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Manus Island

Manus Island is part of Manus Province in northern Papua New Guinea and is the largest island of the Admiralty Islands. It is the fifth largest island in Papua New Guinea with an area of 2,100 km², measuring around 100 km × 30 km. According to the 2000 census, Manus Island had a population of approximately 43,000. Lorengau, the capital of Manus Province, is located on the island. Momote Airport, the terminal for Manus Province, is located on nearby Los Negros Island. A bridge connects Los Negros to Manus Island and the province capital of Lorengau.

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Has Peter Dutton set foot on Manus Island, recently, ever? Or does he just rely on his co-conspirator stooges at B…
New Zealand will give Papua New Guinea and aid agencies up to $3 million to help care for Manus Island refugees.
Labor's Lisa Singh says she knows how bad the Manus Island emergency is. If that's true, then she should start voting to eva…
Hey I share Tamie Fraser's concerns about the refugees and asylum seekers trapped on Manus Island. It's time…
Urgent humanitarian crisis on Manus Island, and how to contact your local MP about it:
There's starving asylum seekers on Manus Island, millions facing death in Yemen, Europe is turning towards fascism and 2…
7 Billion people on Earth and Peter Dutton & Malcolm Turnbull laying the boot into 600 people on Manus Island is Austr…
gosh imagine if people were as upset about Manus Island and our horrific treatment of refugees as they are about Christine…
Manus Island refugee crisis is 'a weeping sore' in New Zealand's back yard, says Twyford - New Zealand Herald
Precious rain is falling on Manus Island
How can the crisis on Manus Island be resolved?: Ten days after Australia withdrew support for its……
Let's not mince words here. 600 men with hopes and dreams of a better life are starving on Manus Island because a racist gov…
Seven facts about the crisis in the Manus Island detention centre that the refuse to report.
I've just arrived back on Manus Island.
Hundreds of protesters crashed a fundraising event for regarding Manus Island detainees in Sydney.
Authorities start operation to remove 600 refugees from Manus Island center
When a right-wing rag like the Daily Telegraph blows the whistle on Manus Island, the government should know the game's…
Don't like disco music what about the horse cruelty? the Manus Island refugees Le Freak
Decision on Manus Island injunction effort due tomorrow morning
Manus Island refugees: Jacinda Ardern likely to come under more pressure to do more - Radio New Zealand
The Prime Minister has rejected an offer for 150 refugees from Manus Island to be resettled in New Zealand.
We call on Australia to stop a humanitarian emergency unfolding on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea
Oz: Manus Island refugees are not our responsibility. NZ: OK, we’ll take 150. OZ: No, you can’t . NZ: But you just said... Oz: N…
Meanwhile, in the Murdoch and Fairfax press, the ungrateful Manus Island refugees are in 5 star tropical island resort accommodation.
The breath of death on starvation & sickness. Friday diary entry is up:
3 Sydney students arrested as protest occupies imm. offices. When did it become illegal to protest?
Friday morning on island. Another difficult night at the abandoned center. The men are hungry. They are tired. Th…
Does this look like a holiday from ***
Statement from Bill Shorten on Manus Island, calling on Turnbull to consider sending asylum seekers to New Zealand. https:…
"The Governor of Manus province says Australia is leaving PNG officials in the dark about its intentions for refuge…
Refugee on Manus Island says: “We have become refugees for a second time inside this *** hole, abandoned and left to…
Seven people have been taken into custody during Manus Island protests in Canberra.
urges to consider offer to help resolve Manus crisis
Yeah what does your mum think about Manus Island, Josh Frydenberg?
Labor created this calamity and has a moral obligation to break its zombie lockstep with the Liberals. Evacuate now. https:/…
As my local member, what are you doing to aid the humanitarian crisis on Manus Island? People that h…
I tried to describe the life in Manus prison camp in this story
Ardern says NZ stands by promise to take 150 refugees from Manus Island - NZ Herald via th…
Good to see Shorten finally speaking up.
