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Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi (née Anand; born 26 August 1956, Delhi, India) is an Indian politician, animal rights activist, environmentalist, former model and widow of the Indian politician, Sanjay Gandhi.

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Birthday Greetings to Union Minister for W&CD Smt Maneka Gandhi May God bless you with a healthy life for years to come.
Happy birthday to Maneka Gandhi (born 26 August 1956) the leading animal rights activist and environmentalist in In…
Minister of says. Never heard of men committing suicide. Ridiculing data. https…
Maneka Gandhi: Harassed by building secretary for keeping cats at home - Sign the Petition! via
The challenge is on the validity of this excep…
Have not heard of men committing suicide: Maneka Gandhi’s statement causes stir
It's the bitter truth. Even in the 21st century such people exist, it fascinates me.
Film actor Amla Maneka Gandhi true animal lovers they affiliated with 1990
Of you read the article I shared, you would reD that it was Maneka Gandhi's ngi. And it wa…
was a SC mandated Law -response to PIL filed by Maneka Gandhi led NGO PFA,Late Daveji mentions Inputs taken from PFA
She might know that he takes shower with cows urine.
"We've given a safe and non-intrusive facility to a child to report an incident of sexual abuse" - Maneka Gandhi
Read stories about in other places not knowing its prevalence in an Indian community. Sad htt…
I heard Maneka Gandhi played a role in it. Is she trying to sabotage 2019? But, what PM, PM…
They passed an unimplementable law at the behest of maneka gandhi s ngo pfa featured in NBC s Science of Love
Smt. during the launch of the World Hunger Day organised by The Akshaya Patra Foundation.
Sir maneka Gandhi is not doing much to improve women safety. Please remove her. So inefficient
Maneka Gandhi is with animals and cow is an animal. She doesn't give a da…
Maneka Gandhi is the second Modi Minister to come out against foods
Police department in UP has become ‘rotten,’ says Maneka Gandhi.
Police department in UP has become 'rotten,' says Maneka Gandhi.
But on this issue RW is with Maneka Gandhi because of Cow.
Despite all the support Maneka Gandhi has in Lutyens media, why would her friends not support her move. I defn smel…
Maneka Gandhi is putting pressure on state to exclude genuine Mahila Mandals .
Maneka Gandhi: Welfare of Street Animals in India - Sign the Petition! via
Maneka Gandhi is a bad news for Indian women.
This is the right time for BJP to get rid of the useless Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi
Shame on state where woman can be abducted&violated in her own car & culprits get away easily: Maneka Gandhi on Malayalam act…
no more the god's own country, says Maneka Gandhi
Rape happens in animal kingdom too - Maneka Gandhi writes
The need to respect the Supreme Court's ban Maneka Gandhi. What is your answer for Beef and Mutton Briyani
What happened to that Maneka Gandhi initiative to address online harassment against women? Another jumla?
bhai can't risk my career...maneka gandhi is serious threat to RW. My job is very sensitive even a false complain cancel my visa
Good initiative by Maneka Gandhi but can she rein in the bhakts some of whom even the PM himself is following ...
Great piece on online trolls by sagarika ghose and kudos to gandhi for taking them to task via
A lot of women who feel very angry with their husbands and hate them dey file
That's because Maneka Gandhi and her family are Also fake.
I am not a male chauvinist at all. In fact fully support the cause envisaged by Maneka Gandhi here.
Sagarika ghose should have asked Maneka gandhi to rein in editors who abuse mothers of people "who don't agree" with them in direct messages
Based on an online petition, Maneka Gandhi has requested Ministry of External Affairs, India to allow for passport without father's name.
Why Maneka Gandhi's bid to take on cyber bullies has got 'likes' -
Also most are women. Maybe so that they can play victim card with stupid Maneka Gandhi.
What about Maneka Gandhi writing letters of apology to all families against whom the Indian state has filed
She is very abusive. Yesterday she started using derogatory words against me too. Would Maneka Gandhi consider o…
Sagarika Ghose: Why Maneka Gandhi’s bid to take on cyber bullies has got ‘likes’
I don't keep dog and cat at home. You can find them at Maneka Gandhi house.
u make law for fatherless society. Dont hate men..
Maneka Gandhi is going to get half of the Arrested. Ghar ka behdi lanka Dhaaye. Where Lanka = BJP.
