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Malia Obama

The family of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America, is made up of people of African American, English, Kenyan (Luo), and Irish heritage, who are known through Obama's writings and other reports.

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Well, Barron Trump looks about as unenthusiastic about the as Sasha and Malia Obama did.…
And leave Malia Obama, Sasha and Barron alone. What is wrong with ye? A college girl kissed a boy at a concert. End times...
Really!? Why doesn't talk about Malia Obama's "Dangerous Moral Calculus" in working for Harvey Weinstein https:/…
💥Really?? Malia Obama is going to intern with hotshot Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein .
Meet Ethiopian Instagram goddess who has the face of Malia Obama and Vera Sidika’s wondrous curves…
You can't tell me she don't look like malia obama
Malia Obama, the most relatable first child ever
Malia Obama tried and failed to get into this trash bar in my neighborhood; living proof celebrities are just like us
I do t know if you will actually get this txt & read it. You are a disgrace, rude, disrespectful brat. unbecoming beatch!!!
Wait until you see Malia obama's speaking fees in a few years
How to Move Into College When You're an Obama, a Beckham, and a Trump
How to move into college like Malia Obama—and Tiffany Trump:
Malia Obama got rejected trying to get into *** tonight so looks like she's just one of us people!!
Malia Obama got turned away from *** last week LMAO she's one of us u guys!
After arriving in Winterfell, Samwell Tarly met Bran Stark again for the first time Malia Obama has faced scrutiny from the media.
Malia Obama harassed by photo-seeking grandmother at Harvard University: via
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Malia Obama and Tiffany Trump starting uni. What's that going to be like? (News)
All the writers talking about how Malia Obama will miss Chicago's deep dish pizza have clearly not had Regina's in Boston.
I hope I run into a day-drunk Malia Obama stumbling around at the Harvard-Yale football tailgate this year
Malia Obama and family spotted in Cambridge as Harvard University starts move-in week:
Malia Obama is having an epic 'gap year' before school starts at Harvard — here's a look back at her life
Dear Sasha & Malia Obama, . Plz contact me for REAL friendship. I'll be ur ride or die, we can get high and trap out. . I al…
Me at every event when I see Malia Obama and Sasha Obama's friends.
How is rolling on the ground banging your head, dancing? 🙄 👎🏼Malia Obama dances widly! htt…
Malia obama be in the news for enjoying life every year lmao
*** who would wanna snitch on Malia Obama
Everyone needs to leave Malia Obama alone ***
EXCLUSIVE: Malia Obama Dances like a Crazed Drunk Person at lollapalooza... via
Malia Party Girl?..Well She's young, adopted & the older she gets realizing how screwed up her paren…
So nobody is going to get Malia Obama any black friends
While Malia Obama was out dancing like a fool last night so was her daddy
Me following Malia Obama around to make sure nobody is recording her
I'm not sure *** Malia Obama was doing I just know yall better leave her alone & let her do it.
imagine being randomly assigned as Malia Obama's roommate & you walk in your room at move-in and Barack Obama is settin up…
Obama wasn't alone. Putin didn't help Obama win. There was no ema…
No, Malia Obama wasn't fired for smoking marijuana
Trey Gowdy's gonna get you. ..and you and you...
No, Malia Obama wasn't fired by the Spanish Embassy for smoking marijuana | PunditFact
Malia/Sasha Were Loaned by Real Parents(c vid) so US Would Accept Fake First Family -Reprtr now in jail &Video
Your point? How much are we spending for Obama, Michele, her mom , Malia and Shasha?And who knows who else! She is first daughter!
And how much did Malia Obama cost tax payers when she was getting drunk ( underage) and slutting it up?
Can someone help out Seraphima Chambers. She wants to know if this is true.
No, Malia Obama Was Not Fired by the U.S. Embassy in Spain for “burning a doobie” htt…
Walked past Malia Obama in Georgetown today and I have immediately become a better person 😍
How many times did Sasha and Malia Obama testify before Senate?
Never heard Malia or Sasha Obama complain. You know why? Because they don't illegally interfere.
