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Mamta Sharma

Mamta Sharma is an Indian playback singer. She is particularly known for song Munni Badnaam Hui from Dabangg.

As promised here is the trailer of the movie . starring Kejriwal, Ku Vishwas, Amanatullah, Ashutosh
16 things to help in increasing confidence - Sant Shri .
Just like Swami Nityanand, Asaram Bapu Ji has been framed in fake case. It's a CONSPIRACY to destroy Hinduism.
One might have understood how-Hindu Sages & Saints are trapped in the False Cases of Conspiracy, & Media also Boils down…
The actress for whom Swami Nityanand was falsely framed, herself admitted that the case was aconspiracy by Missionaries…
Sir do u know about . PAID MEDIA which mislead people by…
VInay Bharadwaj - the witness who lied to trap S. Nityanand fined with 2.75 crore, still
Arathi Rao alleged Swami Nityanand misbehaved with his disciples. All this was found false and his conspirator Vinay Bharadw…
Dear Paid Media ,. Who all are funding you after all?. Why no reports on it?. ?
Muslim men can become singers, actors, dance with scantily dressed women, do intimate sc…
on Modi running behind every vote in gujrat and neglecting his PM job?
Why media is silent on Mob Lynching ?. The Nation wants to know.
"Media too involved in conspiracies against true saints thats.
Each and every Hindu saint is conspired 4 one or the other reasons. It's main reason is missionaries. http…
Will nationalist media take up the case of temple enterprises in its busy schedule of bofors scams shows? 🤔.
These workers gathered in the Parliament street for their rights. But modi bhakth medias black out this great movement…
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Media Blacked Out a Major Protest that happened a few days ago. Arnab, Where are you now. The Nation wants to know!.
Why media is silent on the Jay Shah Controversy. The Nation wants to know.
. A man who was transporting cows near the Rajasthan-Haryana border was allegedly shot dead in alwar…
"Killing people in the name of ‘GAU BHAKTI’ is not acceptable. This is not something Mahatma Gandhi would app…
Be Careful ! The media does not Show what You want to See, but the News that they get fund for. That's
. 👉In Bharat, our beloved cow is considered most sacred & is worshiped. 👉How come the Indian fash…
Media knows how to manipulate. Media knows how to decieve. Media knows how to extort. When S.Nityananda walks out and Vinay…
Asaram Bapu Ji Ashram involves to distribute the Food grains,Cloths & Dakshina to Needy people.But, No News
Sir , "None of the News Channels are reliable. With its Paid reporting Each & Every News Chan…
Recent Historic Decision by Mysore Court in Swami Nityanand Case has Shown the TRUE Face of Indian Media to People ! Tha…
"Honorable court levies penalty of 2. 75 crore rupees on vinay bhardwaj,false witness against Nityanandj…
Sir, Nityanand ji's image was defamed by media publicly. Now, media is not apologizing for its act when…
Yadav Ji , It is very disgusting to see that media didn't aired the news of Vinay Bharadwaj being penalized o…
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May somebody enlighten me whats the maximum eligible % limit of being Minority in India ?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Jokes apart. He his talking about late Digvijay Singh from Bihar not you. Aapko Kahan…
Really humanity is dead. Now days people become selfish.
FM is just a puppet.Fekuji only runs the show🖕
I understand Vidya statement. Actually the army men never paid for what he was watching and nor he a…
Another Fake Handle made by Congress SM team by misusing pics of girls. Naina With RG. Bots truly love Rahul Gandhi. Isn't…
lol thought of you Mamta Sharma Kaler
which Keeps on Defaming Innocent Hindu Saints. . Even there is NO any Fact, Media Create News…
Whatever And increases your Restlessness, and Disquiet. Discard them like POISON..…
BE ADVENTUROUS. DO NOT BE IMPATIENT. Even after failing a thousand times, try once more, trying once again ta…
Realy dirty sexy women no body can support
BJP MP Hukumdev's take on Demonetization is gold.. 😂😂🙏
Sagarika Ghose takes on Sagarika Ghose. Too much fun! .
