Manu Ginobili & James Harden

Emanuel David Manu Ginóbili (born 28 July 1977) is an Argentine professional basketball player. James Edward Harden, Jr. (born August 26, 1989) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

Manu Ginobili James Harden Kevin Durant Jamal Crawford San Antonio Spurs Oklahoma City Thunder Lamar Odom Sixth Man Joe Johnson Al Harrington Blake Griffin Lebron James Western Conference Russell Westbrook Tim Duncan Kevin Love Tony Parker Defensive Player

You telling me the likes of Lamar Odom, Manu Ginobili, James Harden, Jamal Crawford not stars?
(Cont'd)...Blake Griffin, James Harden, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Manu Ginobili, and some others that I can't remember.
left handed day: top 5 lefty players in the NBA. 1.James Harden. 2.Chris Bosh. 3. Brandon Jennings. 4.DeAndre Jordan . 5. Manu Ginobili
The NBA 2013-14 season is just around the corner! Here's a Western Conference preview! 1.GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS Splash Brothers aka Stephan Curry and Klay Thompson may be the best deep threat duo on the same team. With the addition of Andre Iguodala and a healthy David Lee and Andrew Bogut this team could take the next step to greatness! Mark Jackson is a top 3 coach in the entire NBA! 2. San Antonio Spurs Led by the best coach in the NBA Gregg Popovich! You can never count out the aging Spurs! Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan are a top 3 trio in the league! 3. Oklahoma City Thunder With the Russell Westbrook season ending injury in the playoffs it crippled this team. Look for a mostly healthy Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Surge Ibaka to lead by example! Probably wishing a bearded superstar was still on their roster! James Harden sighting anyone? 4. Los Angeles Clippers New Head Coach Doc Rivers may lead this team very deep in the playoffs! Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are the best players on the te ...
And, it’s not always the superstars who make the biggest changes. Lebron didn’t invent the “crab dribble,” nor was he the first person to carry the ball through the lane like a running back bursting through the line. But, he is the one to really popularize the moves. James Harden, Dwyane Wade & Manu Ginobili didn’t invent the “eurostep.” Though, you can be sure that each player has picked up pieces from watching the others do it. The eurostep didn’t really exist until the 1990s. Yes, I said 1990s. It’s not a brand new move. Sarunas Marciulionas is given credit for introducing the move to the league as you can see here, he performs the move against the Seattle SuperSonics in the 1992 playoffs
A Manu Ginobili, James Harden and Evan Fournier rookie year per/36 stat line walks into a bar - can you tell the difference?
"Other great left-handed players: Manu Ginobili, Derek Fisher, James Harden, some votes came in for Lamar Odom." Nick Van Exel?
Hey guys, Jason here A thing that has bothered me in recent years is when the Sixth Man award is given to a guy like James Harden and Manu Ginobili, despite the fact that they are clearly the best player in that position in their team, and for coaching reasons they don't start. What I'm asking is, who is the best player in the NBA who doesn't start for his team because his teammate in his position is actually better. Personally something that instantly comes to mind is like Ray Allen, because Wade is the better SG. Who else is there?
James Harden is like a rich mans Manu Ginobili
NBA Scores! The Rockets handed the Knicks their first home loss, 109-96. 'Melo was unable to play again, but his replacement, Chris Copeland, scored 29 in his absence. The fault was more the Knicks inability to score in the second, where they only notched 11 points. James Harden led Houston with 28 and 10. Lob City struck again, besting the Pistons, 88-76. The game with very close throughout, with identical 21-20 scores the first three quarters, but 25-16 in the fourth. Good to see Lamar Odom back to being a contributor, pulling down 11 rebounds, with a complimentary six pts, two asts, and two blks. The Thunder continued to be toasty at home, besting the Spurs, 107-93, behind an impressive performance by Serge I-Block-Ya (25 pts, 17 rebs, two blks, one ast). Manu Ginobili was out for the Spurs, and nobody played more than 28 minutes. Looks like the Spurs are resting up a bit. The T-Wolves were bested by the Magic, 102-93, despite the double-double machine Kevin Love getting 23 and 15. Former Celtic pride ...
I believe you're a better 6th man than James Harden and Manu Ginobili
Background John 3:30 (NLT) He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. Two of the best teams in the NBA right now are the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers. Both of these teams have people who could be starters on other teams, but are perfectly okay with coming off the bench. Manu Ginobili and Jamal Crawford are premiere players who can score close to 20 points a game. The team with the best record, the New York Knicks, also have a player in J.R. Smith who could start on other teams but comes off the bench. He initially wanted to be a starter, but has humbly accepted his role as a backup point guard. There are some players like OJ Mayo, James Harden, and Kyle Lowry who spent time as bench players but wanted more money or more playing time and went to other teams. I can't blame them for that. But I have to give respect to those who have no problems being part of the second unit and still contributing immensely to the success of their team. Especially those who could b ...
