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Manuel Miranda

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Listening to Lin Manuel Miranda dragging Americans for not knowing their own history on BBC R2. Nice.
Thank Lin-Manuel Miranda by lobbying Congress to take action on Puerto Rico! -
Lin-Manuel Miranda to Congress: You have the power to help Puerto Rico
Still stoked that Nick Offerman and Lin-Manuel Miranda killed it in the Curb season finale!
Sexier than Blake Shelton day 17: was reminded last night that Hamilton is a masterpiece and Lin-Manuel Miranda is…
Americans get it on climate change: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Co.
"Hamilton" is going to Puerto Rico in 2019, with Lin-Manuel Miranda once again playing the lead role
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Common blessed the Obama Summit with a freestyle
Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyles on ‘Fallon,’ Talks Love of Puerto Rico and Weird Al’s…
Call us to book for this incredible season, including Lin Manuel Miranda's 'In the Heights'. 0161 2017 1617
Everything Common just said is just so on point. I will never tire of saying Lin Manuel Miranda is a national treas…
Taylor Swift, Lin-Manuel Miranda and others react to New York City terror attack
This whole thing is just a sign that we should never idolize celebrities too much. Looking at you, Lin Manuel-Miranda fangirls
Chance, Lin Manuel Miranda, Prince Harry, and Obama are all in Chicago and I'm leaving??? what's wrong w me
I'm gonna cry with Lin Manuel Miranda bringing all the best people together
Wherein that delightful unicorn of a human being says some very kind things about me & my books.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I’ve had Rob Bell, Peter Rollins, Chance the Rapper, and Lin Manuel Miranda; and it’s just 12 noon. My soul is fed. 😭
I am not okay. Chance did may I have this dance with Francis and then brought out Lin Manuel Miranda for dear theodosia. Please help
I am the ragtag volunteer army Lin Manuel Miranda was referring to.
Lin Manuel Miranda and Chance the Rapper. I've died fully. It's over. Call it.
Lin Manuel Miranda and some no name rapper.
Lin-Manuel Miranda appeals for Puerto Rican aid in Humboldt Park:
WATCH: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Common freestyle at Obama Foundation summit
I’m going to sing Notice Me Miranda! To the tune of notice me Horton until becomes my best friend
I would pay my life's savings to Lin Manuel Miranda for him to kiss me on my nose and tuck me into bed
Lin Manuel Miranda, Prince Harry and Michelle Obama were all in Chicago today and I wasn’t. How dare they
“i need to write from a place of love.” –Miranda 💓
Lin-Manuel Miranda touts new song in Humboldt Park to raise money for Puerto Rico: LISTEN
Closing ceremony! Collective Power, featuring, Eric Liu, followed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Common.
Lin-Manuel Miranda on Puerto Rico "75% of the island still has no power, 25[%] still has no running water."
Lin-Manuel Miranda looks like Balki Bartokomous and Ross from Friends had a child together.
Lin-Manuel Miranda to Young People of Puerto Rico: "Millions of People Are Rooting for You"
God I love Stephen Sondheim. And I LOVE the NY Times for doing this video. Of course Lin-Manuel Miranda gets to...
Lin-Manuel Miranda is not only a NYC treasure, not only a Puerto Rican treasure, but a *** American treasure. Dude…
…the glittering Evening Standard Awards will be ‘hosted’ by Evgeny Lebedev, Anna Wintour, Cate Blanchett and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Before Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda debuted In The Heights, his four-time Tony Award-winning musical that tells...
The pulpits had better be on fire tomorrow morning or the preachers aren't earning their keep.
Lin-Manuel Miranda prepping song that is 'a love letter to Puerto Rico' to benefit hurricane relief. https…
slams for attacks: 'You're going straight to
I genuinely don't understand how anyone can dislike Lin Manuel-Miranda.
SNL is airing a rerun w/Lin Manuel Miranda as the host. lol. every time that man twts abt aid to PR, nvr forget his silence on
Lin-Manuel Miranda: Donald Trump is 'going straight to *** on the 'fastest golf cart'.
