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Mall of America

The Mall of America, also called MOA and the Megamall, is a shopping mall located in Bloomington, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities, in the United States.

Nickelodeon Universe

Do a 24 hour challenge in the mall of America in Minnesota
My sweet sis ashleymarie613 backed me up @ Mall of America
I made sure to do AZ parking at Mall of America @ Mall of America
Beautiful view of the inside of the arcadeprovidence ... America's oldest indoor mall, now home…
Dandelion should go to the Mall Of America on his retirement tour.
Mall of America trip with Yali gonna be lit
Wait. I thought Mall of America closed down
I was seated beneath this during my one-and-only visit to the Mall of America outpost of Planet Hollywood. Nightmar…
Were going to minnesota next week for my sisters bday i am excited to go to the fabled mall of america mary kate & ashley spoke of in the
I'm at the Mall of America's GameStop right now; this has to be a sign that I'm going down the wrong path...the aut…
Then after may I literally have 3 weeks till we go to Minnesota for mall of America 🙄🙄
"I'd rather go to the bathroom and slit my wrists than go to the mall of america" -
bring it to the Mall of America next!!
Fly over America ride in Mall Of America was amazing
Driving I35W or I494 thru Minnesota? Stay in Bloomington & shop the famous Mall of America.
Sad, brilliant take on the decay of "ghost ship" store at
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Had no idea that there used to be a Danny phantom ride at kings island and the mall of America 😱
Chaos Breaks out at Mall of America During Islamic Celebration via
Shopping spree courtesy of bae lol @ Mall of America
Times Square is the Mall of America now. Coming soon The Gap, Old Navy.
They used to hang in the now defunct mall of America location. Always ma…
Going over a board meeting in the Microsoft store @ Mall of America
Brazen groups of teens fight at Mall 205 and across street from police precinct Aw, future politicians of America.
In need of a weekend getaway? Our Girlfriends Getaway package has everything you need for a fun time. View:…
4/22 Data event: MN Trailblazing Women, Salesforce Women in Tech and Trailhead: Database learning at Mall of America
Very cool videos coming out soon. On are way to Mall of America.
I'm interviewing Peggy Orenstein at the Mall of America Friday, April 14. You can be there.
Mall of America hosts first black Santa. For the first time ever, the Mall of America is hosting an African-Amer
In America we can get killed at the mall by other Americans w/ machine guns . can't keep Americans out of America! .
Sweden is facing consequences of Islamic integration. Today a muslim plowed down a busy mall. Sad that this has become a…
Very excited to be part of this great event tomorrow morning at MOA Mall of America Fraser - Minnesota WCCO-TV |...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Just rode a rollercoaster at the Mall of America. One of my life goals has been achieved.
Mall of America is slow today, so if you stop in and say hi to Braxton, you'll get $5 off your purchase today!
The Mall of America log flume ruined log flumes for me. I've been on it like 10 times despite hating it every singl…
"So where's the nearest Mall of America"
When your boy gets hurt so you push him around mall of America like a real friend.
Is that the one in the Mall of America?
Great way to kill some time before set up for tonight's concert in Lakeville, Minnesota. This place is incredible!! Mall of America
The Flyknit Racer 'Multi' is now available at Nike Mall of America.
Just got kicked out of the mall for eating my subway while walking through Nordstrom to leave. Thought this was America... jerks.
March 30 : Photos of Lilly at Mall of America for in Minneapolis, MN. (Via : &
Oh, I LOVE this! When will America join the movement? With malls falling out of style - perhaps this can revitalize?.
Mall of America should be nearby. maybe the baseball park if u like baseball
The 'Summer Pack' is now available at Nike Mall of America.
The PR Agency we use for the YFL brand never fails to amaze me. Got us advertisement placement at the Mall Of America.
Well, it's in the same area as last time so the mall of america is a thing that you'd enjoy.
I'm at Mall Of America shopping and just won 1000 tickets at the arcade
Bumper car time at the Mall of America @ Nickelodeon Universe®
Ig I'll just go to mall of America my bday weekend ...
Daniel when you were in Minnesota did you and Phil go to the Mall Of America or Valley Fair or any of that shizdoodle?? looks like Nickelodeon Universe at Mall Of America, but bigger. Generic carnival rides slathered in orange.
Grabbing drinks here then headed to Mall Of America to take Evelyn to Build-a-Bear workshop
See u at Mall Of America July 22 7 pm b there or b square
Our newest store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis! Now, that's A LOT of magenta!
