Manu Ginobili & Danny Green

Emanuel David Manu Ginóbili (born 28 July 1977) is an Argentine professional basketball player. Daniel Danny Green (born 9 March 1973) is an Australian professional boxer and the former IBO cruiserweight champion. 5.0/5

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Danny Green was taken off for Jonathon Simmons and now Jonathon Simmons is being taken off for Manu Ginobili
I need to see Danny Green, Blake Griffin, Manu Ginobili, Magic Johnson, and Bill Russell on a transition-heavy team.
Danny Green, Patty Mills, or Manu Ginobili need to lead the comeback this quarter. One of them gotta be X factor to help Leonard.
Manu Ginobili w/ the nasty pass to Danny Green for 3.
No Kawhi Leonard probably means more of Danny Green guarding Kobe, with Marco Belinelli or Manu Ginobili, and perhaps m…
Chris Mendez, Victor Drew Jimenez, John Serna The San Antonio Spurs are the 2014 NBA Champions, they received there 5th championship in franchise history. Up-and-coming Superstar SF Kawhi Leonard gets the 2014 NBA Finals MVP Trophy, and he become the 3rd-youngest Finals MVP in NBA History behind Hall-of-Famers Magic Johnson and teammate PF Tim Duncan, who continues to amazed us each and every year of his Hall-of-Fame career. Duncan is truly the greatest power forward in NBA History, and he received his 5th championship trophy, along with his brothers and quadruple of teammates, PG Tony Parker, SG Manu Ginobili and SF Kawhi Leonard. San Antonio also had that great bench they count on all year long. Thank you to all the key role players and bench that provided great spark along the way. SG Danny Green, PF/C Tiago Splitter, PF/C Boris Diaw, PG Patty Mills, PG Cory Joseph, SG Marco Belinelli, PF/C Matt Bonner, SF Austin Daye, PF Jeff Ayres and C Aron Baynes. None of this would have been possible without the S ...
San Antonio — From the last seat at the end of the bench — the game decided and the San Antonio Spurs minutes away the NBA championship — Lebron James clapped after Michael Beasley made a meaningless shot. When Chris Bosh checked out of the game with 3 minutes, 17 seconds left in the Spurs' demolition of his Miami Heat, James met Bosh near halfcourt at the scorer's table for a hug. And when the clocked ticked toward zero, James marched toward the Spurs bench to offer congratulations. He hugged Kawhi Leonard first, then Gregg Popovich — the two have a deep mutual appreciation — followed by Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and then finally a long embrace with former teammate Danny Green. James then bolted for the Heat locker room following San Antonio's 104-87 victory in Game 5 Sunday. He eventually made his way to the postgame news conference and acknowledged one of those painful truths. "They were the much better basketball team," James said
Alright I'm not trying to lose my $10 to Dirty Mack tonight, so I need for Lebron James and nem to come out and play like this is game 7 for real for real and I need for Danny Green & Manu Ginobili to leave their guns at home tonight just for tonight fellas!!
Manu Ginobili is embarrassing the Thunder one possession after the next. Tony Parker spinning and dancing through the lane into the paint. Danny Green is raining 3's. And the Spurs lead the Thunder at the half, 58-44. -Brandon
Tony Parker left the game with an injury in the first half and Manu Ginobili didn't play well, but Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Tim Duncan all had good games as the Spurs beat the Blazers convincingly to close out the series and advance.
"Mills' 29 Helps Cut Down Blazers 111-109" Patty Mills came off the bench to score 29 points (in 29mins). Mills helped fill the void with a 24-point second half. The fourth-year guard from Australia came off the bench to hit 13 of 26 shots against the Blazers. Mills has been on a hot streak since the All-Star break concluded, scoring 25 and 29 points in the Spurs' first two games back. "If it wasn't for him the last couple nights, we would have really struggled," San Antonio forward Danny Green said. "He's doing what Tony usually does, in taking over in that fourth quarter." LEAD: Patty Mills scored 29 points in exactly 29 minutes off the bench to lead the Spurs to a 111-109 victory Wednesday night at the Moda Center. QUOTABLE: "Patty was spectacular again. He's a tough cover. He's a great competitor and he has helped us like that all year long." -- San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich, on Mills, who has averaged 21 points over the last seven games. GOOD MOVE: Popovich started Mills and Manu Ginobili together ...