'Hamilton' creator announces God's eternal judgment on Donald Trump. 'You're going straight to *** '
Lin Manuel Miranda to Trump: "You're going straight to *** . I doubt he cares. He is a closeted atheist.
Lin-Manuel Miranda Tells Trump He’s Going ‘Straight to *** for Response to Puerto Rico Disaster
Miranda should be out there raising money & helping out PR instead of bashing All these HATE do…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
"Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to Trump after his attacks on San Juan mayor: "You're going straight to ***
My favorite speaker this General Conference weekend has been Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Lin-Manuel Miranda blasts Trump for Puerto Rico attacks: "You're going straight to ***
Lin-Manuel Miranda to President Trump: "You're going straight to ***
Lin-Manuel Miranda tells Trump he's going "straight to *** for blasting San Juan mayor
Lin-Manuel Miranda to Trump: 'You're going straight to ***
Message from Lin-Manuel Miranda's dad on how to donate directly to donate to hurricane relief for Puerto Ricans --…
i don't appreciate prizeo sending me emails that are from "Lin-Manuel Miranda" and "Neil Patrick Harris" and "Rainn Wilson"
Patti Lupone and Audra MacDonald are here at the piano with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt. Oh, here comes Idina…
Lin-Manuel Miranda is in D.C., singing showtunes on the Senate Subway and hamming it up with Hamilton's statue. .
PRESS | and mentioned in 'Things We Saw Today: Lin-Manuel Miranda...' via
Lin-Manuel Miranda and James Corden stop traffic with this stripped down performance
Dude, that is brilliant. Especially if it can be turned into a musical number.…
There's literally no difference between John Wilkes Booth and Miranda. Both great actors. Both sought to improve their country.
Winter is coming... to Broadway!. Maybe. and haven't exactly been asked to write it yet.
You know in Hamilton when Lin Manuel Miranda sings RISE UP? He was talking about not having Dodgers socks.
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of ‘Hamilton’ perform outside the Pantages in Hollywood via
Watch lead a joyous revival in Los Angeles
Happening now! is giving a live performance at the Pantages and the street is flooded with fans
Imagine if all men were like Lin Manuel Miranda
Guys, I can't even be mad because Lin Manuel Miranda just walked in front of my bus at The Pantages.
Lin-Manuel Miranda's childhood home movies show him busting out dance moves
Me and my tired voice singing. I challenge &
🎉 The web series I directed 'Misery Loves Company' w & is going to NYC! Congrats all!
While watching Moana... Mom: this music reminds me of Lin Manuel Miranda . Me: because he wrote it.
Lin-Manuel Miranda greets fans as Hamilton opens in LA:
Another shout out in Also, beat ya to the punch
Watch and the cast of perform outside the Pantages in Hollywood htt…
is back! gathered the troops and hosted the live lottery pre-show in L.A. https:…
Here's who won $10 'Hamilton' tickets from Lin-Manuel Miranda at today's event at the Pantages
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Lin-Manuel Miranda leads the 'Hamilton' ticket lottery and a mini-concert in Hollywood - Los Angeles Times
You didn't lose a Pulitzer Prize to Lin-Manuel Miranda, if that's what you're getting at.
Also I am amending my list of acceptable Disney composers for songs thusly:. 1. Alan Menken. 2. Lin-Manuel Miranda. There are no others
Where is my hip-hop production starring Daveed Diggs as Hamlet, directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda?
Kelly Clarkson, Ben Stiller, and more stars sing Hamilton songs for Lin-Manuel Miranda's challenge
Amazing night with Lin-Manuel Miranda of Broadway phenomenon Hamilton & his father talking about &…
Congratulations to Lin-Manuel Miranda! He will be honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. It's Lit!
Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony Awards sonnet for the Orlando shooting victims
Please introduce me to Danny Pudi and Lin-Manuel Miranda
And of course you've got Lin-Manuel Miranda and Danny Pudi in the mix to boot. Glad they went outside the…
Serving you some fresh first looks of Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda & the dancing cast of Mary Poppins Returns http…
Lin-Manuel Miranda sings 'Yoda' with Weird Al Yankovic at a New York concert:
Hey there, li'l shavers. I'm not here to tell you to register to vote. Not when Lin-Manuel Miranda is here to do it…
I wanna see Lin Manuel Miranda's son's face as much as I want to see his shows
Lin I think you should just change your display name to "I'm in London Manuel Miranda"
Lin Manuel Miranda is set to play Gizmo duck in the reboot.. can he do justice to character's storied past?
This was my favourite blog post to write. I love DuckTales & am excited to see join the cast!.
i'm watching an interview of Lin Manuel Miranda and Emma Watson and Lin goes, "your fav is problematic" and i am CRYING
."I like making people relate to people of color and black people specifically"
Lin-Manuel Miranda to Voice Gizmoduck on DuckTales: Miranda will provide the voice of fan-favorite character…
National Treasure is what made Lin Manuel Miranda interested in history
.Miranda is the latest big name to join the cast of the new
Lin Manuel Miranda's voice makes me feel so at peace and calm and iT JUST MAKES ME HAPPY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
"Elena's learning Spanish and history thanks to Lin Manuel Miranda" - Katie (after listening to In The Heights and Hamilton)
Is it unfair that Stephen Sondheim's Wikipedia page says "openly *** and Lin Manuel-Miranda's doesn't say "openly straight?". Yeah, it is.
I can't find a picture of Lin Manuel Miranda and Dwayne Johnson hugging and it bothers me.
ICYMI: Lin-Manuel Miranda is cast as the voice of Gizmoduck in XD's
is Susan the next Lin Manuel Miranda ?!!! ha why did I even consider that
I used to have huge dreams. It's it sad that my dream is now just to duet on "All For the Best" from Godspell with
Check out my new post! Lin-Manuel Miranda Join The Ducktales Cast! :).
Why is Lin Manuel Miranda dressed in a body suit, dancing for Katy Perry?
I was the Lin Manuel Miranda of church plays
Y'all missed out on Toad Hamilton: The 3rd living Hamilton, aka Ribbit Manuel-Miranda. Got to perform "My Shot" fro…
No the bit from 02:00-02:08 - in the Lin Manuel Miranda version there are some quick fire lines it seems…
“Public education w/ money for the arts is a big reason why my dreams were possible.” http…
Trending: announced as voice of Gizmoduck in revival
.Joins the Voice Cast of the New Series Coming to Woo-oo!
Lin Manuel Miranda's carpool karaoke makes my lil thespian heart happy
Miranda is taking over for G.E. Smith to lead the Saturday Night Live Band
Nerds! We’re officially nominating to play the next Doctor Who! His companion? One Lin Manuel Miranda. htt…
Did anybody else see Lin Manuel Miranda in Katy Perry's SNL performance?
Remember when Lin Manuel Miranda responded to my letter
George Takei, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more show their March for Science support:
Victoria Aveyard thanking Lin-Manuel Miranda & cast of Hamilton at the end of King's Cage is somehow more satisfying than the book itself
Aristotle and Dante b/c Lin-Manuel Miranda. Also loved all of Jason Reynolds's books on audio, so voicey.
My birth name is Shan-Manuel Miranda. Does anyone have a contact # for my cousin Lin? I haven't heard from him since he went all Broadway...
