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Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh (Punjabi: ਮਨਮੋਹਨ ਸਿੰਘ , ; born 26 September 1932) is the 13th and current Prime Minister of India.

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this is like Manmohan singh was not corrupt but most of his ministers were corrupt par excellence
So as per ur argument you agree Manmohan Singh is corrupt because majority of his ministers were corrupt?
manmohan singh along with sonia should write apology letter to UPA for betraying UPA CMP with amar singhs bundle of notes lol.
Karat shd give a written apology to Dr Manmohan Singh, like BJP founder & Babri rioter Advani had to Sonia Gandhi f…
Crook firm even charged $15000 for fixing appointments with PM Manmohan Singh &
See this mischief of Abdullahs & Sonia!The road was inaugurated by Manmohan Singh,with Abdullahs,Sonia & Ahmed Pate…
Hindus were warned by Sikh Scholar Dr Manmohan Singh but hindus are blinded by religious mythologizes
Sikh scholar Dr Manmohan Singh could not got an opportunity to manage a large riot like 2002 that happened under hi…
Where were u when some ppl did the same activity with manmohan Singh and kejriwal it's tot…
So didn't you remind that person. When Modi was the CM of Gujarat. He used to blame Mr M…
India have the best robot ever...singh..No country can Manufacture a robot like him.. So true.. 😂😂
.writes on 'Why the India US nuclear deal is turning out to be a dud':
Manmohan Singh ji didn't know anything about emotional Atyachar to fool public so he was doing his work honestly for the b…
Unfortunately Manmohan Singh Ji was not a politician n he was highly educated, so he didn't even know, how to lie to fool…
Manmohan Singh only said but Gandhi neharu gave Pakistan to Kashm…
Most bogus channel in India. Sold its soul to Pakistan. Journos eating sweets from Musharraf after he called…
So was PM Manmohan Singh fit to rule for 10 yrs having said that "Minorities…
Manmohan Singh used to work 18 hours a day but never advertised it
The great pm of india Dr.Manmohan Singh ji.I slute
P1: Normal people when they say LMAO. P2: Manmohan Singh when he says LMAO
Muslims must have first claim on resources: Manmohan Singh when he was PM
But same BJP opposed it when Manmohan Singh ji was PM.
Even it happened for Manmohan Singh led Govt ! Coal Scam and 2G scam !!! These Scams r comm…
Modi wants to make India “Sone ki chidiya” & Manmohan Singh wants to make India “Sonia ki chidiya."
Hindus r Secular by nature. If hindus's have same thoughts like you person, then APJ Abdul never beca…
I don't agree with u!!!there was strong contrast btwn Ex pm Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi!!!either1 is…
He cannt Hear as Manmohan singh was not talking Both other side of same COin
Media hs become pol stooge of a party in power in centre. Manmohan Singh ws severely criticised bt Modi ws praised lk God . Modi is nt God
True when Manmohan Singh was under the magic spell of Sonia Gandhi.
Dr. Manmohan singh is undoubtedly one of our intellectual elite and a great visionary. Respect and…
Sensex Growth was highest in the regime of Dr Manmohan Singh suggesting positive economic environment and job creation
Sir Don't know. Some BJP leader may be in this case. It's better to remain Silent Manmohan Singh.
Then and now. TIME magazine bio:. Pic1 : Dr Manmohan Singh . Pic 2:
There is saying, "Right person @ wrong place, best example : Dr. Manmohan Singh being in Congress, 2nd best…
I have more conversations In My Head than I do In Real life. - manmohan singh.
Accidental Prime Minister, The (PB) : The Making and Unmaking ... is now available at ₹191
Policy Planning Group constituted for J&K by Smt Sonia Gandhi. This group will function under the Chairmanship of Dr. Manmoha…
You cannot be a leader by torning/ throwing an ordinance brought by legendary Dr.Manmohan Si…
Former PM Dr Manmohan Singh used to travel by Ambassador, while Pradhan Sevak only feels comfortable only with BMW
now, ji wil blame Manmohan Singh for this.😆😆😆😆
A picture of Manmohan Singh from the UPA regime of 10 years. . Experts said - "the subject is dead from inside and cannot fe…
Manmohan Singh will be an even bigger disaster than Rahul Gandhi. 500% sure.
Dr. Manmohan Singh should deserve huge credit.