Gandhi urged external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to amend the passport rules in favour of single mothers
2 social media activist resigning from the party after Maneka Gandhi assured abusive troll will be persecuted.(2016) ht…
If I make a policy & you assume it's about you then don't blame your guilty conscience on me~ Maneka Gandhi (2016) http…
Maneka Gandhi urges MEA to drop provision for fathers name in mandatory details of passport. - TOI
Link to the IndiaToday debate on "trolls" and Maneka Gandhi's ridiculous ill informed bid to play big daddy. .
:and Maneka Gandhi's proposal on passports in a family destruction agenda.Do not accede to i…
A progressive step by govt. to remove father's name from passport. Great news for single moms!
u make law for fatherless society.Dont blame men.
Women empowerment has become empowerment
We must stand united against her duty to take care country person . https…
True, Maneka Gandhi is doing things at the behest of Lutyens Delhi. Please keep a tab
This Nawab calls himself an avid conservationist and an environmentalist and as Mrs. Maneka Gandhi rightly put...
Proud of you, Mrs Stop Prakash Javadekar and Maneka Gandhi, let kindly light ahead:
Nandita Das envoy for girl child, Maneka Gandhi trolled...
Pls sign/RT:. Smt.Maneka Gandhi:-Jail for the party worker's who lead to the horse's Injury.
.hits out at MLA for attack on horse, seeks his expulsion
Way to go India ! (y) . "Following appeals from PETA India and Union Minister Maneka Gandhi, the Ministry of...
One Taal Tho ke debate should be held on Uttarakhand Issue. Please
the other side of the story came up after a considerable gap. Too long to protest innocence. Is Maneka Gandhi settling a score ?
Can we be absolutely certain if Maneka Gandhi's idea of "Justice" doesn't get misused as an exploitation tool like
Maneka Gandhi where wre u when a pigeon brutally murdered by chief of but charge BJP MLA on a leg break
Men are Root of Violence? mam some News which u may not know. Would seek …
Knew Maneka Gandhi's concern for animals ; suddenly many Presstitutes show concern for a horse's leg as it's alleged a BJP man broke it
Maneka gandhi is true animal lovr. she cant betray d donkey in hr party 2sympathize wit d horse. https…
BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi can't escape his responsibility. He must be punished: Gauri Maulekhi, Adviser to Maneka Gandhi
Where 's Champion of animals Maneka Gandhi Big Hypocrat Shame on FEKU BJP President gutless man can not even utter a word
Everyone condemned except animal Haters list too big Maneka Gandhi has copies Why Rawat CM feeling diffident of action
Ravish ji...Joshi is shameless liar bur where is Maneka Gandhi ??? Please someone ask her opinion !!!
Shame on Ganesh Joshi. I wish his leg was also damaged in the same way. Where are the Animal activist ? Maneka Gandhi
nOW WHAT maneka gandhi Need to say on it there party member is doing this shorts of shameful thing to and animal.
The marital rape debate: If, of all people, the Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi, is un...
Union Minister Menka Gandhi demands expulsion of BJP MLA from the party over horse beating incident.
Hope the BJP lawmaker Mr joshi is sacked from the party as Maneka gandhi has rightly demanded
Shame not on the beast BJP MLA, but on Maneka Gandhi! She should resign and take sanyas.
Why the silence from Maneka Gandhi? Not even a word in condemnation of the barbaric act!
Attacking police horse or dog on duty should be dealt strictly. Where's maneka gandhi hiding?
Maneka demands expulsion of BJP MLA Joshi after ‘attack’ on horse
Maneka Gandhi, a Member of Your Party Brutally Beat up and Crippled a Horse. Where Are You?
Union Minister of WCD Maneka Gandhi has written to health ministry regarding the practice
We are waiting for the coment of Maneka Gandhi on BJP law makers attack on a police horse. Sordid silence ?
Maneka Gandhi: Prosthetic Leg for the Police Horse and Transfer to Animal Sanctuary. Expel G... via
How Maneka Gandhi spelled out the reasons why we should criminalize marital rape
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Since great minds are telling me marital rape doesn't exist, my column disagreeing with them & the govt.
Dear Maneka Gandhi; dharam sabkat time for you. PETA or BJP? . Which will be your priority on the horse attacked in Doon?
Maneka Gandhi's NGO "People For Animals" who is otherwise involved in promoting mob lynching, now wants PM to bear costs for Shaktiman's leg
Union Min for WCD, Smt. Maneka Gandhi at the 60th Session of the UN Commission on Status of Women, in New York, USA. https…
Smt. Maneka Gandhi in a bilateral meeting with the F & YA of the State Secretariat Min, Hungary,Ms. Novak Katalin. https:/…
Union Min WCD, Smt. Maneka Gandhi in a meeting with the Civil Society Organizations working on women's issues in USA https…
Union Min for WCD, Smt. Maneka Gandhi speaking during the 'Ministerial Segment', in New York, USA on March 14, 2016. https…
let's wait and watch what Maneka Gandhi does.