Malia and Sasha Obama Were Loaned by Their Real Parents so America Would Accept the Fake First Family | Alternative
Very often do I find FB gold - but we're in weird times. The article was in reference to *** spreading false sto…
LOVE this video where President Obama talks about doing Malia's hair for a dance recital a…
Malia Obama didn’t lose her summer internship in Spain for smoking weed — in fact, she wasn’t even there
Everyone is talking about Don Jr committing treason but conveniently forgets about Malia Obama playing beer pong. W…
Just imagine if... Malia Obama. Chelsea Clinton. Jenna Bush. Ron Regan/Patti Davis. ...had sat in for their Dad at a Mtg!!???
From all the R&D teams at Inc. To: Mrs. Malia Obama. We all wish you a very Happy Birthday.…
Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday to MY President's daughter, Malia Obama 😊
Happy 19th Birthday to the beautiful Malia Obama 💕
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Malia Obama, your family will ALWAYS be the very best First Family America has ever had. Kindest regards.
Yara Shahidi + Malia Obama at Harvard is what America needs
Harvard's D9 sororities trying to get at Yara Shahidi & Malia Obama
Both Yara Shahidi AND Malia Obama are headed to Harvard in the fall! How dope is that!? 😍
Malia Obama is taking a gap year. Glad she is making this choice.
I'm sure Sasha and Malia Obama just loved watching effigies of their father be lynched & their mother be misgendered for 8…
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I will never understand why some people are making racist comments towards Sasha and Malia Obama!! Leave those poor girls alone already!!
Malia Obama steps out in shorts short (photos) - Intern Malia Obama, who is currently in New York Cit...
Michelle Obama reveals what Sasha, Malia Obama did on last night in White House
If this was Sasha or Malia Obama would be doing a 6 part series on it.
Sasha and Malia Obama had an epic final night in the White House via
Man arrested after stalking, proposing to Malia Obama
Malia Obama: Man arrested after reportedly stalking and proposing to Barack Obama's daughter
Malia Obama's "longtime stalker" followed her from the White House to New York
Malia Obama's day at the office was interrupted by a guy asking her to marry him.
Malia Obama's stalker who openly begged her to marry him detained by Secret Service
Secret Service Arrest man who wants to marry Malia Obama via
Malia Obama 👩🏽going to the Weinstein Co. offices in New York for her internship.
$50 says that *ALL* liberal media completely ignores Malia Obama accosting me at a 21+ club. Liberal press gotta mainta…
Martin Nesbitt and Dr. Anita Blanchard Nesbitt Are the True Parents of Sasha and Malia Obama
Malia Obama heads to her N.Y.C. internship with statement-making style:
How Sasha and Malia Obama have been the most badass first daughters
smiles as she heads to NYC internship
Can we just acknowledge how beautiful Malia Obama is 😍😍😍
Malia Obama is all smiles as she arrives for her internship at the Weinstein Company in New York City, NY, USA,...
I HOPE this little baby runs for Prez! You've got my Vote! ❤️s Malia Obama!
Cant name the 50 state capitals? And u like inferring Magnum Condoms for Malia Obama. And Barack is a real N word?
Barack Obama and Malia had an awesome night out in NYC and looked awesome doing it
Malia Obama flashes a wide smile as she shows off her ombre locks in NYC .
Barack Obama & Malia Obama out & about in NYC. The father-daughter dinner date is really cute.
wait so Malia Obama was worried about the rural union factory workers her dad was talking about?
Malia Obama if u see this I hope ur still out there smoking loud
SPOTTED: Malia Obama seen in these CAT boots severally to work. . Everybody loves CAT. Be part of the movement.…
Malia Obama all smiles as she heads to work in New York -
Just let Malia Obama put her feet on a couch like Rick James and see what would have happened.
Lmao Chance the rapper really made a Malia Obama "We all smoke it's Ok" shirt 👌🏿👊🏿
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Malia Obama smiles as she heads to NYC internship. via
Barack Obama and Malia Obama see Arthur Miller's 'The Price' on Broadway - via HIGH BROW BRO
Former President Barack Obama and his daughter Malia Obama caught a new revival of Arthur Miller's "The Price."
Wendy Williams talking about Malia Obama life after leaving the White House 🇺🇸 I Miss Barack And Michelle Obama
They are my forever: Malia Obama joins Dakota Access Pipeline protests
Malia Obama is woke and protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline
Malia Obama attended an event supporting the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. -
Malia Obama joins Dakota Access Pipeline protest at Sundance
Malia Obama is set to intern for Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein
We've been fortunate enough to watch Malia Obama grow and become a stunning young woman!