I am sure Virbhadra Singh ji was talking about Dr.Manmohan Singh ji... the most unelectable PM India ever had.
honorable PM Dr. Manmohan Singh ruled for 10 yrs, was never elected.
When the then PM of India, Manmohan Singh said, quite brazenly in 2006, that ‘Muslims must have first claim on...
Yes mitron! A robot of Nagpur will inaugurate the project implemented by ex-PM Dr. Manmohan Singh. Bajao taali!
When you refuse to appreciate his work and only choose to mock Dr. Manmohan Singh for a few laughs here, you will end up with Abki Baar.
abusing Dr.Manmohan Singh was freedom of speech.criticizing Mr.Modi is defamation!?
It should be celebrated as Dr. Manmohan Singh day in India
thanks for your continued support to DR.Manmohan Singh.…
Should you be frustrated in work, Imagine the plight of visionaries like Dr. Manmohan Singh & Dr. Shashi Tharoor under…
.. One more accomplishment our greatest PM of modern India Dr.Manmohan Singh's greatest vision and hard work!
Learnt a lot from calm wisdom & great scholarship in field of economics of Dr. Manmohan Singh, who has been a colleagu…
Manmohan Singh worked hard to earn his educational degrees & got made the PM whereas Modi worked hard 2 become the PM &…
Rahul Gandhi & former PM Manmohan Singh were also presen at swearing in ceremony of https…
After taking oath aa Cabinet ministers,Navjot Sidhu and Manpreet Badal walked up Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh and so…
this was started by Dr. Manmohan Singh and vehemently opposed by Shri Modiji!
Its a Frankenstein unleashed upon the Indian population by Nandan Nilekani & Manmohan Singh whether knowingly or not
our leaders from Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to Manmohan Singh was practically working for China and other enemies of India.
Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister for ten years from 2004.
let me Modi say something atleast for his own constituency now. If not than don't blame Manmohan Singh ji of not speaking
I do not want to speak: Former PM Manmohan Singh on PM Modi's remarks on him in Rajya Sabha
Former PM Manmohan Singh says - Even I had predicted 7% GDP after Demonetization but Sonia Madam ordered me to say 2% less…
see has turned in form of shri Manmohan Singh in last 7 days from Modi Ji role
has turned in form of shri Manmohan Singh, while seven days prior he was like Sari Modi Ji
It is legalised loot by Modiji's govt. which Manmohan Singh ji mentioned in his speech in Parliament
Indian economy is stable because of economic reforms by Manmohan Singh ji. That shows that he worked 4 country...1/2
They mocked Manmohan Singh jinfor being quiet. But he worked. In the other hand, Modi Ji is all talks.
Everyone is talking about Freedom of Expression. . Where were you all when Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister?
Kindly ask Manmohan Singh,the world famous Economist and the Former Prime Minister of India and one who introduced LPG.
Manmohan Singh's reaction when Media asked about Modi Ji's Raincoat statement about him.
Rahul Gandhi had torn the ordinance of Manmohan Singh govt. by calling it nonsense. Wasn’t that an insult of the Prime Minist…
No Becoz even former PM. Manmohan Singh ji. Susceptible about. GDP growth after. demonetizaion. What to say about. Normal ppl.
Manmohan Singh ji was wrong on GDP figures "India's GDP"
Manmohan Singh removed dignity and accountability from the office of the Prime Minister. Even now he lives in Sonia's…
I am not Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi is... -- Manmohan Singh (2012)
You are a gift to the world. A Fabulous and memorable happy birthday to Our beloved Dr.Manmohan Singh ji.
I hope now it's clear why a Prime Minister should talk less and deliver more. ~ Dr. Manmohan Singh (2017)
Stung by repeated barbs by BJP leaders at Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress vice president Rahul...
Manmohan Singh deserves an Oscar award for Acting as a Prime Minister of India.
FYI: Prime Minister Modi was from a far higher financial background than his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh. So there!
This is how the first family of Congress treated PM Manmohan Singh, as a family servant. Today they talk of dignity! http…
I added a video to a playlist Narender Modi Makes Fun of Manmohan Singh, Bath with Raincoat in
this is how respected Manmohan Singh, by publically tearing down his ordinance.
Congress walked out of Rajya Sabha because Modi insulted Manmohan Singh. Justified. Only Congress has the right to insult Ma…
Manmohan Singh didn't spend his time as PM attacking fellow Indians, quoting from Star Wars like a fool or sightseeing…
Question of the day .How does Modi know that Manmohan Singh wears raincoat in the bathroom???