Reasons mentioned by Maneka Gandhi are ridiculous. Real reasons are
"Union Minister & animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi too has called for his [Ganesh Joshi] expulsion from the party"
Maneka Gandhi demands BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi's expulsion for attack on horse
Time for expulsion of Joshi from BJP, Maneka Gandhi and NaMo to set an example
Smt Maneka Gandhi, will you not speak up against this brutality against a helpless animal?
Maneka Gandhi aide lambasts BJP MLA, says he responsible for Shaktiman wound,even if lathi did not strike hind leg
Will this count as marital rape by women?. Maneka Gandhi.
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p s Maneka Gandhi is welfare minister in the Narendra Modi government
Maneka Gandhi wants Nandita Das n U want whose wife has problem with BJP/RSS loyalty
: On the contrary, she should feel very much at home in BJP in the company of varun and Maneka Gandhi.
Love these responses to Maneka Gandhi's non-understanding of mental illness. . Context:
People w mental illness CAN and DO work, Mrs Maneka Gandhi! Check out fab Tumblr, contribute if you can
Do you agree with Maneka Gandhi that women's access to sacred places be left to the society to decide?
We have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder etc Ms. Maneka Gandhi. Should we give up jobs? https:/…
Maneka Gandhi's sweeping statement makes the mentally ill more vulnerable to stigma:
In my last job, I had a young candidate whom my junior had cleared bit with observations about "strange...
A collective of activists busting Maneka Gandhi's claim.
After controversial remark on mental illness, Maneka Gandhi clarifies Looks like media created controversy again.
25,000 young women died of burns 2012-14. Where's the outrage? Right to life boring old topic?. "In a written...
Maneka Gandhi and others should mind their language on mental illness
Maneka Gandhi says she was misquoted but activists still fear for the Disabilities Bill via
Maneka Gandhi says she was misquoted and yet activists worry about the disability bill
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Prof. VS Sunder of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences on
Visit tknair blog for mental illness and Maneka Gandhi's comment
📷 Maneka Gandhi, I am the founder of Anjali: Mental Health Rights Organization. I employ people with...
: Maneka wants more clarity in disability bill Gandhi is part of the group of ministers examining the Ri…
Height of cruelty to a child! Unfortunate that people like maneka gandhi think that all violence is male generated
Maneka Gandhi, are you listening? . "Would you rather have the likes of us to be unemployed and chained up in... https:/…
Should women be allowed to enter all temples? Leave it to society to decide: Maneka Gandhi
Temple access to women should be left on society, says Maneka Gandhi
access to women should be left on society Maneka Gandhi –
I have schizophrenia, Ms. Maneka Gandhi. Should I give up my job?
Nostalgia: Rare pic of Maneka Gandhi, Varun Gandhi and Digvijay Singh in their early days
Maneka Gandhi,Animal lovers, Activists, humans, Physically impared, People who cannot afford pets but... via
Wrote to Maneka Gandhi ji to ensure release of Nirbhaya Fund for instalation of CCTV in DTC buses which was rejected earl…
BJP party president Amit Shah has met MP Varun Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi. The meeting took place for nearly half an hour.
Maneka Gandhi opposes 'no feeding stray dogs' notice at St Stephen's | Latest News & Updates at...
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If I remember right, Maneka Gandhi told me years ago that Suhel Seth was part of siphoning off Star News money.
Due to Madam Maneka Gandhi dogs are safe in India but humans are not. If I have a rebirth I must take birth
Due to the policy of Madam Maneka Gandhi in Kerala people are suffering because of dogs, dogs can't be killed
Got the ticket being son of Maneka. But thinks he shud have been minister because of Gandhi surname. Frustration is showing
Both Varun&Maneka Gandhi could not integrate in the ethos of BJP. Reason being they are from Nehru/Indira clan.
The ideal successors to Indira-Rajiv would've been Maneka and Varun Gandhi for INC.
And these are ground realties. 24K deaths in 3 years
Sonia Gandhi to Maneka Gandhi after latter gets the Women & Child Development ministry: "Now Rahul baba's fate is in your hands"
Confusing comment. Its for simi grewal or maneka gandhi or Sonia Gandhi!!
