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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was the 19th century American belief that the United States (often in the ethnically specific form of the Anglo-Saxon race ) was destined to expand across the continent.

John Gast Native Americans Sam Altman Jim Crow

[the painting is John Gast's 1872, 'Spirit of the Frontier', generally regarded as embodying the American belief in 'Manifest Destiny']
seems 'Manifest Destiny' is no longer manifest
Powerful and true...demographics must become the new "Manifest Destiny" for America and the West.
OUT TOMORROW!. "New Narrative" takes you through some of Randy Valentine's life journey conveying the power to manifest one's o…
“Time and again, America has bent the land to its will, imposing the doctrine of Manifest Destiny on nature’s most…
Don't fully disagree with the sentiment here. India of our dreams is a superpower that will lead the worl…
"So what the Senator ate a few people? Manifest destiny is a proud, white, American value."
I know the LDS experience. They have their own special reality. A hothouse piety. Introspective. Manifest destiny.
I swear, my grocery store is going Manifest Destiny with how much of the earth it can kill with plastic bags. 16 i…
Oh, absolutely. Christianity was used to justify genocide and slavery. Manifest Destiny, curse of Ham, etc.
Modern Manifest Destiny: All women's bodies belong to us, the old creepy *** bags of America.
But this has always been the case. They just called it different things -- states' righ…
Manifest Destiny has been the book I've found the most consistently enjoyable. Whenever it comes out…
Donald Trump seems to be a Frankenstein-like synthesis of phony religiosity, the most grotesque el…
Christianity in America was involved in the slave trade, used to justify the genocide of indigenous ppl via Manifes…
“When I went on my first stealing spree, I became a Mexican bandit, and a practitioner of Manifest Destiny.”
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I aint wit that messy *** sht. Ima stay chilling... my destiny gon manifest in itself that way.
I sweatergawd white dudes will try to manifest destiny everything
it is sunday, my dudes, the day of the LORD. how fitting then, that we are celebrating [manifest destiny] today, takin…
Just let that sink in. Just think about all the things Evangelical “Christians” openly embrace politically. These a…
The part where men have invaded, colonized and appropriated WOMAN because it's his manifest destiny to take whateve…
(Not manifest destiny. Manifest density is an entirely different quest. It's the search to seek out new lif…
Jewish retardism on display here. The helicopter trip is his manifest destiny
Manifest destiny and its offspring. Tradition lol
Glory doesn't come without struggle & struggle is always pregnant with Glory.Sometimes that Glory is miscarried b/c…
Canada is what the US would have been. (Or easily could have been), if it wasn't so obsessed with it's "Manifest De…
My family stays apart at each coast on Thanksgiving to represent manifest destiny
Most shockingly for American nationalists, they’d scoff at Manifest Destiny, considering it deleterious on the nati…
Guns up .. with my boy .. big 12 .. manifest destiny ... QB killer .🔫game on . Texas Tech ...
Maybe these people, whose land was subsequently stolen through Manif…
Maybe these people, whose land was subsequently stolen in the Manife…
Chief SOHCAHTOA is the reason Americans slaughtered the natives during manifest destiny
Shawn is wearing the take me home shirt 1d's second album is called take me home this is manifest destiny we are one step closer to a collab
Manifest destiny is actual screaming USA super drunk as we win an important sports event.
Manifest destiny but its Finland and the rest of Scandinavia
Continue 'manifest destiny' at your own risk..demise..circa 2017...
"Intended as an allegory of Manifest Destiny, the painting conveys the ideas of American progress and Westward Expa…
Thats why Knowledge Of Self is like life after death. Apply it to your life, let destiny manifest. - Black Star
One might interpret this picture as a visual metaphor for Manifest Destiny.
Only few have the manifest and are chosen for that destiny
So they not gonna talk about the time Mexico invaded us manifest destiny style🤔
That was the system of government in place during the era of Western Expansion, Manifest Destiny,…
Other things that are white supremacy and also terrible: Manifest Destiny or…
They came up with the idea of Manifest Destiny, they created the Monroe Doctrine, they ended slavery
Latinos seldom lived in America until after manifest destiny had been completed and the…
Our Generals were taught the Domino Theory and Manifest destiny at War Colleges. Their Bosses losing the Vietnam War blamed Americans.
After 2 days driving on the same road, I have concluded that Manifest Destiny was a mistake.
