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Manny MacHado

Manuel Arturo Machado (born July 6, 1992) is an American baseball shortstop for the Bowie Baysox, the AA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball.

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Now that Alex Rodriguez has retired, Manny Machado is the new drama queen of baseball. I love it lmao. Much respect for both players
470 feet. Ryan Zimmerman’s 8th-inning blast ties Manny Machado just one day later for longest HR in 2017.
Peter Schmuck: Pedro Martinez says he would have thrown at Manny Machado
Dustin Pedroia forgets own words on leadership after Matt Barnes throws at Manny Machado
" Red Sox pitcher who threw at Manny Machado's head gets four-game suspension "
The RedSox want you to believe the pitch behind Manny Machado was just a terrible coincidence, Peter Schmuck says.
Manny Machado is Brad Marchand in an Orioles jersey. Tons of talent, but just can't help doing something stupid, and outside the rules.
Top 3B on for Sat early only slate. Manny Machado | BAL. Miguel Sano | MIN. Anthony Rendon | WSH
There will never be a more iconic duo than Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado
I think if Manny Machado signs with the NY Yankees I am going to give up on baseball. I am sick of MLB system favoring big…
Who would've thought Manny Machado would only be hitting .152 thus far? Lest we forget E5 coming in @ a paltry .156…
Won't last long!! Check out 2017 Topps Bowman Then and Now Manny Machado - NM-MT
Are you sure you'll be getting him and not Manny Machado?
Finally gonna see manny machado play 😭
The Orioles gave Chris Davis 161 million dollars, and, because of it, probably won't be able to sign Manny Machado. https:…
@ T9-3o: Manny Machado pops out to 1B Justin Smoak in foul territory.
Rough day at the office for Manny Machado. 0-for-5 and an error that led to a run.
Manny Machado is straight out of a video game
Manny Machado is the same age as me... brb depression
@ B7-3o: Steve Pearce pops out to 3B Manny Machado.
manny machado is one of the best 3rd baseman of all time IMO
Just looked up closely that Manny Machado got a tattoo. It that new or did he been had that tattoo and I just missed it completely?
Manny Machado couldn't be hitting any worse right now.. good lord he couldn't hit a beach ball
@ T7-2o: Manny Machado strikes out swinging.
Not just the slow start, Manny Machado is a stud.
THE New York Yankees, future home of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.
@ T5-3o: Manny Machado flies out to RF Jose Bautista.
Manny Machado looks like an ignorant ***
I really need a Manny Machado HR right now
Manny Machado is not having a great night
If Manny Machado does that, surely it's a sign the baseball gods are relenting.
All my newfound love for Manny Machado is paying back in good karma for my Jays. 😂
Manny was a Machado of his former self on that play 😉
Manny Machado bobbles a grounder to third and Tulowitzki scores on the error. lead the 2-1 in the top of the 3rd.
Manny Machado boots possible DP grounder, everyone is safe, Tulowitzki scores, have their first lead since Sunday,…
Manny Machado in the Air Jordan 12 cleats this season 🔥
would you trade Trea Turner and receive Manny Machado? It would leave me with Dustin Pedrioa second base.
Watch Adam Jones steal a home run from Manny Machado in WBC | FOX Sports
Adam Jones robs Manny Machado of a HR. Jones has 7 career HR robberies since MLB career began in 2006 - Tied for 4th in…
Adam Jones ARE YOU SERIOUS?!. ROBS Manny Machado of a home run. UNREAL.
Adam Jones robs his teammate Manny Machado of a HomeRun, and it's the best thing ever.
I got mad respect for Manny Machado for tipping his hat to Adam Jones after that fresh rob
Adam Jones, American hero, robs Manny Machado of homer in World Baseball Classic via
Notes column: When Harper, Machado become free agents at the same time, who will be preferred by big-dollar teams? https:…
Adam Jones just made baseball fans everywhere fall off their seats. WOW what a catch.
