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Mansa Musa

Musa I (c. 1280 - c. 1337), commonly referred to as Mansa Musa, was the tenth Mansa, which translates as King of Kings or Emperor , of the Malian Empire.

Mali Empire West African African King West Africa Christopher Columbus Shaka Zulu Niger River King Solomon Bill Gates Marcus Garvey

you still get where I'm coming from though 💁
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She always bored or wanna be entertained "do I look like a *** clown to you" 💁
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Mansa Musa has been estimated to have been one of the wealthiest people in human history. http…
Mansa Musa Discovered America 500 Years Before Christopher Columbus. Don't believe me Check out the Pyramids of South America.
Tribal music! Love the colors of Africa! Most praise to the most high, Mansa Musa Keita I. Most praise to King Selassie. King…
don't live by people's perceptions of you. don't be disloyal to yourself. Perception is deception understanding the conceptio…
Did you make a song called "Mansa musa"?. If you don't, someone, somewhere up there is using your "producer name" "OMFG". 😓😰
Mansa Musa, one of the wealthiest people who ever lived - Jessica Smith via
If you think that you can't connect with a Muslim, ask em who Mansa Musa was and watch that bridge between you get a little shorter.
Fathers Day is for the real fathers who actually deserve a day, stop discrediting them, have some respect for their day.
Oh my god. Mansa Musa in your header. Where do you come from?!
10 great pre-colonial African Kings you should know about: Musa Keita I (Mansa Musa which translates as, “King...
All these *** claiming king but I'm still that. King Hova, Mansa Musa... Told my lot, the devil is a lie, I'm the truth ya!
on who first crossed the seas it was not them(Colombus)An African Mansa Musa even visited the land Occupied by native/red indians
Richest person historically 'til this day was King Mansa Musa of Mali. Rich with resources & not printed currency.
Let me raise the children, cook the meals, sit my *** in the house and consult the ancestors whilst the Bae out here being Mansa Musa Jr.
Records say Mansa Musa is the grand nephew of Sundiata.
is full of promoters I hope y'all are getting credit hours or a check for it
God has his mysterious ways, boy i tell ya
Black people don't even know their history. How many of you know Kunta Kinte, Marcus Garvey, Mansa Musa I, Huey P. Newton, King Tutankhamun.
In history when u hear about Mansa Musa, u hear about him "showin' out", but u never hear about the CONSEQUENCES brought on West Africa 4 it
We can talk about the moors...Mansa Musa...Abu Bukari...Garvey...Malcolm x...
Your kids passed elementary yay! Do they know the Egyptians were Black? Nope have they heard of Mansa Musa or Abu Bakari II? (1/10)
Not sure on the relationship between Mansa Musa and Abu Bakari II but they were close probably family Abu Bakari initially sent 200 (1/4)
ships to explore America then ventured for himself with a fleet of 2000 ships according to Mansa Musa himself, Abu Bakari II landed (2/4)
Mansa Musa succeeded Abu Bakari, Abu Bakari gave up his power to explore the world and left Mansa Musa in charge (2/2)
Your first president John Hansen was a black man referred to as a Moor tomorrow I'll shed light on him Mansa Musa and Abu Bakari (1/3)
No more slave movies!! Give me Eunice Johnson, Marcus Garvey, Mansa Musa, Lonnie Johnson and others!
My name is Mansa Musa for a reason. I am that ***
Mansa musa was the richest man in history. . From Mali
Once in a lifetime,some people come by and leave a mark on you and when they leave,try as you may; you never forget them.
Put to death our fears, bring to life our dreams.
They seem to like the idea of African royalty. They love Mansa Musa and they like Abyssinian kings
U either gonna love the kid or wanna kill me
my family name is Musa. but you can call me Mansa
Musa Keita I was the tenth Mansa, which translates as "King of Kings" or "Emperor", of the wealthy Mali Empire.
You know you've made it in life when the waakye seller calls you from behind a long queue to serve you.
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With jaw-dropping net worth of $400B, Emperor Mansa Musa of Mali was the world's richest man. Ever
First part to the Mufasa series. A 3 part series that will depict the new age Mansa Musa. The story behind what...
Mansa Musa is said to be the richest man in history. He went to Saudi Arabia with gold plated horses and slaves.
Changing my name to Mansa Musa but ranting about women is something I did on purpose.
You can not change the system within the system. Proven
America was built on the bones of the Native Americans & is the result of slavery, racism & violence against captured …
"We ain't meant to survive cause it's a set up... keep ya head up!" Tupac Shakur
Mansa Musa is going in tonight..glad I'm not sleep yet
A mind is a terrible thing to waste fwm
Mumford and Sons; if you were in Ghana you would have been a carpenter and his apprentices.