Dear Lin Manuel Miranda,I was hoping if you could PLEASE come see my schools Musical Mulan Jr Friday Night @ 7:00
Well that and I'm forever jealous he got to ride in a car with Sia, Adele, Lin Manuel Miranda and Audra McDonald 😩
.It happened because I got excited by the idea of Lin Manuel Miranda doing "Last Thoughts on Jonathan L…
I liked a video "We Know the Way," Only Lyrics ( by Mark Mancina, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Opetaia
Lin Manuel Miranda is a national treasure
Yeah. Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) made all the music and The Rock plays Maui and sings
A5 You are awsome and we got this via
- is just "If you put Manuel Miranda on that line I will [insert some ki…
📹 Watch Jordan Fisher and Lin-Manuel Miranda in the New Music Video For Moana’s “You’re Welcome”...
"What kind of world do you want to create when you grow up?" asks students at
Seeing tonight! Here's a tb to one of the countless times her voice has given me comfort:
Hamilton Goes to High School: How students are learning U.S. history from the hottest show on Broadway
please tell me you've seen those 'But everyone is Lin Manuel Miranda' videos because they're bloody amazing.
How did the hottest show on Broadway reinvent how American history is taught?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Lin-Manuel Miranda Made You a Playlist to Help with Writer’s Block | Nerdist
Cop: Mr. Miranda I don't care if you created Hamil whatever his face. I'm writing you a ticket.
is it a bad time to say i came across a ton of 'Adopted by Lin-Manuel Miranda' fanfics by accident . yeah?. sorry
Mr. Manuel-Miranda sir. I just finished Hamilton. I am speechless. You are the DaVinci of our time. Thank you.
Todrick stated that Straight Outta Oz was inspired by Beyonce's Lemonade, Lin Manuel Miranda's Hamilton and (of course) t…
Long before Hamilton opened, its creator, writer, and star knew his work would be useful for teachers.…
Mr. Miranda, what a delight to welcome you into the See you in Montmartre 1899
I love watching Jeopardy w/ my kid. He does free association and shouts his answers:. "T-ball!". "Seattle Zoo!". "Lin Manuel Miranda!"
COMPLEX Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and Auli'i Cravalho perform How Far I’ll Go at the 2017 Oscars…
I just want to say... Lin Manuel Miranda is the most inspirational person the world will ever know... he's too pure, too g…
"Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anna Kendrick and more celebs 'audition' to be Stephen Hawking's new voice"
Liam Neeson, Anna Kendrick, and Lin-Manuel Miranda audition to become Stephen Hawking's new voice.
Lin-Manuel Miranda told me everything is legal in New Jersey. Does that include bigamy?
To my knowledge, Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote "Hamilton" of his own accord and without NEA funding. So you're absolutely right.
Here's the First Look at Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda in 'Mary Poppins Returns' via
Congrats to Aunt Fran & cuz Gino, John and Robert Forchetti Thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda for the nod to San Marko.…
Lin-Manuel Miranda fangirling at a word of his own song being sung by Micheal J Fox yes
Not to be dramatic but like Lin Manuel Miranda is the Beyoncé of theatre and if he doesn't win an egot I might just riot
We all know Lin Manuel Miranda deserves this oscar. Scarlett knew it. You could hear it in her voice.
no offense but if some half-sung half-mumbled song from la la land stops my dad Lin Manuel Miranda from getting that EGOT…
911 I'd like to report a robbery. where?. the oscars Lin Manuel Miranda was robbed of his macpegot
Dang. I was really hoping Miranda would be the youngest EGOT ever... but "he's way too talented not to win soon" (the bf says)
if the academy gives la la land the best original song award and doesn't let Lin Manuel Miranda EGOT i will consider it a…
No offense but if la la land stops Lin Manuel Miranda from getting that EGOT I'll stage a coup
Get me the gif of Lin Manuel Miranda enthusiastically clapping about arts education in public schools please
That ear worm of a song from La La Land kept Lin Manuel Miranda from getting his EGOT!!
Don't even get me started on how Lin Manuel Miranda needs the Oscar for Moana but La la land it's going to win cuz overr…
Call 911 because Lin Manuel Miranda has just been R O B B E D
Lin Manuel Miranda is better than everyone in this room and you do not deserve him
I'm so upset that Lin Manuel Miranda didn't win the Oscar for best original song.