VIDEO: Incredible Adam Jones catch robs Manny Machado of would-be homer
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Bryce Harper vs. Manny Machado: Who would you rather have? Via (Harradox) Via (Harradox)
I realize EVERYONE is into March Madness. But at the World Baseball Classic, you have to LOVE this catch by Adam...
Adam Jones just robbed Manny Machado of a home run and it was glorious.
After final out, Manny Machado paused in front of U.S. dugout to wish Team USA well in LA. Incredibly classy by one of
a part of me wants the Dodgers to trade Scott van Slyke, Scott Kazmir and Trayce Thompson for Manny Machado
Dominican Republic’s Manny Machado named MVP of Pool C after logging 5 hits, 2 RBIs and one HUGE homer.
Seth Smith has a higher OBP (.348) over the past three seasons than Manny Machado, Adrian Gonzalez, Lorenzo Cain, and Nolan Arenado.
Manny Machado is 55 days younger than Willson Contreras.
Man this 2018/2019 class of MLB free agents is going to be insane. Harper, Donaldson, Manny Machado, Adam Jones, Brian Dozier...
2 years ago today, hit a GW 9th inning HR off Mariano Rivera, but not before Manny Machado did http…
.is tied for 9th in the majors with 38 home runs and Manny Machado is tied for 9th in the American League with 36 ***
The only way this could get any worse is if Manny Machado and Zach Britton ended up having to get Tommy John
Manny Machado and other athletes wear this Air Jordan 4 for Awareness Month. 📷
Goodbye, home run! Manny Machado and his gold shoes trot around the bases after his 2-run shot in the 4th.
Adam Jones, Manny Machado, Chris Davis, and Mark Trumbo have now combined to hit more HRs than five teams. ht…
I look forward to watching Alex Rodriguez live through his large adult sons: Carlos Correa and Manny Machado
Manny Machado mashes three home runs in rout of White Sox (Big League St..
Manny Machado is the 2nd player for to have a 3-HR game in the last 10 seasons. Chris Davis is the other (twice…
Manny Machado has hit 3 home runs today. It is the third inning. We repeat ... the THIRD inning.
3 innings. 3 homers. Manny Machado on pace for NINE (‼️) home runs today:
Could Bryce Harper & Manny Machado be hitting back to back in the Yankees' 2019 lineup?
Orioles' Manny Machado to hit third in All-Star Game.
2 hitters I like for tonight . Nelson Cruz $4,100. Manny Machado $3,700.
Manny Machado punches Yordano Ventura after being hit by pitch
Congrats to Manny Machado who has been selected to the AL roster & will represent your in San Diego!
Leonys Martin's arm strikes again. Manny Machado thrown out 8-6-3 on ball high off wall. First hit off Taijuan Walker, but it's an out.
Manny Machado gets the first hit off Taijuan Walker, but Leonys Martin and Ketel Marte catch him off 1st base to end the inning.
Long Ball Calls for today's slate: Manny Machado, Franklin Gutierrez and Corey Seager
BREAKING: UFC 200 will feature Manny Machado vs. Rougned Odor. Get your tickets now!
Manny Machado. 24 year old 2x all star and 2x gold glover w a solid overhand right AND a DDT in his arsenal. What a guy
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Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis hit back-to-back HR after Yordano Ventura was ejected for fighting w/ Manny Machado after a…
Well then. Yordano Ventura hits Manny Machado...and Machado charges the mound swinging.
Benches clear in Baltimore after Yordano Ventura hits Manny Machado:
If you're going to pick one current position player and pitcher to fight, it's hard to do better than Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura.
Overhand right followed by a DDT, Manny Machado can do it all.
Manny Machado taking care of business.
Alright, I got a blockbuster for you: I trade Bryce Harper and Matt Holliday for Manny Machado and JD Martinez (holy shizzz)
An starting pitcher has now struck out Manny Machado three times in back-to-back games. Hadn’t happened once in h…
Manny Machado and Mark Trumbo going yard today.
Bryce Harper & Nolan Arenado (+275) are the NL MVP favorites. Manny Machado (+200) is the front-runner in the AL.
