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Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave National Park is a U.S. National Park in central Kentucky, encompassing portions of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world.

Mammoth Cave National Park National Park Niagara Falls Thomas Alva Edison Floyd Collins

Is the Mammoth Cave tour open today?
The Darlington 500, the Northfield shootout, the Mammoth Cave, and more in my latest on
One more picture from vacation, saw my identical twin in Mammoth Cave Dairy Bar 😂
with a lantern we might descend into the great Kentucky Mammoth Cave of his stomach
We still need to hit up mammoth cave up here in Kentucky im up for it if you are omar
Random late thought: Edmonton, KY is close to mammoth cave…
It's the last day to sign up for the Mammoth Cave off-campus excursion. Sign up at ISO, HCIC.
I have been to this cave and seen this mammoth AND IT IS GLORIOUS. I'm so lucky.
Daughters bike lean at Mammoth Cave National Park. She loves biking so she'll ne... -…
Mammoth Cave is the closest one and it's by Nashville too!!
Oh yeah, it's a classic Film Noir. Did you ever read about Floyd Collins, Mammoth Cave, that it is based on?
So come a little further up and mammoth cave is awesome, natural bridge for hiking
It's not Mammoth Cave, but it's still pretty. @ Potter Lake
Nice hot day for a cool 58 degree cave tour of Mammoth Onyx Cave
Going hiking again to Mammoth Cave today bawrk -wiggles with excitement-
Steven Bishop discovering the Mammoth Cave for the first time. (1838, colorized 2017)
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It was exactly like that. Then me and my mate Ug slaughtered a mammoth and went inside to draw on a few cave walls.
Bowling Green is 30 minutes from Mammoth Cave Nat’l Park, a great spot to see KY’s fall foliage!
Best birthday present so far is that my dad is taking us to mammoth cave a weekend after my birthday!
I quite liked the Valley of the Horses and the Mammoth Hunters. I didn't like Clan of the Cave Bear much (I read them out of order)
MAMMOTH CAVE @ 55-58 deg F for centuries! HEAT always travels from the warmer to the colder object! ALWAYS!
Ugh I'm willingly going outside today. Mammoth Cave made me an outdoor person. Ugh.
Fish are rare in Fish carved in mammoth ivory about 40,000 years ago. From Vogelherd Cave, southwest Germa…
Austin's pants were too tight, so he's wearing swim trunks on our tour of Mammoth Cave.
I checked in at Mammoth Cave National Park on
Emerson Ashley, CJHS, in the longest cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave, KY. Go explore!
Are you drunk? Mammoth Cave is incredibly cool. Do you think Yellowstone is overrated?
I was thinking about getting this but I'm having to much fun drawing on cave wall with my Wooly Mammoth
Come along as we fly to Mammoth Cave National Park! Thanks to AOPA for their Article on National Parks, my...
Mine came from sandy childress buck'sbullies&bassets in mammoth cave ky
Love the caves. Just went to Carlsbad Caverns in May and saw Mammoth Cave last year.
Mammoth Cave is the longest known cave system in the world. Read about a day trip to
Mammoth Cave is in Kentucky. Bourbon Trail is in Kentucky. Those seems worthy of a stop.
In which I suggest that Christian growth is more like descending into Mammoth Cave than it is like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro…
PSA: I NEED MILK, just poured a whole bowl of cereal with bananas and has soured milk. Anyone in mammoth cave area help a girl out
Colorado's are great. Mammoth cave in KY is amazing too, if y'all were to road trip to Yosemite you could see SO many
When autumn rolls around a little more and the weather isn't eternally unbearable, I'd like to head to nearby Mammoth Cave park to hike.
"We're all in this together," said the Neanderthal, as the tribe's lower orders collect their mammoth meat from the food cave.
Weekend plans? Mammoth Cave should keep you occupied
Down the path to the historic entrance to Mammoth Cave National Park
Best trails to see Mammoth Cave NP's sites
Historic Mammoth Cave National Park cottages image available at
the kids and I hiked Mammoth Cave a few weeks ago! It was awesome! We did about 1% of the mapped system!
so what ended the ice age, smarty pants? Cave man camp fires and mammoth farts? . I'm not indoctrinated like you. I think.
Just hangin' out with a few stalactites at Mammoth Cave. ✨
That chimney that is out there in Mammoth Cave National Park is my Logsdon ancestor's. A Union Civil War Captain.
Cooked out at Mammoth Cave for mine and jennymccubbins birthday's…
I worked at Mammoth Cave NP during college...