Exactly,. Media is showing baseless news about hindu saints, like Asaram Bapu J…
do higher class admission. 10+2 complete kar, he is an ENGINEER..THODA AUR KHA
. Congratulation to PC Sindhi. We all's proud of you
They feel proud themselves saying that they belong to the party of Mahatma Gandhi, but Gandhi ji wou…
I dedicate this Victory for our beloved Prime Minister Shri Modiji on his Birthday for his untiring and self less services…
M.T.wants to prove that he can't think better than pappu,still he doesn't have any solid agenda to c…
Better and don't stoop to level of Manish tiwari!
is it the level of follower of office of RG, god knows better what will happen to Congress
your reply please. It is insult of democratically elected pm, voters, followers. Today is PM BDay,…
RamRahim would have been never caught had he not plunged in to world of glamour glitz & continue sim…
… 10 Blunders that can ruin your relationship . Blog written by Mamta Sharma
NCW's Mamta Sharma when asked what action she will take on DelhiRape says 'today is holiday. We will take action tomorrow'... unbelievable.
This is the time to check our mental level-who choose khattar,vij,sharma,owaisi azam,digvijay,mamta & many more politicians for lead nation.
keep mum on evidences in favor of innocent Saints like Asaram Bapu Ji .
It's Strange that in BOGUS Case of Sant Bapuji, Media has Created 'N' number of FAKE Stories!! Hin…
Should you be a full time blogger know the pros and cons blog by Mamta Sharma
Congratuls Maheck for coming on board in an amazing Item number song beautifully sung by Mamta Sharma, to be choreo…
Why do u think its like NDTV. NDTV is a part of this pakistani channel. Cant u see the face of this ne…
Hope others like Sachin dhoni virat, salman sahruk amir will learn something if they r having humanity
In Comparison to up it was a much better showing keep it up
Doctor: "Any history of mental illness in your family?". Patient: "I have an uncle who voted for Kejriwal in Delhi". 😜😜😜
Gaurav, Terrorist Ishrat was your daughter. & Sadhvi Pragya is my Sister. Difference is only one. You're Secular, I'm Indi…
Hope your this act, opens the eyes of responsibility & provoke strict action against anti-nationals in
These Britannia 50 - 50 biscuits guys are very dangerous.
It will strengthen Modiji &his govt. No capable leader in MGB to fight against Modiji. No other refrendom.
Added a new video: "Mamta Sharma "Naina Thag lenge" , live performance in lucknow, Ram Swar..."
Added a new video: "Mamta sharma live in West Bengal Haldia festival 21st jan 2016"
Added a new video: "Mamta Sharma live in West Bengal Haldia 21st jan 2016"
Added a new video: "Mamta sharma performing in Holi at Ashirwad ground Bengaluru"
Added a new video: "Rang barse by Mamta Sharma at Ashirwad ground in Bengaluru"
Added a new video: "Saturday Saturday by Mamta sharma at Ashirwad ground Bengaluru"
I was hoping to see something more fleshy yet hard thing 😂😂😂
this lady is a deadly combination of RaGa and bulaval Bhutto.
Real hero of mother india hats off to your sir.
Gautam Gambhir to bear full expenses of the children of 25 CRPF personnel killed in Sukma attack, Gambhir's media manager con…
thanks sister good going I m impress yr work Hind
AAPians are shameless personified whom even SHAME can't ashamed.
People say that has earned good money in Punjab and now wants to retire! . Is that true ??
Did u also take the ' Bhagwan ke naam ki shapath' given by Kejri today or u want to s…
And the best part is he is saying Kejriwal made Anna ISC face 🤣😂 When…
Nothing wrong in trying. Let them try.. . "Election to pahle hua karte th…
He is still bit realistic. Khujluwala thinks he alone will beat modi and become PM
This is only the Beginning *आगे आगे देखो..* figures Get multiplyed.. EC will get huge amount
Who's he , he have block me don't know why 😂😂
If you investing over your idiotic acts then its next level Foolishness. - The great Intellectual Mr. Anonymous
Nowadays we r missing the nonsense of Chief of Aaptards?
. Never has opposition been so happy when India fails. if Modi fails India fails. So, who should win -India or Opposition?
happy Valentine's day ( with pure love) ( no romance and no lust) have a nice day with ur true love.
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tell me one suspicion, your prophet Muhammad was *** then how to produced lots of kids like you.
