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Mama Kin

Mama Kin is a song by American hard rock band Aerosmith, which appeared on its debut self-titled album.

Joe Perry Steven Tyler John Butler Sweet Emotion Margaret River Izzy Stradlin

lmfao my mama is not even a fan of them, i just turned her into Mama Kin lol i love her so much tbh
She kin to us on mama or daddy side?
Mama Kin got me a hot pink camouflage fidget spinner because my anxiety has been so awful since…
Mama is killing me, said I'm to write an apology letter, attach a picture of me crying and my next of kin 😭😭😭
My mama said we kin to the motens where you been lol I showed her Jesse pic
I have this bra sending me threats to stay away from his baby mama but there's a new kin in his avi. I…
so, my mother's new name is Mama Kin. ((they didn't play this song, i'm actually a bit disappointed by that))
bumper suggestions for 2nite on with Jay Weidner. Mama Kin - Aerosmith. Mama - Genesis. Mother - Floyd or John Lennon
Nate's mama is my grandma in a younger body. Good Lord. Y'all sure we not kin???
Someone parked a big rig where I set up my drums and covered Aerosmith's Mama Kin years ago! Lol…
"I ain't kin to Wayne but that's my Mama Cita."
Dis way me mama kin don arrange am eh, e kin sidom near me now for fan me in case sweat wan slow me down
Who is ready for BIGSOUND!!! . We can't wait to see BOAT SHOW, Daggy Man, Dream Rimmy, Kylie Auldist, Mama Kin and...
But Lick and A Promise is just my favorite. Followed very closely by Mama Kin.
My shuffle keeps throwing me early Aerosmith and it is making me happy. Mama Kin, pretty much all of Toys In The Attic.
Are kin hyung and javier plotting mama's kidnap
Next of kin appeal for Margaret McMahon, 82, from Liverpool. Please RT
Sowwy fer the loss of your fur kin ((hugz)), saying pawrayers and Mama K sends luffz 💔🐾❤😢
This Daige top is in love with the the Mama Kin earrings!
But I'm sitting in the front row of the plane with these two little black kids and I'm sure everyone is assuming I'm their mama or kin.
faithful as ya EBT, closer than ya mama kin
If you're REALLY looking for love, find a good man at Church. If he's not there his Mama or other kin will get you together
Covering great tunes is all good - but not at the expense of don't cry, locomotive, you're crazy, mama kin, perfect crime...
"Said you're as bald as an egg at eighteen" - lyrics from "Mama Kin" by that I just looked up today. New favorite line in a song.
Mama Kin is here to bless u my babe 💕
My visitor...who I affectionately named "Mama Kin" (thank you Aerosmith). She lives happily on my...
I added a video to a playlist Aerosmith & Slash - "Mama Kin" (Live in Detroit 2014)
and live in Detroit 2014 performing one of my all time favourites 'Mama Kin'🤘🏻 hope you are all h…
mama: *talks about my tito buying smthg from La Union*. papa: *pauses and smirks at me* dn ya kin bakal, L. A. Union?. Same pa, same
― Doc Holliday: Mama says you are all my kin, so via →
I added a video to a playlist Guns N' Roses - Mama Kin
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Heauxs Hollie out the window Boosie pass me dat indo. I told slow down lil mama look Bc we ain't kin folk
Welp I know you are kin to Shaterra cause your a crack mama just slow as fck !
Keep in touch with Mama Kin. Tell her where you gone and been...
my mama always said be careful what you say out loud cause you dk who kin to who 😂 I always end up talking bout folks.
On my mama grave, don't associate me with NONE of them crazy mfrs. mfrs NOT no kin of mine 💯
Mama told me not to sell work seventeen-five same color T-shirt...
Boston. The first big city outside of the south that embraced us! Mama Kin, Avalon, Paradise, Patriots Place, Blue Oc…
what you think is your best others may think as your worst. Aerosmith thought their big hit was going to be Mama Kin.
This *** said . "Bad little mama, she kin' to Obama. She sting like a bumble bee, hot as the sauna"
Bad little mama, she kin to Obama, she sting like ahh bumblebee she hot as ah sunna 🔥🔥
Dear Mama, I appreciate how you raised me. There's no way I could pay you back but my plan is to show you that I understand.
"Mama Kin" playing -. Remembering parties past. Where did my clothes go?.