Manmohan Singh wasted 10 years of our generation !! This man even himself din't know he was Prime Minister.. Spinless hole !!
It will be difficult for Modi to match the grace and dignity of Manmohan Singh even after 7 janam !
So it was Manmohan Singh and Indira Gandhi's Tax Terrorism of 1973-74, which created black money in India. Darkest period for economy.
Letter shows the then PM Manmohan Singh expressed support for Mallya. Orders were given by PMO to concerned ministries: Dr
The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh travelling in the train from Banihal to Qazigund...
Who is really on the winning side of history in the global village — Obama and Manmohan Singh or Donald Trump? :…
Why Narendra Modi should thank Manmohan Singh before celebrating India's NSG progress. (via
Independent thinking at Indian universities under threat,students must be encouraged to speak freely: Manmohan Singh
Look who is speaking... Manmohan Singh and Independent thinking 😆 beta pehle khud Sonia ke soch se aazad ***
Nw the congress letter bomb where Manmohan Singh calls Jallikattu cruel, and thanks "Humane Society international" for th…
2015 Film fare - Best Actor in a leading role bagged by Manmohan Singh for Pushpak!
Former PM Manmohan Singh will also visit the Atam Nagar constituency in Ludhiana on January 29 to address a political rally.
Manmohan Singh the then PM of India guarantor ?? is that even allowed ?
Manmohan Singh's dedication; took only 1 holiday in past 40 years!
Manmohan Singh was guarantor to the Bank of Baroda loan given to Mallya ! Should he not pay as guarantor of defaulter? ?
Was Ex PM manmohan singh has given any clarification on even Digivijay singh's controversial statements? NO, why ask to PM…
Manmohan Singh took onlyOne Holiday in 40 Years Yes, MMS Worked on Holidays whereas Modi Ji Holidays on Work…
Former PM Manmohan Singh's Dedication; took only 1 holiday in past 40 years.
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a point missed, Manmohan Singh wanted Jaishankar as FS but instead was handed Sujatha Singh by Sonia Gandhi.
Indian banks have a stake in Kingfisher's well-being. With govt nod, things will turn around: Manmohan Singh in 2011 http…
When Manmohan singh has given his real opinion, only he reads the script formed by digvijay and approved by sonia. https:/…
We don't know who is responsible but I remember people demanding PM Manmohan Singh's resignation over train accidents. https:…
Dr Manmohan Singh ji is being proved right. Modi Govt would definitely try to fudge GDP figures.
In the PAC Dr.Manmohan Singh protected RBI in public interest . Modi in diminishing its independence acted against public int…
sachin tendulkar, dilip kumar, PM Narendra Modi. If possible, call Manmohan Singh and make him speak as well.
MS Dhoni's role for Virat Kohli as captain is Sonia Gandhi's role while Manmohan Singh as PM.
Navjot Singh Sidhu talking about sacrifices of Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh after…
So India was decelived by 'clever economist'Dr .Manmohan Singh for some 42 years when he was CEA, RBI Guv, Plannin…
While Sasikala does a Sonia Gandhi, Tamil Nadu CM's condition is exactly like Manmohan Singh.
Manmohan Singh ji ke waqt ke ghotale-Agusta Westland,coal,adarsh,common wealth,2g,land and so on...
Worst is yet to come, says Manmohan Singh on PM Modi's demonetisation move...
Manmohan Singh slams Modi Govt over demonetisation, says worst is yet to come
It is our duty to give the clarion call to the people of the country to wake and rise: Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh.
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... But i venture to think that the worst is yet to come: Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh .
Now the consequences of this steep fall in the GDP of the country can be well imagined: Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Blow to Manmohan Singh and his economist fraternity who were predicting a whopping 2% fall in nation GDP
Who made Manmohan Singh drop Anu Aga in favour of Syeda Hafeez for Planning Commission job and wny? via
Modi just did a Manmohan Singh speech with an abrupt end, Jai Hind!
Manmohan Singh had the best economic record of any PM in the last 70 yrs. … http…
How many Q&A sessions with media have been held by Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi & Manmohan Singh?
Landed a Rs 10 note signed by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Former Prime Minister and the then RBI Governor.
but famous economist Dr.Manmohan Singh said everybody is dead in long term!So who will judge it...Historians ?