Mansa Musa voyaged from Mali to Cairo in 1300...but Ghanaians, Nigerians etc couldn't go to The Congo for rubber?
Asa's music can take you from extremely sad to peaceful in 2 seconds
These things can be tricky, especially if there's a fair maiden involved.
I was kidding lol I couldn't agree more. It's one thing to know you're good, it's another thing to show it.
Ohana means family; family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.
lol my name is Fee...Mansa Musa is homage to an African King 💪👑✨
You can complain that the roses have thorns or rejoice that the thorns have roses...your call.
Eyes to the sky, but where do we look when the sky starts to fall?
Don't blame the rule if you don't measure up.
MANSA MUSA (TTS M.) Why can grow in any and how to fix it? =>
Mansa Musa... His cross- continental trip spent so much gold he caused inflation in all of Europe by himself!
I find you attractive doesn't mean i like you; you're appealing to my eyes not my heart or my mind.It's not that deep.
She said boy you're not perfect, i know, i know no one is, it takes time, time
I'm Mansa Musa for the time being because I can be. Who gonna stop me? Get your *** cursed out.
Just seeing the name Mansa Musa gets me crunk.
If they can't even know these ones who you can find out about from Google, where do you start talking about Mansa Musa and Uthman Dan Fodio?
Still waiting on that Marcus Garvey Biopic, or the ones about Fred Hampton, Assata Shakur, Mansa Musa, Hannibal, Queen Nzingha, etc...
Richest person that ever lived was a black man from Mali named Mansa Musa.
Why Bill Gates and not Mansa Musa? Why George Washington and not Kwame Nkrumah? Why Ben Frank and not George Carver?
Mansa Musa.. richest man in history was a black man.
- Mansa Musa I ($400 Billion) the richest person of all time is surprisingly ...
It is the language of the soul and of the world. It has neither words nor actions. It is older than the deserts and brings more omen to men than the Urim and Thummim, everyone understands it and everyone communicates it. It directed men and the Alchemists to the elixir of life and the philosopher's stone. Its rather unfortunate that in modern society, humans speak this language with so much errors like lust, pride, greediness and selfishness. There are some grandiloquent and boastful ladies who think of themselves so high that, they hardly can understand this language when simply communicated to them. They ignorantly ignore or listen with a dirty mind, such that even 'hi' means too much and 'hello Jenn ' to them, will herald the unwanted if responded. The language, I there say, is LOVE. Love is happiness and happy men communicate happiness. Like Mansa Musa, men filled with love, made every town they passed rich in love because they left ounces on their soils. I am proud of my Dansoa Bruce, she never will ...
There was a time I was in New York City and my taxi driver was from Mali. I was talking to him about Mali history such as the great empire of Mali. Libraries of Timbuktu, Djenne, Dogon sciences, astronomy, Mansa Musa, Sundiatta Keita, Songhai and other parts of Mali history. He was very proud of being from Mali when I said that. He told me many people who he drives think he lives in trees. He was happy I knew about history. Next time you meet someone from Africa ask them about their history. If you meet a Nigerian ask them about the Sungbo Eredo (Benin Walls) Nri, Ile Ife, Husa, Kanem Bornu, Books of Ifa/ Odu Ifa (which is thousands of years old which sets the base of Ifa sciences, philosophy, history, and culture. If you meet a person from Ethiopia tell them about Lalibella churches, Gondar churches, Axum obelisks, Menelik, Queen of Sheba, Haile Selassie and King Solomon. If you meet someone from Zimbaber ask them about the Great Zimbabwe and the great stone structures in Southern Africa. If you mee ...
The richest man in world history: ISLAMIC RULER KAN KAN MANSA MUSA of the MALIAN EMPIRE 13th cen.and the richest BLACKMAN today is MOHAMMED ALIKO DANGOTE (HAUSA MUSLIM!) 25 billion dollars net worth (BOTH OF THESE GREAT MEN ARE MUSLIMS!!!). Black Muslims in the U.S need to take note of this and take it serious because the only way that we must "enrich ourselves" this time can only be through ISLAMIC FINANCE rooted in the SHARIA based from AL QUR'AN! ONLY. I'm tired of brothaz (although well intended!) telling me about their grand plans of economic development BUT NEVER EVER MENTION HOW ISLAMIC FINANCE (NON-USURY interest ) is and integral part of their plans??? You can not become "independent" using the evil whitemans failed Capitalist demonic example right? Quit being blind and use what ALLAH has ordained for us to guide our economic transactions with: ISLAMIC FINANCE.
