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Manti Teo

Manti Malietau Louis Te'o (born January 26, 1991) is an American collegiate football player of Samoan descent.

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Marshawn Lynch is bout it christ. Titans also tackle like Manti Teo so there's that.
Someone ask him about Manti Teo's girlfriend.
ESPN Confirmed: Manti Teo's girlfriend is in attendance tonight at ND vs UG
Georgia needs four good plays on defense. Of note: Notre Dame won four games last year. Also four seasons ago Manti Teo was a thing.
Manti Teo's girlfriend is gonna be all over him.
Can we all just remember manti teo for a minute
Norte Dame fans are like Manti Teo's girlfriend..
I just saw Manti Teo's gf in the crowd no lie
Manti Teo's girlfriend chilling at the pool with us getting ready for the game. GO DAWGS!
I think Diaco was manti teo's girlfriend
OMG Manti Teo's girlfriend is at our tailgate!
It's gameday. Hopefully there will be some Manti teo girlfriend hug tackles today against the dawgs.…
In honor of the game, I would like to bring back the incredible story of Manti Teo's catfish girlfriend.
Yall want that real shxt bacc ?. Then pls say so. You negus got it Manti Teo'd
While always relevant they seem to get the overrated when being placed in top 25 . That manti teo team…
I hear ya and agree. But I like to keep it real. ~Manti Teo
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
New Orleans Linebacker Manti Te’o on Marshon Lattimore and excited to play against…
Is that Manti Teo's girl out there playin ball?
It's time to morning and Kanye loves to make love to Manti Teo's girlfriend
Nah that was manti teo's girlfriend
I can't believe it's already been 5 years since Manti Teo's girlfriend passed away 😞😢
new LB group: Alex Anzalon at WLB, Manti Teo at MLB, Nate Stupar at SLB. Marcus Williams is also on field at S.
We need 3 new starting linebackers badly.Zach Brown Jarrad Davis and Manti Teo'
except the Heisman he won over Manti Teo and Collin Klein.
6. Don't rubbish the story of Manti Teo in their domains. And, then, once this recession. Mary Meeker's model: US advertising is still
Notre Dame's 2012-2013 season is no longer in existence, just like Manti Teo's girlfriend
The saddest part of Notre Dame losing all of their wins from the 2012 season is that now Manti Teo's girlfriend died for n…
Google and others truncate headlines at 70 characters. On the Manti Teo ...
I already did. He was good but not better than ray lewis, Charles woodson, Suh, or Manti Teo
Lennay Kekua comes out of nowhere to break Manti Teo's ankle.
ChargersTE Antonio Gates will not practice today. Neither will Jatavis Brown Greg Ducre Manti Teo Jason Verrett Melvin Ingram
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lmao. never have taken deadspin seriously except when they leaked that Manti Teo story
That's right. The piece from your book. I recall, honestly. :) I thought ESPN broke Manti Teo like every sports story ever. Hmm.
You're forgetting that time they excerpted my book. :) (And the Manti Teo thing was pretty strong.)
Gawker media's biggest news scoop was manti teo getting catfished. not hard stuff there.
In 2012 Manti Teo led the nation in INT's as a linebacker He had 7 of them.
I think Manti Teo and Antonio Gates have Condon as their agent. Why haven't they jumped in to help?
Alright I'll admit it. I was Manti Teo's girlfriend.
The shame of this is that McIver and Manti Teo just started dating.
I think what I bring to the table is a lot of heart, a lot of energy, and somebody that works har
As long as my family's OK, I'll be fine.
Tried to make Manti Teo love me as much as I love him today at training camp but he wasn't down. I'm offended cause he loved a catfish
The reason why I love to win is because I don't have to go through that feeling of losing. It's th
You said Manti Teo was the next Ray Lewis too lmao
aquire Manti Teo from for Martellus Bennet and a 4. Sources tell RFD Teo spent most days in Min in shower awaiting teammates
It's that time of year again. The time when we need to remind all of the folks about Manti Teo's gf hoax Lennay Kekua.