But I'm still enjoying FC: Primal. Bc cave bears and i can ride a mammoth.
Mammoth Cave National Park has the biggest butterflies I've ever seen.
Mammoth cave and the zoo today plus hanging out with all my family from Kentucky! Having an absolute blast!!
Me & dad were planning on going to mammoth cave today but they were out of reservations so we went to our local National Park
Song of the day on top of mammoth cave… Ain't no rest for the wicked by
Made a stop in Kentucky on our way to mammoth cave...
Excellent Must Do's from Stop by Mammoth Cave National Park to get your passport stamped!
What's this country coming to when you can't take your gun into the bathroom at Mammoth Cave National Park?
have any of you been in any of the caves in Kentucky? to include the Mammoth Cave Wild Cave Tour?
Shawnee state cross country camp at mammoth cave in 8 days.
I was a little doubtful about the propriety of going to the Mammoth Cave without a gentleman
New post on my blog: Mammoth Cave National Park
Careful you don't bump your head. In "mammoth cave." Cause your a pretty big guy.
Back in Nashville after 2.5 months on the road. First stop: Mammoth Cave. So grateful to have…
the tree wasn't as heavy as it looks @ Mammoth Cave National Park
Inspired mashup of Kentucky home movie & Fingals Cave overture (=Mammoth Cave) beats Bunuel at his game; amazing synchresis
Looking for new adventure? Mammoth cave can take you there. Indianapolis bike shop.
in my day we used to roast woolly mammoth over an open fire and draw on cave walls AND WE LIKED IT!
Just chillin on top of this cave spring, experiencing nature! @ Mammoth Cave National Park
Today in KY its illegal to operate a cave brothel, but 100s of pan handlers once dug for cave gold on their way west in
Updated list of legal behaviors not ok in the cave: mining, vandalism, loitering, arson, drugs, off-roading, *** shaming, sinning, crimes
Mammoth Cave National Park one more off the list!
Just a little road trip and a hike underground at Mammoth Cave National Park with my friends!
Visiting Mammoth Cave National Park? Get there free w/ Lyft! 10 Free Lyfts with Lyft Promo Code LINX
Road trip with 9 rowdies and 4 mommies starts... Now! cave
From the inside looking out . Mammoth Cave National Park.
.presenting research on Mammoth Cave, linking rural/urban tensions in creation of the Park
Looking forward to our camping trip this weekend to Mammoth Cave. Just a reminder that we are meeting in the ACE...
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Do you think you could survive as a cave person? — yes. making Mammoth Empanadas and teaching my Direwolf to play …
Hiking, friends and Mammoth Cave equals an awesome day
Ride to Mammoth Cave National Park! Get 10 free rides with Lyft coupon code INVITES
Mammoth Cave Area you are now under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning
After a mammoth journey and a HUGE two days, the Enchanted Cave from Uruguay has finally arrived! . . You'll be...
One of these days you should come to Kentucky & check out Cumberland Falls Or perhaps Mammoth Cave 😃
Walton Verona visited Mammoth Cave during time at GHS Hoop Camp.
this is what I found near us, great smokey mountains National Park Mammoth Cave National Park Unless we go ny
Tonight! Filson at the Library presents Mammoth Cave photography from the 1800s. Register at 574-1611 .
This journey home is about as much fun as a smear test carried out by a disgruntled cave man using a mammoth jaw bone.
Mammoth Cave National Park proposes to raise some fees
Mammoth Cave photography today 7pm. More cultural events happening around Louisville can be found on our app:
Looking for summer vacation ideas? You may find my guides to Redwood and Mammoth Cave National Parks helpful!
1st day of the Mammoth Cave summer camp begins tomorrow. Follow us
Doing some lantern light cave hiking. @ Mammoth Caves
On our way to family vacation at Mammoth Cave!
Reading ahead this morning. Journey to the Bottomless Pit: The Story of Stephen Bishop & Mammoth Cave.
Day 3... Students are learning how Mammoth Cave played a key role in the War of 1812.
Mammoth Cave Day 3. historical cave tours and historical people
When traveling in Kentucky don't text your lady a pic of a "Mammoth Cave" sign "because it reminds me of you." I know thi…
What was lunch? Roasted mammoth with a dusting of cave salt? (I.e. dirt)
I hope all our students watched in preparation of their trip to Mammoth Cave today. Good Luck!!!