My guess for thr Aerosmith riff is a second snippet at the beginning Mama Kin.
And I ain't kin to Wayne, but that's my mamacita.y'all.what's Lil Wayne mama name??
this is a kid. Kid like this should not be dead but living his life becoming something and growing old. I feel for his mama
I'm listening to Mama Kin [8K0] - Guns N' Roses on Philly Rock Radio!
when i was about to... Tinginan ang mga BG sa kin. Bugger, natakot ako. Shemay, i cried my *** out ran towards my mama 😂
One In A Million Nice Boys Used To Love Her, the Move To The City was a Reckless Life and You're Crazy Mama Kin had no Pa…
Shug said me and her going to Tenessee. All my brothers and sisters, aren't even my kin, I don’t know what to think no more
wait till you see the videos Mama Kin got while waiting in the wings... Incriminating is a word for it.
composed "Kin" on restored Claims he opening from old
in in 1992 from pay-per-view "Kin" originally on 1973 eponymous debut.
I liked a video from Aerosmith ft. Slash - Mama kin/Jungle (Live at Whisky 2014)
and you too Mama Kin ... Keepin in touch from So Cal .
Happy Mother's Day to the Baddest Mama on the planet...❤️ I love you to the moon & back best friend..😘
the ump his Mama and ALL of his Kin Folk are Dog 💩💩💩
Happy mother's day mama cora my honeybunch sugar plum pumpi-am-pi-am-kin you're my sweetiepie 😘
Mama Kin by Steven Tyler now playing on
Mama Kin - Live Version (Explicit) by Guns N' Roses // In honor of the woman that shat you out... ♫
Happy mother's day mama precy! Thank you for everything. Hehe. Thank you sa pagaalaga sa'kin at…
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Since back then, mama say stay loyal to ya kin
"you look like one of those Swinson girls, who is your mama" 😑 I'm like what...I know them through my mama but we not kin
i should have known mama kin. Way ahead of me lol
Keep in touch with mama kin, tell her where ya gone and been
Seriously, we suppose go arrange the pastor and the de pikin Mama and Papa. Which kin brain wash
still haven't had good *** times. You're my fav baby mama ever! I love you and I can't wait to meet sweet Kin 👶🏽💓
Mama Kin, is strong. Papyrus of Ani says 'written on the thigh'... Almighty.
Also I call my mom "mhani" so it feels awkward and forced calling someone who's no kin of mine "mama".
is on-the-air! Mr. can you play us some Mama Kin...we need a little to get this Saturday goin'
😂😂😂 When tell your mama you can't find what she need you to find! White families vs Blacks.
Ya betta get sum' money fo' yo mama, or yo hopes. Boy yo *** betta not be broke, I spent 4 bands on a cloak I spent a f**kin band on sum' loc
olha as que eu mais amo: Dream on, Mama Kin, Jaded, what it takes, I dont want to miss a thing, crazy, amazing, lay it down
Some cretins born yesterday will open mouth and say I like your music but you are this. Onyeka Onwenu no be una mama mate. So just STFU
2,000 words on GNR, from Mama Kin to Coma. I never tire of this stuff.
Whole earth lover, keepin' under cover, ever knowin' where ya been. . You've been fadin', always out paradin, keepin' touch with Mama Kin.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Once in Boston, at Mama Kin I got free drinks all night because the men liked my accent. 😜
fam kin ga dance moves? Wai Mama ta Che no love for him cause no alert 😅😅😅😆 kawai he started singing "what do you mean"
lol I'm with my mama. I thought you was at home.
I like my rock & roll to have an edge. Aerosmith has been doing it like that for 40 years! Aerosmith - Mama Kin
[투표] check check check out the nominee for💥Best Male Group&💥UnionPay Artist of the Year✔ Vote For BTS to the 1st!. (
LMA: Vertical Horizon Live at Mama Kin Music Hall on 1997-12-26
I've lived in 4 continents. My Mama 5 . We're nomads . My Dad is French but mostly lives in the U.S :)
Headed into Studio C at G-Force Records to see if Joe and Brad want to jam some "Mama Kin" or some "Toys in the Attic"
just saying mama ... We ain't trying see kin cakes on Amber alert
[!!] will be attending MAMA on 2nd December at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong this year ! .
A lot of guys don't know to love a woman because they never saw a man love their mama 🤔
Probably my favorite off this album. Her vocal control...yum. I actually also think that new Mia Dyson sounds Mama kin esque :).