I tried typing in class as I fell asleep n I looked up n it was like mmadnsamsua wad hear,alyehrsis instead of mansa musa was the wealthiest
Mansa Musa has been declared the richest man in history, when they talk of African Kings being rich.. Take pride in kn…
Ben Beal x x x will be taking New York City this sunday. clear the streets, were coming.
Mansa Musa is considered the richest man in the history of the world. His fortune of $400 billion was 5 times more valuable than that of today's richest man, Bill Gates. The Quest for Gold, 9/8c TONIGHT!
I saw that, I’m so over people thinking it’s some sort of profound statement to wear those symbols
I don’t like the message on his music anymore. It’s filled with awful respectability politics
lyrically I think he’s dropped the ball and as a human being he kinda *** now
it's obviously different style then F&L & The Cool, but I think lyrically it is excellent, and imo it sounds good
I herd the one about the Pizza Man, was not at all moved.
"'Messi worth €87m more than Ronaldo' only Mansa musa can afford this!!
The richest man ever was black. Well African. Mansa Musa 👑
I absolutely whole heartedly doubt it.
Mansa Musa was a generous king, he gave away so much Gold to Egypt on his journey to Hajj from Mali, he ran out of money to re…
The richest person of all-time is an African King called Mansa Musa from Mali. ~
Watching this film...Mansa Musa is a forbidden discussion in Mali.interesting.
Tutankhamun, we got roots in common. Mansa Musa, now a rap producer. My Nefertiti feed my fettuccine. My Nefertari cook me calamari
it prob is. But by that logic can every african claim Mansa Musa or Mali Empire, or Egypt or Aksum? Africa is bigger than
Dee-1 – “The Pledge”:   Enlightened emcee Dee-1 teams up with Mansa Musa for new jawn, “The...
the richest black man whoever lived BLACK ACHIEVEMENTS: Mansa Musa, King Of The Ancie…:
At -- Mansa Musa(c. 1280 - c. 1337)- 10th Mansa(King) of the Mali Empire. Under his rule...
I would have loved to learn about Mansa Musa, ancient Universities of West Africa, King Sobhuza, Shaka Zulu, King Mabuthu. AFRICAN HISTORY
Mansa Musa is mostly remembered for his extravagant hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca with, according to the Arab historian al-Umari, 100 camel-loads of gold, each weighing 300 lbs.; 500 slaves, each carrying a 4 lb. gold staff; thousands of his subjects; as well as his senior wife, with her 500 attendants. National Geographic Airing: SUN DEC 28 10AM ET (**PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH BLACK PEOPLE**)
RICH CONTINENT POOREST PEOPLE Africa has never been a poor continent, always a honeycomb. It has produced the richest and the most generous folks in history; while enriching others led to its own detriment. The richest human that ever lived was the Queen of Sheba whose wealth was celebrated in most ancient countries and in religious books throughout the world. The closest person to her riches in gold, silver and every unprecedented measure until today was the Emperor of Mali, Mansa Musa. The irony of their conspicuous display of wealth before or after the main prophets and greatest powers was the reinforced appeal that Africa is the richest continent to plunder by Muslims and Christians. Display of opulence and wealth by these Africa Queens, Kings and now by politicians continues today but at the expense of the African people. When we see, read and hear about the young children of Africa risking their lives perishing in North Africa deserts, we must pause. These cannot be the children of the Queen of Sheb ...
LETS SAVE SOME CHILDREN Story by Mansa Musa (dogondingo). 108 photos and 3 videos.
fasho bruh. ima def get U on a track for my upcomin tape, real soon
How I'll go down next to ceasar and Brutus and Steve jobs and Einstein and mansa musa.
A large diversity of books over here...from mansa musa to richest man in babylon, to reflexology, chakras to learning japanese.
Only Two men in Africa made it to the 26 most richest people in human history... Mansa Musa I of Mali $400 billion and Muammar Gadaffi $200b
Mansa Musa I made his fortune by exploiting his country’s salt and. gold production. Many mosques he built as a young man still stand today.
Mansa Musa I ruled West Africa’s Malian Empire in the early 1300s.
Mansa Musa I of Mali – is termed as the richest human being in all history. The African King was estimated to be worth $400 billion.
Time to stop seeking equality in a society that is morally inferior.
Thousands of protesters shut down FDR Drive, a major highway in NYC, for 2 hours in a call for
Greatful. Humbled. Blessed in many ways. Pic by the Amazing Feb16 aka Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa, the richest man in the history of this Planet was black.