The breath of death on Manus Island: starvation and sickness |
Bill - can you please please do something about the Manus Island refugees and asylum see…
Russell Crowe takes a swipe at Australia's role in the island detention camp. My toon in today's
What a load of BS! NEWS! Typical lefty ABC!! Manus Island asylum seekers digging to find water as stand-off continues via
Manus island camp is a landscape of surreal horror | Behrouz Boochani
Manus Island refugees dig into the ground for water after authorities closed the camp. ~600 men refuse to be moved, fearing vi…
What's going on in *former* Manus Island prison. My report, with exclusive material provided by refugees inside: . ht…
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“The Manus Island horror story stains us ”
After four years on Manus Island, 24-year-old Afghan refugee tells “I just want to go to a safe place."
"Australia brought us here.". 600 asylum seekers held in the Manus Island detention camp will be forcibly moved.
is asking us to “put pressure on the Australian Government to accept the offer” of
The Manus Island agreement is a failure. Turnbull and Shorten need to accept it via
Horrific reports from Manus Island detention centre.
"Josh Frydenberg's mum came here to avoid prison camp," said Malcolm Turnbull as 600 refugees dug for water in Manus Is…
Mal asked a question about Manus Island. POOF! - he disappears...
To think there are ppl in the AU gov. who want the Minister behind this disgusting fiasco to become the next PM?!.
I've found psychiatrist for refugee on Xmas Island thanks to you! But still need GP to provide pro bono advice to us for refuge…
Refugees struggle with no electricity, depleting food and water on Manus Island – video | Australia news |
Again so no one says didn't know:. All water. All food . All electricity. Has been cut off to all refugees in Island Det…
Pleas for New Zealand, PNG to intervene in Manus Island crisis
"All we want is to be free in a safe country.” Imran, an ethnic Rohingya refugee on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea htt…
ⒸⒸ↪ Manus Island regime will cost Australia up to $250 million a year after closure - Illawarra Mercury
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People are being taken from Manus Island to Port Moresby in handcuffs. They will be abandoned or forcibly deported
Wake up, world. This is what's happening on Manus Island and it's all down to the Australians!
Rundle: Manus Island is a catastrophe five years in the making
Manus Island refugees seriously injured in machete attacks
This is our fault: we took the refugees to PNG by force . Manus Island refugees seriously injured in machete attacks htt…
50 years after Australia first refugee on Manus Island, the West Papuan residents have been offered PNG citizenship.
Abdul Aziz Muhammad has lived on Manus Island for four years and is part of a class action against the Govt
EXCLUSIVE: Government could pay compensation to almost 2,000 detainees over treatment on Manus Island
Wilson Security docs leaked to say PNG soldier fired M16 and shotgun into Manus Island detention centre on Good…
Manus Island: Digital verification proves bullets were fired into refugee centre - new report.
High Court of Australia to hear challenge on lawfulness of Manus Island immigration detention centre. . For more: http…
Peter Dutton contradicted for a third time over Manus Island brawl explanation
'Ridiculous': Peter Dutton contradicted for third time over Manus Island brawl explanation
Peter Dutton has spread an outrageous lie designed to pour scorn on the people he has left stranded on Manus Island. https:/…
journalist/ seeker spoke live from detention on Manus Island calling for eng…
1942 - Japanese occupy Manus Island in Admiralty group. Visit of General Marshall and Harry Hopkins to London.
At Adelaide airport people getting off plane look happy to be arriving here. Whereve they come from Manus Island?
More legal fiction about those the Australian Government sent to Manus Island.
Is this the UK"s Manus Island? G4S shouldn't be trusted to care for children | Eric Allison and Simon Hattenstone
Turnbull has refused an offer from NZ to house Manus Island refugees, over the US deal, that Trump will screw with!?.
It's clear, govt has said it applies only to those under Sovereign Australian border; Manus Island and Naru are not…
Papua New Guinea moves to deport up to 60 asylum seekers from Manus Island via send them home
Manus Island refugee escapes to Fiji - Radio New Zealand
Malcolm Turnbull won't rule out US and Canada as the likely final destination for refugees on Manus Island and Nauru .
