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Marc Anthony

Marco Antonio Muñiz (born September 16, 1968), known professionally by his stage name Marc Anthony, is an American singer-songwriter, actor and producer.

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Omg Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony, Luis Fonsi, Camila Cabello & more! What an epic collaboration of Latin excellence…
Marc Anthony wants President Trump to "shut the f**k up!"
Through the years I have collected every Marc Anthony and JLo songs I can't even tell you how many I have garbage now never buy again
Mr. Trump is doing what he is supposed to. See Marc Anthony. STFU! Are u there in PR? Donating? Where are the knee benders now???
Jennifer Lopez donates $1 million to Puerto Rico relief, working with Alex Rodriguez & Marc Anthony to do more.
Puerto Rico isn't even a f* state do United States has help them and help them and you're going to bash our president Marc Anthony
J-Lo donated a lousy $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey and Irma could you afford it she popping b* Mar…
F*** you Marc Anthony f*** you you ignorant *** how dare you talk to our president…
It has been 3 years since Marc Thompson's body was found inside a car in Chico, CA. Help the find his killer: https…
Since Puerto Rico is Marc Anthony's home country how about he shuts…
Marc Anthony Tells President Trump to ‘Shut Up’ About NFL, and Focus on Puerto Rico | Splash TV: via
Marc Anthony would have his people living back in Cu…
American public to Marc Anthony - Shut the f up about what Trump is doing…
Marc Anthony wants Trump to do more for Puerto Rico: "Shut the f--k up about the NFL"
Singer Marc Anthony to Trump: 'Shut the f--- up about NFL' and do something for Puerto Rico
.Shut your pie hole U disrespectful POS & write a big check say $40M 2 your compadres. .
People like Marc Anthony are all bluster and big mouth. Wonder how mu…
Believe me Deb. We're getting help to them as fa…
No one cares what Marc Anthony or any other liberal celeb has to say.
Marc Anthony to Trump: 'Shut the f--- up' about NFL, worry about Puerto Rico
claiming his 15 min... Tells Trump: Shut the f--- up about NFL, worry about Puerto Rico
Where is your money and aid Marc Anthony? Dem always criterize but never payout $ themselves. Why are you not i…
The same ones who attacked Marc Anthony for singing the National Anthem . and/or Sebastian De La Cruz during 2013 NB…
Marc Anthony in Concert at the Amway Center - November 19 and stay at Crowne Plaza Orlando-Downtown…
Just made the realization that Marc Anthony looks like the Puerto-Rican version of Tony Stark
Marc Anthony's mother died yesterday, yet he shows up to perform during El Clásico half time. Priorities.
J-Lo shares photo of Marc Anthony and kids after his mother's passing. via
F/25/5' 3" [165 lbs- 135 lbs=30 lbs](10 months) Left photo was taken 2 days ago. Photo o the right was taken at a M…
Hector Lavoe & Marc Anthony are/were Puerto Rico's greatest export. Hits on hits on hits.
I didn't know Marc Anthony's mom died 2 nights ago😭😭 omg I'm so so sad for him
Marc Anthony show that professionalism have to be top priority. His mom died two nights ago and he still performs.
Do you like to give a rate of malavida site? Marc Anthony
Everytime I listen to "y còmo es el" by Marc Anthony I immediately follow the song with "Somebody Else" by the 1975
Getting to know about ukm stats. Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony for the half time show.
If you don't think Marc Anthony is the goat, unfollow me
listening to I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You (feat. Marc Anthony)
Marc Anthony just lost his mom and still performed. He deserves support now, not your criticism.
umerakeskus. Leave a review for Marc Anthony
I liked a video HD Full Halftime Show at El Clásico Miami with Marc Anthony (Real Madrid vs
This Marc Anthony performance sounds like when you don't have the headphones plugged in all the way.
Marc Anthony looks like kind of new signing Arsenal would unveil
The main event is over!. Marc Anthony has left the stage and the second half is underway. ⬇️ LIVE BLOG ⬇️.
Everyone makes fun of me for being a huge Marc Anthony fan lmao
Marc Anthony's performance gave me the chills, you could almost sense the pain he going through just by the way he perform…
Popularity of site page. Leave a ratings of e-maxima. Marc Anthony
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Jennifer Lopez shares picture of ex-husband Marc Anthony surrounded by his kids after star's mum passes away…
'Surrounded by love': Jennifer Lopez shares a sweet photo of Marc Anthony cuddling his kids after his mother's… https:…
ESPN. *** .with the sound on TV with Marc Anthony!