I can neither confirm nor deny I may or may not be singing to Aerosmith's Mama Kin
Keepin' touch with Mama Kin. . Tell her where you've gone and been. . Livin' out your fantasy, . Sleeping late and smokin…
… Well anyway, Ma Kin, Mama Kin . I just call Her by her real name and as a constant reminder I have it Tattooed on my Body Somewhere ….
domain names
Couldn't agree more. Their 70s stuff was by far their best. Everything you mentioned, Mama Kin, etc.
Mama! You are having a little baby kin?! Congrats!!! Outside of jane I used to nanny, I got your back 😘👪
My mama just now getting back in the house
Ballad wise, sure. But Aerosmith has so many others-Walk This Way, Toys in the Attic, Mama Kin-ahead of that song.
they be coming up to me saying "you my cousin girl. I'm kin to your mama" like tf
12/16/98 Boston, MA. 2nd Dishwalla show in as many days...chatting w/ us outside Mama Kin.
Girl: bobo, je kin wo eru to gbe sabe neow. Guy: public? Mama watch ball
Ain't no kin to Wayne but still my mama Cita.
Mama Kin just unveiled her brand new video 'One Too Many'. We are looking to seeing her at Evolve in 77 days!
Psyched about our Donington DVD! First look in movie theaters is Thursday night. Pre-view of Mama Kin at
I would go for a MAMA KIN theme. Something different from Tyler's tat. I love what Mama Kin means + it was the 1st single ♡
I ain't kin to wayne but that's my . mama cita 🔥
I told her slow down lil mama cause we ain kin folk ✋🏾
OK, Road trip, music on shuffle. What's up first? Aerosmith Mama Kin. Let's roll.
im only kin too 2 ppl out the south 😂 Thats My Mama nd Percy nd i barely claim him
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lol. He's kin to Tigger. Mama had one who loved to perch on top of the upper kitchen cabinets.
you asked my mama if she was kin to Breanna the other day! Lol
Exclaim! are debuting our second video, of Australian songstress, Mama Kin. Recorded in the irreplicable...
I'm always asking ppl you know my brother my sis my mama? R we kin?
on Friday. My photo of & in 1995 in bathroom at Mama Kin Music Hall.
Mother Nature is no dumb broad. She knows how to strut her MAMA KIN.
John Butler Trio, Strumbellas, Father John Misty, Mama Kin, Jenn Grant, Frazey Ford...might have to stop by the Calgary Folk Fest this year.
True!RT and Mama Kin by GnR better than original.
and Mama Kin by GnR better than original.
Montra for today!: Pull your jeans high and tight, Wipe down,Your Mama's in the F&$KIN stands!
I knew his mama .. But I ain't know she was kin to my mom😂 I thought they was just friends lol.
Africa I cannot forget my Mama's roots too! James Brown have a lot of kin folk so I SALUTE all of us too! Whew!.
Yea *** ..Mimi and and Mama Strawberry some kin.
My mama n my cousin know them folks some kin
Izzy Stradlin played Mama Kin on stage with Aerosmith last year
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Mama Kin 'cover girl' of Earth emag 'Peace on eARTh' issue last year...
Found out that me and oomf double kin on our daddy side ND my mama side 😂😂😳👀
"Best Dance Performance Female Group". they deserve that title, believe me.
Is it just me or does the beginning of Black Keys - Gotta Get Away sound a lot like the intro to Aerosmith's Mama Kin?
The small exploding sounds you hear at the beginning of Mama Kin by GN'R are firecrackers in a bucket
Unless he's one of those uncles her mama said is her uncle but ain't no kin
I cant believe you just said that Mama Kin. Very uncool.
Middle fingers to enemies get love from all my kin, then again mama said don't put ya trust up in a friend - Vandam Bodyslam
Mama mama mama but she even didn't open her eyes
Walking through town & my 12-year old lad randomly bursts into a rendition of classic 'Mama Kin'.
Ruby Boots is coming to Newcastle and Bellingen for a run of dates with We Two Thieves (Mama Kin and Emily from...
you forgot their cover of your all time favorite band, "Mama Kin"
Their just nice cause your dating their kin . Don't ever think for once , mama likes u , dad likes u , friends none of that
EXCLUSIVE! Live performance of “Jenny” by Mama Kin and John Butler, at their sold out show in Dublin
Win or Lose JYP will still be number 1 in my heart :) 2014
P.o.p. hold it down. Pimp squad for life. I love y'all mama. I am not kin to tha Goodrichs but I am a Goodrich Lml😂😭
With a musical family tree that reaches further than the peach tree they sing about on this release, Mama Kin and...
what time are you about? Mama Kin bar then Les Banc Publics for food? Let me know and I'll book.