Manny Machado is so good at 3rd base that he can make Pedro Alvarez elite by just being 40 feet away
Also, people knocking 17 year old Groome for maturity issues need to stop. Bryce Harper, manny machado had same questions b4 draft.
Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop celebrated the win by … play fighting each other?
I been said Manny Machado was gone be a Superstar Shortstop he was too nice at 3B definitely having a MVP season right now
Manny Machado’s 25 XBH through his team’s first 31 games are the most since Jermaine Dye hit 27 in 2000.
"Manny Machado has been suspended for 80 games for use of PEDs"
You shouldn't leave Manny Machado out of the Harper/Trout debates
.3B Manny Machado leads MLB with a 1.119 OPS. How has he done it? Ownership of the inner-half of the zone https…
Xander Bogaerts now has 51 hits this season, pulling ahead of José Altuve & Manny Machado (49 each) for AL lead.
Players with multiple grand slams this season:. Bryce Harper. Manny Machado. George Springer*. *April 6 and Saturday
Hear what had to say about Adam Jones, Bryce Harper and Manny Machado:
At least I have Kevin Gausman and Manny Machado, for however long that lasts
Manny Machado (Player), Jordan Zimmerman (Pitcher) and Nomar Mazara (Rookie) won those honors for the American League this month.
Or the finally healthy Jameson Tallion, also known as the guy picked in between Bryce Harper and Manny Machado
Manny Machado will start at shortstop for the w/JJ Hardy out, but for how long?. column:
Congratulations to the Players of the Month for April! (via AL: Manny Machado. NL: Bryce Harper
win it 10-2 Home runs for Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo and Manny Machado. Machado has five RBIs. Givens gets the…
Manny Machado has been elite, but now EVERYONE is realizing it:
Adam Jones and Manny Machado providing targets for Jonathan Schoop and JJ Hardy.
Gregory Polanco already has a WAR of 1.2, that is good for fourth best in the Majors behind just Dexter Fowler, Manny Machado, & Jose Altuve
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Adam Eaton hits .444 on off-speed pitches, best in majors. Next: Bryce Harper (.429), Manny Machado (.385), Nolan Arenado (.381).
@ T5-2o: Edwin Encarnacion grounds out, 3B Manny Machado to 1B Chris Davis.
@ T1-3o: Edwin Encarnacion lines into a double play, P Ubaldo Jimenez to 3B Manny Machado. Michael Saunders out at 3rd.
Manny Machado and Chris Gomez are the biggest suckas in MLB but I lowkey admire them for being so raw
Manny Machado's 182 XBH by age 24 trail only Cal Ripken, Jr. (194) in history. Machado turns 24 in July. htt…
.Jonathan Schoop, Nolan Reimold, and Manny Machado all went yard tonight.
Manny Machado didn't come close to catching that pitch and he still took it out.
Do you think Orioles 3B Manny Machado will have a Big Season Offensively & be a Gold Glove Defensive Player in your opinion?
Just another day at the baseball field for Manny Machado.
I think that Manny Machado will win the AL MVP and get to that Trout/Harper level this season.
Manny Machado strikes out and the last game that doesn't count is underway in Philly.
Aaron Nola starts Manny Machado off with a strike and that’s the end of the play-by-play updates from me tonight.
Manny Machado gunned it on one knee.. fuuucckkk 💯💪
The game ends on an amazing diving Manny Machado-esque play by Michigan's 3B. Michigan takes Game 1 10-4 (good buddy)
Maintaining the Health of your Buck Showalter & Manny Machado Garden Gnomes
So what will happen? Mike Trout or Manny Machado will deserve to win AL MVP, but it'll go to someone on a team who made the playoffs
It's cool seeing a lot of people pick Manny Machado to win AL MVP, but makes no sense BC they don't have the O's anywhere near the playoffs
For a 2013 article, this is pretty incredible.
Manny Machado - Baltimore Orioles - Young Gun ,Hits for Power and has a gold glove, platinum glove Who wants some ?
