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Manuel Valls

Manuel Carlos Valls (born 13 August 1962) is a French Socialist Party politician, born to a Spanish father and a Swiss mother, who has been the Prime Minister of France since 31 March 2014. He was previously the Minister of the Interior from 2012 to 2014, the Mayor of Évry from 2001 to 2012 and has also been a Member of the National Assembly since 2002. He is a member of the Socialist Party and is regarded as belonging to the Party's social liberal wing, sharing common orientations with Scandinavian-style Social Democracy and Blairism.

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Know we're all a bit busy here today but *** this is big: Manuel Valls shuns Hamon, openly backs Macron:
I don't follow Fr party politics closely, tho' we all may all rejoice at the defeat of Manuel "The Dog Whistler" Valls.
r u understanding THIS connection as france gets the win?
So many beautiful women, it comes down to as always NE1C whats going on?
"Benoît Hamon, the staunchly leftwing rebel outsider who wants to introduce a univ…
Some in the French government, particularly ex-premier Manuel Valls, have criticised Berlin's open-door policy, as has Trump.
Manuel Valls bows out as, French left chooses Benoit Hamon, in an almost hopeless presidential race via
Who would thought Benoit Hamon would beat Manuel Valls ! But msieur te convaincre mwen pou on novice en politique…
France is half way there. French general election will somehow be the next referendum on - taking...
Glad Manuel Valls lost the primary to Benoit Hamon
In France we don't say Roman Reigns, we say Manuel Valls and I think it's beautiful
French politics is in for a wild ride this year ...
The Left; beware the Left. They are playing Softly Softly.catch a country with the Islamists...
Benoît chance :) This sounds epic for France, and of course positive vibes ripple out to fellow countries :)
Or maybe an indictment of a failed policy of islamophobia parading behind an aggressive christo-secularism.
Maybe there is some hope for France after all .
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I'm glad he won, but I'm sceptical there's much he can do while France remains in the euro (in it's current form)
Yes! Universal basic income and pragmatic politics. htt…
"Hamon secured a clear win of more than 58% over the centrist former Prime Minister Manuel Valls on around 42%,...
Reformist ex-Prime Minister Manuel Valls and left-winger Benoit Hamon face each other in a presidential primary runoff today.
Manuel Valls, a former Prime Minister, and left-wing Benoit Hamon are both contesting the vote.
... and she could name Manuel Valls as her Prime Minister ...
Manuel Valls, who was prime at the time of the Kardashian attack, in announced a
Valls in last-ditch bid to rescue French presidential bid. Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls will seek to rescue his ailing preside…
01-24 Former Prime Minister and candidate for the left-wing primaries Manuel Valls (R…
Presidential candidate Manuel Valls flour-bombed by protester in Strasbourg -Reuters via &
France Prime Minister Manuel Valls announces presidential bid, Interior Minister appointed to replace him.
Manuel Valls will step down as Prime Minister of France to focus on running for the presidency:
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls officially announces he wants to be next president.
French PM Manuel Valls to run for presidency - Mr Valls at the Elysee Palace in Paris
Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France, enters presidential race
Manuel Valls is now a French citizen, hence PM. His sole nationality was Spanish up until the age of 20.
RIP Andrew Sachs, a great actor who made his name playing French PM Manuel Valls in his younger days:
Manuel Valls is worse. The French left needs to move away from xenophobia.
basically there's now 3 leftist candidates - Arnaud Montebourg, Manuel Valls, Emmanuel Macron
. Manuel Valls is not a good deal : Already out of. our choice...