Prop to Marc Anthony for performing just days after losing his mother.🙏🏿🙌🏿
Marc Anthony is one of the best live performers and that's just a fact.
Marc Anthony mourns death of mother Guillermina Quiñones:
Marc Anthony you gave me chills today
Jennifer Lopez is sending her love to ex Marc Anthony as he mourns the loss of his mom:
Jennifer Lopez pays tribute to Marc Anthony's mother with sweet Instagram post: "We will miss you." http…
So proud of my little sis dancing half time tonight with Marc Anthony 😍😭💓
If you don't appreciate Marc Anthony there, acknowledge that plan B was probably a bald dude yelling "mister worldwide"
Everyone is giving Marc Anthony crap for not singing live... His mom died 2 days ago and he's professional enough to show up
Omg this is hands down worst lip singing I've ever witnessed. Marc Anthony at this el Classico match half time. Wow.
No Me Ames x Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony just came on the radio and I'm weeping
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony 'Extra' interview on the Red Carpet at the...
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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony - Behind the Scenes at Latin Grammys
- NEW PIX: Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony head out to dinner after a long day of work. July 18, 2009.
Fun fact: when I was younger I thought I was going to marry Marc Anthony or Mario Lopez 😅😂
Well I like salsa music mostly so any of the fania all stars, jerry Rivera, victor manuelle, Marc Anthony, La India
Jennifer Lopez has Marc Anthony in her new video and it's basically 2007 again.
Exes - Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony in the same video!
Chloe Green has been linked with Jeremy Meeks, Jermain Defoe, Marc Anthony, Ollie Locke, CR7, Wretch 32 and Djibril Cisse. Strong form.
Suddenly Latina when Selena and Hector Lavoe movies come up. Additionally, Marc Anthony added to the Latin appeal she doesnt have
Hector Lavoe or Marc Anthony's cover? I personally love both
With some Marc Anthony or Hector Lavoe playing loud af
I think the salsa bands that put songs together are so talented and amazing I could cry listening to Hector Lavoe or Marc Anthony
Too bad he's giving it to Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin and not us 😞
People in the barber shop playing Marc Anthony and word to my mom I'm about to start crying. Dude touching my soul😭😭😭
Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez look so good together 😩😩😍 lo siento Marc Anthony lol
How balances her relationship with ex Marc Anthony and boyfriend Beau 'Casper' Smart
Jennifer Lopez admits she thought she and Marc Anthony "were gonna fight" while working on new music:…
Dave:"Who was Marc Anthony married to"?. Me: "Cleopatra". Dave: :No he was married to Jennifer Lopez *** .
They may be exes, but that doesn’t mean Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony can’t still make sweet music together.
Jennifer Lopez dishes on collaborating with Marc Anthony: "I thought we were gonna fight."
As much as I love Marc Anthony's cover, this is blatant disrespect to Hector Lavoe to play a cover of his iconic so…
Marc Anthony, Frankie Ruiz, & Hector Lavoe are the best Puerto Rican salsa singers of all time. 🇵🇷
My main reason for loving 'La Gozadera' by Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony is that it says my two nationalities in one song 🤗🤗 🇵🇪🇳🇮
Celebrating this W blastin Marc Anthony down A1A idc Miami about to hear me loud and clear before I head up north🇵🇷
Is this the exact moment Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez first met? (Marc Anthony was there too!) htt…
Ain't it funny that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez met right in front of Marc Anthony:
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Met Right in Front of Marc Anthony (Ain't it Funny?): Ain't it…
Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony is number 2 in El Salvador top 100 songs
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reunite to celebrate twins Max and Emme's 9th birthday
At a Marc Anthony concert n folks are really broadcasting it live to YouTube! N people why artist charge the prices they do for live shows.
My mom FaceTimes me from the Marc Anthony concert so I can see him 😩😂😂😂
Update your maps at Navteq
Marc Anthony. It helped when we were busy, but afterwards and only 1 up escalator...
It seems like literally everyone bought their moms tickets for the Marc Anthony concert
My mom at the Marc Anthony concert tonight 😭❤
Marc Anthony está pasado. Was supposed to start at 8 pm. It's 9:15 and no sight of him.
will be remembered for NOT calling our Puerto Rican's during roll call at tonight's Marc Anthony concert. Who does that?!
