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Manuel Miranda

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Why Lin-Manuel Miranda never wants to host the Oscars
The musical trio and more original song nominees — from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Justin Timberlake — reveal how they...
(I arrived here via James Earl Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda, David Tennant. Not all at once—maybe call it a three-way tie?
I can't believe Emily Blunt gets to dance with Lin-Manuel Miranda all day & then goes home is married to John Krazinski wha T…
"Justin Timberlake, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sting and John Legend to perform at the Oscars"
Justin Timberlake, Sting, John Legend & Lin-Manuel Miranda to perform nominated songs at the
Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Sting, Lin-Manuel Miranda to perform numbers nominated for best song at the Oscars.
Sting, Justin Timberlake, Lin-Manuel Miranda and John Legend to Perform on Oscars via
Lin-Manuel Miranda talks 'Mary Poppins,' Bob Dylan and a mother's love
I really liked La La Land but I would LOVE if Lin-Manuel Miranda consiguiera el EGOT. Just you wait, just you wait...
Lin-Manuel Miranda's statement will take you back to a simpler time:
Lin-Manuel Miranda is really great, but it's a bit odd that his Emmy was awarded for a song he wrote for the Tony Awards...
Oscar nominee and EGOT contender Lin-Manuel Miranda will take his screeners now, please
So both Lin Manuel Miranda and Viola Davis are in reach of an EGOT this year, anyone I'm missing?!
If Moana wins best animated feature film, does that count as an EGOT for Lin-Manuel Miranda?.
⚡️ “Oscar puts Lin-Manuel Miranda on the brink of EGOT” He's also a Pulitzer winner and was a MacArthur recipient!.
Just realized that if Moana wins Best Song at the Oscars, Lin-Manuel Miranda completes his EGOT at just 37 AND in less than a decade. Wow.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is gonna be the EGOAT
if la la land stops Lin Manuel Miranda from having an EGOT i'll fight every single white person who loves jazz
Lin-Manuel Miranda on his first Oscar nomination & potential win
.on Collabing with Miranda for His New Album & Rapping in English
Self-professed Oscars geek Lin-Manuel Miranda reacts to his first nomination
Of course Lin-Manuel Miranda is in reach of EGOT status.
Congrats to ALL the Latinos nominated for Oscars this year! Lin Manuel Miranda and Rodrigo Prieto. All both of them!*. *Did…
If wins, will be the youngest EGOT (Emmy-Grammy-Oscar-Tony) winner of all time
Lin-Manuel Miranda on his first Oscar nom, potential EGOT win
If Lin-Manuel Miranda wins an Oscar, he'll be the youngest to earn the "EGOT" — an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony
⚡️ “Oscar nod puts Lin-Manuel Miranda on the brink of an EGOT”.
Lin-Manuel Miranda says he'll play "Hamilton" in Chicago for Oscar Lopez Rivera, who had sentence commuted by Obama htt…
&star Lin-Manuel Miranda returns to the White House and freestyles
Watching Lin-Manuel Miranda in House has me dying. 😂
Lin-Manuel Miranda is an Oscar nerd, and he has the Billy Crystal monologue to prove it
"You have the entire history of recorded music at your disposal, yet you keep listening to Lin-Manuel Miranda and a low rated CW show."
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Episode of “Drunk History” With Dave Grohl. Lin-Manuel Miranda was the star of last…
People who had a good 2016:. Sterling K Brown. Carmen Cusack. Racists. Lin-Manuel Miranda. Russia. Pokemon. End of list .
Here's Lin-Manuel Miranda and Cate Blanchett hanging out and being wonderful and honestly I'm not coping, a bit like I do…
TIL Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton, wrote an entire song in the Huttese language from Star Wars. It was the song that played in Ma…
I recorded this (with back in 2008 for the UK edition of the audiobook. Out in the US on Tuesday!
Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hugh Jackman. Jason Momoa. Variety is the spice of life.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is Maya Rudolph's best character yet.
Lin-Manuel Miranda: "Writing musicals was sort of trying to create parts I'd like to see for myself."
is up for a against Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Lin-Manuel Miranda and others.
Support the good! Win an Ultimate Hamilton exp. as a guest of in aid of
Anybody who thinks 2016 was the worst is obviously not Miranda 😕
What is my motif? Lin-Miranda Manuel criticizing monsters.