Malia Obama just landed an internship with a major Hollywood producer
Watching Malia and Sasha Obama grow up has really been a pleasure. Such beautiful young ladies
Feeling a lot of emotion watching President Obama and First Lady board the marine helicopter. 😪 Godspeed! Good luck to Sasha and Malia!
Trump is already bringing back torture.
It seems the Obama's as parents were kind and didn't force Sasha and Malia to sit through
and attends her first State Dinner in honor of Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau
How did Malia Obama secretly visit Bolivia? The guides assumed the blonde was the important one. via
Does this mean I can chill with Malia and Sasha Obama now?
Obama heading to Palm Springs like "Aye Malia, you trying to match?" 😂
Obama was our first sitting president to publicly self-identify as a feminist. That matters.
I bet malia Obama is like thank god I can smoke my weed in peace. I feel you sis.
[Mashable] Malia Obama snags movie studio internship for next move
I want to smoke with Malia Obama she needs some black friends
Trump escorts Obama to the helicopter that will take him, Michele Sasha and Malia home to Chicago. Michele seemed so reserved
Malia Obama can smoke weed in peace now.
We've literally watched Malia and Sasha Obama grow up right before our eyes!
Malia Obama to intern for Hollywood producer: reports
Report: Malia Obama to intern for Harvey Weinstein - UPI
Malia Obama has landed a dream post-grad internship in Hollywood:
Malia Obama's Just Landed Your Dream Internship and will be in NYC
Malia Obama just scored an internship with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein:
Malia Obama lands an incredible internship with famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein .
Malia Obama lands internship with Harvey Weinstein via
Malia Obama might be starting an internship with Harvey Weinstein
Michelle and Malia Obama made a charming duo by cleverly coordinating their coats and bags.
The letter from Jenna and Barbara Bush to Sasha and Malia Obama is the epitome of class. 👏🏻 We need more people like the…
Sasha and Malia Obama are joining a “rarified club” — and two of its most prominent members are welcoming them wit…
Sasha Obama in RE'16 & Malia Obama in PreFall'15 on the White House 2016 Xmas card.(Canada State Dinner: ht…
Malia Obama was all of us during President Barack Obama's farewell speech message to Michelle:
Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee has his eyes on Malia Obama:
This is Malia Obama. They are screwing with our heads. It's ungodly.
No public records of the Obama girls being born even tho fathers President? Nothing in
Do you think Malia Obama has a finsta
Please someone send Malia Obama a razor. Her mustache is out of control!!
I look forward to our future president Malia Obama
Sasha and Malia Obama wore dresses worth about $20,000 each to a state dinner. 🤑 Really ? Necessary ? 😫
Malia Obama caught smoking pot in public. Putin blamed.
I generally agree, but if it were a statement that Obama is "obviously" engaged in incest w/Malia, would…
Sasha and Malia Obama through the years
Obama crapping his pants & malia getting pregnant by Joe Biden! It's all Putin
NO is a horrible dresser. U tabloids push ur PC views that nobody agrees w!. is ELEGANT
Obama’s 16-Year-Old Daughter Malia Confirmed Pregnant .Do you hear anything about this? What if it was trumps kids.
a nice first family. We will miss seeing them together.💖
Sasha & Malia Obama look so cute in Hawaii!
Just saw a lady purchase a National Enquirer that praised Trump while saying Bill Clinton had cancer and Malia Obama is going to rehab. Why.
Narcssist​ elitist on $5mil+ taxpayer funded Hawaiian Vacation after say US iS now hopeless cause of DJT
If I was Malia Obama weedman id be taxin her big head *** $100 a gram just kause I know she got it
Harvard-bound Malia Obama is ready to fly the nest - but Michelle insists 'she's still a baby': https:…
Malia and Sasha don't know how lucky they are to have Malik Obama as their uncle.
Pres and Mrs Obama follow daughters Malia and Sasha up stairs of Air Force One, then wave before boarding for flight to Ha…
Here, we take a look back at Sasha Obama & Malia Obama's most stylish looks of 2016.
Exactly why wants to fight against drugs pouring into our country , should be happy about it
Is 's rehab relapse the reason for despondency ??
12. Sasha and Malia were so over standing around for the Turkey Pardoning. Obama peeped it 😩
Malia Obama is worth $275 million. How in the *** does that happen in junior high and high school?I bet she's daddy girl!Who needs college?