Gonna try and be outdoorsy today at Mammoth Cave 😁😳
When you change your maps search from Mammoth Cave KY to Hinson MS-see you soon GME
Mammoth Cave, Smoky Mountains, Graceland, New Orleans and Panama City. So much with almost no time. I love to travel so I'll def come back!
Introducing the adventuresome Floyd Collins - - . The Mammoth Cave was reportedly disco... https:…
The Edmonson County Historical Society is hosting a screening of the WKU PBS documentary Mammoth Cave: A Place...
This Orq. (He Cave Boy) is 'a book with a mammoth heart' says
How far is Charlotte North Carolina from mammoth cave Kentucky? Find the answers here:
Thanks! Gonna buy a baseball bat, have a Makers Mark and head over to Mammoth Cave!!
Natural wonders in your backyard, Kentucky @ Mammoth Cave National Park
Fall break for the Black's-Camping at Jellystone Campground near Mammoth Cave! Pics tomorrow!
Greetings from the coolest place in Kentucky @ Mammoth Cave National Park
If Far Cry Primal has co op we need to get in touch with our inner cave men together. ill stab the mammoth you shoot it.
Down in Mammoth Cave, is where his body laid. Walls came in life could not be saved.
This tiny ivory mammoth survived the ice age. It was buried in a cave in Germany 35,000 years ago.
I'm off to explore Mammoth Cave, my friends wrote a song about it:
1925 Floyd Collins Mammoth Crystal Cave Kentucky train ticket back to depot-RARE
the work of someone who knows Mammoth Cave all too well
Well there is a mammoth in the cave painting!
CAVEMAN: *paints a crude deptiction of a wooly mammoth on a cave wall*. MAMMOTH: delete it
The Mammoth: A Cave Painting is now also available on Thanks to http:…
The Mammoth: A Cave painting will visit France! Our herd is ecstatic!
Read2Kids This Orq. (He Cave Boy.) Orq love mammoth. Mammoth too big for cave. Orq mother not pleased. ensues
Terry Smith, one of our great staff members, is sharing area information to fall break visitors at Mammoth Cave...
Mammoth Cave, this natural time capsule offers an extraordinary insight into Australia’s a…
Required cave field trip for my online gly class so & I are making a mini fall break vacation to Mammoth Cave!
Out riding around Mammoth Cave, it is so beautiful! The tree's are awesome!
Landen:We had the Pennyroyal, and there are a lot of caves like Mammoth Cave(the biggest cave in the U.S.
Next year check out Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Lots of walking but at least its not up a mountain
take a tour of the Mammoth Cave would love to take an adventure with you on that as well as I love to show you the land (2/2)
Headed to Mammoth Cave Natl Park in a canary yellow convertible. Thanks for the fun!
What an excellent article. LOVED it. Watching and listening to Roger W. Brucker's video which appears partway...
when you go into Mammoth Cave but you think it's the Mines of Moria and so you turn into a dwarf
[in Mammoth Cave]. Me: the chamber of secrets has been opened. Faith: enemies of the heir beware. *high fives*
A trio of fossils from Crevice Cave, MO. Mammoth molar, Mastodon molar, jaguar jaw (L to R).
Can't wait for August 1st! Going on a small vacation with my love😘 and come back home on the 2nd. Going to the mammoth cave's.
Heading underground in 45 minutes. We may not come out. (@ Mammoth Cave Visitor Center in Mammoth Cave, KY)
Good to be back from our soggy/flooded adventures in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave.
Beautifully written by , beautifully photographed by Worth a look!
I need to go to Mammoth Cave sometime again, place is amazing!
Explored the longest cave in the world yesterday @ Mammoth Cave
Along with got to spend time in untouched areas of Mammoth Cave for this story
"Like mountain climbing, except you don't know where you're headed" -Mapping the farthest reaches of Mammoth Cave
Mammoth Cave secrets still being uncovered via
A great home with a Motorcycle Garage. 288 Mammoth Cave Trail, Daytona Beach, FL 32117
This one walked right up to us while we were picnicking at Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave secrets still being uncovered by Cave Research Foundation
I'll be so mad if my parents don't let me go to mammoth cave with my girl on Saturday because I'm "too young"
Mammoth Cave secrets still surfacing via
Really cool look inside with words & with amazing pics.
"Here is Mammoth Cave, which they say is the world's largest cave system, if you don't count the human mind, which I do."
Tourist group holding LANTERNS on bleachers at MAMMOTH CAVE Entrance* 1926 Photo
I want to visit Mammoth Cave some time.