James Harden should of called Manu Ginobili for advice.
James Harden should've taken the chance at a ring over a few million dollars. Look at how that turned out for Manu Ginobili.
James Harden was like the Manu Ginobili of the Thunder. they're gonna fail w/o him
So let me see if I understand this correctly: James Harden is the victim of an organization that "lowballed" him because they offered him a 4-year/$ 52 million contract, when the contract he's getting now in Houston will be around 5 years/$75 million? That's a difference of only $2 million per season, not to mention the fact that to make $15 million a year puts him right in the same category as KD or Westbrook in terms of money, and he's simply not that valuable to his team. Manu Ginobili makes $14 million per year, so his OKC contract would have been just below that. And on top of all that, he has said repeatedly that he doesn't like being the main scorer on a team, but he was forced into that role in high school and college. So he took only $2 million more per year to play a role he doesn't like playing in a much less fun environment with a team that has no chance in the Western Conference? He could have stayed and played for a team that could compete for at least the next 5 years! This, to me, is ...
James Harden has been traded to the Houston Rockets, good for me! Yeah!! Let's do this Manu Ginobili, OKC's 6th man is out. ☺
I spent the night at parties dressed as Manu Ginobili, came home to find out that James Harden is now a Rocket. What a great night.
Anymore Manu Ginobili comparisons to James Harden still left? Obviously, the "sacrifice" part doesn't quite equate.
Manu Ginobili won rings coming off the bench. Can't believe James Harden chased money. This again, this is the same guy who chased Trina.
Manu Ginobili took less money to stay with the Spurs and win rings. James Harden chased the money. Tells you a lot about a person tho
Manu Ginobili is a superstar who doesn't start and James Harden was instrumental as a Sixth Man in helping Oklahoma City reach the NBA Fi...
Let me name them off for you, Nick Young, Jamal Crawford, Manu Ginobili, Me, James Harden, and Joe Johnson
Coaches shld be drug tested RTMike Woodson says JR Smith is Knicks Manu Ginobili or James Harden"
[ Politics ] Open Question : Who flops more - Manu Ginobili, James Harden, or Mitt Romney?:
there will never be another Manu Ginobili. Except James Harden...
No more flopping in the NBA. Sorry Anderson Varejao, James Harden, Manu Ginobili, Paul Pierce, Clippers, etc.
Wow!!! the NBA is gonna start giving out fines for flopping and all I gotta say is its about *** time!!! I feel sorry for the following players Lebron James,Dwayne Wade,Derek Fisher,Manu Ginobili,and last but not least James I cant wait till this season begins
It's been a nice run for Manu Ginobili... and James Harden. NBA announces new anti-flopping rule via ...
James Harden, O.J. Mayo, and Manu Ginobili are the best 6th men in the NBA.
Manu Ginobili, James Harden, Pau Gasol, Gerald Wallace: Impact players to look out for next NBA season Part...
I was inspired to do my own version of this by a fellow admin. Here are my picks for the league's awards: Most Valuable Player: 1. Lebron James 2. Kevin Durant 3. Kevin Love (Depending on how Timberwolves do) Rookie of the Year: 1. Anthony Davis 2. Damian Lillard 3. Bradley Beal Most Improved Player: 1.Javale Mcgee 2. Andrew Bynum 3. Josh Selby Defensive Player of the Year: 1. Dwight Howard 2. Serge Ibaka 3. Tyson Chandler Sixth Man of the Year: 1. James Harden 2. Manu Ginobili 3. Andre Miller Coach of the Year: 1. Doug Collins 2. Mike Woodson 3. Mike Brown NBA Champion: 1. Heat (They are the Champs, have to be favorite) 2. Thunder (Pending core players improvement from Olympics) 3. Lakers (Could win, depending on team chemistry) 4. Bulls ( we have to see how D.rose Do ) Comment whether you agree or not. Also, comment your own opinions! Openly debatable!
If you could create an all 6th man starting lineup, what would it be? Mine is: PG- James Harden (He Plays Point Sometimes), Lou Williams SG- Manu Ginobili, Jason Terry, Ray Allen SF- Antawn Jamison (He will be a 6th man this year) PF- Mike Dunleavy, C- Al Harrington (Can Play SF,PF,C) -Kyle
Who do you guys think is the best 6th man in the league this season? James Harden? Manu Ginobili? My vote's definitely for Harden.
I just traded my Elton Brand and Manu Ginobili for Kevin Garnett and James Harden.
James Harden, Dwayne Wade, and Manu Ginobili got the best euro step in the league.