[VIDEO] In the 1st Q, Danny Green dropped a smooth dish to Manu Ginobili for the emphatic flush:
ESPN: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Danny Green and now Manu Ginobili all have contracts that expire following 2014-15 season. -CH
Heyyy Spurs fans! Question: Do you think this is a plausible off-season scenario? Manu Ginobili is let go; not necessarily because the Spurs don't want him, but because they can't afford to pay both him and Tiago Splitter for next year. Manu is aging, he's getting a little more volatile in his play, and Splitter is very up and coming. Also, as much as I would like to see the core of the Spurs (Tim, Manu, Tony) stay together, I just find that it might be harder to do this off-season, especially compared to the rest of their careers. NOT SAYING I WOULD LIKE THIS TO HAPPEN. I just see it as a decision that could be made by the Spurs' front office over the summer. In fact, it could be one of the top 3 or 4 ways that the off-season goes for them. Manu is unfortunately releasable. Danny Green is fresh and consistent, Gary Neal can provide spark, and the guard prospects in this year's draft are DEEP (which can only mean the Spurs will take as much advantage as they possibly can with the 29th pick in this year's ...
If you're one of the *** here that TRULY believes the NBA is rigged, I want to give you a few stats from games 6 and 7. - GAME 6: Manu Ginobili had 8 Turnovers). Danny Green - 1/7 FG (14%), only had 3 points. Tony Parker - 6/23 FG (23%). Tim Duncan had 5 points in the 2nd half after 25 in the 1st, and those 5 all came in the 3rd quarter. GAME 7: Ginobili with 4 Turnovers. Danny Green - 1/12 FG (8%), only 5 points. Tony Parker - 3/12 FG (25%), 10 points. The whole team shot 37%. - You CAN'T rig a team of excellent players having BAD GAMES. You CAN'T rig 8 Ginobili Turnovers. You CAN'T rig Parker going 9/35 FG (25%) over the last two games. You CAN'T rig Gregg Popovich making a MISTAKE in sitting Tony Parker at the end of both games. The Spurs CHOKED in Game 6. CHOKED. Heat/LeBron haters need to STOP trying to find excuses for why Miami won. The Heat were the better team. End of story. -Agitated Boston Celtics fan Mark
Breaking down the NBA Finals teams. San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan - The best power forward to ever play the game. Fundamentals are off the charts. 1 year left sadly Tony Parker - The best at switching speeds up n down the floor. Underated by many for absolutely no reason. Tear drops everywhere. 1-3 yrs left. Manu Ginobili - many call him a flopper, ugly bball style that works, and anybody would love to have a player like that on their team. Maybe 1 yr left. Kawhi Leonard - budding star just learning the offensive game, defensive stalwart, and the perfect Spur. Danny Green - Streaky shooter from downtown, pretty good d, and stumbles majorly during pressure. Tiago Splitter - soft euro player who can make a basket once in awhile. He makes Pau look great. Gary Neal - nails wide open jump shots Cory Joseph - young mediocre backup pg still learning the game Matt Bonner - big guy w three point shot just like Matt Bullard from the Rockets back in the 90s.
10 reasons San Antonio is still a title contender. 10: Gregg Popovich is still the coach. He picks players that want to help the team, not average 20 a game. 9: Tony Parker isn't going anywhere. Anytime you have a top 5 player on your team, you're gonna be competitive 8: Manu Ginobili is still effective. He still plays good defense, passes, scores, and comes up big. 7: Kawhi Leonard. We saw before our eyes Kawhi Leonard becoming a future player and top SF in this league. Leonard could very well average 16 points, 4 assists, 8 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block next season. 6: Danny Green has become more consistent. The last couple games he was under the weather, but aside from those 2 games he was Mr. Consistency 5: Defense. The Spurs are still a great defensive team, and they can still shut down any team. 4: Chemistry. The Spurs have great chemistry from playing well for so many years, and the core group is still there 3: 3's. San Antonio is still one of the best 3 point shooting teams in this league 2: Foundat ...
On a slightly more serious note: I love Manu Ginobili, 3 of the Spurs titles are a direct result of having him on their roster, but,(I can't believe I'm saying this) I think the Spurs should let him go and bring in some younger talent. It's time to build around Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green.