Private Day Tours of now booking for 2015 & 2016! Journey to the land of Jamie Fraser & his kin! h…
"And I ain't a kin of Wayne but that's my mama 'Cida (mamacita)"
Your mama is so fat, when she sings, its over.
I think this world is beautiful, from the second of inception to the next of kin placing fragrant flowers at their mama's funeral...
Mama Kin by Aerosmith from the album: The Essential Aerosmith
My mama be claiming everybody as kin folks, I'm not no kin to they *** ✌️
Say lil boosie pass me that indo i tell her slow down lil mama cause we aint kin folk
Thanks to everyone that came out & rocked on a Monday with Red Dragon Cartel. This Friday & Saturday is going to be amazing once again. Friday it's the nations premier Dave Mathews Tribue band with The Dreaming Tree. & Saturday we have a rock double header with 2 great Tributes. Mama Kin from toronto & their tribute to Aerosmith PLUS KISS THIS/Space Ace Buffalo, NY & Their full Kiss show YES both on the same night! COMING IN CONCERT: Fri Apr 25 Mike Tramp followed by Hair Nation. Sat April 26 Prophets of addiction with Lesli Sanders of Pretty Boy Floyd followed by suckerpunch. & Sat May 3 Tim "Ripper" Owens. It's only rock n roll but we like it!!!
"Here are the 10 best Aerosmith songs of all time, including 'Mama Kin' and 'Sweet Emotion' ^^A^^
Keen for some super sweet festival flashbacks? Tune into Sarah Howells on triple j now for the top 10 Roots albums for 2013! --Mama Kin-- Busby Marou -- Nahko & Medicine for the People -- Melbourne Ska Orchestra. :-)
On at The Hi-Fi tonight we have the great Irish singer, Damien Dempsey, Richard Frankland & The Charcoal Club and the charming Mama Kin! Also just announced...the Indigenous Dance Group, Fighting Gunditjmara will be joining Richard Frankland on stage!
alrighty then...Stormcellar started the show (of course) with 'She Keeps Me Moving On' so l thought l'd better.. so l quickly put on some 'Black Crow' when (birthday boy) Al Hensley and The Big Easy announced that it was 'Too Late' but Fiona Boyes likened it to a 'Chain Gang'! Mr. Black and Blues reckoned it all came down to the 'Heartbeat' and Mama Kin wanted to know 'Was It Worth It'? Bondi Cigars went 'Down To The Dirty River' while Cara Robinson and Hat Fitz just wanted 'Power'..Stevie Page started to say 'If It's Not Your Own'..but Stormcellar wanted to let everyone know..'Don't Touch The Merchandise' and Jeff Lang wanted to know 'Mama, Why You Holding Back Now' but Alchemy decided it was all just 'Second Hand Rose' stuff and Jane Michele said she new where they were coming from with the 'Mountain Man'! Tailgaters demanded to 'Pay Your Dues' which made Two Rivers Blues happy and they decided to go 'Walkin Blues' but Stormcellar grabbed them 'By The Scruff Of Your Neck' and Al Hensley (birthday boy .. ...
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Mama Kin is a song from the debut album by Aerosmith, their self titled album which was released in 1973. This is a live performance of the song from Guns 'N' Roses, featuring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith. Live In Paris, a live concert from GnR Use Your Illusion tour in 1992. Axl Rose and Steven Tyler: Vocals Slash, Joe Perry and Gilby Clarke: Guitars and backing vocals Duff McKagan: Bass and backing vocals Matt Sorum: Drums and backing vocals
Afternoon all, am lost in a world of wonderful music today brought to me by some of my most favourite artists - what a magical gift our musos bring into our lives! Love my ipod - like having a concert happening in my head. How grateful I am they existed, exist and share their gifts with us all. I'll be back later with Dolphin as promised and pics of some new creations that are slowly coming to life as I am accompanied in the creative flow by such wonderful folk as John Lennon, The Eagles, Foo Fighters, Van Morrison, John Butler, Mama Kin, Neil Young, Crowded House, Led Zepplin, Alice Cooper, Dire Straits, Colin Hay, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and others. Truly is a smorgasboard of so many talented folk to choose from who do what they love, live their truth and love what they do. Cheers, Cheryl.