Michelle Obama for 2020. Michelle Obama for 2024. That's enough time for Malia Obama to prepare herself for 2028 elections
I like Malia Obama - Blue Ivy Carter for the 2040 ticket
BREAKING: Malia Obama just voted for the first time! Join her by voting early at a location near you:
I wish I was Blue Ivy. Or Malia Obama. Or the offspring of some other obscenely wealthy African Americans.
Sasha and Malia Obama through the years - Photos -
Sasha and Malia Obama are already pros at bridesmaid style:
My Make-A-Wish would be getting drinks with Malia Obama, Amanda Knox, and Tonya Harding while we play with 30 corgi puppies.
Presidential Bridesmaids! Malia and Sasha Obama to be maid of honour at a White…
I got y'all An Open Letter to Malia Obama - via
She thinks Obama's a *** Muslim, that Michelle's a man,that Sasha Malia were kidnapped & that can…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Malia and Sasha Obama are set to be bridesmaids together for a couple that credits their parents as matchmakers.
One thing is for sure: based Ivanka Trump would make great first daughter, after poorly raised pothead Malia Obama. https:/…
How black, Latino and Muslim college students organized to stop snitching on Malia Obama.
& -- Here Come the Bridesmaids for White House Wedding!! via
Why y'all trippin?. Malia Obama smoked weed & she's going to Harvard. Most of y'all smoke weed & didnt get past 10th grade. Let…
Sasha and Malia Obama to be bridesmaids at White House wedding
Malia and Sasha to be bridesmaids at wedding of Michelle’s ex-chief of staff and Barack's ex-Secret Service agent
Malia and Sasha Obama will act as bridesmaids for White House wedding
So what if Malia Obama wants to dance and Melania Trump once posed nude?
GIRL'S GONE WILD! Reefered-up girl believed to be Malia Obama goes on rampage after clerk refuses to sell alcohol. http…
Malia Obama just living one of the many teenage life and it only matters so much because she's the President's daughter...🙄
President's Daughter, Malia Obama surrounded by cups and bottles of alcohol at a party: US President Obam...
Somebody need to get Malia Obama some black friends cuz these white ppl snitchin
Malia Obama and I have the same Tommy Hilfiger hat 😭
Yesterday I accidentally offered Malia Obama a pretzel during Elle Goulding and Secret Service smacked it out of my hand
Malia Obama's friend is related to Linda Tripp.
Malia Obama was caught smoking weed. If she's not careful she might end up winning 21 Olympic gold medals or becoming pre…
Malia Obama gets a pass on smoking weed because Bristol Palin got a pass for teenage pregnancy.
Last week Wednesday, Radaronline posted a video of Malia Obama; the first daughter of Barack…
Malia Obama smoked weed, but she's going to HARVARD... You here cursing her yet u don't evn knw how a world class university gate looks like
Just like her parents, Malia Obama to attend Harvard University by via
Malia Obama is not doing anything inappropriate, she is 18 & *** the girl is attending Harvard University, she can twerk a…
I love how the US freaks out more about Malia Obama smoking pot than it does about having Trump possibly becoming their…
Malia Obama maybe smoked weed, but also so did Barack and he's president so
I wanna know who these "friends" of Malia Obama are. Are they related to Taylor Swift considering all of'm are snakes.
I'm more mad about the person who took pictures and snitched on Malia Obama. They most likely did it to make money. 😕
y'all tripping over Malia Obama smoking a joint?
Malia Obama got taped by her friends smoking weed at just terrible. My advice to her is, to get herself some…
News flash First Daughter Malia Obama is a normal teenager who parties and has fun
Malia Obama has, to my knowledge, NEVER been photographed drunk, sprawled out on the floor of a bar. THAT was the Bush gir…
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President Obama: I'm very proud of you for getting into Harvard Malia, have a great summer before you leave! . Malia: https…
Obama frenemy is shady af for pretending to take selfie while Malia smoking weed & living
[talking to malia]. OBAMA: im just disappointed kiddo. joe has something to say as well oh come on joe. BIDEN:
Just let Malia Obama live her teenage life my gosh leave her alone 🙄
It's really not a big deal for Malia Obama to be smoking weed but her friends are TRASH for posting a video that shows her…
Harvard University selected 5.2% of its applicants, including Malia Obama, the most SELECTIVE cycle in its HISTORY. . Can I…
I'll only be dissappointed in Malia Obama smoking weed if it comes out she bought it from a white guy with dreadlocks
Malia Obama having fun with her friends is an issue. Sasha working to become more self sufficient is an issue. You people…
actually shame on Malia Obama "friends" that recorded her. They trash , unloyal , and irresponsible
Malia Obama probably got that presidential pack I'm tryna match
Malia Obama was illegally smoking cannabis in Chicago. It's on video. Will Chicago police arrest her?