In 2014, Manmohan Singh, appointed Admiral Robin Dhowan over Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha.Why?was that right
what was shekhar Sinha's disqualification when Manmohan Singh appointed Robin Dhowan in April 2014 as navy chief.
Manmohan Singh was right➡history will judge him better.He's already being missed
Now Tyagi confessed! Big guys Ranjit sinha,TK Nair and Manmohan Singh will be grilled . Why pursue…
Ex-IAF chief SP Tyagi made statement in court today, . pointed finger directly at Ex PM Manmohan Singh . https…
Such is the fear of Madamji, such is his weakness and timidity, Manmohan Singh won't acknowledge the success story…
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Sanjay Jha, Congress: PM Modi should take economic lessons from Dr. Manmohan Singh
At the time, AK Antony was defence minister, Manmohan Singh Prime Minister & Sonia Gandhi UPA chairperson
Tanu weds Manu. Pray . "Tanu" roll played not . and. "Manu" roll not played Manmohan Singh. because landing in ground.
Rupee fall against dollar the most during two Govt, once Manmohan Singh was Finance Minister and again when he was Prime Minister.
What to Do on a 7 Day Surf and Yoga Retreat in Bali by Manmohan Singh in Wellness, Fitne...
Vijay received the 1st commemorative postage stamp from PM Manmohan Singh
Umm didn't you guys criticize Manmohan Singh? I know I did. If poor PM Modi can't take the heat tell him to quit... h…
New Delhi | The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has slammed Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his sharp…
Manmohan Singh: In the long run we are all dead. Usain bolt: LOL !
Usain Bolt: Enough of 100m and 200m race, I want to run in a long…. Manmohan Singh: In a long run, we all are dead. Usain…
Sure. Manmohan Singh's knowledge of economics is as wide as this ball of Morne Morkel. 👍🏽 .
Manmohan Singh talking about 'Monumental Mismanagement' is like Shreyas Talpade giving feedback to Harrison Ford about his…
Manmohan Singh is trending. Dunno much about the demonetization. Do know MS was very smart economically speaking.
Disheartened with fmr. PM Manmohan Singh's speech. We wished that the real economist rose up to the occasion when India…
Manmohan Singh regime was Gold Standard for Dishonesty in Public Office, Corruption and Crony Capitalism in The Modern History of Nations.
History will be kind to me - Manmohan Singh. General Public - Of course it will be because Ram Guha will be the one writing it
Manmohan Singh spoke as a politician not as a renowned economist: a senior NDA minister
Manmohan Singh disappoints. Nation wanted to hear an economist, not a senior leader of opposition.
Dear western slave tell us one act of indecency or immorality of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh or…
Hear that Dr. Manmohan Singh won't be going to Panjab University, Chandigarh to teach because some BJP MP raised qsn over office-of-profit
Obama releases a photo album of his famous interactions with world leaders. Manmohan Singh at 1st spot.and Big Surprise Modi no…
Former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh being welcomed by the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shri Pawan Kumar Chamling htt…
After coming to know that Manmohan Singh, Jean Dreaze and Amartya Sen are economists, I developed faith in astrology and astrologers.
Why did Dr. Manmohan Singh fail to be a good Prime Minister of India if he has huge knowledge?
@ Rehamani , U say mrs Indira Gandhi -from grave/Manmohan Singh should confirm the strikes , it's dirty politics from you.
Former PM Manmohan Singh in front of a picture of Lal Bahadur Shastri at Vigyan Bhawan
Sandeep Dixit's open letter to MMS.. Letter to Manmohan Singh: Tell us how many punches you delivered to Pakistan...
A very pertinent open letter by Sandeep Dixit to Manmohan Singh.
CBI's opposed summoning of Manmohan Singh in the Coal scam. Congress is silent on Amit Shah in the BK Bansal case. Iska m…
The sad thing about Dr. Manmohan Singh was, he didn't know how to take credit for the right reasons.
To be fair, Dr. Manmohan Singh has to be credited too for this operation. He lulled Pak into complacency by doing nothi…
Sardar Dr.Manmohan Singh ji must be getting hickups in his sleep,. Entire Nation missing him.very badly.
In my series of famous quotes by world leaders here is one from Dr. Manmohan Singh.
How well has Pujara batted. And with every run he scores, he is sending Sanjay Manjrekar into a Manmohan Singh silence. Great to watch.