Mr. Hollande leaves the path open for his reformist PM Manuel Valls to run for president
not the biggest surprise . Welcome Manuel Valls
PM Manuel Valls will be good choice to face Fillon and . .
reportedly cedes contest to Manuel Valls for
What I'm about to say isn't very polite & scholar-like but Manuel Valls can go suck his muddah den run up pon a cliff a…
While we're all talking about French politics: Manuel Valls can go do one. People like him and Renzi are just making the situation worse
well now Hollande is out who knows who might step forward - but PM Manuel Valls has to be a likely contender
"The choice of a statesman" - French PM Manuel Valls on Hollande's renunciation, a few days after knifing him
I'm very sure that Hollande's PM Manuel Valls will run as a candidate
Very likely that French PM Manuel Valls will announce his candidacy for president soon.
French PM Manuel Valls salutes for making the 'decision of a statesman'
Francois Hollandes decision must certainly be as a result of Manuel Valls forcing his hand behind the scenes
Oha out game over en route pour Manuel Valls ?😆😱
Manuel Valls just said France n Senegal had a unique relationship during 350 years. He's talking about slavery and colonizat…
my best wishes to PM Theresa May, PM Manuel Valls & President F. Hollande, wish to work my traveling so…
French PM Manuel 'Live with terrorism’ Valls booed at Nice attack memorial via
Hollande booed at memorial service to Nice victims...
New info on France killer's speedy ISIS indoctrination
I think we saw that - with the booing of French PM, Manuel Valls, in Nice today. ..Sadness has been replaced with 'anger'.
France must learn to "live with terrorism", French PM Manuel Valls says after . https:…
French PM booed by the public after telling them to get used to terrorism on the streets. Not good enough.
The people of Europe are losing patience with their leaders as Manuel Valls has discovered.
Mourners boo and shout 'murderer' at French PM Manuel Valls over his failure to prevent terror attacks
French PM Manuel Valls booed before & after minute of silence in Nice (VIDEO)
PM,Manuel Valls was booed in 2day;this signifys a COLOSSAL undercurrent of unrest,leading2 a then
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Nice terror attack: Manuel Valls booed at memorial service to victims on Promenade des Anglais
French Prime Minister Valls: The response to Islamic State cannot be the "Trump-isation" of our state of mind
“Murderer!” Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed by angry crowds today as he visited Nice.
French PM is booed & jeered during minutes silence for victims of Nice attack=good he deserves it
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is booed at memorial service via
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is BOOED at Nice memorial service
Shock moment French PM is booed and jeered by angry crowds amid minute's silence for Nice
Prime Minister Manuel Valls is BOOED at memorial service over failure to stop Nice attacks
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls booed at memorial service for Nice terror victims
Crowds attending minute's silence for victims of boo French PM Manuel Valls.
French PM Manuel Valls said France must 'learn to live' with terrorism.
This is what the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said in 2013 about French jihadis going to Syria.
Manuel Valls, French Prime Minster: "Let's be modest. I will go for 2-1 to France." (BeIN)
- Trust in PM Manuel Valls has plunged to 18% from 46% in April 2014. Extraordinary. (TNS/poll) https…
Manuel Valls: No reason for Tariq Ramadan to become French citizen.
PM Manuel Valls insists labour law reforms are still up for negotiation - The Connexion
It's amazing how the Franck Underwoods tv address is close to France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls
French PM Valls says no blackmail to pass labor reform: paper: France's Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said on ...
PARIS (Reuters) - France's Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said on Sunday he will not commit blackmail by th...
So, , I found your celebrity look alike. He's the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls
"We cannot accommodate any more refugees in Europe, that's not possible.". –Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France
.PM Manuel Valls can use an executive decree to force through the labor bill, if needed
Ministerial re-shuffling: same gallery, a few new rogues, and REAL equality New faces in Manuel Valls' government.
: French PM Manuel Valls: ‘Deal with UK unlikely in February’ British Prime Minister David Cameron is u…
Prime Minister Manuel Valls informed Wednesday that his cabinet will introduce legislation
I've lived in a lot of slums. Manuel Valls would call it "mixité sociale".
"In a speech presenting the proposed changes, Prime Minister Manuel Valls also left open the possibility of...