My friends sister uncle is puerto rican so she knows Lin Manuel Miranda, the composer of moana, and he told me PERS…
Congratulations to Miranda for being named entertainer of the year
Lin-Manuel Miranda really wants you to donate to Planned Parenthood via
Lin-Manuel Miranda on being an artist in the age of Donald Trump
Lin-Manuel Miranda: How to Be an Artist in the Donald Trump Era | TIME
Take some time off then- only the super rich can afford the price of admission anyway
did lin-manuel miranda write The Story of Tonight for hamilton: an american musical or for rogue one?
A conversation on creativity: interviews Damien Chazelle
Lin-Manuel Miranda named AP Entertainer of the year
The writer-actor-composer on 'Moana,' 'Mary Poppins Returns' and how social media allows him to keep being himse...
Me and Gary went to see Moana yesterday, it's amazing!☺️ Lin-Manuel Miranda did perfect on the soundtrack, obviously✨
would you accept a man bun from Lin-Manuel Miranda?
Have you heard? +have teamed up to offer an amazing prize — Hamilton tickets!
.on "This is someone's first show, this is someone's last show. I don't care how tired I am"
I had a dream I was with Lin-Manuel Miranda and my teeth were falling out
Lin-Manuel Miranda kissing Jonathan Groff via never forget
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I liked a video Lin-Manuel Miranda performing the John Adams rap that was cut from the musical
Lin-Manuel Miranda gets to play Alexander Hamilton. Amy Schumer gets to play Barbie. John Goodman should be allowed to play Harriet Tubman.
Lin-Manuel Miranda disguised himself to watch Hamilton's celebrity crowd from the audience:
A conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Trevor Dion Nichols | Moana -...
the songs are by Lin-Manuel Miranda (bro ever heard of Hamilton), Opetaia Foa'i and Mark Mancina like they're L E G E N D S
Lin-Manuel Miranda : Jimmy Fallon to star in the Broadway play, Hamilton as King George III - Sign th... via
See Lin-Manuel Miranda slur, swear and giggle on 'Drunk History'
Art : on TV Tuesday: Lin-Manuel Miranda in Drunk History and Dolly Parton on …
Lin-Manuel Miranda's David Bowie impression on the "Shiny" demo is delightful
I listened to the Lin Manuel Miranda one, knowing nothing of Hamilton, and the David Crosby one. He's a great interviewer.
The villain song in was a David Bowie homage sung by Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords and written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. So good
Lin-Manuel Miranda straight up referencing In The Heights on the Hamilton Mixtape because he does what he wants
Lin-Manuel Miranda's tribute to David Bowie in "I'm Shiny" was literally the greatest thing.
About to witness EGOT history! Lin-Manuel Miranda is gonna make history again! — watching Moana at AMC Cinemas...
David Lee Roth and Lin-Manuel Miranda combine forces on Vince Guaraldi's "Linus and Lucy."
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Nice details on the Moana songs here, including Lin-Manuel Miranda on 'Shiny' and writing in his childhood bedroom.
I was watching How I Met Your Mother and suddenly Lin-Manuel Miranda is there rapping about Canada when do I escape
Lamb-Manuel Miranda,brought to you by 9 yr. old Jake Sugarman.
Lin-Manuel Miranda singing "Herod's Song" from Jesus Christ Superstar with Marc Maron on was the post-elect…
Lin-Manuel Miranda rules out starring in opening West End run of Hamilton -
❤️Lin-Manuel Miranda on JKL. What's with the Pee-Wee Herman style gray suit and white shoes?
I've grown like a weird obsession over Lin-Manuel Miranda, he's such an interesting man
What is my aesthetic? Lin-Miranda Manuel talking about issues of scale.
It means so much to me that Lin-Manuel Miranda and I both love pythons
" I want and to do a duet because it'd be Lin Manuel Miranda Sings" -
I had a dream I met lin-Manuel Miranda while he was eating a taco
are you secretly the British version of Lin-Manuel Miranda and going to play Alexander Hamilton in the West End?💙💙
Does everyone know about the Hamilton mixtape?
Now I'll forever associate that slogan with that lady's awkward not-jump in that terrible Lin-Manuel Miranda clip.
I wonder if the Hamilton mixtape will include that extremely embarassing rap Lin-Manuel Miranda did on How I Met Your Mother
Update your maps at Navteq
Questlove and Lin-Manuel Miranda Give Details of The Hamilton Mixtape ---The greatest thing to ever happen to humans
📷 pbstv: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s dad Luis ruminates on the immigrant experience in HAMILTON’S AMERICA,...