Y'know, in game 6 of the Finals, Tim Duncan was five seconds (5 SECONDS) away from winning his fifth title until Gregg Popovich chose to play small ball with Miami by benching him in favor of Boris Diaw just because Diaw can 'defend the perimeter a bit better'. Diaw then allowed multiple offensive rebounds in consecutive possessions that led to two miraculous 3s, one by Lebron James and the other by Ray Allen. Not going to mention anything about Manu Ginobili's play, which threw the series away. Duncan did everything he could in games 6 and 7. The team just wasn't good enough outside of him, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard. It also doesn't help when Danny Green goes 1-for-12. To me, Duncan is still the 6th greatest player of all-time (behind Jordan, Magic, Russell, Bird and Kareem) and the absolute greatest power forward of all-time.
HATS Off and "RESPECT" to the San Antonio Spurs, Greg Popovich, The Great Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, upstarts Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Gary Neal, Toago Splitter, Boris Diaw who showed once again that they are one of the "Classiest" and Professional Organizations in "ALL" of Sports.. It was painful to see a team with such Heart lose but they can always hang their heads High... They left is ALL out there on the Court and you can only Respect the Performance(s) that they gave us.
Tony Parker,Tim Duncan,Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, Tiago Splitter,Danny Green,Matt Bonner,Gary Neal and the rest of Spurs heck of a game my hat goes off to yall you gave Miami a run for its money. NBA Champs Miami Heat
"Spurs is a humble and a classy organization that deserves a lot of RESPECT... They developed and drafted their key role players, like Danny Green (journey man and 2009 46th pick of 2009 draft;made 25 three pointers; new nba record) Gary Neal (Undrafted;spent three years overseas; scored 24 points in game 3), Boris Diaw (Almost left the NBA) , Matt Bonner (45th pick), Tony Parker (28th pick, 2001), Manu Ginobili (57th pick overall, 1999), Kawhi Leonard (15th overall) ... Only Tim Duncan in the current Roster and TMAC are 10th pick above." No Superstars, No need to combine just fundamental play... This team deserves a lot of respect...
Cory Joseph, Danny Green, DeJuan Blair and Manu Ginobili all wear LeBron's shoes. I blame them for everything.
My inner NBA nerd has to speak this morning on the great number of legacies that were altered by the tiniest of margins last night. What if Kawhi Leonard hits two free throws to seal a Spurs victory in Game 6 of the NBA Finals? Let's take a look at how we would remember each of the these players differently if Leonard nails two free throws vs. him going 1-for-2 late in the game. SPURS Tony Parker: Two-time NBA Finals MVP, sure-fire NBA Hall-of-Famer vs. This guy isn't valuable enough to be put into the final seconds of an NBA Finals elimination game. Tim Duncan: Greatest power forward of all-time, did you see his first half? vs. He can't put together a complete game anymore, did you see his second half? Manu Ginobili: His Game 5 is the reason the Spurs have another championship vs. His Game 6 is the reason the Spurs do not have another championship. Danny Green: Best NBA Finals by a role player, ever; guarantees himself a $50 million contract vs. Wow, he just got punked by Chris Bosh; did we really think ...
Tonight's started for Game 6 of the NBA Finals: Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Live stats:
It is kind of freaky how evenly matched the Spurs Big Three/Four and the Miami Heat Big Three/Four were in Game 5. Check out the point totals: Tim Duncan 17 Chris Bosh 16 Tony Parker 26 Lebron James 25 Manu Ginobili 24 Dwayne Wade 25 Danny Green 24 Ray Allen 21 That’s a 4 point advantage for the Spurs. Then you throw in Kawhi Leonard’s 16 points which was 2 points better than Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers’ efforts combined. Splitter, Neal and Diaw combined for another 7 points while all the Heat had left was a desperation 3 from James Jones. And there is your 10-point spread.
I bet the Spurs would win if I made a cross-room shot into the trash can. I made it, yet all I see in the headlines are Manu Ginobili and Danny Green. I think Pop is trying to teach me a lesson.
Sports Fast-Break MONDAY, JUNE 17 JOLLY GREEN GIANT: GREEN BIG AGAIN IN SPURS 114-104 VICTORY The San Antonio Spurs started three guards against the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals Sunday, and all three put on spectacular shows. Danny Green hit six more 3-pointers on his way to 24 points, and now holds the NBA Finals record for most 3-pointers with 25. Surprise starter Manu Ginobili made his coach, Gregg Popovich, look like a genius, also finishing with 24, while Tony Parker poured in 26, Tim Duncan 17, and Kawhi Leonard 16. Lebron James and Dwyane Wade scored 25 apiece in the loss. The Spurs now lead the series 3-2, with Game 6 scheduled for tomorrow in Miami. LEFT(Y) OUT AGAIN: MICKELSON U.S. OPEN BRIDESMAID ONCE MORE Just like a guy who survives a capsized boat, swims all the way to land, only to die at the shoreline, Phil Mickelson agonizingly finished second in the U.S. Open for a record sixth time Sunday, calling his latest near-miss “heartbreaking.” Englishman Justin Rose proved to be th ...