I stand with those abused by the Australian Government in Nauru & Manus Island. Let’s end this now!
A two-year-old PNG boy is facing deportation back to Manus Island via
Manus Island announced its closure today, finally. Not surprised. 0/5 stars. Hey can I have my account back?
It's what happens next that matters for 854 refugees on They deserve to permanently resettle somewhere safe ht…
Australia to close Manus Island asylum centre. But "no one from Manus Island ... will ever be settled in Australia" https:…
Now send them home immediately it's over for them no more softly softly approach Manus and Naruriu all need to be...
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unclear fate of 800 refugees Australia to close refugee prison camp
Australia and PNG are “working towards” closing the Manus Island detention center.
Papua New Guinea announced that Australia has agreed to close the Manus Island detention centre
Australia and Papua New Guinea to close Manus Island refugee prison camp
Hi Adam, could you followback for a quick DM? regarding ur comment on IslamChannel on Aus govt & Manus Island detention centre
- Australia agrees to close unconstitutional refugee detention camp on Manus Island
Enough is enough. Australia agrees in PNG talks to close Manus Island detention centre. https:/…
Finally - Australia to close Island asylum centre
Manus Island detention centre - responsible for effective imprisonment and brutality against countless refugees, many children - is to close
Papua New Guinea & Australia will close immigrant detention center on Manus Island, but are not disclosing the date.
Australia agrees to close controversial refugee detention centre on Manus Island via
Australia and Papua New Guinea announce Manus Island immigration detention center will be closed, no information...
Australia to close controversial Manus Island refugee camp.
Australia has agreed to close one of its controversial island asylum centers
98% of men on Island have been found to be Dutton's response? They can go home as not coming to Oz
Breast Cancer Awareness
Manus Island detention centre to close, Australia and Papua New Guinea agree
Manus Island immigration detention centre to close, PNG and Australia say:
Australia is closing its refugee detention centre on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea
Manus Island detention center to be closed, 800+ detainees’ future unclear
Closure of Manus Island only 1st step to end Australia's offshore nightmare for refugees https:/…
Remember this. . The Supreme Court of found that the Australian Gov controls, funds & exercises total control over
We welcome the closure of Australia's Manus prison camp - but great concern for those whose lives remain in limbo https…
Australia confirms Manus Island immigration detention centre will close
Close Australia's disgraceful concentration camps on and Island, bring all refugees to Australia
Australia to close controversial Manus Island refugee camp
Top story: Manus Island detention centre to close, Peter Dutton and PNG Prime M… see more
Top story: Australia confirms Manus Island immigration detention centre will cl… see more
Wolf's autosourced top story: Australia confirms Manus Island immigration deten… see more
Top story: Australia to close Manus Island asylum centre - BBC News see more
Australia to close Manus Island refugee prison camp
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Australia will close its infamous detention centre on Manus Island:
Do you want to start a career in the oil and gas industry? Australia To Close Manus Island Asylum Centre
Australia to close Manus Island refugee detention center - CNN
BBC News - Australia to close Manus Island asylum centre
Probably time we started a hashtag on the basis of on his & Peter Dutton's watch
confirms Manus Island detention centre will close; 854 men detained there, no resettlement in Australia:
Here's the audio of my interview with speaking on closure of Island & the challenges ahead:
Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott were warned Manus Island detention plan was unconstitutional in 2013
The we want Manus Island and all of PNG to sink into Pacific
“The camps on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island have seen rape, assault and murder over the past three yea…”
Nauru and Manus and Christmas Island - our very own Gaza Strips
Detention centre operators are risking jail every day they continue to run Nauru and Manus Island.
Julie Bishop slams Michael Freelander for comparing Manus Island to a Nazi camp
Bishop 'shocked' by allegation that Australia runs concentration camp on Manus Island but apparently not by what Aus does to people there
Fears of violence on Manus as gates opened & asylum seekers 'released' via Implications for High Court 23 May?