Almost time! Tony nominee Adam Pascal, joins the cast of the musical comedy on November 7th!
Hamilton mixtape tracks from Kelly Clarkson and The Roots debut. One day after Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed the tra…
Someone's gotta nerf Lin-Manuel Miranda. He's become too powerful.
You know that kink of intellect turning you on. . That's me with Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Lin-Manuel Miranda photo and autograph with breast cancer bear via
Whenever im sad I think of Lin-Manuel Miranda and then I'm no longer sad
.Miranda assembles all-star cast for mixtape with and more:
Lin Manuel Miranda and his dad look SO much alike
The first two tracks from Miranda's "Hamilton Mixtape" are here, feat. more http…
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s The Hamilton Mixtape finally has a release date of December 2. The first offering from the...
Harry Potter as read by Jim Dale! And if you're a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan, I hear he's EXCELLENT on Aristotle and Dante.
Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Ben Whishaw, Lin-Manuel Miranda and now COLIN FIRTH for Mary Poppins Returns? Oh yes.
Only fitting that Lin-Manuel Miranda read her the Miranda rights
Lin-Manuel Miranda dishes on the Hamilton mixtape and his ‘incredible’ Mary Poppins costar Emily Blunt
i will probably forever think that Alexander Hamilton looked like Lin-Manuel Miranda
What's with SNL's Mary Poppins fetish? First Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt from the upcoming sequel, now Tom Hanks (Saving Mr. Banks).
We almost saw Hillary but Lin-Manuel Miranda and Neil Patrick Harris will do. @ St. James Theatre
Lin-Manuel Miranda's monologue just makes me want to see now more than ever.
Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda went after Donald Trump on SNL
Lin-Manuel Miranda remixes 'My Shot' for his 'SNL' monologue
before snl is my local news and it said "Saturday Night Live Coming Up Next!" and then it was Lin-Manuel Miranda promoing the show + top
Lin-Manuel Miranda could've been both the host AND musical guest, TBH.
if she stans TØP or Lin-Manuel Miranda she's having a meltdown about snl tonight
Lin-Manuel Miranda did not throw away his shot to combine 'Hamilton' & politics for his 'SNL' debut.…
Back to my SNL obsession... Great opening sequence by a VERY prepared Lin-Manuel Miranda, and obligatory backstage…
I am very thankful I am existing in the world at the same time as Lin-Manuel Miranda. That is some Big Magic.
I hope the Trumpers hated that skit as much as we loved it. Everything Lin Manuel Miranda touches is perfection. .
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tina Fey, AND Kate McKinnon all on the same stage? Be still my heart.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is hosting tonight. Check out our cover story with the man himself.
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt, AND Tom Hanks! I am HERE for this season of 👌🏼💯
'Hamilton's America,' at the NYFF, is a thrilling portrait of the theatrical hip-hop genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Why Lin-Manuel Miranda is the kind of Hollywood heavyweight you can root for
Julia Roberts, Lin-Manuel Miranda and More to Stump for Hillary Clinton on Broadway
SNL locks in Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda as upcoming host, with as music guest:
Lin-Manuel Miranda will host Saturday Night Live on October 8th
Lin-Manuel Miranda is hosting 'Saturday Night Live,' so get ready for that 'Hamilton' parody…
Lin-Manuel Miranda will be hosting “Saturday Night Live” next season and we cannot wait to see (and hear) it!
Lin-Manuel Miranda is hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live, and that's honestly something I never knew I needed unt…
Lin-Manuel Miranda thought Hamilton would only appeal to history teachers via
Truthfact: My first boyfriend (age 12) grew up to look a lot like a small Lin Manuel Miranda. Least he did last time I saw him (age 23).
Today's read. I love what says about musical tastes & mixtapes.
saw someone wearing a shirt that said "I hope Lin-Manuel Miranda is having a good day" and honestly same. cc:
the only thing that gives me some sort of peace with the whole situation is that Lin Manuel Miranda is also not at the
Lotsa video highlights and pics from night:
For filmmakers: Alex Horwitz's essay on the making of his doc about the making of
Not throwing away my shot! Don't throw away yours to own this ornament!
Unfortunately it's impossible to get tix to this 😩😭
"But if your goal is, ‘I want to tell this story’, or ‘I want to learn from working with these people’, then...