4th Period Honors US History - Great job on your Bill of Rights Quiz - Grades are finished! Also job well done on Manifest Destiny notes!
3rd Period US History - Good day talking about Manifest Destiny - grades are updated!
Do you happen to know the beyer figure for manifest destiny yesterday at Saratoga?
We all know the destiny this scumbag wants to manifest. Only thing these hippies create is habitat for bugs and hai…
We still lack a sense of mission like "Manifest Destiny", & can't go into space alone. Ti…
I feel like the District is about to go all "Manifest Destiny" on my neighborhood
Jackson was a manifest destiny waving mass murderer. Such a great example for our children.
I don't see how any comparisons could be drawn between a niche, one-man shop and The Athletic's spr…
Dare to fly no matter what you're carrying. You have the power to manifest your destiny.
- Deport negroes to Africa. - Extend Manifest Destiny through all of the southern border to Panama
People didn't pick up and move because because of black people having rights. They moved…
Funny how people seem to always see more in me than I see in myself. I'm almost sure that happens for a lot of us. Time to manifest destiny
Holiness is not only what God gives me, but what I manifest that God has given me.
"Manifest your destiny" Good morning America. Time to make the donuts
Manifest Destiny's Child or . Blondes, rugs, and misogyny
Ms Columbia Leads Westward Expansion on Manifest Destiny "Why is Washington Named the District of Columbia? >…
Literally with some drunk frat boys and one just used the term "manifest destiny" 😂😂😂 dead 💀💀💀
Welcome to September our month of MANIFESTATIONS . ..your GLORY, your Destiny, your calling, your VISIONS, will MANIFEST Romans 8:19
you could say they believe in. Manifest Destiny
Empire Vet congratulates Bruce Brown on big win with Manifest Destiny
cannot be adequately be addressed without indicting the WEST:. Manifest Destiny. King Leopold II. Queen Elizabeth's race codes
Seriously Please go study up on why back then we wanted people to immigrate to America. Read…
Lobby watching: Grad edition. Americans do not like queuing. Most of us are just not very good at it. Manifest Destiny run amok?
Carving manifest destiny into sacred stone = American empire in a nutshell
Unless your name starts with Running Cloud Bear or Eagle I'm pretty sure you can shut your Manifest Destiny cakehole
DenverWestword: All we have to say is manifest destiny.
All we have to say is manifest destiny.
What, you mean if the Native Americans had beaten back manifest destiny effort? That's the onl…
'Manifest Destiny' Today's editorial cartoon by Brian Gable. For more cartoons: From
I bet there would even be MORE data & imagery abt plants & animal adaptations in a book not based on Manifest Desti…
"No on created hierarchy"... What do you think the Euro concept of 'manifest destiny' was all about?
Manifest Destiny . Shaolin Cowboy . Trees. Injection . The Wild Storm (yet another attempt by DC to reboot Wildstorm but good)
We all have a future and a will only take time for it to manifest,still,God's time is the best time.
Boy the white wash history they've been teaching you is really…
You're interrupting our Manifest Destiny. One way to solve the immigration issue is just to annex Mexico. freaks came to expect as a manifest destiny is completely gone dude, I suggest you ada…
No time to split it up, we have destiny to manifest!
But it has been proven that you get what you think.also known as manifest destiny. Smart to think positive.
After their communist "utopia" leaves them all dead we can enact Manifest Destiny 2.0
Murderous tribes? Like the people that came with small pox blankets? And stealing land like.. Some kind of manifest…
We possessed the power to manifest events in our lives as co-creators of our DESTINY.
"Manifest Destiny"? More like another arkham game. dat yellow stripe on than game
Attend this free live workshop to learn how to go from wherever you are to the destiny you choose for yourself
Canada is proof America's greatest sin was not finishing off manifest destiny
...also the power of the Anglican church could not stop it from happening. The colonies were part of…
Manifest your destiny. It will real life happen if you put it into existence
Thanks tell the r. 47 other states need access to the ocean: it will NEVER ever happen manifest destiny
Christian not white men. Color of skin not a choice. Religion is. Manifest destiny dictated b…
Taysum sound like police brutality waiting to inflict itself upon someone and manifest it's destiny.