After uproar, India ups budget for some social sectors Maneka Gandhi had protested earlier:
How encouraging to know that over the last 3 years, one Indian woman was killed every hour over dowry.
24,771 dowry deaths reported in last 3 years, Maneka Gandhi tells Lok Sabha. A total of 24…
cases registered in NCPCR about missing children are 10690 in 2013, 14144 in 2014 : Maneka Gandhi
Maneka Gandhi gets rapped by the Supreme Court for presenting wrong data and being clueless at her job!.
Number of children rescued from trafficking in last 3 years is 2600 in 2012,3834 in 2013 and 2676 in 2014: Maneka Gandhi
Highest number of dowry deaths in last 3 years consecutively have been reported from UP followed by Bihar: Maneka Gandhi
Will Mahila Congress Protest. Against Sonia Gandhi for being. when Indira Gandhi kicked. out Maneka Gandhi, 25 yr old widow. of Sanjay G.
Union Min for WCD, Smt.Maneka Gandhi along with Smt.Sumitra Mahajan calling on the Governor of Chhattisgarh.
Would be interesting to know if Maneka Gandhi, Minister in Modi Cabinet &Varun Gandhi have ever apologised…
Four lakh children go missing every year in India: Maneka Gandhi
What do Indira Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, Hema Malini, Sanjay Dutt have in common? All visited this galli in Punjab
Sri Varun Gandhi is too immature to be projected as cm of UP---Maneka should refrain from --MATRA MOH.
Minister of Labour of Canada, Dr. Kellie Leitch calling on Union Min for WCD, Smt.Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, in New Delhi.
Check Maneka Gandhi's case with the gov during Indira years.
Govt withholds Greenpeace activist's passport.Another Maneka Gandhi in the making?
Seems they've never heard of Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India.
Stop using BONE CHINA Crockery. Check this video. Dhanayawad Maneka Gandhi for supporting Vegetarianism.
Today we learnt about the "Bone China" crockery from Maneka Gandhi. Checked the house to ensure we don't have any.
Save Senior Citzens 4m DV Act should protect mothers-in-law too
Hope it goes to court. Indian right to travel abroad established in Maneka Gandhi vs. GoI
no pressure on legal system from PETA and Maneka Gandhi? Don't we still have a minister for animal welfare?
“1960s :: Athlete Milkha Singh Posing Beside a Dead Leopard this to maneka gandhi
Trite law, as per Maneka Gandhi v UOI et al that you have a right to travel outside India unless +
Right to go abroad, part of fundamental rights. Maneka Gandhi case (1978)
This is being done by Maneka Gandhi, who was born a Sikh. As per report, processed cow urine is better.good if true
Yes animals (all living being) have an equal right to life & existence. No discrimination. Why Maneka Gandhi not raising voice.
Move over phenyl; cow urine to clean govt offices now, "Gaunyel" is the name,Maneka Gandhi floated the idea.
actually you deserve Ministry of Women and Child Development. Maneka Gandhi is good for nothing.
WCD minister Maneka Gandhi also at December 16 rape victim's prayer meet organised by trust formed by parents
WOMEN Govt drops plan to amend Dowry Act... NEW DELHI: The Dowry Act in its present form is here to stay for now. The government on Friday said it had dropped amendments to the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 proposed by the National Commission for Women (NCW). “The NCW had recommended certain amendments in Dowry Prohibition Act. However, the ministry has taken a considered view on the matter and decided to drop the amendment proposed by NCW in the present form after taking into account the comments of the high level committee on the status of women and the ministry of home affairs,” women and Child Development minister Maneka Gandhi said in Lok Sabha. The move has been met with some relief by women’s rights activists who feared weakening of the law following a critical Supreme Court order. “I feel it is good that the government has decided not to dilute the law,” Ranjana Kumari from the Centre for Social Research said. Among the amendments that were planned included widening the definition of the w ...
Activists condemn Maneka Gandhi's move to scrap women's self help groups scheme: "It empowered the women, not ...
Union Minister Maneka Gandhi writes to Maharashtra CM asking to ban kids below 12 years from taking part in Dahi Handi …
goals of the framers, + thirty-five years of consistent jurisprudence since Maneka Gandhi vs UoI.
Rise in child rape cases: Union Minister of women and Child Development Maneka Sanjay Gandhi gave this i...
I really appreciate and support Maneka Gandhi's approach to revamp RMK and SHG and the rational behind that as it was vague n misleading
Government will form dedicated cell for women in every district: Maneka Gandhi
Sir weren't you boasting of your friendship with Maneka Gandhi too?