Spent 180 dollars at the mall of America but it was all worth it 😊
okay who wants to go to mall of America Sunday just so I can get bubble tea im not even joking
MINNESOTA! May not seem like a vacation be we have really nice summers and the mall of America! Plus I wanna meet you 😘
Camping weekend is here! Check it out at The Mall of America!
omg i love Mall of America why must i live 4 hours away :(
I love fishes. @ Sealife Aquarium at Mall of America
Shop Around: Bank of America to close Richland Mall location
at the Mall of America, longest indoor zipline on North America.
Don't walk Mall of America with a backpack on lol
Heading to Mall of America and IKEA w/tomorrow. May as well hand her all my $ now!
New Post: From the Met to the Mall of America
Light. Camera. Glamor. In the middle of the Mall of America. Touché.
The Air Jordan 10 'Chicago' drops tomorrow at Nike Mall of America.
Your new go-to summer shoe. The Flyknit Racer 'Multicolori' is now available at Nike Mall of America.
When in Minnesota ya gotta visit the Mall of America, don't ya know.
Lol the mall of America , prince crib .. That's all I can think of
Wall around a popular mall in my area it seems as if I'm visiting a foreign brown country; America is quickly becoming a wasteland of dregs
Tiffany I have recipes for you...very popular restaurant in Minneapolis Mall of America Radisson Blu
ugh come to Minnesota cmon the mall of America is cool
"Let's make this Mall Of America a downfall of America". - everyone involved
Bring your family to Minneapolis Minnesota bring your son to Mall of America and take him to Lego Land
Bu bu bubble... At mall of America earlier
I'm at Mall of Monroe for Captain America: Civil War in Monroe, MI
Becky G Performing at the Mall of America in Bloomington, July 2015
Bulldozed to build the Mall of America. Sad.
I just checked in at Mall of America Theatres with Download today!
In the middle of MACYS.thats whts up! @ Mall of America
And it was right next to the Mall of America, which prompted lots of cosplayer parades before the MOA got grumpy about it
Making malls into event centers is just dumb See Mall Of America People on roller coaster NOT in $JWN $M🎢👈😲
The caiman crocodile, the most heavily armed of all crocs 🔫🐊 @ Sealife Aquarium at Mall of America
Home plate at abandoned Met, home plate marker at Mall of America
Metropolitan Stadium, first home (1961-81) now Mall of America. Before and after.
Currently getting harassed by a 60 year old lady because I tripped and almost ran into her. I love the Mall of America.
Should my next video be a Mall of America try on haul or a regular haul?
Who wants to go to mall of America this summer?
At another one of my homes Up north In the Twin cities,St.paul/Minneapolis,Mn @ Mall of America..
2 days Denver, Kansas City, 2 days Minnesota. Snowboarding, Mall of America, and make an appearance.
Happiest 6 year old in the Mall of America right now! @ Mall of America
New Art, the mindblowingly incredible jw marriott mall of america!. MOA
Just met some awesome KD's at the Mall of America!
I'm at the Mall of America (first time) and overwhelmed by all the choices here.
Met 2 sweet girls on the Light Rail who guided me to the Mall of America & they're coming to the show tonight at Cedar Cultural Center♥️!
Taking a spur of the moment trip to the mall of America this weekend with T!
The mall of America changed so much. I miss Camp Snoopy😔
Legit cant escape the hipster today there is a boy in nice shoes w nice hair singing in the middle of mall of america
Minneapolis, should I go to the Mall of America? Are there any must-see Prince landmarks around?
Mall of America: so many down escalators 😖
Jewel Kilcher Performs and Greets Fans at Mall of America in Bloomington, October 2015
More visits from unusual critters at today. I touched croc belly. @ Mall of America
The new mecca of in Twin Cities is at the JW Marriott Mall of America . https:/…
on the bright side I get to go to the mall of America today so yay
I had a dream I stole someone's credit card at chipotle and I went to the mall of America and bought so many clothes life was so simple then
I'll be at the Mall of America on Saturday with a proper subset of Math On-A-Stick goodies for event. ht…
A Rhino is loose in the Mall of America.
I had a friend that went to the mall of America to live stream when BLM was outrageous
BTW, the all-time greatest store at the Mall of America then now and always is Games by James.
Way to go, Cheese Brothers. So thrilled you've invaded Minnesota's Mall Of America with Wisconsin Cheese (and...
I read your having hotel issues LOL Come try Country inn and suites by Mall of America. We will take great care of you !! :-)
$50 in Gift Certificates to SkyDeck Sports Grille and Lanes - Mall of America - Bid Now! O…
Mall of America is rockin.A first hand look at an economy that may be better than many are guessing!