Arre yaar..he is following her since long !! But she is witty, bold and dynamic lady who shuts him off!!
Kya baat hai followed by Digvijay. Anyway not surprised
you are awesome. I always think about your humorous level and find out lol...
not possible as Amrita ji already seen achche din many times well before
They're ready to suffer our pain. They're ready to carry our burden!…
Read this article to know how Chhota Bheem has made an impact on marketing strategies.
With the growing precedence by to block all right wing accounts, soon they might even block
And if honestly wants to block abusers/trolls then why is Delhi Chief Minister’s account not blocked yet?
Appeasement policy is USP of Sapa.congress.BSP. No surprise...But youth is awakening
Pappu..poput. Must need factory of potato..but product is finally doggI. .Singh..
BJP will create many Godhra in UP. Don't vote for BJP
- much appreciated.. high time to teach lesson to "SCAM" people is holi isi SCAM ko jalana hai
after long time..Please to have you here.abki baar bjp sarkar.
AtalkiAtalstyle not yet rated perfectly. A view
any constitutional obligation 2 ask ISI agent when PM act on
vote of UP for next30 years.keep it in mind
Requesting all voters to go out and vote for good,stabilise,devlopment oriented and Nstionalist govt . Dhanyawad
plz vote for BJP lakesh Aatal vote Kamal
Jimmy jimmy chu chu chu.. . Menu dilwade re made in U. P. Wala tu. Dj Silentpuriya🤖 on the beat 😉
released book 26/11 was RSS conspiracy but later author himself begged for forgiveness
Dear opportunity opposition India have elected A PM not s…
Modi is extremely curious about statues.. . 😂😂😂😂 See this curiosity.
frnds if you are new in politics dn dis really love you Atal ji how innocent u r
Hey seasonal DOLT way should also dig out ur birth origin 2know HOLLY nos of Involvement...…
they guess about the medicine as prescribed by Dr. Resulting harmful to patient.
Old Habitual Congressi of allowing LOOT and wastage of public money
andh bhakt think of AAPiya as themselves we don't follow blindl
great work only U can do such work to offend hindus and dream of making money.
Cong Exposed !. "3 D's are essential in Democracy. Debate,Dissension,Decision but thr's no 4th D . i.e Disruption". Nxt s…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Congratulations Anju Didi for 43000+ followers 💐. Please cross 50K ASAP and throw us a party ..
Right sir... And these kind of ppl talking about Women Empowerment...??. Shame...
what Man?You guys were enjoying for that long.I just started n he Blocked.
are u Namazi of congress coverted muslim for money
Converted muslim fake acount this is called Burqa of islam
Fool, CM elected by State nt by country. Padhne pe Dhyan de pagle.
pm elected by the Indians cm elected by the Indians moorkh admi
If you are disagree with Modi just talk about modi, Dnt comment on Sistera of India.
PM was elected by All Indians, CM was elecby Delhi ppl only. Fool.
PM Ji is leaving no stone unturned to Transform India. hence a determined 👉 👈. https…
stopped Modi government to fight five types of Terrorism also who internally damages India. https:…
77 people died of grief, shock over illness and subsequent death of Jayalalithaa: PTI
Its a shame that this *** s birthday is celebrated as childrens day.
at list half pant become full pant. Why your scoundrel Nehru is in underwear? 😝😝😝
We should make sure No Nationalist Indian watches Traitors movie so that they are not worth paying Taxes.
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Sad to hear that even ZEE news yesterday was shwoing same in DNA
What about Sir 13000 Families looted by jignesh in UPA2 tenure
thank you for your concern. DM me Anuj ji's no. please
what a shame we tolerating such brazen behaviour n letting such ppl go Scot free
No matter what the question, Kottayam is the answer
Look how Pakistani media is scared of ji. The way he is isolating Pakistan 🇵🇰 is commendable 🙏🏼.
. Thank God this blood has not been used. You never know how many more wd have become T-- ?
No, if they die shedding blood, that will be a grate contribution to humanity...
Caught this befor...she always beats...
How shamelessly one can say so. India has made her what she is today. *** she's saying.
let she go there and feel what the freedom and liberty means that she's enjoyed here. Glamour in burkha
Shame on , who is a daughter of Army Officer. Gone blind in the lust of glamour n money.