Fears of rising violence on Manus as are released Fears? Isn't violence what Government intends?
Safety fears after Manus Island detainees 'released from detention' via
Not a concentration camp. Just a guarded compound in a remote third world island you can't escape from.
failing to discipline Labor’s candidate... Michael Freelander, for comparing the Manus Island detention centre to a concentration camp
RISE condemns the dire situation faced by asylum seekers & refugees in the Manus Island asylum seeker internment camp +
Every Friday . RISE supports the call for JUSTICE and FREEDOM by our communities in Manus Island detention camp.
2/3 have done that. Of those, 3 have returned to Island, saying they had been robbed and threatened when they were r…
1/3 "The men are only allowed to leave Island if they sign an agreement to be resettled in PNG, and the ABC understa…
1/2 "Two of those refugees were arrested upon returning to Island, one for trying to get back into the transit centr…
Just flinging the gates open is not a solution. The only viable & humane option is to
The camps on Manus island & Nauru are doing a great job at destroying people without gassing or shooting for the moment
PNG has released all asylum seekers in detention on Manus Island -
Manus Island MP Ronnie Knight has described freed asylum seekers as "very aggressive" & lucky not to have been chopped up.
BREAKING: Manus Island detention centre reportedly now 'open', but detainees still not free>
Manus Island: Asylum seekers and refugees no longer in detention, PNG authorities say via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Manus Island asylum seekers no longer in detention, says Papua New Guinea
My interview on RN Drive today on 'opening' of PNG det centre. h…
Asylum-seekers at camp in Manus Island now free to come and go after court ruling
Lucky they are not 'chopped up': Fears of rising violence on Manus Island as asylum seekers are released -
PNG says Manus Island is no longer a detention centre; listen to Dr Maria O'Sullivan's assessment on
this is written by Behrouz Boochani, a Kurdish journalist. He has been stuck on Manus Island for 3 years. Read this.
protestors at ACSI escorted out by Wilson Security -- guards on Manus Island 😅
Manus Island: Australian and PNG officials meet to develop 'road map' to close centre - ABC News
on the Manus Island detention centre - and the need to close it
Detainees want judicial review of their transfer to and detention on Manus Island:
Pacific Island links – Manus Island, constitution, the Pacific Islands Forum & more (from
'A simple way to end Australia’s human rights abuses on Nauru and Manus Island' - by
(Lowy Institute) Weekend catch-up: Australia's submarine bid, Manus Island, cyber strategy, Brexit and more: ...
Papua New Guinea's Supreme Court has found Australia's detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island is illegal
543 asylum seekers (including 70 children) in detention in Nauru. 926 adult asylum seekers in detention on Manus Island, Pap…
Newsroom | AUNZ : Manus Island detainees plead: anywhere but Papua New Guinea - He claims that we caused to damage…
Sarah Hanson-Young will call for Wilson Security to be stripped of contracts on Manus Island & Nauru at a press confer…
Manus Island asylum seekers, prepare to leave detention centre
I'd love you to find a raft George..hopefully in the south Pacific headed to Manus Island
For this refugee, life resettled in PNG is so bad, lonely and dangerous that he wants back to Manus Island detention
Malcolm Turnbull's new push to resettle refugees on Nauru and Manus Island in third countries by Peter Hartcher vi…
Iranian journalist detained on Manus Island for 31 months. Ablout time more Oz journos made a noise about this
High Court ruling: Silence falls as Manus Island detainees' hopes for justice are dashed - The Canberra Times
Where were the UN when men held captive by Australian govt on Manus Island were calling for assisted suicide?
Watch this incredible film narrated by detainees on Manus Island online:
. Manus Island does need to be shut down & all the welfare seekers sent back to where they came from.
A country built on backs of convicts sent to rot on an island sends people to poor islands to rot & treats them like convicts
Australia continues torturing refugees and treating the people of PNG and Manus Island with contempt
There are 929 asylum seekers on Manus Island (Oct '15) - htt…
Governor Gary Juffa of Oro Province, PNG talks about West Papua, Australia and Manus Island among other things on... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior,Solovetskii Island,Russia,1
The Aboriginal people, East Timor, Nauru, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, refugees we are detaining. I am sorry.