You guys... there's an Avatar the Airbender ride at the Mall of America!!! Prob the only reason why I'm stoked to visit.
sisters are going to mall of America w/o me.
have you ever been to mall of America? A couple years ago I went with my family and there was someone who seemed to be you.
Apparently we're going to Mall of America this summer 🤗
"come to Minnesota, we have Mall of America..." 👉 Upvote my post on so can notice us ✨
My legs and feet are beyond sore and I'm ready to sleep for about a week, but Mall of America was well worth it with my girl! 😍
When you leave your phone at the Mall of America and you're left to find your 4th generation iPod in the back of your closet.
August can't come soon enough! I'm still unsure about if I'm more excited to see Mall of America or you😉👀
The protest should be directed at the guilty party, not Mall Of America or Mayor Rahm Emmanuel!
and Keegan Allen is gonna be at Jonahs show in Mall Of America
Mall Of America: The puppet comedy film by the south park people.
Photoset: krxs10: in case yall been sleeping here’s a reminder that we just shut down Mall Of America, the...
Been to Mall Of America 3 times this week🙌🏼
Was at the mall today Idk if I was buggin, or if I really experienced the struggle of being Black in America...
Wanna go to the mall of America so bad
Shopping at the Mall of America is my fav
yes. I very nearly bought it at Legoland in the Mall of America.
but they rides ain't better then the mall of America so.
Debating whether or not to go to mall of america before college not only to see my boy off but also to shop
Looking exhausted after hours walking around the mall of America.
It's a storm trooper made out of LEGOs! @ Mall of America
Cool not like i didn't want to go to mall of America for the next 6 months or anything 😂😂😂
10 days til Minnesota, and the Mall of America not looking forward to the heat tho
The people from mall of america the dmv all of the workers know who i am and they dont even ask for my documents no joke😂
wasn't there already something that happened at mall of America in the recent past?
You gotta go through so much just to get inside the mall of America.
. I was in chicago yest, and went through the mall of america today
And MAYBE this Weeknd concert and mall of America 😬
"Woody Harrelson was at the Mall of America!!!" ok local alt-weekly, calm down and eat yr lutefisk
plans family attraction at Mall of America.
Got the last one that the Mall of America had at Sephora!! 😍💜
LIVE on We going to the mall of America!! .
Found this gem at my grandparents' last weekend! Mall of America UCA Cheer Competition. 1999.…
Just in case you guys didn't know there's an amusement park in the Mall of America
I find this dirt laden construction site in the Mall of America really amusing.
An impromptu trip to Mall Of America tomorrow was the best thing my parents have said to me this whole trip
3rd Thursday? Means I'm in my favorite seat in Theater 6. @ Theatres at Mall of America
Surreal photos of snow-filled abandoned malls show the death of an era in America:
Bank of America is hiring a SPANISH REQUIRED-37.5 HOURS, apply now!
Crayola to Open Family Attraction at Mall of America in 2016. (Sent from KSTP).
I'm shocked every time I go home and don't find a uniqlo in the mall of america
Mall of America was the Main Spot for EId when i was growing up ..
So many cute black boys here at the mall of America 😭😍❤️
My 7 year old neighbor just told me to go to the mall of america and get a boyfriend
Have you ever auditioned for it? (Speaking of, Price is Right is having auditions at Mall of America on Sunday. I'm going.)
So your kid was sick for two days and you couldn't babysit, but you could go to Mall Of America? Wow.
Mall of America to unwrap big new attraction by
Aug. 2008. Mall of America. My first live glimpse of a reunited So many amazing memories…
Went to mall of America for 4 hours and got through 3 stores 😅
you kno I am and same to you bro and bet we can link and go to mall of America or somethin
Crayola announces huge, colorful attraction at Mall of America -
I need to go on an all day shopping spree by myself at the Mall Of America 👗👠💄💎
Electronic Device Insurance
The only thing exciting about this years nationals is the Mall of America
Mall of America aka the future fall of the Roman Empire @ Mall of America
Morning Call: Crayola Experience to open in Mall of America next summer
Just kicking it in an L.L. Bean tube in the mall of America on aThursday night.
Who is gonna come and color with me next year?!?!?
I was wearing my Shawn shirt at the mall of America and this chick was like "I love your shirt" and I felt very awkward
The Crayola Experience is in at the Mall of America. And the Barbie DreamHouse, CSI and Star Trek exhibits are out.