I watch a lot of Manu Ginobili and James Harden because they both lefties that use the same moves I use on the court. 🏀
I swear after the Thunder Spurs series James Harden started playing like Manu Ginobili
4 people who should start OJ Mayo, J.R. Smith ,James Harden and Manu Ginobili..
James Harden/Manu Ginobili flopping in the NBA is the equivalent of Skip Bayless avoiding to answer question
Pre-Game before Game 6 they look at similarities of the two players. Similarities Between James Harden and Manu Ginobili.
James Harden went from Manu Ginobili to Delonte West in 1 series
everyone who said James Harden was the best 6th man? Manu Ginobili and Jason Terry would like an apology!
James Harden is a black Manu Ginobili. Good scorer, good flopper.
James Harden's game is somewhat similar to Manu Ginobili's my mind.
Jamal Crawford, James Harden, Manu Ginobili: Them still starting 6th man is horrible. Give them a starting job.
Not a perfect first half for The Miami HEAT but I'll take it. Every member of the Big 3 came to play today. Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are still both struggling with their shots a bit but they're both driving to the hoop. Hopefully people now see why I've said numerous times this season that the most important player for the Oklahoma City Thunder is James Harden. He's OKC's version of Manu Ginobili but younger and stronger. We need to keep up the intensity on defense, keep driving to the hoop on offense, and hopefully get a few more calls to go our way and we might steal one. GO HEAT!
You really can't guard Manu Ginobili & James Harden
What matters is who finishes games, not who starts them. Wade, just like Manu Ginobili & James Harden, would still get his regular 4Q mins.
Yeah he got all this time to train and practice QT Let's face facts.Manu Ginobili way better than James Harden
The other teams remaining in the playoffs are still there because they are a complete team with stars that know how to work together. They are also more complete as a squad. The Thunder have James Harden coming off the bench. The Spurs have Manu Ginobili coming of the bench, as well. Either one of these guys would start for any other team in this league. They are part of a team; they put their egos aside and do what is best for the other guys. The Heat don’t have that, not yet. Spoelstra,, isn't all to blame, but he is part of the problem The Heat have to start by putting a coach in that huddle who isn’t afraid to command and lead a group of superstars. They need someone who can make these three big names play together along with everyone else. They need Phil Jackson. Jackson would make perfect sense for this team. He won rings with Jordan and Pippen. He won with Kobe and Shaq. The guy has an ability to take big egos and turn them into championships like nobody else. Say all you want about how anybody ...
Well looks like Thunder is rolling away!! And Manu Ginobili is taking James Harden's fashion-his beard!! Move over! Gr!
in you opinion, who's a better 6th man, Manu Ginobili or James Harden
Kevin Durant may have led the scoring for the Oklahoma City Thunder with 27 points; Manu Ginobili scored a game best 34 points. But it was James Harden who deserved the night's MVP, leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 108-103 win over the San Antonio Spurs.
Manu Ginobili is like a white, old James Harden.
- Who will have a bigger game and will it effect the game, Manu Ginobili or James Harden?
Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker takes on James Harden, Russel Westbrook n Kevin Durant! Game3 of the Western Finals! Can the Thunders get bk @ it?
nailed it. Manu Ginobili has a pancake on his head and James Harden looks like a Koala that narrowly escaped a forest fire. LMAO
The similarities between Manu Ginobili and James Harden. Edited by Footage from NBA TV, ESPN and various sources.
James Harden is working furiously to prove his 6th Man of the Year status. But, Manu Ginobili continues to shine. As does his bald spot.
if yu really think James Harden coming off the bench for OKC is better than Manu Ginobili coming off the bench for the Spurs yur a *** lol.nbs...doe
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James Harden wasn't too blame for the Game 1 loss, but he didn't give OKC what Manu Ginobili gaves the Spurs, writes J.A. Adande.
Flops of the Night: Manu Ginobili vs. James Harden -
Flop of the Night: Manu Ginobili & James Harden with a little synchronized diving:
26 = Manu Ginobili scored 26 pts to lead the Spurs in Game 1. Thunder 6th man James Harden scored 19.
Manu Ginobili is making the NBA pay for giving 6th Man Of The Year to James Harden
Video: Manu Ginobili and James Harden teamed up for the worst flop of the 2011-2012 NBA season last night.
Manu Ginobili and James Harden simultaneously flop in Game 1.
In the fourth quarter of Sunday night's Game 1 of the Spurs-Thunder series, James Harden and Manu Ginobili performed the first double flop ever. What great
Manu Ginobili and James Harden are not 6th men. When they are both CLEARLY better than Danny Green and Thabo Sefolosha respectively.
Over the past couple of years, lots of people have drawn comparisons between star San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili and Oklahoma City Thunder swingman James Harden. Both are smooth lefties with deceptive quickness and a great shooting touch, both … Continue reading →
i wonder whos gonna win the Sixth Man matchup James Harden or Manu Ginobili...
