Malin Ackerman & Tom Cruise

Malin Maria Åkerman (born May 12, 1978) is a Swedish–Canadian actress, model and singer. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden and moved to Canada at the age of two. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (born July 3, 1962), widely known as Tom Cruise, is an American film actor and producer. 2.7/5

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Granted it's probably the least of his problems right now, but it's interesting that now that "Rock Of Ages" has flopped at the box office it's suddenly "Tom Cruise's flop." Geez, guys. What's up with that. Look at the doggone poster for crying out loud!! Everyone from Mary J. Blige to Julianne Hough to [ who the *** are... ] Diego Boneta and Malin Ackerman got more prominent billing than he did. I guess had it been a hit it would've been everyone's hit, but now that it's a flop it's Tom Cruise's flop. Yeah, that's real fair. : /
I love Alec Baldwin. I love Russell Brand. I looove Malin Ackerman! I hate Tom Cruise, but I love him in this.
"Rock Of Ages" I just came back from the theater. I wanted to see this because I related to the mucic in the trailers. After the first scene, I wanted to go to another theater in the cineplex, but I stuck with it and I'm glad. It was two stories, two couples, (three if you count a riduclous sub-plot involving Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand.) The music is of a certain era and mostly enteraining once I got into it. The two subplots, one involving the Tom Cruise and Malin Ackerman characters and another ivolving the more innocents, the characters played by Diego Bonita and Julliane Hough were schmaltzy romantic, and I think that was what finally made the movie work for me. Would I see it again? No. But I might play the trailers that give the gist of the music without hitting us over the head with it. I went to a matinee, so the audience was compatable. No one talked, no one texted, no cell phones rang. Tom Cruise was OK. So were Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and Paul Giamtti. But the three younger stars were ...
Rock Of Ages REVIEW: Okay, so I have to admit that I am an 80s rock diva who lived and breathed that music. With that being said, I would have loved to have seen the songs in this film sung by people who could deliver them more legitimately. Instead, it was produced like an episode of "Glee." 80s rockers are probably not the same audience as "Glee," so why produce it that way? The performers that stood out for me were Mary J. Blige, Russell Brand and Malin Ackerman. Tom Cruise did a very nice job and sang surprising well, but I would have preferred to have seen a real rocker/actor in that part. Julianne Hough was much too pop. Her role needed a Pat Benetar-ish chick. Plus, the song production was too polished and auto-tuned for that time period. So, the film was entertaining but not legit. I bet it translates much better live on stage than it did on the screen. IMHO, The producers could have really killed it with a more legit rocker aesthetic instead of giving it a glossy "Glee" polish.
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