Chelsey wants to buy new clothes to wear to Mall of America this weekend..
he will find one at The Mall of America
Crayola Experience Comes to Mall of America in 2016 via
Mall of America announces new family attraction
Can you recommend anyone for this Retail Support, Flex Team: Bloomington, MN, Macy’s Mall Of America -
I'm stuck in Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall Of America
Can't wait till next weekend me and my love bug are going to mall of America for some much needed shopping
Last show tonight at the House of Comedy in the Mall of America. Will I be able to find the club by showtime? Sixth time has to be the charm
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
ITS HARD TO FIND GOOD ANTIQUES You should check out these Antiques
Come check us out When you think Antiques think Millbrook
Trying to figure out why all of America is at the mall right now 😒
I am at the Mall of America. I blame
I've never been to Mall of America, but I presume that it has an unnecessary amount of McDonald's and indoor firing ranges
If Mall of America wasnt an awful corporation Id offer my PR services pro bono. They continue to choose the wrong side of history Boycott
Russian delegates: Can we PLEASE stay longer at the Mall of America?. Me: (Heart sinks). (Heavy sigh). But of course!
There's a free people outlet at the mall of America 😭😭😭
what do you think of this costume? Trick or Treating with Hope kids and St. Jude at Mall of America. http:/…
Come check us out Vintage is definitely the way to go!
Tonight 7:30 (Wed) 1st show at the inside Mall Of America in Minneapolis
Security Tightened at Mall of America After Terrorist Video Threat: Security was being beefed up at the Mall o...
Authorities say there is no 'credible threat' on Mall of America following a video released by a terror group
targets US largest Somali pop center by threatening …
Mall of America shoppers cautioned by DHS head after terror threat
DHS wants you scared of anyone wearing a turban so they can continue their wars.
Al-Shabaab calls for ‘Westgate-style’ attacks on Mall of America: Al-Shabaab has released a graphic video call...
so Muslim just called for attacks on mall of America Muslim imam so keep defending them
BOLTON says Mall threat VERY SERIOUS, only matter of time before this happens in America | The Right Scoop
Terror group appears to call for attacks on malls Is just the threat enough to effect our economy?
Not going to Mall of America for spring break anymore, which means going somewhere somewhat warm now😍
Tighter security at Minnesota's Mall of America -- amid an apparent terror threat against Western malls. Listen:
Going to the Husker spring game with ,Mall of America for my birthday ,and Miami all in 6 months time 😁👌
I can't wait until Wednesday. I always love getting to go to a Timberwolves game. Plus the Mall of America is an added bonus.
The Mall Of America is now a terror target?!?! They obviously haven't seen the mall walkers...
[Star Tribune Biz] Mall of America shoppers take terror alert in stride
Mall of America is cited as possible terror target in al-Shabaab video. .
Calls for attacks in: "Mall of America in Minnesota, or the West Edmonton Mall in Canada...or Westfield"(1) http:/…
we won't be going to the Mall of America anytime soon :(
Dawg they tried to bomb Mall of America
I really don't know why anyone would expect this to occur. Obama only brought 50,000 of them here from Somalia...
If Marie Harf is so concerned for maybe she shld stand outside the Mall of America & hand job apps to them.
Al Shabaab calls for attack on Mall of America in new video.
Mall of America heightens security after terrorist threat
“Mall of America heightens security after al-Shabaab threat:
Jeh Johnson says is taking a new terrorist threat against the Mall of America “very seriously”
Somali Migrants in Minnesota are a Terror Threat to the Mall of America
Mall of America taking "extra security precautions" after threat from Somali terror group -
On Sunday Homeland urged visitors to Mall of America be “particularly careful.”. 👉 Why? There is n…
Security tight at Mall of America after terror threat: Security was tightened at the Mall of Americ...
Seriously tho... kid me imagined Detective John McClane jumping on top of LegoLand at Mall Of America and crushing terrorists with Duplos.
10 reasons Mall of America is better than for family travel!
Just had a TWERK off with some random Somali chick in the Mall Of America parking ramp. So yeah.
Reminding of his fantastic voyage to America 🚢🗽 w/
Transit Mall selected as one of the 10 Great Streets in America
Just Minneapolis a city inside The Mall of America, or vice versa?
makes me so sad to see all this going on with u and hank! Met u both at the mall of America a few years agoPraying for you!
We ate at *** s Last Resort tonight in the Mall of America. It was definitely a good time!
yes they show up at gigs and self promote. The ex drummer works at mall of America, they suck live and use back tracks.
amazing performance at the mall of America.
school was crazy- then I went out to MOA and just got back (mall of America by the way)
Group buy offer: Two for One Admissions to the Barbie™ The Dreamhouse Experience™ at Mall of America® ($47.98 value)
Amazing America took on Mall of America today. Thank goodness for per diem.
Bloomington PD is now using license plate readers at Mall of America ...
I'm going to the mall of America October 12 is anyone gonna come on down??