Our silence vuvuzela post wasn't, because we're bringing new writers into Deadspin revealed both Rob Ford and Manti Teo in their lurid glory
Pretty sure is Manti Teo"ing us right way a girl is coming over
What's the difference between Steadman Bailey and Manti Teo's fake girlfriend? One is a rotten sham and the other is a shotten ram.
12 million unique visitors and there all Manti Teo's girlfriend!1
Ever since the Manti Teo story, their stories have taken on a "holier than thou" tone.
Manti Te'o "Mic'd Up" in Game vs. KC Chiefs: You'll have to click on the link below to get to the video...LINK...
Possible Manti Teo and Marcus Mariota appearance in the Pro Bowl. That would be sick.
seems like Manti Teo's girlfriend likes hockey.
Manti Teo's girlfriend knocked Lander's stick out of his hand apparently
Why couldn't the media report on as much as they have about Manti Teo? His "girlfriend" didn't really die. 4 …
Passion and Leadership: the two main ingredients in a Mic'd Up Manti Te'o. . WATCH:
The details of Robert Nkemdiche's fall are sketchier than Manti Teo's dead girlfriend.
Idk whats more imaginary the Giants pass rush or Manti Teo's girlfriend. smh this has been our staple too
Chargers mlb manti teo arrested after being in alleged reported stabbing incident in San Diego early this morning around 9:30
it's obvious that Manti Teo's girlfriend was responsible
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Hey Manti Teo I'm glad your girlfriend came to see you lose today. It's kinda weird she had the whole row to herself
you probably think Manti Teo's girl fine too huh
Does anyone remember Manti Teo and his fake girlfriend
I'd rather have him in new York than manti teo a couple years back
That had to have been the worst throw I've ever seen its like manti teo's girlfriend hit his arm
Mitch Holthus just missed a golden opportunity to make a Manti Teo girlfriend joke there...oh well, maybe next time
Manti Teo's fake girlfriend is better at football than you
Anytime Manti Teo is on the field it should be counted as two people. Him and his "girlfriend".
was clowney not one? Or manti teo? Idk if they were but yeah close enough
I remember when it was rigged to have Manti Teo knock Lacy silly. Oh wait! That never happened.
Heisman committee should go back and take away voting rights from anyone who voted for Manti Teo in 2012.
If Manti Teo got invited to the Heisman ceremony a few years ago,McCaffrey has definitely done enough to win it.
Pretty sure my roommate is pulling a manti teo and has a fake gf
My cousin claims he's a die hard Notre Dame fan but doesn't know who Manti Teo is...
If I'm not on your list then that b*tch don't exist.Manti Teo
. What if I told you... ...ESPN 30 for 30 presents Manti Teo, the Lyin' Hawaiian
So is Henry now as decorated as Manti Teo?
the obsession over Manti Teo was even weirder... To non ND fans lol 😏
say hello to another round of Manti Teo.
Tim goes on dates with Manti Teo's ex-girlfriend
*** yeah get rid everyone on that front 7 besides Manti Teo and Corey Liuget everyone else is useless. 1 sack in 3 games!
Jeremy Johnson with a toss to Manti Teo's girlfriend
I'm out here looking like Manti Teo vs Alabama instead of Patrick Willis vs the Falcons😩😩
William Moore had better numbers in every statistical category in 07 than Manti Teo in his year as a Heisman Finalist.
Tori Hunter was throwing to Manti Teo's girlfriend
Lebron got tripped by Manti Teo's girlfriend
Smh this cant be real life, half of the ville got Manti Teo'd on FB... Then mfers wanna talk ab how real they are
How dead serious are you, on a scale from Manti Teo’s girlfriend to Harry Potter’s uncle?