Look how G4S run Manus Island, Papua New Guinea: no wonder Grayling blocked survey into sexual violence in UK prisons
Island: Police in Papua New Guinea charge two men with murder of via
Google island class action for submission which has even worse allegations about staff
With the $70 million powerball jackpot, I could've bought an island, seceded and hired an army to rescue everyone from & D'oh!
Dear I'm betting you have the heart, soul & sensibility to close Nauru & Manus Island this year. What say you?
He'd toss then to Manus Island before you could blink.
You ever been to Manus Island or even Papua New Guinea? Bet you haven't! Now, are you kidding or serious??
There's the looming scandal of a Wilson Security employee at Manus Island & Imm Dept
A 'marijuana' trading business has been shut down inside the Australian-funded refugee transit centre on Manus...
600 in Island centre have written to Australian PM calling for mass assisted suicide
Government splashes $20 million on charter flights to Nauru and Manus Island via
2016 the year the prison camps are closed on Manus Nauru and Christmas Island and Australia joins the human race again ✌️
Operation War On Witches is now deployed across Australia, Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island.
Are they grinding/mincing human bodies to feed Manus Island asylum seekers? Looked like mud (saw a photo of a plate) 8[
Exactly,unless of course it's to somewhere "plum" like Nauru or Manus Island
New parliamentary inquiry into Nauru and Manus Island to allow whistleblowers to speak without fear of prosecution htt…
Manus Island detainees 'have not been told' of Philippines resettlement plan "this policy is lik…
Thumbs up to the Luke Batty Foundation and others for their letter to the PM calling for the closure of Nauru and Manus Island.
Dear can you please close the Nauru and Manus Island detention camps?
Will LNP Release from Concentration Camps on Manus Island and Naura ? We dont want a banbd aid solution for a serious problems?
Stuck on Manus Island: isolated and desperate, refugees tell their stories – video
Manus Island: Papua New Guinea court rules human rights inquiry null and void ...
PNG police hold off on threat to storm Manus Island detention centre after gang rape of a Papua New Guinean woman …
Manus Island detention centre guard 'found beaten and drowned' - A Papua New Guinean security guard who...
In 2013-14, Australia spent $464,000 per detainee for the 943 people on Manus Island. A $500mil waste! . Read more:
George Christensen must be proud - More asylum seekers die on Manus Island than resettled.
More asylum seekers have died on Manus Island than have been resettled
BBC journos travelled undercover and smuggled in cameras... to see Manus Island
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BBC: "Manus Island is far from the Promised Land." Well, duh.
Headline says: 'Manus Island. Australia's Guantanemo?' Journalists posed as tourists to report on what they found
Refugee in hiding on Manus Island after 'being tricked' into resettlement promotion - via ...
Refugee exiled by Australia in hiding on Manus Island after being exploited by Transfield for propaganda campaign
VIDEO watch our exclusive BBC report undercover on Manus Island. Australia's Guantanamo?
Refugee in hiding on Island after allegedly being duped into resettlement promotion via
Manus Island: The place Australia doesn't want the world to see
Refugee bashed by guards on Manus Island for missing curfew Is this really what Australia should…
Hello what are your views on having innocent children locked in mandatory detention on Island? thanks
I'd have them visit me here but I'm always scared they'll get bundled off to Manus Island by some overzealous border guard 😛
Island refugees have medical care, phone and Internet access restricted to pressure them to move to Lorengau https:/…
Hi if you care so much about human rights why don’t you introduce a bill to close down Manus Island?
Short film Voices from Manus Island tells the stories of two detainees
what will they do with those of us whom they render stateless? Maybe send us to Christmas Island or Manus?
Senator McDonald asking questions about in Senate estimates re: letter writing campaign to Nauru/Manus Island
It basically shows how Australia is committed, in ensuring people of Manus island benefits from the Australian Gov Aid.