: Sonia has Manmohan Singh as dummy and now Mohan Bhagwat has modi as a Dummy... Incredible India
Nov 2011: PM Manmohan Singh said Kingfisher needs to be helped out. Sep 2016: PM Narendra Modi ensures Rs.6630 cr of Mallya pr…
Looks like our prev Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was actually Un-manned mohan Singh.
10 things you probably did not know about Manmohan Singh- Manmohan Singh ji was the Prime Minister of India who wa
Congress party is dying slowly. Manmohan Singh was remembered as last congress Prime Minister of India.
From Narsimha Rao and Manmohan Singh to Modi, why Urjit Patel was a favourite
DPM Bimalendra Nidhi meets Manmohan Singh in Delhi: Nepal's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affai...
Guess on whose recommendation he got the Indian Citizenship! Dr Manmohan Singh, last Prime Minister of India
Dr. Manmohan Singh, LK Advani, Rahul Gandhi after paying floral tributes to former PM Rajiv Gandhi in Central Hall
Former Prime Minister and distinguished economist Manmohan Singh today released the book “Give Nonviolence a...
Delhi: Dr. Manmohan Singh pays tribute at Vir Bhoomi on the birth anniversary of Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
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21st June 1991 P.V. Narasimha. Rao took oath as P.M. &. Manmohan Singh as F.M. Sensex on that day was 1361. & today 26800 20…
On this day, Manmohan Singh ji's game changing budget of 1991 changed our lives in more than one ways. (1/2)
This day 25 years ago, Dr. Manmohan Singh presented the budget that liberated India and set it on the path to...
Thank you Dr. Manmohan Singh for backing India's GDP figures which show we are worlds fastest growing large economy. https…
It is all the fault of Dr. Manmohan Singh and these banks which want to charge interest. .
Again in 2004 Jupiter was in Leo when Manmohan Singh was elected as Indian Prime Minister.
There are 3 types of people in viva- . 1. Manmohan singh. 2. Arnab Goswami. 3. Rahul Gandhi
Manmohan Singh did not announce a Single Jumla in 10 years Wheras Modiji announced only Jumlas in past 2 years
I liked a video Press Conference: Episode 49: Narendra Modi is a better PM than Manmohan Singh, says
Manmohan singh needed "Remote controller". Modi needs "Well defines SCRIPT". Arvind kejriwal can take the things "Head-on"
Bahut khoob. He has proved dilli can b run without CM. Earlier manmohan singh had proved centre can b run without PM
We would like to thank our former PM Dr Manmohan Singh for his revolutionary scheme, MGNREGA, which is helping workers from the v…
Unlike manmohan singh cant run away from the decisions made by his ministers. .
PM sir you are a good orator but sadly you need to learn diplomacy from Dr Manmohan Singh. Diplomacy is not just hugs…
75. Role of Pulko Chatterji, Ex Principle Sec to Ex PM Manmohan Singh should be investigated. He is use to carry files to T…
PM ji you r a gud orator but sadly U need 2 learn diplomacy from Manmohan Singh . Diplomacy is not just hug…
MANMOHAN SINGH took less often on foreign tours on official expenses than because she does not write on foreign affairs?
Oh no. Another Manmohan Singh in UP. Logical choice as she is a person who the Gandhi trio can manipulate. Sha…
ExRBI Gov Subbarao's book makes it clear UPA behaved abominably with RBI--NDA and Rajan was very mild in comparison https…
The man of action Dr Manmohan Singh’s leadership saw highest GDP growth rate in Indian history.
India USA civil nuclear deal was signed by Dr Manmohan Singh, which strengthened our foreign relations.
Manmohan Singh achieved it with diplomacy & Global leader Modi Ji failed despite his media hype & airplane diplomacy
These should be beaten up with shoes first!. Sudheendra Kulkarni. Mani Shankar Aiyar. Salmaan Khursheed. Manmohan Singh
The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh (City Plans) is selling cheaper…
Manmohan Singh was the second greatest Prime Minister of India, Nehru being the greatest. Jaise jaise din guzrenge Mms ki boh…
Manmohan Singh is one of the best Prime Ministers in India’s history
Like Rahul was a power centre in Manmohan Singh govt. same way Adani is so in regime of
Old video of PM Modi frightening people about FDI and mocking Manmohan Singh has come to haunt him.
eye-opener on how Leela Samson was so great & Manmohan Singh worked under democratic setup.