FREE IN CANADA!. Canada has great single payer health care! . USA has wars and guns. Canada's CPC-UPC seditious part…
Outdoor show update: I accidentally leaned into a lot of ants and they yelled "Manifest destiny!" And now I'm their host.
One would think Manifest Destiny might include barely holding any local, state or federal seats at…
Their god is whiteness. DT is the apostle proclaiming the…
You know one day the French will manifest destiny, and on that day you'll be sorry
MANIFEST DESTINY 🎉✨(blocking every single content that opposes to my view and thinking it makes me liberal, for example, SJW)
I'm surprised I haven't heard "Manifest Destiny" out of your current administration yet.
Time to expand and reignite "Manifest Destiny" No more forcing our people to subsidize ignorant 3rd…
slavery, manifest destiny, Jim Crow, all racist and used to excuse what mostly all religions condemned
I'd argue that national fascination began with Manifest Destiny, dr…
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And what do you think happened with Manifest destiny? Native American…
Uh, those are Native Americans. . They didn't break in, they were here already & largely displaced/…
Manifest Destiny. The growth of U.S. was pushed by the notion that God ordained westward expansion.
I'll have the Freedom burger with a side order of Manifest Destiny please.
Just do it already... Stop making excuses... **self love**. **self first**.
It's arguable being in a band is quasi-unamerican. We've always have more solo artists (manifest destiny, rugged individualism)
On dis day the colonies were free to colonize, later felt ntitled to expand on the racist Manifest Destiny ideology.
*** the NBA having its own version of Manifest Destiny.
I got into also that the colonists said they had manifest destiny for them to colonize the west and move that direction.
There are no inherently superior of inferior people. We are as "chosen" and our "manifest destiny" rest on adopting Divine qualities
China gives me the heebie-jeebies from a historical point of view, starting w/ Emperor Qin. Imagine…
Celebrating Manifest Destiny by eating a bison burger on this Fourth.
"What are you doing for ?" I'm gonna manifest some destiny with Teddy!
Reminder that Manifest Destiny applies to space
Night elves proclaiming to follow their manifest destiny is such a strange twist of fate. Stranger than them using guns.
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Another example is manifest destiny. MD says Native death and conquest is an INEVITABLE part of history. History couldn't happen w/o it.
Although I don't agree with the whole "manifest destiny" (as in what our founding fathers thought) I…
Manifest destiny doesn't stop at the Pacific 🇺🇸🇺🇸.
good luck bro, Manifest Destiny. God wanted them to have that pavilion
If America decides it will happen, then it will happen regardless of the obstacles in her way. This is Manifest Destiny.
It is also the celebration of the Birth of Manifest Destiny. Whatever America Speaks will be willed into existence by the Divine Providence
YES don't let them claim manifest destiny on your rental
So help me God, if the pilgrims had landed in California, manifest destiny would never have been a thing.
Suppressed History: Louisiana Purchase was cheaply sold to Jefferson b/c Napoleon believed in Manifest Destiny. Nap…
Let'a celebrate the success of Manifest Destiny?
Startup lesson out there seems to be: growth isn't everything. And try to solve a bigger problem.
...teach snippets of those parts of history where we were unequivocally the bad guys. Slavery, manifest destiny, and so forth.
America needs to be better-founded on aristocrats who put profit,self and pride above humans-slavery,…
This year, I'm going to manifest destiny some music. Gotta stay on the ball, after all.
America pre-9/11, what with the slavery and the Jim Crow and the manifest destiny massacre,…
came saw conquered ring is our Manifest Destiny...
Readers may want to dig deeper into that aspect of Manifest Destiny which argued that Go…
came saw conquered ring is our Manifest Destiny... has begun
On this day when we commemorate the manifest destiny which led to slaughter of Native American and African...
I'm honoring America this by taking my Indian neighbors apartment and yelling "MANIFEST DESTINY". They're from India, but MERICA
🗓15 | Traveled West because manifest destiny and all that. Ready to hang with family and eat well.
I'm pretty sure they all on manifest destiny. He dropped that this year and SB3
Who didn't come to destroy manifest destiny, but to fulfill it.
concept of Manifest Destiny. A nation which defeated the mighty British Empire and weathered War of 1812 and Civil War had…
I never understood the whole manifest destiny BS.
Manifest Destiny is the least discussed genocide in modern history.
For Native Americans, 4th of July was "meet the new boss...same as the old boss." Still colonization based on Manifest Destiny.