.as leader of bilingual country will u condem bigotry against Corsican language?
It's disgusting: Manuel Valls has a racism row after 'blacking up' during a visit to an intruder.
France seeks to strip dual nationals of citizenship in terror cases. Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Wednesday detail…
Any word from French PM Manuel Valls, who expressed 'full confidence' in Michel Platini at start of Fifa enquiry? http…
French PM Manuel Valls: more than 1000 jihadists joining Daesh from. France; 600 still there, 148 dead, 250 back in France
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls outlines reforms to enshrine state of emergency in constitution
'My Two Cents' Opinion: is acting George W. Bush-ish in its fight (minus the waterboarding)
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls speaks during a press...
News | : Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls says the government will move forward with plans to strip…
French PM, Manuel Valls, wants to strip constitutional court of its ability to challenge special policing powers that are now in effect.
- In a year bookmarked by horrific attacks in the heart of Paris, France has managed to steer clear of the…
France: "You can slip into a police state before you know it"
Manuel Valls, Catalan born & PM of France is 'a Manchurian Candidate' from the Spanish Opus Dei The Bataclan atrocity happened 'cause him
French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has requested immediate help from Spain: Mariano Rajoy has indicate...
The austerity introduced by Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls only fall on universities. The crowded...
20 to 30 bodies of victims have yet to be identified, French PM Manuel Valls says
French PM Manuel Valls visited Ceva’s headquarters in Libourne last week to meet Dr. Marc Prikazsky, read more here.
Unexplainable: Manuel Valls has the Nobel prize for his work with software!
"Greece is a French Passion" says Manuel Valls at the French National Assembly. Calls for curbing austerity measures.
Greeks' meeting with euro partners ends for day without fresh proposals: French Prime Minister Manuel Valls sa...
will do all it can to keep in the allowing it to leave would be too risky, says PM Manuel Valls
French PM Manuel Valls says there is 'basis for a deal' with Athens, can't take the risk of Greece leaving the eurozone
France will do all it can to keep Greece in eurozone, PM Manuel Valls says
Remarkable speech by Manuel Valls in the French National Assembly. Not to be missed. …...
"No hypothesis can be ruled out" re Germanwings Airbus crash says French PM Manuel Valls
4/ Have the "Le Monde" says the shots were heard just before the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, come to town for a visit
Congratulations to Manuel Valls on becoming Prime Minister of France -his commitment to civil protection impressed me htt…
The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced plans to add over 2,500 new jobs to help fight terrorism.
French PM Manuel Valls and FM Laurent Fabius were in China last week discussing change
Today in Le Figaro, Manuel Valls the Prime Minister and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the Education Minister…
Amb. Prosor at lauds Manuel Valls of France and Angela Merkel of Germany for their strong statements agains…
“The choice was made by the French Revolution in 1789 to recognize Jews as full citizens” -- French PM Manuel Valls ht…
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls called Saturday for the European Union to update regulation of the Internet... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Breaking news: French PM to the City: 'My government is pro-business': French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Monday
EU is too busy for David Cameron's reforms, says Manuel Valls
French PM bids to restore pro-business stance in London: French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is on a mission in...
Manuel valls in London's citi to attract investors to agonising France.
A waxwork model of Manuel Valls has denied that price increase in Easter Island heads linked to rights acquisition.
Wishing I was doing the Manuel Valls interview, un jour on verra
Just lunched with French PM Manuel Valls. Said Andy Street from John Lewis must have "drunk too much beer" when slagged Fran…
Can see why Hollande used the last of his political capital to appoint Manuel Valls, really strong interview on
"You have a punitive vision of things" have to hand it to him, Manuel Valls has a way with words
Manuel Valls is in complete denial of the reality facing France
(Could not have subtitled rather than dubbed Manuel Valls?)
Manuel Valls is often referred to as the "French Blair". Hardly a recommendation.