About to go exploring in Mammoth Cave @ Mammoth Cave National Park
Went spelunking with the family yesterday at Mammoth Cave and this doe and her friend walked right up…
300 feet below the surface, in the worlds longest cave! @ Mammoth Caves National Park in Mammoth Caves
7/30 tour of the L'ville Slugger Bat Factory, Bourbon Distillery and Mammoth Cave - Only 1 Spot Left
I'm in Kentucky right now. It's so beautiful! Just got back from Mammoth Cave. If you are visiting Kentucky it's a MUST do!
.I've done mammoth cave a few times but not in years
See photos from last week's hunting narrative stage at on our website.
aflipflop and I in Mammoth Cave! Still one of my favorite adventures!
A beautiful world in Caves, art or nature! Mammoth Cave National Park
Little kid on the Mammoth Cave tour today: "Daddy, who built this?". The dad: "Aw, Mother Nature did.". One of the highlights of the day.
Maddie and Jennifer and their Mammoth Cave selfie @ Mammoth Cave National Park
Visited my first National Park today, Mammoth Cave, the largest cave in the world. Being underground makes for terr…
Want to know more about Mammoth Cave, KY parks and tourism? Read it here:
to Mammoth cave days with taylorwebb__ 😋 @ Jellystone Park
Grace and I survived mammoth cave today and here's a cute pic because we didn't die
Lauren just said the Harrison's noses look, "curved like mammoth cave"
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As all good nerds know, Mammoth Cave was an inspiration for Colossal Cave Adventure, one of the first video games.
Somehow I didn't think about the fact that the Mammoth Cave is in Kentucky. I wish I had planned better, I would have loved to go.
The Mammoth Cave adventure was a success!
I have always wanted to visit Mammoth Cave. I didn't know KY had a natural bridge.
Sorry, Kentucky. Mammoth Cave is no longer the biggest cave in the USA.
STCIK STICK STICK. U know what's fun? Pretend UR a mammoth hunter when U run with stick. It's so Clan Of Cave Bear!
I bet you whoever made the first cave painting had someone standing over their shoulder saying "that's not how you draw a mammoth".
Taking 3 five year olds to Mammoth Cave. Let's go.
This morning from the webcam on Green River at Mammoth Cave National Park. You can access the webcam at...
- All Gallow's Eve - M: MAMMOTH CAVE. I guess I was feeling lazy yesterday, or maybe I was wor...
Dana finished her soul chart from Mammoth Cave.
We have had a blast at Mammoth Cave National Park today even with the rain!! The boys loved the…
besides mammoth cave what else will you do while in Would love to give you tips!
ha ha. They burnt the mammoth and the house where the girls dad was decomposing. Mad Russian was in cave full of bones and flies
I added a video to a playlist Mammoth Cave National Park
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Mammoth Cave National Park it's the largest oldest cave in the world
Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is a result of Karst topography.
or mammoth cave! That would be a great one to do this summer
I'm kind of leaning toward Shenandoah and then going to New River Gorge. Maybe I could do Mammoth Cave, too.
. In TN / KY if we see threats of violence, they wind up as snale food in a Mammoth Cave
I've only done Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Wonder why Jewel Cave in South Dakota... the 2nd largest cave in the...
Trivia tonight in the Club starting at 9 PM! The heads up question:. Mammoth Cave, the largest cave system in the...
no region of faint, lone clock; the Mammoth Cave. Turn as actual Dunwich horror at the right.
Oh, the Mammoth Cave tours! /facepalm Yeah, those are both good.
Mammoth Cave is very rad, and I'm totally a city mouse.
Also if you have time and a car, you're only 1.5 hours from Mammoth Cave. Trust me, it is so worth it.
Students at Laukhuf Elementary in Louisville, Kentucky working *** their submissions for the Mammoth Cave...
"BOTTOM": A hole in Mammoth Cave has this name despite being only 105 feet deep
We conquered mammoth cave today whoo hoo than allot of nice back roads in Kentucky , but feels good to be in Tennessee󾌰
Need to put this on my travel to do list! Cave National Park
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From cave paintings of a mammoth in the Alps, to a crouched photographer in the Amazon basin. From a Rain Dance... http…
Wholly Mammoth's you're doing it wrong. Just step on the puny cave people.
whatcha know bout that water shoe game? 🚣 @ Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
Made it through Mammoth Cave, including Fat Man's Misery. It was pretty awesome.