Manmohan Singh was appointed Governer RBI by Indira Gandhi Rajiv Gandhi did not renewed its 2nd tenure. Why hue &cry now wid exit Raghu Ram
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For Punjab is in the west! 'Manmohan Singh, a Former Prime Minister from the western state of Punjab'
Modi becomes the first ever Indian PM to address the US Congress after Manmohan Singh, Vajpayee, Narsimha Rao, Rajiv Gandh…
Tell-all movie on Manmohan Singh based on Sanjaya Baru’s book may spell discomfort for Congress - The Econo...
Yes, Manmohan Singh and Pandit Nehru would have agreed with you.
When celebrating progress on NSG and MTCR, thank Manmohan Singh and the Indo-US nuclear deal -...
Wishing a very Happy Women's day to Sonia Gandhi. A brave lady who controlled Manmohan Singh and Arvind Kejriwal like pup…
Soniya Gandhi was de facto PM, Manmohan Singh was de jure: Jairam Ramesh was so called nouker
Rahul is de facto Cong chief - Jairam Ramesh. Legacy of Gandhi family. Sonia Gandhi was the de facto PM when Manmohan Singh was in office.
Why are you silent accountability of Mrs. Soniya Gandhi , Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh ?
What wrong u seen in positining of Kiran & Bassi. What right was when U made minister by Sonia in Manmohan Singh's time.
Prime Minister of India at that time was Dr. Manmohan Singh ji. Am I wrong 🤔
Bank freezes Manmohan Singh's accounts because he is Vijay Mallya's...
Chandrasekhar took more decisions as Prime Minister in six months than Manmohan Singh did in ten years as PM
. And same people made jokes on Manmohan Singh and Soniya Gandhi. Now they are talking about
Manmohan Singh was a silent Prime Minister. But Modi's cowardice on any issue is golden.
V Narayanasamy 's experience in Manmohan Singh's PMO (as minister of state) should come handy as he is chosen as next CM of Puducherry
Hello Ms.Journalist.Cong always says it was Manmohan Singh's govt.who was the PM?who were the minister
Best performing minister in Soniaji's government was Manmohan Singh. We appreciate his good performance acting as honest…
Knowbody knows in congress except Manmohan singh, everybody only bakchohi in congress, .
Photoshop made him PM,not his degree.Manmohan Singh was not Muslim & we muslims dint have a problm with him.
By that logic, Manmohan Singh never won a direct election,was PM for 10 years and Fin minister for 5 years. What was democracy status den?
Manmohan singh had a stronger spine and Media showed a lot of spine by grilling Sonia, Rahul, Chidambaram an…
Former PM Manmohan Singh was earlier with World Bank, RBI was percieved close to United States and was instrumental in Clinc…
Dr Manmohan Singh has proven to be the most intelligent sardar… He silently destroyed Congress in 10yrs to take revenge of the 1984 riots
.A look at how PM Narendra Modi saves time on foreign tours
Wat if I ask how "close" Dr Manmohan Singh was to Antonia Maino ??
Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji to mentor Punjab's economic revival plan for Congress Manifesto. It is a great news for Punjab
manmohan singh never fought an election was PM for 10 yrs
looks like they caught wrong Manmohan Singh!!!😀
This Manmohan Singh is Vijay Mallya's guarantor . For more details:
Amazing Bank.. Gave notice to this small farmer Manmohan Singh from Pilbhit, UP. They say he gave surity to Mallya!!
should have been developed on priority: Ex-PM
Manmohan Singh would've never done that .
ji. Very poor farmer Manmohan Singh was guarantor of Malya's 550 crore loan in UPA terms. http…
If never elected manmohan singh can become pm for 10 years then what's wrong in appointing her as lt. gov ?
I think Manmohan Singh also lost in 1999 lok sabha elections.
fine madam the irony is media is erasing good works of Dr Manmohan Singh from public memory to please modiates
Was Manmohan Singh ever a member of the Lok Sabha ?
Hmm..Zeroed on the "Wrong Manmohan Singh"..real one was not just the Gurantor but the one who Bailed him out as well http…
so? Are they breaking any law? Manmohan Singh was also not elected by people. Find the fact first sir.
Between Narendra Modi-led NDA, or Manmohan Singh-led UPA, which one would you pick as better?