Oh dear starts her piece on Manuel Valls by mis-pronouncing his name. You pronounce the "s"
French PM Manuel Valls vows to introduce Sunday shopping
Manuel Valls, France's Prime Minister, is reforming economic policy. But who will benefit?   10% Off
On a charm offensive in London, French PM Manuel Valls will be on BBC2 tonight
French PM Manuel Valls has confirmed that the 75% tax rule will not be renewed after 1 January 2015.
Think France is 'finished'? French PM Manuel Valls has some news for you.
▪ France cautions Germany not to push Europe too far on austerity: France's Manuel Valls also warned ...
French PM to bring in Sunday shopping as part of reform programme
Been at lunch with French PM Manuel appetite for treaty change, nor challenging "founding EU principles" ie fre…
Guildhall hosts French PM Manuel Valls who fights back against attacks on economy -
French Prime Minister puts Sunday trading on list of economic plans: Manuel Valls looks to push domestic...
Ah The French : - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls criticised for his attack on John Lewi... whatever next ;-)
Satisfaction with the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, tumbles down in August to just 36% http…
French PM quits as Francoise Hollande demands new government as Berlin is bring us to our knees via
France's outgoing economy minister has said he won't figure in Prime Minister Manuel Valls' new…
France in political turmoil after its FM dares to utter the obvious truth that austerity is an unmitigated disaster -
France thrown into political turmoil after government dissolved.
French PM Manuel Valls has submitted the government's resignation to President Francois Hollande and has been asked to form a new cabinet. The government was badly shaken on Sunday by criticism ove...
domain names
François Hollande orders Prime Minister Manuel Valls to form new government by Tuesday
As Manuel Valls forms a new government this from last year makes as much sense as ever
FRANCE: PM told to form new government after minister's call to end austerity policies imposed by Germany.
("France thrown into political turmoil after government dissolved"
France thrown into political turmoil after govt dissolved Some1 needs 2 tell don't work
As if Manuel Valls has dissolved the French Government!!
The French PM Manuel Valls on Monday presented the resignation of his government, the French President Francois...
"France thrown into political turmoil after government dissolved" -
French government resigns amid feud over direction of the economy
Any chance of U Turn? After only 5 months in the job Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, would name a new team tomorrow.
Paris, Aug 25 (Prensa Latina) In the midst of a political and economic crisis, Prime Minister Manuel Valls...
French President Francois Hollande orders PM Manuel Valls to form a new government after two senior ministers…
France thrown into political turmoil after government dissolved vía
France thrown into political turmoil after government dissolved
Huge unpopularity of austerity triggers political crisis in France - Hollande's approval rating is just 17%!
So Hollande would rather dissolve French government than keep his anti-austerity promises? Unreal. …
French PM Manuel Valls presents resignation of government to president amid cabinet row over economic policies
France thrown into political turmoil after government dissolved | World news | … see more
French PM resigns - and takes entire government with him amid austerity row
This is major! France thrown into political turmoil after government dissolved
France thrown into political turmoil after government dissolved via who could ahve seen this coming.
France today is what happens when countries elect left-wing governments that can't/won't make tough decisions
After resigning, French PM Valls works to form new gov't: French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is seeking to for...
The French government has collapsed because the economics minister has told the truth: austerity does not work
France is without a govt this evening as President Francois Hollande has told PM Manuel Valls to form a new government, John Lichfield joins
Leftist Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg announced he would not seek a role in the reshuffled French government to be unveiled by Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday. "This afternoon, I informed the Prime Minister that, if he considered I was in the wrong, that if he deemed my convictions count…
Manuel Valls vows no change to 'road map' after Front National election win via
National Front wins 26% support in EU election. French PM, Manuel Valls, calls it a "shock" and an "earthquake". |
Even the French say, "Enough is enough!" Marine Le Pen's National Front has come first in France's elections to the European Parliament according to exit polls, in what PM Manuel Valls has declared a "political earthquake". Eurosceptic parties appeared also to have made big gains in other countries, coming first in Denmark and Greece. The centre-right EPP looked set to be the biggest bloc in parliament. Turnout in the election was 43.1%, according to provisional European Parliament figures - up on last time. That would be the first time turnout had not fallen since the previous election - but would only be an improvement of 0.1%.