I didn't learn about Mansa Musa until I was a grown *** man.
the richest man to ever live was AFRICAN with a personal net worth of 400 billion - king Mansa Musa I of Mali 1331 when he died.
Wealthiest person of ALL time was MUSA I of MALI an African King known as MANSA MUSA; YES black kids CAN be lawyers 10K x 2020
One of the richest men ever recorded in written history was a Black Muslim, his name was Mansa Musa
Listen to Gettum wetta ft. *** Murda & Mansa Musa by LettumHate Campbell on
I wake up feeling like Mansa Musa everyday. Cause im blessed and no one can take that away from me.
I don't think you understand my point. His name is Mansa Musa I. He was a KING in the 14th century. I black KING!! Read!
his name is Mansa Musa I. I believe his net worth is up to $400+ billion
Just found out about Mansa Musa like 2 or 3 years ago and France has stolen all their artifacts.
somebody need to teach her who Mansa Musa is.
Anyhow, y'all have a blessed day today. Don't forget to pray to 2pac, Malcolm X, Mansa Musa and ancestors for answers today. Lol 🙏
New rap beats are up at Listen now 🔥
There is NO heritage in BLACK history, there is ONLY OPPRESSION. School books don't teach you about Mansa Musa.
I need to start calling on Malcolm X, Pac, Mansa Musa etc once per day 😂☝️
Mansa Musa 👑 ... know your potential ... living with " lack" is unworthy
"Go to school it will change things" lol "vote it will change things" lol "pull up your pants it will change things" lol
but yeah he met Mansa Musa and Musa told him bout his brother Abu Bakari who went to the Atlantic never came back
Mansa Musa did it. The Moors did it. Abu Bukari Did it. Shaka Zulu did it. The warrior queens did it etc you can too.
Mansa Musa. Not new news “The richest person to ever live was a black man 😳 ht…
You've probably never heard of him, but Mansa Musa is the richest person ever. The 14th century emperor from West Africa was worth a staggering $400 billion, after adjusting for inflation, as calculated by Celebrity Net Worth. To put that number...
Did you know...Mansa Musa is listed as the richest man in history, with an adjusted net worth of $400 BILLION!
Gold teeth got you thinking it's Mansa Musa.
U are to kind, thank U I appreciate it ~
Alkebulan broke down and we serenade in no sounds of it / Bars gold, Mansa Musa: Please pardon the pounds of it
And it Doesnt matter if its in the name of Hussein or King Mansa Musa of Mali
Lauriel Reid and Mansa Musa have joined forces and brought a whole new team. Now U.S./UK 2015
In the name of the great Mansa Musa I, I greet you all.
With an fortune of $400 billion, Mansa Musa I would have been...
Keep up the good work, hang in there :) Patiently waiting until you make it!
this is on another level. Production-wise too
Stay strong brother. You'll write a hit about these times one dday.
I don't think I can be here much longer
I keep replaying it, good job musa 👍
Mansa Musa is recorded as the richest man in history & his reign was shortly before (or during) the Trans-Atlantic slave trade [+]
Batch drop coming Tuesday, featuring tracks from , , , , &
Did you know the richest man that ever lived was an African? Mansa Musa of Mali had a net worth of $400 Billion.
word is life I'm finna bump in a sec
'mom, what do you know about Mansa Musa?'. "it's a great, GREAT indian dish."
*** girl, are you Mansa Musa's extravagant pilgrimage to Mecca? 'Cause my westernized sense of history likes to prete…
Or Ashra Kwesi or Imhotep or Runoko Rashidi, or Mansa Musa or Khalid Muhammad or Toussaint Louverture or John Brown... Smh
Anonymous said: lol. what do u have against mansa musa? he's the richest man that ever lived. shouldn't we...
Sometimes I just don't get when jay z references mansa musa literally right after claiming to get white money
the richest man in history is alive again in HIP HOP ,MANSA MUSA he has no idea,,ill reveal his name soon.
The richest man in history was a muslim malian king called Mansa Musa who ruled the Mali Empire from 1312 to 1337
.//yoyo the homie just uploaded a new version of "Hack" including his verse w/ & :
Many were from Mali, which happens to be where the richest man who ever lived was from.. King Mansa Musa
From my research their are other Mansas and they all did great things, Mansa Musa, Mansa Abu Bukari etc
If they finally decide to do a film on Mansa Musa and he's white. I'm joining the New Black Panther Party. lol
WHATS DONE IN THE DARKNESS WILL SURELY COME TO LIGHT. It is now an open secrete in Kono that the 600 bags of rice and bulgur was DONATED BY WFP AND NOT BY vp sam sumana AS IT WAS FULSELY CLAIMED BY THE SEMI ILLITERATE DISTRICT COUNCIL C/man, richard koninga and the mis-guided lanky City Mayor, sahr lamina. When richard koninga took the rice to Kono he clandestinely kept the rice at a former corrupt civil servants private house, Mansa Musa in Simbakoro instead of using the World Vision warehouse. From there people they give coupons to collect the rice or bulgur from there. C/man koninga was on a radio talk show last nite in kono, he confirmed that the 600 bags was a gift from WFP and not vp sam sumana. He sheepishly conceded the fact that vp sam sumana sent a list of beneficiaries to them. He claimed Hon. Logus also sent a list of ten groups on his complimentary card to them. How for heavens sake can u write the name of ten groups on a single complimentary card...maybe Logus is using a wall bill for a comp ...