"SHGs are humiliating, best way to end up in debt", Maneka Gandhi tells
No more loans to SHGs under National women credit fund, idea of SHG degrades women - Maneka Gandhi. My story
.Maneka Gandhi promised 'Rape Crises Centres' by Dec,PM Modi politicised Nirbhaya,but now made a U Turn
I will again start to vote for if it makes Smt. Maneka Gandhi its President & Sri Varun Gandhi its Vice President.
Maneka Gandhi attacks Sonia Gandhi at public rally
What's dynasty politics..Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi I guess are the best brand ambassadors !!! Talent is not is just enough
Nehruji belongs to the country, not to a political party: Maneka Gandhi on Congress criticism: Union Minister ...
There was also Maneka Gandhi.Here modelling a towel.
Big fan of Maneka Gandhi's environmental activism. Please bring same fire to women and child ministry
thrown open to make it avail. to NGOs, investigators to bring knowledge of missing children more accessible: Ms.…
India has become a large slaughter house for cows – Maneka Gandhi
The Ambassador of Israel to India, Mr. Daniel Carmon meeting the Union Minister for Women and Child Development,
Care to transcribe? “Ambassador of Israel to India meets Min., Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi.
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Maneka STOP Make minus animal State Religion of via
Sushma Swaraj, Maneka Gandhi, GenV K singh also present at swearing in of CM Khattar
Maneka Gandhi at ML Khattar's oath taking ceremony in Panchkula
Rajiv Gandhi on Maneka Gandhi:. She is daughter of a Sikh, she belongs to a community of traitors.
sir Y MM get LOC opened in case thou ther r guidelines "Maneka Gandhi Vs State" SC judmnt
Money through trade of slaughtered animals goes into terrorism, therefore goes into killing us,why are we allowing this?: Maneka Gandhi
after Maneka Gandhi had done sonething for animals, no leader has taken up animal welfare seriously. This needs attention sir
Appreciating move Maneka Gandhi plans to propse ban on junk food in schools across India "
His biggest contribution was getting a necklace ready for Maneka Gandhi overnight when she was in Patna with Sanjay Gandhi.
BJP MP and Minister writes to Jaylalita (jailed and now on bail, in Scam/corruption case).
campaign was launched at Dogra Hall as part of the Rendezvous Festival held at Indian Institute of Technology on 18 October. At the UN Women booth, 1,302 young festival goers - men and women- pledged to support the campaign. In the picture: Ms. Maneka Gandhi, Minister for the Ministry of Women and Child Development (centre); from left to right Dr. Rebecca Tavares, Representative, UN Women Multi Country Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka; Ms.Frederika Meijer, Representative, UNFPA; Ms. Lise Grande, UN Resident Coordinator; and Ms. Caroline den Dulk, Chief of Communications, UNICEF. Photo credit: UN Women/Norah Nyeko
Modiji, 5 months have passed since you promised that after 16th May, 2014 Refugees welcome, but Infiltrators must go back to Bangladesh; but neither a single of 10 crore Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators from India has been sent back nor one of the 2 crore Bangladeshi Hindu refugees in east India has been given Indian citizenship Bangladesh and India share a 4096 km long international border, the fifth-longest land border in the world, including 2217 km in West Bengal of which only 2735 km fenced. 277 km floodlighted till now Maneka Gandhi has said that the money from illegal trade of beef is being diverted to sponsor terror urging NGOs, volunteers and civil society to join hands with the 'save animals movement'. you may or may not win Maharashtra & Haryana for BJP but remember like Bangladesh & Kashmir, Assam is now Muslim majority and West Bengal will fall by 2020 AD. Vajpayeeji won like you on poll promise of Uniform Civil Law, Kashmiri Pandit rehabilitation and sending back Bangladeshi infiltrators or p ...
No No No. Those dogs belong to Maneka Gandhi and the cows to Bajrang Dal.
Try this and you will have Maneka Gandhi on your heels :)
Maneka Gandhi-jee, please do something. It's raining cats and dogs in
Our Finance Minister is worried about revenue. Is the women and child dev min (Maneka Gandhi) listening?
An attempt to make our voices heard. Hello Friends !! Plz sign this petition for amendment in ANTI- RAPE Law .
Trust Maneka Gandhi's outfit People For Animals to come out with such bogus stuff .
Do you know BarunGandhi, Maneka Gandhi. .if no.Ask your BigBoss. BTW still afraid to join BJP?