Hollande will regret appointing new Prime Minister Manuel Valls to save the French government
Info officielle : Dear Friends, I hope that you are all well ! I send to you a little message to inform you that SE Mr Stéphane Romatet has been appointed Diplomatic advisor of the new Prime Minister Manuel Valls this WE. He has taken immediately his new duties and will probably not come back to Australia in the following weeks. His successor will be nominated as soon as possible. Currently, Cédric Prieto will act as Chargé d’affaires a.i. and you can see with him the follow-up of the files which were on the way with the Embassy. This decision has of course not any incidence on the project of our consular meeting which remains scheduled in Sydney on June 16th. We are both sad and proud to see Stéphane leaving so suddenly his posting where he succeeded so wonderfully. Australia will have undoubtedly a great advocate at the highest level of the French Government ! Stéphane should come to Australia in May and will organize at that time a farewell party. Have a nice day and a nice week ! Kind regards, ...
Is the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls the new Tony Blair?
The new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has a history of calling for the expulsion of Roma ("gypsies") from France http:…
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls lays out tax cuts and labour reforms via
Lessons for Miliband from France's lurch to the right | Nabila Ramdani via
PARIS (Reuters) - French President Francois Hollande's popularity fell sharply in April to the lowest levels since he was elected in May 2012, taking his rating below that of the Prime Minister Manuel Valls to the largest gap ever calculated between… -- Delivered by Feed43 service
French Interior Minister Manuel Valls proposes mass deportation of ...
04/12/2014 at 20:00 ECB ready to act against the strong euro and low inflation The President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi put a point of honor Saturday said that the institution was ready to act against the euro and the strong ? Low inflation. In an unusual comment from the ECB, which is normally reluctant to expand on the topic of exchange rates , the president said at a press conference in Washington: " If we want monetary policy remains as accommodating as it is today , a further appreciation of the exchange rate ( the euro) could require monetary action. " Draghi acknowledged that the level of the euro, the new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls considered too high , played " a role increasingly important " in the decision-making of the ECB. The level of the single currency , which has evolved Friday at its highest level for three weeks, affects the competitiveness of European exporters and slows inflation, the ECB is responsible for maintaining the optimal level for economy , sligh ...
Manuel Valls is promising miracles for the French economy.
Petit plaisir du dimanche: great podcast for those who understand some French and are into econ:
55% convinced by the program speech of Manuel Valls.
Also new on from Manuel emerges victorious from Elections.
New French PM Valls has the 'wind in his sails' according to Le Monde
new French PM Manuel Valls was Home Sec when this happened
Saving and his atelier in sign the petition
The French President is in a ratings freefall. Here's our Number of the Day:
Intense moment in Fr politics: new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls setting out his policies on taxation, growth, inve…
New PM Manuel wants to reduce regional and local goverment in
Russian PM, Dmitry Medvedev, has congratulated Manuel Valls on his appointment as PM of the French Republic.
“TRUTH, efficiency, confidence.” Under this guiding trinity, Manuel Valls made his inaugural speech as prime m...
reaches 62% approval in France (+6 after his speech to the National Assembly on Tuesday).
Even among those who anticipated it, the intensity of anti-Semitic violence that hit France in 2002 was shocking.
Q10. Who was recently elected as the new President of Slovakia?. (A) Robert Fico. (B) Andrej Kiska. (C) Manuel Valls. (D) Robert Scott
Take care if you are in the roads in France this weekend - go slow protests are planned in various areas
Du good fun sur le big bang territorial de Manuel Valls
French protest proposed cuts in speed limits by blocking roads.