Feeling chewed up and spit out like an extra on The Walking Dead! Must been with Mama Kin last night!
Datin Mama Kin saya just whatsapped her for Baba's college reunion today @ Casa Siti Aisyah
At Sweetz Lounge in Woodbridge Kipling and Hwy 7 with Mama Kin! You coming? Come on down and hang out wit da boyz!
Awesome! If you can't make it I'll come Knockin' On Heavens Door for you, cos you got to keep in touch with Mama Kin
-my mama accidentally hit me in the eye with her keys. Now I have a headache.
15 years old cooking raw rock, mama getting mad cuz I was f**kin up her gold pots
Come and see Mama Kin *** it up in Woodbridge tonight at Sweetz Lounge. Bring nonno and nonna. Itsa nice!
ah ah PRISS! that guy for "Donge?", mama for "sirikali" and now this? i give up on my kin. i'm from Mghange owada. cc
Que mal humor q tengo no me aguanto ni yo
Them my mama kin people they don't play the radio with yo ***
sorry I was listening to Guns N Roses version of Mama Kin just wanted to let you know
my mama use to tell me everybody ain't ya friend I should've listened I just treated *** like kin!
mama kin You've always got your tail on the wag Stittin' fire from your mouth just like a dragon You act like a perpetual drag You better
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En el dorado me gusta anddar,tambien me paseo aki en culiacan.(8)
I told her slow dwn lil mama kus we aint kin folk.
Me lastime mi manita me duele mucho y kin me la soba
If you were wondering how managed to hold her breath to get through the filming of the clip for Rescue
Cigarettes on cigarettes, my mama think I stank, I got burn holes in my hoodie all my homies think it's dank.
Underwater singing, wedding gowns and REALLY deep breaths. We go behind the scenes on a video shoot:
Here's my chat with the brilliant Mama Kin in the
I wanna learn the words to Mama Kin.not tonight though.
Mama kin just came on this is why I love this station so much
My mama always told me everybody ain't your friend i should have listen i just treated *** like kin.
Bonus video! Aerosmith performs Mama Kin live in Philly in 1993. I was at this show!
im JayR not Jesus! He's my cousin on my mama side is he any kin to you?
On my Mama side in Kin to some of everybody in Wallace .
He's my cousin on my mama side. Is He any kin to you?!?
lol right mayb not j/kin .. I showed a pic of u to mama she was like lord u grew up
Neta k me gusta un chingo neta no est jugando shula ;)
I miss my mom Precy Maneja..iloveyousomuch mama..
Mama endonde estaras q no t encuentro
Check out Lights of the City from Brisbane band Artisan Kin ... Mama Kin x
We have relations like I'm kin to the girl. I make her holler like when mama brought her into the world.
You ain't my child and you ain't no kin or my wife or my mama etc...
mama dont trust Nobody but friends to my kin for the slightest disrespect Ima commit anotha sin
♫ I am listening to Mama Kin by Guns N' Roses.
My mama told me you ain't got no friends, sometimes you can't trust your kin, and these streets ain't finna let you in
Mama do the hump mama do the hump hump!! Ahaa :DD xx
Listening to hey MaMa by Black eyed this song still rocks me!
Y'all un cool like my mama's kin . - Wale lol .
"F**kin in the the house, while mama cooking." - Tyga. Wise words man! -_-
My mama just left me now I'm here all alone nd no one to talk to 😔
Ain't a woman alive that could take my mama's place.. I swear I don't know how she's made it this far &still has her sanity.
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Looking forward to some lovely music from Mama Kin tonight at The Basement! Check her out:
it's on beat and holla.. By mama kin
please please please listen to your colour by mama kin. You will adore it.. And I'll strangle you if you don't. With love of course
-they gave my mama a morphine pump. Whenever she feel pain she squeeze it and it injects into her. They better hope ion get my hands on it.
Feels blessed to have very loving and supportive parents... Thanks mama and papa sa pagsundo sa'kin... Love ya both! :-)
Praying for mama kinesha as she goes into surgery this morning . 🙌🙏 .