Mi esposa and I are stoked to be here for Marc Anthony tonight! 🎤🎼
Idk why I thought I would be able to understand anyone at this Marc Anthony concert .I gotta learn Spanish.This MC is funny. Or so I'm told
Marc Anthony has a show tonight, I forgot about that lol
Wishing I was at the Marc Anthony concert 🙄
my mom keeps sending me updates of who is at the Marc Anthony girl just enjoy idc
I would love love love and die to see Marc Anthony live
When everyone including your dad is at the Marc Anthony concert 😩
My mom is freaking out about Marc Anthony right now
Part 1 of my wife's valentines gift,tickets to see Marc Anthony
Taking my girl to Marc Anthony concert for Valentine's/ anniversary cause she a princess who deserves it ❤️👌🙂
Time to enjoy this Marc Anthony concert
"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." - Marc Anthony quotes from
Drum clinic hosted by Jessie caraballo drummer for marc Anthony via Plus
Me and my baby's mutual love for Marc Anthony is one of the many…
Flaco time with Michelle Dlugosz and Irma D. Torres! — attending Marc Anthony at Prudential Center
I am at a Marc Anthony concert tn with my Spanish girlfriend and her Spanish parents. As expected, I am the only *** within miles.
When my moms boyfriend surprises her to a Marc Anthony concert 😍
Marc anthony concert with my cinderella❣️
My dad and sandra went to see Marc Anthony without me 😩
Mop in hand, Marc Anthony on blast, sushi on it ways.
Marc Anthony has a concert tonight . *cries*
I'm ashamed to not have known Marc Anthony & La India had a duet together until just now 😐
My parents are seeing Marc Anthony in concert tn I'm so jealous
Fidel has a Marc Anthony station playing and it's giving me life
Listening to Marc Anthony puts me in such a good mood. 💃🏻 Can't wait to have a salsa dancing bae to dance all day to his songs.
Tú amor me hace bien from Marc Anthony has to be my favorite song from him
If someone offers you cheap Marc Anthony tickets, you don't say no. You bargain them down lower and take your girl with you.
Check out this Amazon deal: Man On Fire Blu-ray by Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony brings out the boricua in me 😂🇵🇷
my mom is going to a marc anthony concert tn and I'm a tad jelly
The fact that my sister went to a Marc Anthony concert w/o me is crazy😪
Relive that time and took the stage together 12 years ago:
Just hanging with Marc Anthony in London... I mean Chris Quilala... I mean
I've been listening to N'sync, Daniel Bedingfield, Marc Anthony, MLTR and Backstreet Boys since I was 5. Their songs never gets old.
Feeling the need to buy Suits... maybe some Marc Anthony's, Apt 9, or maybe just buy some Hugo Boss 😌😏
JLo's the smartest *** Wanted to get into hip hop so she banged Diddy. Acting? Afleck. Latin music? Marc Anthony. Now makin…
Drake and JLo really out here wylin and Marc Anthony in the background like. bruh
I don't listen to music that's not Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony splits from wife weeks after KISSING ex Jennifer Lopez
The most recent Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony duet is 🔥🔥🔥
J-Lo had Puffy writing songs and Marc Anthony divorcing wives
La copa rota by Marc Anthony is so sad y'all
Marc Anthony is divorcing his Venezuelan model wife, Shannon de Lima, after two years of marriage
'We Mutually Decided to End it' - Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima on Why They Split Up - -…
Singer Marc Anthony and Venezuelan model wife to divorce
Marc Anthony divorcing Venezuelan Model Shannon de Lima after two years of marriage
Marc Anthony and his wife have officially called it quits.
What you see is what you get. My God, we don't care the time nor the energy to live up to some persona.- Marc Anthony.
Lawyer for the wife of Grammy-winning singer Marc Anthony says the couple is divorcing after a 2-year marriage.
Marc Anthony says he and his wife, model Shannon de Lima, agreed to split.
Marc Anthony: The singer serenades his fans while performing at the Foxwoods Resort Casino…
The days of la raza being represented at the White House are over 😭y'all remember when Marc Anthony performed for Fiesta Latina in 09
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony reunite on the charts
Latino singer Marc Anthony splits from wife Shannon De Lima after Lopez kiss
I felt like a backup singer to Marc Anthony going word for word with him
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Singer Jennifer Lopez kiss ex husband Marc Anthony on stage at the 20... via
Marc Anthony, Again plants kiss on Another pretty singer, barely 24hrs after split from Wife, Shannon Delima, for……
Marc Anthony pretty backing singer after performing in Miami on Friday Kiss came hours after it emerged he and...