.Speaking of court, wonder if your Kevin will ever face justice for his inhumane treatment of refugees.
We spent $1.2 billion to lock up 2200 people on Nauru and Manus Island.
Of course it is. Next you'll be believing Nauru, Manus and Christmas Island are holiday resorts. 😁
I may have missed it earlier but has discussed restrictions on medical care, Internet & phone at
Of the 129 people on Manus Island found to be genuine refugees recently, none have been resettled . PNG won't take them yet
Roughly 36-50 of the 1,056 single male detainees on Manus Island identify as *** or bisexual
No answer re any discussions with PNG concerning the 129 who have been found to be refugees on Manus Island.
On Manus Island there have been 129 men found to be refugees
We welcome this opportunity 4 asylum seekers. Fingers crossed for
no 1 achievable change for refugees is removing the veil of secrecy on Nauru and Manus Island.
1707 people locked up on Nauru and Manus Island . = $475,000 per asylum seeker each year
Nauru & Manus Island must be like Auschwitz was like? What a deeply foolish man Julian Burnside had become. Complete buffoon.
Refugees on Manus are too afraid to settle in PNG, so PNG is threatening to cut their access to medical services.
MANUS Island refugees are going home in droves. They KNOW it will be easier to get into EUROPE. OPEN YOUR DOOR & A STAMPEDE STARTS
Johnny Depp's terriers really should have been sent to Manus Island for proper processing.
Its ok .you can pick the dogs up at Manus Island.
Johnny Depp’s dogs could be left stateless, says Barnaby Joyce Stateless? Will they be sent to Manus Island ?
Sign the petition: Send independent mediators to Manus Island now
why do Johnny Depps dogs stay out of quarantine but humans get sent to Manus Island? Double standatds
Waiting for the announcement that Johnny Depp's dogs are being sent to Manus Island.
hw about ur authority treatment to refugees in manus island? UN pay so much attention n reported breach international laws
Is there any more space left in Manus Island,for these poor buggers?
No dogs safe in Barnaby's Stop the Canines in full swing, Nauru and Manus Island prepare for new arrivals
Better than sending them to Manus Island
If Depp's dogs had arrived by boat, they would probably be at Manus Island, Nauru or Christmas Island by now. Or towed back.
Update: Johnny Depp's Yorkshire Terriers have been sent to Manus Island for processing. More to come ...
Criteria to be Australian. Rich ppl to buy citizenship.Poor ppl to be imprisoned Manus Island.
Manus Island: What will it take to shock Australians?
The murder trial for two men accused of killing Reza Barati has been listed for Monday on Island.
Richard Flanagan on Trigg, the idea of some people being less than people and the shame of Manus Island and Nauru
"Manus island shut down, reopened for llamas"
Asylum seekers on Island have written a letter to Senator Ricky Muir
Takes one to know one Sarah! How are those children you put on Manus Island doing?
will and discuss human rights on Manus island with Tony while he's here?
Weird disjointed article imo and put in the Asian Pacific section ok but also Australian news...
Agreed. And it's not the only issue that makes me worry about the ALP. Manus Island? The TPP? Etc.
well maybe we could send him to Manus Island that's where they hide people they don't want you to see
1yr after murder on a guard + a Salvation Army worker to face trial
BREAKING: white llama to be given bravery award, black llama to be sent to Manus Island
Are you on Manus Island to translate for the Reza Berati murder trial?
BBC to focus the worlds attention on Manus Island Detention Centre this weekend World watching in disgust
'Reza Barati murder trial to begin soon on Manus Island, say reports'
Reza Barati murder trial to begin soon on Island
Trial of 2 men accused of murdering Reza Barati in Manus Island detention centre, to begin next month: reports
Reza Barati murder trial to start next week on Manus Island via
BREAKING NEWS: career may be saved with leaked government photo of actual armed guard on Manus Island
Biggest threat to national security is the BS media, lock them all up on Manus Island and lose the key.