Maneka Gandhi speech in Lok Sabha starts with text book feminist line cribbing about patriarchal society & silent about
When you criticise Gandhis and Dynastic Politics and suddenly do a U Turn with Varun and Maneka Gandhi
Gandhi family in the context of Congress you mean Sonia & Rahul not Maneka & Vaun!
Beware, men acting as de facto village pradhans for wives! Maneka Gandhi wants ‘pradhan patis’ in jail.
I think Maneka Gandhi should also come up with an autobiography about the sacrifices she has made . SHE WOULD WRITE ON VARUN
From the grand premiere of in Delhi today. Grateful to Maneka Gandhi for her support…
Do not elect women sarpanches whose husbands run the show Maneka Gandhi
On the Verge of Losing Important Part of India’s Heritage,,, Column by Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
Did Varun Gandhi really fall prey to Modi’s policy against nepotism after his mother Maneka Gandhi sought to promote him as UP’s next CM?
Imagine if Sanjay Gandhi hadn't died - the life and might of Maneka and Varun Gandhi.
First Maneka Gandhi, now Dr. Ramadass - pitching for their son's candidacy for state CM role - signs of desperation and unrealized dreams
Maneka Gandhi bats for son Varun as UP CM, BJP tightlipped - The Times of India on Mobile via
Can Maneka Gandhi ensure NCW if given Civil Court status act in interest of Justice n not only Women? Wud it throw out…
someone wants to name a tiger cub in Nandankanan zoo after Maneka Gandhi via
Why Maneka wants her son Varun Gandhi to be CM? She sees no one else competent? She no different from Sonia Gandhi.
:) MT.reveals in how Women & Child min Maneka Gandhi takes meeting on anima…
Another Gandhi is born. Maneka is now a grandmother. And it's a baby girl.
Maneka Gandhi announces rape crises centre in every district. Says won't go to badaun yet, can do more here
So silent nobody even knew she is there. "what about women welfare minister Maneka Gandhi"
what about women welfare minister Maneka Gandhi
Great response to Kabza group mentality of Maneka trying to push her son's name for CM. Nehru-Gandhi family only after power
If a mother loves her child more than anything else, Maneka Gandhi should allow Gandhi to join Congress. Both will then have future
Utility of Maneka and Varun to BJP limited to the extent they can harm Sonia; Rahul and Congress. Gandhi- Nehru family is the target of BJP.
Wouldn't Maneka Gandhi make the ultimate sacrifice a mother could, for her son?
How I wish all dogs and cats have the privilege of being pets. Maneka Gandhi should abolish the class system.
3. One candidate was asked who is Maneka Gandhi ? Ans: Daughter of Mahatma Gandhi. When my friend askd r u sure, he said d/o I…
BJP criticise family, but Maneka and Varun landed right on top of BjP with parliament seat and minister-ship, only because of Gandhi name
Has Amit Shah and his RSS handlers realized that Varun Gandhi is there only because of Gandhi family name. Will Maneka follow.
Maneka Gandhi declares as next CM of UP but send Varun Gandhi to home. Gud Job !
was dropped because Maneka Gandhi is Minister! Ajay Sancheti was made RS Member though his brother was MLA & VP of MH BJP!
was dropped because Maneka Gandhi is Minister! PramodMahajan was Union Minister & Gopinath Mundey was DyCM & HM of MH or not?
If was dropped since Maneka Gandhi is Minister then why was made BJP Chief though our PM is already from Guj!
BJP says that Varun Gandhi dropped in party Org since Maneka Gandhi is Minister! PK Dhumal was CM then why Anurag Thakur was made BJYM Chief
So for BJP, mother Sonia and son Rahul Gandhi are dynasty; But, Maneka and Varun Gandhi are democracy! What a poophead statement!
BJP wanted to 'finish Gandhi dynasty', but all Gandhis are winning, irrespective of party. Mothers Sonia & Maneka, Cousins Rahul & Varun.
BJP to have Highest Number of Women, Criminal MPs in Parliament: NEW DELHI: With the BJP all set to become the first-ever Opposition party to come to power on its own at the Centre, a research firm has dug out the existence of dynasty politics in the party, while an NGO claimed that the saffron party would be bringing to new House the maximum MPs with criminal cases. At least 10 of the elected BJP MPs belong to political families. They are Varun Gandhi, son of Maneka Gandhi; Jayant Sinha, son of Yashwant Singh; Abhishek Singh, son of Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh; Dushyant Singh, son of Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje; Rajbir Singh, son of former UP CM Kalyan Singh; Ajay Nishad, son of former MP Capt Jainarain Nishad; Parvesh Verma, son of former Delhi CM Sahib Singh Varma; Anurag Thakur, son of former Himachal CM Prem Kumar Dhumal; Rao Inderjit Singh, son of former Haryana CM Rao Birendra Singh; and Rahul Kaswan, son of MP Ram Singh Kaswan. In another first, the BJP is sending the highest number of women MP . ...