They will teach us craccer *** dark ages in school and there blacc plage befor they teach u about Mansa Musa the first to walk up right
When u got Mansa Musa truth of ur origens u will find, blaccs R worshiped like a cult.they skip to everything but Musa in school why is that
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Had a dream I was dining with Mansa Musa
"The highest amount of money squandered by a person is US$ 400 billion by King Mansa Musa of Mali's Grandson."
Mansa Musa still the richest man ever and he been dead hundreds of years
Who we should want to be thts power
So... is crazy. gotta listen to that and Mansa Musa all the way again to really see which joints I like.
Mansa Musa"The richest person of all time is black"
Outside of Jesus our Christ the only Man I will EVER look up to is the GREAT King Mansa KanKan Musa of Mali ! 💯
Can’t have them learning the truth about the Olmecs, and the Kingdoms of Kush and Mansa Musa and the Dogon and Sirius ect…oh no.
Halo's Mansa Musa album got that good golden era Hip Hop feeling.
WAY pre. Like Mansa Musa pre. And more pre
Im really thinking bout sending Santos hate mail and death threats!
"do not speak unless it improves the silence ~" Silence!
That santos kid is actually terrible
Jamaal Charles apologizes to all fantasy holders!
In the 14th century, Mansa Musa spent 200 kg of gold to build the Sankore Mosque & University in Timbuktu,
Mansa Musa. King of Mali from 1312-1337. Known for being the worlds riches man & giving away $100…
Mansa Musa is reported to be the richest man to ve ever lived. An African. King of Mali. What can Mali boast of today?
Was just studying the life of Mansa Musa. The King & Emperor of the wealthy Malian Empire 1312 - 1337.
Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire. The wealthiest ruler of all time.
Mahir said he likes this very much :)))
Mansa_Musa: I believe August 15 is the next Lakeshore: Mansa_Musa $FITX
When I talk about Mansa Musa I feel proud but I also feel like a clown.
This *** clay dont wanna trade for my volbeat lol
I'm trying to be like Mansa Musa...
A nigha countin Ms like he Mansa Musa...
Mansa Musa named the richest man of all time shows that Africans should know their worth and that we are true Kings
Mansa Musa was a one-man economic superpower. Nearly limitless wealth.
Anybody got x or Y . ineed a bulbasaur hellas bad
Get 'Mansa Musa' by the Black Jetty Project on 12/08. The summer single is available for download in…
You are right. I'm Nigerian and it pains me too Blacks not know the power of Mansa Musa but like I said, carry on.
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Eyebrows to females is . what a hairline is to a ***
“😂🙌 No More Wash Dishes mama will beat my *** wasting foil like that 😴
"Is this what I crashed all those economies for?" - Mansa Musa
“there is nothing in this world to believe in besides yourself ~” yung Socrates
Mansa Musa crashed economies for decades. Leaders in Africa could crash every economy in the world if they wanted but...they're feeble.
I would choose this over a party any night
People on insta be like "With the Squad" I swear there is like 20 people in the pic but only 2 tags."but that's not my business right?"
“About to get turnt off this loud pack
Still one of my favorite vines. “When she say she pregnant but I'm not the father
Everyone feels like they deserve the best, but what are you doing to obtain that...
When I see elderly people eating alone like this, I die a little inside... 😔👴
Crack Head Marie is all I see on my IG RN
On God. “Avatar The Last Airbender is one of the best shows ever don't fight me on this”
*** shame what Scipio Africanus did to Mansa Musa. Expropriated his land. Stole his riches. Arrogated himself power and renamed the land.
I'm cut from the same cloth as Mansa Musa, Nat Turner, Huey Newton, Stokely Carmichael , H. Rap Brown, Malcolm X.. We're Men on this side!