Now that Malia Obama's smoked weed she probably understands that it's a gateway drug to becoming president.
Malia Obama smokes weed and attends Harvard. Michael Phelps smokes weed and wins gold medals. Y'all need to chill.
To every parent who's bothered by Malia Obama having fun at Lolla last weekend- have you checked your kid's snapchat lat…
Malia Obama already got started on it.
Malia Obama is out smoking weed and going to Harvard next year meanwhile y'all smoking weed and can't get out ya moms basement
is smoking weed? If she doesn't straighten up her act she's gonna wind up President, then she'll be sorry
Try to find a picture of me at Malia Obama's age NOT high.
chill on Malia Obama. she smokes and is going to Harvard. Y'all smoking and haven't even signed up for college yet lmfao…
I can't believe Malia Obama is gonna legalize weed. Yas queen!!! 💨🌿
If you have an opinion about Malia Obama smoking weed, you are incorrect.
Who cares if Malia Obama was smoking pot? I'm more concerned about how close in proximity she was to Third Eye Blind.
Enraged about Gabby Douglas's hands or Malia Obama at a concert? Get a cause beyond your obsession with monitoring action…
White people mad about Malia Obama smoking weed like their kids aren't sniffing cocaine behind their backs
I wanna hear one more republican parent complain about Malia Obama like their son isn't doing lines of cocaine in a frat h…
BREAKING NEWS: Malia Obama is a normal teenager who likes to have fun. Sources say she has a life.
White people mad that Malia Obama is smoking weed when they kids be at college parties snorting lines of Xanax
White people getting mad Malia Obama smoking weed while their kids out shooting up schools, snorting Xanax & impregnati…
don't even try to come for Malia Obama for smoking weed when this is what Donald Trump's spawn are up to
I wanna smoke weed with Malia Obama
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Who got higher? The guy climbing the Trump Tower or Malia Obama?
OMG Malia Obama was smoking weed at Lollapalooza in Chicago 2 weeks ago, which makes her... exactly like my kid
Malia Obama caught smoking weed is the most outrageous thing that a child of a president has done since George W. Bush in…
Malia Obama is a future Harvard student who got caught smoking weed while some of you are smoking before your shift at McDo…
I think I'm going to be so in love with Malia Obama. She looks like she will live for herself.
Malia Obama twerks & y'all lose your minds. The Bush twins were arrested numerous times for underage drinking & their mom kil…
So let me get this clear... Y'all hating on Malia Obama for having fun at Lolla but also hate Sasha Obama for getting a s…
Yall appalled Malia Obama was at a concert smoking as if George Bush daughters weren't doing coke & getting arrested. GTFOH…
Breaking: According to my sources Malia Obama is a teenager. More as this develops.
OMG Malia Obama an 18 year old adult twerked AND smoked weed? How dare she!!! Lmao news outlets need to let this poor girl liv…
Malia Obama barely hit the blunt and it's global headlines, cops kill unarmed black people and they forgotten in a week
White people pressed about Malia Obama smoking weed like they kids aren't snorting cocaine behind they backs.
Trump can send the mob after Hillary while his kids are killing animals but Malia Obama can't act like an 18 year old becau…
So what Malia Obama tried pot, we've all done things people frown when former First Lady Laura Bush killed a guy.
Oh no. Malia Obama is pregnant and unmarried, oh wait that was sarah palins daughter that the republicans supported. My bad.
This is what happens when you hang around ALL White ppl Malia Obama
white people when they see Malia Obama being a normal 18 year old and still going to Harvard.