ALL INDIA DEMOCRATIC WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION NO. 2253- E, SHADI KHAMPUR, NEW RANJIT NAGAR, NEW DELHI-110008 PH: 011-25700476, 25709565 Email : aidwacec 16th July 2014 PRESS RELEASE LINKING CRIME TO APPLICABILITY OF JUVENILE ACT AN ILL-CONCEIVED AND DANGEROUS PATH Maneka Gandhi has suggested amending the law to try juveniles as adults in cases of rape, murder and other heinous crimes. AIDWA opposes this and holds that tampering with the cut off age of 18 years in the juvenile justice act is not such a simple and one-dimensional issue as is being made out. It is true that there are many reports of extremely gruesome and horrific incidents of gang rape and murder involving juvenile perpetrators in the age group of 16-18 years. The December 16 Delhi gang rape case or the serial rapes of two young women in Mumbai’s Shakti Mills are two chilling examples of the impunity and aggression of the juvenile convicts. Surely, for the rape victim/survivor, the age of the criminal cannot mitigate the horror of her suffer ...
Meanwhile, Madam Menaka Gandhi is working to amend Juvenile Justice Act. This is a dangerous attempt.
" Gandhi died by the hands of an assassin, Jinnah died by his devotion to Pakistan " Lord Pethick Lawrence
Please pester Maneka Gandhi for seeking review of law.
she is likely to be Getting in Modi Cabinet in 2019 like Smriti Irani ji! 2nd Gandhi after Maneka in cabinet :)
Why Maneka Gandhi's Plan to Lower the Age for Juvenile Crimes Is Wrong - India RT
Neelam Nath commented "news just a day after some people do not agree wit..." on the Citizen-journalism
Even if Maneka Gandhi was prepared to listen, after reading this piece she will not. Badly written arrogant nonsense
Maneka Gandhi’s rationale for amending the Juvenile Justice Act is based on talks with Delhi police.
What accused no 6 from the December 16th gang rape tells us about juvenile justice:
Juveniles are the new "dangerous lower-class stranger" in Maneka Gandhi's rape trope. This is why she is wrong.
"How should the state treat someone not old enough to drive, who commits cold-blooded murder?" On revising the JJA:
Maneka Gandhi said that the environment ministry became a powerful ministry during her tenure. Do you feel the same? Pen down your stance.
Experts oppose Maneka Gandhi's proposal to reduce juvenile age bar to 16 years
Why Maneka Gandhi's plan to lower the age for juvenile crimes is wrong via
"India pls sign and RT: 6m maternity leave for working women for better of child n mother.
Centre ready to launch rape crisis centres: Maneka Gandhi .
Rape-accused minors should be tried as adults: Maneka Gandhi | India Today
Bus victim's parents support minister Maneka Gandhi: be tried as adults...
Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister of Women & Child Development has written nearly 700 letters to Chief Justices...
The decision was taken by Union Minister for women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi during the meeting with chief
Other members: Maneka | Ramvilas | Uma BhartiAnimal-rights activist Maneka Gandhi made a comeback to the union cabinet as the only member of the Gandhi family in the BJP-led government.
the person whose nude pictures were publishedby Maneka Gandhi was the brother of former speaker Meira Kumar
And the meantime unnoticed by anyone, Maneka Gandhi with Varun are slowly starting Dynasty 2.0 in the BJP ;). Same family different party.
At a glance: Educational qualifications of Narendra Modi and his ministers. New Delhi: The questions raised over the educational qualifications of HRD minister Smriti Irani have created a big controversy in India. A debate has erupted as to whether ministers need to be highly educated especially in crucial ministries like Human Resource Development (HRD). Narendra Modi - Masters in Political Science from Gujarat University Rajnath Singh - M.Sc. (Physics) Arun Jaitley - B.Com, LLB. Sushma Swaraj: BA, LLB D V Sadanana Gowda: LLB Nitin Gadkari: LLB M Venkaiah Naidu: LLB Smriti Irani: BCom Part 1 Maneka Gandhi: ISC (The Indian School Certificate is the equivalent of Grade 12) Uma Bharti: 6th standard Najma Heptullah: MSc, and PhD in Cardiac Anatomy Harsimrat Kaur Badal: Diploma in Textile Design Ram Vilas Paswan: MA, LLB Gen VK Singh - Graduate from NDA, MSc in Defence Studies from Madras University in 1983, Master in Strategic Studies from Army War College, Eastern University of Pennsylvania in 2001, Ph.D fr ...