The Movie the Lion King was actually about Our Great King Sundiata Keita the actual Lion King Sundiata Keita was the founder of the Mali Empire and celebrated as a hero of the Mandinka people in the semi-historical Epic of Sundiata, which is primarily known through oral tradition, transmitted by generations of Mandinka griots (djeli or jeliw). The famous Malian ruler Mansa Musa was his grandnephew. "By unifying the military force of 12 states, Sundiata becomes an emperor known as the Lion King of Mali, who controls tribes from the Niger River west to the Atlantic Ocean. Walt Disney Studios reprised the story of Sunditata in 1994 as an animated film, The Lion King, with animals substituting for the humans of Mali legend." -Ellen Snodgrass Encyclopedia of the Literature of Empire The actual chracters line by line
Mansa Musa and the Empire of Mali in progressRT When's the last time one of u *** read a book?
Stop doing stuff you are SUPPOSE to do and expect acknowledgement or a cookie.
"Realizing that adulthood is around the corner like" - the depression though !
gone announce he takin his talents to Portugal
bout to jump my nephew real quicc, he only 5, but that *** gotta learn! Its real *** out here
I was thinkin it was teddy roosevelt but...
Did I just see Teddy Roosevelt in the crowd celebrating that goal? Well played, sir.
If there's a god that dude dressed as Teddy Roosevelt is getting LAID tonight
Lot of people with a high tolerance for Teddy Roosevelt cosplay, apparently.
Is this a bad time to remind everybody that Teddy Roosevelt was a horrible human being and the embodiment of why other…
Tim held it all the way together untill the end, we still got it though, maths on our side and everything
Mansa Musa. Interesting man. Just read about him. King of kings...
Im going to the power and light to watch the finals, dont give a ***
So we got to talking about Mansa Musa, as well as the schools there and the corruption among both Mali's and Lousiana's governments.
ha only Lucy had that link saved. Watch I can make her do it again... Mansa Musa!
Manuscripts, Achi. You can never be 100% sure. If you've heard of Mansa Musa, we could continue maturely lol.
Article about Richest Man All-Time, Mansa Musa . D.O.B. unknown, but born in 1280. O look, 1(28)0, 28 the # of WEALTH!.
Mansa Musa, a black "King" from West Africa in the 14th century is still to this day the richest man to ever have lived. Worth: 400 billion.
Known today as the richest man in history, Mansa Musa’s net worth has been valued at around $400 billion.
While King Mansa Musa I’s palace has since vanished, the University and Mosque he built in Timbuktu,Mali still stands …
Any day Lebron gone come out with an "Announcement" that will see him take his talents to an already championship caliber team.
Fact of the day: The richest man of all time is the same man who showed Christopher Columbus how to get to what we now call America, was a black man. Mansa Musa (^_^)
And Musa Mansa(you wish) stupidness lies in you..fight it..stop hurting us!!
Before mars is colonized, your soul.
lmao I'm cryin this my new favorite vine
Godwilling that i top Mansa Musa🙏. Rockefeller couldn't even get close and pree his net worth in today's GDP😭
Security and National Development, By Musiliu Obanikoro Globally, the strategic nature of security is constantly evolving. From the sea-pirates operating in the horn of Africa to the terror strikes in the Middle East to the Boston bombings in the United States, the challenge of security is global and no nation in the world is insulated. Today in Nigeria, we are engaged in a counter- insurgency war against Boko Haram, an unprecedented challenge which requires a radical approach, a new way of thinking and a depth of understanding of the issues at stake beyond military operations or the efforts of the Federal Government alone. Without doubt, security is an enabler of national development. There can be no sustainable development without peace and security. Increasingly, security and development concerns have become interlinked. Today, governments across the world and international institutions are becoming more aware of the need to integrate security and development programmes in their policy interventions. U ...
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Mansa Musa I, the richest person in history, had a personal net worth of $400billion at the time of
word brUh honestly I just need to leave
Ima be the newest Mansa Musa. I got King Solomon goals
Mansa Musa destabilized Egypt's economy because he was a pioneer of making it rain.
A new favorite: Rydin Round In Surry...Wedne$day Widget by Monarch$ OF VirginiA on
word bruh trU kings think on the same plane
"Young mansa musa everything I touch is gold"
Young Brandon fails at all things meant for Brandon Rakim
The U.S vs. Portugal game i dont know how to feel about it
Season 1 of Modern Family on the XB1, your life succs
the richest man know in history Mansa Musa is from AFRICA !
A new favorite: The Way Things Are...Rhamillz Fareel by Monarch$ OF VirginiA on
I just don't wanna be here anymore.. What are the people around me even doing that's positive?
... These white *** was goin through the Dark Ages while Mansa Musa was givin away $100 Mill worth of Gold.