Stephen A. Smith breaks down Manu Ginobili and Danny Green's impact in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.
Why does Manu Ginobili and Danny Green have Lebron's shoes on?!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Miami Heat, official property of Manu Ginobili and Danny Green.
Manu Ginobili and Danny Green on fire for the San Antonio Spurs in this of the against the Miami Heat with 20 and 19 points respectively. Danny Green and his consistently delivered 3 points are the biggest story so far in this Finals series
San Antonio – The avalanche started the way they often do, with a groaning and a rumbling and a sense of foreboding from somewhere deep within. Then comes the time to outrun it and that rarely works. When the Spurs were finished rolling down the mountainside, it would have taken an emergency beacon to find the Heat after a 113-77 thumping that gives San Antonio a 2-1 lead in the NBA Finals. Well, the consensus opinion was that the Spurs would need their Big Three to show up in order to regain their equilibrium. Gary Neal Gary Neal hit six 3-pointers and finished with 24 points in the Spurs’ Game 3 rout. What they got instead were big 3s, 16 of them, in fact, which set a new Finals record. Rather than get carried by the veteran strength and experience of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, they rode a wave of 3-pointers by Danny Green and Gary Neal. This is the way the Spurs play these days, no longer the pound-it-down-low to Duncan team that throttled a younger Lebron James in their last trip t ...
Danny Green, Cory Joseph, and Manu Ginobili all wear Lebron's sneakers. :))
So Manu Ginobili, Danny Green and Cory Joseph of the Spurs, all wear Lebron James shoes, and continue to during the finals!?!? Any thoughts/busts/jokes about this?? -JS
Go Go Go Spurs !? Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili Go and Danny Green !? W3 are going to win this thing !? rar ?!
Game 1 of the NBA Finals: San Antonio beat Miami 92-88 on their own home court despite LeBron's 3rd-career triple-double in the Finals (18 points, 18 rebounds, 10 assists). Dwayne Wade had 18, while Chris Bosh and Ray Allen scored 13 each. Tony Parker (21 points, 6 assists) hit the shot of the night, banking it in to barely to beat the shot clock with 5.2 seconds left in the game. Kawhi Leonard had a double-double with 10 points and rebounds. Tim Duncan picked up 2 fouls and missed all 5 of his shots in the 1st quarter, but he still ended the game strong and showed us why he's one of the NBA's all-time greats, also contributing a double-double (20 points, 14 rebounds) in the win. Duncan also became the 4th player in NBA history to make a Finals appearance in 3 different decades (Elgin Baylor, A.C. Green, John Salley). Danny Green had 12 on 4-9 shots from 3-point range, while Manu Ginobili had 13 off the bench. 11 of the Spurs' 15 players made their 1st-ever appearance in the championship series (Aron Bayn ...
NBA FINALS DERBY San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat IN [American Airlines Arena, Miami Florida, Friday June] which one will win this match as Big Three v Big Three? Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Dwayne Wale and Udonis Haslem Vs Tonny Parker, Tim Duncan,Manu Ginobili, Tiago Splitter and Gregg Popovich. Who will be the MVP? (Gerald).
While Spurs' beat writer, Jeff Mcdonald was on the plane to Miami today, none other than Stephen Jackson was on the SAME plane. Jeff got a chance to catch up with him. (this is a must read). Jackson was asked if he has any regrets. His response: “Nope,” he said. “Got my money.” He said he hasn't watched a single game, and that he spent some time in Jamaica, and has had numerous pedicures. Jackson also revealed who he was talking about when he said "I would never say a player is better than me when I know their (sic) not. Not for no one. on Instagram. Danny Green and Manu Ginobili. Jackson said, the release "was best for me so I wouldn't go crazy.” I love this part. Jackson also said, "I wouldn't want me on the team, either". Jackson says he still keeps in touch with Gary Neal, Tim Duncan, and Kawhi Leonard.