Manny Machado among top candidates to win first MVP in 2016
Throwing it back to 2011 before Manny Machado was the famous Oriole we know today he was a Delmarva Shorebird! https:/…
bold predictions for yes, Manny Machado will be your AL MVP .
I wonder if Manny Machado's making the roster
Manny Machado is good at baseball. third baseman is coming off a year when he bashed 35 home runs and won a Gold Glove
Can you imagine having as much fun at your job as Manny Machado does at his?
Manny Machado is insanely good at baseball and he has fun playing it, too -
Video: Manny Machado gets ejected after drawing a line in the dirt. Watch >
Manny Machado just got tossed by the ump cause he draw a line where the strike zone is.Cant blame him though,the ball was way inside
Seriously these are my keepers in a 12 man league:. 1.Bryce Harper. 2.Manny Machado. 3.Edwin Encarnion . 4.Charlie Blackmon . ESPN 30 for 30
View Spring Training photos of Dylan Bundy, Manny Machado, Adam Jones, Jonathan Schoop, and more:
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Manny Machado, Hyun Soo Kim, Mark Trumbo and Jonathan Schoop will go to Clearwater for game with on Wednesday.
Corey Dickerson can hit singles, too. Just knocked one off Manny Machado's glove at 3B for the first tonight.
Manny Machado bobblehead night at on May 21. Clear your schedule.
Breaking: Manny Machado has defected to Cuba and will play professionally for the number 1 little league team in Havana
not sure how a team with Manny Machado, Chris Davis, Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Zach Britton, Buck is uninspiring?
An adorable dog named after Manny Machado is competing at the
The crew from have taken Manny Machado, Jake Arrieta and in the 3rd round George Springer.
it's subjective, but... Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Manny Machado and previously Nick Markakis > the Blue Jays
Who would you pick between Kris Bryant, Manny Machado, and Nolan Arenado? Here’s my choice:
This week's Tale of the Tape: Manny Machado vs. Nolan Arenado
Have a fun little article debating between Nolan Arenado, Manny Machado, and Kris Bryant that is scheduled to run tomorrow
Unless Flaherty beats Manny, the Final Four in will be:. • Adam Jones vs Darren O'Day. • Manny Machado vs Jonathan Schoop
Updated - Manny Machado, Miguel Gonzalez Chris Tillman and Ryan Flaherty Agree on Deals with for 2016 -
Chris Tillman, Ryan Flaherty and Manny Machado have agreed to 2016 deals. Details: https:…
Hope you can join me & tonight at 6 from for Hot Stove with Dan Duquette, Zach Britton & Manny Machado
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Hmm I'm not sure about you but I see Steve Pearce, Matt Carpenter, Manny Machado and Brian McCann.
Orioles tender several players at the deadline: Ryan Flaherty, Manny Machado, and Zach Britton among several O...
Manny Machado's most similar player by age for his 20-22 seasons has been Adrian Beltre, every year
I'm an Astros fan. I would trade Jose Altuve (your 6th place choice) for Manny Machado (not listed). And throw in a lot more
Bobby Dickerson talks about Manny Machado's defense at third base
It's not hard to see why Manny Machado is a finalist. Read more:
"I'm one of those people who want him to play shortstop." . - on Manny Machado.
Hunter just told me that Manny Machado plays for the Oreos 😳😒
winner Manny Machado of the is here!
Manny Machado. started calling him that a while back and I'm still trying to get it to stick.
Machado: "I've gotten injured and people doubted me. ... It just made me push harder."
So if you want to be optimistic, Wieters 1 yr/$15.8M in '16 can then go to like, Manny Machado, Schoop, and Zach Britton arb. raises in '17.
Manny Machado checking out the new spikes. buy me here
$15.8m gets you Matt Wieters. Manny Machado is worth Infinity then.
Manny Machado's 31.2 UZR in 2013 was the second highest of all time (stat started in 2003).
Why did Manny Machado win the gold glove with 21 errors???
Congratulations to Manny Machado, Rawlings 2015 AL Gold Glove Award recipient for defensive excellence at 3rd base!