I predict Juventus will win the 2015 Buffon MOTM
😂 Saw Manti Teo's girlfriend in the stands.
Manti Te'o Returns "Home" for Sedlack Funeral: Manti Te'o made the trek from San Diego to Notre Dame this week...
is that a picture of Manti Teo' girlfriend?
With no evidence that Jen actually exists, my coworkers have nicknamed me Manti Teo.
New post: Manti Te&makes himself at home again at Notre Dame
Did anyone else notice getting slapped by Manti Teo's girlfriend on the court?
Lebrons OT game was about as present as Manti Teo's girlfriend was. Non existing 😂
Claim they got them bxtches but I think they Manti Teo 😅
plus you also get Manti Teo's girlfriend thrown in for free!
Clinton Portis, Chad Ochocinco, and Manti Teo: all three are great at making up characters. Would be good fun
1% of college diplomas are fake per Stephen Dubner. What's the stat on fake girlfriends for college athletes? Manti Teo.
What if manti teo had an actual girlfriend?
I remember Manti Teo getting trucked by a Tide running back. Wow.
Crazy how Manti Teo is a good football player but because of his incident know one would ever acknowledge it
Charles Barkley says he would love to "shoot" 10 percent of sports fans:
Manti Teo finally got his arm around a real girl!
I just found out is not the real and it tore my world apart. Now I know how Manti Teo felt.
Demarcus is equivalent to manti teo "gf"
oh absolutely. Not a lot of men are catfished, but there are some instances. That NFL player was Manti teo
From Justin Bieber to Manti Teo to Ray Rice to Mike Rice, is offering some great stories on crisis comms. …
Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? — Hanging with Manti Teo's girl.
I'm beginning to think that John Hart was catfished. Dian Toscano is Manti Teo's girlfriend all over again.
Oh I get it now! Manti Teo's girlfriend actually just went to Notre Dame high school not the college.
Manti Teo on Marcus Mariota: "He’s going to have a lot of success in the NFL.”
all you need... "If I was drafting my Buffalo Bills I would draft 1st: Manti Teo 2nd: Ryan Nassib"
not even college. Manti Teo went the furthest east I’ve ever seen
Gibb got manti teo'd by his fake girlfriend on kik
Apparently Kony is now dating Manti Teo's ex girlfriend. Talk about some awkward drama at Sunday night poker.
Honestly by Cartel should be the soundtrack to Manti Teo 30 for 30
Would you rather date a U of M girl or Manti Teo's girlfriend
But who does Manti Teo's imaginary girlfriend have in her Top 4?
Manti Teo is out so can't bring his lenay kekua sign out lol
oh here we go more Manti Teo talk. Give it up Domers
White boy: "Your mixtape is trash.. Just like your jump shot". Tyrone:
"you just make believe like Manti Teo's wife" one of Tory's funniest lines 😂
who u foolin Michael Sam is Manti Teo's Catfish girlfriend
ill trade you Michael Sam for Manti Teo's catfish girlfriend
Hey Harold Reynolds maybe Manti Teo's girlfriend Lanay is who's on 2nd stealing signs and giving them to Matt Carpenter!
Im taking Manti Teo's girlfriend to homecoming this year
does manti teo still play for the Chargers?
I heard she isnt real. The new Manti Teo is you.
VIDEO: Insight from Trent Dilfer: “You can not lose games in the NFL and still win.”
This dude I work with has a completely made up girlfriend, Manti Teo style..
Why manti teo girl hitten me up hah
Remember when Manti Teo's fake girlfriend died? That was awesome.
Manti Teo's girlfriend must be one of those slaves
Manti Teo's girlfriend is the best Defensive Tackle in college football
I'm pretty sure I was drunk at the brass rail comparing relationship to that of Manti Teo's before the state game.
Everything is forgotten.Manti Teo was the biggest joke in sports a couple years ago and now Hes on one of the best teams in the NFL.