Explore the world's largest known cave system in our Park of the Week
Would love to do another Mammoth Cave trip, especially in the fall
Louisville bound tonight. mammoth cave and Nashville for the weekend ✌️
Kentucky is home to bluegrass music , horseracing & the most extensive caves on earth, Mammoth Cave National Park
Thursday Night Big Hollow Group Ride at Mammoth Cave National Park. Notice the smiles on the 3 Amigos alongside...
Between Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park, "boasts the world's longest...
It's just boring to me now. 95% of AAA games are the equivalent of a cave-painting of two stick figures stabbing a mammoth.
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and Mammoth Cave sounds awesome!! How long would it take to do all of these?
With 400 miles (640 km) of surveyed passageways Mammoth Cave is by far the world's longest known cave system,...
There really are nasty little knife-throwing dwarves in Mammoth Cave. The Kentucky Board of Tourism covers it up.
I'm really glad I got to spend some time with my dad camping and see Mammoth Cave today!
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- Mammoth Cave, in central Kentucky is the longest cave system in the world. 345 mi. of passageways, + underground lakes and rivers.
Mammoth Cave National Park is a perfect RV destination
Mammoth Cave National Park. After leaving Lexington we made a side trip to the (more: )
I thought your nickname "Mammoth" was because your size. I didn't realize it was in reference to the cave.
The closest National Park to Chicago, Illinois, is Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.
today we have a light wind blowing through Mammoth Cave National Park it just feels like Fall hear.
Dad and I are on our way to camping and Mammoth Cave. Let's hope the rain isn't as bad down there...
Park of the Week: The world's longest known cave system is "grand, gloomy, and peculiar"
Cub Scout Pack 3454 on their trip to Mammoth Cave and Kentucky!
We enjoyed taking North Carolina friends to Mammoth Cave. Couldn't fit in the Mary Todd Lincoln home this time, so will schedule next visit. The cave used to have 7 mile tours in the 60's. We picked the shortest one...
At the mouth of Mammoth Cave's historic entrance. @ Mammoth Cave National Park
I enjoyed an interesting field trip to Mammoth Cave and Western Kentucky University with my sophomores and seniors yesterday...It was a great day to get out and explore, but I am nearly voiceless today! I guess the cave air didn't agree with me, or maybe I just talked too much! :o
Breck, Chip and Johnny Johnson spent their Sunday clearing down trees at the new Big Hollow Trail at Mammoth Cave...
Mammoth Cave - Kentucky 1st they came by horse, then by stagecoach followed by trains and now…
What a beautiful day.great trail ride @ Mammoth Cave. Then shopping in elizabethtown with Shane! Congrats to my runner friends!
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Im a freak. But I'm excited! Just spent over 4 hours planning my 30th bday roadtrip/4 year wedding annivesary/first vacation in years! First day is a drive to Shawnee National Forest for sight seeing and "roughing it" with nature. Garden of the Gods, Cave-In-Rock state park, the iron furnace, then staying at the Timber Ridge Outpost. The next day is a scenic drive through the Land Between the Lakes for more sight seeing, hiking, and squeeling at the wildlife... then staying at the Lake Barkley State Park Resort... Day three we will wake up and take the long way through some cute little towns via the "Hines scenic byway" to then get to Mammoth Cave... Which we will tour! Then a hop skip and a jump to Louville (depending on time, we may stop at the "bourbon trail". I figured we would be tired from cramming so much in so we will stay at a Bed and Breakfast there and Im hoping we can do the Ghost tour of the Waverly Sanitorium. Day four we play it by ear until check out. Then we will drive just an hour toward ...
Jon and I went to Mammoth Cave last Spring. It was amazing. Definitely do the Violet City lantern trip if they're offering it
“Warm weather like this almost makes me want to take road trip w .” I'm in. Where to? Mammoth Cave?
20 Things you May or May Not Know About ME: 1. I am an American and proud of it, although Canada has been good to me. 2. I wish I were 5 inches shorter - being the tallest hasn't always been fun. 3. I am afraid of heights... actually more than fearful. I am terrified. Just ask my children when we visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Climbing over 1500 stairs gave me a terrible panic attack. 4. I have been learning the art of cake and cookie decorating. Not only do I LOVE it, I am becoming really good at it. 5. Two years ago, I started Menopause and two years later.. I have reached Menopause but have been suffering from severe hot flashes that happen (most days) every 30 minutes. Menopause is stripping away my loving, patient, happy go lucky personality. 6. I have a handful of friends who I love to the moon and back. One of these friends I have had since moving to Chatham. I still have my very first friend since moving to Canada. One of my friends has been doing my hair for years and years. I a ...