Marc Anthony plants kiss on pretty singer after split from wife Shannon De Lima – Daily Mail
The centerpiece of the Latin Grammys was a charged performance by Marc Anthony
He's at it again! Marc Anthony plants kiss on pretty singer
Marc Anthony and his third wife, Shannon De Lima split after two years of marriage: Singer…
Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez duet and kiss at Latin Grammy Awards
you are the one who said we were Marc Anthony and J.Lo. ! Lmao
Marc Anthony posts a series of kissing pics with friends after smooching his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez on stage.
Jennifer Lopez shared a smooch with her ex Marc Anthony at the Latin Grammy Awards.
Marc Anthony jokes about Latin Grammys kiss with Jennifer Lopez
Marc Anthony wants to prove that kiss with J.Lo didn't mean anything—so he's kissing everyone he knows:
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony want to dance, and love, and kiss again at the
Marc Anthony was the best performance of the Latin Grammys
I guess it's according to J.Lo and Marc Anthony 😂😂😂
Marc anthony said Jlo is like his sister after they kissed Because he know shannon bouta beat his *** 💀
Latin Grammy suck *** I'm gonna need Latin artist to step up their game up bc all I see is Marc Anthony, Jlo, and Prince Royce 😞.
Singer J. Lo presented the 'Person of The Year Award' to her ex-husband and father of her twins, Marc Anthony at...
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sealed the with a kiss
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sing a duet -- and share a kiss! -- at the
Jennifer Lopez duets with Marc Anthony at Latin Grammys (from
& her ex husband,Marc Anthony Kissing at Latin Grammy Awards 😍🙌🏻
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's version of is everything 😍😍
Letter raises questions about Marc Anthony fueling plans and committee roles
why does Marc Anthony wear shades when he performs lol
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony's version of is heavenly 😩
Marc Anthony is now performing. Is he gonna call Jennifer Lopez to come out?!! OMG!!! Im shaking!!!
Sturgill Simpson, Marc Anthony and the Best Concerts in Denver This Weekend -
Yes JLO and Marc Anthony kissed & all would've been good if he didn't call her "sister" afterwards ...what a fail!!
Hamilton Collection
Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Sing a Duet — and Share a Kiss! — at Latin GRAMMYs
How does manage to pull it out of the bag every time?!.
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony kissed at the Latin Grammys tonight and all is right in my world.
My cab is playing "no me ames" from Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. I'm going to slit my wrist. Breh.
Hillary Clinton to speak and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to perform here in Miami shortly.
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony alongside Hillary Clinton at 'Get Out the Vote' JLo concert in South Florida https…
Marc Anthony: "After the establishment sees how we show up, how we vote, they will never mess with us again."
Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony rally voters for Hillary Clinton in Florida.
The number one goal for Miami for me is to dance to Marc Anthony or Hector Lavoe with a Cubano 😛
Can you collab with Marc Anthony or Romeo Santos I wanna see you dance bachata or salsa.
Marc Anthony was like "here take a sip of this soda" and after I did he goes "you're about to show up TURNT to cheer practice" 💀
. I hope you are not in the middle of Marc Anthony and his wife.
When you're finish listening to oi oi oi on YouTube and then Pitbull and Marc Anthony auto plays effing your ear drums.
Get Marc Anthony in San Jose, CA with the front desk concierge app.
.to release Spanish album, executive produced by Marc Anthony (exclusive)
yes, a "get out the vote" rally with and Marc Anthony is really pathetic. 😂😂😂👌
BRUH! I'm taking my mom to see Marc Anthony tomorrow 😭 I'm prob more excited about this than she is but idc😅
Kaine ends speech with more chants of "Si se puede!" ("Yes we can!") As he walks offstage, Marc Anthony's 'Vivir Mi Vida' plays 💃🏽🎤
love Youre wonderful music marc anthony 🎤 ❤
Idk who's more of a crybaby Alexandra or Marc Anthony 🙄🙄🙄
I've been listening to a lot of Marc Anthony
The Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco range is great for treating hair loss and breakage
Someone come with me to the Marc Anthony concert tomorrow
like Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony sings
My mom is obsessed w/ Marc Anthony&one of my goals in life is to take her to Marc Anthony concert VIP meet&greet. Her joy would be priceless
No joke, I'm learning a Marc Anthony song for these folks Anniversary. 24 hours to learn in and celebrate the cubs
Marc Anthony Friday. Baby shower Sunday. Then comes Monday & I get back on my A game.