The Spurs aren’t old... Go ahead and call the San Antonio Spurs old. -Associated Press You’ll hear that their pre-game meal has an early-bird special, that their biggest problem in the Finals is that the games are scheduled after their bedtime. -Phil Taylor of Sports Illustrated The core of this team appears not to have changed since the Nixon administration. You half expect if you opened Tim Duncan’s passport, you’d find his age listed as 00. -Lynn Zinser of The New York Times Don’t believe the narrative. The NBA’s oldest playoff team is not sitting home and waiting for the Finals to begin. It’s playing the Pacers tonight. Tim Duncan (37), Manu Ginobili (35) and Tony Parker (31) are old. The Spurs are not. They start Kawhi Leonard (21) and Danny Green (25), and Leonard is the third-youngest player to start in these playoffs (behind Evan Fournier and Harrison Barnes). Weighted by minutes played (using’s ages), the Clippers, Lakers, Knicks, Celtics and Heat have all ...
Rockstarpoetry (Official) NBA Recap: Even without Tony Parker, Spurs dominate Pistons The Detroit Pistons 75 (23-39, 8-21 away) San Antonio Spurs 114 (47-14, 24-3 home) San Antonio, Texas -- Tim Duncan insists the San Antonio Spurs are still trying to find their way on offense without All-Star point guard Tony Parker. They sure looked smooth Sunday night. San Antonio had one of its most efficient games this season, routing the Detroit Pistons 114-75 in its first game since Parker was injured. Manu Ginobili scored 17 points, Duncan had 16 points and 11 rebounds, and the Spurs rolled to their most lopsided victory of the year. Danny Green added 16 points and Kawhi Leonard had 14 for San Antonio (47-14), which has won eight of 10. Making his first start of the season, Cory Joseph had eight points, four assists and one turnover in place of Parker, who sprained his left ankle in Friday's win over Sacramento and is expected to miss about a month. Without Parker, the Spurs spread the floor and shared the ball, p ...
What a blowout by the San Antonio Spurs kill the Detroit Pistons with 114 to 75. Manu Ginobili had a big game coming off the beach with 17 points 3 stales 3 ast and 2 rebounds. Tim Duncan also had a good game with 16 points 6 ast and 11 rebounds. Danny Green with a good game with 16 points 1 stale and 4 rebounds. Spurs win without Tony Parker too dam.
Basketball Spurs top Bulls without injured trio The San Antonio Spurs protected their NBA-best record with an impressive 103-89 victory over the Chicago Bulls despite missing three top players through injury. Tony Parker (knee), Tim Duncan (knee) and Manu Ginobili (hamstring) were all scratched from the game but the Spurs leaned on a career-best 26 points from Kawhi Leonard and 18 from Danny Green to tame the Bulls. San Antonio clung to a slim 76-75 edge in the fourth before running off a 19-5 spurt to close the door on Chicago. The Spurs (41-12) had lately been relying on the brilliant play of All Star Parker who covered for his ailing team-mates and even as he too joined the injured group with a swollen knee, San Antonio claimed the win to stay atop the NBA. Nate Robinson scored 20 points to pace the Bulls while Joakim Noah added seven and 15 rebounds for the home team which faded down the stretch. Chicago (30-21) has now lost three of four.
Green Shoots Spurs Past Timberwolves 104-94 by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS February 07, 201312:37 AM MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A nationally televised game with Commissioner David Stern in the house, and there sat Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. No controversy or fines coming this time. Duncan and Ginobili were both out with legitimate injuries for the San Antonio Spurs, who taught the Minnesota Timberwolves a lesson on how to handle adversity. Danny Green hit eight 3-pointers and scored a career-high 28 points to help the Spurs to their 11th straight win, 104-94 over the Timberwolves on Wednesday night. Tony Parker had 31 points and eight assists and Kawhi Leonard added 19 points and 10 rebounds for the Spurs, who kept right on rolling without two of their Big Three. "I think they do have a confidence level. The system doesn't change when guys are out," San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said. "If Tony was out, somebody else would play. We just run the same stuff, we don't change anything. I think they're pretty used to ...
SPORTS UPDATE.MR.INFO.. Blazers get big win over Spurs By The Associated Press Dec 14, 2012 8:50 a.m. PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Rookie guard Damian Lillard had a career-high 29 points and the Portland Trail Blazers handed the San Antonio Spurs their second straight loss with a 98-90 victory Thursday night. The Spurs, who have lost only six games this season, trailed by as many as 12 points in the second half but Manu Ginobili's layup cut the deficit to 89-85. J.J. Hickson answered for the Blazers with a running hook that made it 91-85 with 2:36 left. Danny Green hit a 3-pointer to pull the Spurs closer again, but Portland clung to the lead and Nicolas Batum -- who has been bothered by a sore back -- made a 3 that gave Portland a 96-90 advantage with 1:08 left. Batum hit two free throws with 8 seconds to go for the final margin.