Richest person ever: an African emperor from the 14th century named Mansa Musa (worth $400 billion in 2012 dollars)
I'm proud Mansa Musa was incredibly wealthy and is one out of many examples of untold Ancient African leaders but he was a harsh ruler!
It is obvious that Mansa Musa was the illuminati! 😩😂
Mansa Musa, my new favorite rapper *Namaste*
The richest person ever in history was a West African king (Mansa Musa) and he was Muslim.
Mansa Musa = richest person in history = black king of kings. Lol. That's not what I read in my history class
A Black man Mansa Musa is considered the richest man ever. Know your history
Just found out the richest person of all time was a black man named Mansa Musa.
The richest human that ever lived was Mansa Musa I,former King of Mali. He was worth US$400 billion and his Grandson f…
Go look up Mansa Musa and discover his great wealth.
Mansa Musa, I should of been knew who dude was...don't trip educating myself now
Was History’s Richest Person Black? Mansa Musa was emperor of the West African kingdom of Mali in its golden...
without looking it had to be Mansa Musa, King Moses of Old Mali, who depressed Cairo ' s market for a decade
Mansa Musa is now known as Mansa in Dragons and Titans!
Ive yet to directly read his works & hate some of his views but reality is we wouldnt know much of Mali's (& Mansa Musa) greatness w/out him
I wanna be like Mansa Musa when I grow up. 💸💸
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I'm a KingMusaI been talking about Mansa Musa since 2012 but Jay Z had to put it in a song for you kats that don't read and have no knowledge of your history!
Mansa Musa had an estimated $400 billion fortune...Bill Gates net worth is $76 run that back again
World history teachers: has great Mansa Musa lesson, asks students to corroborate info in a blog post!
Before Europeans came to Africa, Africa had already seen civilization with kings like Mansa Musa, Sundiata Keita and SSuni Ali Koren among others. Kingdoms like Mali, Ghana Empire and Oyo Kingdom had
If no rapper has ever alluded to the wealth and reputation of Mansa Musa, I will be sorely disappointed in the genre as a hole.
King Mansa Musa of Mali would, today, be the richest man on earth... Based on the wealth of the kingdom at the time.
KING MANSA MUSA OF OLD Mali Empire - ONE OF THE RICHEST MEN WHO EVER LIVED Mansa Kankan Musa(1312-1337 AD) , ‘The Lion of Mali’ was the tenth mansa, better known as “king of kings” or “emperor”, of the Malian Empire of Mali West Africa. He became one of the most powerful and wealthiest leaders of his time. He made Mali’s name renowned in the imaginations of European and Islamic countries In the 14th century. The wealth he commanded, social customs and grandeur of his court, led to the kingdom of Mali being internationally revered (Cheney 2004) He is most noted for his pilgrimage to Mecca which put Mali on the map, Degraft-Johnson (1998) noted, ‘It was in 1324 … that the world awoke to the splendour and grandeur of Mali. There across the African desert, and making its way to Mecca, was a caravan of a size which had never before been seen, a caravan consisting of 60,000 men. They were Mansa Musa’s men, and Mansa Musa was with them. He was not going to war: he was merely going to worship ...
Did y'all know Mansa Musa's brother Abu Bukari landed in the Anericas 200 years before Christopher Columbus? BBC Released this.
Mansa Musa of Mali – The richest man ever was a devout Muslim from Mali Mansa Musa caused a sensation when he and his large retinue spent three months in Cairo in 1324. The Emperor of the Mali had crossed the Sahara desert on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Muslim Mali was rich in culture, agriculture, trade, and above all gold. Such was Mansa Musa's generosity, that during his visit to Cairo his gifts triggered the collapse of the price of gold and the Egyptian economy took ten years to recover. The river Niger and the Muslim trading world helped to connect Mansa Musa with European culture. He was pictured at the heart of Africa in a Spanish map, the Catalan Atlas, in 1375.
The way The Great Mandela has been honoured and respected and his legacy celebrated by not only south Africans but also Africans and the world at large is an example of how a nation and a people should celebrate the legacy of The Great African men and women.Celebrate our heroes and heroins by erecting statue in their honour, putting their potraites on money, sing songs for them, do movies about them, write books about their lives, name towns, cities and significant buildings and places in their honour . Here are some of Africa's great men and women that come to mind are, Queen Nanny, Malcolm X,Martin Luther King Junior, Heuy Newton, Medger Evers, Angel Davies, Muhammad Ali, Hannibal Barca, Taharka, Mansa Musa, Queen sheba, Queen Amina, Queen Nandi, Steve Biko, Oliver Tumbo, Joshua Nkhomo, sobhukwe, Robert Mugabe, Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Mwalimu Nyerere, Samorah Mitchel, Patrice Lumumba, Jomo Kenyta, Kwame Nkurumah, Ben bella, Haile Silase, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, menelik the first and the second and ofco . ...