Same tax money was used to carry out surgical strikes in POK. India-Pak equation is not that simple Anurag
said she will go if they will invite she never said allow Pakistani. And Pakistani can't call her for acting
Priyanka's in America and never gave an interview regarding this! Don't believe everything you read.
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Priyanka's in America &never even gave an interview regarding this. Don't believe everything u read
Now she get a hard hitting like Aamir,Karan Johar, Shahrukh ,Salman & Om Puri. Dogale
. many *** who thinks that pakistan really loves them. Pakistan sends our soldier's dead bodies in return.
if fame, money and films can make a person forget national pride then I am happy to be unknown & poor. 👉
Hello sexy has become a word of appreciation for beauty. Recall Mamta Sharma, NCW Chief statement.
when u Don't know About Islam and Shariyat U don't have Right to compliment on It Shut your mouth
wonderful... really scarcastic...Please proceed and share with all..👌👌
Aloo ki Factory will be opened for Farmers as they themselves asked it
there is no clear cut policy to deal.Jawans r dying Huriyat leaders r payers money wasted on rats.
AAPtard Vishal Dadlani outraged over comment on Jain monk is in Coma ever since he saw the pic. https:/…
👈 have you any answer? Never ever attempt insulting Jain religion.
Mamta Sharma song and your foot starts tapping .Awesome beats .!!
in this Mamta sharma how beautifully sing a song . See this 
Check out this amazing song which is sung by Mamta Sharma & Amit Gupta Here's the link:.
Great song sung by mamta sharma and amit .
I liked a video from Nageen Dance Chal Mastani ll Preety Panchal Mamta Sharma Haryanvi Hot
mam how dare u to talk with him lik this,he is minority as well as Gandhi relative...?
Dont U know both the ladies in the pic r single . Ab samajh jao .
was a great scholar,thinker & freedom fighter. He is an inspiration for baloch nationalists
Kashmir happening is a live example of Islamisation. Caution Hindus. Wake up or perish
Announcement of well fare plans are Good, implemented, Better,reached the benefits 2 real concern in to-to is actual& BEST.RT
GM. Empower BHARAT DEVOTEES officially, only solution to check social evils, crime& corruption in implementation of plans.RT
👈 I love you and you are very important part of my life. Stat blessed 💗
Five Baloch civilians are brutality killed by *** Army during operation yesterday, .
. I'm also from POWER CORPORATION UP working as a
68 units of 21 days are not much... Is it?
her stand is clear only Omar can solve this no one else maybe even rahul Gandhi can advise him
validity worship his GOD by donated money how funny.Kya Baat Hai.
don't call Hindu, we all are sanatani,
yes she is a true Hindu and a very brave girl
MORON Aashish SHAITAN sud know in 2002 Hardik was JUST 7/8 years OLD - both are EXPERT in telling LIES.
Dear we need to start the campaign against you. Isn't it? You keep hurting Hindu sentiments.
stopping shopping from Myntra.that will be the best reply to the Advertisement.
Otherwise also Mahatma Gabdhi do nt hv any radical followers left with some fashion followers.
sardana jee this is jugglery of words ban is lifted and than the order Is stayed. Can women enter now
No his CM refused aid when Modi sent him ais ad Gujarat CM
Finally love wins and brings d gold and more
Bombay High Court lifts ban on entry of women in Haji Ali Dargah.
Was watching Happy Bhag Jaegi. Happy is really good sprinter. I am Shocked ,Why Modi not sent her in Olympics
Bankruptcy of political agenda n vision on display,through inept ldr.
cry baby cry, Nazis are inspired by congress, in human trafficking, so keep cry.
Tribute to Balochistan Freedom Fighter Shaheed saahab on his 10 Death Anniversary.
Thankyou ji for giving some place to Krishna ji also in poster
so better Muslim come forward and buildi. The temple and finish this issue for once and all
Birthday greetings to WCD Minister I pray for her long and healthy life.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Asking money for transportation of bodies from poor is 'shameful, inhuman': Mamta Sharma Read More :
Hate ideology of rss BokoHaram KKK Nazis is born to Lose
congress, Taliban, Isis, all murders are same
cricket is not beautiful sport but a gamble and TV show and money so Indian politicians marketing this game
secular supreme court have problem wid HINDU festivals only, we cant think what they'll change next
If u play with religious sentiment of people then u have to face the outrage!.