Watch Miranda's impressive freestyle rap about Chicago, from deep dish to our favorite Oprah moment
there he goes again, Uncle Miranda impressing me more and more every day👏👏
Humboldt Park makes feel at home in Chicago.
If you had five minutes with what would you ask him? had some interesting questions
Obligatory fangirl Post of the Day --. Lin-Manuel Miranda on his Broadway smash Hamilton: 'the world freaked out'.
“Your Shot” at Hamilton Tickets for Opening Night in Chicago and an After-Party with
Lin-Manuel Miranda on his Broadway smash: ‘Hamilton is from the school of Eminem’
Your daily Miranda: “on his smash the world freaked out.”
Miranda there's a $500 seat for next Sunday's matinee. Can you help me start a crowd fund?
Trailer: Feature Documentary on the Making of Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' (Set for Fall Premiere)
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Lin-Manuel Miranda sings 'Yoda' with Weird Al Yankovic at New York concert
The world is so hard, so I'm just going to stare at this photo of President Obama and Lin-Manuel Miranda talking an…
Producer Greg Berlanti has "refused to deny" any involvement by Lin-Manuel Miranda in the SuperFlash musical ep.
Who wants a free ticket to see Lin-Manuel Miranda in conversation at the Chicago Humanities Festival? Figure I'd get this over with now.
Listen to One Last Time by Christopher Jackson, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
I'd like to hire Mariska Hargitay, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Raúl Esparza to be my fairy godparents...or at least my life coaches... (>___>)
Lin-Manuel Miranda has signed on to be lyricist for the live-action adaptation of The…
michelleBspeaks: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jenny Slate narrate Drunk History in new trailer EW …
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jenny Slate narrate 'Drunk History' in new trailer -
Who is your guy crush? — Iwan Rheon, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and, of course, Jam...
Lin-Manuel Miranda cures cancer with his voice... John Oliver ends tyranny with a two-minute rant... *wakes up*
Bring It On is a musical with music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tom Kitt and Amanda Green, and book by Jeff Whitty.
Mind blown by Anthony Rodriguez , the production team, the cast, and the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda. The best...
I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda and knew I had to send you this article :P
Thinking Gal Gadot "diminishes" Linda Carter is like thinking a new guy playing Hamilton is an insult to Lin-Manuel Miranda.
You might not be able to get tickets to Hamilton, but you can soon watch Lin-Manuel Miranda in
Lin-Manuel Miranda to talk about Hamilton inebriated for Drunk History
I adore Lin-Manuel Miranda, but the man needs a hair intervention - The Guardian
And Lin Manuel Miranda wrote one of them 😍
There were so many things Lin-Manuel Miranda hadn't done during his time in Hamilton... Like get a haircut. The 36-year-old T…
UM UM UM if you all were unaware, the audiobook of Aristotle and Dante is narrated by Lin Manuel Miranda.
I added a video to a playlist Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam: (8 of 8)
How much longer until Lin-Manuel Miranda turns something I wrote into a musical?
I added a video to a playlist Acceptance Speech: Lin-Manuel Miranda - Best Book of a Musical (2016)
I added a video to a playlist WATCH: Lin-Manuel Miranda's Emotional Tonys Acceptance Speech: 'Love is
Lin-Manuel Miranda would, of course, play Chris Christie, with an all-Black/Latino supporting cast.
Lin-Manuel Miranda's ancestry is as multifaceted as Hamilton
Just days after Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of the Broadway megahit "Hamilton," took his final bow, Chicago has learned who
He was talking to traditional school educators. It was interesting was how many of these are the reasons many of...
Stencil of Lin-Manuel Miranda shooting an AR-15, but the opening lines to Hamilton are coming out instead of bullets
LONDON (Reuters) - After 11 Tony awards, a Pulitzer prize and plenty of critical acclaim, Lin-Manuel Miranda bowed out of his hit Broadway
From to the importance of tune in to this 2-part podcast with &
Watch Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda's impassioned tribute to Orlando victims
On a scale of yes to Yesss, what is the likelihood of Ham owning socks like these? Miranda, back me up
Lin-Manuel Miranda just dropped 9 truths about the power of education.
Bummed I can't follow Lin Manuel Miranda! Am I blocked because he has so many fans or did I do something wrong? :(
OMG I was just thinking about this today. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gillian Anderson, Megan Rapinoe.