HISTORY ON THE AFRICAN PORTAL Songhai Empire The Songhai Empire started out as a fishing and trading center on the Niger River in a place called Gao where West African and Muslim traders visited often. Just like Ghana and Mali, the Songhai people were influenced by Islam, and many people even converted. For many years, Songhai people were ruled for many years by Mali, and were forced to pay taxes. In addition, Songhai people were forced to kneel before Mali kings as a sign of submission. In 1325, on the way back from Mecca, Mansa Musa took two of Songhai’s king’s sons as hostages. One of the sons, Prince Ali Kolon, accepted his education but always was very angry towards Mali. After 30 year, Ali Kolon escaped to Songhai and established the Sunni Dynasty. After 17 Sunni Dynasty kings ruled Songhai, Sunni Ali rose to power. He was not a devout Muslim. Sunni Ali had a daring plan to conquer Mali which involved using his navy to control the Niger River and using his army to conquer the trading cities of J ...
lmaoo at "joining the black panther party". I'm serious though. Let them come out talking about Mansa Musa was "white"...*taps nails*
So Jay Z said in "the devil is a Lie" Making White money still black all claiming King but im still that King Hova MANSA MUSA". If u don't know who Mansa Musa is he was the Emperor of Mali regarded as the richest Man in history. He had over 500 servents and gave them 4 pounds of gold each. He gave away Gold so much that the price of it went down. Also he made many voyages He with 200 ships came to America 1000 of yrs before European settlers. His net worth was 400 BILLION toping Rothchilds and John D Rockefeller which own much of the world assest Today. U may call Jay Z a sellout but he knew who ran the Money game. MANSA MUSA I
Africa by swels sons of lions sons of regal blacks and strong bronzed men, you began with sound minds and uncorrupted tongues you spoke nobly you were noble you still are,you must be, this new narrative is foul, it has done it's damage renounce it and go back, start from there, before the arrival of imperial pirates and cartographers, before they deceived you with biblical verses and shipped you across the 'holy waters', before they diminished you with their vaunted intelligence, branded you primitive and socially backward, before they turned you againest your own skins by convincing you that "less melanin more fortunes", before they went farther and questioned your humanity forgetting that you are the genetic ancenstor of mordern mankind, before they made you believe that all you ever envision is darkness, so start again by simply this, Tell them to sail the waters of mother nile back to an age where her bank was peopled by your forefathers, great astronomers of early holocene age, show them the nabta .. ...
I wonder how many people caught that Mansa Musa line in the devil is a lie 👑
As we close out black history month I'd like to give props to some of my favorites from history, some that we hear very little about but had major impact on the world. So here we go and may peace be upon them all: king Jaja of Opobo (full name: Jubo Jubogha; 1821–1891) was a merchant prince and the founder of Opobo city-state in an area that is now part of Nigeria. Born in Umuduruoha, Amaigbo, [citation needed] in Igboland, he was sold at about the age of twelve as a slave in Bonny. Jubo Jubogha later took the name "Jaja" for his dealings with the British. Jaja proved his aptitude for business at an early age, earning his way out of slavery; he was enculturated according to Ijaw (Ibani) rituals and eventually established himself as head of the Anna Pepple House. Under Jaja's leadership, Anna Pepple soon absorbed a number of Bonny's other trade houses until an ongoing dispute with the Manilla Pepple House led by Oko Jumbo forced Jaja to break away as Opobo city-state in 1869. Opobo soon came to dominate ...
Today is my last day smoking, its run its course...
Mansa Musa and the Black Plague are what brought the desperate times that came next
Politics & Polity Jonathan, Sanusi saga Anny MICHAELS When the news broke that CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as it where has been suspended by President Jonathan it sent no shiver through my spine as I expected it. It was clearly not the expectation of Sanusi, as by his calculation he planned to leave that powerful and plum job on his own terms typical of royals who decide when they should come and when they should go, in fact how long they should stay. What surprised some Nigerians was the way he served a notice that he will not seek an extension of the statutory term of five years. Sanusi paraded himself as one who would not be touched by anyone, not even the President. Feelers from politics indicate that, no matter how forthright you are, there are things you don’t tell the public as a public officer perhaps because of the sensitivity of the office but that wasn’t the case with the man- Sanusi. A flash back could tell you that he unilaterally wanted to foist N5,000 currency on Nigerians despit ...
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