White-nose syndrome found in tour routes of Mammoth Cave (MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky., February 24, 2014) White-Nose Syndrome (WNS), a disease that is deadly to bats, has been found to be present along the toured passageways of Mammoth Cave. Park staff discovered WNS in remote sections of Mammoth Cave last year, including colonial hibernacula. WNS was first detected in New York State in 2006 and has killed millions of cave-dwelling bats in eastern North America. As the disease progresses, bats become active during months when they would normally be in hibernation. Mortality rates of bats have reached almost 100 percent in multi-year infected caves. “We have observed some increase in bat activity, which may be due to the illness,” said Superintendent Sarah Craighead. “We have also found several dead bats in the last few weeks.” “It is important to remember that White-Nose Syndrome affects bats, not humans,” added Craighead. “As with all our wildlife, we caution visitors not to approach animals, i ...
Unbelivable incredible cave adventure at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky! @ Mammoth Cave National Park
Dropped kaden off for his first day at his new preschool here in evansville. Neither of us cried! Lol. I'm so excited about this school he gets to do and learn so much. They take amazing field trips too. They go places like Mammoth Cave, the exotic feline rescue center, scales, pounds hallow lake, Louisville zoo, Nashville aquarium, and awesome other places. For a 4 year old who loves to adventures and to explore he will be on cloud 9. Brian constantly says I wish we had a preschool like that when we were his age. Lol.
Facts about Kentucky . History Lesson on Kentucky For those of you who live in Kentucky you might find this interesting.. And for those of you who don't, YOU might also find this interesting. Today's history lesson! 1792 - Kentucky was the first state on the western frontier to join the Union . 1816 - (first promoted) Mammoth Cave , with 336+ miles of mapped passages, is the world's longest cave. It is 379 feet deep and contains at least 5 levels of passages.. It's second only to Niagara Falls as the most popular tourist attraction in the US ... It became a National Park on July 1, 1941. 1856 - The first enamel bathtub was made in Louisville . 1883 - The first electric light bulb was shown in Louisville . Thomas Alva Edison introduced his invention to crowds at the Southern Exposition. 1887 - Mother's Day was first observed in Henderson by teacher Mary S. Wilson . It became a national holiday in 1916. 1893 - 'Happy Birthday to You', probably the most sung song in the world, was written by ...
Did you see the nice story on Mammoth Cave by Chris Suiter Fox 41? (replete with Willie Nelson music) Nice to see caves in the news and Mammoth is THE longest cave in the world!
I am so pleased with the response in donations for the upcoming silent auction in April, it is still early so I am sure we will get more responses to the request I sent out. Just a heads up that I am working on putting together some bundles for the Mammoth Cave area and The Smoky Mountain area. To name a few other donations received: tickets for Reds, Cincinnati Bearcats, Florence Freedom, Creation Museum, and Cincinnati Zoo, Sterling Cut Glass vase, zipline, photo package from Amanda Dunavent, a nice little package from Rising Star Casino, Holiday World as well as several other items already received, and we are just getting started.
**UPDATE** Green River Ferry and Green River Ferry Road, in Mammoth Cave, are open.
Over the years, quite a few pre-Columbian mummies have been found in Kentucky caves, especially Mammoth Cave, Short Cave, and Salts Cave. Most of them are said to be of either unusually large or unusually small stature, and often have red hair. Fawn Hoof- Discovered in Short Cave in 1813, this elegant female mummy was wearing lipstick and was wrapped in deerskins when she was found. She was shuffled around from one group of incompetent scientists to another and fell into horrible disrepair in the process. According to some accounts, at some point after 1876 some geniuses at the Smithsonian Institution decided to dissect the mummy and subsequently discarded most of it. Little Alice- Discovered in 1875 in Salts Cave, she was sometimes displayed by carny promoters as the more popular Fawn Hoof. By the 1950s, the mummy had been so poorly cared for that she was deemed no longer suitable for museum display. Some researchers claim that despite her nomenclature and billing, Little Alice was actually a boy. Lost J ...
Perhaps the greatest American cave explorers were a trio of slaves, Stephen Bishop, Mat Bransford, and Nick Bransford who worked at Mammoth Cave prior to the Civil War. This page is about a documentary video being produced about these men, their legacy, and the long history of black guides at Mamm...
shots from the Mammoth Cave National Park last week with my granddaughter
Furloughed Workers Return To Mammoth Cave National Park: The end of the political standoff means more than 100...
Workers at Mammoth Cave are back, and surrounding businesses hope many visitors are too.