Where is the evidence the Manus trial is actually occurring? Do the accused have lawyers now???
-Trial of two men accused of killing on Island to start next wk
Richard Flanagan:'We will go somewhere far darker than the *** of Manus Island and Nauru. We will have become them.'
The trial of two men accused of killing Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati on Manus Island is due to start next week."
Two Island staff on trial for asylum seeker's murder. Could this be any more abhorrent?
remember visiting asylum seekers on Nauru? Neither does this article:
Thank you Kon & Julian for clarifying this fact for us - Kids must be released from detention - Manus,Nauru & Xmas Island closed. .
So the transition to 'open' detention in Nauru is to function much like windw shopping: Look but don't touch
will the berries be sent to Manus Island?
...travels to Manus Island; riot grrrls triumphant return; David Walsh on the morality of gambling + more!
Australian Open: Protesters draw attention to detainees on Manus Island (News)
Red Flag Issue is out tomorrow! Contents include: • Defiance on Invasion Day | Steph Price reports on Melbourne’s Invasion Day rally, the best in years • Historic victory for the radical left in Greece | *** Armstrong outlines the significance of SYRIZA’s breakthrough win in the Greek election • Abbott government targets penalty rates – and more | The Abbott government is preparing a new round of anti-worker industrial relations ‘reforms’, writes Tom Bramble • New ‘welfare cop’ wants to taser the unemployed | Social services minister Scott Morrison is out to get the unemployed, writes Simone White • Mass hunger strike on Manus Island continues | Alexis Vassiley reports on the refugees’ brave stand for justice • Merdeka! Struggle and survival in West Papua | In our feature, Ben Hillier examines the sordid history of Indonesia’s genocide in West Papua, and the ongoing resistance Plus: Market no solution to climate catastrophe, reclaiming the legacy of Martin Luther King, South ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
OH Mr. Abbott and Mr. Dutton Read this Dear Australians in Cambridge (and to all supporters), This Monday is Australia Day, but some of us don’t much feel like celebrating while hundreds of asylum seekers are on hunger strike in Australian Government run detention centres. The Australian Government is responsible for an unfolding human rights emergency. So we are putting out this call to action for an afternoon snap action in solidarity with asylum seekers illegally detained by the Australian Government in Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG). In holding this vigil, we hope to send a strong message to the Australian Government that the international community is watching as human rights are violated in detention centres across Australia, Nauru and PNG. To those who suffer inside these detention centres, we send our solidarity and compassion for their struggle. Asylum seekers in the Australian Government-managed detention centre are detained under horrendous conditions, and right now are holding a large ...
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is calling for independent mediators to be sent to Manus Island. Sign her petition.
Thank you for speaking out and exposing the dangers of the Manus Island detention camp. I know it's not e…
We cross now to Manus Island, and ask if any of those wretched, long suffering refugees have seen Julie Bishop's missing…
The news coming out of Manus Island isn't gripping our media much because it's just a mass hunger strike in a concentration…
By whom, they did a crime. Manus Island refugees didn't do any crime and are on dead row as well who cry for them?
No Loss, Are they dead yet? Asylum seeker says Manus Island detainees continue self-harm on fourth day of protests
This is the statement the guys on Manus sent me yesterday to pass on to media which I did. Here's their full statement. "Quantity of strikers and lip-stitchers are increasing dramatically on Manus Island detention center. Frustrated refugees are tired of being mistreated and not heard after 18months in inhumanly detention decided to act for the last time. Their previous peacefull demonstration ended up with a murded of an Iranian asylum seeker and over 70 casualities containing one being shot and two lost eyes by Australian Government. This time but, all strikers prepared themselves for death. Desperate refugees and asylum seekers stopped eating and drinking and gathered under the open shelter in Mike compound from 13.Jan.2015. that the action triggered other compounds to follow them on 14.Jan.2015, everybody here admits that this kind of death is so much honourable than to be killed in PNG by locals. More than 13 people stitched their lips and ignore any kind of medical treatment fo sar in Mike compound. ...
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