We are so happy with the turnout at our Mall of America event!
Shoe shopping at Mall of America is always fun. 😂👠
I'm there everyday! I work at the Mall of America location!
My whole family is at Mall of America without me and sending me pictures 😭😫
Lots of MK time - doctor, Mall of America, new ski jacket, Chick-fil-A and now Breakfast at Tiffany’s
At Mall Of America doing some shopping... Place your order in my DM/Inbox... I NEVER BEEN STANGY!!!…
I just saw AP in the kids foot locker in mall of america
Next week we have a 4 day weekend and for 2 of those days I'm going to the Mall of America 😄
Spend 3 whole days at the Mall of America with my roomies...✔ Minneapolis is awesome!
The adventures of drunk Cassie: Mall of America.
.I liked $SHLD last year. Seriously what changed my mind was new building at Mall of America where there's a busted Sears.
Life is in MN at the Mall of America👍
Grrr... I wish this event didn't compete with the morning's sessions. Walk Now For Autism Speaks - Mall of America
If you're looking for some ghoulishly, food-free fun for Halloween, check out AFAA at the Mall of America Friday,...
Had my last date with Bryn at the mall of America :) ice cream and train rides!
The Voice is at the Mall of America and I'm not there to freak but my parents happen to be. Every time.
what?! I love wisco! Cheese curds, mall of America just over the border!
many are headed to mall of America. Tim and I are lookin for dinner then drinks after.
exceptional work this week on how police and Mall of America use covert cameras to track car license plates.
Mall of America was seriously so much fun. Thanks dad for the shopping spree! 😍
*As we're getting on the Ghost Blaster ride at Mall of America*. Savannah: I'm glad you're my big sister. Me: *cries bc she's the real MVP*
I am at the Mall of America rides guys.
's reaction when she realizes she gets to take me to Lego Land at Mall of America. Priceless.
Mall of America tomorrow is going to be highly dangerous for my bank account
Take a shopping break and enjoy the rides at Best part? You don't have to worry about the weather!
you go to the mall a lot lolll, you should go to mall of America, it's great 👌
I can walk to The Mall of America from my hotel 🙌😍
Just an hour until our big Mall of America event! Join us!
Especially Mall of America RTIf you don’t already hate people, the mall is a great place to start.
Going to the Twin Cities? Stay with a quick drive or direct train ride from the stadium.
Albertville is better than the mall of America
Mall of America, Minneapolis rings with freedom
I just want to go to the Mall of America, spend a bunch of money that I don't have and lay on a pile of all my new stuff
While my Mommy is working, Grandma Jeanne, Daddy and I are off to my first Mall of America visit ! Grandma, you don't have to buy me a thing?!
It's a wicked feeling singing in the middle of Mall of America.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
*flashback to Barnes & Noble in the Mall of America in the 1D magazine section*
I wish I was in bloomington, MN rite now MALL OF AMERICA WOULD BE JUMPING I PROMISE
Yet to open 400 Bar evicted from the Mall of America
Oh wait we don't do that at all because Norm Coleman needed money to protect the Mall of America vs. the nation's biggest port.
Currently at mall of America loosing my mind.
Currently at mall of America loosing my mind. 😌😩
in Mall of America has the worst customer service. Shoe dept too busy socializing that they just lost a well qualified customer
Good morning take it easy Thursday my dr put the tubes back in my ear to keep the fluid draining off. Feeling 100% better. Glad because next week my vacation I'm ready to hit the runway. Mall of America Minnesota get ready. Happy Thankful Thursday.
Can we have a Raw in the Mall of America. I really love how hideous the set looks.
Checkin out our king size bed and gettin ready to go to mall of america
Stay with Dining Credit and Drinks at Ramada Minneapolis at Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Dates...
Queen Latifah is going to be at the Mall of America?! . THE TIME I DONT GO
I loved the mall of America ! We went last summer to see the package tour there. So fun riding roller coasters in a mall!
400 Bar evicted from Mall of America odd how that didn't work out.
So just dropped me at mall of America to shop while she's working. Holy crap. I'm pretty sure this is what dreams are made of 😍
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
L.L. Bean to open in Mall of America by
Recoup after an action packed day of shopping at in new spa!
Throwback to last Friday..We Went To Visit The Mall Of America.I'm extremely afraid of roller…
We don't know what the temperature outside will be, but, the Mall of America is always 70 degrees! See you in November!
Win trivia for passes to Sky Deck Bowling at the Mall of America! Join us for the Super Saver Radio Hour from 11...
I wanna go back to Mall of America. Like tomorrow please👏😍
L.L. Bean Plans Mall of America Store: First location west of Chicago
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