Live tonight with guest inc Mama Kin & David James and the organisers of Quadrangle Twilight. 7pm - 11pm
-Maybe it was yo folks he was dragging to his bedroom the other night ! Mama ? Granny ? *** somebody kin to you ! 😂
I hate it for Dannell Ellerbee family everybody & they mama swear they kin now. He from Rockingham too!!! You know they thirsty out there
I'm just so glad that my mama is always here to take care of me. :]]
"Im not your friend, im not your Kin, I make your brains come out your chin my kin tho! Ask ya mama!
Thanks you love u n miss u more n more...♥ mmmuuuaahh *hug*
My eldest daughter make me proud at school 2day every work she make at school 2day was RIGHT nothing's WRONG all the ABC letter and numbers was GOOD i love my daughter to the fullest--xoxo (m) ;d ««---[®©
I feel like I'm kin to everybody and they mama.
I hate females that be false claiming...if u claim my *** its a *** mama aint give birth to yo azz so yall aint kin!
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Whenever you need me.. You know my name... ♫ You Know My Name by (at Mama Kin's) —
Well.. As i was taking a nap this afternoon,a friend was waking me up and also asking me "Mama,ki tashi. Kin isa aljanna ne? Yayi dadi?"
Mama raised no fool, mio de kin s'omo ale //Olamide live in event place..21st..dnt be found "WANTED" cc
"Slash joined Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on Mama Kin at the Varvatos event !! \,,/"
Now I'll sleep happily after playing Aerosmith's "Mama Kin" on my new Yamaha Electric Guitar !!
To my Mum Mary Mumbua, i love u si mú proud and greatfl for raising me to be the man i háve bcome.i celebrate U
Triste.. muy triste...!!! Mi mama no me quiereee...Definitivamente soi adoptada.
OK, as promised, (like ya'll really care) 10 bands that I really don't care to hear ever again. Billy Idol... I like American Idol better Joan Jett... I love Rock-N-Roll too, but I dont wanna hear it 1001 more times Twisted Sister..."cmon feel the noise"..."noise" is right! Blue Oyster Cult... they need more than cow-bell and a cool name Nazareth... Love Hurts and so does listening to their other song Def Leppard... I just don't like them. Tar and feather and pore sugar on me, jeez! Grateful Dead... if your fans are acid heads and Ben and Jerry's naming a flavor after your guitar player is your claim to fame... AC/DC... all their songs sound the same (Angus is cool though) The Doors... "writing poetry, tripping on LSD, and dying is no way to go through life, son." - Dean Wermer Aerosmith... I'm so tired of all their songs, yes, even "Mama Kin"
Danielle Caruana is a Fremantle based musician who records as Mama Kin. Her second album, The Magician's Daughter, again sees her exploring a roots-based palette, mixing folk, blues and jazz elements. It's a record that's been allowed to breathe, boasting judicious use of instruments, including mari...
Melbourne Ska Orchestra drummer George Servanis has breakfast in the cafe downstairs occasionally and always has a good story or a new adventure with Bustamento, Mama Kin or the MSO coming up. I spoke to him this morning and this afternoon this popped up on FB. I met George when he was playing in Paul Hester's band The Largest Living things and Nikki Bomba's Bomba. Both band leaders were drummers and he was the drummer they chose. This is a link to his website where you can see his 3-way drum duel with Midnight Oil's Rob Hirst and Paul Hester from the TV show Hessie's Shed.
Primed and ready for Mama Kin album pre-sale in the morning, Bring it!
You leave me in the E.R. alone.Its all good. When it comes back around, 10x, don't think of this. how I gained my respect
Old School Hip Hop or Golden Age Hip Hop? Choose one and why?
My submission to the Mama Kin Beat and Holler competition. This music video was filmed in my own home, with help from Luli Voko who made the puppets. The fro...
Susie Lee done fell in love - she planned to marry Joe. She was so happy ’bout it all an' told her Pappy so. Pappy told her, “Susie gal, you’ll have to find another. I’d just as soon yo’ Ma don’t know but Joe is yo’ half brother.” So Susie put aside her Joe and planned to marry Will. But after telling Pappy this, he said, “There’s trouble still… You cain’t marry Will, my gal, and please don’t tell your Mother, But Will and Joe and several mo’, I know is yo’ half brother.” But Mama knew and said, “My child, just do what makes you happy. Marry Will or marry Joe, you ain’t no kin to Pappy!”