Hello 911 is like to report a robbery at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. A man named Lin Manuel Miranda has been robbed.
Broadway Heads to Hollywood! Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform at the Oscars -
How I feel about Lin Manuel Miranda not winning that Oscar and EGOT
Lin Manuel Miranda was THIS close to getting PEGOT, but y'all awarded that boring *** song over How Far I'll Go 😒😒😒
the academy can catch these hands Lin Manuel Miranda was ROBBED and im HEATED
Lin Manuel Miranda is an angel he already won in life.
City of Stars, even when sung by John Legend, isn’t that great of a song. WE COULD’VE HAD A Lin Manuel Miranda ACCEPTANC…
Lin Manuel Miranda was robbed hi 911 i'd like to report a crime
Lin Manuel Miranda was robbed.I'm going back to sleep
New rule: Miranda gets to put songs in EVERY MOVIE until he gets his
nominees Ruth Negga and Lin-Manuel Miranda are both rocking ribbons on the red carpet:
I swear to God if Lin-Manuel Miranda loses his Oscar to Justin Timberlake
[Pre-emptively takes cover] Sometimes I think Lin-Manuel Miranda is a one-trick pony who's very good at his trick.
Lin-Manuel Miranda proving he's a one trick pony. Please go away.
Why Lin-Manuel Miranda never wants to host the Oscars
The musical trio and more original song nominees — from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Justin Timberlake — reveal how they...
(I arrived here via James Earl Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda, David Tennant. Not all at once—maybe call it a three-way tie?
I can't believe Emily Blunt gets to dance with Lin-Manuel Miranda all day & then goes home is married to John Krazinski wha T…
"Justin Timberlake, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sting and John Legend to perform at the Oscars"
Justin Timberlake, Sting, John Legend & Lin-Manuel Miranda to perform nominated songs at the
Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Sting, Lin-Manuel Miranda to perform numbers nominated for best song at the Oscars.
Sting, Justin Timberlake, Lin-Manuel Miranda and John Legend to Perform on Oscars via
Lin-Manuel Miranda talks 'Mary Poppins,' Bob Dylan and a mother's love
I really liked La La Land but I would LOVE if Lin-Manuel Miranda consiguiera el EGOT. Just you wait, just you wait...
Lin-Manuel Miranda's statement will take you back to a simpler time:
Lin-Manuel Miranda is really great, but it's a bit odd that his Emmy was awarded for a song he wrote for the Tony Awards...
Oscar nominee and EGOT contender Lin-Manuel Miranda will take his screeners now, please
So both Lin Manuel Miranda and Viola Davis are in reach of an EGOT this year, anyone I'm missing?!
If Moana wins best animated feature film, does that count as an EGOT for Lin-Manuel Miranda?.
⚡️ “Oscar puts Lin-Manuel Miranda on the brink of EGOT” He's also a Pulitzer winner and was a MacArthur recipient!.
Just realized that if Moana wins Best Song at the Oscars, Lin-Manuel Miranda completes his EGOT at just 37 AND in less than a decade. Wow.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is gonna be the EGOAT
if la la land stops Lin Manuel Miranda from having an EGOT i'll fight every single white person who loves jazz
Lin-Manuel Miranda on his first Oscar nomination & potential win
.on Collabing with Miranda for His New Album & Rapping in English
Self-professed Oscars geek Lin-Manuel Miranda reacts to his first nomination
Of course Lin-Manuel Miranda is in reach of EGOT status.
Congrats to ALL the Latinos nominated for Oscars this year! Lin Manuel Miranda and Rodrigo Prieto. All both of them!*. *Did…
If wins, will be the youngest EGOT (Emmy-Grammy-Oscar-Tony) winner of all time
Lin-Manuel Miranda on his first Oscar nom, potential EGOT win
If Lin-Manuel Miranda wins an Oscar, he'll be the youngest to earn the "EGOT" — an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony
⚡️ “Oscar nod puts Lin-Manuel Miranda on the brink of an EGOT”.