The 16th Lok Sabha will have the highest number of 61 women representatives. - In 15th General Elections 59 MPs were elected to the 543 member house. - The number was lowest in 1977 elections when only 19 women got elected. This time apart from Sonia Gandhi, Hema Malini and Maneka Gandhi, other prominent women elected to the Lok Sabha this time include Kirron Kher, Poonam Mahajan, Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharti, Dimple Yadav, Moon Moon Sen and Meenakshi Lekhi.
Maneka Gandhi, women of UP need to feel secure. What do you and your WCD Ministry have in mind?
Welcome move by Maneka Gandhi to start centers all over the country, a helpline, and more, for rape cases that remain unabated...
Maneka Gandhi responds to Badaun gang-rape, govt to set up ‘rape crisis cell’.
Badaun rape, murder case terrible incident: Maneka Gandhi
R.I.P SHREE GOPINATH MUNDE this some ploy to chop off modi's hands...then it may be next best would be maneka gandhi, the one for women...india's biggest problem
Another Indian woman gang-raped and strangled: Maneka Gandhi, India Minister for Women and…
Smt. Maneka Gandhi: WCD Ministry to revise the existing adoption guidelines to make adoption easy and child friendly
The new Union Women & Child Development minister Maneka Gandhi while addressing the media says, “Police is exploiting women and they must be sensitised. For more news from Headlines Today…
"I say this govt should go. But even if a new govt comes, till the time we don't provide ample protection to women, what will it do?" Maneka Gandhi said.
We thanks to Pm sir and maneka gandhi for immediate action about the kids news in kerala
Working on Setting up of Rape Rehabilation centers in all districts - Maneka Gandhi. This is Governance. RahulG visit is
what rape crisis centre Maneka Gandhi talking about.Its shame.Govt. sud ensure safety to woman at any cost.
WCD Minister Smt Maneka Gandhi: Adoption guidelines to be revised to make adoption easy
We need a ministry of Animal welfare. Smt. Maneka Gandhi would be ideally suited to head it.
Govt. will set up rape crisis centers: Maneka Gandhi
Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi on Monday said that her ministry will be setting up rape crisis centers to help and provide assistance to women in trouble. “We have taken this very seriously. It is my number one priority to… [ 174 more words. ]
India Women's Group Blames Police in Rape Case The National Commission of Women (NCW) on Monday blamed the provincial police in India's northern Uttar Pradesh state for its involvement in a grisly case in which two teenage girls were gang-raped and were found hanging from a tree. Officials say five men have been arrested in connection with the rape of two girls, 14- and 15-year-old cousins, who went missing May 27 after going to a field to relieve themselves because their homes have no toilets. Two police officers, being held on suspicion of attempting to cover up the crime, were among the five. Villagers in the Buduan district found the girls' bodies hanging from a mango tree May 28. Autopsies revealed the girls had been sexually assaulted and died from the hanging, Reuters reported. On Monday, NCW chief Mamta Sharma alleged the police were the real culprits in the case and demanded their suspension. The way Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav "suspended or terminated a constable, he should also suspend superi ...
After Badaun: Moment ripe for pushing women’s quota bill The terrible tragedies of the two victims in the Badaun rape-murders can either be used as an opportunity for venting one's spleen (which is entirely justified but largely unproductive) or as a chance of a lifetime to move our social agenda in a positive direction. While many things ought to be done - Maneka Gandhi wants to set up rape crisis centres in all districts by year-end, others want an expansion of toilet facilities in rural areas, etc - an overwhelming message needs to be sent against misogyny and patriarchy. The area where the message will have the largest impact is in politics. If the Delhi gangrape incident prompted stringent changes in rape laws (most of them counter-productive, one must add, or else we would not have had Badaun), this time we need to make the right moves for positive impact. In particular, we need to pass the Women's Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha quickly, now that the BJP and allies have the requisite majority. ...
The Early Childhood Association of India, Podar and the entire early childhood community congratulate and welcome our new honourable Minister of Women and Child Development, Madam Maneka Gandhi. We look forward to early childhood getting it's due importance. Our new minister has written many books for kids, one of my favourites- The Rainbow and other Stories.
Maneka Gandhi to take leaf out of Aamir's TV show - Hindustan Times
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