Lin-Manuel Miranda says goodbye to fans after his final performance of ‘Hamilton’ on July 9th. MY BEAN LOOK AT YOU https…
One last time: Lin-Manuel Miranda quietly takes final bow in 'Hamilton'.. Related Articles:
Lin-Manuel Miranda reads Saga? Honestly America just make him president.
Scenes from Lin-Manuel Miranda's final night with 'Hamilton'
Lin-Manuel Miranda is a shining beacon of what's possible even if you have a ponytail
star Lin-Manuel Miranda chopped off his hair — and the Internet lost its mind
Lin-Manuel Miranda celebrated his last performance by chopping off his hair:
I don't think I'm over-exaggerating BY ANY MEANS by saying that Lin-Manuel Miranda has REVOLUTIONIZED musical theatre. So…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
ICYMI: Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda took his final bow last night:
Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of 'Hamilton,' says goodbye...
5 things that will change when Lin-Manuel Miranda, original cast members depart
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda take his final bow at
'Hamilton' cast tribute video released before Lin-Manuel Miranda's last show via
📷 theatregraphics: Lin-Manuel Miranda during the curtain call of his final performance of ‘Hamilton’ on...
Lin-Manuel Miranda takes a bow as Hamilton one last time
sometimes I think life's going fine but then I remember that I'll never get to see Lin-Manuel Miranda in Hamilton
The hottest new thing is Now that Lin-Manuel Miranda's free from Hamilton: An American...
I think I've just gone down the Lin-Manuel Miranda rabbit hole of the internet
Coping with the fact I'll never see Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton by listening to the album for 5 days straight.
Try not to cry: Photos from Lin-Manuel Miranda's final night with 'Hamilton'.
Lin-Manuel Miranda cuts the 'Hamilton' hair via
I am so thankful that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote Hamilton because it has totally changed my life
Lin-Manuel Miranda takes the 'Hamilton' stage one last time: Lin-Manuel Miranda takes the "Hamilton" stage fo...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Link to sign up for the fan pass lottery for Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda!
What's next for Lin-Manuel Miranda after he takes his final bow for "Hamilton" tonight
Raúl Esparza and Lin-Manuel Miranda in the same picture. How is the Internet not broken after this? 😍
Lin-Manuel Miranda and J. Lo release 'Love Make the World Go Round' for Orlando
J.Lo and Lin-Manuel Miranda of "Hamilton" team up for Orlando shooting victims
Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda record new song to benefit Orlando shooting victims
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez are collaborating on a song to benefit Orlando victims
Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda record tribute to victims
Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda are working on something very special together:
Jennifer Lopez and Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda team up for Orlando...
Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda are joining forces to support Orlando
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez team up for song to benefit Orlando victims via
Saga Vol. 6 is out TODAY! On the back are recommendation quotes from Alan Moore and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Now... THAT'S high praise.
but the constant, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is that I'll always love you
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., and Phillipa Soo are leaving "Hamilton" on the same night the end of the world is…
"I'm the Lin-Manuel Miranda of stupid parody books."
It's official: Lin-Manuel Miranda is leaving Hamilton on July 9
Congrats to Javier Muñoz, who replaces Lin-Manuel Miranda as the star of Hamilton. Lin-Manuel's last show is July...
Lin-Manuel Miranda's father hopes to see "Hamilton" a few more times before his son departs
Hamilton's original Broadway cast to be filmed before Lin-Manuel Miranda exits
Lin-Manuel Miranda confirms he'll leave 'Hamilton' July 9 via
Lin-Manuel Miranda leaving 'Hamilton' July 9; vows to return: The news that no die-hard "Hamilton" fan - or a...
Hurry up, "Hamilton" fans: Lin-Manuel Miranda announces departure date from show
"I'm going to try to get out the Latino vote as hard as possible." -- Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Lin-Manuel Miranda confirms everyone will be able to see with the original cast
"Behind the Scenes With Lin-Manuel Miranda and Family on Tonys Night" by KATHERINE ROSMAN via NYT
James Corden, Lin-Manuel Miranda and More Broadway Stars Sing Theaters Hits in the Most Dramatic Carpool ... - E! Online
I have to pause before saying Lin-Manuel Miranda out loud so I don't accidentally say Lin-Manuel Noriega
Congratulations to Lin-Manuel Miranda, winner for Best Book of a Musical.