Lin-Manuel Miranda says he'll play "Hamilton" in Chicago for Oscar Lopez Rivera, who had sentence commuted by Obama htt…
&star Lin-Manuel Miranda returns to the White House and freestyles
Watching Lin-Manuel Miranda in House has me dying. 😂
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Lin-Manuel Miranda is an Oscar nerd, and he has the Billy Crystal monologue to prove it
"You have the entire history of recorded music at your disposal, yet you keep listening to Lin-Manuel Miranda and a low rated CW show."
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Episode of “Drunk History” With Dave Grohl. Lin-Manuel Miranda was the star of last…
People who had a good 2016:. Sterling K Brown. Carmen Cusack. Racists. Lin-Manuel Miranda. Russia. Pokemon. End of list .
Here's Lin-Manuel Miranda and Cate Blanchett hanging out and being wonderful and honestly I'm not coping, a bit like I do…
TIL Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton, wrote an entire song in the Huttese language from Star Wars. It was the song that played in Ma…
I recorded this (with back in 2008 for the UK edition of the audiobook. Out in the US on Tuesday!
Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hugh Jackman. Jason Momoa. Variety is the spice of life.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is Maya Rudolph's best character yet.
Lin-Manuel Miranda: "Writing musicals was sort of trying to create parts I'd like to see for myself."
is up for a against Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Lin-Manuel Miranda and others.
Support the good! Win an Ultimate Hamilton exp. as a guest of in aid of
Anybody who thinks 2016 was the worst is obviously not Miranda 😕
What is my motif? Lin-Miranda Manuel criticizing monsters.
My friends sister uncle is Puerto Rican so she knows Lin Manuel Miranda, the composer of moana, and he told me PERS…
Congratulations to Miranda for being named entertainer of the year
Lin-Manuel Miranda really wants you to donate to Planned Parenthood via
Lin-Manuel Miranda on being an artist in the age of Donald Trump
Lin-Manuel Miranda: How to Be an Artist in the Donald Trump Era | TIME
Take some time off then- only the super rich can afford the price of admission anyway
did lin-manuel miranda write The Story of Tonight for hamilton: an american musical or for rogue one?
A conversation on creativity: interviews Damien Chazelle
Lin-Manuel Miranda named AP Entertainer of the year
The writer-actor-composer on 'Moana,' 'Mary Poppins Returns' and how social media allows him to keep being himse...
Me and Gary went to see Moana yesterday, it's amazing!☺️ Lin-Manuel Miranda did perfect on the soundtrack, obviously✨
would you accept a man bun from Lin-Manuel Miranda?
Have you heard? +have teamed up to offer an amazing prize — Hamilton tickets!
.on "This is someone's first show, this is someone's last show. I don't care how tired I am"
I had a dream I was with Lin-Manuel Miranda and my teeth were falling out
Lin-Manuel Miranda kissing Jonathan Groff via never forget
I liked a video Lin-Manuel Miranda performing the John Adams rap that was cut from the musical
Lin-Manuel Miranda gets to play Alexander Hamilton. Amy Schumer gets to play Barbie. John Goodman should be allowed to play Harriet Tubman.
Lin-Manuel Miranda disguised himself to watch Hamilton's celebrity crowd from the audience:
A conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Trevor Dion Nichols | Moana -...
the songs are by Lin-Manuel Miranda (bro ever heard of Hamilton), Opetaia Foa'i and Mark Mancina like they're L E G E N D S
Lin-Manuel Miranda : Jimmy Fallon to star in the Broadway play, Hamilton as King George III - Sign th... via
See Lin-Manuel Miranda slur, swear and giggle on 'Drunk History'
Art : on TV Tuesday: Lin-Manuel Miranda in Drunk History and Dolly Parton on …
Lin-Manuel Miranda's David Bowie impression on the "Shiny" demo is delightful
I listened to the Lin Manuel Miranda one, knowing nothing of Hamilton, and the David Crosby one. He's a great interviewer.
