could meet Marc Bolan (as he has been dead for ... hm, 40 years?)
but hair is dangerous ... so you could get Dr Brian confused with Marc Bolan ...
I do not necessarily believe that Marc Bolan knew what words meant.
I thought of Marc Bolan when I saw your pic!
Hall for Cornwall prepares for Marc Bolan and Abba tributes: The Hall for Cornwall in Truro has two cracking s...
Metal Guru. Marc Bolan & T.Rex. The Essential Collection. "..sitting there in your armour platter chair.."🎸
MARC BOLAN ~. A lifelong poet who never stopped dreaming or sharing his dreams. https:…
Advice from the late, great Marc Bolan of TRex
Marc Bolan, you are my spirit animal
MARC BOLAN ~. 1972 Dec. 23, Rexmas at Brixton. Great angle; shows all of T.Rex & backup singers.
Marc Bolan was in a car driven by his girlfriend/wife Gloria, not sure about Eddie Cochran
Alice Cooper, Jimi, James Brown, Marc Bolan, Frank Zappa (and many more) do Santa
When your niece wants to make you look like Marc Bolan, only a monster would say no
Marc bolan and T. Rex Metal Guru Documentary (Part 17) Interviews and Ra... via
📷 black-coffee-bonus-cup: Marc Bolan with Johnny, Joey and Tommy Ramone in London in 1976
yes, he's the T. Rex singer Marc Bolan.
If you want to make a list of criminally underrated musicians, Marc Bolan has to be at the top. (Maybe Alex Chilton beats him out...maybe)
Donovan is fast catching up with Marc Bolan & Syd Barrett at the top of my faves. Donovan - Hampstead Incident .
Yes they are raising funds to build a stage & memorial garden to honor Marc Bolan who went to school there. xx
My Halloween costume pieces are almost all here. It’s um… Marc Bolan as Little Red Riding Hood?
Marc Bolan in his Brighton Rock meets Quadrophenia phase
Now playing Dreamy Lady by Marc Bolan.just reminiscing!! No wine just good old magic beans!
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but it was Marc Bolan (well me) that put her in that bath. She was on course for a pot noodle and a creme egg.
if a damsel is in distress, you always offer up Marc Bolan. Always ;)
On I watched "Pawn Stars UK" (1:7). Too much car talk. Marc Bolan wrote like a child. (1:?). I want my own TARDIS. Stuck with old games.
MARC BOLAN ~. "Metal Guru, is it you?". Always you, Marc. Many imitate, but none compare.
MARC BOLAN ~. "Metal Guru". Top of the Pops Dec. 28, 1972. HQ video; hit & classic pure pop .
MARC BOLAN ~. with his Flying V guitar. Fab shot by Keith Morris .
Photo of me as Marc Bolan by birthday girl 👯💎🎩
or 70s, Marc Bolan had some killer ones
Up to the point in Going To Sea in a Sieve in which mum washes his Marc Bolan T-shirt (MB actually gave him his own T-Shirt)
to the ghost of Marc Bolan I just want to say thank u for those string shakings thats my kind of jam action
September 16: 38 years ago today T-Rex frontman Marc Bolan was killed in a ... -
“Kiss me, and you will see how important I am” (Sylvia Plath) Gloria Jones and Marc Bolan (Norman Seeff, 1974)
I bumped into Rolan Bolan - Son of Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones in West Hollywood. Lovely guy - very unassuming.
The late Marc Bolan would have been 68 today. His family lived at 25a Stoke Newington Common till he was 15.
RIP Marc Bolan, should've listened to Sam Tyler when he said to drive carefully in Minis x
Check out this Marc Bolan guitar gifted to Ringo Starr in our upcoming auction! ht…
MARC BOLAN ~ Electric Warrior 1971 . The album that shook the foundations of rocknroll. Rock was never the same
Not forgetting queen, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, marc bolan, iron maiden + judas priest. *** when did we stop making good music
Who is cooler: David Bowie or marc bolan?
the documentary had a marc bolan equivalent in it and i was Happy
It's September once again groovers... See you in London! . The 2015 Annual Marc Bolan London Memorial Concert...
MARC BOLAN ~1971 . Riding that first wave of huge success.
Marc Bolan was great and Slider was amazing. His best was Electric Warrior
legend is, Greenwood called the station when Marc Bolan died, and the DJ laughed at him.
Death of Marc Bolan. Anniversary 16th September. . Keep a little Marc in your heart
Has anyone looked at the long haired chef's menus on his website? Talk about out there...'Marc Bolan wasn't a welder'?!!
The song 'Metal Guru' by Marc Bolan foretold how the lives of people in the future would be controlled by a new metal god - the smartphone.
"...and have a picnic on Labor Day..." ("Nutbush City Limits." Ikin' Tuna Teener.) (Lead guitar: Marc Bolan.)
I think my speakers just resurrected Marc Bolan.
"The Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith" by Marc Bolan from Beyond The Risin’ Sun Another early one ♫
Next stop for is on 15th Sep for Marc Bolan's Light Of Love Foundation:
Dunno the blond guys name but you gotta remember "Marc bolan" the crazy guitar guy usually outside Boots on market Street.
Marc Bolan ~ "Ride A White Swan" . T REX. Here are many cover sleeves of this single (several countries).