Does everyone remember that manti teo was the original catfish? 😂😂
Remember the last time Notre Dame was in the top10? Manti Teo had a computer as a girlfriend and the team got their teeth …
Manti teo needs to step up cause I wanna see him playing as a charger next year
Manti teo's girlfriend is more existent than the Pats Defense
how badly Manti Teo played and how he missed like 11 tackles and was too weak to get off blocks.. MLB is the most important
Wow he took a hard hit from Manti Teo's girlfriend
Yo dude what did you get on the math test Friday?
What do Alex and Manti Teo have in common?
Brady Hoke thinks Manti Teo and Lennay Kekua are a beautiful couple who will have many beautiful babies.
that's cute anything else about Notre Dame? How about a manti teo joke actually no make one about Evertt golson
*** my next guess was gonna be Manti Teo. 😂😂😂😂
Play of the game: Jake Cotton gets pancaked by Manti Teo's girlfriend.
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Jake Cotten just got knocked over by manti teo's girlfriend
Had a dream george strait was my bartender and let me ride his horse then I met Manti Teo at a pacers came and he knew me
Manti Te'o / Te'o to miss preseason game with sprained foot
Manti Te’o 'absolutely' not part of girlfriend hoax,...
use rotation of players to replace Manti Te'o Turn your photo into a football card:
Manti Te'o to miss Chargers' third preseason game with sprained foot
I wish I could see but I downloaded through But I won't be wasting my money on
Staying in the same room Brady Quinn & 1988 national champ Tony Rice lived in for 4 years, & across the hall from Manti Teo's room
Reggie Walker, Kavell Conner part of rotation of players will use to replace injured LB Manti Te'o (foot):
Bolts use rotation of players to replace Te'o: SAN DIEGO -- With inside linebacker Manti Te'o ruled out for this...
If Manti Teo watched this episode it would've saved us all a ton of trouble
if your ever embarrassed just remember manti teo wifed a dude on the internet and cried on TV when "she" pretended to die
Jason Verrett expected to make preseason debut
don't listen to him I want you to truck manti teo and his fake girlfriend
I just did the and I called out Manti Teo. Can you help me get the word to him.
idk who that is... Prob better than manti teo tho
Ray rice on the tl and manti teo in the dms
got tackled by Manti Teo's girlfriend
Anybody remember Manti Teo and his girlfriend?
to when I got a tinder and got catfished.cause I am Manti Te'o
Manti Teo got catfished. . That your TC is a few pounds heavier than his/her profile pic is just online dating.
"Catfish in the Benz, Manti Teo's a sucker" 🎶🎧🎵
So I guess everybody forgot about manti teo and his fake girlfriend
Manti Te’o sent roses to address linked to alleged hoaxer - When asked about his nephew,...
I'd like to nominate Manti Teo's girlfriend for the ice bucket challenge
if you want to make fun of Notre Dame, Manti Teo is your best route
Clearly, Manti Teo's problem was that he didn't go to the experts:
You shut your mouth when you're talking to me.
Manti Teo in a skype call with his gf.
Manti Te'o not selected in 1st round of NFL draft
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
All thats going on and he's out golfing with Manti Teo's ex? Ugh...
So far, my roommate is a no show.. Or maybe I'm rooming with Manti Teo's girlfriend idk
Two things my senses failed me on: . Smelling what the Rock was cooking. . Seeing Manti Teo's girlfriend.
I'm asking Manti Teo's girlfriend to homecoming
“Best Catfish episode ever is on right now.”. Manti' Teo?
Chargers' Manti Te'o injured foot in loss to Seahawks
Wait, Manti Teo got drafted last year right? How did his season go?
Manti Te'o out at least a week with sprained foot
Hey Johnny, You are wrong about my Chargers, Philip Rivers is GOD! Malcom Floyd is back, Keenan Allen is a stud, Manti Teo.
catfish island with your host Manti Teo
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