The villain song in was a David Bowie homage sung by Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords and written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. So good
Lin-Manuel Miranda straight up referencing In The Heights on the Hamilton Mixtape because he does what he wants
Lin-Manuel Miranda's tribute to David Bowie in "I'm Shiny" was literally the greatest thing.
About to witness EGOT history! Lin-Manuel Miranda is gonna make history again! — watching Moana at AMC Cinemas...
David Lee Roth and Lin-Manuel Miranda combine forces on Vince Guaraldi's "Linus and Lucy."
Nice details on the Moana songs here, including Lin-Manuel Miranda on 'Shiny' and writing in his childhood bedroom.
I was watching How I Met Your Mother and suddenly Lin-Manuel Miranda is there rapping about Canada when do I escape
Lamb-Manuel Miranda,brought to you by 9 yr. old Jake Sugarman.
Lin-Manuel Miranda singing "Herod's Song" from Jesus Christ Superstar with Marc Maron on was the post-elect…
Lin-Manuel Miranda rules out starring in opening West End run of Hamilton -
❤️Lin-Manuel Miranda on JKL. What's with the Pee-Wee Herman style gray suit and white shoes?
I've grown like a weird obsession over Lin-Manuel Miranda, he's such an interesting man
What is my aesthetic? Lin-Miranda Manuel talking about issues of scale.
It means so much to me that Lin-Manuel Miranda and I both love pythons
" I want and to do a duet because it'd be Lin Manuel Miranda Sings" -
I had a dream I met lin-Manuel Miranda while he was eating a taco
are you secretly the British version of Lin-Manuel Miranda and going to play Alexander Hamilton in the West End?💙💙
Does everyone know about the Hamilton mixtape?
Now I'll forever associate that slogan with that lady's awkward not-jump in that terrible Lin-Manuel Miranda clip.
I wonder if the Hamilton mixtape will include that extremely embarassing rap Lin-Manuel Miranda did on How I Met Your Mother
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Questlove and Lin-Manuel Miranda Give Details of The Hamilton Mixtape ---The greatest thing to ever happen to humans
📷 pbstv: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s dad Luis ruminates on the immigrant experience in HAMILTON’S AMERICA,...
Almost time! Tony nominee Adam Pascal, joins the cast of the musical comedy on November 7th!
Hamilton mixtape tracks from Kelly Clarkson and The Roots debut. One day after Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed the tra…
Someone's gotta nerf Lin-Manuel Miranda. He's become too powerful.
You know that kink of intellect turning you on. . That's me with Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Lin-Manuel Miranda photo and autograph with breast cancer bear via
Whenever im sad I think of Lin-Manuel Miranda and then I'm no longer sad
.Miranda assembles all-star cast for mixtape with and more:
Lin Manuel Miranda and his dad look SO much alike
The first two tracks from Miranda's "Hamilton Mixtape" are here, feat. more http…
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s The Hamilton Mixtape finally has a release date of December 2. The first offering from the...
Harry Potter as read by Jim Dale! And if you're a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan, I hear he's EXCELLENT on Aristotle and Dante.
Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Ben Whishaw, Lin-Manuel Miranda and now COLIN FIRTH for Mary Poppins Returns? Oh yes.
Only fitting that Lin-Manuel Miranda read her the Miranda rights
Lin-Manuel Miranda dishes on the Hamilton mixtape and his ‘incredible’ Mary Poppins costar Emily Blunt
i will probably forever think that Alexander Hamilton looked like Lin-Manuel Miranda
What's with SNL's Mary Poppins fetish? First Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt from the upcoming sequel, now Tom Hanks (Saving Mr. Banks).
We almost saw Hillary but Lin-Manuel Miranda and Neil Patrick Harris will do. @ St. James Theatre
Lin-Manuel Miranda's monologue just makes me want to see now more than ever.
Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda went after Donald Trump on SNL
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