Lin-Manuel Miranda recites passionate sonnet to Orlando in acceptance speech
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
"Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote 'In the Heights' as a college sophomore. It was nominated for 13 Tonys and the 2009 Pulitzer Pr…
Ok imagine sitting in the Richard Rogers theatre and you hear "WHATS YA NAME MAN?" and Lin-Manuel Miranda is standing there in the flesh.
Long, and very good. Worth your time. Will Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton revolutionize the Supreme Court?
What will Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda's latest gig mean for the future of Hamilton?
Lin-Manuel Miranda is leaving Hamilton next month! He managed to get Americans to read about their own history! Give this…
Emily Blunt, 'Hamilton's' Lin-Manuel Miranda to fly high in 'Mary...
Update: Lin-Manuel Miranda leaving 'Hamilton' July 9, will star in 'Mary Poppins'
A rap for 'Hamilton's' Lin-Manuel Miranda as he prepares to leave the show - Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times. …
Report: Lin-Manuel Miranda to exit 'Hamilton' in July: It transferred to the Richard Rodgers Theatre in Augus...
Lin-Manuel Miranda will leave when his contract expires next month
When Lin-Manuel Miranda leaves the show, he will have played the role for a year at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is on our new cover. Inside his Revolutionary musical
Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda is to college me what Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp was to 3rd grade me.
How did I miss this? Lin-Manuel Miranda & JJ Abrams wrote a Star Wars song together for
Imagine John Travolta, on stage at the Tony awards, trying to pronounce Lin-Manuel Miranda's name.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Lin-Manuel Miranda and J.J. Abrams performed “Jabba Flow” on the steps of the Richard Rodgers Theatre today. . May...
The 'Fun Home' kids serenaded Lin-Manuel Miranda with this hilarious song
I think we're heading toward a Best Score Tony category featuring Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steve Martin, Sara Bareilles, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Lil Buck Dances for Lin-Manuel Miranda in Latest The dancer performs to a “Schuyler Sisters” remix.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is on the list of the world's most influential people
John Oliver and Lin-Manuel Miranda perfectly explain why we should help Puerto Rico via Andrea Romano
The only man bun I approve of belongs to Lin-Manuel Miranda.
These young women are incredible. Thanks
I'm an immigrant & I agree with Congrats on list of world's most influential people
"Joss Whedon got close to writing a Broadway musical but scrapped it after watching Hamilton". Lin Manuel Miranda is a hero in…
Just when you think you can't love Lin-Manuel Miranda any more...
What's the one thing that Barack Obama, Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Game have in common?
Here I am, a little past 2 a.m, and just deeply contemplating how a man could even reach the levels of genius of Lin Manuel Miranda.
congratulations to Miranda, a Pulitzer for “Hamilton” ! -ES
Sign Options: "Just like my country, I'm young, scrappy and hungry" "Run like Lin-Manuel Miranda is waiting at the finish line"
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Karlie Kloss & Adele are industry leaders. Go on a journey & become one in yours
Lin Manuel Miranda is like the definition of a theatre kid that has grown up getting to live the dream and experience wh…
How Lin Manuel Miranda survived his 20s via
Watch Miranda explain how he survived his 20s
when will you do carpool karaoke with Lin-Manuel Miranda??!😎
Lin- Manuel Miranda (was IN "How I Met Your Mother???" This has been a lesson on always reading an IMDB page to completion.
It's a joke based on a lyric from Hamilton. Let it go, man.
In the Heights Revived in Brooklyn Today: The Tony-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda musical is presented by The Gall...
Congrats to and everyone involved in on the Pulitzer. In 200 years they'll be giving out the…
Hamilton superstar loves Saga by and - the circle is complete.
Every time I see an image of Lin-Manuel Miranda's face his forehead is a little larger than before
On page 240 of 288 of Hamilton, by Lin-Manuel Miranda
[Artículo] "Like Alexander Hamilton, Miranda is a powerful reminder that greatness comes from unlikely places"...
Lin-Manuel Miranda: Give Puerto Rico its chance to thrive via
Meet the man hip-hop stars and history teachers can't get enough of.: Lin-Manuel Miranda is young..
'In the Heights' comes to Brooklyn: Struggling to snag tickets to the critically acclaimed Bro...
me: *hears someone playing a Lin Manuel Miranda video*. me: *busts down door* IS THAT MY FATHER
Let's just put Lin Manuel Miranda on the $20
excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Lin-Manuel Miranda, our Lord and Savior?
Honestly, Lin-Manuel Miranda deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, an Oscar, a Caldecott Medal, and a Student of the Month Award for Hamilton
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