I read everything up to "Manny Machado" thinking this was legit, so partial credit...
have an agreement with the on a deal that would bring over Manny Machado. Hearing money is heading BAL way w…
Lost a little bit in the press around Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, and all the rookie phenoms this year is Manny Machado. Just hit 35th HR. Wow
@ B1-3o: Manny Machado grounds out, SS Jonathan Diaz to 1B Matt Hague.
So, apparently does not consider Manny Machado to be an American. Journalism at its finest.
Manny Machado hit a HR and then was drilled. Cowardly, he said.
Manny Machado, 30th HR of season. Machado and Boog Powell are only Orioles to hit 30 HR in season at age 23 or younger
I have a gamer & a fashionista. My youngest doesn't like Buster Posey, Andrew McCutcheon, or Manny Machado
Chris Davis flies out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. Caleb Joseph to 3rd. Manny Machado to 2nd.
Manny Machado lines out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
Rusney Castillo grounds out sharply, third baseman Manny Machado to first baseman Chris Davis.
Last call for in the ninth. Manny Machado, Gerardo Parra and Steve Pearce in the ninth against Andrew Miller.
[Carroll County Times] Nolan Reimold joining Orioles in Toronto, plus latest on J.J. Hardy and Manny Machado
Manny Machado's move to shortstop a sign of the future for Orioles?
O's Insider blog: Orioles' Manny Machado 'energized' by first major league start at shortstop: Before...
Buck and Manny Machado called the Red Land Little League team from York County to wish them luck in the US championship game …
O's Insider blog: Manny Machado's fire erupts after no-check call to end Orioles loss: If you want a ...
Manny Machado's RBI single scores Joseph. Gerardo Parra is the tying run with two outs. down 5-3.
We go to the bottom of the ninth with a 3-3 tie. Manny Machado, Gerardo Parra and Adam Jones up for
The Orioles have 5 players with double digit home runs. Chris Davis, Manny Machado, Adam Jones, Jimmy Paredes, and Caleb Joseph.
Manny Machado has such easy power. That plus good bat & elite glove. He's easily a top 10 player in MLB. Probably top 5. Arguably top 3.
Orioles lineup vs. Braves - School of Roch: Nolan Reimold is in left field tonight and Manny Machado stays at...
Let's all remember that Fredi Gonzalez walked Chris Davis twice to get to Manny Machado last night and it worked both times.
Manny Machado hit his 20th HR of the season tonight. . The last player with 20 HR in his age-22 season was Cal …
Jul 17, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes grounds out, third baseman Manny Machado to first baseman Chris Parmelee.
Dustin Ackley is tied with Paul Goldschmidt and Manny Machado for avg exit velo at 93.5 mph. Ackley's trajectories must be lousy
Adam Jones gives Manny Machado some Machado's Salsa during his timeout during 1st round of HR Derby.
12 errors this year but John Kruk thinks Manny Machado may "be a better defensive player than offensive player". Doh-Kay
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All-Stars receiving their jerseys on the field: Zach Britton, Darren O'Day, Manny Machado and Adam Jones.
Manny Machado is good. Tyler Flowers, not so much.
Adam LaRoche must have seen Manny Machado lay down the bunt. He bunts one foul.
LOL one would think Gary Thorne would understand Manny Machado's greatness by now, but he said that was a hit off the bat. Nope just a 5-3.
Manny Machado comes from the Brady Anderson school of lead-off hitting.
Manny Machado iz tied for third in WAR for a third baseman (2.7). Teh onli players above him are Josh Donaldson and Todd Frazie.
Luke Gregerson & Charlie Blackmon for Lance Lynn & Manny Machado. Which side would you take?
Manny Machado and J.J. Hardy teamed up to wreck Ubaldo's quality start that inning. That's rough. Jimenez deserved a lot better.
Manny Machado, Dan Duquette, Jeff Luhnow, Jed Lowrie in a story on Carlos Correa and the Machado parallel
Dan Duquette and Manny Machado with some perspective on promoting a young shortstop right way
Manny Machado, Chris Davis, and Adam Jones go yard as Orioles beat Blue Jays, 5-2.