I know you guys get 100s of these but check out this James Harden/ Manu Ginobili comparison video
Here we Go... Western Conference Finals!. OKC vs SAS... Battle of the 6th man... Manu Ginobili vs James Harden...
James Harden is a more athletic, fully bearded Manu Ginobili.
James Harden = Manu Ginobili. The beard and the bald spot
A deferred destiny, in particular. James Harden is put under the microscope as to his potential greatness.
Who better Manu Ginobili or James Harden? U cant answer if ur a casual fan...
would take Manu Ginobili over James Harden "any day". Do you agree?
The NBA has made it official, James Harden is your runaway winner of the Sixth Man of the Year award. Here are the top 5 vote getters (with total points): 1. James Harden, Oklahoma City (584) 2. Louis Williams, Philadelphia (231) 3. Jason Terry, Dallas (81) 4. Al Harrington, Denver (42) 5. Manu Ginobili, San Antonio (28)
James Harden (29 pts, 5 reb, 5 *** is the first player with 25-5-5 off the bench in a playoff game since Manu Ginobili in 2007 vs the Suns
Will always remember when James Harden said on draft day that Manu Ginobili is who he models his game after. Nice young man...
Sometimes I watch James Harden and it's like I'm watching Manu Ginobili ten years ago. Impressive win for the Thunder.
Yo I been saying that. James Harden is a young Manu Ginobili.
Basketball fans: Who would you rather have coming off your bench... Manu Ginobili, James Harden, or Lou Williams?
I think Monta Ellis, Joe Johnson, & Manu Ginobili are slightly better than James Harden
James Harden is going to work and so is KD its getting dangerous for Dallas, Harden is just a younger version of Manu Ginobili but better.
For those of you who might find yourselves in unfamiliar conversations this weekend about the annual NBA awards, some quick talking points. LeBron should win the MVP over Kevin Durant, because he's a more complete player who had a better year. Tyson Chandler is your Defensive Player of the Year, as it was ultimately HIM and not Melo Anthony or Jeremy Lin who returned the Knicks to relevance. 6th Man of the Year is James Harden's, and they might as well give him the next two or three of them. He's a rich man's Manu Ginobili (you don't have to know what that means, your audience will). Kyrie Irving is the Rookie of the Year, because when you're the pick and the best rookie, you deserve that award. And coach of the year, which went to Greg Popovich, should have, if for no other reason that one game he gave Tim Duncan the official status of "DNP-Old." And most improved player is Ryan Anderson, but it's okay if you just make fun of that award because it's so arbitrary and lame. The NBA, where obscure ...
Left-handed, not an explosive athlete but attacks the rim, can hit outside shots and can facilitate - Manu Ginobili and James Harden.
I hate how James Harden plays. It reminds me so much of Manu Ginobili. I hate Ginobili.
It finally happened! An NBA announcer just compared James Harden to Manu Ginobili. The first interracial player comparison ever. A giant leap for mankind.
One of the better descriptions I've heard in a while. James Harden= Manu Ginobili.
Steve Kerr: "Everytime I watch James Harden, I see Manu Ginobili." I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...
Manu Ginobili, James Harden, & Mike Conely are my Favorite Left handed players
Just realized James Harden plays just like Manu Ginobili
Manu Ginobili is a great comparison to James Harden..
They said when they see James Harden they think of Manu Ginobili. I agree. I see lots of ugly.
Agree with Steve Kerr on the James Harden and Manu Ginobili comparisons. Very similar players. Enjoy watching both.
James Harden reminds me so much of Manu Ginobili
James Harden and Manu Ginobili? That's the best comparison I ever heard. Aren't they both lefties too?
I realize why James Harden(pre-concussion) is a beast, he plays similar to Manu Ginobili
Who's the better off the bench lefty? Manu Ginobili or James Harden?
Top Euro steppers in the league. 5. James Harden 4. Tyreke Evans 3. Dragic 2 Rondo always number 1 with it Manu Ginobili
Goran Dragic, Manu Ginobili, James Harden, Chris Paul...these guys take the best angles on ball screens. Really set up their man well.
James Harden is like the black bearded mohawked Manu Ginobili, which is coincidentally the name of my Manu Ginobili funk punk tribute band.
James Harden is a stronger version of Manu Ginobili in his prime
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I can't tell if we have made forward or backward progress when James Harden is referred to as "the black manu ginobili"
I'd think about leaving Bradley in the starting lineup and have Allen provide that scoring off the bench a la Manu Ginobili, James Harden.
James Harden is a rich man's Manu Ginobili. By age 25 (Manu's rookie year), Harden will be a 6 year vet.
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