"Ride a White Swan" single, T Rex, Oct. 1970. Marc Bolan's first really big hit record. .
If you feel like you were born into the wrong generation, just appreciate that James Bagshaw is here & he's basically just Marc Bolan anyway
Marc Bolan's friend, Steve Harley, still rockin' hard ~.
Things you didn't know: David Bowie was the final guest on Marc Bolan's ITV music show, Marc, in 1977. Bolan was k…
MARC BOLAN. in Music. ref. "Ride a White Swan: The Lives and Death of Marc Bolan" by Lesley-Ann Jones.
My People SLRZ 1003 1st issue 1968 Tyrannosaurus Rex via Fantastic! What a bargain! Grab it while you can!
Marc Bolan sings "move like a cat" in 20th Century Boy, and my daughter points at the cat like a pro. She's one and already a performer.
I think I have to go as Marc Bolan for Halloween this year
MARC BOLAN READS OLIVER TWIST This is obviously not real but I am absolutely crying this is hilarious
Junipers suction your new Marc Bowland. Name from my brain and Tyrannosaurus Rex followed
Warrior my 1st Marc Bolan vinyl. Still have it with 45yr collection of over 500 others. Boogie On 🎶🎸
3 interpretations of one of my favourite artists of all time. Marc Bolan. Bedtime story, SOLD Prints available.
Marc Bolan 1972 Cosmic Dancer Live Wembley Stadium via this one is one of my fav marc outfit tbh
Mates of Marc Bolan, they formed a Mod group ?
The official charity to support the Marc Bolan School of Music is launched to bring music…
Gloria Jones, Queen of Soul, talks Marc Bolan, Motown & raising funds for a school in Africa
Today in 1968, the first Pink Floyd gig without Syd took place, at Southampton University, supported by Marc Bolan's Tyranno…
"I want to feel your heat, under the Crimson Moon" . Marc Bolan: chartreuse lover, indigo man ~.
If only I could've married marc bolan
"looks so much like marc bolan. Both fantastic voices. Fact
T.Rextasy Blue Moon Juice NEW CD ALBUM Glam via This is going really well I happy to say!
Why has no man ever said to me 'baby I wanna buy u a Cadillac' ? Cos I'd say go on then thanks' Marc Bolan just knew womankind x
Listen to the wonderful Gloria Jones on BBC Radio 6, talking about her career and the Marc Bolan School of Music!🎶.
How many know that the Young brothers were T.Rex fans, who also supported Marc Bolan in 1976! They have a tasteful music background!
MARC BOLAN, JAPAN 1999 1st. edition very good The Japan version of our 'Wilderness of the Mind' book.
Marc Bolan - prolific lyricist, amazing performer, who lots of people still worship now, those who don't are musically bereft.
When Marc Bolan died suddenly at 29, his family were left with nothing. But David Bowie saved the family from poverty.
Little Giant Ladders
To those critics; I know Marc Bolan isn't remembered by some! But to ME he'll always be head & shoulders above everyone else in the business
Song for a soldier by the amazing Marc Bolan
New playlist. Various folk having fun with the Marc Bolan / T.Rex songbook:
Once you become a fan of Marc Bolan your life and musical tastes will be set for life, cannot beat perfection
I added a video to a playlist BBC: Marc Bolan - The Final Word (2007)
And when I was married and when I had kids, would Marc Bolan be so important?
It's 00.53 an I'm listening to my God Marc Bolan coz I get him an life's an elevator x you r in my heart MB always
watching the 1965-1975 top of the pops feeling utterly jealous of every teen shaking their booty to Marc bolan and Bowie
who would win in a fight between Marc Bolan (pre-death) and Gary Lineker?
Reg playing on Get it On with Marc Bolan on bbc 4 the now.
Poor Marc Bolan. Still greatly missed in the music world!
Snap! Marc Bolan died on my 24th birthday (-:
On air with Liz now the legend that is Gloria Jones on who really wrote Tainted Love and what life was like with Marc Bolan
My dad mistaking Patti Smith for Marc Bolan in that portrait was the highlight of my day
1980: Ringo Starr & Barbara Bach escaped injury in a car crash less than half a mile from where Marc Bolan was killed.
Call me loopy but I tend to think that *** Robertson from Magpie fame is a mixture of Brian May,Marc Bolan and Russell Brand.
May Blossoms sweet man of the children T.Rex/Stand By Me/Marc Bolan: I stand in your fold Mr Feld
~Helen Shapiro was in a school band with a then-shy lad named Mark Feld on guitar who later became Marc Bolan~. "
T-Rex singer Marc Bolan always sang as loud as he could because he couldn't reach the microphone to his mouth with his tiny arms
Congrats to '70s John Cleese for joining ... And to Marc Bolan for inspiring our hunks to strive for sexcess.
Playing pedal steel guitar on "Hot Dog": the ubiquitous BJ Cole, who's accompanied everyone from Marc Bolan & Pink Floyd to The Verve
Please read my New post today. Watch me watch young darling late Marc Bolan yesterday?
Good point - tho according to wikipedia, Bowie was ACTUALLY trying to sound like Marc Bolan
I was thinking Marc Bolan but then I'm old lol
~Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. When Mod was THE thing to be~. "
Marc Bolan broke her heart, man. It's famous (+ genie)
Marc Bolan would have been more amazing as the lead singer of T rex is of course dead
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