Happy birthday going out 2 my darling grandaughter BUNBAJI big boss blor me alwayz. love atha Artie. Dronk fa u 2nite...
To Eldinho hap birthday may God bless you with many and many yaers my child and stay as sweet as you are and a blessed day to you God bless love you lots my baby
When people here tha name "Dez" they automatically think "that lil black crip bisshh that got hands" well idont wanna live that life nomore , if iwas to leave this earth before my time I want to be remembered as ah leader , great mama , goofy af , super sensitive & ah A&B student that graduated tha top 10% of her class , loyal & keep it 100% all day everyday ; thas not too mch to ask for !
Man I hate my life my sister turned against me and I'm tired of this shiftt man just know that I hate my life
My new vans shoes. given by my mama and papa. i have to more.. black and green... but di kasya. sino po bibili.. post ko later. please pls. Pls...
Wanna see MAMA movie dis weekend, cant I ? (^_^)"
Glenn, I am sorry if Dominic looks bad to you, i don't know to many people that are very sick to look good but my baby is handsome to me...
I'm really Kin to 2 PAC he my cousin & his mama is my aunt & I'm going to meet her this weekend ( :
CARAS,devia ter one in a million no greatest hits ou mama kin
My mama didn't even ask to see my report card yesterday😕 that kin
You can buy your tickets at Mama Kin, Little Wise, The FireTree, The Go Set, Benny...
aww♥yall 2!mama ask abt u 2day,she said u let ur kid catch cold n a u should caught it in ur tuff kin! Hope him feel better
But all 3 of them work for the same company I got sent elsewhere because me n my mama some kin
My 11:11 wish better come true or ill kill mama kin
Every time I call my mama, the first words out of her mouth are "You pregnant yet? No? Ok, when are you coming home"
I'm so happy my mama put me on game about men.
The magical and mystical Mama Kin has announced The Magician's Daughter tour will be kicking off in March
we are SO excited for Mama Kin at The Loft April 12! Her new music is available here -...
Illusion never changed, into something real ♫ Torn by Natalie Imbruglia (at Mama Kin's) —
Added a new video: "BLIND REFLEXX performing 'Mama Kin' at 'The Foundry' in Aurora,..."
Mama Kin i love my Mother por fala nisso kk
Love my mama more than myself and that's why she's my next of kin coz this fast life could have a fast end..
My mama said Chequita *** kin too everybody from the country!
Kin is such a weird sleeper just like her mama! Talks, sits up, cries, laughs, and ends up upside down in her bed..
S/O to them *** thats fckn they mama husband brother daddy thats kin TO they cousin nephew papa uncle bby mama and still ain't got no KIDS.
My mama so MO-THA-FUC-KIN nosey!! Ugh its irritating how much she be in mf's business
- lord knows I'm a *** but I thank him for my mama though .
I'm kin to Michelle on my mama side..
you didn't even ask, plus you were to busy acting out the ending of mama! xD
Ahhh, this is bloody exciting, coming to a town or city near you in March/April, the incredible Mama Kin and...
Mama wonder why your child so bad because the f***kin body bags done hypnotized they ***
Fremantle's soulful raconteur, MAMA KIN starts her national tour in March. Find out when she's playing near you.
mama Lambis bought donuts? Not from dunkin. That must be some kin of miracle.
So hey the guy that looks like he's kin to Mr. Burns with the ugly baby mama deleted his account? How unfortunate.
Jesus is my cousin on my mama side is he kin to you ?
Mama Kin by Aerosmith is motherfukin good ! amazon:
Aerosmith mark the 40th anniversary of their self-titled debut album on the latest installment of In The Studio. Released in January of 1973, "Aerosmith" featured concert staples like "Mama Kin", "Walkin' The Dog", and what would become the band's signature tune, "Dream On." In The Studio host Redbeard catches up with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton as they reminisce about the beginnings of what would be Aerosmith. "To say that it's a dream come true, to become famous, to have an album out, get your voice and songs on the radio, it's a real trip," says Tyler. "It really is a dream come true."
On the road again, heading to Woodford! JBT are looking forward to the next few days of shows. Come and join us at Woodford Folk Festival this weekend and at Peats Ridge Festival in NSW on NYE. Then we are heading back to WA for two shows. We are playing at Leeuwin Estate in Margaret River on Thursday Jan 3rd ( tickets from the tourist bureaus or on line at and Castelli Winery in Denmark WA on Friday Jan 4th ( tickets from Paperbark in Albany, Denmark Liquor Store in Denmark or on line at Both these shows have the wonderful Mama Kin opening. Have a happy New Year from all at JBT MGMT!