"You do not manifest your destiny by placing others first!"
I don't think it's a difference of opinion, I think viewing America through a Manifest Destiny lens is alternative history.
In one form or other because we have achieved manifest destiny.
He's gonna take over Dream Land and call it manifest destiny!!!
Foundation? Where you murder millions of people for their…
70 years after US came up with "Manifest Destiny", which was sort of an American Lebensraum, with Native Americans instead of Slavs
I don't know why I keep seeing my Twin Flame playing the step father role. I don't want to manifest that. I can't escape destiny though.
Manifest destiny: to force by will or to manifest your own destiny.
You can only change your circumstances, alter your destiny and manifest miracles, when you walk by faith.
Farewell to Toby Smith. Thanks for 'Too Young to Die', 'Manifest Destiny', 'Butterfly', 'High Times', 'Fallin'...the l…
That term is so nasty. Pure evil. Brings up images of General Custer, Manifest Destiny. Bravo for c…
This very fear, is that which holds us back from living out our manifest destiny, and our legacy as a human race, an ancient race.
JAV: Why is it when White people move, it's Manifest Destiny, it's courageous? When we move, is it a crime? Is it legal?.
Just manifest-destiny'd an Arby's rueben that I found in my fridge
they overlap but only in parts. that link evokes Manifest Destiny but also Blue Highways
Misidentify sexual love manifest destiny saving make a plea popular snow-white herein keep time hits at the…
Manifest Destiny Means Lebensraum: What was it that was spread from sea to shining sea in…
Yeah it's Trump bc next week we're unveiling MANIFEST DESTINY: VOLUME 2: BERING STRAIT EDITION
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4 of 5 stars to Manifest Destiny, Vol. 3 by Chris Dingess
It was being on Hill Harper's manifest for Destiny and getting that smooch lol
Leithart laments the fact that anti-Catholicism was used to rally Protestants around Manifest Destiny.
What do you mean by manifest destiny?
What you speak of is manifest destiny. This mentality does not exist with the Somali People. Blood line should stay irrelevant.
My ancestors settled what was in 1584 middle Mexico and American Manifest Destiny made become Northern Mexico. So why is…
Only you have the power to manifest your own destiny
Manifest Destiny - White Americans believe God told them to own ALL of North America - cause for War of 1812 & MxAm…
Pal prefer manifest destiny only justify moderate null and void hall out of season hits to the ankle honeymoon:…
Manifest Destiny was terrible, and an example of why we need to be more inclusive to people who are already here.
yeah, I'm sure the pilgrims thought the same way with manifest destiny and such. /s
Allow me to introduce you to: World History™. Please, see Chapter 1: Manifest Destiny or Chapter 2: Imperialism disguised a…
Maryland is taking over. Manifest destiny: marylander edition
Assimilate or be exterminated is a frame of mind that everyone relishes. What do you think manifest destiny is?
Well done, Sir. Manifest your own destiny.
! Like fr. They only reason defense is funded so much is to maintain America's imperialistic, "manifest destiny"…
I added a video to a playlist Mass Effect: Andromeda, Part 1: Manifest Destiny
The end always justifies the means for those convinced their lives are superior, entitled. Manifest Destiny rages on.
4 of 5 stars to Manifest Destiny, Vol. 2 by Chris Dingess
8th: What is Manifest Destiny? What did it result it? How did it create the American identity?
Manifest Destiny Pt.1 in landslide. No shock there. Here's a closer match...
Live action anime adaptations are the white mans new manifest destiny
They got the full force of manifest destiny. America didn't just take the land. They fought and won it.
Poverty is not an accident, nor is Manifest Destiny.
The universe always wants you to manifest your individual destiny and will lead you to it, just be aware of omens a…
All the things that I listen to start to parallel my life, manifest destiny
Rebels, Manifest Destiny good intros for American History through comics -- raise interesting questions.
She pull up on me looking like a snack
lol Vince really took Manifest destiny to heart.
Witnesses will testify in the trial of the U.S.’s offences during the 1800s and their craze for land fuelled by Manifest Destiny.
I liked the line: "the state is destiny made manifest..." The art is cool too.
gotta keep it on. Manifest Destiny is the truth too. I haven't heard a song by Lito I don't fw.
Dark ugly manifest destiny; A mountain of skulls captures horror of buffalo slaughter by U.S. settlers.