Old photo with Sant .ji of jamna baai ka kotha .A real good who did great amount of Social Service😉
Rajasthan Congress leader and ex-NCW chief Mamta Sharma advises women to dress 'carefully' to avoid molestation
Rajasthan Cong leader & ex-NCW chief Mamta Sharma told women not be offended when called "sexy"
another hard work for Sibbal Jethmalani I suppose, huh!
everytime I see dis of urs just make in me & offcourse for ji 👍
True it's better to be self declard chamcha rather claiming to be a fake frnd https:/…
It is better to be a self declared chamcha of the PM of d country, rather than a scheming & conniving journalist.:) https:…
just got a message on whatsapp from My friend
. Since Communists invaded Bengal, moral character and attitude of the Bengalies underwent a huge -ve change
. thinks only SIMI, JKLF & Congress have exclusive rights on making bombs
How heinous this act is??. Vote wisely next time UP else get ready to face situations like this!!.
Sir undoubtedly you are a nautanki n full time drama CM but no.1 film critic of all time.
Got away with"Auntie National" but could not survive Mamta onslaughts. So much tolerance
Salman khurshid sir will help both Dalit and Brahmin to fight against Congress
Who One Going to Ask ji ke r u suffering from any Fungal Infection??.
Some amazing steps have been taken by Sri Ji & team. will grow at double speed
If you r getting ur food matetial frm Aajtk & Abp & NDTV it is very costly so boycott purchase frm media & get it frm market
Hmmm maybe it's kalutosh virus like insomania 😂
is being taught to our kids as a national hero?A dimwit zombie forced into wrong Prof? https…
. Reserve Bank of india has no of deputy govrs n a board which consist prominent business leaders. Its not one man show.
. Thanks for reply. After six months. I can sleep now..😃😃
. I m living in a city that never sleeps. dark circles are ignored here.😊
NDA will be big gainer,once both mamta-jaya loose and all…
one thing don't be like honest at this time. Did you question your mom about MMS selection as a PM
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Let me drown in Thine ocean and live!.
The best . Now roaming and seeking salvation
Kejriwal shud b arrested & interrogated by Akhilesh Police in murder case. Not even 1 arrest in 3yrs. Why me…
Setting trends history to repeat at its own Difficult for Hindus to survive at their own
I have come here in support of Mahesh Giri coz Kejriwal has levelled baseless allegations h…
cong. Can't face public after their loot, so placing B team 2 fight Bjp under kejruddin
And dont forget once mp thrown u out than u never stand up again. ask 2
His TL is full wid Hashtag bt he claims to stop the trend!To understand Kejriwal,U have to understand his followers! https:…
If Lok Sabha polls are held tomorrow, who will you vote for?
AAP MP BhagwantMann can't even stand properly (Totally Drunk) and are talking about DRUG FREE PUNJAB!! LOL ht…
If 70% people are drug addicts in Punjab then by which logic will they vote for anti-drug campaigner like
You all are invited at Kejriwal house 6 Flagstaff road,Civil lines to Join Sh nearest metro Vidhansabha
JUST IN | Water crisis in certain areas of South Delhi since yesterday . LIVE:
UPDATE: 1 CRPF jawan killed, 2 injured in an IED blast in Bihar's Aurangabad district.
These pictures prove that still alive:)
treatment is bitter but improve Bihar if honestly implemented...
. ProPak diplomacy of govt badly exposed JIT of Pak says in Islamabad that no Ind failed2give any proof about p…
U rush to w/out permission. Here u can't find 5 min to console d family. Disgraceful hypocrisy & opportunism. http…
hum aapke 'FAN' *** Gaye Mam .. Not certainly 's Fan .. From today u also on fav list..notification on
This is an act of Congitards & Mediatards to de rail Modi's Swach Bh...
now I am serious. You don't deserve sorry from anyone. Just go to *** 😠😬
Now, m serious and going to BLOCK stupid girl like you ..
mam behalf of Mamta I am saying sorry. She shouldn't have said this. 🙏
Extremely sorry ji, if you think m harassing you 😥
yahan harassment wali kaun so baat as gayi? Are you threatening?