Can anyone tell me directions to Mammoth Cave?
Minor positive result of government shutdown and restart: rooms available at Mammoth Cave National Park Service hotel so we can go cycling in the area this weekend.
Congratulations to Senator Mitch McConnell, or as they call him in Kentucky, "Mammoth Cave."
They should build a new memorial in Washington DC to John Boehner and Mitch McConnel. It should be called the "Mammoth Cave' Memorial, and should have statues of Boehner, MCConnell, McCain and and Lindsey Gramnesty in front of it.
Honored to have brought greetings on behalf of the Hart County Homemakers at the Mammoth Cave area meeting in Munfordville this morning.
Tours resume at Mammoth Cave National Park this morning; hotel plans to open for lunch: With the partial feder...
Now we know why Mammoth Cave is in Kentucky.
My Throwback Thursday picture is of me and my beautiful mom. I think this was Mammoth Cave.
The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) provides online access to the Kentucky Work Projects Administration (WPA) collection of photographs, created in the early 1940s to document life in Kentucky.  KDLA digitized over 800 photographs, now available in KDLA’s online access repository, the e-Archives.  Textual descriptions, often written by the photographers themselves, are also included.  The purpose of the WPA photo project was to create illustrations for Writers’ Project publications. The majority of photographs are black and white images, depicting many different subjects, including the arts, recreation, agriculture, architecture, people, rivers and bridges, caves, monuments and memorials, coal mines and coal mining, tobacco farming, parks, and horses and horse farms.   To browse by subject in the e-Archives (enter “WPA” as a search term in the search box.  If you want to browse by subject, click the series name “Photographic File - State Agency Activities (M0047) - WPA ...
My big question for today...After seeing so many vacation destinations being 'CLOSED DUE TO BUDGET REASONS' the past few weeks, is Mammoth Cave National Park open today or not?
Dear Republicans, thank you for wasting everyone's time. Ima go visit Mammoth Cave now. Kay thanks bye.
Yesterday we went to Indiana Caverns - something Billy wanted to do on his fall break from school. We went to Mammoth cave last year, and I have to say that I enjoyed this much better. It just opened in June, but already they have had 20,000 visitors. Lots of formations, a four foot waterfall, a boat ride on an underground river, and tons of bones from extinct animals. We had a great time and enjoyed each other's company. Billy went mining in the sluice and found some unique gems. All in all a wonderful day.
The government shutdown is over. Mammoth Cave National Park and trails should re-open Thursday!
Mammoth Cave National Park has less caves in it than the GOP.
Shutdown over - keepin' it local - means that my third graders can go on their long-awaited field trip to Mammoth Cave.
A good one from my trip to mammoth cave
ya I thought Mammoth Cave was in Kentucky but it must be in DC.
HORSE RIDERS:!! Which mammoth cave horse camp do y'all like best? D bar K or Double J?
Just for fun:).. I've read on several posts that the governmental shut down has caused 24 billion dollars to not enter our economy. Here are my thoughts: 1. First.. it's funny to me how many people are posting the exact same posts. It just appears that this was sent out by some democratic group.:).. 2. So let me think about it, if June Ann and I were going to go to Mammoth Cave this past Sat. but didn't because of the shutdown.. then the 100.00 or so we would have spent didn't get spent, so the economy didn't get my 100.00..hmm.. but wait probably instead of going to Mammoth Cave we went to Jackson's Orchard.. so we spent the money there. Even if we did just set at home, if that 100.00 was disposable income we would have gone out to eat, to the movies etc. So just because the money wasn't spent at a government park or a private business nearby doesn't mean the money didn't go into the economy somewhere else. Just because a small café next to "Lincoln" park lost money doesn't mean the money wasn't pu ...
Mammoth Cave National Park is a U.S. National Park in central Kentucky, encompassing portions of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world. The official name of the system is the Mammoth-Flint Ridge Cave System for the ridge under which the cave has formed. The park was established as...
If the house approves the bill to reopen the government party at mammoth cave tonight 🎉🎊
I swear if I don't get to visit Mammoth Cave here soon...
Just in.Mammoth Cave is suing the GOP over copyright infringement.
Just in...Mammoth Cave in Kentucky suing the GOP over copyright infringement.
Government Shutdown Impacts Edmonson County Schools: Falls colors are out at Mammoth Cave National Park, but t...