Some handles turn into Manmohan Singh Mode after follow back !
Congress please change your dynastic rule raj. You did best when you had Prime Minister Narasimha along with our then fm Dr. Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh was directly the Minister in charge for the deptt when this scam happened.
Sonia's SPG pushing Serving PM Manmohan Singh in Rashtrapati Bhawan still imprinted on my mind.
Frmr PM Manmohan Singh was the Cabinet Minister back then,he had the primary responsibility as Cabinet Minister: RK Singh, BJP on coal scam
All this hoopla over the Prime Minister's degrees. . Manmohan Singh had a BA, MA, DPhil, DLitt and a PhD.
Irony is Vadra featured in posters ,but not Dr. Manmohan Singh who was the Prime Minister of India for two...
Dr Manmohan Singh is a Sikh who was born in gah,pakistan was elected twice as a Prime Minister Or minority means only Muslims
Manmohan Singh will be remembered as Powerful Finance Minister because of Narsimha Rao & weak PM because of Sonia G
Sad to see Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh used as tool by Sonia Gandhi in protests.
A suitable title for the biography of our Former Prime Minister "Dr Manmohan Singh would perhaps be: Silence is not always
Arun Shourie said exactly what he had said about Manmohan Singh 2 Years back but...
Manmohan Singh is so sincere, loyal & devoted that if Judge awards him a jail sentence he will first thank Sonia.
Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh break the police…
Try putting yourself in Manmohan Singh's shows & you will realize that you wud hv been crucified for such corruption. Time he is judged.
Modi Govt should be ashamed of arresting fmr PM Dr. Manmohan Singh just for being part of a March htt…
Manmohan Singh should sue Queen for screwing up his life and his honest-hardworking image. I really fe…
Manmohan Singh's comparison of Congress, which has spread the pollution of corruption in India, with GANGA will not be li…
Sonia Gandhi refused to travel by Mi8 VVIP Squadron Helicopters !! PM Manmohan Singh & PM Narendra Modi have no problems.…
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"(Going by) the Italian court judgment, Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Ahmad Patel and Oscar Fernandes should be...
Better than most qualified PM ever Manmohan Singh and thousanda of crores of scams right under his nose..
Very frightening to hear that CBI and ED was misused to shield congress high command in Agusta Chopper scam during Manmohan Singh rule !
Nothing new. Panun Kashmir is about a union territory. Also, Manmohan Singh too had talked about separate enclaves.
Bowlers to RCB is simply non-existent as Manmohan Singh was to India as the Prime Minister
"I hope when history is written, it will be kinder to me than contemporary media" - Dr. Manmohan Singh
Or...the then Prime Minister of India. Mr Clean..Dr Manmohan Singh.
Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister then. Why is BJP not calling him? asks Alok Mehta, Chief Editor, Outlook Hindi
In Asia, only Indian democracy could have Sonia as Congress's head, Abdul Kalam as the President and Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister.
Manmohan Singh behaved as a peon to Sonia Gandhi. Disrespected the post of Prime Minister and that of 7 RCR
yes he was best, Manmohan Singh was best obedient Prime Minister ever
Video of Indian PM Manmohan Singh's address to joint session of US Congress:(2005):
Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had addressed US office of Congress in 2005
I can never believe Dr. Manmohan Singh is involved in this scam. He did not even upgraded his Maruti 800 to Alto.
Sonia Gandhi was unconstitutional Prime Minister of India and Manmohan Singh the constitutional watchman
Manmohan Singh is a misfit as Prime Minister who was allowed to function for ten years. We have to bear the brunt.
Not aware of any call from Italy PM to Manmohan Singh: MK Narayanan, former National Security Adviser on deal
Matter will be discussed in Parl: Manmohan Singh: Former Prime Minister… SPS®
Manmohan Singh was tough with people who compromised interests of nation- in 2G case he asked DMK minister to resign.
Biggest news for India since Manmohan Singh became Finance minister
What is the state of congress under Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and dummy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
China underestimated Indian response! They thought Modi's reaction would be similar to Sonia's Sweeper - Manmohan Singh!
Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Shinde, Rahul Gandhi, Chidambaram should be charged with sedition for this conspiracy
Did the Kerala trolls forget Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister for 10 years was a Rajya Sabha member!
Former PM Manmohan Singh & Congress President Sonia Gandhi at Parliament premises to pay tribute to Dr. BR Ambedkar
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