I traded Lance Lynn and Manny Machado for Corey Kluber. Is this a fair trade?
Watch: Manny Machado makes a beautiful diving play to end the 4th inning.
Brandon Phillips, Manny Machado, Andrelton Simmons, and Freddy Freeman would be my infield. (Current players)
Manny Machado continues to struggle - FantasyPros
Manny Machado continues to struggle via
Love all you A's fans. Shout out to you for not sending death threats to manny machado 💁🏼
Basically just made Manny machado look like a little leaguer. Where's my contract and plethora of women?
Despite lack of results, Manny Machado among hardest hitters in baseball
"Go back to Baltimore and commit a murder or whatever you do"-to Manny Machado after Getting K'd in the 9th
Does Manny Machado remember what it was like to be a good baseball player? I'm concerned
What year was the Manny Machado thing?
Manny Machado is well on his way to another platinum glove. The picks and strides he makes go unnoticed and he's so smooth.
Yes Manny Machado is the same *** who threw a bat down 3rd base line last year
Manny Machado ranging to his left and starting 5-4-3 double plays.
Manny Machado needs anger management. Really needs to fix his temper before he destroys his career.
Mujica fans Manny Machado to escape Kelly's jam. 2-2 headed to the bottom of the 6th. No decision for Kelly.
Why does Manny Machado always look like someone just stole his puppy?
have first and second with two outs. Edward Mujica to replace Joe Keilly for Manny Machado coming up.
Farrell coming to get Kelly who is at 118 pitches. Mujica will face Manny Machado with two on and two out.
Expecting a Manny Machado bat throw this series.
'Rats fans, would you rather have Jameson Taillon or Manny Machado?
Bog with a nice grab on a line drive from Manny Machado
Dave O'Brien just used the words "child" and "baby" to describe Manny Machado. I wonder: Would he call Bryce Harper or Kris Bryant a baby?
Manny Machado just threw me the inning ending ball from out at 3rd! Go O’s!
Chris Davis doubled to center. Runner on second with one out and Manny Machado due up.
Kris Bryant is six months older than Manny Machado. Who has accumulated 10.4 MLB WAR.
Nice try Kris, but you're no Manny Machado
Nice try. Now Manny Machado. I am willing to listen to offers on.
Anyone remember when Manny Machado struck out in his first major league at bat? Yeah, me either.
Manny Machado is 6 months younger than Kris Bryant.
2 cards of Mike Trout and Manny Machado Rookie cards Lot of 3
he also has the speed of Jackie Robinson and the agressiveness of Ty Cobb. Also the arm of Manny Machado
Everybody take notes. Manny Machado has a perfect swing:
Might have to change my manny machado background to Kris Bryant yacking
Manny Machado's 4th inning homer to deep left.
Aaron Loup comes on for Drew Hutchison to face Manny Machado with one out in the fifth.
On my fantasy baseball team, I drafted Adam Jones, Crush Davis, Matt Wieters, Zach Britton, Manny Machado, and Alejandro De Aza, just cause
main Orioles players that I collect are Eddie Murray, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones and Manny Machado. What guys do you collect?
"When healthy, he's got more tools than a boy band." - on Orioles 3B Manny Machado.
Pablo Sandoval, Angel Hernandez, Manny Machado and more! Hand written apologies from baseball stars.
Manny Machado appears to have married his longtime girlfriend, Yainee Alonso - Carroll County Times
I'd rather see him go to the Orioles for Manny Machado ! ( YES )
I do agree with that. I just think it's amazing what he did sans Manny Machado, etc.
Manny machado is originally a shortstop and he might be available what buster olney has reported
I just got Starbucks for my girlfriend and ordered an Iced Carmel macchiato, but said it as an Iced Carmel Machado, yes like Manny Machado
Orioles: Manny Machado if he stays healthy
For Machado, 2014 was something of a lost season
Manny Machado has a pretty sweet arm
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