Aerosmith perform Mama Kin at the Staples Center with Izzy Stradlin last night:
check it out... New year LOVE IN... JBT kicks off 2013 with two WA winery shows WITH Mama Kin! The John Butler Trio will launch 2013 with a couple of special family concerts in the lush grounds of two of Western Australia’s popular wineries. John, Byron and Nicky Bomba will take to the stage on Thursday January 3rd at Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River and Friday January 4th at Castelli Winery, Denmark. Tickets on sale Monday November 26th 2012 A live set from the John Butler TRIO is an awe-inspiring show which captivates the audience with tracks such as ‘Revolution’, ‘One Way Road’ and ‘Close To You’ from their esteemed album “April Uprising”, as well as a good dose of all time crowd favourites from the JBT’s vast catalogue. WA songstress Mama Kin will start proceedings at both shows. Both venues are 18+, although children are permitted provided they are accompanied at all times with a parent or legal guardian. Be sure to grab your tickets quickly or you’ll miss out!
Never trust nobody but my mama. Ya closest kin could be ya downfall!
We ain't kin on my daddy side it's my mama. I call Ned my paw-paw.
Soo whyy my mama just told me that me && aree cuzzins.?? MY NEW KIN.!
Lies is a great album too. I love Mama Kin. You like Aerosmith?
Just returned from a great day trip to Philadelphia. 5 hours down, 4 1/2 hours back, 550 miles total. 18 hours from point A to point A. Delicious cheese steak at Pizzi's in Bryn Mawr. Excellent 3-hour show by Beru Revue! Wonderful to see old Beruvians Ken McFadden, Paula Shore, Tim Shook, Georgia Getz, Bob Pitchnick, Miles Rinis, Nick Norris, Pierre Robert, several new friends, and band members Bob Beru, Greg Davis, Mark Julian Teague, Tommy Pinto, Buzz Barkley, and Jerry Getz, who looks fantastic, and the spiritual presence of Jerry Healy and Johnny Sacks! Moreover, to make the trip even better, the radio on the way home played my favorite Aerosmith song, the too seldom heard "Mama Kin," and another station played the Brahms violin concerto. Life is good! Bwaah!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I'm ignorant cuss ion find lights kin boys attractive ? Lets not go there on a social network liddle mama
I'm so excited for Tuesday!! Aerosmith/Cheap Trick but I swear to anything holy if they don't sing Mama kin will charge the stage and hit Joe Perry with the people's elbow!!! Lol
Jesus mi kuzin on mi mama side, is he any Kin to you.?
Sum nikkaz get caught n start snitchn on dey family... if dey sum kin ta me i knock dey bytch azz off my family tree!!..
Aerosmith cover on the next Disturbed album? Mama Kin maybe?
When they had the Mama Kin bar in Boston, I went twice, it was so cool
Love it when I try and tune into 1450 the pheonix and BAM!!! its on ... I also love to hear the songs I put on there ! Mama kin !
" Jesus is My Cousin , Is He Any Kin to Youu ? He My Cousin on My Mama Side , is He Any Kin to Youu ? " lls . Hattie is Funny .
Your picks include 'Mama Kin,' 'Sweet Emotion' and 'Back In the Saddle'
'Vorn Doolette is a rare jewel: a storyteller with a voice and presence that will transport you to the very ether where story lives, he is at once mesmerising and endearing.' MAMA KIN 2012
*** TRIVIA QUESTION for Saturday November 17th Sneaky's Bar*** Bring the correct answer Saturday night and earn your team 10 bonus points!! On which Guns N Roses album will you find a live cover of Aerosmith's song "Mama Kin" ?
Getting excited for 1st song will b Mama Kin.
What a great show! Guns n' Roses and Aerosmith, Mama Kin, Paris '92. -Lu
which kin swear be dis na Jerry. If na so your mama swear for u Jerry, u for wake? U wey no make ur parents sleep.
Kin sittin like mama, eating a poptart, watching
lol me && ant kin to by my mama daddy. But hey like u said its too late lls
Aint got time for b*tches, gotta keep my mind on my muthaf*kin riches, even wen i DIE dey dont worry me mama dont cry, BURY me a G 🎶
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