60 go-slow protests to take place across France this weekend via
Manuel not concerned about Who with any sense is? - -
'Don’t touch our regions, Mr Valls': CUT REGIONAL bureaucracy, but leave our regions alone. A...
Cut local red tape but leave our alone, people tell PM The Connexion
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"ministers jostled like validation-starved adolescents, trying to steal the show" French Politics from
New French PM Manuel Valls vows cuts in tax and spending
French Interior Minister Manuel Valls called anti-Zionism “an invitation to anti-Semitism” at Paris memorial for Jews murd…
When I "saw" or I prayed n tongues. Those pol. don't know me? Right, at little things…
PM Manuel Valls says that France's self-employed (auto-entrepreneur) scheme is to be preserved. Good news!
Manuel Valls arguing that the PS should embrace Camus' "relative utopia" in the FT back in 2009
New French Prime Minister Manuel Valls rallies liberal values as he squares up to Brussels
French Jews see new PM Manuel Valls as a hero for his robust defense of Israel, Jews via
French Jews see new PM as a hero: Manuel Valls has often displayed his solidarity with the Jewis... TimesofIsrael
"With the choice of Manuel Valls and a fighting government, we have the chance of reorienting Europe."- French president Franç…
Manuel Valls and Francois Hollande in France seeks to reassure Germany on deficits, reform
1.Two blast at Cairo University, at least 1 dead 2.Indonesia warns of tsunami risk;U.S put Hawaii on tsunami alert 3.France new PM Manuel Valls forms new Govt...CNN.
This is exactly how it starts: BREAKING NEWS.French government resigns; Manuel Valls named new Prime Minister. "French Air force spotted over Texas". Due to the loss of of the French culture in Texas since being settled by René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle in 1685, the newly established French government announced today a major foreign policy shift that it would no longer allow the continued dilution of legitimate French claims to its territories. President Vladimir Putin wearing Pierre Cardin underwear speaking astride a proud bare back horse appeared with his fishing pole at a hastily convened press conference in Anchorage, Alaska- a previous Russian territory.. said, "The Russian people condemn this obscene power play regarding bombastic French territorial claims; the Russian people no longer can sit by to allow blatant foreign aggression of a major world power to intimidate what once was a small Republic. Russia is mobilizing all support necessary, military and otherwise to protect the sanctity ...
Hollande appoints new PM for 'fight'. French President Francois Hollande names Manuel Valls as new PM to lead a...
If I understand Alistair Darling correctly, Manuel Valls has just become Prime Minister of Eurozoneland
Tens of thousands protest in France defending traditional family values: Ahead of the protest, some 1,500 police officers were deployed in Paris and 600 in the central city of Lyon, according to Reuters. The Interior minister, Manuel Valls, warned that any violence towards the police would be dealt with severely. RT’s Peter Oliver reported from Paris that the protests are the latest in a wave of unrest which has been spreading though France. “The campaigners say they are marching in defense of traditional family values. They say they are against proposed changes to the law that would make homosexual marriage legal and against alternative ways for homosexual couples to have children either through IVF or adoption,” Oliver said. The demonstrations have been coordinated by the organization ‘Manif Pour Tous’, which translates as ‘Protest for Everyone’. The organization led efforts to stop the legalization of same sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples in France last year. ‘Manif Pour To ...
Anelka shocked by goal celebration furore - coach West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka has denied performing an anti-Semitic goal celebration in Saturday's 3-3 draw at West Ham United, according to caretaker coach Keith Downing. Anelka, 34, made his first appearance since October in the Premier League game at Upton Park and scored twice in a five-minute spell shortly before half-time. After scoring his first goal, he put his left hand across his body to make the 'quenelle' salute popularised by the anti-establishment French comedian Dieudonne, who is one of Anelka's friends. The gesture has been linked to anti-Semitism in France, with French interior minister Manuel Valls calling for Dieudonne's performances to be banned. Anelka's celebration quickly created a buzz on social networking websites, but Downing said that the former France striker was merely showing his support for the comic. "I'm aware of it, but it has got nothing to do what is being said," Downing told a press conference when asked a ...