THIS SHOULD PUT A BURR UNDER YOUR SADDLE BLANKET!! This is only the beginning of getting Americans out of rural areas and into the stack and pack cities of the future under UN Agenda 21 policies. The “National” Parks Are No Longer Part of the United States All of the above behaviors by the Park Police are technically legal because the United States no longer owns the National Parks and the aforementioned police force acts with impunity outside of the law. When an American citizen sets foot on a National Park, they cease to be an American citizen complete with all the rights and privileges of being an American citizen. These abuses of power by the US Park Police are taking place exclusively on land no longer owned by the United States. The United Nations, following their Agenda 21 plans own our National Parks and they have converted these parks to Biospheres Reserves and World Heritage Sites which are under the control of the United Nations. International law governs these areas and therefore, their po ...
Mammoth Cave called the House Republicans-- and wants her name back cause they have disgraced it
We just heard that Mammoth Cave will open tomorrow. It was on the news!!
A documentary video about the legacy of black guides at Mammoth Cave.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Another mammoth cave. Sad to have RINO's in your camp to the detriment of the American people.
Another mammoth cave, resulting from living in Beltway darkness.
Latest Mammoth Cave from KY: Mitch McConnell. Not a reason to postpone RedEye because this was so predictable.
Mammoth Cave will be renamed Cruz Caves once privatized.
Should have known! McConnell comes from the state known for Mammoth Cave
Visit Mammoth Cave with my friend Alessandra Visnardi and Andréia Visnardi - at Margaret River
Senator McConnell, from the state of Mammoth CAVE! Enjoy your 75% ACA subsidy. You can't win w/o Us traitors & WE WON'T FORGET!
This Saturday, October 19th, at 6 PM, BCM will have an international potluck at the BCM. We would love for everyone to bring a dish to share, but you can still come if you are unable to bring food. We will also have karaoke! On November 1-3, BCM will be travelling to Cave City, KY for the Engage International Student Conference. It is hosted by all of the BCMs of Kentucky and gives students the opportunity to meet other international students from around the state. The weekend will include games, small group discussions, a celebration of countries, dancing, and a possible trip to Mammoth Cave. The cost is $45. We will be giving out information and waivers at the potluck on Saturday. If you are interested in going, contact Jessica Stacy at (606) 371-0180 or jlstacyThe deadline to sign up is October 25th. Every Saturday, we have international Bible study at 11 AM and then van rides to Walmart at 12 PM.
"Abi, Sadam Hussein lives in mammoth cave & if you play in your front yard you'll get kidnapped" -7 year old
Annabelle: "If the government is shut down, does that mean no more Mammoth Cave?" William: "It's only the night government!" Me: "there is no night government and yes, I believe almost all of those parks are closed temporarily. The good news is that this can't go on forever." Annabelle: "why did they shut down, mom?" Me: "because republicans are *** sweetheart." William: "TAKE THAT, GOVERNMENT!"
Need a DJ that won't break your budget? Are you in a band and need a sound guy that doesn't constantly mess with your mix? Do you need a small scale PA for that event coming up? Does your church PA sound like you're holding services in Mammoth Cave? If you need assistance in any of these areas, give me a call.
Tony is selling Yankee Candles to raise money for the 4th grade field trip to Mammoth Cave! Please let all your friends know, or anyone that might be interested. We need your support. Thanks!!
The longest cave in the world is the 'Mammoth Cave System' in the USA at 560,000 mtrs deep
Grazing the Blue Grass Cows graze in the blue grass where the mountains once stood, but to the beach they have washed away, as the green river bleeds it crystallizes the walls of the mammoth cave, recording every event in the order of that day. ~Darek Thomas Sr.
at Mammoth Cave park just north of Bowling Green Kentucky, heading to the Corvette Museum tomorrow, then Nashville
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In Job Corps Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, flew in from Stl this morning. From a couple of hundred miles up in the air people kinda look like ants
Talking about Mammoth Cave in class makes me wanna go back, who wants to join me?
Down here at Mammoth Cave. Of course it is closed due to the government shutdown, but despite that, we're having a blast. Sorry if you've called me & didn't get through or an answer, I just don't have reception here. So, you can look forward to pictures when we return!
Mammoth Cave, the biggest cave in Kentucky soon to be replaced?
thanks for following me. I was going to go camping at mammoth cave this weekend but can't anymore due to the shutdown
Head over to Mammoth Cave, FDH Records or Resurrection Records and pre order our new LP today.
My son's 4th grade Mammoth Cave trip got cancelled due to shut down. He has been looking forward to that field trip for a few years.
The campground store at Mammoth Cave National Park will stop selling beer and wine because of what officials say is an increase in alcohol-related incidents.
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