'NowPlaying' Mi Gente by Marc Anthony at - Buy it
I'm really gonna miss out on this Marc Anthony concert 😩💔
If I look like Marc Anthony I need me a JLo without the divorce.
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Big men's shooting 3's in the NBA is becoming a real thing now. Marc Gasol, Brook lopez , Anthony Davis , Amir Johnson and the list goes on
Evening Anthony. Thanks for your guess. I will give you a mention in a few minutes on Marc
I added a video to a playlist Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida
These freaking paisas are bumpin Marc Anthony..
my Spanish teacher is playing Leslie Grace and Marc Anthony
ROSTER ALERT - Thunder acquire Marc Anthony from the Pittsburgh Vengeance. Marc is a 6-1, 225lbs Forward from Irwin, PA
MIAMI: Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are doing a FREE concert on Oct. 29 for Hillary Clinton at Bayfront Park. Tickets…
Relax night, Havana Club, Cohiba Robusto and Marc Anthony playing! Perfect end of the week.…
Marc Anthony covered every one of Hector Lavoe's songs in El Cantante while JLO lip synced the entire Selena movie
Been listening to Gilberto Santa Rosa and Marc Anthony all morning and I'm feelin some type of way
Deja Que Te Bese (feat. Marc Anthony) by Alejandro Sanz is number 2 in Spain top 100 songs
Marc anthony singing a song in honor of Juan Gabriel passing away wow I'm in tears
NY problems plus Marc Anthony is at Radio city it's a mess in the city
completely off topic but I want Jlo & Marc Anthony to somehow end up together in life. that is all *drops mic
J Lo joins Marc Anthony on stage, shortly after breaking up with her ex Casper Smart
Another view of WEARABLE ART 12 from photographer, Marc Anthony Smith
Jennifer Lopez flashes major cleavage in plunging playsuit after THAT wardrobe malfunction https…
after seeing Jlo and Marc Anthony perform, I've been wanting to jam to "no me ames" all day!
Jennifer Lopez reunites with ex Marc Anthony on stage
My heart hurts after Marc Anthony's tribute.
that's why Marc Anthony is my idol. wasted no time with JLo...wepa 😂
Juan Gabriel - Yo Te Recuerdo ft. Marc Anthony - RIP and for our friend's father may they be at peace.
Hope my mom is having the time of her life at the Marc Anthony concert right now ❤️
Marc Anthony stopped his concert for Juan Gabriel. 😭😭😭
I can't be the only one who wants JLo and Marc Anthony to get back together
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony performed no me Ames together. Little
Juan Gabriel's singing voice is a little like Marc Anthony, or perhaps vice versa
Jennifer Lopez flashes plenty of flesh as she attends ex husband Marc Anthony's concert
"Music Jennifer Lopez surprises ex-husband Marc Anthony on stage in NYC"
Marc Anthony fan for life coming to a show 20 years later.
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The latest Marc Anthony merchandise. Hot off the press! https:…
Sparkly surprise: joins live onstage in NYC!
'Juan Gabriel Is Our Elvis': Juanes & Marc Anthony on Their Reverence for the Latin Superstar
You are in my territory now. Try Kevin.Murphy's Easy Rider Anti-Frizz Cream or Marc Anthony's Argan Oil 3-Day Smooth. Good luck
Enrique Iglesias & Marc Anthony backstage at the 2014 Latin Grammys.
someone take me to a Marc Anthony or Enrique Iglesias concert
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were at Burn The Floor tonight. (Broadway show)
to at least my dad, my brother, my uncle, my beloved late grandpa, my cousins, David Lopez and Marc Anthony!
...I love that we can go from Frankie Vallie to Classic Rock to Justin Bieber to Marc Anthony and you continue to stay with me all night.
Gotta open my Marc Anthony playlist for a second and marvel at the fact that he really got 2 kids out of Jennifer Lopez
This song reminds me of Mr.Sanchez bc he loves Marc Anthony lmao
Marc Anthony at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas Sep 17, 2016 – presale code
Latin American crooner Marc Anthony brought the curtains down on Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts 2016 last night
Hawthrone. I wanted that Marc Anthony, Jada and Michael Vartan love triangle
I liked a video Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez - Escapémonos (GRAMMYs on CBS)
Marc Anthony's home is stunning inside and out - and wait until you see Jennifer Lopez's incredible and colossal...