Wooh...this would B insult of a 2 would like to ordered @ any cost ma
NIT Students Won our Hearts,. It's Time to show HinduUnity,. Let's Give Full Support to. http…
In this age, your can make or break u professionally. Treat your Social Media Profile as ur extended…
done,we are starting our Delhi to NIT Srinagar Tiranga march on sat morning .
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Wishing u a very Happy B'day bhai. May u be happy always... Enjoy ur day
Thanku!. J&K HC has decided 2suspnd wrk on protst agnst lathicharge on stdnts in NIT Srinagar. htt…
. Kejari is so *** low minded that, on the name of Anna he got ground. 3rd cls
Abhishek mishra totally exposed Indore commissioner .RT it.
This is how the powerful people misuse their power
If any more program to administer to stop terrorism.?
Nzare badlo, nazzaare badal jayengey. Learn to respect Old people. They aren't hurting you/
Women exploitation is not new to Congress: JLN to NDTiwari to Diggi to Chandi to Rahul... U need2act they won't
VeryTrue. Hence it is our(SM)duty to bring theNeglect byLOCAL BJP Leadership to the Attention ofCentralBJP Leadrs
We knew BJP's central leadership is strong but local leadership is in poor shape.
a man equal to God and nothing to say.
Let's remembr d hard-wrk & sacrifce done by genratns of ldrs & supprtrs on d auspicious occasn of. htt…
Indians will never improve, we love to keep our surroundings dirty, just so shameful
Only 1.76 percent of the minorities in Bengal have a representation in government jobs, proves Mamta's concern for Minori…
Startup Jharkhand to get Rs 50 cr from state govt as a part of campaign via
Waiting for the correct analysis from . 3 month's=90 days. 90*9=810 farmers & not 273😒. https:/…
BJP leader Subramanian Swamy to be allotted a government accommodation on security grounds -it was must for his securit…
hehehe hehehehe yeah this dilwale is worst and Ajay was rocking
The Brute is going to b set free by d courts.Judiciary has let down India's daughter Will We ?
LOL. You too can 'review' Barkha's book here:
Seems like Barkha Dutt's new book 'The Unquite Land' is doing great business around the country.
Another exmple of greatness set by SRK,for flood affected Chennai they kept ticket price only Rs 10.Thank god people will w…
Another why mulayam or mamta who can win more than 30 next time accept Nitish?
gave boost to Corruption in all sectors in Delhi. corrupt Baap Corrupt or Corrupt Nanke(Sonia) ht…
So the Question is Mr. - what happened to 11 Cr. Given by Railways!
Show him the Intolerance.. Remember his request to *** to watch his movi... India wunt see
Its for me n not Dilwale as I am an Indian. is the least we can do as Indian. Will u? https:…
Brilliant performance Ji last evening in .. Floored
. Aaptards U ppl have no work in DELHI GOVT? If so Take ur JHADU Sweep the Streets clean daily!
According to Mamta G death of student in her own state is small & petty but CBI raid in some other state is shocking https:/…   10% Off
Apart from Tl, here is another among numerous complaints made to Kejriwal against his PS by AAP volunteer in Dec 13
Requesting to block this abusive handle ||
These 45 congiis are like irritating mosquitoes. Later or sooner they will meet their fate!
Let's join hands and donate money to the rapist?? .
thank you for inspiring me. And surely i am going to continue working with you all 🙏
warriors Enroute to take forward mission at MUMBAI .
@ After CBI raids on CS AK seems to b having loose motions out of fear of getting exposed of his nexus with CS
My cough syrup is missing.. CBI has stolen my cough syrup, this Modi want me die.. coughing.. uhhunn uhhuun ✊✊. ~ kejriwa…
Yesterday's press conference of. . Reminded me a childhood story!!.
World wide recognition of our media deserves a 👏👏👏👏 . Well done . Keep going
please read the lines below the Pic of Mr. Modi.. "Amid Heavy Security" not without security ..
congress sansad chalne do n let Parliament work March team
Hey coward read whole article of see how they exposed ur .
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