The "substantial sanctions" that awaited the Spurs after resting Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Danny Green against the Heat yesterday have come to fruition: the Spurs have been fined $250,000 for their actions.
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Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Danny Green din't even make the trip to Miami yesterday so they could rest...and Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Jackson are both injured. Were you ok with Coach Popovich sitting his key players in last night's game vs the Heat?
*** the Spurs didn't have Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili or Danny Green! Good luck beatin the Heat my *** Lol
NBA Flash News: With none of their starters & solid contributors (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Danny Green, Stephen Jackson & Kawhi Leonard) on the floor, the San Antonio Spurs almost beat the full-squad defending champion (ok, minus Shane Battier) Miami Heat, only to let the Heat escaped 105 - 100 in crunch time.
if my spurs win with no Kawhi Leonard, Stephen Jackson, Danny Green , Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili or Tim Duncan than maimi ***
It's rainin 3s up in San Antonio. The Red Rocket, Patty Mills, Danny Green, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan. Can't get any better than this 110-83
I know you miss your dream dude Danny Green and i miss my hero Manu Ginobili!
Since My childhood player is Manu Ginobili and you have a crush on Danny Green oops I got ahead of myself lol
Manu Ginobili is starting at shooting guard in place of Danny Green tonight.
Manu Ginobili gets the start in place of Danny Green tonight for the
Manu Ginobili and James Harden are not 6th men. When they are both CLEARLY better than Danny Green and Thabo Sefolosha respectively.
Spurs rally to beat Clippers, win series Tim Duncan scored 21 points, Tony Parker added 17 and the San Antonio Spurs rallied in the final minutes to beat the Los Angeles Clippers 102-99 on Sunday night, closing out the series 4-0 and advancing to the Western Conference finals. The Spurs extended their winning streak to 18 games and their playoff record to 8-0, tying the third-best postseason streak in franchise history. Danny Green and Gary Neal added 14 points each, and Manu Ginobili and Thiago Splitter had 11 each for the Spurs. San Antonio could find out as soon as Monday night who it will play next. Oklahoma City leads the Lakers 3-1 in their series, with Game 5 on Monday. Chris Paul had 23 points and 11 assists, Blake Griffin added 21 points, and Eric Bledsoe had 17 for the Clippers, who blew a six-point lead in the fourth quarter. Both nursing injuries, Griffin and Paul combined to score 21 of the Clippers' 28 points in the third quarter when they took their first lead of the game. In the fourth, Bl ...
Danny Green has been a nice surprise for the San Antonio Spurs this year. He started the season relatively unknown, but after the injury to Manu Ginobili, Green worked his way into the starting lineup, and has been a valuable part of the team ever since.
The SPURS were awesome last night it looked they didn't miss a beat after 8 days of rest. Sure at first they were rusty, but that's perfectly normal for team to play when they have not been on the court for 8 days. Tim Duncan was great last night 26 points, 10 boards and 2 blocks, Danny Green was amazing 15 points, 6 boards, and 2 blocks, and 3 three-pointers he really stepped up last night. Kawhi Leonard, a rookie was excellent with 16 points, 6 boards, 3 steals, and 3 3-pointers. The SPURS really got a steal in the draft with Kawhi Leonard and one day this guy will be an All-Star. Manu Ginobili gave boost of the bench with 22 points, and 3 three-pointers. I was very glad that Ginobili got his shot back because he had been struggling with his shot. The Spurs overall played great. The young guys were amazing Keep it up Danny and Kawhi. GO SPURS GO!
Many thought the San Antonio Spurs would be rusty after an 8-day layoff. That clearly was not the case tonight. In fact, the exact opposite happened. Make it 15 straight wins for the Spurs! They draw first blood against the la clippers in game 1, final score 108-92. Tim Duncan, who is 36 years old, could have fooled anyone with the way he played. He looked like 26 years old tonight, having 26 points and 10 rebounds. Manu Ginobili put in 22 points, and rookie Kawhi Leonard had 16 points. Danny Green joined in on the fiesta with 15 points. Game 2 is on Thursday @ 9:30, on TNT!
Manu Ginobili, Gary Neal, and Danny Green get loose for Game 2 vs. the Utah Jazz
Manu Ginobili has 5 points off the bench. Danny Green has 14 points and is 4-of-5 on 3-pointers. Spurs lead 55-38 with 1:47 left in half.
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