Malia Obama smokes weed. Big deal. If I lived in a country that was about to taken over by Donald Trump, I'd just wanna…
Malia Obama was smoking weed at lollapalooza & all the racist white folks are having a field day w this. Like their kids d…
This video appears to show Malia Obama smoking MARIJUANA at Lollapalooza
Malia Obama is reading the Internet slander using White House wifi on her year off before Harvard(w/ no debt) like
Imagine being Malia Obama's roommate at Harvard on move in day and you see Barack and Michelle carrying up a mini fridge
Malia Obama, daughter of U.S. President of Barack Obama, attended Lollapalooza yesterday. Reports show "shorty was T'd…
Malia Obama is a Teenager. Malia Obama is NOT your child. Malia Obama is NOT the PRESIDENT. Malia Obama can do what she wants…
TRASH:. Obama's daughter, Malia Obama (an affirmative action Harvard admit) was caught flashing her *** for cameras.😷 htt…
Malia Obama was spotted dancing during set at
Y'all mad at Malia Obama cus she skipped the DNC to go party but half of y'all baby daddies & fathers skipped out on y'al…
I'm laughing at people trying to come for Malia Obama for being at a festival, y'all stay miserable
Y'all know Malia Obama was accepted to Harvard right? Guess what her GPA was?
Malia Obama skipped out on the Democratic National Convention to attend
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People giving Malia Obama a hard time for being, y'know, a normal person. . Me:
Malia Obama spotted at set Last we checked she was not a politician? Leave her alone.
Malia Obama wisely attended Lollapalooza instead of Democratic convention.
How can you demonize Malia Obama having normal teenaged fun?. Would you want to sit through those speeches at her age? Or…
People rolling eyes over Malia Obama at a concert turned blind ones when underage Jenna Bush got falling down drunk. https…
"Malia Obama decided to be a normal kid and have fun"
Of course Malia Obama went to Lollapalooza instead of the DNC. Her dad went to a thug's funeral instead of a cop's.
Party on Malia Obama who would want to jump on a Sinking Ship anyways - yr Hott as *** ♥♥♥
Malia Obama spotted at being a normal teenager. Not getting knocked up like the irresponsible Bristol Palin.
Malia Obama getting criticized for being a normal teenager, she's a teenager not a politician.
Really happy to live in a world where a teenage girl can exercise her right to choose something perfectly normal https…
BREAKING NEWS: After years of speculation, it had been confirmed that Malia Obama is a teenager and behaves as such! God h…
Here's how the Secret Service dresses for
You know the tabloids hate the Obama family for providing 0 scandals in 8 years, so they make Malia Obama going to a concert scandalous.
⚡️ “Malia Obama rocks out at Lollapalooza”. She didn't miss much...
Was going hard to and then Secret Service and Malia Obama just pull up
Watch Malia Obama turn up at Lollapalooza during set.
Malia Obama is trending bc she went to a concert?! 😂 How dare she act like a teen enjoying her gap year before attending…
So can act like a teenager every single day, but when Malia Obama does it there's an issue?
Malia Obama is living life and is going to Harvard while yall are sitting at home, aging like milk, and being racist on the…
If I were Malia Obama's age, I'd wanna go to Lollapalooza instead of a political thing, too. I'm sure she's been to so many of them, anyway
Malia Obama, not a politician, skips the DNC. All former R presidents and former R nominees skip the RNC.
Malia Obama is following in the fashion footsteps of her mother
Malia Obama is a teen, she's allowed to have fun, people. I don't see why it's a big deal that she's at a music festival??_
Yall mad at Malia Obama for being a teenager doing teenage things but ignore a certain 70 year old politician who acts l…
People are really complaining that Malia Obama went to a concert instead of the DNC? She's a TEENAGER. I'm 29 & I'd pi…
Breaking News: Malia Obama is doing young person things, and the GOP are mad she's not out getting pregnant like Bristol…
OMG YOU GUYS MALIA OBAMA SKIPPED THE DNC. meanwhile 4 out of 5 living Republican presidential nominees skipped the RNC so ST…
Malia Obama skipped the DNC to party at Lollapalooza and people are mad about it, really ?
Some white folks mad Malia Obama went to a concert during the DNC even though their *** was at a Drake concert last night
Malia Obama - hate 2 say it but Samuel Tilden was right -said only old men should be in politics...not fair to drag young familes into it..
If Tiffany Trump's speech is a plagiarized Malia Obama speech, this family will win me over.
“Little ape should go to college in Africa”: Rampant racism forces Fox News to block comments on Malia Obama article
i just want Michelle Obama to run for president and then 8 years later we can get a Malia-Sasha ticket. Thats all.
I call on justice to help me meet my Fiance Pretty ♡Ann Malia Obama!
President Obama Serenades Daughter Malia for Her 18th Birthday During Last Fourth of July Party at the White ...
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