Explains "Manifest Destiny" and the almost-total demise of the native inhabitants. Public confession sans repentance
Hot/Cold Manifest Destiny Floor Map Review Game - move west to ace the test! This one is always a big hit!…
When we have clarity, we make decisions and take action to make our dreams come true and manifest our destiny !!!
Natives have seen this before, over 525 years. Jackson, the Manifest Destiny, the papal bull. It's an old evil. To paraphrase?
Breathe, be patient and let God manifest your destiny one at a time. This monkey year has been…
We both have a religio/political version of manifest destiny. Ours is Protestant and their's is Orthodox.
Dakota pipeline: America’s indigenous people are still fighting a centuries-old racist ideology, 'manifest destiny'
When you add to Polk's completion of Manifest Destiny but no one remembers.
by the same token I sigh at manspreading since I've mostly dealt with Manifest Destiny women trying to take half of my seat.
To spread a lil u need to believe in it first . of
Please do not approach Manifest Destiny with bribes. We are honorable and non bias and promise to pay winners on time,…
Lo-Pan manifest sludgy destiny on 'Go West'
Some people call this manifest destiny.others...entree takeover. It's what we do! Just look at
It's quite refreshing, I must say, though I also have to say that Manifest Destiny was a lot better in terms of story development.
it's my birthday. buy my album. Manifest Destiny by Nick Pratt.
b/c. Digital Manifest Destiny:. If you build it, they will come.
" Manifest Destiny" by UNRB is now playing on SKAspotRadio. at
Not only that, but Hitler also explicitly drew upon American Manifest Destiny as a model for lebensraum in the East…
manifest destiny. Yeah we learned all about it. Courageous wt ppl w/ guns versus Native Americans w/ arrows.
Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Manifest Destiny?
"Chanumpa broke & you're alone. Help me, Aho Mitake Oyasin" ~ Jay Buchanan, Manifest Destiny Pt1,
"White man will steal my seat and call it Manifest Destiny"
Roll in the manifest destiny referring to communicational but wireline webwork solutions - heterodyne, cable-it…
and the right to take whatever it wants by any means necessary. American exceptionalism and manifest destiny go hand in hand.
Kick Canada's sorry *** back into place,when you get the inspiration,Im frightened Manifest Destiny!
And so in his hubris he will reach for the stars and attempt to grasp hold of the Men who fulfilled Manifest Destiny.
Manifest Destiny and the Election of 1844 | Episode via
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Playing w/ the idea of recommitting myself to living. Manifested itself in this collage.
YOU don;t understand reasonable or doubt unless it applies directly to some slight against you and your "manifest destiny"
Dugin's (read: Putin's) ideology is a bizarre blend of white supremacy and a geographical emphasis on "Eurasia". https:/…
Manifest Destiny is still cool if you're a white racist leaving California or New York for Oregon.
Laying in a plushie pit, explaining how effed up the is to my niece cuz she's learning about Manifest Destiny.
You were just on my favorite republican podcast
1845 Manifest Destiny : U.S President James Polk announces to Congress that the U.S should expand into the West
Sam Altman’s Manifest Destiny great article on and New Yorker, may req. subsc.
Best read of the day goes to: Sam Altman’s (Manifest Destiny via
Sam Altman’s Manifest Destiny via Is Y Combinator fixing the world or trying to take over Silicon Valley?
Manifest your own destiny by the power of a strong positive mindset ✌🏼🌺🌻
His entire life appears to be a concerted effort to prepare for and fulfill his manifest destiny
my editor at TeleSur had a similar idea
My latest at on the use of dogs on our People by
The vicious dogs of manifest destiny resurface in North Dakota. .
Manifest my destiny. Let my fate rest in peace.
Manifest Destiny is a dangerous ideology, a tale told by predators and thieves to justify thier predation.
'Manifest Destiny' was a doctrine that said "God" justifed the slaughter of Native Americans for land grab. . Money is the…
History tells anyone attempting to oppress African Americans that it is a mistake. You will not be denied manifest destiny.
Venezuela is covering better than the US.
My latest Co set dogs on Native protestors wkd
how can anyone say something this manifest destiny-esque with a straight face I just
Interblend be desirous of manifest destiny when speak up for true-blue dimmed invasive midsummer hits over the…
cops shouldnt view citizens as dangerous. It creates rifts when looked at as a criminal. Manifest destiny is a helluva drug.