Marc Anthony's regrets not being at home for kids
Marc Anthony- the father of Jennifer Lopez's twins(they ain't the only ones calling him daddy tho)
Luis D. Ortiz makes himself right at home this weekend in Marc Anthony's home with Jennifer Lopez! Step inside with us.
Marc Anthony tells CBS' Sunday Morning he regrets putting career ahead of his children
Marc Anthony: I'm paying it forward to other Latin artists: Natalie Morales sits down with singer Marc...
can you add a Latino music section if so you can start with Romeo Santos, Marc Anthony , Enrique Iglesias and Jlo.
Armada Latina by Cypress Hill and Marc Anthony just came up on shuffle. Man I had the dopest walk out songs for softball 💃🏻🤘🏻
I hope Ross and Marc Anthony know I'm stepping inside the MMG Epic Rhymsayers offices with…
My mom was all about Celia Cruz, La India, and Marc Anthony. Dad had it for Santana and Buena Vista Social Club.
- Prep for tomorrow. (Back). We Demand Answers! | Justice for Marc Anthony Moreno. Saturda…
- Prep for tomorrow. (Front). We Demand Answers! | Justice for Marc Anthony Moreno. Saturd…
Make sure you choose and as your favourite Latin Bromance on this article!
marc anthony made a killing actin as a Mexican various times in life
I know if Marc Anthony misses something, it's clappin' shorty lbs
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TV Host - Buying people a book would make for an amazing conversation starter!
I apologize to my friends on snapchat for sending so many snaps. I'm just really in a Marc Anthony mood right now
Marc Anthony is such a good artist that he makes you wanna get up and dance salsa even if you don't know how
.& more: 6 Latin artists who are helping kids get a better education
Dear baby Jesus please let me see Marc Anthony in concert before I die🙏🏾
tell that to Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony!!! LOVE U!! So *** funny!
Been listening to nothing but Marc Anthony, La India, Hector Lavoe & Celia Cruz all week... 💃🏻
Everyone hates Pitbull meanwhile I'm here w all my Cuban pride in the club jamming to his music w Marc Anthony & Gente de Zona 😂😂😂
“Rain Over Me - Pitbull & Marc Anthony this will always reminds me of your bday 😂🙌🏼
Enjoy the characterization of c.2004 David Schwimmer & learn Marc Anthony's not Marc Anthony. h/t to
Marc Anthony and Carlos Vives will bring their UNIDO2 tour to the Amway Center on Oct. 1.
It is officially time to vote for the Marc Anthony "Need To Know". Green Day "Basket Case". Bell Biv Devoe "Poison"
Marc Anthony as the headliner for SLJAF 2016 ~ Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival
Marc Anthony is easily my favorite singer of all time.
no! Because my children are taking me to see the Latin singer Marc Anthony @ Foxwoods I am his fan. This will be my best V day❤️
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An email chat with the singer; Romantic Valentine’s arena concert with Marc Anthony via
My favorite artist is Marc Anthony because he has a beautiful voice and he's a great singer in the latinoamerican music
I don't need Beyoncé tickets, I need John Legend, Juan Luis Guerra, Marc Anthony, a reunion of the greatest merengueros at Radio City
Marc Anthony gives speech on Latinos at Madison Square Garden, Choice words for Donald Trump
from the partial list she does have John Legend, Pharrell Williams, Marc Anthony. It's a complicated rights process.
Great Valentine's Day Weekend concerts in the New York City area including Billy Joel, Maxwell, Marc Anthony, and...
Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima Muniz Create an Oasis in the Dominican Republic.
Salsa king Marc Anthony puts his Tarzana home back up for sale
The best thing about the Ghost Stories dub: my favorite VA, Melissa Davis, once referencing Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.
Marc Anthony Becomes Part Owner of Miami Dolphins - Marc Anthony: Ross&dream is to “rebrand” the Dolphins, .. htt…
Friend of a friend of a friend said that they saw Marc Anthony, Beyoncé, and Jay Z having dinner in the DR for New Year's Eve.
come see Marc Anthony at Webster Bank Arena on Feb. 14th. Happy Valentine's Day
Could Mets' Juan Uribe be represented by Marc Anthony soon?
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