Awww Diddums, don't you just feel sorry for the French.. NOT. Its OUR country OUR laws. And furthermore we do not feel sorry for your border guards Manuel Valls you choose to let them camp outside Calais docks instead of removing them. Get a grip of the immigrants in your own country instead of dictating to us what we should be doing. An outspoken French Minister has called on Britain to loosen its immigration policy to ease the pressure on guards at Calais, caused by immigrants waiting to enter the UK. Interior Minister Manuel Valls has criticized the 'impasse' in communication between British border authorities and their French counterparts in the English Channel port. He has even invited the Home Secretary Theresa May to visit the area to see the pressure on French border guards. Speaking at the port yesterday, Valls said: 'We need full and complete cooperation between all parties. 'We will also, no doubt, need to flesh out and renegotiate certain agreements, in order to reinforce France’s cooperatio ...
France summons U.S. ambassador over spying report France summoned the U.S. ambassador on Monday to protest allegations in Le Monde newspaper about large-scale spying on French citizens by the U.S. National Security Agency. The allegations that the agency was collecting tens of thousands of French telephone records risked turning into a diplomatic row just as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Paris for the start of a European tour over Syria. "I have immediately summoned the U.S. ambassador and he will be received this morning at the Quai d'Orsay (the French Foreign Ministry)," French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told reporters on the sidelines of an EU meeting in Luxembourg. Earlier, France's interior minister, Manuel Valls, said Le Monde's revelations that 70.3 million pieces of French telephone data were recorded by the NSA between Dec 10, 2012 and Jan 8, 2013 were "shocking." "If an allied country spies on France or spies on other European countries, that's totally unacceptable," Valls t ...
In early January of this year, we advised all our readers that the current French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, had decided to scrap his predecessor's ludicrous proposals for all motorcyclists t...
Friday, January 18 - 11:30 - Abdelaziz Bouteflika pressure Algeria has she acted with haste? The military operation launched by the Algerian forces against the jihadists on the site of gas Tinguentourine caused a series of criticisms from the international community. Several countries involved in the hostage cashing resent the fact of not having been consulted before the intervention, and appreciate its even less dramatic result. The White House expressed concern and requested "clarification from the Algerian government." British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would have liked to be warned before the attack and said he was also "extremely worried". He decided to postpone a major speech on the European Union scheduled for Friday in the Netherlands. Japanese Prime Minister himself has expressed a "strong protest" and asked to "immediately stop the military operation." More diplomat François Hollande has only raised a denouement in "appalling conditions" and Manuel Valls declined to criticism: "When f ...
Walk out of a club and straight into the Minister of the Interior (Manuel Valls): wasn't expecting THAT cc
Manuel Valls, the Interior Minister, bans all protests against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. "France needs to rally around laïcité," he says.
Manuel Valls announced Wednesday a circular on a case by case regularization of undocumented foreigners, in an exclusive interview with Le Monde to exceed the figure of about 30,000 a year realized that the former right-wing government. He said the regulation criteria selected will be "the year of presence in France, the situation in relation to work, family ties, children's schooling."
In his first official outing to Maresille, France’s second largest city, the newly elected French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, sent a strong message of commitment to the country’s Jewish community. Addressing the Representative Council for Jewish Institutions in France (CRFI) at the annual dinne...
Manuel Valls ... Home Minister ... Ohhh ghost of Nicolas Sarkozy, get out of this body !
After his election to the French presidency on Sunday, Francois Hollande wasted no time in following through on one of his highest-profile campaign pledges. Hollande's communications director, Manuel Valls, confirmed to the Telegraph on Monday that France will "announce the withdrawal of its forces ...
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