Your body is ur marble and ur the artist that can create the master pieces, own ur own destiny. Manifest ur...
geopolitics?. What gave those people a right to come and claim this land?. ..propaganda like the manifest destiny? lol
...between Manifest Destiny and the underlying tenets of Islam wrt the will of God, specifically the era of expansion...
Early bird registration for Civil War Manifest Destiny ends next Tuesday and I don't know if I want to enter XRD in addition to UMVC3 ; 3 ;
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on manifest destiny in "An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States"
Motivating you to manifest your destiny! Its time to build your…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I have been reading the walking dead for a year, I picked up manifest destiny yesterday
catchup with Manifest Destiny Co's past archives over on Instagram!. IG :
"Manifest your own destiny." Inspiring words from Celeste Clark of Celesto Espresso.
Celeste of Celesto Espresso which is a a '64 Ford milk truck. "Take care of yourself. Manifest your destiny."
TFW you decide to just manifest destiny the entire pacific Northwest
well, Manifest Destiny obviously pre-dates the creation of Israel by 100+ yrs
❤️ Manifest Destiny in Orange by Michael Divine "cutting through the illusions and structures of self"
"Light skin manifest destiny" is a string of words I have never before seen together
React Native is the current chapter of the JavaScript Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny TripAdvisor Holdings sounds much much more ominous. . Matches the chart better though.
"We need a better name for about Manifest Destiny?"
Believing that terrorism is bred by religious affiliation and not military occupation is a lie as terrible as Manifest Destiny
What grace of light, what pure words go to form. The manifest destiny of rhythm. What tranquil peace can be drawn from this source
Drake claimed Houston, Atlanta, Vegas, Dominican Republic, and now Jamaica. When will this lightskin Manifest Destiny…
Mormon settlement, Manifest Destiny and end of Plains Indian traditional way of life on one paper
Love love love Manifest Destiny. Matt Roberts lives in the same town as me. Super nice guy.
... translations for the Starfleet Academy Experience in Canada, and the IDW comic book Manifest Destiny. Others ...
True story: I once wrote a book review of "Into the Wild" in college and titled it "Manifest Destiny: Deuces, Society."
8th grade learned about Manifest Destiny today & interpreted this work called American Progress by John Gast (1872). htt…
You mean supporters of people like Presidents James Polk and Andrew Jackson, and others who embraced "Manifest Destiny"?
Manifest Destiny was a lame way to justify westward expansion
The concept of Manifest Destiny was widely accepted decades before the phrase was coined by John O'Sullivan in 1845.
Great game teaches students about pioneers, Manifest Destiny, and westward movement
I'm not good at small talk. . Me: "So are you as moved by John Gast's portrayal of Manifest Destiny in the Gilded Age as I am?"
Guess & I really know how to manifest destiny.
Pickle all the same manifest destiny just the same find popular paleface open door humid weather hits to the bight…
YES! Looks like I can now show another cover I've been dying to reveal.
Manifest Destiny is so deeply embedded in American Culture today.
TCBS Book Club this week is MANIFEST DESTINY Vols 1 & 2 from I guess snack will be venison &...
Chekov and the Enterprise crew face off with the Klingons
Props. Your ancestors and mine were murderers, slavers, and rapists who wrapped themselves in Manifest Destiny and Bible Black.
is Hollywood perpetuating the myth of manifest destiny. NDNs are savages therefore land theft & genocide is…
Crunch nip and tuck manifest destiny when cushion ritualistic bourbon influence work against time hits in the butt…
they weren't killed they were "relocated" Manifest Destiny style with a couple "casualties" lol
A little lesson on modern manifest destiny.
Imperialism. Or "Manifest Destiny" as we called it. Reading the earliest works that could be considered anthropology...
on this very day, January 26th, manifest destiny has return. we tried our best, i am sorry.
Manifest Destiny was American policy of colonialism driven by genocide, ecocide, and land theft.
Merge thus and so manifest destiny solely wear hoary deathly pale passageway autumnal hits at the connecting link…
🎶 She thinks you're out of our manifest destiny. I've been thinking about the world, just time on my hands 🎶
And doctrine of discovery, settler colonialism, manifest destiny ... when will the truth become common knowledge? https:…
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